he looks like yoon si yoon

I Don’t fucking understand why people keep on making yoon si yoon dye his hair ORANGE when the most perfect color that suits him is BLACK ?? like throwback to his first appearance on 1n2d where he came back from the army n his hair was short n black he looked sooooooooo good there. they always lov keeping his hair orange when it doesn’t even look good on him….it makes him look like a kid like the thick bangs n orange hair is yoon si yoon’s signature look n I’m here to tell everyone that it looks bad.


Yoon Shi Yoon just graduated from his training.

He’s so freaking dark and skinny now. TT Hope he gains back all his weight to like his FBND or Happy Noodle weight when he comes out of the army cos he looks super underweight. TT

But the photo of his mum hugging him is so sweet. I think he’s crying in that pic. (: