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AU prompt : a mark appears where your soulmate touches you.

4417 words; soulmate!au; baekhyun/reader scenario; general

“Well aren’t you a little dazzling tonight,” a familiar deep voice chuckles from over your left shoulder. A small smile tugs at your lips, and you find yourself spinning around with such excitement, you nearly stumble over your own feet.

“Yifan!” you exclaim, feeling your cheeks flush ever so slightly. The said man laughs wholeheartedly, a large hand darting out to grasp your arm to help steady your clumsy self. Once balanced, he releases you and you clear your throat, brushing off any imaginary dust that might have landed on your dress during your little moment.

“Is that how you greet the Second Prince of your neighbouring kingdom?” Yifan scolds lightly, pulling a chuckle from you.

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A Bit About Buttes

You guys it’s me I’m five years old and I couldn’t get this out of my head so I wrote it and you’re welcome. Cor Et Cerebrum universe bc why not.

Rated G
Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Kiran Devabhaktuni, Tim Drake


When Bruce Wayne walked into his study, he was not expecting a crowd. But there was a small crowd, according to the old adage of three– Damian, Jason, and Dev were crowded around Damian’s laptop looking at something.

“It was this one,” Damian said, jabbing stiffly at whatever was on the screen.

“Is that a butt?” Jason asked, squinting.

“It’s butte, you moron,” Damian snapped. “The geocache box is halfway up.”

“You climbed it?” Dev asked, leaning closer suddenly, sounding alarmed. “That’s massive.”

Bruce stepped around the desk to look at an enlarged, slightly grainy camera photo of a valley with a jutting, reddish butte on the left side.

“Yes, I climbed it,” Damian insisted, glancing once at Bruce to, maybe, judge his reaction. Bruce shrugged one shoulder slightly. “It’s hardly the most dangerous thing I’ve climbed.”

“How tall is this butt?” Jason asked and Bruce didn’t miss the grimace that pulled on Damian’s face.

“The /butte/ is 233 meters in height. I could convert that to feet for you, if the math is too complicated, Todd.”

“That’s a really tall butt,” Jason said, giving Damian an appreciative glance. His continued ribbing was clearly annoying the younger boy, but there was genuine admiration in his tone, too. “Free or with gear?”

“Tt,” Damian scoffed. “Free climbing. I’m not a coward.”

“Damian,” Bruce snapped, lulled out of enjoying the moment by his shock. The boy jumped. “That wasn’t brave. That was foolish.”


“Use gear next time,” Bruce said sternly. “Or you can forget driving until you’re 18.”

There were footsteps in the hall as Damian sullenly nodded.

“Was it a good climb?” Bruce asked, wanting to smooth things over a bit before Damian retreated. He looked at the screen again. “I climbed a few in college.”

Tim walked by the open door.

“Timothy!” Dev called after him and the boy backstepped and ducked his head into the room. “Did you know your da climbed a butt?”

Jason snorted and Tim’s eyes went wide as he hurried around them to look at the screen.

“Dev,” Tim said flatly.

Bruce waited for Damian to hiss a correction again but he looked down and the boy was failing to completely hide his smirk.

Jason was laughing into the crook of his arm and Bruce forced himself to glare, though his heart wasn’t really in it. Dev grinned and shrugged at him and Bruce’s glare dissolved.

“You’re all like, five years old,” Tim said bitterly, walking away from the desk. “It’s the worst.”

The Boy From Outerspace (Alien AU Hoshi) Pt2

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Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1

You became a ‘freak’ as you got older because you claimed to have seen them to other members of your class. Jeonghan even teased you for believing things like that. He never would admit to anyone that he saw anything because he didn’t want to be called a freak like you. You wanted nothing more than for Hoshi to take you away from Earth like all those lame memes people posted. You wondered what he looked like now, did his skin change, his eyes, his hair. What did the purple eyed boy look like now that he wasn’t a cute little four year old boy?

You were so lost in thought, your fingers tugged along your prized necklace as you would stare off. “Hey ET” you heard as you snapped back “waiting for the motheship to take you away?” Dohwan, a boy Jeonghan hung around, basically became part of clique for asked you. “Oh is that your gift from your alien lover?” he cooed as he grabbed ahold of the necklace. “Dude don’t take it” Jeonghan said as he stuck his hand out but stopped himself, the other people in his group turned to him. “Why? It’s a piece of junk. Maybe breaking it will make her stop being such a loser-” Dohwan was cut short by Jeonghan’s hand yanking him of the necklace.

“She’s still my sister and if you hurt her physically we’ll have problems” Jeonghan threatened as he soon realized what he had done. “Yeah? We’ll have problems? What’s a skinny thing like you gonna do? Smack me?” he was teased as he was shoved to the ground by Dohwan. “Leave him alone” you say getting up “aw look at this the siblings think they can beat us up?” Dohwan says to his friends who laughed.

Your collar was grabbed by the bully “dude you’re seriously not going to hit her right?” his friend asked “what because she’s a girl? Isn’t that sexist?” Dohwan coos as he looks at you “see I’m a fair guy, I’ll hit both sexes and not even care” he told as his hand pulled back. Jeonghan rushed to get up before a harsh smash into the side of Dohwan’s head came through. Dohwan fell to the ground screaming and clutching his face as a young male stood there clutching a skateboard tightly.

“You seriously truckslapped him?” another voice rang through the air before the two males highfived. The one raised his board again at the others before the took off. “Leave them alone” Dohwan was threatened as he nodded rushing off clutching the side of his face.

“You okay?” you were asked as you looked up at them. You quickly got up and wrapped your arms around the neck of the male with the board as he instantly smiled. The board clanked against the ground as his arms wrapped around you. He held you close to him enjoying it. Jeonghan stared for a minute before his eyes went wide and he stood up. “Yo-” “you’re an asshole and a horrible brother” was shot at him as he looked down.

