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Concept: Genderfluid Patton

- Some days “dad” doesn’t feel like the right word, but “mom” or “ren” does

- On the feminine days the aesthetic ranges from “soccer mom” to “50′s housewife”

- No matter what, he looks just. So. Stereotypically parental.

- He still cooks for everyone because he’s the only one who can lol because he’s still the parent

- Still cracks all the puns and dad jokes

- Asks Virgil for help with makeup because he’s still learning and it’s also a bonding experience

- Asks Roman for fashion advice bc there’s no way to contact the Fairy Godmother and honestly Roman’s really good at finding various outfits that really suit him while also giving the middle finger to any dysphoria?

- Logan is the best at validation and is usually the first to pick up on what kind of day it is for Pat

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Opinion on the Hamilton Chicago cast?

wowoowOKOK so
Not long ago I actually got to watch it and w oW
(I don’t really know the actors so I just go with the character names-)

Hamilton was somehow calmer and maybe more sympathetic I think? I really felt like he couldn’t do anything wrong but look at that he did- while Lin’s Hamilton is way more ‘bitch’ like I’d say? But we love him for that tbh
—-Burr just scared me I dunno afkujsjf tho strong voice!
Laurens voice is s o good honestly I loved it SO FREAKING MUCh I don’t even know it just had that nice sound in it woW (same for Philip then haha)
Laf was funny as hell and had such a thick accent how do you do that aaayyjhadak? And Herc looked really cute kdcsk from what I saw at least lmao wOw someone get me a boyfriend like him

OK NOW ANGELICA IS ALMOST MY FAV I- Her v o i c e om G. It’s so angelic (hA get it- I’ll see myself out) but really I loved her voice and the actress is such a beauty I- I’m speechless
So Eliza looked really nice tho I kinda thought her voice is like- too much? I don’t know how to explain but Phillipa has that really calm and high pitched voice which fits her character so damn well so– yeee complicated
Peggy was cute but it was weird that she was almost the tallest haha

Washington scared me as well but I think that’s good because he is such a big man and literALLY THE ACTOR WAS BIG (inappropriate jokes and you are blocked) but it fit it really did!
My southern son boy homeslice breadslice majestic macaroni fucker wow I love his voice- It didn’t quite work because he was smaller than Hamilton tho– but the sass made up for it honestly aaaagh holy shit it was amazing
Same with Madison he seemed less sick and more ‘ayeee’ I dunno and I really liked him with Jefferson in this together-!

Maria was so beautiful I’ll marry her

I’m quite sure I forgot someone- (except for Lee and Seabury of course I know)

Anyway yes, wow It was so nice seeing Hamilton for once with different actors I loved it so much sajkhcak

“What did you do that for?” I asked curiously. “What?” he said, straightening up and wiping his face on his sleeve. He felt the split lip gingerly, wincing slightly. “Offer to take that girl’s punishment for her. Do you know her?” I felt a certain diffidence about asking, but I really wanted to know what lay behind that quixotic gesture.

…“But why you?” I asked. He looked as though he thought this an odd question. “Why not me?” he said. Why not? I wanted to say. Because you didn’t know her, she was nothing to you. Because you were already hurt. Because it takes something rather special in the way of guts to stand up in front of a crowd and let someone hit you in the face, no matter what your motive. “Well, a musket ball through the trapezius might be considered a good reason,” I said dryly. He looked amused, fingering the area in question. “Trapezius, is it? I didna know that.”

“Och, here ye are, lad! I see ye’ve found your healer already; perhaps I won’t be needed.” Mrs. FitzGibbons waddled through the narrow entrance to the courtyard, squeezing a bit. She held a tray with a few jars, a large bowl, and a clean linen towel.“ (Outlander, Diana Gabaldon)

YOUR healer. Even Mrs. Fitz recognizes Jamie has special feelings towards Claire. Jamie, very early on, was sure of his love for Claire. His heart yearns for her. And he indeed found his healer. The healer of his heart, his soul, his mind, and his body. Tenderly she begins to care for him, as she has already done and will continue to do, and make his broken parts whole.

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Do Tony and Sarah have any more big revelations about things that he thought weren't allowed over the course of his relationship with Stucky? And what did Tony and Sarah do together/bond over?

Luckily there are no more really big revelations. Sarah is pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to cope if Tony had come to her with anything else. Just the thought of this poor boy believing he was good for nothing but heirs and that he expected abuse was the norm still makes her weep years later.

