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Say The Word by AlyxRae

Song: Process of Illumination by Dan Franklin

“The story Coran had dreamed up went a little something like this:

A young man is standing at a cross road in his life. He’s struggling with what the world thinks he should be. 

His parents want his to go to college, 

the girl in his class wants him to be straight, 

his friends want him to be cool. 

The young man is torn between wanting to please everyone and being himself. There’s a lot of angsty shots of Keith in the bedroom; staring that the trophies and photos that are supposed to mean something to him. Lots of him looking into the camera and trying to convey something to the audience.

Line’s from the song kept popping out at him.

Scribbling self-portraits on the mirror in the dark.

Funny when you don’t know who you are.

Coran kept giving him emotions to act out. Sorrow, fear, desperation, uncertainty. All things that were pretty ease to express, having been an angsty teen himself. Thank god he grew out of that phase.”

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Please go read this fanfiction! It’s really great!

10 Years Later Paladin HCs

my gf @lady11tea has been a little down in the dumps recently so i made her these hcs of how i picture the paladins of voltron being years later, post war which are pretty must based off of random hcs we made previously that you can look at here for stuff to make sense, i guess. feel free to add on

  • at age 27, keith’s hair has grown out a little longer kinda like in this post here by @chocozebra. he rocks a side ponytail, pidge and lance forever call it the anime mom hairstyle of death but keith ain’t planning on dying until he’s past his 90s. has chilled out since he was a teen, but he still has a short temper and a blunt way of talking that might piss people off when he starts talking to them. is an early bird
  • at age 27, good ol’ lance hasn’t changed much aside from the toned muscles, the stubble on his chin, and the fact he let his bangs grow longer. sleeps in most days and his face? baby smooth because skin care, he ain’t stoppin the skin care routine now that he’s almost 30
    • got considerably closer when shiro disappeared and all and post!space war, they were just ‘bros who kept in touch’ almost every day after getting adjusted to being home. some time in, lance invited keith over to meet his family ‘as just bros’ and the rest is history
    • these two dorks have been married for a while now and have a 5 month old daughter. They named her ursa and she’s that perfect mix of genes so they are pleased parents. wavy black hair, light brown skin, violet eyes. nickname: ursa bear (which is hilarious to them because it’s just saying ‘bear’ twice). between the 2 of them, lance is the better cook and keith is that parent who only wants their kid eating organic baby food
    • ursa was born deaf. they figured out when she was 3 months old and since then, lance and keith have slowly been getting the hang of asl and have been signing as much as they can in front of her in order for her to have it in her environment as she grows up. the tv permanently has it’s closed captions on. they read to her in asl
    • they live in one of those duo work/home situations. first floor is the shop, second floor is home sweet home. they own a flower shop, super big surprise. they have a delivery truck (no keith, we cannot use a motorcycle to deliver flowers). they usually take turns with managing the store front and being the one to deliver plants. if it’s nap time, ursa’s upstairs napping but if she’s awake, she’s usually in the baby sling while her dads work.
    • have a ton of photo albums and photos around the house portion of their home. lance’s childhood photos, the few childhood photos keith was able to save, some paladin!voltron photos (their last photo of being paladins is a tearjerker for lance), wedding photos, honeymoon pictures, pictures of ursa
    • retired from being paladins, lance and keith now own 2 cats they affectionately named red and blue
    • because lance and keith are on some corny next level shit, they both have this tattoo of the voltron symbol in between their shoulder blades but lance’s is red and keith wanted his to be blue
  • at age 27, hunk –in the words of lance mcclain– has gotten hotter. (”my dude, you’ve always been hot but jeeeeesus you got hotter. how?!” “LANCE” “keith, darling, sweetie, you’re still hot too”)  he’s got this full face stubble beard going on, long hair he keeps up in a ponytail, he still has that awesome headband, eyebrow game still on fleek, same big and friendly smile, sweet chocolate brown eyes
    • post!war, hunk got a huge home welcome from family and friends in the neighborhood. he missed his folks big time and had enough space adventures for a few years because he just spent so much time in space, he doesn’t want to ever hear the word ‘space’ again. but 2 years post!space war, hunk ended up going back into space anyway because he wanted to show shay the universe (the big sap) (he is still a sarcastic sass master tho)
    • since his return he and shay are happily married now. interspecies relationships are slowly happening since the whole ‘aliens reveal’ to everyone on earth. it doesn’t matter if his wife is technically a really tall rock. did hunk ask for all that information? NOPE, SO SHUT YOUR FACE. he lives pretty nearby lance and keith’s place
    • in the process of intergalactic adoption, hunk and shay already have one adopted 13 year old they adore and love with a gentle but firm upbringing. her name’s tess and she constantly brags about being blessed with the sweetest parents ever. she’s got dark hair, dark skin, glasses, finally convinced hunk and shay to let her shave at least a portion of the side of her head because FASHION, and likes to make jewellery and wants to make it an actual occupation in life
      • her uncle lance is her godfather and he spoils her a lot with jewellery making kits
    • is a part time model (fight me on this. model!hunk is my life)
    • but the modeling has to be part time because hunk is now the owner of really successful restaurant that serves combinations of earth and alien style cuisine cuz you already know that hunk was all over inventing new recipes as the years passed by. yes, sal from vrepit sal’s work there. hunk is basically gordon ramsey in his kitchen
    • like lance and keith he has a voltron tattoo in between his shoulder blades, but his is actually yellow because he can colour coordinate with his old lion
  • at age 24, pidge is still short but she’s happily single and aro-ace af. #noparentalstress. her hair is back to it’s original length from before she cut it to sneak into the garrison to keep it out the way while she works, but she’s been contemplating cutting it short again. 
    • definitely had a good, emotional but happy reunion with her dad, mom, and matt. she finally has her family back and she isn’t ever losing them again. and it’s safe to say that matt and sam are taking a long deserved break from space at the moment
    • remember the olkarians? pidge eventually went back to them as a sort of intergalactic exchange student because holy hell have you see that tech? as if pidge was going to miss the opportunity to learn more about it!!!
    • now the olkarians have an institute on earth and pidge works there as a researcher along side her dad and brother, so she can’t visit her old buddies as much (but hey, she can visit more than shiro). so to fill in the time gaps, she gets a lot of calls from them to make sure she isn’t overworking her self, they enjoy face timing, and will stream crap on rabbit if she isn’t too busy (and sequentially complain about rabbit BECAUSE WE WERE TRYING TO WATCH THE BEE MOVIE AND RABBIT JUST WANTS TO START PLAYING GAMES WITH PEOPLE)
    • but despite being busy, pidge tries to make it back for important and special events like hunk and shay’s wedding, lance and keith’s wedding, she was forced to dance at both weddings. there was no escaping it
    • she may be 24 now, but everyone still calls her the baby gremlin of the group and she wants to fight them
    • has a green version of the voltron tattoo the squad seems to be rocking nowadays
  • TYL!Shiro is still technically the oldest at 35 and is now a diplomat working aside coran and allura in the castle.
    • post!war, shiro spent a long, long time on earth recovering from past experiences and trying to get his ptsd to settle. ofc it never completely went away (and everyone else has their own little problems they are dealing with), but he’s a lot better from how he was 10 years ago
    • funny enough, when the offer to become diplomats came up, shiro decided to take the job (the others suspect it had to do with the time he went awol at the end of that dramatic battle with zarkon and now he wants to make up for lost time by helping build bridges between the planets)
    • it is also a suspected theory that he and allura are getting closer because he’s been actually calling her ‘allura’ instead of ‘princess’ and she has been calling him ‘takashi’. pidge would also like to add the fact that the amount of times she has caught matt face timing with allura and shiro is suspicious af and apparently matt brought up going into space sooooooo everyone has their eyes on that
    • everyone would like to say that shiro’s sense of fashion got better over the years, but tbh the only reason he looks good a majority of the time is because of the altean diplomacy clothes he has to wear. the guy still wears sweater vests. ew
    • shiro and hunk argued over who would be ursa’s godfather for the longest time and settled it with an arm wrestling match. hunk won and shiro is salty af and exclaims that hunk only one because shiro willingly gave hunk a handicap by not using his robot arm
    • has a black voltron tattoo in between his shoulder blades
    • his bangs are starting to regain colour again
    • is the butt of every leap year joke and he wants to fight everyone
  • allura the queen. she’s cut her hair shorter since then (shoulder length or short with shaved side of the head, the choice is yours my friend) and is still as beautiful as always because black don’t crack (me: *happily toots own horn*)
    • out of everyone, allura and coran have been the busiest of them all since the war ended because after a short break, allura and coran immediately jumped onto diplomacy missions (the first few bouts the paladins had to join in but things have chilled out since then)
    • earth took the hardest bit of works because damn humans are judgmental against anyone that doesn’t look even remotely close to them, but so far so good.
    • the galra still get the cold shoulder from time to time, but allura and coran have successfuly gotten them into the intergalactic alliance and are slowly helping the galra rebuild their own relationships with the universe little by little now that their dictatorship under zarkon and lotor is over with, plus haggar isn’t around with her druid magic anymore. she’s been jailed and magic free for a while now
    • allura is keeping all the lions on lock down in the castle now that balance has been restored to the universe
    • allura is currently engaging in a private relationship of her own with earthlings shiro and matt, but for now that is underwraps until they figure out a way to break things down to everyone as a big surprise (but little do they know that pidge has already been spilling tea on the side)
    • she can’t bring the castle down to visit everyone as much as she would like, but she does come for visits occasionally
  • coran, uncle friend extraordinaire, and much loved guy. still around and still lovable. may and or may not have changed his style but he still has his glorious mustache. he is still working by allura’s side however…
    • since the space war has ended he has published two books. one book is his autobiography, a bestseller really. and the other…. a cook book on making old altean dishes in order to keep the tradition alive. that book has untold horrors we will not mention *shudders*
    • since the first time, coran has had 4 more rounds with slipperies. has occasional denial on the subject. leave him alone.
    • he face times the paladins as much as possible, especially lance. lance calls coran the most. he and lance had a lot of bonding moments when lance got depressed and insecure in space and coran even found a planet that had rain like earths!!!! (years later, lance was able to do the same with the hot boiling rocks. he thought he and coran were going to die, but coran had fun)
    • with ursa being around, coran is learning more and more of this ‘hand language’ that the earthlings came up with and finds it fascinating. he is just now discovering that not all of the hand languages are the same and is making a point to learn all of them! *eye of the tiger plays in the bg*
    • coran is on the dating scene btw, but the only reason it has been going slow is because allura down right doesn’t approve of anyone dating her second dad. she has this very long list of requirements in order for you to date coran and lance is backing her up on this one because coran deserves the best
  • during the rare times allura, coran, and shiro are able to bring the castle down to earth, everyone literally puts everything on pause and comes to the castle (mostly because ‘guys, i see these giant flying lions coming over, should i be scared?) #dramaticpaladinandlionreunion
    • they’ll pack up, gather their spouses and kids (in the case of  three of them) and head on over to where the castle is located for a good mini vacation of talking about the good times, getting a little emotional about the bad times, how much things have changed, and enjoying each other’s company (”guys, remember how when we got back to earth the first thing we did was go back to the garrison because lance, hunk, pidge, and keith all wanted to punch iverson? classic”)
    • for old times sake, coran will make something and everyone will cringe as hunk pops into the kitchen to give coran a proper cooking lesson
    • they’ll dress up in their old armor and fight against the gladiator sim and see if they still got the moves like jagger. they often joke that shiro is an old man and needs to be careful before he throws his back out
    • will do the old training exercises from the mind meld to the invisible wall to the trust your lion’s eyes thing
      • man did they miss flying with their lions??
    • if they aren’t doing any of that and have the free time to break away, you already know they’ll be sitting in their lions catching up about everything that’s been going on in their lives and how so much has changed since then because the stuff going on in their lives now is the least likely thing they pictured back before all this voltron stuff happened but they wouldn’t change any of it
    • someone is usually crying when it’s all time to go their own separate ways and back to their daily lives. usually allura drops everyone off one by one
    • “we definitely have to do this again the next time you stop by”
    • everyone’s very happy with the way their lives has turned out since ten years ago
The Four-Leaf Clover

A/N: Hi guys! It’s me again. So this short story popped up in my mind. I hope you guys enjoy reading it! And I apologize in advance for any grammatical error. English isn’t my first language.

Your feedback is appreciated, like seriously!

PS I hope you guys liked Where The Lines Overlap. x

Word count: 1,684

Rating: General but is a bit sad and gloomy

Summary: You’re the typical shy girl, considered as invisible. With an unknown reason, Calum is drawn to you. Simply put, he noticed you when everybody ignored you. But to his surprise, there’s a reason why.

Chapter One: HOPE

There are times that Calum just doesn’t understand things, one of them is you. For him, you are the complete opposite of what he looks for in a girl. But here he is, utterly in love with you. Drawn to you like a moth drawn to fire.

Calum dubbed you as the ice princess for a reason. You barely smile. You seldom talk with anyone. You’re contented with being on your own little world.

He has a thing for girls who are animated. Who exudes warmth and friendliness. Something that is anything but you.

You’ve put up a lot of barriers. You wear mask after mask of emotions to cover up the real you.

 But why? Something that Calum wonders a lot. Surely, no one could be that icy. He thought that maybe you are acting that way because you’re a new student.

“Hi, y/n!” He smiled.

“Hello.” You timidly replied.

He was about to start a conversation with you but you left the room, leaving Calum all alone.

 Another failed attempt.

Later that afternoon, he decided to write a song on the rooftop of the school. To his surprise, he saw you there. Sitting on the floor, with a pen and paper. You looked up, stopped writing, and gave him a shy smile.

He approached you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think someone’s here… I.. uh.. I can leave if -”

“No, it’s alright.” You smiled. “I was just finishing something up.”