You were too busy in your own world as you pulled back from him “you remembered” he says as he cupped your face. His eyes did change, they got from the lavender shade they were before to the royal shade they are now. He still had the overly innocent look even when he smashed a board into someones head. He was Hoshi the sweet little alien you once knew. “S.Coups?” you asked “I prefer Seungcheol now” he spoke.


“What is this?” Hoshi asked as you held the oversize cotton candy. “Its spun sugar coated in food coloring” Seungcheol spoke as he cleaned his fingers of the sugar he had just eaten. “Brother I wasn’t speaking to you” Hoshi told him as he turned back to you. Jeonghan chuckled as Seungcheol turned to him with a glare making him stop but Jeonghan caught his arm hinting for him to leave the two of you alone. “I’m glad you remember me” Hoshi told you as he took some of the cotton candy with a smile. “How would I forget the man I would have millions of babies with?” you joke as he blushed. “Your cheeks turn blue?” you asked as he quickly covered them with his hands “no” he tried to cover himself to hide the embarrassment.

“What have you been up to, what do you learn in space?” you asked him as you two sat down on a bench. “My father told us that our species is slowly dying off” he says “oh” you say not really sure how to respond “that’s why he’s okay with me having you. We’re supposed to help bring the population back up, humans have the closest DNA strain to ours ” he says as he stuck more sugar into his mouth. “Have me?” you ask “my species mates forever. So you would be mine forever, you would be my mate and have my babies. I don’t think I would be the leader of my kind” he says as he smiles staring off into the setting sun. “S.Coups is the only one my father trusts with the position but he trusts me to have the first interspecies child” he giggles. “You’d be a mommy of a new kind of thing. Our baby would be cute do you want to see what one of them would look like?” he says pulling out a weird device to show you the little one. 

“This would be what our daughter looks like” he states as a hologram of a tiny girl came up. “I want her” he says “our son looks handsome as well” he says as he flashes to the next one. “Would they all look like that?” you ask “no, every kind turns out different. Both of my parents have different skin colors from my brothers and I for example” he says. “It’s just nice to see what they could look like” he told you as you laugh leaning onto him lightly. You two sat in silence before he decided to speak up.

“Do you want to leave here?” he asked as he turned to you “I can take you right now” he told you. You smile as he grabbed your necklace “you’ve been wearing my name this whole time, you know?” he told you as you looked down “what does it say?” you asked. “My name is Soonyoung but I never went by it because I like the way you say Hoshi so I stayed Hoshi for all” he told you as you smiled looking down at the nearly gone treat. “Soonyoung” you say as he giggled “you know, I like the way you say it” he told you “so you can be the only person to call me that” he whispers as you slid your hand into his. 

“Y/N” Jeonghan calls out as you look over to him “it’s getting late. Mom should be getting home soon” he says as you nod. Soonyoung turned you grabbing both of your hands “will you come with me tonight?” he asks “what?” you asked him. “I can visit you tonight. You and I can really be together forever” he says. “Do I tell anyone?” you ask him “will they believe you?” he asked as you instantly shook your head no. “Jeonghan would know where you’re going. He’s the only one who will believe it” he told squeezing your hands tightly. 

“So will you come with me? Be mine?”

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Waz good new fellow blog of the Jojo community?! May I please get some spectacular headcanons of Dino boi Diego and what he likes to look for in an s/o? Thanks fam! (From your's truly, Lejojotrash)

 a ITS TIME FOOORRR DIEGOSAURS (yeah I do terrible jokes I’m like Gyro but worse)
(Also guys check out @lejojotrash)

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What Diego likes to look in an S/O:

  • money
  • Something that reminds him of his mother would be huge a bonus
  • not the appearance, more the attitude
  • a good person, a caring personality, kinda the pure type
  • also he doesn’t care for hair color, eye color, curvy et similia
  • a s/o that can be an independent when he isn’t around
  • but when he is around she have to follow what he says 
  • I think he would love an s/o that loves dinosaurs I dunno why
  • An intelligent s/o!! 
  • s/o MUST be shorter than him even if I think he also like taller s/o’s
  • also she must like horses, not more than dinosaurs, but HORSES
  • If s/o can ride a horse, he’s all yours but he will probably just teach her how to do it if she can’t ride lets be honest
  • maybe a older s/o?? Not that older not like the 83 old lady, but like 2 or 3 years of difference
  • Huge hips and ass, he’s a man that knows what he wants
  • also huge hips can help to give birth you know
  • ;))))))
  • He likes a s/o that can cook
  • and a feminine s/o, that type who always wear a skirt or a dress

Hope this okay!! - Saxas

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griezmann Imagine? :-)

jesus, sorry, this did not end the way i’d planned for this to end lol. hope you like it anyway 💩😂💕

You can’t move, can’t think, can barely even breathe when you see him standing there, his arm slung around a woman’s shoulders lazily, her body slightly leaned against his as he’s talking to one of Atlético’s managers.

He looks great in that suit. The thought strikes your mind as abruptly as lightning, and it’s just as blinding, just as debilitating. Heat crawls up your neck, all the way up to your cheeks, and you want to look away, need to, have to, but can’t. He’s always had that effect on you, always managed to keep you close, wanting more. How ironic. You want to laugh. Maybe you do. You’re not sure because you don’t feel anything but his presence, even if he’s a few feet away.

Antoine laughs — you don’t hear it, can only see it from where you’re standing, a glass of already lukewarm champagne in your trembling hand, but you know exactly what it sounds like. You’ve memorized him so well, too well, that you know which sounds accompany which miens. The woman next to him, his date, looks up at him, a surprised bark of laughter falling from her red lips.

