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Drarry prompt: Draco finds an old furby of Harry's and is so terrified by it that he becomes utterly convinced that it is possessed by a demon. (The furby was a present that once belonged to Dudley but it scared him shitless. Because of that it became Harry's best friend)

Oooooh, thank you, Anon! I’ve never written directly for a prompt before! I hope it’s okay! (and humour is not my thing, but I gave it a go! and had fun!)

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Demons are…fluffy? (1.1k)

Harry cursed, spilling tea on himself as his whole body jerked. He drew his wand, looking around, ears straining. The ungodly shriek didn’t sound out again, but there was a loud thump, and a crash from the living room. Advancing cautiously, Harry entered the room, only to deflate.

“What have you done now?”

Draco whirled around, eyes wide, chest heaving. He made an incomprehensible sound, and then gestured wildly in the direction of the broken vase, and overturned box.

A strange sound came from the box a moment later. Harry frowned, trying to place it, before he suddenly remembered. Sniggering, he walked over, and righted the box. Reaching inside, he retrieved the toy. It reacted immediately, and made a low chattering sound. Hermione must have put new batteries in it when she’d resorted the box of belongings he’d saved from the Dursleys’ house for him.

There was a scuffle behind him, and he turned to see Draco had shuffled backwards, eyes wide, and fixed on the toy.

“What is that…that…thing?” he said, voice in that high-pitched range he only got when he was afraid or extremely embarrassed.

“It’s just a furby,” Harry said, patting its head.

It vibrated, and made a pleased purring sound, its ears moving side to side. Draco made a panicked sound, and shuffled back a bit more, bumping into the wall.

“What kind of creature is it? Why was it hiding in that box?”

Harry frowned. “It’s a muggle toy. Don’t be so silly. It’s harmless.”

He’d managed to save it when the Dursleys left Privet Drive, and it had remained in a box since then, carted around the Weasleys’ and the flat Harry had shared with Ron, before being shifted to Harry and Draco’s new home. He hadn’t liked it when he first saw it, but it had scared the living daylights out of Dudley when he’d received it for his birthday one year, and that was enough to make Harry instantly change his opinion. And activated it whenever Dudley came near his room.

“It tried to get me!”

Harry scoffed. Although, it shouldn’t have been turned on. Hermione had said she’d packed the boxes, but Ron might have got in it. He knew Draco was helping him unpack. And he’d had a similar reaction to the toy when he’d first seen it.

“It’s a toy. It can’t get you,” Harry said, laughing as he put his finger in its mouth, and watched it react. He couldn’t believe it still worked.

When he looked up, Draco was gone, and he laughed again, before taking the furby up to the bedroom, and hiding it in Draco’s dresser.

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Murderers at the Movies: 

Ted Bundy-Friday the 13th-Art Norman, a forensic psychiatrist who spent countless hours with Bundy at Florida State Prison said that the serial killer was “devastated” after watching Friday the 13th. The classic slasher movie left him “stimulated to the point that he was almost out of control.” 

Joel Rifkin-Frenzy-Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller would ultimately inspire the New York serial killer to begin his murderous rampage. 

The Zodiac-The Exorcist-In one of his infamous letters to the San Fransisco Chronicle, the mysterious serial killer wrote that the horror classic was “the best satirical comedy” he’s ever seen. 

Jeffrey Dahmer-The Exorcist Three-The Milwaukee Cannibal forced his victims to watch this horror movie with him before meeting their ultimate demise. He later told psychiatrists that he identified with the demon in the film, and wanted the kind of power he possessed. He even went so far as to wear yellow contacts to make his eyes look like demon’s from the movie. 

Nietzsche for the Signs
  • Aries: "Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?"
  • Taurus: "From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?"
  • Gemini: "She has the power to both possess and shatter my entire universe, that is all."
  • Cancer: "We like to be out in nature so much because it has no opinion about us."
  • Leo: "You know a moment is important when it is making your mind go numb with beauty."
  • Virgo: "Be careful when you cast out your demons that you don’t throw away the best of yourself."
  • Libra: "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."
  • Scorpio: "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."
  • Sagittarius: "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
  • Capricorn: "Call me whatever you like; I am who I must be."
  • Aquarius: "But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
  • Pisces: "People think that the world itself is overflowing with beauty, but they forget that they are its cause."

