he looks really cute and really awkward


this is really long hahah, yoongi is my bias wrecker and I got a bit too into this

• you meet yoongi when you’re thirteen
• (imagine tween!yoongi with black hair that goes over his eyes a bit and cute round cheeks)
• he moves to your school at the start of the term and seems really awkward - like he never speaks loudly and never looks anyone in the eye
• so everyone just thinks he’s weird and ignores him
• this makes you kinda mad - like it’s not fair to exclude someone bcos they’re shy, besides you are kinda curious about him and you feel bad for him, always on his own
• so you just go up to him one day and say hi
• he’s honestly so shocked and can’t say anything, just looks at you
• you feel a bit uncertain now bcos he hasn’t said anything but you can’t give up now so you tell him your name
• and he still stares at you
• so you’re about to awkwardly say bye and go bcos he obviously doesn’t want to talk to you
• and yoongi almost has a heart attack bcos no!! you can’t go!!
• so then he just blurts out, “hi, I’m yoongi” and then blushes a lot
• he’s kinda quiet but you stay and talk to him and you discover that the weird new kid is… actually pretty normal
• from then on you talk to him more
• he gets more comfortable around you pretty quickly and then you talk to him a lot
• bcos yoongi is a secret savage and is always whispering observations about your classmates to you that have you in absolute stitches
• (whenever he makes you laugh he gets a lil proud smile on his face that he tries to hide)
• and apart from finding him hilarious, you actually just really like yoongi
• you can see that he’s a really nice person underneath all the sarcasm
• and he’s really glad that you approached him like you did and brought him out of his shell bcos he was kinda lonely before you made friends with him
• but bcos of you, he talks to more people and he’s more confident than he was before
• (he still isn’t keen on all the other kids in your year who shut him out but that’s ok bcos tbh you never really liked them all that much either)
• and most people still think he’s kinda weird bcos he’s hella grumpy around everyone
• everyone who’s not you that is
• don’t get me wrong, you still get a fair amount of grumpy!yoongs but he actually likes you; the difference with you is that he actually likes you and doesn’t want to upset you
• so he says something rlly savage then does something rlly nice that’s a complete contrast
• example: you forgot to do your homework once bcos you got distracted and oh help now you’re gonna get detention
• yoongi will be like “lol congrats” but will be finding his answers so you can copy them as he says it and will then help you if you get confused
• one time he said, “i hate everyone at this goddamn school. apart from you. you’re… I like you.” and you will never stop teasing him about it ever
• gets so smug when he grows and gets taller then other people (especially if he’s taller than you)
• when he meets the other bangtan boys, likes them immediately and gushes to you about how great they are and you’re like aw bcos you love seeing him so happy and making new friends
• when you meet his new friends they’re all like OHH so you’re yoongi’s bff it’s good to finally meet you he never shuts up about you btw
• and yoongi is like THEY’RE LYING DONT LISTEN TO THEM
• ok but your friendship is goals
• you text whenever you’re not together, and accidentally stay up to like 1am most nights bcos you’re seeing who can send the most emojis in one text
• you hate all the same people which is gr8
• he always asks for your opinion on his poetry (which eventually turns into raps) and he’s really shy about it at first but then you’re so enthusiastic that he shows you everything he does from then on
• hates pda and people who are really touchy in public and if he’s even standing within two feet of you outside then it’s bcos you made him
• just really shy about contact in general, you hugged him one time (in private of course) and he was really stiff and awkward and kinda just patted your back for a bit
• (he secretly loved it when you hugged him but is too shy to say so)
• hates it when you get crushes!! doesn’t know why!! just hates it so much
• (but won’t tell you bcos he doesn’t want you to think he’s jealous)
• (even tho he is)
• feels rlly awkward talking about ~feelings~
• if you’re not happy then he’ll notice straight away and then he’ll be sad too
• if you cry in front of him he’ll be like !!!!!!!!! and probably freak out a lot
• never knows what to say or do in situations like this, poor lil squish
• very awkward about comforting you but tries really hard
• makes up raps for you on your birthday
• hates being called ‘yoongs’ but you do it anyway and he TOLERATES it from you but anyone else who tries it is gonna die
• freaks out whenever he sees a cat, gets visibly excited and it’s so out of character, it’s adorable
• gets cold really easily and always steals your scarves/jumpers/hats off you whenever you go outside, even if they’re the complete wrong size, dude he doesn’t care he just wants to be warm
• october-march he has permanently got a scarf on up to his nose
• you have lil hangouts in one of your rooms and just goof off for hours
• you blast music and he sings along rlly loud and purposefully out of key and you’re on the floor laughing your ass off
• you watch lots of dramas together and he’s always there commentating on the characters decisions and simultaneously ruining the drama and making it 100x better
• says he hates romantic dramas but sits through hours of them without complaining and you’re like mmhm sure
• you love it when you make him laugh and he does the gummy smile and his eyes go all crinkly and you feel s o proud to have made him happy
• he puts up this whole poker face front but you know that he’s a soft lil bundle of fluff deep down
• [aaaaa I want BestFriend!yoongi in my life]

this is so cute!! didn’t add saeran because ( pretty sure ) he hates V with a burning passion so that would be kinda awkward and i didn’t know what to write

nsfw implied? not really but some soft hinting at it



- doesn’t really mind too much

- the same hair color doesn’t bother him

- or the same eyes

- but you guys even do some of the same things and he’s like ,, who are you

- when he first meets you he literally thinks it’s V in a wig


- he’s fine with it but he’s absolutely convinced you guys are related somehow

- mc would you be willing to do a dna test?

- no zen no

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Free Condoms With Purchase

Summary: Derek is an ace guy working at a sex shop, and he has a bit of a crush on one of the regulars (who he might have come out to, oops).

Notes: Written for the Aro/Ace Wolves Mini Bang! (On AO3)

I forgot to add that this fic now has some lovely art! Check it out!

Derek looks up from his calculus textbook when he hears the bell jingle, and he has to suppress a smile. This guy’s a regular. He usually comes in every couple of weeks, awkward and overly-enthusiastic. He gets in to animated conversations with other patrons, flails a lot, and almost always manages to knock something off a shelf.

And he’s cute.

Really cute.

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NCT Reaction: When you fall asleep on their lap (NCT U)

Thank you to anon for the request!


He would be so tense. He would freeze as soon as he realised what had happened and his body would just become completely stiff. He would start panicking and sweating because he wouldn’t know what on earth to do. He would absolutely freak out, although quietly, as he didn’t want to wake you. So many questions would run through his head. What if they don’t wake up? What if I move and they fall off? Stuff like that.

Originally posted by jihansol


He would probably feel a little awkward at first, but after he looked down at your sleeping face, he wouldn’t mind it as much. He would actually feel really comfortable with you there, and he would like the feeling of being your protector and guardian while you were in this vulnerable position. He would feel like you had chosen him to fall asleep on and that thought would make him really happy.

Originally posted by t-yong


He would find it so cute that you fell asleep on him. Honestly, he would be so happy he would probably fanboy a little bit, but quietly so he didn’t wake you up. He wouldn’t bother carrying you to bed, he would happily just lie back and fall asleep, too. Afterwards, though, you can pretty much bet that his friends wouldn’t hear the end of it. He would be so happy about it that he would tell everyone and not stop talking about it.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


He would actually find it funny I think. He would find it really really cute and it would amuse him. Ten would be the type of person to take pictures of you while you’re sleeping and post them everywhere with the caption ‘they fell asleep on me, how cute~’ and he wouldn’t even tell you about it. You wouldn’t know about it until you saw it or someone else told you. He would apologise but say that you were just too cute not to share with people.

Originally posted by nakamotens


He would find it really nice that you fell asleep on him. He would feel so warm and comfortable with you in his lap sleeping and he would like being able to feel you breathing soundly and knowing you were peaceful. Although, I think after a while, he would wake you up just a little bit so that he could put you on his back and carry you to the bed, putting you down and tucking you in so that you could rest until the morning.

Originally posted by nctlife


Oh man he would be a blushing, shuffling, awkward mess. Honestly, he would love having you sleep on him and he wouldn’t want to move unless he woke you up, but he would find himself shuffling around and twitching loads, completely out of how awkward he felt. He would be blushing soooo much and it would be really cute because he would just be so flustered. He would try and distract himself so he could stop but it would be hard.

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Hope you enjoyed the reactions! Requests are open~

first date with Sebastian Stan would include

Originally posted by steverogersnotebook

  • on your first date he’ll probably take to movie theater or just theater to watch one of your favorite movies or plays
  • (let’s pretend he’s taking you to see “Hamilton”)
  • you both are pretty awkward because you’re trying really hard to impress each other
  • him being a gentleman
  • dressing up nice for you
  • kissing your hand
  • “you look divine, darling”
  • blushing at the pet name
  • making cute jokes here and there
  • singing every single song
  • making a bet on who can rap “guns and ships” faster
  • tearing up together
  • “are you okay, Seb?”
  • “i’m fine, the light is just really bright so yeah”
  • everyone staring at you as you’re excitingly lip singing and moving around
  • trying to change Hamilton lyrics to make it about Bucky
  • having the time of your life
  • after the musical, he’ll take you to a small cute vintage cafe
  • talking about your everything and anything
  • “no, i’m telling you, parallel universes DO exist”
  • ordering a cake a some juice
  • sharing the cake
  • him “accidentally” dropping his fork
  • sharing your fork with him
  • looking at strangers and making up random stories about their lives
  • “you see that woman over there? she’s actually planning to kill his 60-year-old husband today because the old man has been cheating on her since he was 40″
  • complimenting you even more
  • him paying for everything even though you’re opposed to the idea
  • telling you that he’ll let you pay on the NEXT date
  • taking you home
  • holding your hand while he’s driving
  • he won’t kiss you on the lips on your first date because you both want to take things slow
  • kissing your forehead
  • “thank you, darling”

-John really loves to listen to music when he’s writing his blog

-he plays mostly the classics like the Rolling Stones

-Sherlock likes the music and usually dances to it but let’s just say that ballet is the only kind of dancing he’s good at (any other dancing looks like an awkward otter trying to keep its balance and flailing its arms)

-John thinks its really funny

-one day when Sherlock is jumping around (because he has a lot of energy) and John is typing, the song ends and then next song starts to play

-the words don’t start for a few seconds but the song is unmistakeable

-John jumps up and turns off the speaker as Sherlock is staring motionless at the wall

-the song stops right after the words “well you can tell by the way I use my walk im a woman’s man, no time to talk”

-after they stare at each other in shock for a few seconds, they both start laughing at the same time and play the rest of the song

Okay because I’m the over-analyzing trash that I am, the 70th times I watched the pinof 8 bloopers I really noticed Phil’s reaction after he said “There was nothing left but dust after Phil destroyed Dan”

So obviously Phil intended it in a joking way no underlying meanings so right after he says it he’s looking normally at Dan

But then you can see his eyes widen when he realizes how it sounds, ya know him destroying Dan (this part happens very quickly and you can’t really tell in the screenshot so I recommend you watch it)

And then he looks awkwardly at the camera, like he realizes it’s there recording what he just said

and then back at Dan (now thinking of his words in the new connotation)

and that’s when he starts his really cute awkward laugh

Obviously this doesn’t mean he actually destroys Dan, but I definitely think he realizes it sounds that way and personally as a phan shipper… ;) Also this all happens within like 3 seconds so you should really watch it and see what you think!

When you low-key want to hold his hand and hug him all the time and kiss his cheek and walk around with him and go on cute dates and lay on the couch and watch movies with him and go to the park together but you’re too shy to do anything so you just act really awkward and weird around him

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Oooh, could we have something with Blake and Aiden where one of them gets sick but it's before they really defined their relationship so the other one doesn't know whether they're supposed to go look after them or whether that would just be weird

A/N: Yes yes yes yes yes… cue really awkward and cute Aiden! I love this!😊

           The weight of Aiden’s hand on Blake’s shoulder sent a warm fluttering through Blake’s chest. He was trying to keep looking straight ahead but he could feel the smile creeping across his face and he almost wanted to make sure it was actually Aiden’s hand. He could hardly believe his luck! Aiden was so lovely – so distinguished, kind and gentle, what on earth could someone like that see in him? Sometimes he wondered if he was just a safe bet for Aiden, but he tried to dispel those thoughts from his mind. He really liked Aiden; he couldn’t bear to think he was just a plaything.

           “You’re very quiet tonight,” Aiden commented, giving Blake’s shoulder a quick squeeze which sent another thrill racing through Blake’s chest. “Is everything okay?”

           “Yeah,” Blake nodded, clearing his throat as he realised how high pitched his voice had gone. This was only the second time that Blake had invited Aiden to stay over in the flat he shared with Jack. Blake kind of hoped that Jack might suggest Aiden could take one of the free  rooms in the flat his parents had bought for him. “Sorry… it was a good practice tonight, don’t you think?”

           “Yeah,” Aiden agreed, “I’m not sure about that Rutter piece though, I don’t really see what it adds to our syllabus.”

           “Give it a chance, it’s got some really crunchy harmonies in it,” Blake encouraged, as the accompanist he’d had more of a chance to familiarise himself with the whole piece.

           “You know best,” Aiden said lightly.

           Aiden’s head felt heavy. If he’d been in his own flat he would probably have been in bed right now. He couldn’t quite explain why he felt so tired today – it wasn’t like he’d had a shift or anything. Something had just felt off since about lunchtime.

           “Are you okay Aiden?” Blake asked, turning slightly on the sofa to look at him. Aiden thought he’d only flinched internally but it seemed like his hand had shuddered too.

           “Oh yeah,” Aiden nodded, trying to plaster a grin across his face. Sometimes he remembered just how old he was next to the young fresh faced Blake.

           But he was lying. Aiden felt weird. His arms were covered in goosebumps that didn’t feel related to his proximity to Blake. Now as he started to think about it, his stomach felt a bit peculiar.

           It couldn’t be the glass of wine that he’d sipped at, the taste had been strange and metallic on his tastebuds; he’d barely drunk any of it. Yet despite this, his stomach still felt oddly bubbly.

           He was having an increasingly difficult time concentrating on the screen of Blake’s laptop where they were watching a film – the moving of the camera and the actors made him feel a little queasy. He took a few deep breaths in to try and settle the faint rocking sensation deep in his belly.

           Perhaps he should try and make an excuse so he could go home. He wasn’t sure; he really enjoyed being with Blake, but he wasn’t keen on Blake hearing the sort of gurgling noises he could feel coming from his stomach. But before he could even start to think of a half reasonable excuse as to why he needed to go home his stomach made a weird kind of cartwheel inside him.


           “Aaw!” Blake chuckled slightly, as Aiden had withdrawn his arm from around Blake. “Have you got the hiccups?”

           “I – hicculp!” Aiden moved his hand up to hover in front of his mouth; hiccups were a major warning sign for him. The churning sensation seemed to have extended very rapidly up his throat from his stomach, and he was aware of an unpleasant tightness at the back of his mouth.

           “Do you want a glass of water?” Blake offered, but Aiden had sprung onto his feet from the sofa.

           “I’m just gonna use your – hicculp – bathroom,” Aiden muttered, feeling hot liquid rising up the back of his throat.

           “Okay,” Blake had replied, but Aiden had been moving before. Trying really hard not to clasp his hand across his mouth, he walked quickly, worried about the whirling now in his head too. He’d barely made it into the hallway before his mouth flooded with overly runny saliva and his chest jolted with a hiccup.

           Aiden’s hands were trembling as he fastened the lock of the toilet, and he was breathing sharply through his nose as he turned to the toilet. His next hiccup became a heave and he knelt down in front of the toilet; he wanted to cry, this wasn’t how he wanted his evening to be going… He took some slow breaths, he couldn’t be loud – he couldn’t let Blake hear.

           “Uuuurrrp!” The retch grated up Aiden’s throat and he tried to abort it, a horrible squelching sound coming from his throat.

           “Aiden?” A gentle tapping came from the bathroom door, and Aiden’s heart sank like a stone. “I’ve got some water for you – are you okay?” If Aiden hadn’t been focussing on trying not to lose the contents of his stomach he would have noticed the worry in Blake’s voice.

           “Give me a moment!” Aiden forced out, trying to sound normal, but almost instantly he heaved again. “Hhhrrrk!”

           “Aiden?!” Blake’s voice came again, but the swell of nausea overcame everything else.

           “Brruuuk-” A mouthful of bitter liquid splashed into the water of the toilet bowl, Aiden braced himself for a larger wave but it didn’t come.

           “Aiden!” A clicking sound came from the door and then Aiden heard it bang open. “Um – oh Lord, Aiden?”

           “Blake, I – uuurrghh – I’m sorry,” Aiden had tried to turn round, but his stomach lurched again.

           “N-no, don’t be sorry,” Blake stammered, he’d knelt alongside Aiden, his hands clenched together. “C –can I help at all?”

           “I – urp – sorry, I think something’s upset – buuup – my stomach,” Aiden heaved again, but brought nothing up.