Again, you remind yourself to try and tear your gaze away. Again, it doesn’t work. Ridiculous, you think, that you’re standing here on your own, at a lame party thrown to celebrate the most outstanding footballers of 2016, watching your ex and his new girlfriend. You can’t help but wonder if maybe he’s proposed to her already? If maybe she’s the one he can actually imagine spending a life with?

Huffing, you finally manage to look away. It’s ten in the evening now. Maybe you can just leave? Surely your boss wouldn’t be too pissed if you just said you couldn’t get any of the nominated footballers to give a short interview? Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, hadn’t even shown up so far.

Nah. That idea is crap and not an option. You need to keep your job, after all.

Thankfully, you catch sight of Gareth Bale pushing his way through the crowd, a polite smile on his face. With a deep breath, you walk over to him. It is an interview with questions he’d probably heard a million times this evening already, but he laughs and grins and says how grateful he is to have had all these great opportunities and moments, and god, he is nice. You see an engagement ring adorning his ring finger. Lucky woman. Your heart aches at the thought.

It’s not like marrying is your biggest goal in life, of course. You’re not obsessed with marriage. In fact, growing up, you hadn’t even wanted to marry at all — but then you’d met Antoine who has had every character trait you’d ever looked for in a man. He’s funny, spontaneous, sweet, caring, knows what he wants out of life. And apparently marrying you isn’t one of these things. It had hurt when he told you that he didn’t want to get married; especially since you’d later learned from one of his friends, Sebastian, that he’d sometimes talked about how and where he wanted to marry.

Sighing, you take a sip of champagne. It warms your chest a little already, so you decide to not drink a second glass after this. It wouldn’t look that professional if you stumbled around at this event, your press card a dead giveaway. Then again, it’s not super professional to just stand around and watch your ex boyfriend all the time. (Thank God you had managed to get a few footballers to do an interview already.)

“A glass of champagne, ma'am?” A waiter holding a silver tray with what looks like twenty flutes on it asks. He offers a beaming smile when you look at him. He’s quite attractive, very young still. Maybe he’s an aspiring pro footballer working here to see what it’s like off the pitch?

“Oh no, thank you. I’m good,” you answer, wiggling your half-full glass in your hand gently.

His smile grows wider. “Ah, hadn’t seen that. Sorry. Can I ask you something?”

A little confused, you nod.

“You’re Griezmann’s ex, aren’t you?”

You nod again, pressing your lips together. Then, you smile. You’re a professional. Even if this evening is a nightmare.

“What’s he like? Like, I’m sorry if that’s uncomfortable to you, but I admire how far he’s come with all those obstacles in his way.”

You’re his ex but still your heart melts at this boy’s words. He’s so right, you’ve always felt the same way, always been so proud, still are. And it hurts even more now, oddly, because he’s nominated for the best player of 2016 and you’re not here with him to celebrate. No, you’re here to interview him and even that you feel like you won’t be able to do.

Finally you understand why people shouldn’t fall in love with clients, co-workers, et cetera. It’s horrible.

“He’s great. He knows what he wants and he’s worked very hard, still does, of course. He always wants more but he hasn’t forgotten where he’s from. He’s an amazing idol to have,” you say, a lump in your throat. Jesus Christ. So much for being professional. But the boy looks happy, grinning excitedly. “Hey, I’m sure you can go over and talk to him. He’s really nice and he loves talking to people. You’re a footballer, too?”

“Yeah, I’m in Atlético’s youth team. Are you sure?”

“Oh, congrats. That’s awesome,” you say, “and yes, sure. He’ll appreciate it.”

He beams even wider now. You like him. “Okay, I will. Thank you!”

With that, he walks over to Antoine, his movements a little stiff with nervousness. He’s left the tray on the bar table next to you. Rolling your eyes, you grab one of the flutes. One more won’t do you harm.

You watch as the boy starts talking to Antoine, who has turned around to face him fully, a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his blue eyes.

But then your heart drops, your cheeks burn and there are a million thoughts rushing through your brain all at once because suddenly, the boy lifts his arm to point right at you. Right at where you’re standing, staring at Antoine.

So that’s what you get for being nice. Great. At least now you finally manage to turn away and avert your gaze from Antoine. Instead, you focus on your phone, acting as if you’d gotten an important text message that you need to reply to immediately. You feel how fake that looks. Thankfully there is, in fact, a text sent by your boss popping up on your iPhone’s screen, asking how it’s going. Awful, you should reply if you were honest. Fine, you text back instead.

“So I’m an amazing idol to have, huh?”

You jump at the sound of Antoine’s deep voice, quickly looking up from your phone to see him standing in front of you, his hands buried in his dress pants’ pockets. He looks even better now that he’s closer and you can really, actually look at him.

You shrug. “He’s an aspiring pro footballer, you’re nominated to be the best this year. So, yes, you are. Congratulations, by the way.”

Antoine smiles. “Thank you. You’re here on business?”

Raising your eyebrows, you study him. He knows you are, of course — your press card is hardly invisible. There’s no other reason you’d be here anyway; it’s not like you’re anyone’s date anymore. Jeez, that’s bitter.

“Why else would I be here?”

“Why are you so snippy?” Antoine gives back. “If you’re here on business, shouldn’t you be nice? Representing your office and all that?”

You lean closer because what you’re saying next is meant for only Antoine to hear. Representing your office and all that. Asshole. “Fuck you.”

Antoine laughs. He seriously, actually laughs. You’re so taken aback that you can’t say anything in response, merely glare as you watch him snicker.

Fury licks its way up your spine. You bite the inside of your cheek as you straighten again, then take another sip of champagne. Now you regret holding yourself back with the alcohol.

“What?” you snap. You do, however, follow that up with a smile. Be a professional, you repeat in your head like a mantra. If it works, you’re not sure.

