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The lesson no one needed nor wanted


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.

Okay so I got Breath of the Wild for my birthday (HELL YES!!!) and I couldn’t contain myself so within the few minutes I had before my friends came I started up the game and the first thing I see is Link in his underwear and guess who’s a happy girl???? It’s me?????? Because I’ve never seen something as nice as Link in his underwear????????? This is the best beginning of a game ever lolol lemme just go and breathe somewhere

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails

Imagine: Robins second dad

this idea just popped into my head and I had to jot it down. Use freely if you like :)

Imagine after being brushed off by Batman one night Robin decides to prove to his dad that he can do it alone.

He goes out late at night and finds himself tracking the Joker who’s in the middle of blowing up a bank.

seeing Robin Joker of course assumes the Batman is near by and continues his scheam. Robin trys to rein him in but Jokers too cunning. He ties Robin up I’m the building, revealing his diabolical plan to the young kid, telling Robin he’s got Batman beat this time and that he won’t be saved.

the bomb keeps counting down, Joker getting more anxious as Batman is no where in sight. Dick is afraid and begins to tear up, sobbing that he shouldn’t have come without Batman.

Joker hears that and frowns suddenly “wait.. Batman’s not here?”

Dick shakes his head.

Joker grabs him and jumps out the window in the nick of time. Shielding the smaller body from any debree, Dick is in shock, was he just saved by the Joker?

But before he can question it the Joker speaks up “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!!!” And “You could have been killed!”, “You think this is a game?” He scorns Robin angerly “If Batman finds out about this.. he’s gonna kill me” he bites his nails just thinking about the what ifs..

“I’m sorry Joker.. I just wanted to prove to Batman I was capable.. he never recognizes anything I do”

Joker, of course, can relate to Batman’s neglectfulness and pities poor Robin.

“I should take you to him” Joker finally says, leaving all the easy to grab money in the bank.

“Wait! Please don’t make me go back now! I’m still mad at him” Robin would plead.

“Well you can’t just stay with me!”

Robin’s eyes go big and soft like a puppies and Joker is already defeated.

“Ugh. Fine”

Joker would call Batman and tell him that he’s got Robin, and not to worry, but that’s all he says so of course Bruce is super confused and worried and they try to track the Joker down all night

Joker and Robin spend all night sneaking onto rides at a carnaval, defacing public property and eating all then junkfood Robin could ever want. It’s more liberating then living with anal batman and police officer Babs. It’s nice to get away from the rules and be a kid. When Robin finally passes out into a Cotten candy coma Joker carries him back to Wayne manner.

Everyone is there, shocked to see the Joker at their door and Robin completely unharmed, looking like he got back from a circus complete with Clow face paint and balloons

Bruce is thankful, but was also worried sick so he gives Joker a lecture on Robins curfews and no sweets after 6

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If your still taking writing requests, could you do “Your wound reopened, didn’t it?” With Damian and Jason please?

Jason and Damian are both so terrible at showing they care. And looking after themselves… 

Enjoy, anon! I hope this is something like what you were looking for :)

The funny thing is, it doesn’t even happen on patrol. Well, not an offical patrol. Batman is out of town on League business and Damian isn’t allowed to patrol without appropriate supervision - which apparently just means Nightwing, who is busy in Bludhaven - but that’s never stopped him before. Alfred had taken the Robin suit as a precaution against him sneaking out on his own, so when Damian had inevitably snuck out he’d had to do it in dark civvies instead.

Everything is going relatively well until he drops in to give the Red Hood a hand taking down a gang. Without the Kevlar protection of his suit, a glancing slash from a knife slices through the fabric of his hoodie and the flesh beneath instead of bouncing harmlessly off armour. He doesn’t notice it at first, too absorbed in taking down the thug (un)lucky enough to get him. It’s only once the fight is over and the adrenaline fades that the injury hits him, pain radiating from his side like fire. He groans and Hood is immediately looming over him.

“Where are you hit?” he demands. Then, “Wait, no, first - what the fuck are you even doing here? Isn’t it passed your bedtime?”

“Robin doesn’t have a bedtime,” Damian snaps, pressing his hand against his side. It comes away glistening red.

Red Hood snorts. “You don’t look much like Robin right now.” He kneels down to inspect Damian’s side himself, tearing the black hoodie even more so he can peel it away from the edges of the wound. He winces. “B is going to fucking kill me.”