           “I thought you sounded a bit wobbly,” Blake muttered. “Um…” From the corner of Aiden’s eye he could see how worried Blake looked. “How can I help Aiden?”

           “I don’t – urp – want you to see…” There was that taste of acid in Aiden’s mouth again, and he leant forwards just as another small gush of rancid liquid poured into the bowl. “Sorry…”

           “No – no, Aiden,” Blake had cut over him, then with a light touch he’d put his hand onto Aiden’s back, “don’t be sorry.” Aiden’s eyes stung as another retch pushed him forward, but there was something so reassuring about the weight of Blake’s hand on his back even though he didn’t really want Blake to see this.

           “Buuuurrr!” The belch brought only another tiny mouthful of puke up and Aiden panted, frustrated by how rough he felt but how nothing was coming up. “Oh – sorry.”

           “It’s okay,” Blake’s voice sounded stronger, more confident and very gently he began to rub his hand across Aiden’s back. “Come on, I live with Jack – I spend half my time looking after him. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

           “Please… stay,” Aiden felt disgusting, he could feel the sweat dripping down the back of his neck.

           “Of course I’ll stay,” Blake reassured, the pressure of his rubbing hand becoming firmer. “Just relax.”

           “Baarrruuuulk!” Aiden retched again, his eyes squeezing shut from the force.

           “That’s it,” Blake made circular motions on Aiden’s back, feeling the older man’s muscles flexing. Something about that pressure was perfect – Aiden’s stomach squeezed and a torrent of sick spilled past his lips.

           “Oh…” Aiden spat into the toilet, his hand fumbling for the flush, but Blake got there before him. “Sorry you – uh – had to see that.” He apologised, wiping his mouth.

           “Stop apologising Aiden!” Blake said, Aiden looked across at Blake and saw that he looked genuine. “How do you feel now?” Blake reached out and tenderly brushed the hair of Aiden’s fringe away from his face.

           “Bit better,” Aiden admitted, despite the slight embarrassment that Blake had just witnessed him losing his lunch, the bubbly discomfort in his stomach had gone.

           “Better enough to leave the bathroom?” Blake asked; Aiden considered for a moment.

           “Yeah,” Aiden nodded.

           “Here, let me help you,” Blake rose to his feet and helped Aiden up, wrapping his arm around Aiden’s waist. “Let’s get you comfy, then you can have some water, then you can relax.” Aiden was still a little wobbly, but his heart fluttered as he felt a rush of gratitude towards Blake.

           “I’m sorry,” Aiden muttered. “I know it was a bit horrid.”

           “Aiden, you’re my boyfriend,” Blake sighed, “I don’t care if it’s horrid, I just want you to be okay.” His words were so genuine, topped with a little squeeze from Blake’s hand reinforced it.

           “Thank you,” Aiden smiled, and thought just how lucky he was.


by EstarineZephaloid

I wanted to do a gif but i don’t have good software for it and I don’t want to do it frame by frame when I know it can be done easier. I really have a thing for seeing a beaten up Danny like I don’t want him to suffer but he’s really cute like that. I actually have 5 versions of this because I got out of hand and minor tweaks are so easy but I wont bother you with that.

The chest bump looks like perfect pecs in the DP style until you spot the binder and see the alternate, way too flat version that I purposefully did to show off the difference, then it looks awkward. Also, body shape differences~!

Dating Lee Chan Would Include-

- omgomgomg he’ll be such a cute fluff ball of awkwardness you need to protect from the world

- once he get passed his awkward stage he’ll literally be your best friend which will be super cute


- lots of hugs.

- you’re leaving the room? hug. need to go to the bathroom? hugs. lOTS AND LOTS.

- and lots of cuddling. 


- when you stay over at the dorm you’re in his bed and he’s holding onto you really tightly and you’re just like ohMYGOD aN angel is sleeping beside me and he just looks so peaceful

- then he snores

- anywAY he really likes piggy back rides and likes it when you give him it (even if you’re small), he’ll say it makes him feel taller

- he hardly gets jealousy too

- when he has a day off he comes by you’re place and you’re just in a bundle of blankets, cuddling and eating while watching a movie

- lOTS OF TEASING FROM THE OTHER MEMBERS And then chan hides his face in you’re neck and you’re just like ??? gUYS PLEASE

- he apologising a lot since he’s inexperienced and doesn’t know what he’s doing so you’re just like it ok chan i understand and he’s just so happy that you do

- sometimes he complains to you that he’s not tall enough and you’re just like cHAN BBY SHH YOU’RE THE PERFECT HEIGHT and he’ll get so embarrassed

- the members get jealous because why aren’t they in a relationship??? then chan says something really weird and it makes you laugh and he’s just so proud of himself

- sometimes you listen to exo together and you fanboy/fangirl over them and you two just look cute while doing it and jeonghan is just like aww my baby is growing up

- tALKING ABOUT JEONGHAN he’ll be so happy 

- “i’ve got two babies now”

- sometimes when he’s down he’ll look for comfort in you and will just lay his head on your stomach and you’ll rake your hands through his hair and basically just support him w/ whatever he’s down about 

- when he’s away on tour he’ll get sad you aren’t with him and will want to Skype you every day he’s away. when he wakes up? sKYPE. Before he falls asleep? SKYPE.

- okay he likes taking pictures of you and basically be your mini photographer since he just likes to take photos of you??? when you ask why he just says he likes they way you look and you just die a little on the inside

- basically dating lee chan means being shipped by the fans (+jeonghan). he tries his best to know what hes doing half the time and he’s just a sweetheart and also your best friend??? like please keep dating this child??? the entire relationship will be filled with hugs, cuddles, musiC AND FOOD. 