Antoine shrugs, his laughter dying slowly. “Nothing. It’s just— Doesn’t your boss want you to interview the nominees?”

“Yes. So?”

“I’m a nominee.” He grins. Nice to see he’s having a good time. You roll your eyes.

“Okay,” you say, producing your recorder, “How do you feel about this award?”

“Oh, come on. You can do better than this.”

You flash your eyes at him. Why does he look so relaxed while you’re fuming? It’s annoying. “Is this how you’d talk to any reporter?”

Antoine rolls his azure eyes. They’re the prettiest eyes you’ve ever seen, but right now they do nothing but inflict anger inside of you. “Of course not.”

“Good. Because this,” you motion between the two of you, “is business.”

“You’re not business to me.”

Digging your teeth into your bottom lip, you glare at him. “Yes, I am. I’m a reporter. And you wanted me to interview you, so don’t be an asshole.”

“You’re my ex girlfriend, Y/N. I can’t pretend you’re just a reporter. But yeah, you’re right. Sorry. Ask me a question.”

“I have already.”

“Ask me a question I haven’t heard a million times tonight.”

You take a deep breath. “I didn’t study journalism for fun, Antoine. I know how to do an interview.”

Antoine shrugs but finally answers your question. “I’m very grateful to be here. I was lucky meeting all the right people in my career so far and I wouldn’t be where I am without my family, friends and fans. Thank you.”

“That’s a lame answer.”

“It was a lame question.”

Another deep breath. You decide it’s better to put the glass of champagne away before its contents end up on Antoine’s expensive designer suit. The last thing you want to do is make a scene. Be professional.

“Do you think you deserve to win this award?”

“I am nominated. So, yes. But so do Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. And many others who weren’t nominated.”

“Very considerate. Did you bring a date tonight?”

Immediately, Antoine grins, leaning against the bar tables next to him.

“I thought we were talking business?”  

“I thought we were more than business.”

He smiles wider but doesn’t answer. It pisses you off. He does.

“Did you?” he asks after a moment.

“No. I’m here on business. Thought we’d established that.”

“Well, technically, so am I.”

“I know you enjoy those evenings. This is hardly work for you,” you say.

“It’s work before the event. Getting prepared, dressed, trying to be there on time.”

You catch the little jab at you and you don’t miss the way his eyes sparkle with mischief when the words fall from his mouth; you’d always taken too long getting ready, and it had annoyed him. Either that, or you’d gotten out of your clothes to have sex before driving off. Antoine had always been into you, especially when you were wearing dresses. Low-cut ones in particular. You feel hot all over just thinking about the way his burning eyes had felt flickering over you, taking in every inch of your body.

“I wasn’t the one to get hard within a minute. And finish first.”

“That happened once.” He is right but he does look insulted, crossing his arms over his chest, his face all hard lines. You smile at him.

“You were in time today, weren’t you?”

Antoine nods.

“So, is she missing something?” you ask, gesturing in his date’s direction discreetly. Antoine keeps his eyes on you, cold and hot at the same time. He’s always been confusing like that. Somehow, you liked that about him because even though you knew he loved you, it kept things exciting.

“Is your boss going to listen to this?” he shoots back, pointing at the recorder. “Not sure you’re supposed to ask about someone’s sex life.”

“Oh, sorry. I hear you’re referring to it as ‘sex life’ instead of ‘love life’, which is the probably more established phrase. Anything to comment on that?”

“I take it you’re still pissed about the marriage situation?”

You force yourself to keep your eyes focused on him. You know you’ve had that one coming, having had provoked him. “No. I’m over it.”

Antoine nods. “You know Sebastian was in love with you?”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you shake your head. “Bullshit. He’s one of your closest friends. Of course he was not.”

“Yes, he was.” He leans forward. “For a while, actually. That’s why he told you those things about me not wanting to marry you.”

“Bullshit,” you repeat, voice quivering. Being professional, as usual.

“Maybe you should’ve given me a chance to explain before breaking up and running away.”

“Bullshit.” Your voice is more a whisper now than anything else. Absent-mindedly, you click the recorder’s red button, stopping the audio recording.


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you just ran away and wouldn’t answer any of my texts, calls, or the doorbell.”

He’s right. You stare at him.

“And I was pissed because you just believed him. I didn’t understand why since I think I made it pretty clear I was in love with you. So why would you think I wouldn’t want to marry you one day?”

You can’t answer. You don’t know what, even if you could. So you just continue to stare, as if you were paralyzed by his words, by the intensity of his gaze, by his proximity.

And suddenly, there’s that woman by his side, her fingers curling around his wrist. “Hi, sorry to interrupt,” she says, her voice silvery, her smile sweet, “but it’s time to go take our seats, Antoine.”
He glances at her, nods, looks back at you.

“Thank you for the interview,” is the last thing he says before he leaves, hand in hand, with her.

Awful, you should have texted your boss.

Most of you guys are cake af or muke af but are any of you lashton af??? 

Take a ride with me

Let’s talk about how luke is always looking at ashTON AS IF HE’S ACTUALLY SAYING SOMETHING RELEVANT

is it really that serious luke?


o fuCKING K??? Lmao alright

then they just fucking 




luke knows, i know, we know…


*laughs* HAHAHA I JUST HEH *shoots self*

i’m just gonna… 


you guys should just be lashton af idk….

References & Background Music Used in Fated to Love You

- Successful Story of a Bright Girl references: Some of the similar scenes in Fated to Love You are intended as a reference to the Jangs’ previous drama together.

- You Who Come from the Star reference: “Do Manager” reference during Clara’s opening scene when she throw a fuss and call her manager; “Where is Do Manager?” when she refused to do the shampoo commercial ad.

- ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk is played during Miyoung’s opening scene in the drama where she is bringing the coffee to her office.