My guys, my dudes. I don’t think we talk enough about Russel before Gorillaz.

‘Cause like? He was about 17 and he was going to a good private school and his future was looking pretty bright when suddenly a demon who’s been possessing his body for who-knows-how-long takes over completely and destroys his high school, mauling his classmates and getting him expelled, not to mention putting him in a coma for four years. Then finally the demon is exorcised from his body and he goes to a new high school to finish his education and he makes great new friends who introduce him to his life-long passion, only for all of that to be ruined by a drive-by shooting which kills all of his friends right in front of him, and on top of that the spirits of his newly dead friends all possess him. His parents, understandably freaked, send him to a totally different country to try and keep him safe and he never finishes his formal education and at 22 he’s living alone in a strange place, haunted metaphorically and physically by his past. And then who should walk into his life but Murdoc Niccals?

I think we should talk more about how having such a formative period in your life go so fucking pear-shaped could fuck a person up. I really think we should.


Some of my favourite shots of the 4th class trial mainly of my favourite characters (ouma, saihara and kiibo)
Ouma looks possessed and I love it, plus he’s got some of the best sprites in this game \^_^/

Destroying Ourselves

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Characters: Dean x Reader/(Demon!Dean x Reader), Sam

Word Count: 5762 (Can’t freaking believe it!)

Warnings: Spn-like Violence, Swearing, Angst, Smut, Blood, Injuries, Possessive!Dean, Unprotected Sex (wrap it up), Oral (female receiving),Morning Sickness, Demon Possession, Violence Against the Reader, Crying, Some Fluff

Request:   Hi ! I have a new request. I loved so much the first one that I decided to do a new one. This time Dean x reader where reader is pregnant but she didn’t tell Dean. Then, she gets possessed by a demon and this one tells to Dean about the pregnancy. He doesn’t trust the demon, saying that reader would tell him everything.

A/N:  I hope this is what you were looking for,  @look-at-this-moose.  I’ve marked the parts that are smutty with an intent and lines.  So if it’s not your thing you can skip over.  

“No, no, Dean, you’re going to be fine,” you babbled, your hands pressed into his chest to try to stem the flow of blood.

“Just hang in there,” Sam urged, his voice breaking.  Your head spun and you pressed harder.  There was blood everywhere.

“Dean!  Dean hang on,” you urged desperately.  Dean clasped hand weakly around his brother’s arm, cupping your cheek with the other.  He looked between the two of you, the fire already leaving his eyes.  

“I’m proud of us,” he murmured.  Beneath your hands his chest stopped moving.

“Dean!”  You shrieked.  “Dean!”

That was the day you watched the man you loved die.  That was the day your world ended.

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Fanfiction idea: Ciel gets an assignment from the Queen to take care of some person who’s causing a lot of trouble. Sebastian and him find the person who suddenly pleads for their help because he claims to be possessed by a demon. Ciel looks at Sebastian who shakes his head. Before they can do anything, however, someone overheard this false claim (Double Charles perhaps?) and now they are responsible for helping this fraud. A priest is called in and an exorcism is prepared. He asks for Sebastian’s help and wants him to hold different Holy objects. Sebastian is really getting annoyed with all this, but Ciel is finding his annoyance entertaining.

Sebastian: This man is not possessed by a demon. (Under his breath) I can vouch for that.

Priest: I sense a strong demonic presence in this room! There’s a demon here for sure!

Ciel: (under his breath) I can vouch for that.

At some point the priest yells out, “Foul demon! Leave immediately!” and Sebastian drops everything before walking out of the room.

If anyone wants to use any part of this idea, you are more than welcome.