“If you wouldn’t mind me asking, what are you finishing up?” He asked, sitting opposite you, considering your personal space.

“Oh.. uh… a story.”

“Really? I didn’t know you write!” He smiled. “I wanted to write a song today so uh I went here.” He paused. “Where do you publish your story?”

“I just keep it here.”

“May I read some parts?” Hoping he wasn’t being a pushover.

“Sorry. But uh, I’m not yet comfortable sharing my story.”


He continued talking about his songs that he composed recently (singing some parts to you) to make you a little less on your guard. He really wanted to break your barriers. And for him, it was working. He threw in a few funny jokes and puns which made you laugh. He shared his love for music with you. And even though you didn’t talk much, he felt that you were really listening.

“I don’t know I really like playing the bass more though-”

Your phone buzzed. “I’m sorry… I need to go home now.” You stood up. “See you.”

See you. Two words that made Calum hope that something good will happen between the two of you.

Chapter Two: FAITH

Calum developed a habit of going to the rooftop, hoping he might see you there. Each day, he grew expectant, but is crushed by the fact that you weren’t there.

This day, he was losing hope. Should I still go there, he thought. Was he going crazy? How can a girl like you affect him so much? He wondered.

He found himself going up the rooftop even though he knows that you will not be there. ‘See you’ was a lie, he said to himself.

He reached for the doorknob, thinking to himself that he is, indeed, going crazy.

I am going crazy, he thought. You were sitting on the floor, writing. You looked up and smiled at him. Now he’s imagining you being there.

“Hi, Calum.” You greeted him.

“H-hi.” He felt relieved. He approached you and sat on the opposite side, minding your personal space. “Haven’t seen you here in a while.” He broke the ice. “If it doesn’t bother you answering, what’s the story about?”

“It’s about a girl who can’t seem to find her place in this world.”

“Wow, that’s pretty deep.” And cliché, he wanted to add but considered not to because he might offend you. And besides you two aren’t that close enough. He might drive you away. 

“I just can’t write this chapter properly.”

His heart fluttered, you are now sharing something with him. A secret you and Calum share, he thought. “Why?”

“I don’t know… I just.. I can’t see the purpose of my story anymore.”

His heart broke a little. “Don’t feel that way… how about adding a new character? Someone who’s there to support your main character? A new friend or something like that?”

“I guess… but I don’t know what kind of character should it be..”

“Do you.. do you want any help?”

“Oh.. uh, I appreciate your offer but I need to finish this on my own…”

“No worries! But you gotta promise that I’ll be the one of the few people to read the whole book, okay?”

You laughed. “Okay. I promise.”

“I really have faith in you. I’m rooting for you. I know you can finish your story.” Calum smiled. “And I’ll be your number one fan when you become a famous author!”

Faith. A word that you haven’t heard in a while. You felt refreshed. What Calum said gave you new ideas for your story.

Chapter Three: LOVE

He seldom sees you in the classroom anymore. Your elusiveness there did not bother him a lot, though. Everything was fine for him because he always catches you on the rooftop, writing your story.

“Hey!” He greeted you, sitting opposite you, minding your personal space. “You’ve been inspired now, huh?”

You nodded. “I think I found the answer.” You looked at him and smiled. “Thank you.”

He became proud. Thanks to him, you found inspiration. This is a start of something new, he thought. “Aww, shucks, it’s all you, y/n. I know you’re a great writer.”

You smiled. “Thank you so much.”

To Calum, seeing you smile and doing the thing that you love makes him so proud. To Calum, you’re already a winner. To him, you’re someone successful. And even though he could not tell you his feelings because it might be to soon for all that, he makes sure that he’s always there for you.

You could feel his love. You could tell how sincere he is whenever he says he believes in you. You’ve never felt anything like this. You’ve never expected that someone will notice you. And yet, here is Calum, proving you wrong.

Thanks to him, everything became clear.

“You know, before I met you, everything seemed useless. I felt hopeless. But thank you for loving me.”

His eyes widened. He did not know how to answer. “…. you knew?”

“Of course! I’m not as numb as you think I am.” You giggled.

And since that day, Calum looked forward going to the rooftop.

Chapter Four: LUCK

As soon as happiness filled Calum’s every day life, sadness came in. After that incident, you rarely visit the rooftop. He does not even see you in the classroom either. It’s as if you vanished.

How could he not even see you? Were you avoiding him on purpose?

Calum’s luck ran out.

“Hey, John, have you seen y/n?” He asked his seat mate before leaving.


“You know, y/n. Shy girl. Ice princess. Sits at the back.”

“We don’t have any classmate named y/n.” John looked confused. “I’m sure of it.”

“Huh? But…”

“Cal, I have a list of students in this class and there’s no y/n y/l/n.” John was the treasurer of the class so he’s certain about it. “Maybe she’s… well.. maybe that’s why…”

“Can you just tell me?” Calum said impatiently.

“Well, I sometimes see you looking at the back but there’s no one sitting there. And then there’s this one time I saw you talking just by yourself… but I assumed you were practicing for an audition of a play or something so I shrugged that off..”

“What? Are you sure??” Calum’s head was aching. If you weren’t real… if they can’t see you… “John, is there.. is there a ghost story you know about….”

Suddenly, it hit Calum. That is why his classmates were ignoring you. That is why no one’s talking to you. That is why you seemed invisible

Because you are.

But why can he see you? Why him?

“Well, I heard that there was a girl who died on the rooftop a few years ago. They said that the girl loves writing some of her stories there.. but the girl had a heart attack while writing.. runs in her family…the janitor saw her lying on the floor with a pen and notebook beside her.”

Goosebumps. That was what Calum felt. “But you can’t remember her name?”

“Come to think of it, y/n is her name.”

“You’re not messing with me, right?”

“Of course not! Why would I make this up?” John looked at his phone. “Well, I better get going… I don’t wanna be late for my part-time job. See you.”

He remembered you with those last words John said. See you. Two words that made Calum question everything. He will never see you again.

He slowly walked up the stairs. Not knowing how to react if he sees you sitting on the floor at the rooftop.

He breathed deeply before opening the door. Chirping birds and the warmth of the sun welcomed him. He looked around, still no trace of you.

He felt defeated.

“When you said you didn’t see the purpose of your story anymore… you didn’t mean the story you’re writing, huh?” He said, talking to no one. “I still wish I could read the story that you were working on.”

He sighed and sat on the floor. “I’m still thankful I met you, though. I hope you’re doing fine wherever you are.” He smiled. “Look out for me, will you? I’ll miss talking to you.”

As he stood up, he noticed something growing out on the floor. He observed it. And to his great surprise, it was a four-leaf clover. He picked it and glanced around. “Seriously?” He giggled. “Thank you.”