- ‘Change’ by Gloomy 30’s from Slave Hunter OST is used in the scene when Gun is trying to chase away the dog using his blazer. Jang Hyuk is associated a lot with this song since this is the drama that won him a Daesang in 2010 KBS Drama Award. Even in Real Men (a K-variety show about army life), this song is played constantly during his scenes. XD

- James Bond’s Bond girl reference: Gun transformed Miyoung to an attractive and kick-ass lady (Bond girl) at Macau and this reference is also used later in the drama.

- Count of Monte Cristo reference: When both of them are locked by Miyoung’s mum, Gun sarcastically answer to Miyoung; “Then should I dig a tunnel with a spoon?” when he tried to escape from the room.

- 'Snail’ by Panic is played when Gun described Miyoung as a snail that slowly, little by little, piece by piece, get closer to its target.

- Behind the White Tower reference: “What’s with this “Behind the White Tower” situation?” comment by the baby instructor when Gun acted dramatically like he is operating a patient when he is stitching the baby clothes.

- ‘Mujogeon’ by Park Sang Chul is sang by Gun when he entertained Miyoung’s mum and her friends during the karaoke session.

- ‘Why do you?’ by Chuli & Miae is sang by both Gun and Miyoung during the karaoke session. Gun rap while Miyoung sing and a live performance from Jang Hyuk’s days as TJ Project was briefly shown in the karaoke video.

- Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s past/current career reference: Gun praised Miyoung singing (reference to Jang Nara’s career as a pop singer) and Miyoung praised Gun’s rap (reference to Jang Hyuk’s short-lived career as a rapper) and Gun replied by saying; “I had to do something like that before. A project.” (Just for the lolz, TJ Project is his stage name which stand for ‘Team Jang Hyuk’).

- ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion from Titanic OST is used during the back hug scene when Gun tried to stop Miyoung from picking up his handphone.

- ‘I Heard It Through the Rumors’ by Jang Ki Ha and the Faces from Nameless Gangster OST and ‘Cries and Whispers’ from Old Boy OST are used when Gun cancel the contract of selling the factory at Yeoul Island to the industrial waste landfill company.

- Pasta reference: Daniel said to Miyoung; “Eat here, I made pasta in my past.” which is a reference to his character in Pasta. Beside that, Daniel’s Korean name in the drama is Kim Taeho which is Choi Jinhyuk’s real name. (Credit: frankreich@tumblr)

- ET reference: Gun said Miyoung’s sister baby looks like an ET (alien) when he is holding him at the hospital.

- Various famous people reference: Jung Joon Young radio show (JJY is a big Jang Nara’s fan and he is indirectly asking Miyoung to come to him), ‘Having an Affair’ by GG (G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo), Park Kyunglim radio show and ‘Sera Sera’ by Doris Day is played from the radio during the car scene when Gun is sending Miyoung back from the hospital.

- ‘The Princess Diaries Medley’ from Princess Diaries OST is played during the firework romantic scene by the lake side.

- ‘Let’s Ride a Motorcycle with a Guitar’ by 10cm is played during the exercise race scene between Gun and Daniel.

- Batman’s Joker reference: Gun seeing his shrink in the iconic Joker make-up when his sexual frustration is driving him nuts that he has to take a cold shower for it. :’D

- Volcano High & Successful Story of a Bright Girl reference: Both Gun and Miyoung dressed as students as their previous movie/drama (Volcano High for Jang Hyuk and Successful Story of a Bright Girl for Jang Nara). You can hear Yong called Jang Nara’s character in the drama; “Yang Soon” and ‘Love Song’ by Jo Jang Hyuk from SSoaBG OST can be heard in the background during that scene.

- A New Leaf reference: Gun wake up and having an amnesia and he asked Sera; “That thing that happens frequently in movies and dramas, memory loss, I’m in that state?” You can see Kim Myungmin amnesia scene at the side of Gun’s face. 

- g.o.d. reference: Gun rapped to g.o.d.’s 'To My Mother’ – a song which he starred in a music video in 1999. He did this rap in front of John Park (a member of g.o.d. who made a cameo in this scene). Jang Hyuk and John Park is a long time friends as they once share a dorm during their rookie years.


- g.o.d.’s Baby Jaemin reference: Jaemin is the name of the baby that members of g.o.d. has to take care in their variety show. John Park is holding and recording an advertisement with 'Jaemin’ in this scene.

- Inspector Gadget theme song is used as background music when Gun is trying to enter Miyoung’s arts exhibition.

- 'I Can’t Forgive’ by Cha Soo Kyung from Cruel Temptation OST is played during Yong and Jiyeon restaurant scene. This song is associated with betrayal so it is purposely played during that scene. This song is also played during their meeting with Yong’s mother.

- Jang Hyuk reference: Gun speak in Chinese and pretend to be Jang Hyuk (himself) in order to stop the kiss conversation forced to Miyoung and Daniel by their friends.

In Time With You reference: When Gun and Miyoung are conversing by messaging each other, the scenes where they sit side by side are inspired by this Taiwanese drama.

- Chinese zombie reference: Gun called Secretary Tak; 'Tak Gangshi’ when he keeps following him around.

- The Classic reference: This happens during Gun and Miyoung running under the rain scene during their visit at the botanical garden. You can hear Jatanpung’s ’Me to You, You to Me’ from The Classic OST played in the background.

- Romeo & Juliet reference: Gunmeo & Julmiyoung according to Secretary Tak. 8D


- Notting Hill reference: Due to them confessing to each other in front of a press conference.

- 'Kiss Me’ by Blink is played during the drawing scene when Gun tried to kiss Miyoung. This song is very popular in k-variety shows since they always play it during any kiss-attempted scenes.

- Dragon Ball reference: Ice and fire exchange between Gun and Yong. And in one of the scene, Dragon Ball’s song (Korean version) can be heard from the background.