Dating Series Masterlist

Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

A slight smile appears on your lips as you look into Alexander’s clear blue-green eyes. He opens his mouth to say something, but not a single word comes out. An awkward silence appears between the two of you. “I forgot my line”, the Swedish actor admits finally. You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh. It just looks so cute how helpless he runs his fingers through his hair.
“I’m really sorry! I just… was distracted…”, Alexander doesn’t really know what to say. It’s maybe not the best moment to confess that he has lost himself in your eyes. “What could distract you? Maybe my beautiful eyes? My perfect smile?”, you tease him grinning. If you would know how true your words are.
Alexander stares at you for a brief moment, “Uh…” Surprised you furrow your eyebrows as your slight smile faints away. “Maybe it was your beautiful eyes, your perfect smile, your soft hair, your…”, the actor couldn’t end his sentence, because you cut him off with a soft kiss.
“Wow, that’s how you get your crush to kiss you. Just forget your line and then say something cheesy. I should remember this”, one of the other actors comments the situation chuckling. The two of you break apart with red cheeks. You almost forget that you are still on the Set. “You didn’t forget your line at all, right?”, you look at him smiling. “Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll never know, darling”, Alexander replies happy.

Hope you liked it :)

anonymous asked:

do you remember that time when hobi and tae kissed on rookie king? they were so cute and smol 😫 btw jungkook was so overexcited about it, he was jumping like a crazy fangirl behind them i think there wasn't anything romantic/sexual between them during that era..but i've never seen a boy so excited watching 2 guys kissing he was really really happy

ngl i cringed when i watched it the first time because they both looked so uncomfortable and awkward but their reactions were funny af. jungkook looked like he was totally taking the piss out of it

Criminal Minds master list


Please remember me (Sequel to you’re not alone)

Spencer x Reader 

Part 1

Description: After the events of You’re not alone you wake up in a hospital with no memory of the past  five years. The team is heart broken but none of them more so than Spencer who not only has realized that he is in love with you but also blames himself for your memory loss. Determined not to make the same mistakes Spencer and the team work together to help you recover your memories.

You’re not alone (Finished)

Spencer x reader

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Description: Spencer is having a hard time dealing with the death of one his best friends Gideon. The reader tries to help him deal with the devastating loss by making sure Spencer knows he’s not alone. But when hidden feelings are unmasked and the truth is revealed another tragedy hits the B.A.U this one bigger than before.

Before it’s too late

Derek x reader

Part 1  Part 2

Description: It was Will and JJ’s wedding. You had been working with the B.A.U for a couple years now slowly developing a crush on the one and only Derek Morgan. But despite your flirting he never showed any interest. At least he hadn’t before tonight. But devastation strikes the very heart of the B.A.U making everything stop before it ever really begins.

One shots:

Dream a little dream 

Spencer x Reader

Description: Description: Soulmate AU where you and Spencer have fuzzy dreams about your soulmates until you actually meet each other on your first day at the B.A.U then everything becomes crystal clear


Victoria’s Secret

Derek x Reader

A drabble request where Derek Morgan finds out that Penelope calls reader thebigtittiedgoddess (she saw you in your undergarments) and asking Garcia which bras she likes that you try on at Vs and Derek Derek is curious to see.. Smut (or not if your uncomfortable

The Date

Spencer x Reader

Could you do a Criminal Minds fic? Like Reid x Reader something really cute? Maybe it’s like Reid’s first real date and he gets all awkward and nervous or something? (Idk I’m sorry if this is a bad request

Wanna Bet

Derek x Reader

can i request a drabble of you and morgan teasing each other seeing who will snap first on a case

No competition   part 2  

Derek x Reader

Can you make a multi shot drabble on the imagine where one of morgans fav bootycall (girl) joins the BAU, and reader (in love with Derek, derek is in love with her too) gets really jealous and quiet.. but reader looks hot everyday to challenge the bootycall??

Mardi Gras

Derek x Reader

Anonymous said Drabble request for the reader and Garcia going on a vacation during Mardi Gras to New Orleans. And they both hit on guys and get themselves into a lot of trouble ;) and Morgan gets super mad at Y/N but it’s his feelings talking… Fluff

Is it too late

Derek x Reader

I have a drabble request. I would like to read a story about the reader (temporarily) breaking up with Derek after he admits to cheating, but they get back together (imagine Garcia being supper pissed at Morgan after seeing you cry). I’ve recently called a break with my

I’m starting too

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Let me go

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list


Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

I just need some time

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Is that what you want

Spencer x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Sehun Scenario - He Speaks Korean, Not English. You Speak English, Not Korean.

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Scenario Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Your Sehun scenarios seriously gave me heart palpitations haha! Could I please request one where you meet him and he thinks you’re cute, but you don’t speak much Korean and his English is broken, and the language barrier just leads to really adorable awkwardness haha. Thank you in advance 💞

*this would be me. also quoted words in italics=korean, normal=english*

Hey” someone said lightly poking your shoulder to get your attention. You pulled out your headphones. You turned to see a very handsome man, about your age, maybe older looking at you with dark eyes and killer eyebrows. Immediately your heart picked up. Hey, he’s just really attractive ok?

Excuse me?” You said in a polite voice. Immediately his eyes got big, almost like he was in shock. He turned away for a second, muttering in Korean. Even though you’d been in Korea for a while, your conversational skills were…well, let’s just say they were lacking.

Freaking English, this is why we needed Kris…Damn, this is going to be embarrassing but I already started this…” He said but you only understood pieces yet you got that he was discouraged by you not replying in Korean.

“Do you - speak - Korean?” He said, this time in slow English, with pauses and hand gestures. He was looking into your eyes with desperation, almost trying to get you to understand through sheer will.

I speak some Korean.” You said in the same way he’d spoken English. He made a face, shaking his head again.

I’m sorry!” You said, probably the Korean sentence you were best at. He shook his head waving his hand at you. He thought for a while before he spoke again still in English.

