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Neighbors - Part 7

A/N: I had some issues with this one, but I think I finally worked through it.
Warnings: Slight smut? I’m not sure you’d really call it smut but anyway. Enjoy my dears (I hope)

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The time had come. You heard a knock and went to open the door to let Luke in while you finished up getting ready. Oh my! He looked really good. I mean he looked good everyday but he looked especially yummy tonight. He was wearing dark wash jeans that were just the right fit (you couldn’t wait to check out his bum) and a black button up shirt, sleeves rolled up, which was one of your favorite looks on a guy.

You realized you had just been staring so you choked out a hi then told him you’d be ready in a second. Luke just nodded.

As you walked back toward your bedroom, Luke was trying to recover. You looked absolutely stunning wearing a burgundy v-neck halter dress fitted at the waist then flaring into an A-line skirt that ended a couple of inches above your knee. You’d paired it with t-strap heels in black, wearing your hair up in stylish, messy bun with a few wisps of hair framing your face.

You returned, having finished up your makeup and grabbing a small clutch for your phone, ID, cash, and keys. Luke was still standing in the doorway where you’d left him, staring at you with his mouth hanging open. You walked up to him and used a finger to push his chin up closing his mouth. “You’re going to catch flies, Agent Alvez,” you said with a laugh.

Luke surprised you by placing a kiss just at the corner of your mouth. “You look absolutely gorgeous, Y/N. Just beautiful.”

You blushed and said, “You’re looking pretty fine yourself, Luke.”

His brain finally seemed to catch up and he asked, “Wait, did you just call me Agent Alvez?”

You were hoping he hadn’t noticed that. It was just a spur of the moment thing. “Um, yeah, I guess I kinda did,” you replied, a little embarrassed.

“I kind of liked it.”

You had been looking down, and jerked your head up to see a very mischievous grin on his face. You shook your head at him, pushing him out the door. He grabbed your hand on the way out of the building, holding it all the way to his truck.


You arrived at the bar, and was about to ask if Luke saw his friends when you saw a cute blonde in a colorful dress waving her arms. You pointed and asked if that was one of his friends. He gave a short laugh, then headed toward the blonde. You made a mental note to ask what that was about. For now, you followed him noticing the others gathered with the blonde woman. You also took a moment to check out his bum in those jeans. Yep, looking just as good as you had thought it would.

You arrived at the table, and the blonde greeted Luke with, “Hey, newbie. We were beginning to think you weren’t going to make it.”

“Newbie?” You asked Luke. He just shook his head, rolled his eyes, and said he’d explain later. You guessed that’s what that little laugh earlier was about.

Luke then made introductions. There was no way you were going to remember all of those names. But you nodded and said hi to everyone. Someone had already ordered shots so everyone took one. All of the ladies decided to hit the dance floor and dragged you along. You glanced at Luke, but he just waved you on your way.

You had a great time dancing with all of the ladies. You had been dancing for a while so you all decided to go back to the tables to check in with the guys and rest for a while. You had a chance to talk to some of them for a while, which helped you learn their names. You were fascinated with the tall, slender guy, Spencer. He could just start rambling facts about any topic, and you noticed you and Luke were the only ones hanging on his every word. You guessed he did that a lot. Rossi and Tara talked with each other about classic cars. Walker, who was actually newer to the team than Luke, mostly just talked to Emily, who was apparently also everyone else’s boss. Penelope, the blonde who had waved you over, continued to rib Luke, but he seemed to give back as much as he got. It was kind of funny, and you were definitely pulling more info from him later. JJ was such a sweetheart and showed you photos of her kids. You could tell she was a proud mom.

You had been sitting at the table for a while and really wanted to dance with Luke, so finally leaned over and asked him to dance with you. He nodded, and you led him through the throng of dancers. As you hit the dance floor, ‘Marvin Gaye’ by Charlie Puth started playing.

You put your arms around Luke’s neck while he placed his at your waist, and you swayed to the music.

“Woah, there’s loving in your eyes
That pulls me closer
It’s so subtle, I’m in trouble
But I’d love to be in trouble with you”

Luke grip your waist and pulled you closer.

“You got to give it up to me
I’m screaming mercy, mercy please
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on”

You leaned closer, nuzzling his neck. He wrapped his arms around your waist. There was no space between you, your bodies pressed together as you swayed together, completely oblivious to everyone else.