Damian tries to peer at the cut himself, but it’s too dark in the alley to properly asses the damage from his angle. “You can’t tell Father,” he says, trying for authoritative but coming out borderline pleading. “He’s busy, he doesn’t need to worry about a minor injury.” And I don’t want him to take Robin away.

“Minor?” Todd’s voice rises with incredulity, hovering over the side of his helmet where Damian knows the button to activate his comm link is. “That’s gonna need at least a dozen stitches. And I’m not calling Daddy Bats, anyway, I’m calling Alfred.”

Damian grabs his arm desperately, gasping when it causes a new wave of pain to lance through his side. “No! Please, you can’t!”

“Woah, calm down.” Hood grabs his shoulders to hold him still. “Jesus Christ, kid, you’re going to make that worse.”

“You can’t tell them,” Damian says again, prepared to sound as much like a broken record as it takes to wear Todd down.

The older vigilante hesitates, then sighs. “Fine. Whatever. They’d probably blame me anyway.” They wouldn’t, but Damian doesn’t bother arguing the point. “Come on, I have a safe house a couple of blocks away. I’ll stitch you up then you can go home and attempt to lie to Alfred yourself. Just don’t involve me.”

When Damian’s alarm wakes him at six-thirty the next morning he wants nothing more than to put his pillow over his head and go back to sleep. But that would be suspicious. So he carefully rolls out of bed, takes another dose of ibuprofen and stumbles into the bathroom to shower. 

By the time he gets down to breakfast, the painkillers have kicked in and the shower has sufficiently woken him up so that he’s acting close enough to normal not to draw Pennyworth’s attention. He eats mechanically, then retreats back upstairs until Pennyworth calls for him.

“Don’t drag your feet, Master Damian, it will only make you late for school, it won’t make it go away,” the butler says, mistaking Damian’s slow movements as he comes back downstairs with his backpack for reluctance. He scowls and walks even slower, grabbing onto the excuse of a bad attitude with fervour. In the car, he sits stiffly in the backseat and stares out the window, eager for their arrival so he can escape Pennyworth’s scrutiny, but dreading the school day ahead.

It’s all going relatively well until the end of lunchtime. Damian is headed back to his locker to retrieve the books he needs for the final classes of the day when he makes a mistake. A few boys from two grade above him are bullying a younger kid, pushing him around and laughing as they go through his backpack. And Damian gets involved. 

He can’t not get involved.  

It’s a short fight. One which ends when one of the older boys whacks Damian in the side with a textbook and he doubles over, gasping through the sudden onslaught of pain. The bullies laugh and call him names, getting in a few more hits for good measure before taking off down the now-empty hallway.

Slowly, Damian forces himself to straighten up and collect his books. If he’s late to class Ms Carlisle will give him a detention without care for any excuses he could come up with. And he doesn’t need Father to be even more disappointed in his school performance.

It’s just a bit of pain. Nothing he hasn’t dealt with before. He can make it to the end of the day.

Damian realises he’s in trouble about half-way through fifth period. The pulsing pain in his side is distracting enough on its own, but when he chances a glance beneath his blazer, he finds that the right side of his white shirt is starting to stain red over his wound. It’s not bleeding quickly, but it is bleeding. And that is a Major Problem.

“Damian?” Maps leans over toward him while the teacher’s writing on the board. Usually Damian is thankful to have a friend in his class, but today he just wishes to be left alone. “Are you okay? You look kinda pale.”

“I’m fine,” Damian replies stiffly, pressing his arm tightly against his side. It hurts more, but the pressure might help stem the slowly oozing blood.

Maps clearly doesn’t believe him, but Ms Carlisle turns back around to address the class before she can push the issue. Damian has never been more grateful for strict teachers with droning voices because it means he can zone out in peace until the bell ringing startles him back into awareness. Kids are already trickling out of the classroom and Damian joins the back of the mob, keeping close to the wall and trying to avoid the passing bags and limbs which bump his side until he can duck into the closest bathroom.

He fumbles his phone out of his pocket as soon as he’s in the relative privacy of one of the toilet stalls. Even if he had the necessary materials, the wound is at an angle that would be too hard to stitch back up himself. As loathe as he is to admit it, he’s going to need help.

Todd answers with a curt, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school, short fry?”