“I just desired to talk to you.” He said and you couldn’t help but smile - an attractive guy wanting to talk to you was flattering. But clearly the whole talking thing isn’t going well…You couldn’t help but think.

“Oh, what about?” You asked. He immediately frowned again before making more hand gestures. Except he was behind you on a two-sided bench and you could only see half of the gestures. You lifted up a finger, interupting his miming. You gathered your things and moved to the same side of the bench with with him. He’s stopped miming and was typing on his phone.

“Name!” The phone called out. He frowned again, frantically tapping again. You almost wanted to giggle but he was having so much trouble.

I am Y/N, what is your name?” Again, this was one of the sentences you knew in Korean. He immediately slumped in relief.

“Sehun.” He said. “Oh Sehun.” He said putting his hand on his forehead before snapping up and looking at you. He opened his mouth and closed it, still frustrated. Instead he just made gestures to your bag and the book in your hand and the pen behind your ear. He finally signed a question mark.

What am I doing?” You asked slowly and he nodded. “I was studying - I am an exchange student.” You said and he smiled with a thumbs up offering encouragement. You giggled and his smile grew.

Ok let’s see if I can do this…” He muttered to himself in quick Korean. Despite the awkwardness and difficulty in your conversation, both of you were enjoying yourselves. “What are you studying?” He said in his slow-paced English. He mimed writing and such.

Here was the ironic part. “Language, linguistics.” You replied. “Language,” you added in Korean. You mimed writing and speaking.

Are you studying Korean?” He asked cocking his head but you shook yours.

No. All language.” You said miming the globe. his brow furrowed with confusion.To be fair, even in your native language people got confused with what linguistics was…You tried explaining it n the simplest englishterms but he just looked at you with blank politeness and you stopped talking about. “Sorry.” You said again.

He shook his head. “Sorry my English is not very good. I wish I could communicate easier…” He said and he smiled rolling your shoulders. Truth is, you didn’t mind. It was kind of fun to get each other to understand.

Maybe you can help with my Korean.” You muttered, not completely serious. But to your surprise, he smiled and nodded.

My Korean is very good.” He said and you laughed. “Can we make a deal?” he asked and you nodded. “You teach me English. I teach you Korean.” You nodded and he smiled again.

Lesson number one.” He started in even Korean. “I” He said each word slowly, letting you repeat it. at the end, he put the words together; “I think you are pretty.” When you said it back, you understood and immediately blushed and laughed.

Second lesson”he said. This time the sentence was “can I have your number?” You of course nodded, giving it to him. just after he had given you his, someone called his name. 

“That’s me. I have to go. Goodbye Y/N. Wait for my call!” He said hurriedly getting up and jogging away. Well hopefully our lessons turn into more. You couldn’t help but think watching him leave…

A Puppy, A Boyfriend and An Awkward Mistake

i suck at titles wowee

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 977 (oneshot)

Warnings: pretty sure its clean :) pizza overdose is implied

Summary: Dan and Phil have a puppy, Dan watches Phil’s live shows and Phil says something he probably shouldn’t have.

A/N: okay so this is the first fic i’ve posted, like ever✹∘✹ (feedback is v much appreciated thank u)  hope it’s okaayy B)

Spoilers: “Phil- did- did you actually just call yourself a sugar daddy live on the internet in front of 12,000 people.”

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Dating Isaac Lahey would include

Originally posted by hell-not-hallelujah

Request: Could you possibly do a “What Dating Isaac Lahey Would Be Like”? 

A/N:This might be a lot like my last Isaac Lahey one but I’ll try to make it different

  • Isaac being really shy at the beginning of your relationship
  • And you being a little skeptical that he was just a cocky guy at first. 
  • You realizing you were wrong halfway through the first date. 
  • Isaac being really awkward with you at first. 
  • He becomes a blushing mess the first time you hold hands and kiss. 
  • You two always showing at least a little bit of PDA (hand holding, kisses on the cheek etc)
  • Him being an adorable goofball and you loving it. 
  • Sometimes being able to sneak cute pictures of him when he’s being silly. 
  • You looking at them when he’s off fighting with the pack and you’re worried about him. You’ve realized they’ve calmed you down.
  • Isaac finding the pictures on your phone once but you explain it to him and he just smiles at you. 
  • You being the first person Isaac turns to no matter what. 
  • Isaac showering you with different romantic gestures. 
  • Like seriously you have mixed feelings about Valentines’ Day because you get flowers in your locket but at the same time you can’t find anything in your locker without seeing a petal for a month. 
  • But never complaining about any of it because you know he’s just being nice and sweet.
  • Isaac being reluctant to tell you about his Dad at first. But as time goes on he would end up telling you everything. 
  • You taking care of him after a pack fight. 
  • Him being really sarcastic he’s not hurt that bad. 
  • “I have super healing remember,” 
  • “I believe I said lift your shirt up so I can disinfect it not a ‘Werewolf 101′ lesson Isaac,” 
  • But sometimes you help him emotionally after the fights. 
  • Isaac saying ‘I love you’ first after he got back from a pack fight. 
  • You staring at him silent for a few moments before saying it back with a huge smile on your face. 
We’re Here for You

Request: “Could you write a Fic where the reader takes Barry to meet her family for the first time and he’s all flustered and cute but when they get there he sees that her parents checked out books from the library on CSI so that they would have something to talk about what he really likes to make him feel comfortable with them? Like they are really supportive of Barry and their relationship and Barry is just flustered and cute that they would go through so much trouble for him?”

Ship: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader

Warnings: swearing, A LOT OF FLUFF, sass, sarcasm, awkwardness,etc. 