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking about this.. a lot. And you know when you get the vanilla ending and you look down at your bowl and everything starts to glitch out and you look up to see Dark before he turns into Mark? I don’t think that’s Mark. I think that because we knew that clicking The Dark Mark play would bring us to Dark that no matter who we shoot we lose Mark. We chose the play we chose Dark. Simple as that. The “Mark” we see at the end of the vanilla ending is really Dark possessing Mark. We may have shot him but he’s a demon or a concept more than anything. A gun can’t kill either. No matter who we shoot we doomed Mark as soon as we picked Dark.

Antisepticeye headcanon

Not to be taken seriously.  All plot holes are cordoned off for my sanity your safety.

So I’ve seen around that people theorise that he’s an ancient demon.  I don’t think he is.  He’s a brand new, fresh off the production line, demon.

An ancient one would fucking know better.  An ancient one would take a closer look at Jack, do a risk assessment (because there’s something fucking dodgy about this one) then fuck him off as a potential hazard.  

Not Anti.

Anti wants fun and red, wet, chaos. Jack has boundless energy.  Anti wants power. Jack has millions of fans ready to seduce. Anti can’t believe his luck that someone with so much influence hasn’t been possessed already, like those powerful fuckers up in Parliament have.

Anti’s not letting anyone get Jack first. He’s not wasting time on assessing the situation. Before either of them have time to properly process what the Hell just happened, Anti has a new body.

And it burns.

He’s forced to occupy the same space as a soul that’s cleaner and brighter than anything he’s ever witnessed before. It shines.  It’s fucking stronger than he is. He doesn’t know how to dislodge it. He’s new. He’s never done this before. He’s trapped.

He’s trapped behind a conscience so strong that Jack doesn’t even notice the new urges that Anti is constantly, fruitlessly trying to cram into his head. All that prime material for a murder spree purged in an instant on a stupid fucking video game.

The effort is driving him insane.  His own throttled urges are driving him insane. Jack’s fucking bright-eyed smile is driving him insane.  Insane. And pissed.  

He gets eerily patient.  He gets observant.  He waits and watches and plots a way to squeeze through the bars of the cage of Jack’s conscience. He watches how we, twelve million people, hang on every word Jack says. He watches every nuance of Jack’s being. He watches the community.  He thinks he’s found his answer.  Inch by inch, he’ll show himself. He’ll seduce all of us. Our attention will make him strong enough to beat Jack down. Video by video. We’ll be affected, even if Jack isn’t.  Jack won’t even realise it’s happening. 

And so begins the slow takeover.

The friction of trying to squeeze his demon form past that sunshine soul causes static.  It burns.  He squirms, jolting in the glitches, trying to shift the pain, trying to sate the itch of ant-like volts crawling under his skin. But he’s doing it. He’s surfacing. He’s laughing with maniacal laughter now, it’s fucking working, it fucking burns and he needs it to stop, he’s tearing his hair out and screaming at the static, but it’s working.  It’s fucking working.

He’s stronger and we’re hooked and he can manifest now, and he’s got Jack just where he needs him and he can kiss that fucking soul goodbye cause Jack’s about to pay for months of confinement. Even after all this he hasn’t noticed Anti’s presence, he’s blind to all of it.  Anti’s so fucking clever.

Wait… No.  NO. This wasn’t meant to happen, Jack didn’t know he was there. HE DIDN’T KNOW.  Did he?  

Jack… he surrendered. At the last second, right before the fucking grand finale. He let go. Handed the keys to Anti in a fucked up bargaining chip that meant Anti no longer had to kill him for control.  But the camera was rolling so he had to finish it. He had to fake Jack’s death with the far off sound of giggling in the recesses of his mind. Then worse, he had to fake Jack pretending it was all a ruse.  It’s fucking bullshit the amount of time and effort he has to put into Jack’s career now to keep up the facade, all because he needs the attention and adoration. And still… still Jack’s conscience is forcing him to behave.  

His reflection still wears that infuriating bright eyed smile.  But hey, the fans love it. They love him.

The static is back.

It’s weak.

But it’s back.

The community have noticed.  Some have spotted the ruse.  Jack.  In the Static.  They’ve seen him.

And there’s over fourteen million of them now.


