he looks nice in this photo tho

So I have a quite nice seat and I can see them boy so clear. When Taeyong came out for the intro, I almost drop my lightstick because of his handsomeness, my my he’s like a final fantasy character, is him real? But Haechan, omg Haechan, the photos didn’t do him any justice. He looked better outside, really handsome, how could he didn’t think himself as handsome when he really that handsome? Tch, this kid! And his legs too, splendid legs are surely splendid really! But sad that he rarely smiled, most of time he looked down, maybe because of the cap, why he wore that cap tho? I bet he’s more handsome without it. I feel he’s more relaxed at Once Again, he smiled in this perf, so precious! The fan yelled his name a lot, I sat next several girls who fiercely shouted, screamed his name nonstop. There’s fan who yelled “Haechan ah gwenchanha saranghae” through the 4 performances while holding a Mark banner 😂. Her voice cracked many times, and even drank water then continue to yell! I screamed too, and wondered if he could hear the fans yelling his name. He’s better hear it tbh, because he needs to know that there are fans who still love him, adore him, treasure him fiercely no matter what happened. (And also because we lost our voice because of screaming so…).
Because too busy to scream, I didn’t take any picture of them ;_;. But the proof that I’ve been the concert was the pic above

KnB instagram feed (6/?) Kuroko Tetsuya

  • my boy has a very nice feed, mostly white and tan colors
  • most of his followers arrived to his page thanks to the nigou pics
  • still, no one from his school has found his instagram yet
  • only his teammates and gom know about it and follow him, the rest of his followers are complete strangers
  • his stories are only for nigou (photos, videos, boomerangs, everything) and to tease his teammates. Mostly Kagami
  • he has only posted parts of his face on instagram, but not a complete full face selfie
  • if you look where he’s tagged you can see his full face tho
  • apart from Momoi, he does have a fangirl. It’s an european girl that arrived at his page thanks to nigou and somehow has a platonic crush on him. Sometimes they talk and improve their english, it’s cute
  • likes to caption his pics trash talking about his friends
  • only if he and his s.o have been together for a good amount of time he’s going to start adding them on his feed. Always keeping the aesthetic tho
what I noticed during photo op

Yongguk: so skinny n tall. you need sunglasses for that smile up close coz that shit is brighter than the sun.

Himchan: literally could not stop smiling and looking at all the fans. cheekbones tho could cut haters.

Daehyun: has such nice skin???? he looked like a doll. looked aT MEE. would not stop talking to jongup. voice could be heard from a mile away.

Youngjae: i didn’t even get see him but I heard him? the photo didn’t even take five seconds so all this stuff I’m telling you is what I noticed within a minute. staff was r00d

Jongup: literal ball of sunshine. obviously loved all the fans. smelled good. was super quiet. he hit daehyun like twice.

zelo: what a tall child. also was a sleepy child. didn’t do much but was like two feet taller than everyone in the room

Ok, so in April, someone sent Nif some sad headcanons about a reader/Noct kid, and then I had a blast sending in more sad headcanons about that kid. And now I wrote some of it. This is like the second thing I’ve ever written, and I’m still trying to find a style I like writing in, so it might not be the best in the world (its in Lux’s point of view and past tense). BUT, I liked how it turned out. And, I accidentally didn’t say his full name in the whole one shot! His name is Lux Solis Felix Caelum, because I liked all the names that all us anons suggested, lol. Ok On With The Story!  

@nifwrites  (I said I’d tag you in it if I wrote it.)

It all started when Uncle Gladio had accidentally called me a different name. 

We where all getting ready to watch a movie, as all three of my uncles where headed out in the morning for a hunt that would take a week to travle to. I couldn’t even imagine traveling more the a couple hours. I was making popcorn for everyone, and watching closely, as I’m know for burning food, but hey I was only 7.

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Iol Chloe Trujillo commented 'nice!' on James shirtless pic. He looks great tho!! 😍 Love his hot dad bod, he looks healthy and it seems that he lost some weight but swimming in that lake could be dangerous!!

Im praying that the fact he’s ok with a topless photo being uploaded means he’s super chill with going on stage topless or just in his vest because please.

We need more of this in our life.


Guilty Gear Xrd: REVELATOR; Johnny’s “Treasure Hunt” Overdrive stolen itens; this overdrive allows Johnny to regain 2 coins worth to his “Glitter is Gold” by stealing a random precious item from the opponet, naturally, each character has a specific item

Keep in mind, those are just for laughs, there’s no real reason most characters would carry such items, let alone two of them.

Taken from This Video, all creditis due to them

Comments and explanations:

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I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.