Damian takes a deep, calming breath to overcome the irritation the nickname stirs up before admitting, “I need your help.

There’s a beat of silence then Todd sighs. ”Your wound reopened, didn’t it?

“Can you pick me up?” Damian asks instead of answering what is clearly a rhetorical question.

The older boy grumbles but he promises to pick him up about a block from the school in twenty minutes. 

Damian feels obtrusive loitering on the sidewalk in his Gotham Academy blazer, but he can hardly take it off with his shirt in the state it is. When Todd finally shows up he’s driving an old red Nissan instead of the usual motorcycle. Damian slides carefully into the passenger seat with a quiet sigh, tipping his head back and staring out the window as they merge back onto the road.


Damian glances away from the traffic. “Well what?”

“How bad is it?” Todd asks.

“Oh.” He pulls the blazer away from his side to reveal the growing patch of red. 

“Uh. It’s not that bad.”

Todd glances down at the wound then swears, eyes snapping up to glare at Damian before refocusing on driving when a horn blares loudly behind them.

“How the fuck did you manage that sitting in a classroom?”

“It didn’t happen in a classroom,” Damian snaps. “And it wasn’t my fault.”

“Of course it wasn’t,” Todd mutters.  He flicks on his indicator to move into the right lane and it’s only then that Damian realises they’re heading out of the city.

“Where are we going?” he asks suspiciously.

“Take a wild guess.”

“You promised you wouldn’t!” Damian accuses, because between the direction they’re travelling and Todd’s tight grip on the steering wheel it’s not hard to figure it out.

Todd rolls his eyes. “Welcome to the real world, kid, where promises mean jack shit,” he snaps. But a second later his lips twist in a grimace and when he glances over his eyes are almost apologetic. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? But if you’ve done more damage to that wound, I’m so not qualified to fix it. Alfred would'a caught on eventually anyway - if he hasn’t already. Just think of it as… delaying the inevitable.”

Damian crosses his arms and sulks the whole drive back to the Manor. He’d gone to Todd for help in confidence and this is how he’s replayed for his trust? He clenches his teeth, mouth stretching in a silent snarl. See if he ever helped the Red Hood again!

(Five weeks later, Red Hood drops in on a fight that Robin is not losing thank you very much. He gets a bullet graze on his thigh for his troubles. Damian makes sure to ignore his bitching with extreme obnoxiousness as he drags him back to the Cave to be stitched up. Todd glares at him as Alfred stitches the injury. Damian just smirks.)


Sketchdump of my Fire Emblem Heroes Summoner, named Aiden. As a joke of the Summoner just being “Robin plus gun”, he actually looks exactly like my first tactician Adrian, but slightly darker. I like to think they’re twin brothers.

Story for the rest of the pictures: I downloaded the game and started to level grind with Gaius and some others but stopped and played Neko Atsume for no reason, and despite Alfonse insisting not to be friends with Heroes, he seems awfully fond of the player

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What do you think the hug means in the context of operation out? You previously discussed how the touch Emma and Regina share fits the narrative of someone in a comatose/vegetative state, but now a hug seems to break the rules there? Or do you think this is happening perhaps in Snow's dream world? Also, thanks for sharing your positivity and theories!


I don’t like posting incomplete theories, but I’ll share the bits and pieces of what I think has been going on this season, because it’s so good for us, actually. Everything under this is my current hypothetical based on first impressions.

What’s been happening this season is that Emma is starting to wake up. Her subconscious recreates what’s happening to her in little summaries. The wish realm showed us what happened since the Pilot. She’s slowly sunk into a dream world where she lost her memories and tried to live up to her fairy tale parents’ expectations. The Emma she remembered was the Emma we first met.

Snow & Charming’s sleeping curse reflects her current state where she’s half awake, half asleep. Emma is their heart. That’s why I suspect they’ll break their sleeping curse, but get stuck on the sleeping side. It’s what happened to Emma, it would be another clue for her that it’s possible to think you have broken a curse while you haven’t. It gives them the opportunity to do a marriage and a musical. It’ll clue people in that something’s up… while still having Emma marry her Animus figure and thus making peace with herself.

That’s the bigger picture in a nutshell, let’s zoom in on the hug.

In this wish realm there was a choice to go back to the dream world - go through the portal - or stay with Regina who was going after Robin. Emma made her choice, she chose Regina and the world that seems less real to her than the current one - reality. 