They say that a four-leaf clover brings luck to anyone who finds it. And each leaf represents hope, faith, love and luck. For Calum, you are his four-leaf clover.

bipolarred  asked:

aaa also this might sound weird but do you have any tips on how to make it look like coran? actually has a mouth??? when i drew him his mustache was like,,, blocking where his mouth would be and he looked Awkward™

Coran’s neutral state is pretty much his mouth hidden by his moustache

butt then

there it is!!!

it’s part of his upper lip so you gotta consider how it’s shaped depending what expression he’s makin

majestic~..…wait i’m getting distracted here (and you wonder why i like drawing him so fun, he’s got the best expressions dudes)

usually i start with the mouth and then add the moustache on top, then shift em around if it seems off 

and sometimes works the other way round. play around til ur happy and use ref if ya stumped~

hopes that helps somehow o3o

drxcochxrry  asked:

I was wondering if you could do a prompt where after Collin dies in the war, Harry looks through all of his photos and he realizes that Draco is staring at him in all of them.. I don't really have an idea for after that but thank you!


Harry sighed and went to sit out in the courtyard, despite the cold. When Harry came back for his 8th year, Dennis Creevey had approached him and gave Harry all the picture Colin had ever taken that had Harry in them. He was given the pictures in September, and was just now looking at them for the first time. He just couldn’t find it in himself to do it before. But since everyone was home for Christmas, including Ron and Hermione, he decided it would be a good time to do it. He didn’t want be interrupted.

Harry looked down at the first photo and smiled a little to himself, he remembered this day perfectly. It was from his second year, the picture Lockhart insisted they took together. Harry couldn’t help but chuckle at his obvious discomfort. Harry then noticed someone else in the photo. A boy with white-blond hair. Draco Malfoy was seen off to the side staring at Harry, not with a look of hatred, but a soft look that Harry couldn’t place.

As Harry looked through all the photos, he noticed a trend. Draco was seen in almost all of them, and he was looking at Harry with that same soft look on his face in every one, except the more recent the picture, the more intense the look was. Harry was confused. He never saw Draco look at him like that.

Harry was interrupted from his thoughts when someone said quietly, “Oh, sorry…I didn’t think anyone would be out here. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

Harry turned around, surprised. He didn’t think anyone else had stayed for Christmas. He was shocked to see it was Draco, who was now turning to leave. The two of them weren’t hostile to each other anymore. They were polite if they had a run in. Harry found that he wouldn’t really mind Draco’s company right now.

“I, um, no it’s fine. I was just…yeah.” He didn’t really want to say that he’d been looking at the photos, it seemed kind of personal. “You can stay…if you want.”

Draco hesitated, but then, “Okay.”

He sat down next to Harry and then they just sat in awkward silence.

“I, uh, didn’t think anyone else had stayed.”

“Me either. I’m surprised to see you didn’t go with Weasley and Granger.”

“Yeah, well…I, I just feel like I’m intruding on Ron’s family now. Ever since Fred…you know.” Harry sighed. “Plus, I’m sure Ron and Hermione wanted some alone time together.”

“I see.” Draco glanced down at Harry and noticed he had a tight grip on what looked to be muggle photographs. “So what are you doing out here? It’s pretty cold to just be sitting out here alone. Without a jacket or scarf, might I add. Your shirt doesn’t even have long sleeves! Are you crazy, Potter?”

Harry shivered, just then remembering how cold it was.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“You could, but I asked you first. Plus, I at least had the sense to dress for the weather.”

Harry chuckled a little and then shivered again.

“Oh for god’s sake, Potter.” Draco pulled off his jacket and gave it to Harry. Harry was about to say no, but Draco quickly said, “Wear it. I insist. I also had the sense to wear a jumper as well because it is winter, you know. So I will still be perfectly warm.”

Harry put the jacket on, sighing contentedly when he was enveloped in warmth and a scent that was distinctly Draco. Harry wasn’t sure why that scent comforted him, but it did.

“So why did you come out here, Potter.”

“Do you remember Colin Creevey?” Harry asked.

“That kid that was obsessed with you. Yes, why?”

Harry sighed.

“He died in the Battle of Hogwarts. And well, I’m sure you remember how he loved taking pictures, especially of me. You loved harassing him for it. Anyway, his brother Dennis gave me all the pictures with me in them. He gave them to me a while ago, but I’m just looking at them now.”

“Oh…can I see?” Draco asked softly, knowing Harry was unsure about the situation.

“Um…” Harry blushed. What would Draco say when he saw himself staring at Harry in every picture.

“Oh come on, Potter. I’m sure none of the pictures are too embarrassing,” Draco joked.

Yeah, not embarrassing for me, Harry thought, but decided if Draco wanted to look, he could.

Draco noticed Harry slightly loosen his tight grip on the photos, and took it as permission. He reached across Harry and gently removed his fingers from them, taking the photos from him.

Harry gasped slightly at the contact and his skin felt warm where Draco touched him. Luckily, Draco didn’t notice.

Draco looked down at the photos, flipping to the next one after he looked enough. Harry could see a blush rising up Draco’s neck.

“Y-You’re in a lot of them too…” Harry said quietly.

“I see that,” Draco mumbled, still looking down.



“In the pictures, why are you, um, looking-”

Draco cut Harry off by leaning in and kissing him. Harry responded immediately, wrapping his arms around Draco’s neck. Draco pulled Harry to him as close as he could. It was a long, passionate kiss, and Harry suddenly didn’t feel so cold and sad anymore. In fact, Harry was sure he’d never felt this warm and happy in his life. Draco eventually pulled away so they could breathe. Harry whimpered at the loss, and Draco let out a breathy chuckle at the noise. He was still close enough that Harry could feel Draco’s warm breath fan across his face.

“That’s why.”

Harry was blushing deep red.

“B-But…you hated me back then.”

Draco let out a laugh. A real laugh, not the cruel one that Harry was used to hearing. Harry smiled at this.

“I never hated you, Harry. I had a bloody crush on you the moment I saw you in Madam Malkin’s…and I didn’t even know you then. I just thought you were cute.” He laughed again. “My feelings never went away, though…only got stronger. You can tell by how I’m looking at you in the pictures, too. And I thought I was good at hiding it…anyone could have noticed how much I love you, Harry.”

Draco smiled at Harry. A nice smile. Something else Harry wasn’t used to. Harry grinned back. He just realized why he was happy to have Draco’s company and why being wrapped up in his scent was so comforting.

“I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I love you too, Draco.”

Draco’s smile widened, but then turned into a smirk.

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Of course I know, Potter. That kiss said it all.”

Harry blushed.  

“Oh so it’s back to Potter again, is it?” He tried to ignore his embarrassment.

Draco laughed.

“Fine, Harry. Let’s go inside now. I’m going to freeze my bloody bollocks off, and we can’t have that because if that kiss was anything to go by, I’ll be needing them tonight.”

Draco winked and grabbed Harry’s hand, pulling him up and dragging him to the Slytherin dorms.


hello everyone, it is shai here to talk about the meaningfulness of chapter 23 in Mark of Athena.

Okay, first of all, Hazel and Leo’s friendship thus far has been pretty rocky for multiple reasons. Like, Frank being jealous and Leo purposefully teasing him. Or, the fact that Leo looks so much like Sammy.