I need selfless, protective boyfriend Alec/badass, protective boyfriend Alec in the show so badly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and am all for powerful, badass High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane but I can’t help but falling in love with the idea of badass, protective boyfriend Alec Lightwood just the same.

I just wanna see the look of absolute awe and shock and astonishment on Magnus’ face upon witnessing Alec leap in front of him with absolutely no hesitation or regard for his own well-being to defend him. I wanna see Alec absolutely destroy, and or cause the attacker to back down through intimidation, whoever dared make a move on him (whether demon, Downworlder, or maybe even Shadowhunter), unleashing the angelic power we all know he possesses.

And I am all here for the conversation afterwards. Alec’s shy, embarrassed smile upon turning back to Magnus, muttering an apology as if Magnus would be upset. And, of course, Magnus’ soft, choked voice, wrought with emotion, reminding Alec that he’s the High Warlock of Brooklyn and that Alec should never feel like he has to protect him.

And I am all here for Alec, who would immediately frown at those words and, with a sudden burst of courage, reach for Magnus’ hand, squeezing it, hoping that Magnus could feel all the hidden emotion in this simple hold, the unspoken thoughts and feelings that Alec could never seem to get out properly with words.

Then Alec would whisper, so shy and so utterly quiet that Magnus would have to strain to hear him, “I want to protect you.”

And squeezing the younger’s hand would be the only thing Magnus could do to keep his resolve from breaking completely. Just like Alec, nobody had ever thought of putting Magnus first – and he had accepted this long ago. Nobody had ever tried to protect him, much less wanted to protect him. Nobody but his sweet, sweet Alexander had ever subconsciously moved to protect and defend him as it were as easy as breathing.

Magnus would pull the Shadowhunter closer, resting his forehead against Alec’s as he whispered, “Thank you,” before claiming his mouth in a tender, passionate kiss.

And yes, Magnus would think, oh yes, after so long of closing himself off from everyone completely, this is the one.

This one fits, after all of the heartbreak and loss the warlock had endured for so long, he has finally found his escape.

LIstEn to me- 

Alec is literally obsessed with referring to Magnus as “my man.” He just loves saying it so much?? And he’s such a sap. Because he kinda doesn’t love the word boyfriend and is a low key possessive bastard so “my man” becomes his whole thing.

“Look at my man, doesn’t he look great?” Alec said looking at Magnus walking towards him. 

“Let me introduce you to my man,” Alec said while talking to Aline. 

“My man can take care of that,” Alec said. His hands occupied by a file about a rogue demon that Magnus could trap. 

And Magnus just smiles indulgently because he also loves being referred to as Alec’s man and it’s just god damn cute. 

Also, he says this all the time and Jace and Izzy always pretend to gag because he’s so god damn sappy but he just adores that he can openly announce that this man is his. 

This got away from me, but my point is Alec refers to Magnus as his man and there is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. 


Sister Reader x Sam and Dean Winchester

2200 Words

Warnings: Demon Dean, little bit of Angst, Asthma attack (Which I’ve never had so I hope it’s written okay!)

Summary:  Set during Season 10, when Dean is gone. Helping Sam look for her brother, the Reader gets into trouble, bringing out the big brother mode in Demon Dean.

It had been days since you had last seen your big brother, and you were starting to get frantic. Especially since the last time he had been laying on his bed in the bunker, dead from Metatron stabbing him in the chest. Yet, here you were, trying to find him, wondering if somehow a Demon had possessed him. You wanted nothing more than to bring your brother back, or his body if he was truly possessed.

That’s why you were in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere, getting a room in the only motel around. Sam, your other brother had called you earlier, saying he was on his way. Making you promise that you wouldn’t make a move without him. Of course he would want that. You were the youngest of the three Winchesters, and both brothers were extremely protective over you. Like that one time, a year ago, when that boy thought he could break your heart. After your brothers had heard about him, that boy never showed his face around you again.

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So, has anyone discussed Manon’s eyes yet? I haven’t seen anything specifically theorizing about her eyes, but there are a few different occasions it’s mentioned that someone who is possessed by a Valg is almost brought out of their “Valg-ness” by looking into Manon’s eyes. 