“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on, babe
You got to give it up to me
I’m screaming mercy, mercy please
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
Just like they say it in a song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on

The song ended, and another began. The two of you continued to sway, not really paying attention to the music playing. Luke put his mouth to your ear. “Ready to leave?”

A chill shot down your spine at the feel of his lips on your ear. All you could do was nod.

You walked back to the table to say your goodbyes. Apparently, they had noticed the two of you on the dance floor because several of them had raised eyebrows and smirks on their faces. No one said anything other than goodbye making you sigh in relief. You grabbed your bag, then linked hands with Luke.


The ride back to your apartment complex was filled with sexual tension. You were still holding hands, Luke rubbing circles on the top of your hand with his thumb. You didn’t know exactly how this night would end, but you knew you and Luke would definitely be more than neighbors or friends.

Luke walked you to your door. You unlocked it, and making a quick decision, pulled Luke into your apartment. He kicked the door shut behind him, reaching for you. He pulled you to him, and placed a light kiss on your lips. That was all the encouragement you needed.

You deepened the kiss, pulling him towards your couch. His lips were just as amazing as you’d imagined they’d be, soft and plump. You fell back onto the sofa, pulling Luke on top of you.

You continued kissing, then Luke dropped his head down, kissing and nibbling your ear and neck. You pushed your fingers through his hair, which was so soft, and pulled his mouth back to yours.

Luke began to run his hands down your body, stopping to squeeze your hips, then continuing down your legs. He found the hem of your dress, slipping a hand underneath and caressing your thigh.

You had moved your hands from his hair down toward his back, lightly scratching his neck with your nails causing him to moan. His hand continued to travel up your thigh. When he reached the top of your thigh, his hand moved to the back of your thigh and slipped higher, squeezing. You groaned, sliding your hands down his back and pulling him closer to you.

In your mind you were thinking you should slow down, but everything felt so good. His hands felt wonderful, caressing your body and making it very difficult to have a coherent thought. And did you mention those luscious lips of his?

You both finally had to come up for air. You both lay there, breathing hard. Luke must have sensed that you were hesitant about continuing because he sat up, pulling you with him. He sat in the corner of the sofa, pulling you to him so that your head rested on his chest. You sat in silence for a moment, him rubbing your shoulder while you cuddle up next to him.

Finally he said, “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to rush you.”

“Oh god. Luke, no. You didn’t rush me. I…I was enjoying the moment, but I…I guess in the end I do want to take it slow. We’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks, and I don’t want to screw things up by rushing this. Does that sound stupid?” You asked, looking up at him.

Luke smiled and pushed a stray hair out of your face, “Of course it isn’t stupid. I actually feel the same way. I care a lot about you, and I definitely want to see where it goes. We can go as slow or fast as you want.”

You laughed, and he realized how the last thing he said sounded and laughed too. You raised up and kissed his cheek, saying, “I care about you too, Luke.”

I just finished that phone interview and immediately had to take a shower bc I stress-sweated through my shirt.

Why do interviewers ask such vague questions if they’re looking for a specific answer? “Tell me about a time when…” and all they really want to know is “how do you cope with stress?”

Just ask that. Now I have to weed through hundreds of hours of memories to pick one stressful experience to talk about? EVERY DAY IS STRESSFUL IN THE ICU!

He’s supposed to call me back today or tomorrow. 🤞🏻

Phil’s Livestream // 2.23.17

He’s wearing his NASA shirt

“Have a cup of tea. Hang out with me!”

Storm Doris has attacked a wheely bin outside

His plants have been gaining leaves he’s doing something right

Trampoline videos

“Tie some bricks to it”

He worries about cats and dogs during storms he hopes your cats are okay

“Calm down. Have a green tea. Stop being so stressed.” him @ the storm sky

He got a haircut today at his house (sides are short but not shaved)

They talked about dogs

He finds hoovering quite fun

Hoover Fantasies 

Phil’s Liveshow Haul

Follow him on twitter @ AmazingPhil #spon

His hippo lamp

He looked up the most dangerous animals (hippo is #4)

Hippo facts

Pictures vs memories discussion

The Impossible Quiz was exhausting

Probs not Impossible Quiz #2

“Don’t watch me in jail”

He froze for a minute (or it was a really good mannequin challenge can’t tell)

He melted a bit of his NASA shirt while ironing rip

7 new planets discussion 

“Maybe just leave them alone if they’re happy, you know?”