Either way, in chapter 23 Hazel let’s Leo take part in something that she has only ever shared with one person- one person who means quite a lot to her, might I add.

Hazel was with Leo whenever he met Nemesis, and she heard what she said to him. “As for you, child of fire,” … “your worst hardships are yet to come. You will always be the outsider, the seventh wheel. You will not find a place among your brethren.” (MOA, 74).

That could have been the moment that Hazel realised that yes, Leo was an actual person, and his humour did not represent his inner turmoil!

By letting him take part in the flashback she not only let him see someone important from her past, but let him know that he was someone that she cared for. Someone who may not have a significant other, but has friends. (The most important relationship, fight me.)

Not only that, but they realise that they were actually tied to one another in their pasts!!

Also!! Leo got to see his mother! His mother in which is has not seen or heard her voice in many years!

Can you imagine the surge of emotion he felt whenever he realised who that woman was? Who the baby was? Or how about how Hazel felt whenever she realised who the man was?

I can imagine Leo’s voice after the flashback whenever he says hello to Hazel. It probably cracked, and sounded watery.

This friendship is suddenly v important to me.

These two deserve the world, my dudes. They are so important.

***edit: I’ve made a blog now solely based on the writings on Rick Riordan so check it out @questionablekings
Harry Freaking Potter {S.M}

requested//a Shawn imagine where he comes back from tour early and you cuddle while watching Harry Potter {Christmas special}

It was three days before Christmas. Today was the day. Shawn should be home, like he has for the past two years. Today, of all days, Shawn should be here. This was more important to you than Christmas itself, more important to you than your anniversary… Well maybe not that but it was pretty important.
Today was the day that you and Shawn always watched Harry Potter. You would get in Christmas pajamas and exchange your Christmas gifts. It was what you looked forward to every year. This would’ve been the third year that the tradition would’ve continued. But instead of eating muffins and drinking hot chocolate with Shawn, you were sitting on the couch in your apartment watching the same Christmas special of Friends that was on two hours ago drinking a red Fanta. This episode was your favorite, but you couldn’t seem to find yourself enjoying it. You were sad, and your phone kept ringing and you didn’t feel like answering it. You wanted to watch this episode of Friends for the third time today and ignore the world. But your darn cell phone just kept ringing. You heard the gosh darn ringtone at least seven times.
Eight times.
Nine times.
Ten times.
You picked up the phone because you couldn’t stand to hear Taylor Swift sing the chorus of “Sparks Fly” one more time. You picked up the phone without even looking at the caller ID.
“What do you want.” You snap into the phone a little more rude than you intended, but you didn’t want to talk to anyone, and I mean ANYONE.
“Babe, I want you to know I’m outside your door.” Shawn chuckles. Shawn. As in Mendes. The guy you wished could be here. Was on the phone when he said he was going to be busy all day long and you didn’t think you would hear from him all day long.
“Shawn oh my god hey I thought you were busy!” You say changing your tone of voice.
“Did you hear what I said?” He laughs. You think back to what he said before.
Holy crap. Shawn was at your front door. You sprung up from the couch and ran to your front door of your apartment. You quickly slung it open. And there he was.
His hair was messy, and he was wearing Santa pajama pants and a black sweatshirt. You couldn’t believe he was right there. You almost started crying. You just were so excited he was right there with you.
“You’re here.” You whispered, a tear escaping your eye.
“I’m here.” He says back and you walk into his arms, wrapping them around him like you were never going to be able to hug him again. His muscular arms wrapped around your small torso.
“God, I missed you.” You mumble into his shoulder. You were slightly lifted off the ground by Shawn, because he was so tall and that’s the only way you couldn’t hug him like this without him bending it down.
“I missed you more my dear.” He says, giving you another squeeze. You couldn’t believe he was actually here. You were certain Shawn wasn’t going to be here and you were planning to sulk the rest of the night. But here he was, hugging you tight and your face was buried in his neck. You could stay like this forever, but you knew you wouldn’t. He pulls away. At first it made you sad, because you felt like when he let go he would be gone. But he was still standing right there when he pulled away. You were so happy he was here. You weren’t surprised when a tear escaped from your cheek. He looks you up and down. You were wearing gray sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt just so happened to be Shawn’s. You took it from his place before he left for tour. It smelled like him. You suddenly felt self conscious, unsure why. You weren’t sure what was wrong with you but it made you slightly upset. He frowned a little.
“What?” You asked, crossing your arms.
“Oh, nothing darling you look beautiful. You aren’t wearing the pajamas…” He says. You laughed a little. You were relived. You silently scolded yourself for thinking Shawn would ever in a million years ever make you feel badly about yourself. Your worried face washed over with a small grin.
“Okay, okay! I’ll go change into my Santa pajama pants so you aren’t lonely.” You say and kiss his nose lightly. You run up to your room and rummage through your drawer, finally finding the Santa pajama pants that Shawn had gotten you for Christmas last year. You quickly took off your sweatpants and pulled on the Santa pajamas that matched Shawn’s. You proceeded to run downstairs, almost falling down the stairs might I add, and Shawn is kneeling by the DVD player, already staring to load the first Harry Potter movie. You smile to yourself.
“You have no idea how happy I am that you are here.” You say, walking slowly over to Shawn. He pushes the DVD into the player and looks up at you with a smile.
“I’m happy I’m here too.” He stands up and walks over to you. He had taken off his sweatshirt and was now in his thin white t-shirt that was basically see through. It was pretty freaking hot to say the least. He makes his way over to you and wraps his arms around your waist.
“Don’t you look lovely.” He whispers in your ear and kisses your neck.
“I’m wearing your sweatshirt and Santa Claus pajama pants, I’m not really a Victoria Secret model.” You laugh a little.
“I think you are absolutely gorgeous.” He says a little dramatically and gives you a kiss on the mouth briefly, giving a loud ‘MUAH!’
“Thank you, handsome.” You giggle, running your hands over his stomach. His eyes flash worry and he takes your hands away. He really hates when you give him attention like that. You weren’t sure why, but it really made him uncomfortable.
“Let’s watch the movies. I’ve been waiting all year for this.” He says and kisses your neck lightly. You shiver at the ghostly feeling of his lips.
“Yeah, let’s do it.” You say, taking Shawn’s hand into yours and leading him to your couch. He sits down, you sitting next to him. You swing your legs over his, basically sitting in his lap. He places his hand on your thigh, smiling at you.
“The remote is by your leg, hand it to me.” You laugh. His cheeks turn red and he hands you the remote. You click buttons and start to set up the movie. The movie starts to play. His hand tightens a little on your thigh, almost to where it tickles you. But it doesn’t.
“Thanks for coming home for this.” You sigh.
“I’m sad I have to leave in four days.” He whispers, resting his head on your neck.
“Four days!” You say excited. He laughs a little.
“Didn’t know you didn’t wanted me to leave so early.”
“No! You are going to be here for Christmas!” You squeal, hugging onto him tight. You couldn’t be happier. Not only was he here for the marathon, he was going to be here for Christmas, your favorite holiday.
“Oh, I seem to have forgotten to mention that.” He smiles a little, kissing your cheek.
“This is the best Christmas present I could ask for!” You say, squeezing him tighter, peppering his face with kisses. Your hands move up to his face as you start kissing him deeply. His hands move from your thigh to your lower back. Your lips moving in sync. You could feel things heating up, but Shawn stops abruptly. Both of you were breathing heavy and your lips were swollen and his hair was spiked up from your fingers running through it. You give him a confused look.
“Look, darling I’m sorry but the owl part is about to happen and that’s my favorite part.”

this was a complete mess but Christmas imagine special!! idk why I wrote this bc I hate Christmas!! But this took me a whole Sunday to write wow I gotta drive to rehearsals :))

Caught: Part 2(Sirius Black)

Request: i think you should continue with idk, they have a fight before it and they arent talking then reader discover she is pregnant. james tries to kill sirius because first, they have sex “my littLE SISTER HAVE SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND”, and second because she is pregnant????