This is the first mention of her eyes having an effect on the Valg, when the blonde Valg is sent to kill the Thirteen.

“Get away, the demon had screamed—as if in surprise and terror.

After looking her in the eyes.

Those who had been affected … their eyes were ordinary colors. Brown and blue and green. But the ones who hadn’t …

Black eyes, flecked with gold.

And when he’d looked at Manon’s eyes …

Gold eyes had always been prized among Blackbeaks. She’d never wondered why” - Chapter 51, Queen of Shadows.

Then next time it’s mentioned, Manon is talking to Dorian while Aelin and her dream team are breaking Lysandra out of the prison wagon.

“Every step closer made her unbound hair shimmer like moonlight on water. But the demon began scrambling away as the sun lit up her eyes.

Not too close, it said. Do not let the witchling too close. The eyes of the Valg kings—

“Hello, princeling,” she said, her voice bedroom-soft and full of glorious death.

“Hello, witchling,” he said.

And the words were his own.

For a moment he was so stunned that he blinked. He blinked. The demon inside of him recoiled, clawing at the walls of his mind. Eyes of the Valg kings, eyes of our masters, it shrieked. Do not touch that one!” - Chapter 58, Queen of Shadows.

So, moving onto Empire of Storms, right in the beginning we get a mention of Manon’s eyes being the same as the dukes.

“Not at the man’s beauty, not at the strength in his sculpted body or the fine black clothes he wore. But at those gold eyes. Twin to Manon’s.

The eyes of the Valg kings” - Chapter 3, Empire of Storms.

Then we have a quick flashback of Dorian thinking about when he was possessed by the Valg, and seeing Manon’s eyes brought him out of it.

“Right—because the other parts … Fae, Valg … It was Valg blood that had shaped the witches. The very prince that had infested him shared blood with her. From the black pit of his memory, images and words slithered out—of that prince seeing the gold eyes Dorian now met, screeching at him to get away … Eyes of the Valg kings. He said carefully, “So would you consider yourself more Valg than human, then?” - Chapter 42, Empire of Storms.

Later, Manon’s eyes are described as:

“Those golden eyes were not of this earth.” - Chapter 53, Empire of Storms.

There are quite a few other mentions of Manon’s eyes being gold. Since there was such significance with Aelin’s eyes, what are your thoughts on Manon’s eyes? Am I reading into this too much, or do you think this will come back in the last book?

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Winchester Brothers X Reader!Sister  Spencer Reid X Reader 

Word Count: 784

Requested: Wattpad

Request: Can you do a Spencer Reid x reader? reader is the twin sister of Dean Winchester and gets a job working for the FBI,  when a case comes up that she knows how to handle. Reader’s brothers the Winchesters come to interfere. Spencer finds out about who Reader really is,  but still is in love with her. The type of entity is a demon and it possesses agent Morgan. Reader then exercises the demon,  well tries and gets injured so Sam and Dean finishes it off.

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You had been working with BAU for a while now most of the time you were dealing with normal cases, your brothers were actually a lot happier with you having a normal job, friends and a boyfriend, even if he was a little bit strange. You were called out on a case you were looking over the crime scene, you noticed a yellow powder on the floor and frowned “What that?” JJ asked.

“Sulphur.” You frowned.
“How’d you know that?” she asked.
“Oh, I don’t it’s a guess.” You smiled.
“Spending too much time with Spencer.” You laughed as she gestured for one of the forensic team to come over and take a sample.
“Were there any witnesses?” You asked.
“The caller was the neighbours she heard the crashing and then saw the dad leave the house covered in blood,” JJ explained.
“So he’s not trying to hide then?” You asked.
“Not by the looks of it,” JJ answered, you looked outside to see a commotion by the police tap, you looked at JJ and who was looking at you. You both walked towards the tape and soon you both recognised your brothers. You sighed and glared at them. “Are those-”
“Yup.” You answered. “What are you doing!?” Sam and Dean both looked up at you and their eyes widened.
“(Y/N)!?” Dean asked.
“Yes.” You nodded and he looked over at JJ who he tried hitting on before he was informed that she was married and with a child. “What are you doing?” You asked again.
“Oh um, we were um coming to see you at work.” Sam lied.
“I’ll be right back.” You said JJ who was on the verge of laughing. “Don’t encourage them.” You walked over to them ducking under the tape and leading them away from the crime scene.
“This isn’t a normal case,” Dean said immediately.
“I know there’s sulphur in the house and the Dad walked out covered in blood.” You explained.
“So let us handle it,” Dean said.
“This is my case.” You glared.
“I’ll find the Dad exercise the demon.” You said.
“No, I’ll do it.” You assured them.

