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03.19.2017 - Jonathan Toews during the game 

bonus: i made the first gif bigger

As a yugbam elitist, I have to leave it here…

Stress Relief (Grayson)



You laid back on your bed flipping aimlessly through another boring fashion magazine. It was a torrential downpour in New Jersey so that left little to nothing to do for you and your outdoorsy boyfriend, Grayson. He was laid out beside you, nestled comfortably against your side with his head rested on your shoulder. You traced small patterns across his clothed back, occasionally running your fingers through his soft brown hair.

“I’m so bored.” He said with a loud sigh.

“Me too.” You replied back, your tone was flat.

“We should do something.” Grayson said, nudging his leg against yours.

You huffed.

“Something like what? It’s my day off from my shitty job that you know stresses me out and the weather sucks. I just want to relax.”

Grayson was quiet for a moment.

“If it’s stress that you’re worried about I think I could take some of that away for you.”

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