So sorry about how long it took for me to write this, I literally had homework every night and then the busiest weekends(with more homework). However, it’s really long, so I hope that makes up for that. Sorry for any and all mistakes/typos I made, I was really trying to hurry and get this up. 

Part 1
So I imagine Caught to have taken place during their fifth year, but I’m going to make this sixth year. 

(Y/N’s Perspective)

I walk into the Common Room. Something’s off the second I step through the portrait hole. I glance around at everyone as I take my spot next to Sirius on a couch. He seems tense about something. 
“What’s up, babe?” I ask, curling up against him. James gives us a careful look. I roll my eyes at him. 
“Nothing, nothing. It’s nothing,” he shrugs. 
“He got in a fight today,” Peter pipes up. Sirius shoots him a death glare. 
“What happened?” I question. 
“Nothing. Nothing happened. It’s nothing.” It sure didn’t seem like nothing happened. Sirius seemed to tense up more. 
“Doesn’t sound like nothing,” I say. 
“I said it’s nothing,” Sirius snaps. I give him a shocked look. He rarely gets upset. And never at me. James looks over at him with warning. Sirius huffs and leaves, I fall sideways on the couch. I sit up as Sirius exits through the portrait hole. 
James looks as if he could punch Sirius. 
“What happened?” I ask, again, this time to James. 
“Well, I wasn’t there, so I’m not the best source, but apparently somebody was trying to pick a fight with him and he got upset pretty quick,” he explains. There’s a pause. James sighs. “Look, Y/N, I…I think you might want to be careful with Sirius. He doesn’t have the best reputation, and…just…it makes me nervous, you dating him.” 
“James, this is your best friend we’re talking about here. You’d trust him with your life, but not my heart?” I ask. James starts to say something, but Lily walks over. 
“Can you come with me, Y/N?” Lily asks. I nod. 
“Sure,” I say, getting up. “James, don’t worry about it. ‘Kay?” I add before leaving. 

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So awhile ago I was asked what characters I ship in my headcanon and one of the relationships I listed was the polyamorous relationship between Cheerilee, Caramel, and Big Mac. Because I don’t often draw them, I decided to doodle the three for funzies. So here they are basically being cute. o3o

The three of them have been in a relationship for a little while, about a year now, and while they love each other quite a bit they aren’t married (not yet anyway). In Equestria, a polyamorous relationship can be called a “herd” (sometimes specifically labeled “romantic herd” because the term “herd” in general can be defined in more ways than one) but there isn’t necessarily a lead mare and/or lead stallion. The main concern when it comes to romance of any sort in Equestria is that all parties are aware of their partner(s) preferences and that they’re all consenting to the relationship.

You can’t tell here since they aren’t colored but for Caramel I gave him a slight design change in comparison to the canon version. Instead of blue eyes he’d have Heterochromia, with one eye brown and the other a mild blue. I gave him a gap in his front top teeth because I think it’s cute. I might add a couple of white strands to his hair and give him a marking or two but we’ll see. As for his overall appearance, if you think he looks pretty young in comparison to Big Mac and Cheerilee… then you’re right! In my headcanon, Caramel IS younger than the two of them. Big Mac is 28, Cheerilee 29, and Caramel 23. Of the three, Caramel is more prone to blushing, even when Big Mac or Cheerilee simply tell him they love him. Precious cinnamon roll. o3o

Big Mac likes to call his mates “his darlins’”, Cheerilee calls them “her boys”, and Caramel them his “loves”. :3

I think they might have a foal or two in the future but I’m trying to figure out if they’d adopt or have biological foals. Maybe both. o3o

But meh. That’s another story for another time. I hope ya like mah messy doodles, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. ^.^


Summary: Punk looking Phil Lester moves to town and attends a school full of cliques. He doesn’t see his life going anywhere until he somehow manages to befriend the mute kid in school. Now he’s beginning to learn that life can take you anywhere, and is full of friends in unlikely places. But in the wake of a tragedy, Phil must learn to understand not just words, but actions. Because sometimes, the loudest cry for help can be soundless.

This fic will probably take longer for me to write than it did my last one. I’m not sure where this one is going yet, but I have a small idea. As for the last fic, I knew where it was going. That’s why I was so quick about writing it! :)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 5,030

{Master Post}

Chapter 1

Phil Lester hates his life. Perhaps he wouldn’t hate it so much if he was able to place roots in one town. Except this town seems the most promising for doing just that.

His mum and dad seem to like it here enough. They have always wanted to be those people who traveled the world and lived in many places. But those dreams were crushed when they found out seventeen years ago that they were pregnant with their first child, Phil.

Phil always felt like his parents secretly disliked the fact that he was born. Sure, they loved him, and he could tell that much was true, but there had to be a small part of them that didn’t like the fact that he was born when they were still young and had hopes and dreams. He felt slightly responsible for killing the life they’ve always wanted. Then again, he didn’t choose to be conceived.

“Phil, get up!” his mum yelled from downstairs. “I gave you a week to prepare. Your week is up!”

Phil groaned into his pillow. The week went by way too fast. They had moved last weekend, and he complained about starting school so soon, so his mum allowed him one week to adjust to his new home and environment. Phil spent the whole week in his room in the dark. It was a week well spent, he would say. His mum would disagree.

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School Traffic

Description: Who wants to go through a traffic full of people in school? Not you, so you wait by your locker and someone special, obviously you know who, comes by! (: But who is he to you? A friend, a boyfriend, a stranger, a teacher, a completely asshole? Read to find out! | MASTER LIST

Walking to class was never a breeze. 2,400+ people in this school and you were constantly stuck between a majority of them, period after period, day after day. 

“This is ridiculous,” you mumbled as you swayed your body back and forth, dodging the hoard of people in the hallway. Your arms were held tightly up against your chest with 2 textbooks in hand and, being a girl, that crap hurts when you tend to have people bumping into you quite often. Frustrated and a little annoyed, you decided to make a quick turn back to your locker, a small place you owned to yourself, and wait there until the traffic dies down. Til then, you open your locker, setting your books on the very top shelf, and tidied yourself up. You smoothed out any wrinkles you had on your top with your free palms. You smile and let out a satisfied “hmph” of achievement to your actions.