You managed to find the Dad pretty quickly you walked into the interrogation room while the others were tying up loose ends. “I know what you are.” You glared.
“And I know who you are, Winchester.” the demon mocked. “You can’t get me here, you never even told them.”
“You know what you wrong about that-”
“Detective we’ve got to close up.” One of the officers said. They were moving him tomorrow so you were planning on coming back later to get rid of the demon.

You were sitting in the Hotel room with Spencer when you heard his phone he reach over for it as you sat up and looked over at him “everything okay?” You asked.
“Yeah, Derek wants us to meet him.” Spencer and answered.
“Where?” You asked.
“His room,” Spencer answered. You got up and stretched before pushing your hand out to Spencer who took it after he stood up. You walked into the room to see Sam and Dean had Derek tied to a chair. “What are you doing!?” Spencer glared.
“Oh look it’s to boy genius, he holds you in high regard,” the demon said through Derek.
“Okay Spencer I know what this looks like but I need you to trust me, that’s not Derek okay?” You asked pulling his attention to you, but you flung across the room before you could say anything more.
“She’s right I’m what they call a demon.” he sneered.
“Okay time to go.” You glared.
“I’m not finished yet.” the demon again flung you against the wall this time, however, there was a loud enough crack that everyone else in the room flinched, Sam then launched into the exorcism and the demon was gone in second, Dean then called on Cas to help heal you once you came around. As soon as you were aware of your surrounding you kicked Dean’s feet out from underneath him.
“I was handling it.” You glared at your twin.
“Does someone want to tell me what ‘it’ is?” Spencer asked and you looked at him and sighed. You then explained everything that your family did and everything that had happened before coming to work with him at the BAU. Spencer didn’t say anything for a long time, Derek was back to normal and didn’t remember anything. You were on the jet back when he decided to talk to you, you were looking out the window and he cleared his throat, you looked over and he leant towards you “I still love you.”
You smiled “I love you too.”

Requests and general question!

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You had gotten a tip from a fellow hunter about a house being infested with demons, which had been going out and possessing people. So you decided to go and check it out, but you hadn’t anticipated what would happen…

You had been walking around the house for about 5 minutes, when you felt a hand grab your forearm. You immediately jumped on them tackling them to them to the ground.

You looked at a man with short dark hair and green eyes.

“Get off me you bitch” he yelled at you, and then you got water splashed in your face.

“What the hell! I’m not a demon you moron”

The man must not have heard you and charged. Before you knew it he grabbed you, and another man ran in and also grabbed you.

“Wait, Dean, the holy water didn’t burn her”

The other one let go of you and pulled the man known as Dean off of you too

“I’m so sorry, you must be a hunter. Im Sam, and this is my brother Dean.”

“It’s alright, it happens. And I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N”

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I need one of your fluffy yuumika headcanon <3

Hey anon-san! I’ve taken time to reply your ask, so have two headcanons:

When Yuu turns back into his normal human state, he can see that Mika looks distressed. Yuu knows it’s because of what his demon-self has told Mika, though he retains no memory of it (and Mika won’t reveal what happens when Yuu is possessed).

So Yuu has taken the habit of holding Mika and whispering into his ear how much Mika means to him and how happy he is to have him back in his life.

Mika tends to avoid being too close to anyone when he’s getting very thirsty. Yuu respects Mika’s personal space, though it annoys him that he’s not able to hug Mika.