- Jun Jihyun reference (Jang Hyuk’s co-star in Windstruck and two of his MVs): A play on Jun Jihyun name is made by Gun when he asked Miyoung about Jiyeon’s name; “She’s Jun Jiyeon, right? Not, JIHYUN but Jiyeon.”

- Jang Nara reference: In Gun’s dream where he seemed to have forgotten Miyoung, he mistaken her with Jang Nara.

- Terminator reference: Gun said; “I’ll be back!!1” to Miyoung’s mum when he failed to convince her to be with Miyoung the first time.

- 'You Mean Everything To Me’ by Neil Sedaka is played during the ramyum kiss scene.

- Tazza - The War of Flower reference: Reference to Jang Hyuk’s character in his drama Tazza; “Goni” by President Park when they play the Go-Stop (Hwatoo) game in which Jang Hyuk’s character in the drama is an expert. Also, Jang Nara love to play the game irl so they show how she is an expert in the game in the drama.

- Secret Garden reference: This happens during the exercise scene when Gun and Miyoung are doing sit-up trying to impress Miyoung’s mum that he is healthy.

- Emergency Couple reference: At the end of episode 19 when we see them running in public to their wedding ceremony.

- Men in Black reference: Both Yong and Secretary Tak acting as secret agents when they tried to recreate the Macau incident.

- 'The Blue Night of Jeju Island’ by Sung Sikyung is played during Gun and Miyoung’s dancing scene near the pool when they were having their honeymoon at Jeju Island.

Anything else that I missed?


Official English trailer for “Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart”, or Jack et la Mécanique du Coeur. 

From the same people who brought you “A Monster in Paris”, this upcoming CGI film tells of a boy named Jack, affixed with a mechanical heart that keeps him alive. There’s a catch, though: he can’t mess with the hands, get too angry, or fall in love, or the clock will break. 

Much of it is adapted from the concept album of the same name by the French band Dionysos, whose music can be heard in the trailer, as well as on spotify. They’re sort of a French-Victorian-Dark-Cabaret kind of thing, or in other words, simply fantastic. 

This looks like a wonderfully offbeat romantic film, and I can’t wait to see it!

The Bet | All

A/N: Hey guys so sorry I’ve been lagging it lately with writing stuff. I’ve been drowning in school and work stuff :/ And I know I should have probably updated my two other stories but this idea came to me last night and I promise to try and update this one as much as I can because I really like this concept! Ok, hope you like it!

p.s. My ask is always open for requests and feedback. Just be patient with me about writing the requests. 

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Not The Average Love Story-Luke VERY LONG Imagine for Shidehlovesyou

I’m truely so sory to all who have to scroll past this. But hey, maybe take a few minutes to read this and tellme what you think?

This isn’t a stereotypical love story, I’m about to tell you. We didn’t bump into each other and he spilled coffee on me, and it wasn’t love at first sight. That’s just not what really happens. So here’s what did happen…

“Look over there, he’s cute,” I motioned to my friend Megan. 

Her eyes lit up, “The worker from Urban Outfitters was cuter, though.” 

I nodded in agreement, “Can we go get some ice cream and sit at the food court for a little while? My legs are tired.” I asked, already turning the corner towards the food court. I took her following as a yes.

Megan and I sat across from each other in one of those tables that are half a booth and the other side is a chair, that fit about thirty people, each with an individual table. We were looking down, while eating our ice cream, and checking our phones, when I heard the chair next to her screech.

We automatically looked up, to find two boys about 6 feet tall. I eyed them closely, and I could tell by the blonde boys smirk that he had caught me looking. Megan kicked me from under the table making me groan which earned curious looks from the boys.

Ashton, the dark haired boy with dimples sat in the chair about half a foot away from Megan, as the blonde one, Luke, slowly made his way between our two tables, and next to me.

I was thankful when my phone buzzed giving me something to do, but laughed when I saw it was Megan who texted me. It read “DIBS ON BRUNETTE!!! They’re cuter than any boys we’ve ever seen at the mall, Shideh!!” with a picture of her and Ashton in the background, unaware of the picture. 

I had to cover my mouth because I didn’t want to laugh. She smirked at me, and I nodded; she could have him. I typed a reply “Blondie seems too cocky for me. But I can’t argue with the second part.” 

Normally I’d be blushing right along with Megan but this boy came off arrogant, and I didn’t like that. I’m not saying that he wasn’t good looking though.

I looked up to find Megan roll her eyes. “He looks like a model for Gods sake!” She mouthed.

“What are you eating?” A deep voice from rang next to, making me jump in my seat. He just laughed.

I turned my head, and saw that he had scooted much closer and our bodes were almost touching. I leaned my head far back, to make it obvious he was too close. “Ice cream.” 

He nodded, and moved away-but only a few inches. He had gorgeous blue eyes and a lip ring which I noticed he started to bite as I stared at him. I squinted my eyes and had a sly smile, knowing I made him nervous. 

The dark haired boy pulled his chair over, “Hi, I’m Ashton!” He said cheerily.

“I’m Megan,” she blushed.

“Yeah, uh hello.” I smiled, nodding at Ashton because he just seemed so happy.

I felt an arm fall loosely around my shoulder, making me tense up, “Hey Megan! What’s your name sweetheart? I’m…”

I shrugged of his arm, “What you are, is ahead of yourself there, Tiger.” He looked taken back, and Ashton laughed really hard.

Megan gave me the look. The look which meant “please be nice.” And I sighed. I didn’t want to ruin this for her, Ashton seemed sweet and he was adorable, not to mention her exact type. 

“I’m going to go get a drink.” I said, excusing myself. I walked up to the drink machine and looked over the options. 

“What are you gonna get?” 