Barry’s P.O.V

I continuously fiddle my fingers. My palms perspire profusely. My breathing became ecstatic. All of a sudden, I felt a pair on soft warm hands lace around my own. I look up to see my drop dead gorgeous girlfriend smiling at me. I couldn’t help but smirk a little. I was with such an amazing and kind soul. With one hand she rubbed her thumb soothingly against my cheek. “Are you okay honey?” I nod, hands still shaking. “Yeah..I guess.. I’m just.. nervous.” She shakes her head, smiling. “You’ve got nothing to worry about honey. They’re going to love you.” I shake my head, running my fingers through my hair. “What if they don’t? What if they don’t like me?” She places both of her hands on my face, coaxing me. “They’re going to love you. I promise. It’s going to be alright. I won’t leave your side okay?” I nod, biting my lip. 

She laces our fingers together and pulls me forward. “Everything’s gonna be fine alright? I’m gonna get changed and then we can go okay?” I nod, kissing her cheek before I continue to pace back and forth. All I wanted to do was make a good impression. I wanted her parents to accept me..well because I want to marry (Y/n). There’s nobody else I want more than her.. And if they disapprove of me.. it’ll break my heart.. I shake my head, and walk over to the sink. I shove my face under the cool water and run my hands over my cheeks. It’s okay Barry.. You’ll be fine..

All of a sudden, I felt warm hands wrap around my waist. A soft voice came from behind me. “If you don’t want to do this, tell me..” I turn to face her, shaking my head. “No, I want to do this.. I’m just nervous..” She places her warm hands on my cheek and pulls me into a gentle, loving kiss. “It’ll be okay. I promise.” I let out a heavy exhale as I follow her to the car.. After a few hours of driving, we finally arrived. My heart was beating out of my chest as I followed close behind her. She squeezed my hand, reassuringly and knocked on the door. Seconds later, her parents opened it, smiling. “(Y/n)!! There’s our beautiful girl! We’ve missed you so much!” The woman standing behind the man (which I assumed was her mother) grinned when she looked at me. She pushed past (Y/n), making her way towards me. “Oh (Y/n) you picked a hot one-”

My cheeks flushed, as I grin. (Y/n) shouted. “MOM!” Her mom rolled her eyes, laughing. “Oh don’t mind her, it’s my job to embarrass her. I’m Luann and that’s Patrick.” She wraps her hand around my arm. “You are one handsome fella. I’m sure you make all the ladies swoon!” I shake my head, laughing. “Haha no.” She giggles. “Oh lord! The two of you must be cold. Come on, let’s head inside. I started making your famous fajitas (Y/n), but I need your help with the rest.” She nodded, following them inside. “Okay.” Her mom stays close to my side, occasionally starting mini-conversations while we sit and watch (Y/n) work. She butters the bread and spreads the chicken/steak meat on some of the bread pieces. Swiftly putting them in the oven to cook for a few minutes. 

When the food is done, we all take our seats at the table. I politely pull the chair back for the three of them. They all smile at me, muttering a thank you as I push the chair back in. We dig into the food as soon as it hits the table. A few seconds later, her dad, Patrick inquired. “So Barry, (Y/n) told us that you work for the CCPD?” I nod, smiling. “Yeah. I love it so much.” He grins. “So is it true that you get to investigate and research crime scenes?” I nod. “Yeah, I get to analyze different substances and chemicals that may have been in a crime scene.” Her mom smiled. “I’m sure you’ve saved many lives. Can’t you find the type of material from a crime scene by analyzing it in a flask module.” My eyes widened. “Yeah! Actually, I remember this one crime scene-” 

We continued a scientific conversation back and forth and I’ve never felt more comfortable. Every time they made I pun about science, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. When dinner finished, we picked up our plates. (Y/n)’s father made his way into the kitchen, turning on the radio. All of a sudden, (Y/n) gasped. Her dad grinned. “Do you remember this (Y/n)? This use to be our song.” She giggled. “I haven’t heard this in ages.” He stuck out his hand. “May I have this dance?” Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra surrounded the kitchen. She twirled and swayed, laughing with her father. As the song ended, he nudged me forward. “Go get ‘em tiger.” I stumble forward, almost falling on my face. I bow, and ask in a British accent. “M’lady, may I have this dance?” She throws her head back laughing; replying in a British accent. “I would be honored.” She takes my hand as the song I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra began. We swayed and moved back and forth. Occasionally, I would whisper the words to the song in her ear. 

Every time I did, she began to giggle. Her dimples and gorgeous smile would be shown. I twirl her once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Closing her eyes as she set her head gently on my shoulder. As the music began to slow its pace, I buried my head in her neck, grinning. My thumbs rubbed her waist, soothingly. 

(Mrs. (Y/L/N) pulled out her phone and took a picture. It was so fast and perfect. She showed off the photo to her husband, grinning. “This ones a keeper.” He smiled, whispering back. “You should frame that.” His wife pecked him on the cheek before picking up the last dish.) 

Once I let go of her, I pecked her head before helping Mrs. (Y/L/N) out with dessert. (Y/n) sat next to her father as I helped out her mom. I could tell her stare lingered on me. “You must be something special.” I turn toward Mrs. (Y/L/N) confused. “What do you mean?” She shakes her head, smiling. “(Y/n)’s never brought someone home to meet us before. In fact, she wouldn’t stop talking about you. She was so excited for us to meet you.” My cheeks began to flush. I glance back at (Y/n). “You truly love her, don’’t you?” I nodded. “Yeah, I do.” She pats me on the back before taking some of the desserts over to the table. I take some and follow after her. All of a sudden, I stop in my tracks when I see a stack of CSI books hidden behind a blanket. I set the food down and ask. “What’s that?” 