I did some quick sketches of @thatsthat24 bc I thought he looked gorgeous in the pictures he posted. I could have spent longer on this but I’m so impatient with my work lol. also ignore the fact that I gave him no hands bc I CANNOT draw hands.

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How do you think RFA + V and Saeran would react to MC being extremely comfortable in front of camera and automatically/subconcioisly poses when a camera is around because they were in pageants as a kid? (They prob take amazing selfies as well lol)

lol this is cute

  • Zen: BITCH HE’S POSING WITH YOU who are you kidding this boii has been primed for the camera!! Nobody can get candids of you two that actually look candid because you always fucking notice and pose before the shot is taken wtf. You look like the best power couple tho because damn you’re both so good at this?? You know Zen loves it and it only prompts him to bring you on camera with him more often. He gushes about how great you are to anybody who asks or even will listen lol. He’d be very supportive and pumped if you started a modeling career to share your talents with the world :D
  • Jaehee: she finds it extremely amusing and will do her best to try and catch you off-guard, but you always seem to know when she’s about to take a photo. She’s tried experimenting with it to see if she can get a bad candid of you, but even when you don’t see the camera first, your posture and facial expression are aesthetically pleasing. She gives in after a while and just smiles every time you do it, blushing slightly at how cute her gf is. 
  • Yoosung: He’s so fucking salty about it because it kind of reminds him of Zen?? But you’re not too narcissistic about it, you just have a good idea about how to pose. After being pouty about it at first, he asks you for tips, and you try and teach him how to pose with you. He thinks you’re super cute though, and gushes over how nice you look in photos. 
  • Jumin: he’s blush.jpg, even if his expression doesn’t change, because holy shit you’re a literal angel?? He tries to snap quick photos of you but they’re blurry as shit, so he probably hires an actual photographer to take photo shoots of you. Jumin mostly wants them for himself, but the media attention over you two would generate enough momentum for you to launch a modeling career if you wanted to. Either way, he is very impressed and amused at your skills. 
  • Seven: this little shit tries to outdo you every time, but he just can’t keep up with your supernatural camera senses. Sometimes he even fuckin pushes you to try and catch you off guard, but you always fall gracefully what the a c t u a l f u c k !! He’s low key proud of you though, and he has all of your photos saved to his phone and they’re probably his home and lock screen honestly. He has 100% made one of those “Do it for her” memes of that one simpson episode and edited your best photos onto it & made it his facebook cover photo. He’s your biggest fan and also your biggest rival, will probably send you a bunch of really pretty “candids” of him cross dressing wtf seven?? He’s kinda hot tho so it’s ok
  • V: did you mean the perfect woman?  as the photographer, this is a huge benefit for him. You always know how to pose naturally yet gracefully, and he can’t stop taking photos of you. He loves catching you candid, even though it’s rather difficult, because you still look very beautiful. He has some lovely prints of you in natural settings hanging up in the apartment because honestly you’re his actual muse and he can’t get over how perfect you are wow he’s just so pure please marry him
  • Saeran: it completely confounds him. He had no idea what pageants were (”People dress up and have fights about who’s prettier?? What’s the fuckin point” also saeran: “you won all of them tho right? right? ) so there was a bit of judgement coming from him at first. In almost every photo where someone tries to catch you both off-guard, you’re posing excellently while Saeran stares at you with a wtf expression and it’s hilarious. He gradually grows used to it and just stares off in boredom every time until you’re done. Secretly, though, he thinks you look very nice and enjoys scrolling through photos of you online. probably also saves all of them, though he won’t admit it because he’s catty. He gets a bit insecure about taking photos with you but with your reassurance he’ll grow used to it
Eventually (Shawn Mendes smut imagine)

Today was of the last jingle ball and you were their with your boyfriend Shawn who was performing. You had joined Shawn on the tour a couple of shows back when school finished and you were really enjoying seeing Shawn perform but what you loved ever more was cuddling up with him when ever he had a spare moment. Today you were in Atlanta and you were really looking forward to watching Justin Bieber perform today as you were a long time supporter of his music.
You and Shawn got up you showed as he headed down to the gym like ever other morning. As you stepped back in to your room Shawn was lying on our bed his hair flattered out by the sweet on his head staring down at his phone.
Shawn: I love it when you get out of the shower.
He said dropping his phone getting up to hug you in your towel.
Y/N: I love it when you come back from the gym.
You reach up and place a small sweet kiss on his lips brushing his hair away from his face looking up to his eyes which were fixed on you.
Y/N: k go shower before you turn try to pull anything.
I say going towards my clothes pulling out some jeans and your baseball tee matching your Jordan’s.
Shawn: you know me to well
He says making his way over to the bathroom.
Shawn: but I’ll get what I want eventually.
He shouts from the bathroom.

You were now back stage listening to Shawn’s sound check. When you felt a tap on the shoulder. As you turned around you were shocked to see Justin Bieber standing in font of you.
He said sticking his hand out
Y/N : hi I’m Y/N
You said trying to keep your cool whilst shaking his hand when you felt a pair of hands rap around my waist and a lips attach to my cheek.
Shawn: so babe how did I do.
Shawn did this every time even though he knew he did amazing.
Y/N: you did amazing love
you say turning around hugging him then turning back to Justin
Shawn: hi it’s so nice to finally meet you
Justin: you to Shawn it’s good to meet the dude behind the music
The do one of those dude hand shakes.
Justin: so what are you guys gonna do now?
Shawn : probably just hang out
Justin; do you mind if I join
Y/N: no not at all
You say before Shawn could finish. The three of you walked back to the green room where Shawn and Justin started talk about ice hokey. Being a 16 year old British girl I know nothing about it so I just sit their. Then Shawn was called to perform.
Y/N: go kill it baby
You say giving him a short sweet kiss on the lips
Shawn: I love you
He says pecking my lips turning to grab his guitar.
Y/N: I love you too
I sat down on the chair across from Justin
Y/N: I’m a big fan of your music
Justin: thanks your really beautiful by the way
You feel your cheeks blush but kind of feel awkward knowing Shawn would not of liked what Justin said but you being your polite self smile back.
You and Justin continue talking and you move on tho the couch with him because the green room had filled with other artists. He was currently showing you some cool new photo shoot pictures when you felt someone standing in front of you. Shawn isn’t the nots territorial guy but occasionally he gets really jealous and this was on of those moments his jaw was so clenched and the veins in his neck look about ready to explode.
Justin: it was nice meeting you both but that’s my call to stage
As he leans in to hug me I feel Shawn’s eyes piercing in to the back of my head
Justin: we should totally hand out some time Y/N I’ll text you.
He stands up shaking Shawn’s hand walking out the room.
The rest of the time you were their Shawn didn’t speak a word to you.
On your way back to your room in the elevator you decided to confront him.
Y/N: Shawn baby what’s wrong
you say reaching for his hand but he pull it back and continues ignoring me stepping out of the elevator and towards our room I slowly walk behind him as he inserts the key card. When suddenly everything flipped Shawn dropped his guitar and kissed you.
Shawn : you think he can love you like I could well your wrong
He smirks attaching his lips to your neck sucking on your jawline as his hands roamed every inch of your body. His hands found your butt slapping it making you moan out.
Shawn : that’s what I thought tonight I’m gonna show you that nobody not even Mr Bieber could love you like this
Hearing him say those words sent you over the edge. He began kissing you again fighting for dominance your tongues fought but he slapped your ass again causing you to gasp as he won smirking into the kiss he murmured the word jump and you did rapping your legs around his torso. When you got to the bed he dropped you pulling he v-neck over his head as you began to lick you lips staring at his chiselled body.
Shawn : enjoying the view from down their
He smirk again connecting lips with you but shortly disconnecting to remove your shirt. As Shawn began to kiss down your neck and removed your bra he looked back up trailing his finger over your jaw down your neck and across your stomach then moved back up to your ear and whispered
Shawn:this is all mine and only mine
Nibbling on your ear as he unbuttoned your jeans pulling down along with your now soaked underwear. Then he began to tease you by kissing your neck again whispering repeatedly how you were his whilst slowly grinding his hips across your now exposed area with his Jean clad waist.
Y/N: please
That’s all Shawn wanted to hear that you needed him as much as he did. You removed his pants as you pulled a condom From his wallet laying on your bedside table and open the foil putting it on him cause a grunt to escape his lips as he lined himself up with you then with one swift movement he became to pump increasing the pace and the volume of your moans
Shawn:I want everyone to hear you moan my name
He groans increasing the speed. You moaned so loud you were sure even the people in the next hotel could hear you. you both were close to you climaxes Shawn began to slow down and moan quietly in you ear as his trusts became sloppy and he flopped down next to you panting and pulling the cover over the both of you embracing you in to his warm chest as you turned to face him.
Shawn: I’m sorry for ignoring you earlier it’s just seeing you with Justin annoyed me because I know he could have any girl in the world and I guess it just made me mad
You giggled a little
Y/N: you wrong Mendes he couldn’t have this girl because I love this guy who’s amazing and sexy and who has the biggest arms Ive see in my life.
You say kissing his shoulder
Shawn: he’s one luck guy
He says rubbing shapes on your back with his thumb.
Shawn: I told you I’ll get what I want

jesspitt90I’ve been watching GMM for like, 4 years, every single day. And NEVER in my life thought I would actually meet Link. I was geeking out so hard and it was all so surreal. He is so nice and it definitely was the highlight of my entire holiday season. Keep doing what you’re doing guys and be your mythical best 🔥🐓 #gmm# goodmythicalmorning #link #bejealous #hessonicetho

mightylioness  asked:

(I took a gander though your sewing tag and I hope I didn't miss any explanations) If you don't mind, could you tell us how you get the soft colors done on the doll faces?(blushes on the nose and under the eyes)

Howdy. For blushing dolls, you can use a variety of methods. I usually use an opaque, dry-brushed paint, OR a very watered down opaque paint (very very very light, and layer it. be sure to constantly brush it into the fabric if it’s a pile fabric or it will clump. [note: I purposefully let “sober gamzee’s” clump so he would look really fucked up])

another method I use if I don’t have a good paint color avail, or it’s a color that’s hard to mix or that I can’t get a good quality opaque in, is I use very light copic markers. The only dolls I’ve done this with have been Terezi (for that really nice teal), STRIDEER, and John and Jade. 

Often tho, because i’m using opaque or light colors, they don’t photograph at all (just disappear in the photograph) and I photoshop them back on when cleaning the photos, but it’s very visible on the doll irl.

For freckles (like Karkat and Strideer), I either use a very very very fine paint brush and dot them on or I use something like a permanent multi-liner pen, try to avoid a really super dark color unless your char has very dark skin, and dot them on. For Strideer I used sepia .01 liners (don’t do big circles or you end up looking like 

… actually that goes for cosplay too. I really want to do a freckle tutorial for natural looking freckles in art and make up)

Essentially: “use whatever you can that’s permanent and looks good. test it before you do it on a finished doll if you need to! Just keep in mind it may not always photograph when done, but that’s what photo editing is for”


so basically this photo was taken on 22 July 2013 but I didn’t upload it anywhere because of George’s costume

which is now on the promotional photos! ha

I was lucky enough to visit one of the places Vikings’ gorgeous cast was working at. I saw most of them but of course my priority was to meet George. and I did. and it was really amazing.

friend who went there with me was all like “he’s an actor, y'know, he might not have time” but nO, George is the kindest and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

he didn’t only take a picture with me, we walked around the set and chatted. and I got a hug as well! I might have cried a little bit when we finally took the photos and he got back to the rest of the cast (he was all like “you and your friends can stay here till we swim away, oh and you can have coffee if you want” I mean dkgjhfdk?? sO NICE). it took me a moment to stop being all emotional and that’s when I turned around and saw George walking toward us aGAIN. 

we talked again, he introduced me to Gustav, I took a photo with him as well (he’s really freaking tall!).

the funniest moment tho was when I remembered I didn’t ask for George’s autograph and went to look for him - he gave it to me of course and was all happy, and kept repeating that it was lovely to meet me; he put the piece of paper I gave him to sign on his iPad (or something, idk, it looked like an iPad). we said goodbye, both started walking away and –

“akhfdjkf wait!" 

and that’s the story of how I almost stole George Blagden’s iPad (or something) which still was under my signed piece of paper.

when the vikings were finally swimming away on their boat, they all waved me goodbye and it was just the cutest.

right after I came back to Poland from my summer holiday in Dublin, lots of stuff happened, I moved out  and - putting it mildly - it hasn’t been easy. I’m not posting this to talk about my problems but that day, the day I met and talked with George is what mostly kept me sane during these six months. so thank you, George, for being so great.

Wrong number - KBTBB drabble (implied MC/Baba)

Little silly drabble inspired by this. Enjoy!

Hanako stood in the front of the mirror, absentmindedly biting her lip. This was a really bad idea. Probably one of the worst she’s ever had, actually. Worse than that one time she decided to pull a prank on Soryu (never. Ever. Prank a mobster. Just don’t). 

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"I heard from the guy that most of Red is about,” Swift said. “He was like, ‘I just listened to the album, and that was a really bittersweet experience for me. It was like going through a photo album.’ That was nice. Nicer than, like, the ranting, crazy e-mails I got from this one dude. It’s a lot more mature way of looking at a love that was wonderful until it was terrible, and both people got hurt from it—but one of those people happened to be a songwriter."