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let me tell you guys something: rewatching all of Yuri!!! on Ice with the new context we have about Viktor’s character is just utterly, completely heartwarming. 

Viktor was a puzzle we couldn’t solve, we interpreted his actions in a cryptic way, y’all >_> we churned out angst theories and we pondered what could possibly be motivating this mysterious russian playboy?

But when it came down to it, the answer was simple and obvious: he wanted inspiration. Yuuri became his muse. 

When Viktor saw the video he saw exactly what Yuuri was conveying. He saw the raw emotion, the “music”, the story that was hidden away. And he knew that he had it in him to help Yuuri reach his full potential.

Knowing this for certain, everything Viktor does is thoughtful and endearing. He doesn’t go easy on people as a way of showing his love, so he is brutally blunt and upfront in every way that Yuuri needs. He is bubbly and vibrant and genuinely interested in everything about Yuuri’s and his life, immersing himself in Hatsetsu culture and reacting to it with his quirky, lively ways. He puts so, so much effort into every single one of his actions towards Yuuri. He takes such time to understand him and thus takes all the right steps to help Yuuri reach what he is truly capable of.  

Viktor is empathetic, kind, intuitive, and an incredible coach and gosh darn it i love him SO. MUCH. 


Rodney: So what would you like?

Athena look around, trying to find the menu nailed up on one of the totem polls. This only led her even more confused.

Athena: I’ve got no idea - I’ve never drank before. Nothing too alcoholic though, I would like to remember this night.

Rodney smirked, this was perfect. He looked up at the menu.

Rodney: Hm, number 14 please.

This was the most alcoholic drink on the menu.


The Siren Week 2016
Day 5: Photography

This has photos…so technically it counts. This is what I can contribute to Day 5 on the actual Day 5 before going to Lazarus Island over the weekend to get actual photographs.

Also credits to @not-your-dear ‘cause she’s a dear friend and helped me out with a couple of these fan casts.


Kahlen - Emeraude Toubis
• I already had someone else in mind for her but I couldn’t find that model in time. Besides Emeraude is hot. Rose and I only have two conditions for The Sirens; look hot and they glow (see Elizabeth)

Akinli - Lucas Till
• Rose suggested Alexander Ludwig but the more I looked at Alexander, the less he looked like Akinli and then it hit me. LUCAS TILL MY FAVE BLONDE! He’s perfect; just look at that smile. And I’m highkey in love with Lucas’ hair from X-Men Apocalypse. Akinli does have a man bun at the end.

Aisling - Saoirse Ronan
• Aisling was the toughest person to cast. We needed someone young but motherly looking (‘cause of Tova and being the eldest). Cara Delevinge was too seductive looking and AnnaSophia Robb looked too innocent. Saoirse captured the perfect balance between youthful andbm motherly.

Elizabeth - Lupita Nyong’O
• There’s virtually no proper description of Elizabeth so I just took the wheel and went all POC; Rose helped me with this. JUST LOOK AT HOW SHE GLOWS! SHE IS ELIZABETH. No one will tell me otherwise.

Miaka- Kimiko Glenn
• There was a much younger actress but Kimiko Glenn seemed more Miaka. I was quite unsure of this one so if you guys have any better girls to play Miaka, comment away.

Padma - Skylar Carson (Me)/Sharon Muthu*
• This is interesting because I casted two different girls for Padma…one of them being me. The other girl is the first girl that popped up when I searched ‘young dark skinned Indian actresses’ because I know full well of the media culture in Bollywood or Kollywood. You don’t have young dark skinned actresses, they are all super freaking pale. If anything I only know of one who’s 60+. And while reading The Siren the first time, I only saw Padma as myself (lowkey sad that Kiera picked a typical Indian for the Indian but I’m happy nonetheless to be represented) and I saw a lot of me in her character. Tbh I only put in the other girl because I didn’t want to seem conceited casting myself. Also look at my traditional costume! It looks like how I imagined one of the sea salt dresses to look like!


Nombeko - Samira Wiley
Marilyn - Emma Stone

• These two were the Sirens along with Aisling at the beginning of the novel who helped Kahlen become a Siren if y'all forgot. But yeah Marilyn had red hair and Nombeko had no hair and was as dark as the night sky. So I picked my fave redhead and an awesome black actress.



*I got the girl’s pic from an article off her blog, its a damn good article too, I highly recommend a read: http://pleasecheckmyblog.blogspot.sg/2015/01/being-dark-and-beautiful-in-hollywood.html?m=1


please appreciate how amazingly great of a dancer jung hoseok is because he dances so well he can even be in sync with himself :’) 


currently working on a massive klance project, so here are some wips~ ♥

(if u can guess what this is, then ur incredible!~ ☆))

EDIT: i’m really sorry, but i won’t be finishing this project