Mrs. (Y/L/N) saw what I was looking at and shrugged. “We know how much you mean to (Y/n)-” Mr. (Y/L/N) cut her off. “And we-I know the feeling of being in an awkward situation and not feeling comfortable. Especially when I first met her parents-” He motioned toward his wife. “I didn’t know what to talk about and I was too afraid to say anything. So we decided to get some books from the library on CSI criminal cases to talk about something that you well aware of. We just didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” My breath hitched. “You went out of your way to make sure I was comfortable..?” Mr. (Y/L/N) nodded, proudly. A few tears, escaped from my eyes. I wiped them and laughed. “Thank you. That means more to me than you realize. I was so worried I would screw something up.” Mrs. (Y/L/N) gave me a sweet hug. “Oh honey, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re apart of our family now. And all we want to do is make you comfortable and happy.” 

She then walks over to (Y/n), wrapping her hands around (Y/n)’s. “Honey, you’ve chosen a diamond in the rough. We fully support your relationship.” (Y/n)’s hand covered her mouth. Tears flowed freely down her face. Her voiced cracked when she spoke. “Mom, that means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you.” We spend the rest of the night talking and eating dessert. As the night came to an end, I gave them both a goodbye hug. “Don’t be a stranger! Come and visit us anytime! And Barry, if you need anything you call me ya here!” I nod, laughing. “Of course. Bye Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N).” They wave us goodbye as we pull out of their driveway. 

Once we get home, I pull (Y/N) close to me and kiss her passionately. When I release. She looks at me wide eyed. “Ha ha what was that for?” I grinned. “I love you so much.” She giggles. “I love you too. Come on, let’s go watch some Netflix and cuddle.” She sprints in the house. I jump in the air, grinning. “Hey! Wait for me!” I bolt inside, laughing as I tackle her to the couch. Her gorgeous laugh erupts throughout our home. “I love you so much.” I whisper into her neck.

(I hope you liked it! I think this is one of the best ones I’ve written)

EXO’s Personalities

XIUMIN (Kim Minseok) – The shy quiet cute one that is secretly a pervert. He’s very caring and he can sometimes act like a 5 year old and sometimes like a 40 year old. He is mature though in comparison to the other members. He LOVES coffee. and also he trains a lot, he’s really fit *cough* *cough* legendary abs.

LUHAN ( Lu Han) – Looks like a girl but is the manliest man ever (he insists) cute and kind. Cares a lot about the members and he’s really close to them. He’s kind of a player and he loves girls. He’s really flirty and blunt. He loves soccer and really cares about coming off as manly.

KRIS (Wu Yifan) – The “cold guy” he maintains this image cause he thinks he’s cool. He really thinks highly of himself but inside he’s a really awkward person with a weird sense of humor. He also really cares about his members and always takes care of them. He’s the “fashionista”.

SUHO (Kim Junmyeon)  – The mom of EXO. Very innocent and caring, also generous. He’s the group’s sugar daddy, they always joke around that he’s rich. He is possibly the most kind and good hearted person on the planet. SUCH A DORK (but we love him anyway) he’s like a really awkward dad basically.

LAY (Zhang Yixing) – Very humble. And introvert. So nice and kind and caring. He’s always grateful. He’s always lost and it takes him forever to answer someone. He never knows what’s going on. He’s really down to earth and he loves music.

BAEKHYUN (Byun Baekhyun) – Funny as hell. Talks ALL the time and is really cute and not that generous when it comes to food. He’s sometime selfish but in a playful way. He’s like a little puppy. He’s very extrovert with his friends and more shy with strangers. The type to be really funny and entertaining when he’s not even trying, it just comes naturally to him because that’s who he is. He’s also really hard working when it comes to his passion. He’s also flirty.

CHEN (Kim Jongdae) – Likes to be sexy. Kind of a pervert. Laughs all the time and is a troll he always loves to prank everyone. He is very kind hearted and generous. He’s very well mannered and nice. Brags about his singing and he loves it.

CHANYEOL (Park Chanyeol)  – Happy virus. Charismatic and outgoing. Prankster and can be kind of an asshole sometimes because he can joke a bit too much and cross some lines, or be too honest. But generally he’s really nice and he laughs ALL the time even when he’s sad he stays optimistic. He’s really arrogant though usually he’s playful with it but often it comes out as annoying. He’s also a musical genius and he makes music by himself and it’s actually super good.

D.O (Do Kyungsoo) – Very shy VERY. Humble and innocent. Very cute and quiet. Kind. He’s not very confident and he always underestimates himself but he’s so cute and beautiful he has so many talents THE BOY CAN SING AND ACT and it’s a gift from god ok his voice was made by angels. He also has his “satansoo” side. He has death stares and he’s actually really strong when he hits the members when they tease him (especially Chanyeol and Baekhyun).

TAO (Huang Zitao)– Looks tough but he’s actually the most sensitive and emotional person ever and acts like a girl. He is really cute and cares about what others think of him. Gets scared easily. He always tries to act cool and keep his image. He’s really sassy and really loves himself. He gets embarrassed easily. and he loves food and Gucci. (He’s my spirit animal)

KAI (Kim Jongin)– Laughs a lot. Charismatic and caring. Very nice and outgoing. He has two sides one is Kai the talented dancer that is very focused and professional and really sexy, and the other one is Jongin, the 5 year old that acts like a kid and has the humor of a 5 year old. He really is open minded and protective. And he’s either really hyper happy or tired and not in the mood for life. he really love chicken and dogs.

SEHUN (Oh Sehun) – Aware of how he looks. Can be a shithead to others sometimes and loves to prank everyone. Funny. Shy, cute and quiet (although he really started to feel more comfortable and open recently) he loves his friends and he’s really grateful for them. He is the maknae so he always whines and he’s really sassy and blunt. he loves bubble tea, fashion and dancing.

I hope this helps anyone that’s new to the fandom :) honestly i only fit like ¾ of their personalities in here it’s kind of impossible to write only one paragraph about each of those amazing idiots so i’ll recommend watching “Showtime” and their variety shows to really get to know them at first :)