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I must be the only one who doesn't find Jimin sexy, he's just cute to me and nothing more 😶He looks like a little squishymuffin.

LOOOL DO U WATCH THEM ON STAGE!? Yup you’re the only one 😂😂

- Minnie ‘Min 💕

It’s 2017, maybe its time some of you stop misgendering Baekhyun. He’s a guy, he identifies as a guy. His name is not gender neutral as some of you claim. I’m sick of certain people claiming he is a girl, that he is trans, that he is non binery. Because he is a boy!! Unless he for some reason would say otherwise in the future, can you stop?!?! Baekhyun is also super uncomfertable with being misgendered, like anyone probably would be. For god sake stop.


“Ah, summer break; a time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy… unless you’re me.”

So 4 years ago, this little show called Gravity Falls premiered, and it took over my life.

I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS

Imagine Steve Rogers thinking about how adorable you are...

“Steve, why are you looking at me like that?”

He grins, “Oh, nothing.”

You roll your eyes, “Spill it, Cap.”

He chuckles, “Nothing! It’s just that… you’re so adorable.”

Your eyes widen and your cheeks start to heat up, “Oh, shut up.”

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How to be even cuter with Snow… 👀

Sweet & Early Enjoltaire Things
  • Enjolras’ lashes fluttering when he kisses Grantaire for the first time
  • Grantaire staring at Enjolras constantly with that “I can’t believe he’s dating me” look and Enjolras being like “What?” “Nothing.”
  • Grantaire ~forgetting~ his scarf at Enjolras’ and Enjolras wearing it for 6 months after that
  • Bonus point if he covers his nose with it when it gets cold
  • Hand holding under the table until one of them decides to put their hands on the table for everyone else to see
  • Enjolras being a blushing mess because romantic relationships are new and what happens if we fight? How do we make amends? I need guidance here!
  • Enjolras being very shy ine the morning after spending his first night at Grantaire’s, even though he’s known Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta for years
  • Grantaire doodling ridiculous art of Enjolras, but instead of hiding it, he sends them all to him via snapchat
  • Grantaire discovering Enjolras boundaries: “Is it okay if I kiss you here?” “Yes.” “There?” “Yup.” “Right here?” “Hm hm” “There?” “Yes…”

In my head, you are not welcome.

like so many people writer ADHD lance as just forgetting stuff. thats not all ADHD is!!!! give me ADHD lance who had to sit in lessons for hours and hours staring at a blank page and completely blocking out the teacher by accident, give me ADHD lance who had to deal with people laughing at him because the teacher had to wave her hand in his face to get his attention, give me ADHD lance who spends hours upon hours every single night doing even the smallest piece of homework because he has huge problems with words looking like nothing, give me ADHD lance where his impulsiveness isnt toned down to be cute and relateable but his impulsiveness does put him into financial trouble, give me ADHD lance were he needs to take a dictaphone into lessons to have any chance of getting what the teacher said, give me ADHD lance who has to sit there and feels like crying because someone told him everyones a little bit adhd, give me ADHD lance who has to wake up every day and take his medication but its not stigmatised its just part of his routine, give me ADHD lance who forgets to eat, sleep and wash because hes hyperfocusing so much, give me ADHD lance who knows anything and everything about the schematics, functions and abilities of most of the ships that the garrison has because hes done so much research into them

what im trying to say is give me ADHD lance who actually has ADHD, not some watered down version made for neurotypicals

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my jaw literally dropped when i saw this pic omg. the summary of a little life gives the idea that the story is an overall view of 4 men and their friendship over the course of 40+ years, but in actuality it tells the story of Jude (one of the friends). it’s really easy to say something and spoil the entire book, so let me just say this: it’s really gay and really sad. and i’m GLAD that lee picked this book up because it’s really well written and it’s one of my all-time faves hahahahaa if you couldn’t already tell

tldr; lee has awfully good taste in books. and i can totally imagine lee texting up rich in those really sad moments when it’s impossible not to cry ;)

Here is a drawing of my player character (named Mel after myself but looks nothing like me lol), and Gladion because he’s my fav character in the game (which is apparently obvious to my friends somehow without me having mentioned it or talking about it). I recently finished the main game, so now I’m working on the post-game stuff. 😊

Btw, one of the main reasons I got Pokémon Moon specifically is because I’ve been watching Team Four Star stream it every week, but what really sold me on getting it was the fact that you can get Team Skull’s tank… 😂