Still, it’s pretty funny when Tony runs up to her after one of his earlier dates with Steve and Bucky and he looks mortified. “I asked what Steven’s favorite flowers to draw were and he told me to kiss him!” “What,” Sarah asks, baffled. Steve would never take liberties with Tony–at least, he’d better not. Or she was going to beat the idiocy out of him. Tony blushes and leans in close to whisper, “He told me to kiss him over the garden gate.” “What,” Sarah says again, and then gasps quietly. “Oh, honey, no.” She can hear Steve calling for Tony frantically. He probably assumes that he’s fumbled again like he did with the arm wrestling.

“Anthony,” Steve pants when he reaches the doorway. “Anthony, it’s the name of the flower, I wasn’t–I didn’t mean to imply–Anthony, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to think–Ma what’s wrong?” Steve asks desperately. Tony whips around and covers his mouth when he sees Sarah is crying. She is trying desperately not to laugh at this poor boy. This precious babe. She loves him. “‘Kiss me over the garden gate’ is the name of the flower he likes to draw most, darling,” she finally manages. Tony flushes dark red and somehow looks even more mortified. She adores him.

(Tony is very skeptical about the names they give their flowers. “Mind-your-own-business” and “Butter and Eggs” and “Hens and Chicks.” He is almost entirely sure they’re fucking with him until he goes to the Saturday Market and sees an exotic flower and asks “Oh, what are these called?” and the stall owner replies with a straight face, “Hooker’s lips.” “I am in hell,” Tony whispers to himself in the carriage. “Everyone is in hell and they don’t even know it.”)

((“Oh, these are pretty,” Sarah says. “What are they called? –Oh my goodness Anthony-!” Tony can’t tell her that they’re called hooker’s lips he is actually going to die. He is crying. He is in hell.))

What I love about Jack’s let’s plays is that you can tell that he really cares about a character even though they are not a real person.

For example, I was just re watching his play through of Hidden Agenda. During the scene where Finn yells at Felicity for the fact that no one will know the truth about what really happened, Jack looks genuinely concerned and says “Tell me the truth”. There is also the moment in which Felicity tells Calvary to stop behaving so poorly because his behavior wasn’t helping to which Jack added “Exactly.”

And the characters don’t need to be human. Let’s not forget about how much he loved Trico (I love that flying cat-bird-turkey)!!

It’s just little moments like that that really warms my heart. The fact that he cares that much. I know it’s a little silly, but that just really makes me smile.

The camera guys on TRL:

camera guy A: [specifically zooming in on edwin every five seconds]

camera guy B: dude… dude what are you doing?

camera guy A: it’s.. it’s this kid, dude. he’s so beautiful. i..i don’t understand.

camera guy B: um? y-yeah, i agree with you but prettymuch is group, like there’s literally five of them. we gotta put the camera on the four other–

camera guy A: hey greg, maybe you should shut up perhaps.

camera guy B: i-.. fine, okay.

camera guy A: [continues to zoom in on edwin] exactly, mind your fucking business next time.

What your current fave new character says about you

Beau: you’re really gay and relate to her bad maths. Probably watched Korra and died when Korasami became canon

Yasha: really gay and wants the barbarian woman to break you in half. Probably already have a Yasha cosplay planned if you do cosplay.

Fjord: you’re a sucker for texan accents and are probably tweeting about how he doesn’t have tusk out of pure worry for the dude. Probably got excited when he cast Hex for the first time.

Caleb: trans and suffers from executive dysfunction but powers through life anyway. You are either banking on him being a werewolf or having a super tragic backstory and either way you are ready to cry.

Nott: you’re either in need of a daughter to look after or a really good drink either way Nott would help with both. Probably worries for her when she goes out in public.

Jester: you probably went back to the Kinda Funny crossover oneshot to see more of her, extremely obsessed with her freckles. Wants to be a magical girl.

Mollymauk: you’re either gay or nb or both and freaked the fuck out when the official art was revealed. Immediately jumped onto seeing his scars and forgot for a moment that he’s Bloof Hunter

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So I found this show called Milo Murphy's Law and Weird Al plays Milo, the main character. It's a really good show. the main theme is such a bop, I won't lie. Also it is such a sweet show. Every bad thing happens to Milo and he always looks at the bright side.

yup, it’s one of my favorite shows! 

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could it be possible that chris was 'sick' bc of his anxiety? i mean its not a secret and i can imagine that the con stuff is especially exhausting for him. would explain why he didnt really 'look sick'... maybe just needed time for himself.

no one can answer for him and shouldn’t assume. he did tweet this video the day before. for whatever reason he couldn’t attend the con but i don’t think that should reflect negatively on him. chris is a good and he’s always shown and expressed a lot of love for his fans.