I gasped and jumped, turning around with my hand on my heart to find Luke there grinning. “Could you please stop doing that?” He only grinned at me showing of his big, perfect smile. I envy this boys beauty. We stood in science for a moment both looking over all the drinks. “Water.” I finally replied, looking up, over my shoulder at him.

I went into my bag to find my wallet. I finally found a dollar bill but by the time I stood up, Luke had two in his hands and he was looking down at me. I put out my dollar and took one of the waters in his hand. “No, I’ve got it.”

I scoffed, “What a gentleman. Thanks though.” I set off for the table, Luke following closely behind.

We almost made it back when I saw Megan twirling her hair in her hands, and laughing hysterically along with Ashton. They have gradually moved closer since I had left. I stopped dead in my tracks, making Luke tumble in to me. “Are you okay?!” He asked worriedly.

“Shh! Come on, Tiger” I referred to his name I had given him moments ago, because he still hadn’t told me. I grabbed his hand and dragged him away. His hand had gripped mine as he let me pull him. 

“What was that about?” He breathed, when we stopped jogging. 

“Look,” I whispered, pointing through the bushes, a few feet away to where Ashton and Megan sat happily.

Luke moved his head so it was only centimeters away from my own and followed where I pointed. “They look so cute,” He smiled.

I crained my neck slightly to look at up him. He really was breathtaking. “Tiger,” I said, and he looked down at me, “I like your accent.”

His smile widened, “As I do, yours.”

I stood up straighter and began to walk away from the food court. “Australian boy, what on earth are you doing her?”

“Ashton and I moved here a few weeks ago.” 

I went to et my water bottle out of my backpack, and when my hand became cold, it was then I realized we hadn’t let go until just then.

Luke scratched the back of his neck. “So, what is your name, sweetheart?” Suddenly I noticed that he is much more shy than I had predicted earlier.

I rolled my eyes at him still calling me sweetheart, “Shideh.” 

“Thats a pretty name. I haven’t heard it before… I’m Luke, but I think I’m getting used to Tiger.” He chuckled.

We walked along, and made small talk.

“Is there a reason you dont like me, sweetheart?” he asked quietly, but looked down at me.

I looked straight ahead, not daring to make eye contact. “Uh, no not really. Who said I didn’t like you?”

He slowed his paces down, and grabbed my hand to stop me as well. My breath became shaky and I could feel my cheeks get hot as I looked at his hand laced in mine. 

“You’re joking right? I’m pretty sure you rolled your eyes at me when I sat down near you.”

“I did not!” I defended, finally looking up. 

“I think you might have!” He joked. 

“You just came off a little bit cocky, that’s all…”

“Me!? I was just trying to be friendly.” 

“Yeah okay,” I scoffed.

“I’m a very lovable person, you know.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” I said, raising my eyebrows and nodding.

“Oh, I think you are doubting it.” He challenged, “I think you just need a hug,” he smiled.

“No, I’ll pass” but before i could finish, he released my hand and in one swift motion wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the ground. “Luke!!” I squealed, but wrapped my arms around his neck. He buried his head into my shoulder and laughed. I was a good foot off the ground, and my legs dangled as he swung me around a bit. He had a tight embrace and I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really want to let go. 

I heard a click, and noticed two teenage girls smiling, and one took a picture of me and Luke. Luke set me down on the ground but his hands remained behind my back. “You see those girls?” I nodded towards them, “they took a picture of us.”

Luke laughed. “Kiss my cheek.” 

“what?” I asked, slightly shocked.

“Just do it,” 

His big hands moved to my waist, and sort of pulled me up, because I had to go on my tippy toes to reach him. My lips landed on his cheek and they lingered for a moment. I pulled away when I hear high pitched awws. Luke and I, in sync, looked over at the giggling girls who blushed and scurried away.

We both began to laugh. “Now I get it.” He pulled me closer so I was against his chest and kissed my cheek quickly, “Aye, what did I say, Tiger?”

“I’m from Australia, cheek kissing is just a friendly gesture there!” He put his hand up in defense.

“Okay…” I said unsure.

We made our way back to Ashton and Megan who were still sitting in the same spot but had some popcorn in front of them now. As we walked, I allowed Luke to rest his hand on his waist. 

“Hey!” Ashton said, making Megan look and wave.

“Hi guys.” I said, taking a seat on the bench half again. Luke slid next to me. “I’m so tired,” I complained.

“Same,” Luke agreed. Without thinking I leaned into Luke’s side.

“How about we go see a movie?” Ashton asked. “Films play in this mall right?”

Megan and I began to laugh. “You said films.” I said as a response to the boys confused looks.

Ashton rolled his eyes, “Oh whatever. Let’s go see a movie. I heard the Toy Story is in again.”

Megan looked at me, “I’m up for it,”

I nodded, “Why not.” Luke kissed my forehead, “Lu-“

“Friendly!” He interjected. “Come on.” He took my hand, and pulled me up, as we followed closely behind Megan and Ashton who had their arms around each other and were trying to march in sync but failing, and laughing at themselves.

In the movies, there were very few people. We sat together, it went Ashton, Megan, Myself, then Luke. Luke and I were both very tired and not into the movie, unlike the others next to us who were giggling their heads off. I laid my head on Lukes shoulder and he rested his head on mine. I began to doze off. “Guys, I think I’m going to take Shideh, outside by the fountain.” Luke whispered. I felt his breath on my neck making me shiver, “Sweetheart, hey, come on, come with me.” He whispered in a low voice. I nodded, and pushed myself up, and took his hand. He looked up, at me and grinned. Luke stood up and led me out of the theater. My feet were slowly dragging. Luke stopped in front of me, and crouched down. “Hop on.”

“Pardon?” I asked. 

“Piggy back ride.” He stated.