He gets very excited at the idea of space giraffes 

Lots of universe discussion

Shrimp Prince

He’s seen Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, and La La Land but Arrival was his favorite 

What fictional universe would you rather live in 

Shrimp Prince of the Rings

Itchy nose

He got a navy blue jumper with a geometric bird on it that he may wear in his next video

He also got the “scent of happiness”

No bad cinema experiences this time 

Pastel edits irl

He likes his black hair a lot so he won’t be changing it soon

“I’ve already got a toddler called Dab”

He’s loving Final Fantasy XV


“Could’ve used more diversity”

He took the troll wig Dan mentioned to the charity shop soz

He ate the moss surrounding his cocktail oops

He saw Book of Mormon with his parents 

Horse Prince

New gaming video tomorrow

It’s kind of long but also a Dan vs Phil

They’re going to an Oscar’s party so hopefully he can stay awake

The couple that made him bonk his head on the window

The coffee table is out to get him 


They watched Speed and Speed 2 Cruise Control 

50% 2017 calendar (code: FLASHSALE) at DanandPhilShop.com

They’re still working on the pastel merch

They’re going back to Australia coolforsummerfest.com.au 

He’s going to watch Bates Motel again 

He’s watching Riverdale and Homeland 

“I hope you have a great weekend”

“I’ve hoped you’ve had a great evening. Thanks for choosing to spend it with me.”

Mentions of Dan: ||||| |||

Tom Hiddleston Has Never Looked Better Than He Does in Kong
The reviews for Kong: Skull Island are in, and so far they're glowing. The movie is being praised for its action-packed plot, the crazy post-credits scene, and King Kong in all of his massive, CGI glory, but there's one thing I have yet to see get the attention it deserves: Tom Hiddleston's t-shirt.
By Quinn Keaney

As tracker James Conrad, he spends much of the movie kneeling down to examine broken underbrush, eluding King Kong, and rolling through the dirt to escape giant, underground lizard monsters who want to rip him limb from limb. In other words, a typical day at the office. But his greatest asset is not his gun. It’s not even the Samurai sword he uses to slice his way through a flock of razor-beaked birds. It’s his plain, gloriously tight, gray-blue t-shirt. To put it simply, he looks good as hell. Possibly better than he does in a suit, which is really saying something.

I don’t know how it magically stays perfectly tucked in, or what exactly it is about it that has inspired this obsession, but as a reward for you taking the time to read about this important, high-priority matter, please enjoy the next photos of him and his t-shirt in action.

My Fake Boyfriend Part 4

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1576

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

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When your brother knocked on your door you didn’t know what he wanted but you knew it couldn’t be anything good. Outside of your bedroom, you can see that your brother is tense “You really need to be dressed like this?”

You look down, you are only in Bucky’s shirt but why does he care “You are married, your wife never borrows your clothes to sleep?” You asked annoyed and your brother groans changing the subject “Why didn’t you tell anyone that you are dating The Winter Soldier?”

“Because I’m not, I’m dating Bucky Barnes and why do you care? What do you want?” You are already sick of this conversation “You are my little sister, you are lost in life and this needs to stop. Moving to another state? Dating an assassin? Coming back here for some petty revenge?”

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The shrill sound of the alarm clock jolts Derek from a deep sleep. His brain feels too big for his skull and his mouth tastes like old beer and ass and everything seems a little fuzzy around the edges - but not in a good way. He rolls out of bed anyways, he’s got 10 minutes to get to morning practice, and with a game tomorrow night, he can’t risk it without the threat of getting benched. 

So he brushes his teeth without really looking in the mirror, struggling to find clean underwear and sweatpants with his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. He spits in the sink while shoving his feet into a pair of sneakers, more than proud of himself for managing not to drip toothpaste foam all over his t-shirt. After throwing his bag over his shoulder he heads for the door. 

He has seven minutes to get to Faber. 

It takes him six, because there’s ice on the sidewalks and because he has to dig his beanie out of his bag while he’s walking. But he’s not late, and his ears aren’t freezing off, so all in all, it’s not a bad start to the morning.

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“Good morning!” You chirped, tossing your hair up into a ponytail as you made your way down the stairs. You let out a small grunt before stretching your limbs out a little, obviously still sore from last night. You had hickeys littered on your skin, your legs felt a wee bit number than usual - Overall, you kind of just looked and smelled like sex. Of course, you didn’t want to let Harry find out about the fact that you were hobbling around rather than walking. He would always get so confident (you couldn’t blame him for that - he was really good in bed, after all) and would make cheeky little remarks reminding you of how hard he had- 

“Morning, love. Sleep well?” Harry turned around to glance at you, smiling lightly at the fact that you were wearing practically nothing but one of his shirts. 