You’d be surprised with the things you pick up in the hallway. Some informative, some shocking, and some just downright gossip. “I can’t believe we’ll get 20 points extra credit if we go to the science fair!” “Did you know Joshua finally asked Natalie out? And that Tammy rejected Jimmy to prom?” “Ugh, Kylie is such a rude person. I hate her so much.” “Oh, my gosh! Did you see Zayn’s new hair?! It’s freaking green, like what the heck?” 

In amidst of your unintentional eavesdropping, you felt a feeble tap on your shoulder. “Hey (Y/N),” the familiar voice said. You make a complete 180 degree turn only to have a tall and handsome Nate Maloley right in front of you. 

Right when you made eye contact, you apologized, “Oh, I’m sorry,” and quickly looked away, taking a few steps aside. You see, this always happens, and not on purpose too might I add, where you always seem to unknowingly block, if not all, a portion of Nate’s locker. It happens so often that he’s even learned your name because of this.

“Oh, no. It’s okay,” he chuckles. 

Behind Nate was his group of friends, or squad as everyone likes to call it. It consisted of Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Sam Wilkinson, Mike Kiger, John Swift, Nash Grier, and Kenny Holland. This right here was the most popular group in the school. It was a pretty intimidating group of people and being around them always made you feel so… tiny. 

Anyways, you continue to wait and estimated the time it would take until less people were in the hall. “Waiting for the traffic?” Nate asked with a look of amusement. This was a repeated routine, waiting by the locker, even though you never seem to know why you try to get to class so fast and early in the first place. 

You bring your head down and back up, giving him a stiffened laughter. “Yeah, you know me,” you answer, raising your arms up and titling them at an angle. 

He turns around to the guys and nod. “Aye, you guys go. Imma wait here, cool?” An assortment of “alright,” “cool,” and “see ya” came from his friends. Your heart begins to race because he’s never waited along side with you before, let alone actually had a real conversation with you, and if he’s staying, you guys are bound to have one. Is he waiting with me? Or is he just waiting? Did he need to do something else? Should I pretend that traffic’s good and leave right now? Holy Nate Maloley, what the heck do I do. He resumes his previous position, facing you. “Is it okay if I wait with you? Kinda don’t like going through this (referring to the hoard) also.”

“O-Of course,” you stuttered, blushing your rosy little cheeks off, youuu.

He grins at your approval. “Now I see why you wait sometimes.”

“Yeaah, but you’r-”

“Do you wanna hang out some time?” he blurts out. Your eyes widens. Where the heck did that come from? He takes your reaction to explain himself, but hesitates. “I mean…” He nervously pauses. “Sorry, I don’t know where that came from…”

The both of you are left awkwardly standing next to each other. However, even though you were still confused and shocked, you decided to take advantage of the opportunity because who knows when this will ever happen again! “Sure, Nate,” you subtly reply. 

“Really??” Now he sounded shocked.

You took his reaction negatively and wanted to take back what you said. “Oh.. Never mind, I just tho-”

“No, no! I do.” Nate, knowing what he was replying to before you could even finish, cut you off. “It’s just that we pass by a lot and our lockers are next to each other and you seem like a really cool person and…. I’m rambling…. I just thought we could hang out or something. I don’t know, I thought we could be friends?” he says in a mixed tone of stating and questioning.

You seized the moment, yet again, to tease him a bit. You put your hand over your heart and dramatically gasped. “But I thought we were friends!” The awkwardly uncomfortable tension lifted thanks to you. He laughs at your playful joke and you laugh along with him. Your chuckles and giggles fade, but your grin stayed. “Seems like we’re good to walk now!” you optimistically cheer. “So I’ll see you later?”

He picks his backpack from the ground and slings it over his shoulders with his hands gripping to the straps. “How about I walk you to class?”

Once again, you blush your crimson cheeks away to his offer. “Sure,” you shyly smile. The both of you end up strolling the now less crowded hallway with no problems at all.

A/N: What Are We - Part 3 will continue to be worked on! Thank you so so so much for your patient on that one. Until then, here is another imagine I started on, but never quiet got to finishing. I hoped you like this one. (: Some might be able to relate since school is something most of us have in common. Please feel free to hit my ask with anything if you want - questions, discussions, confessions, opinions about this imagine, or criticism. I literally appreciate anything. (:


One Second

She just wants a drink at the local tavern, but she gets much more then that.

Pirate/ Duckling AU

Word Count: 2464 (oofta)

So, I am sort of taking a writing break. But I couldn’t help myself. Inspired by x

She stands at her window. There are no stars in the sky tonight or even a moon. It’s just never ending blackness.

The noise of the castle has finally settled to a quiet whisper. But the excitement is so thick in the air that she can almost taste it.

Tomorrow she would be crowned Queen of Misthaven.

The words ring in her mind.

The room around her spins, and she feels like she’s suffocating. Her stomach is protesting that she should have not eaten so much at supper.

She needs to get out of here. 

She grabs her cloak and climbs into a nearby tree. She’s done this a thousand times and she knows every branch like the back of her hand.

A few moments later she lands on the ground with a soft thud. She walks right up to the gate and taps on the shoulder of one of the guards standing closest to her.

August gives her a hesitant smile. “Where are you going?”


“Don’t be gone long.”


He distracts the other guards and she sneaks passed them. She utters a silent thank you to every god she can think of, but she does not look back.

She needs a drink.

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Rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapter Twenty-Three - The Yule Ball

(EDIT: holy shit this is long, im putting half under read more. JESUS sorry i rambled so much)

WHOA its been a hot second guys sorry but here’s probs one of my favorite chapters ever!!!!!!! LETS GO. also this chapter is long as fuq so bear with me.

- so fred and george are becoming like infamous drug lords around school; no one will look them in the eye just in case they turn into a canary.

- fleur is talking about getting fat and hermiones eyes just about rolled out her goddamn head

“Hermione - who are you going to the ball with?” said Ron.
He kept springing this question on her, hoping to startle her into a response by asking it when she leas expected it. 

oh, ron.

“You’re joking, Weasley!” said Malfoy, behind them. “You’re not telling me someone’s asked that to the ball? Not the long-molared Mudblood?”
Harry and Ron both whipped around, but Hermione said loudly, waving to somebody over Malfoy’s shoulder. “Hello, Professor Moody!”
Malfoy went pale and jumped backward, looking wildly around for Moody, but he was still up at the staff table, finishing his stew.
“Twitchy little ferret, aren’t you, Malfoy?” said Hermione scathingly.

OMG BURN!!!!!! savage hermione ya’ll!!!!!!! she’s taking a lesson from ron and im lovin it

- side note: hermione shrunk her teeth! they’re super dope now

- HAHAHAH ron is ‘scandalizing’ girls by strangling pigwidgeon in front of them and if thats not how you get the ladies, idk what is

- ron and harry are binge watching netflix instead of working on the egg clue and hermione is not impressed.