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I just finished watching JE2006, and it’s automatically the Best Adaptation for including Rochester’s redemption arc at the end (and Rochester holding the baby at the end is everything), even if Adele IS waaaaay too old, and they REFUSED to give us a cross-dressing Rochester (at least the g*psy scene was there! Which is more than most versions can say!!) But I looked up Toby Stephens on Wikipedia and apparently he’s Maggie Smith’s son?!? Like?!?!?!?? (Love the crack videos for JE2006, btw)

I got really mad when I first watched 2006 because 2011 didn’t have that final ending AND IT’S SO GOOD. I mean, look at this dork, he’s so proud:

And when it came time for the fortune teller I was confused because it didn’t look like Rochester… But it had to be… Right?? But you can’t be mad when he comes out from his hiding spot like this:


ACOTAR Characters as Theatre Kids

Morrigan: The girl that’s super supportive. No matter what role she gets she’s happy about it and super supportive of everyone else. Probably squeezing hands with you before you make your big entrance. She brings snacks to rehearsal. 

Feyre: The undiscovered talent. Was probably dragged to tryouts by a friend (Mor.) Has a good voice, and is satisfied being a part of ensemble. Helps paint the set on the side too, designed posters to advertise.

Rhysand: The guy who gets leads every time. Has been getting leads since eighth grade, will continue to do so. Most of the girls have had a crush on him at some point. Super friendly, doesn’t always have his lines memorized on time but it’s fine. Is late to rehearsal because he had student council and football.

Cassian: The guy who can fit into a bunch of really versatile roles, usually ends up being cast as a sidekick or secondary character. Has a solo or monologue that’s one of the highlights of the show.

Azriel: The quiet one. 90% of the cast had never heard him speak before auditions. Plays like 3 smaller roles in Act One that all appear in consecutive scenes and all have costume changes. 

Nesta: Stage Manager. Do not speak above a whisper, she will hear you. Almost stabbed someone for setting down a chair too loudly backstage. Everyone listens to her, she always has everything where it needs to be at the exact moment. Doesn’t want to come take her bow at Call. 

Elain: The costume designer who doesn’t get enough credit. She can make anything look good, once made six costumes in under three days. Has better hair than you. Will scold you for eating in costume.

Amren: Head of lights/sound. Once nearly blinded someone with a spotlight. The sound booth is her lair and the mikes are her children. Do not break them.

Lucien: How did he get here?? He doesn’t participate in extracurriculars but now he’s on stage singing the opening song with the ensemble but really enjoying it. 

Helion: Student Athlete turned theatre kid, the entire team is there to see him. Probably making inappropriate puns backstage during the show, causing everyone to hold in laughter. Secretly a Shakespeare nerd. The first to have his lines memorized, and will burst out into song at any time.

Thesan:  Has a great voice, not the best actor but doesn’t really care, he has fun. Blushes a lot. Broke a prop once.

Kallias: A part of the pit band. Pretends to hate theatre but secretly enjoys it. Begrudgingly sports the official shirt.

Vivianne: Hard worker, doing warm up scales with the rest of the theatre kids before auditions. Loves musicals, and will sprint to check the cast list. “I don’t really care what part I get.” (Really cares what part she gets.)

Tarquin: The nervous wreck before the show. “What’s my line?” “No seriously, what’s my line?” Knows everybody else’s lines, somehow. Loves classic Broadway. Probably was the “wE HAve tO WEar MaKEUP?” Kid his first year.

Jurian: He tried out and got a pretty big role but now….where is he??? He’s been to approximately two rehearsals. It’s tech week and nobody knows where he is. 

Ianthe: The jealous girl who is upset because she didn’t get the lead. Overly critical of everything, and is constantly trying to direct the play herself, despite having minimal experience in the theatre. Either kicked out by the director or shunned by the entire cast.

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“All that blood looks good on you. It brings out your eyes.“ Steve/Loki or Valkyrie/Loki would be nice!

Loki had a smile like an air raid siren: attention grabbing and screaming danger.

“All that blood looks good on you,” he said. “It brings out your eyes.”

For a moment Steve stared at him, caught off guard, but only for a moment. He staggered to his feet and threw the shield at him and it spun through him, embedding itself in a wall. The illusion flickered momentarily, then steadied.

“Really?” Loki said. “Is that any way to treat a god?”

“You’re not,” Steve said, looking around, searching for where the real Loki was.

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Okay for the radio au meeting on the street looking at your art I get the image of Shane and Ryan just not really paying attention to each other not needing to because they don’t know each other/ recognize each other. Ryan notices that man standing next to him is tall as hell and is somewhat intrigued and scared. Shane keeps glancing at the short guy next to him because he’s attractive and Shane can appreciate good looks but when Ryan’s phone rings and he starts talking Shane just “YOU!!!!”

I love when radio au crosses paths with “my hot neighbor” au honestly
makes it even better when they inevitably realize like yO STOP THAT IM SUPPOSED TO HATE YOU