“Wh-I-uh.. okay.” I gave up and just jumped on. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. “Thanks” I whispered, and rested my lips where his shoulder meets his neck. I could feel his goosebumps form and he let out a shaky breath.

“Uh-huh” He whispered.

He set me down, on the cushioned chair that was in front of the large lit up fountain. He sat down next to me. It’s only made for one person so we were very smooshed together. “Here,” he said, and lifted me up as if I weighed nothing, setting me down in his lap. I tucked in my legs, and cuddled closer to Luke, as he wrapped his arm securely around me. I could feel his blue eyes looking at me and I did all I could not to open my eyes and act as if I didn’t know. He leaned down and kissed my temple, “Your beautiful,” he mumbled not removing his lips.

I laughed, “Your not to bad yourself. And what’s with us and this kissing thing?” 

I felt his smile grow, and he finally pulled back. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

I smirked, and got more comfortable on his lap, taking his on hand and holding it in both of mine. “That’s alright, friendly gestures right? Like in Australia.”

“Exactly.” We sat in silence, listening to the water fountain in the back. My eyes stayed closed but I was not asleep. “Hey sweetheart…”

“Yes?” I whispered, and looked up, noticing the way he looked in the dark, with only the lights in the fountain glowing around him. He looked like an angel.

He didn’t say anything, and he looked like he didn’t know how to speak. I began to rub his knuckles that were in my hands, hoping to comfort him. “I like you” he blurted, looking into the distance.

“I was kind of hoping you did. It would suck if you didn’t like me back.” I said, closing my eyes again and leaning on his shoulder, trying to keep myself composed.

Without warning his lips landed directly on mine, they were soft and full and warm and I could feel his piercing. My eyes opened, but then closed again, as I melted into him. I removed my hands from his, and moved them up his chest and to his jaw, to pull him closer. His lips slowly moved, with mine, overlapping each other, and he cupped my cheek in his large hand. I began to pull back, but I slightly pulled his lower lip and then let go. Our eyes stayed closed and I left my mouth near his, hovering closely. I could feel his warm minty breath. “You drive me insane, sweetheart.” He mumbled deeply, making me smirk, the reattached his lips to mine, and move his hand to the back of my neck making me twist my head a little more, and kissing me slightly harder this time, but I gave it right back to him. I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him with all I had. He began to pull away, but my body lifted up from it’s lounging position, not wanting to be separated from him. We kissed for a moment longer, before mutually breaking it off. We both took a few seconds to catch our breath. 

I smiled and looked up at him, running my hand through his dirty blonde hair, asking curiously “Do friends do that in Australia?”

Luke smirked down and me and just stared for a moment, licking him bottom lip. “Not usually, sweetheart.”   

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How He Reacts To You Having A Bad Day - Luke


Sitting with you until you feel ready to talk

You were at your at a family barbecue and you’d been raked into making your snobby cousins feeling welcome. They’d been going on and on and about how they’ve got this amazing life. It was like they wanted to rip apart everything about you, making snide comments about how your hair looked dry, how you’d gain a couple pounds when in reality you’d lost weight, how Luke looked like a 15 year old boy with his lip piercing or how you should have gone for a “cuter member of the boy band”. You never said anything back, just smiled and nodded trying to keep calm. 

You walked over to Luke leaving them behind you “You okay?” he asks. 

“I’m sick of th-“ 

“Sweetie could you go grab some drinks for the girls” You dad asked coming behind you. They weren’t two they could et there own drinks. You signed walking towards the house, you quickly grabbed a jug of lemonade from the fridge, as you turn round you see your cousins walking into the kitchen. “Oh hey I was coming to give you some drinks is lemonade alrig-“ Before you knew what had happened they walked up to you and knocked the jug of lemonade back onto you. 

“What are you doing” you screamed of the cold lemonade poured down your front. 

“Gosh you’re so clumsy” One of them sniggered as you slammed the jug down on the countertop. 

“You cant come into my parents house and treat me like this” You shout, tears welling up in your eyes. 

“Like what” they said sniggering. Suddenly the eldest reached to the side and picked up a glass of water from the side and threw it down your front. You quickly pushed her hand away and before you knew it you had slapped her across the face. 

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING” You mom screamed from the kitchen door. “God what a mess” 

“She slapped me i didn’t do anything” The eldest began to cry. 

“Fuck this. That bitch and her crazy sister threw a whole jug of lemonade down me” You yelled flailing your arms in the air.

“No we didn’t she slipped” They both said in innocent voices 

“Well… you can be very uncoordinated sometimes sweetie” What the hell, why is she defending THEM? She was your mother. 

You storm out the door and out the back garden down to the lake that was out the back end. You threw yourself on the grown. This was awful. They didn’t understand.  It isn’t like you’d done anything to them, the bitches. You look out onto the lake and felt someone sit down next to you. 

“Sorry they ruined today’ Luke said softly, taking off his shirt and wrapping it round your shoulders. You refused to cry, just resting your head on his shoulder. His arm snaked round your waist. “You’re going to be all sticky” He laughed. You smile, nudging him in the side with your elbow. You take a deep breathe. He kisses to top of your head, pulling you closer to his by your waste. 

“I want to go home please” You say with a small voice 

“Your carriage awaits” You says scrambling to his feet and offering his hand out to help you up. You accept gladly as he pulls you to your feet. He turns round holding his arms out behind him crouching a little, gesturing for you to jump on his back. You hop on and he hikes you in so your secure. He runs back to the house spinning you round and making you laugh, the two of you burst through the back gate laughing your head off, getting glares from you cousins who were sat on one of the benches, clearly jealous of how happy you were. 

He takes you into your old room where you’d put your bags, You take your wet top off and he just sits on the bed watching you. 

“You are so beautiful” He whispers. You stride across the room to him and kiss him passionately.