he looks mad cute


When Zelo thinks he ‘failed’ in aegyo which is an aegyo itself (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

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aw pretty girl love your blog ! id like to request a reaction of when you're cuddling and you fall asleep in there arms

Me? Pretty? :0 Thank you bby~

Jin: He was probably talking about the same thing for 20 minutes until you finally passed out. When he stopped talking to realize it he couldn’t stay mad at you because you looked so cute

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Yoongi: Well if you were going to sleep there so was he. He didn’t want to wake you up by moving, plus he was comfortable where he was. Next to you.

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Namjoon: I feel like he would make an attempt to lay you down but it just ended up waking you up. “Shit. Sorry…Just go back to sleep.”

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Hoseok: He’d find this so cute he had to stop himself from waking you up. Instead he’d keep smiling down at you, occasionally giving you a kiss on the head or two.

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Jimin: He’s one just to keep checking to see if you’re comfortable, pulling a blanket over you but careful enough so he doesn’t move around too much and wake you up.

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Taehyung: Something about seeing you like that just made him so happy on the inside. He felt like you trusted him enough to just easily fall asleep on him while at the same time thinking about how adorable you were.

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Jungkook: I can’t see him doing much, just continuing to watch the movie without you but he’d steal glances every now and then to make sure you were still sleeping soundly. He also might be the type to wake you up and walk you back to his room so you can sleep more comfortably.

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lol mark’s had a bowlcut + wore a leather apron + has had a beanie glued 2 his withering scalp for the last 2 weeks + had That Hair We All Know I’m Talking About In Fire Truck + nd now wore a trash bag jacket to the airport nd he STILL invented beauty! when will ur fav ever!