Robin - I assume - is/was Regina’s boyfriend in the real world, but he is also a self-insert for Emma. That’s why it’s difficult to understand what this character is about. Emma really dislikes him and thinks he isn’t right for Regina - on top of her jealousy, I think he is a lawyer who screwed up Emma’s case or something - so we get all these scenes where he becomes the character to ask the not-so-smart questions. In other moments he has conversations with Regina where Emma expresses what she would like to say to Regina through him. I think what died last season was Regina’s image of the man. She ended her projections and now she’s dealing with reality Robin. So that’s what’s going on with Regina emotionally and it’s mixed up -as usual - with what’s going on with Emma.

When Emma and Regina didn’t take the portal back, everything changed. Instead they went back through the wardrobe. We saw Emma go through the wardrobe in the Pilot, when she had the accident. Going through it again symbolized Emma getting closer to consciousness. She’s crossing over.

Emma is probably starting to sit up and make real eye-contact. Maybe she’s uttering some words, but she’s still very far gone. Meanwhile Regina has been living for years fighting this battle with her and for her. Regina feels like she knows Emma. She’s researched Emma’s life, she’s done the coma work where they talk through gestures and touches. Where someone taught her to interpret the fluttering of Emma’s eyelashes and twitching of a finger. She feels like she knows Emma intimately and similarly, she has shared a lot of herself with Emma she hasn’t told anyone… but suddenly Emma is waking up and she can’t be certain of anything anymore. 

Now keep that in mind and think about Emma’s perspective. Her mind is constantly working to make a mash-up of her fairy tale world and the real world. As she gets closer to the real world, we get more and more snippets of real conversations and she has to work harder to make sense of what she really sees around her. What we’ve seen was always reality-related, but you have to imagine it’s becoming less and less warped. Conversations and people’s actions very close to the real world.

Regina is one of the people she has the most contact with. Suddenly Regina’s acting really strange to her in reality. Regina’s acting like she doesn’t really know her. All this time Regina has been talking to her like a normal person. Snarky, telling her things. Suddenly, because Regina sees the signs of Emma waking up, she’s talking to her like they’re acquaintances who sorta know each other. It doesn’t add up for Emma. She doesn’t understand the change in Regina. So what happens in Emma’s mind? First we have the wish realm where she’s lost her memories, that initially explains Regina’s actions.

…but even though she’s starting to remember who she is - which was significant and to be taken literally - Regina keeps being really weird. This can’t be about her, so it must be that Robin has come back, but he’s a different Robin who looks like Robin… Yes, that’s it. That’s who Regina’s talking to.

So when Regina and Emma came back through the closet…. that’s when Emma left her own Narnia. She crossed a boundary of wakefulness. She’s probably starting to sit up. Robin in this instance was simply Emma as well. He only appears after she leaves… and that’s when the first hug between Emma and Regina actually happens.

First it’s Regina just acting on emotion. She knows Emma, the thing nobody expected is happening, she’s still alive and now she’s actually waking up. Regina carries all this guilt about Emma’s car crash - it was the middle of the night and she’d given her a drink before she left. It’s just her first instinct. “You’re finally back.” She’s fought so hard for this woman, risking everything… and there she is suddenly. It’s a heartfelt hug full of emotion. She knows Emma, they’ve been in this together.

…but Emma’s still really weak. She isn’t very responsive yet, this is a very slow and gradual process. You can see it hit Regina. All the questions she has no answers to. How much does Emma know? How did she perceive all this? Does she feel the same about their bond, about their fight, their journey? She realizes that she has no idea how much Emma knows, how she perceived all of this, how she really feels… and how the image she has of her compares to reality.

…then she pulls back. Self-conscious, not sure how to proceed. She apologizes for maybe overstepping. Emma isn’t strong and aware enough to reassure her. She’s there and not there.

Then the conversation between Mary Margaret and Regina further reinforces they are really talking about Emma.

Mary Margaret: Regina what were you thinking, how could you bring him here?
Regina: You weren’t there. He was miserable in his world and he wanted a fresh start and I’m just trying to help him.
Mary Margaret: But you don’t know who he is. Looking like Robin Hood doesn’t make him the same person. Trust me, I once kissed David’s twin, world of difference.
Regina: We’ve barely even talked.
Mary Margaret: Well, there’s some things you should probably tell him, like for example he has a daughter.
Regina: It’s not his daughter.
Mary Margaret: Exactly my point, they’re different people.
Regina: But there could be a part of him in there. He was able to cross into the real world, that has to mean something.
Mary Margaret: Regina I want this to work out for you, you deserve this. I’m worried.
Regina: Yeah. Me too.