“Someone attacking you, Harry?” Seamus asked sleepily.
“No, it’s just Dobby,” Harry muttered. “Go back to sleep.”

lol funny because this is probably a genuine thing harrys roommates have to ask him sometimes.

- WHY DO THE DURSLEYS EVEN BOTHER SENDING HARRY A PRESENT!!! it costs more for postage than his entire gift (this year, a single tissue)!!!!!!

Hermione chose to watch Harry and the Weasley’s snowball fight rather than join in, and at five o’clock said she was going back upstairs to get ready for the ball.
“What, you need three hours?” said Ron, looking at her incredulously and paying for his lapse in concentration when a large snowball, thrown by George, hit him hard on the side of the head. 
“Who’re you going with?” he yelled after Hermione but she just waved and disappeared up the stone steps into the castle.

oh, ron

“Padma’s going to meet you in the entrance hall,” she added to Ron.
“Right,” said Ron, looking around. “Where’s Hermione?”


- i guess hogwarts students didnt get the memo that the ~coool~ kids don’t go for AT LEAST another two hours. these dudes are by the door waiting for the clock to strike 8 lol

- i swear 2 god if ron asks where hermione is ONE MORE TIME im gonna explode

Krum was at the front of the party, accompanied by a pretty girl in blue robes Harry didn’t know.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum. His jaw dropped.
It was Hermione.


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Sober you up (D.O.)

Drunk sex with d.o. ? He comes home a little tipsy so you try to sober him up ;))))

You were in your own quiet habitat, reading a peaceful book on the big bed while you were waiting for your boyfriend to- finally- come home. He’d been gone for a few days to do some promotions in god knows where, so you were left at the dorms all by yourself, basically, you were the babysitter for the dorm while exo was gone. Your head shot up when you heard a loud slam of the front door and a smile formed on your face. “Jagiiiiiyyaaaa” you heard a long, loud shout. You’d recognise that voice from anywhere, it was your Kyungsoo. “Out here.” You yelled right back at him, too lazy to stand up and within a few seconds, the door to his bedroom opened and there he was, his clothes and hair all messed up and you could practically smell the alcohol from the bed where you were on.

“Babyy girl, I’ve missed you sooo much it should be illegal.” Kyungsoo grinned at you while you lifted up an eyebrow. “Mhmm, I missed you too, oppa. Why are you all drunk, though?” you bit your lip and Kyungsoo wobbled closer to you, “exo went out partying, and, who am I to say no to a party, right baby? So I drunk this much beer” he finished off with a burp and he tried to measure his drunkness with his hands, which he miserably failed doing. “Baby, you have work tomorrow. Won’t you be all tired?” you placed your hand on Kyungsoo’s thigh since he came to sit next to you. “That’s why I have you here, Jagiya, you’ll help me through it. And I might know a real good way how.” he winked at you and even though his eyes were a little red because of the alcohol, they were still sexy as hell and to be honest, his boldness was really turning you on. “Yes, that is true, you have me here. What are you thinking of, mhm?” you leaned in closer but Kyungsoo wanted nothing of that- he fell back on the bed and pulled you on him. As you straddled him, he started bucking his hips upwards to meet your crotch. “Ah, Kyungsoo, you want me to take charge?” you smirked as you ran your hands over his still clothed body and your hands stop at the hem of his shirt, slowly pulling his shirt off his body. You bite your lip as your eyes scan Kyungsoo’s body- he never failed to make your stomach pool with desire.

You leaned closer to Kyungsoo’s face and your lips touched his, only slightly, barely a peck. Even in his tipsy state, Kyungsoo frowned and tried pulling you closer, but you weren’t having it. “You gave me control, remember? Have to do what I say, now.” you grinned against his jawline as you peppered his skin with hot, rapid kisses. Just beneath his earlobe you started sucking on the skin and twirling your tongue around there, since you found out that Kyungsoo’s sweet spot is there, you couldn’t just not leave a hickey. As you were still kissing his neck, Kyungsoo seemed to get enough of the slow show you were putting on and suddenly, he flipped both of you around so that he was the one on top now. “Jagi, don’t get me wrong, you make love like a pro, but didn’t I tell you I knew something? I neeeed you. Right now.” he exaggerated and you licked your lips in anticipation when he suddenly smashed his lips down on yours, forcing his tongue in your mouth. You moaned loudly into Kyungsoo’s mouth as your tongue twirled past his. His lips left yours as sudden as they’d appeared and his hands were tugging at your shirt, “take it off, right now, baaabbeee.” Kyungsoo playfully whined and your mouth curled up from laughter. With one swift movement, your shirt was gone and Kyungsoo was greeted by the beautiful sight that was no bra.

“Jesus fuck, Jagi, it’s like you prepared for this.” Kyungsoo’s eyes widened and you slowly shook your head, grinning. He doubted no more as his lips attached themselves to your nipple, his hand attacking the other one . He twirled his tongue around the sensitive buds and you arched your back and let out a whimper. “K-kyungsoo, maybe we should just fuck first and do, uh, do the foreplay later, please.” you were close to begging him as the heat in your stomach turned uneasy hot and Kyungsoo smirked at you. “If that’s what you want, Y/N, it is what you’ll get.” and before he even finished his sentence, he’d pulled down his own jeans and boxers and let his member slap free on his stomach. You could see some precum dripping down him and you wanted nothing more than to take him in your mouth and make him cum in that way, but that would be saved for later. Without any regrets, Kyungsoo shove your skirt up and ripped away your thong as your eyes widened. “Baby, I liked that thong” you said with wide eyes and Kyungsoo smiled, “Jagi, I have thousands of won’s. Do you really think I can’t buy you a new thong?” he smirked that smug little smirk and you moaned, “touche.”

Kyungsoo let his finger slip through your folds as you let out a long, satisfying moan. You could feel him sobering up a little, so you had to do this fast. You surprised Kyungsoo by pulling him down, making him slip into you and with a grunt, he started to move slowly. “C'mon, move faster, yah?” you questioned with your mouth half open, and you didn’t need to say twice because immediately as you said so, he slammed back into you, making your head fall back onto your bed and you moaned loudly. “Fuck, Kyungsoo… You’re so big, oh” you heard him groan, which turned you on even more as he rocked in and out of you. “Mhm, Y/N, you’re always wet and tight for me… Shit, I might cum real quick.” Kyungsoo added the last part as he slipped back into you, your skin rapidly touching, your moans filling the air. “S'alright, I-I’m gonna cum now, too” you huffed and with a loud scream of his name, you cummed. Kyungsoo bit his lip; only the sight of your face could have him cum, now add having sex with it. He groaned out your name and fell down next to you, panting.

“Guess what, baby?” Kyungsoo questioned you, and you slowly lifted up your head, shooting him a confused look, “What?” you asked, and he grinned at you, “I might still be a little tipsy… Wanna go for another round?”

a/n: Yyyaaaahhhh, first request handled it pretty well, didn’t i?? (SELF BOOSTING RIGHT HERE) lmao well i hope you enjoyed this :)