After Mika feeds, Yuu holds him in his arms for a long time, claiming he has to catch up. Mika acts a bit shy and annoyed (especially if the other members of the squad are watching), but he’s actually very happy.


aerial ethereal challenge: day six ~ favorite relationship

His lips tic, and this time they really curve upward. “You have some demonic-looking eyes, myshka.” He stares right into them, and I barely graze over the foreign word myshka. “They’re nearly black.”
    They are. Add that to RBF and I can’t really denounce my demon-like qualities. My eyes flit to the red glow necklace that he wears. “If i’m a demon, then you must be the devil.” It may be the corniest thing i’ve ever said. 
    “Maybe I am,” he replies, very deeply. “And yet, here you are.” His gaze remains on me and only me. “And myshka…” His voice turns to liquid sex. “You can’t possess me, even if you tried.

Don’t hurt them

(A/N): Thank you dear kindest jaqui for this request

Request:  Since I am a nice person I’m helping you. Maybe something with Dean where he meets the reader quite frequently but he gets kidnapped by some demon and thinks he never sees the reader again? (I don’t watch spn so I can’t really do a good request)

Warnings: swearing, some angst

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     Dean smiled as he snuggled against (Y/N)’s body a bit more, pressing a gentle kiss to their shoulder, right above the anti-possession tattoo he made them get. He hadn’t ever explained what it was, just a simple ‘I think it looks cool, we could be matching,’. He didn’t want to give (Y/N) all the details, didn’t want to suck them into this lifestyle the same way he and Sammy had. 

    “Are you gonna stay this time?” (Y/N) whispers, grabbing one of his hands to press a tender kiss to one of his scarred knuckles. They both knew the answer to that one, it was always the same, a simple no. There was no way Dean could stay after their little visits, someone or something would find him, find (Y/N) and he just couldn’t take that risk. 

   “I’m sorry sunshine,” Dean whispers against their skin, his words mumbled due to the way his lips were pursed against their neck. “We both know I can’t,” (Y/N) sighs, snuggling back against him a bit as they allow his hand to fall back to their waist. 

   “You never have told me what you do. All I know is that you work alongside your brother, driving across the country to do god knows what.” 

    “It’s a dangerous job,” Dean whispers, nodding his head a bit as if convincing himself he was correct. “I wouldn’t want to dig to deep in it,” (Y/N) hums a bit, apparently having accepted his answer, dropping the matter for the time being. 

   “Can you at least stay for the hour? The bed gets cold without you,” Dean smiles a bit, as if proud that such a sweet, innocent thing had taken such a liking to him. Guess their roles could be reversed to though; Here was Dean, this actual walking sex god and for some reason he’d chosen (Y/N), a seemingly small town nobody who only spent their days working at a small coffee shop on Main St. 

   “ ‘Course I can,” Dean murmurs, closing his eyes against the dark of (Y/N)’s room. (Y/N) hums softly, smiling a bit as they settle back against him, supposing that an hour was better than nothing at all. 

   It was always bittersweet when the two departed. Dean would slip his clothes on, give (Y/N) this longing smile, one that exuded ‘I want to stay by your side forever’ but he couldn’t, and he never could. That part was painful but it was all worth it to leave for months on end only to return and see that elated smile upon (Y/N)’s face. But for the moment Dean was dealing with the more bittersweet side. 

   Dean slipped his jacket back on, finally done getting dressed. He’d prolonged the process as long as possible, not quite ready to accept the fact that he was going to have to leave (Y/N) once again. But now he was, he was dressed and ready to go, fresh out of excuses to stay. 

   “I’m gonna miss you,” Dean whispered, taking a seat on the bed beside (Y/N). He gently brushed the hair away from their face, smiling at them sadly. 

   “I’m gonna miss you too,” They smile back, just as sadly. “How long-” They lick their lips, wetting the swollen skin. “How long do you think you’ll be gone this time?” 

   “I don’t know baby,” He whispers, staring at their shining eyes in adoration. “Maybe a few months, maybe a few weeks, can never tell,” (Y/N) sighs a bit, resting their head in the palm of Dean’s hand. 