“Slept like a baby. You?” You asked, wrapping your arms around him from behind with your chin propped up on his shoulder as he made his morning tea. 

“Same, same.” Harry hummed, turning slightly to press a chaste kiss to the side of your head. This was routine for you two whenever it was the morning after. Harry would wait, and wait, until he had an entrance to bring up the amazing sex you guys had the previous night. It was just fun to see your cheeks brighten and your eyes widen whenever Harry talked about all the different ways he had ravaged you. You had caught on, of course. Sure, you knew it was fun and games for him, and as much as you loved Harry, you hated when he’d tease you. That was why this morning, you’d try your best to show that you were perfectly fine. 110% totally, completely fine. Even if you couldn’t feel your legs. 

“Did you want cereal or anything?” You hummed, opening the cabinets up to look at the array of cereal boxes. 

“Cornflakes would be nice, I suppose.” Harry shrugged, sitting himself down at the counter as he watched you shuffle around. As you got up on your tip-toes to grab the box in the cabinets, you immediately winced, feeling your legs tremble beneath you. 

“You, uh, you sure you don’t want anything else? I could make you some scrambled eggs or something. Toast, even?” You cleared your throat, letting out a short breath as you squeezed your thighs together. Harry raised an eyebrow while bringing his mug of tea up to his lips. 

“I.. No, no. Tha’s alright. Cereal should be fine.” Harry paused for a moment before speaking up again. “Actually, can yeh get the Cinnamon Toast Crunch? It’s on the top shelf.”

“You don’t usually go for Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” You quipped, glancing towards the top shelf. The thought of having to get on your tip-toes for more than a millisecond was already making your legs tremble again. 

“I know. I jus’ feel like it, though.” Harry grinned, hiding his smile behind his mug. “Yeh alright, love? S’almost like yeh don’ want me t’ eat the cereal.” 

“Only cos the Cinnamon Toast Crunch belongs to me. You don’t like sugary stuff.” You said, almost a little too quickly. “You know what? Fine, you can have some. I’m feeling generous this morning.” 

As you looked up towards the cereal, it felt like it was far, far away from your grasp. You spent about 10 seconds staring at the cereal before a hand shot up from behind you, Harry nabbing it for himself with his other hand clasping your waist. You jumped in surprise, immediately turning around only to be met with Harry’s smug face. 

“Could’a asked me t’ help next time, Y/N.” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m perfectly capable of doing things myself without your help.” 

“That wasn’t the case last night, love. But you keep tellin’ yourself tha’.” 


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anonymous asked:

Can I request jungkookie for the small au? Thanks lots and I love you so so much! Take care!!❤️

  • airplane steward!jungkook 
  • keeps trying to get pilot!jin to do a prank over the speakers or say something absurd like “just saw a dragon in the underpass, he looked really cool everyone”
  • agrees with everyone who complains about the peanuts costing too much like,,,,he knows,,,,,,,also 6 bucks for a carton of orange juice??? what is this???? only rich people airlines sheesh
  • looks really cute in the uniform though,,,,like the grey shirt with the little black lapels and the name tag and airplane pin
  • is really good with kids who get scared on planes because he and hoseok always have stuffed animals and kids books packed under the snack cart to give to kids so they can feel better on the flight ^^
  • you’re actually,,,,,,,,really bad at flying. you get super anxious every time you get on a plane
  • and you try not to show it because you don’t wanna inconvenience anyone but on this flight there’s like extra turbulence and it’s making you really frightened and you’ve asked jungkook for like 5 extra blankets already
  • so you can bundle in them and try to ignore whats happening 
  • and jungkook can tell you’re not in a good place so he comes back with blankets but he also hands you his phone and headphones and is like “i have this playlist of calming music, i always make one before a flight if i see someone getting really anxious. listen to it, and it’ll help!!”
  • he smiles as he puts the headphones on your head and gives you those extra blankets
  • and you’re closing your eyes,,,,,trying to focus on the sound and not the shaking of the plane
  • and ,,,, it works,,,,,,you even manage to fall asleep
  • and when jungkook wakes you up the plane is practically empty because it’s landed and you’re like “thank you so much,,,,i know im too old to get scared on a plane,,,,,,,,” and he’s like no, it’s a normal fear to have!!
  • and he’s like “on your flight back you should make a playlist too, i can send you this one if you want?”
  • and you’re like oh!!! that’d be great 
  • and you exchange numbers so he can send you it 
  • and as you’re walking out into the airport you get another text and it’s from jungkook and he’s like
  • “when are you flying back to korea? ill be on my break in two weeks,,,maybe we can have coffee like on the ground and not,,,,you know,,,,in the air LOL”
Hamilsquad modern au and fashion