   “Try to call me this time?” They whisper, staring up at the Winchester hopefully. Dean smiles once again as he leans down to press a soft kiss to their forehead, letting his lips linger there for more time than necessary. 

   “Can’t make any promises sweetcheeks,” 

   Dean smiles thoughtfully as he gripped the steering wheel of the impala, his eyes glued to the road ahead of him. Little memories of (Y/N) flashed through his mind, each one making his smile a bit bigger. God, he loved them so much. Sure, he wasn’t the best…he didn’t even know what they were. He wasn’t around long enough to be their significant other but they sure as hell weren’t just friends with benefits, they loved each other too much for that. 

   Dean was so lost in thought he had yet to realize the figure in the middle of the road, standing there motionlessly. It wasn’t until Dean had finally focused his attention back on the road did he notice the figure but by then it was too late, he could practically see their black eyes as he collided with their body head on. 

    Dean awoke feeling like complete and utter shit, his head was aching, his throat was dry, and everytime he tried to move something burned against his skin. He groaned softly, allowing his head to loll to the side. 

   “Well look who’s awake,” There’s an almost smug voice, taunting as it washes over his body unpleasantly. Dean frowns slightly as he tries to recollect what just happened after he left (Y/N)’s, he had gotten in the impala, driven for a few miles before- before he was suddenly stopped by some demon colliding with his car. 

   ‘You owe me a goddamn car,” Dean growls, cracking his eyes open to stare at the demon in front of him. 

   “You are in no position to be making demands Mr. Winchester,” The demon chuckles, an almost sadistic smirk upon it’s evil face. “Especially if I’m the one with a knife in their hands,” Dean merely chuckles, his eyes turning a few shades darker than normal. 

    “You can do whatever you want to me, I don’t care,” The demon merely chuckles, shaking it’s head in amusement. 

     “Oh you silly fool, who said I was going to use the knife on you? What about that brother of yours? I’d love to carve into his pretty skin,” Dean attempts not to show just how much the thought scared him, how much the mention of his brother terrified him. “What about that cutie you’ve got on the downlow, ahh, what was their name again? (Y/N), wasn’t it?” Dean’s heart stops in his chest and his mouth runs dry, there was no way they’d found (Y/N), he’d been so careful and- 

   “Oh yes Mr. Winchester, we know all about your little…play thing, we’ve been keeping a special eye on them,” The demon taps at the corner of their eye, smirking all the while. 

   “Don’t you dare lay a finger on them,” Dean growls, squirming against his bonds a bit. “Don’t you fucking dare,” 

   “We can’t, you’re a smart man, you’ve taken every precaution you can, the most we can do is stalk and wait,” The demon’s words only consoled him slightly, knowing that they couldn’t quite hurt (Y/N), not yet at least. 

    “In the meantime we just want a bit of information, you give us what we need and we’ll let you go, let you go back to that human of yours,” 

   “I’m not telling you shit-” 

   “Oh, I think you will, we may not be able to touch them but there are thousands of others out there who want revenge on the infamous Winchesters, all we have to do is give them the word and your precious (Y/N) is fresh meat to all,” Dean’s heart drops when he realizes that this thing is right, (Y/N) may not be at risk to any demon but there are hundreds of other creatures who are dying to avenge their own, to make the Winchesters feel the pain they had and if any of them knew about (Y/N)- well, that was one way to hurt Dean deeply. 

   He had only one option here; tell this son of a bitch what they wanted and most likely bite the bullet afterwards but (Y/N) would stay safe. He could call up Cas, have him take care of them, make sure that they’re okay every now and then, have him explain that Dean was dead and he was never coming back. Dean swears he can feel the beginning of tears pricking at his eyes when he realizes that he’ll never get to see (Y/N) again, never get to hear their sweet laughter or feel their warm body pressed against his own, he’ll never get the chance to tell them just how much he loved them. 

    “Well, what will it be Winchester?” Gritting his teeth to keep his tears in, he squeezes his eyes shut, one single tear sliding down his cheek. 

    “I’ll give you what you want,”