A total hipster, knitted beanies and cardigans, colourful pants and shoes from the thrift store, scarves and fingerless gloves in winter. 
Makes an effort to look like he doesn’t care about his looks. Suceeds in this and still looks good most of the time. 
Wears sweatpants in public whenever he can get away with it. 

Always a perfect colourscheme, can make things that you would never think go together kind of work. Experiments a lot with new styles and is just really into the whole matter. 
Has his own little clothing line and makes most of his clothes himself.  Expensive suits, grey sweaters, silk ties.

Models for Herc and loves it, looks great in anything. 
Sometimes likes it dramatic.
Hats, coats, big patterns, lots of contrasts. 
Wears only jeans and t-shirt on other days, really it’s like you’ve got two different people. 
Can sadly not be persuaded to wear his glasses everyday. 
He will make you cry by wearing a tanktop in summer.

Your typical white girl despite being neither white nor a girl. Wears addidas sneakers, skinny jeans and wears his ponytail through the back of a snapback. Basically doesn’t really care about fashion and just buys the stuff he can find in every store.
He even gets starbucks like the basic bitch he is. 
Has to be stopped by Herc. 

My DGHDA silly headcanons

• Todd likes musicals. He has a whole collections of soundtrack records hidden in his closet right next to wear he hides Dirk’s jackets
• Dirk once tried to borrow Farah’s jacket. Never again.
• Farah handcuffs Dirk to drawer handles in the apartment if he starts really annoying them. Calls it “Time Out”
• Amanda usually joins Dirk when he’s in time out and the others aren’t around. They swap stories. Dirk talks about cases, Amanda talks about Todd. It’s why Dirk knows a weird amount about him
• Dirk steals Todd’s band shirts on Laundry day.
• Todd will never admit he thinks the band shirts look good on Dirk
• Dirk will never admit that although he loves the shirts they oddly smell of bananas. Like all the time. Nothing gets rid of the weird banana smell.
• There are times when Todd stays up late drinking because he’s feeling real down so Dirk brings the record player into the living room and sits with Todd in the dark whilst they both listen to the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
• In Amanda’s contacts, Dirk is called Literal Sunshine
• The rowdy three wrecked Todd’s apartment. They apologised but the sofa will never be fixed.
• Dirk refuses to tell anyone what the red jacket really is for but Estevez borrowed it?
• Vogle cannot tie his shoe laces. Amanda lets him borrow her boot laces to practice.
• Cross can be a bit shaky at times with his hands (I blame the obscene amount of energy in him) so Martin occasionally feeds him so they don’t make a mess. For Todd’s sake.
• Gripps can sing really well but he’ll only sing in the shower.
• Dirk can’t cook to save his life but he tries. There’s usually a Tupperware box, in the fridge, filled with some sort of mystery meal that no one dares to touch
• Dirk- probably those super sugary colourful cereals (although that’s only when he finds them because Todd always hides them. Dirk and sugar don’t mix well)
• Todd- coffee, that boy hasn’t eaten a proper breakfast since he was 14
• Amanda- cookie crisps (although swaps to the health stuff when Todd is around)
• Farah- probably mainly special k but whenever she’s feeling down she buys some lion cereals)
• Ken- Reese’s Puffs. Loves peanut butter
• Bart- plain cornflakes because she doesn’t understand why she’d eat cereals which have little kids or weird animals on them (although she probably steals Ken’s every once in a while, because they smell so good and she has a bit of a sweet tooth)
• Dirk also buys things like Golden Nuggets or any other yellow cereal for aesthetic
• Dirk also shares his cereal with sharkcat and Rapunzel. Although Todd isn’t happy about it.
• Rowdy 3- haven’t eaten cereal for god knows how long until Amanda joined them. Vogel and Cross seem like they eat the same sugary stuff as Dirk. Anything to give them energy. Gripps seems to be a man with a love for flavour so maybe one of those cinnamon ones. Martin probably shocks the whole system and eats muesli. Without milk. Imagines them as fucking nails.
• Estevez- probably has a quick coffee and baked good (bagel/pastry) on the way to work and he’d pick up a breakfast sub for Zimmerfield on his way.

( thanks to @amanda-is-psychic for help with the cereal sub-section 😂 )
jungkook oneshot #1

written using the prompt: “we’re unintentionally wearing matching shirts. of course they’re gonna assume we’re dating.”

words: 393 (lol this is one of the shortest pieces of shit i’ve ever written)

a/n: this is real short and real pointless but i loved the prompt a lot, almost as much as i love kookie.

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yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

(part 2/7) (part 1) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (fancast)


Mob Psycho 100 headcanons: Teru has terrible aesthetic sense

Inspired by the part in the manga where Teru suggests for Mob to buy the ugly monkey shirt, though the reason behind this is initially unclear. It doesn’t make sense for it to be a joke to make fun of Mob, since Teru clearly respects and admires Mob (so much so that according to official guides, his catchphrase is “I am a commoner”). So it’s relatively safe to assume his intentions are mostly from goodwill, and that he actually does think the shirt looks good.

Thus, the infamous and beautiful Teru haystack hair can be explained as a result of Teru really thinking that the wig was stylish. Also his old, pre-haystack hair wasn’t exactly fashionable either.

Thinking of it like this, everything falls into place.

Teru just has a shit sense of style.

Jealousy (2): Tom x Reader

Requested: Tom gets jealous of Reader’s and Haz’s close friendship.

“Haz that shirt loos so good on you!” You beamed at your best friend. “Really, you think so?”, “Yes.” You tugged at the hem of the shirt and fixed the collar. Tom walked out of the dressing room and tried to ignore how close you and Haz were.

“Um you like this Y/N?” Tom asked, clearing his throat. “Yeah it looks good but look at Haz.”

After they bought their clothes, all three of you walked out. Tom noticed that you and Haz were a lot closer than normal. “Babe do you want to maybe go out later tonight?” Tom asked as he walked behind you and Haz. “Sure. You wanna come Haz?” You asked. “Sure.” He said shrugging. 

Tom’s jaw clenched at your open invite, “Love can I talk to you about something?” You nodded and unlinked your arm from Haz and walked over to Tom. “I was maybe hoping it could’ve just been us tonight.”

“What about Harrison?” You asked. “What about him? You know you two have been really close lately, is there something going on that I need to know about?” He asked folding his arms. You shrugged and picked at your nails, “Are you suggesting something?” 

“Yes, are you two messing around behind my back?”, “Wow, I see you are being delusional. I’ll talk to you when my boyfriend comes back.” You walked away from him and back to Haz.

The rest of the day Tom was fuming as you and Harrison laughed and talked with each other. You guys walked back into you and Tom’s shared apartment, almost closing the door in Tom’s face.

 “I got a text!” Haz showed you his phone in excitement. You grabbed it and read it “Awe! She really likes you.” You squealed. Tom walked in between you two and stopped, “So what’s so interesting that I can’t see?”

“Nothing mate.” Haz answered a bit confused at his friend’s anger. “Nothing my ass. You’ve been flirting with my girl for a while now and I haven’t said anything. But not anymore, I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t fucking like it!” He yelled. 

“You need to calm down!” You yelled back. “Calm down? You two are most likely fucking each other right under my nose.”
“Woah, you are out of your mind buddy.” Haz said.  “No you are!” Tom got in Harrison’s face. “Okay chill the fuck out.” You got in between them. “Tom no one is cheating on you. I’m just trying to help him with this girl.”

“Oh.” Tom blushed and looked at the floor. “I-I’m sorry .” You just shook your head and stormed to the bedroom. “Y/N!” Tom sighed and ran after you. He closed the door and saw you standing there with your arms folded. “Look I’m sorry-”, “Are you out of your damn mind, Holland?” He didn’t answer. “Why would I cheat on you? Why would Haz cheat with me on you?” You had to pause and make your question made sense. “Anyway, what’s your deal?”

“It’s just you and Haz were getting really close. I guess I wasn’t thinking.” You walked over to him and rubbed his arm, “Yeah, you weren’t. Isn’t it funny though how Haz and I couldn’t stand each other at first but now we’re close.”, “Yeah, too close.” He mumbled, you scoffed and slapped his arm.

“Sorry.” He said. “We’re like brother and sister you dope. You should be happy!”

“I-I guess I am happy, I guess I was being jealous.” You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. “Just don’t do it again.” You joked. You and Tom walked out of the room. “Hey mate, I’m sorry.” Tom held out his hand and Haz rolled his eyes and playfully punched him on the shoulder. “You’re forgiven, dick!” Haz joked and the two boys started wrestling.

You watch led your boys wrestle until you heard Haz’s phone buzz. You check led it and squealed, “She said it’s a date.” He stopped and jumped up, “Really?”

“REALLY!” You two hugged and you kissed him on the cheek causing Tom to growl. “Woah there Wolverine. There’s plenty of me to go around.” You skipped over to you slightly angry boyfriend and kissed him on the lips.

“See? You’re the only one that I want.” He blushed and got an idea, “Prove it.” “Huh?” You asked. “Prove. It. To. Me.” He pulled you in and grabbed your waist.

“Fine.” You grabbed his hand while Haz looked at you two in disgust. “See you in 10 minutes Haz.” You said. “10?” Tom asked sounding offended. “More like 30.” He bragged. “Oh please, I wish.” You retorted pulling him to the bedroom. >

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Reasons why I really appreciate this:

  • First off, thank you for including my smol son in this Yugioh Rock Band AU!!!! yes!!!!
  • Look at him being a DJ, he’s so excited!! i bet he’s doing such a good job, you go lil Yugi.
  • Those gold converse shoes and his pimped out fingerless gloves and the ankle buckles and jewelry. like he is more decked out that Yami, I love it.
  • that pose, he’s totally multitasking with all the different equipment. My son is so talented, I’m so proud.

Sometimes I forget that Yugi is the one who picks out all the leather bondage slave outfits and that Atem canonically doesn’t like his taste, but look at him going for it anyway. You go Yugi, you follow your dreams. And your strange, strange fashion sense.

anonymous asked:

Emma have you seen the post with those two giant looking dudes with a sign that says "If you feel safe on campus we'll walk with you"? Because all I can think about is Stiles doing that, and ok ok he KNOWS he looks scrawny on first glance but excuse you he has a BLACKBELT (au obvs) and so he wears really tight shirts to show off what muscles he has, tries to look intimidating, he starts getting a few people to come to him, mostly girls, a couple of much smaller, maybe more feminine looking 1/?

lgbtq guys and so far Stiles has only had to actually fight someone once wich is pretty good for a three-month period (it happened in the first month and apparently word got around that Stiles knows his shit, he hasn’t been bothered since) and then one day out of the blue this guy who’s bigger than he is and hairy and totally looks like a werewolf shyly comes up to him and asks if Stiles would walk him home and Stiles is just ??? 

Because this guy could EASILY intimidate people about seven thousand times better than Stiles could but he can tell that the guy is sincere and Stiles doesn’t discriminate, ok? That’s kinda the entire base for this thing, so the guy, Derek, becomes one of his regulars, and Stiles starts noticing that Derek is mostly ok… until they get to this one particular part of the neighborhood, around this one specific house, when he suddenly gets tense and quiet and huddles closer to Stiles and for about a month Stiles is just left sorta wondering about it until one day when this blonde woman comes outside to “greet” Derek, and Stiles recognizes her as Kate Argent, one of the professors at the local college. 

And it takes exactly ONE time of seeing how they interact- Kate taunting and barely containing her laughter, Derek practically shaking with fear- for Stiles to GET it, thus sets on the journey of getting Kate fired and imprisoned for what she did to Derek and when it’s all over Derek decides to join Stiles in the mission to help people get home safely and volunteers to start walking people around campus too, and he and Stiles still walk home together, but now it’s as boyfriends.

Alright, nonnie, this started off adorable and awesome and I thought it was going to be grumpy Derek Hale getting mad Stiles is taking over his territory or shy!Derek not knowing how to talk to Stiles and asking him to walk him home, only to admit months later he never really needed him to.


You had to throw the Kate Argent card in there and I went from this

to this

real quick.

Kate Argent can rot in hell. In hell. And not the cool part of hell where you get to hang out with the devil in one of his many hot tubs but in the part of hell where you have to shovel coal for no other reason than YOU SUCK. 

I can’t deny, however, protective!Stiles is my jam especially when it comes to Derek and I’d love a fic of this.

You brought smiles, you brought tears. You’re all rounder, nonnie, an all rounder.