This is very close to reality. They’re worried because Regina has no idea how close the reality of who Emma is will be compared to the expectations. Not only did she only talk to Emma very briefly before the car crash, she’s gotten to know her through talking to people who knew her, through files and research. She knows her because they have been fighting together and Emma reached out to her… but they don’t know how Emma’s going to come out of this. Will she be the same person after brain damage? It’s all up in the air. They haven’t been able to talk much yet, Regina can’t really gauge the situation. 

And then there is the issue of Henry’s custody. They share custody - it’s what happened during Going Home and it was represented by Snow & Charming’s heart split. I’m not 100% clear on the why behind it, but I think it was partly about keeping Henry - the small print on the adoption was what Mr Gold blackmailed Regina with during season one - that’s what the “Please” was about. And on the other hand legalizing Emma’s ties to Henry so they could take care of her and make decisions on her behalf to keep her alive.

Of course now imagine this unusual situation for Regina where she has to tell Emma - who for all she knows may want nothing to do with them - that she now has a son. And at the same time she is terrified that she will want Henry and they will disagree on parenting him, but she has legal custody. It’s a terrifying situation for her.

That’s what’s going on in reality. The hug is actually a good way to show how cyclical this show is. How we get the same experience from a very different perspective to process all the emotions behind it.

Of course, Emma wanted to frame this hug between the two of them as well, but it had to make sense in her current reality… one where she is marrying Hook and in denial about loving Regina. That’s where the warp happened. I think there may be a slightly darker side to his, because I think this is Emma’s jealousy. In the real world Emma is alone and she’s jealous of Robin… she’s turning the emotions around, it’s less painful for her if she imagines Regina being the one pining for her instead of the other way around. In this world Emma has it all and she’s afraid of letting that go. That’s why the hug between them was the anti-climatic one. Emma has to make all the stories match up with reality and they still have to mean something on an emotional level. 

Last but not least, we had the hug between Regina and the Evil Queen - which was very much about Regina starting to love herself and looking at her past with compassion… but a part of it was also once again processing that first hug and how much it meant to Emma. There are now three instances triggered by the same event, the first hug. 

Emma has a troubled past that Regina and Henry know about and it was one thing for them to fight for her when she was completely helpless and in a vegetative state… It’s another thing for them to keep her in their life when she’s awake. The Evil Queen represents Emma’s Id. Her essential self… and Regina hugged her. She hugged her anyway in spite of everything she knows. She told her they are in each other’s lives now, because of Henry, whether either of one likes it or not and that means something. Regina doesn’t treat her differently now that she’s waking and… Emma…. now she has that tiny sliver of hope that maybe this family is going to keep her. 

…and excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

Do you have more scoop on Robin’s return to Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time? — Jameson
As you may have noticed in photos from Sunday’s episode, Robin looks very, ahem, familiar. “Regina puts him in Robin Hood’s clothes, and that does something to her,” Lana Parrilla teases. “She’s completely overwhelmed and emotional over that because now he aesthetically looks exactly like the Robin Hood she was in love with, or is still in love with, and yet he’s not the same person.” However, Robin of Locksley isn’t quite who she thinks he is. “There are several things that he does that leads her to believe that he isn’t the Robin Hood that she knows, and that he is a different Robin,” Parrilla adds.


Arkham’s Female Knight (Part 2)

A/N: Back again with part 2 (go read part 1!!)!! I will be honest with you guys, with all the support and likes, I was completely caught off guard (YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!! *throws love at everyone who lurks or follows!*)! This chapter is a bit more…darker than the first chapter (gosh, Jacin, when did you become so sadistic?). It’s sort of a filler for the part 3 I’m going to write (yes, I’m doing another part, and its gonna have more Jay-bae in it, hes been MIA in this…) but I just wanted to explain more of the reader’s past. I hope you guys love it! MESSAGE ME IF YOU THINK I’M MISSING SOMETHING OR IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE SHIPS OR SOMETHING, NAME IT! 

PS: I forgot to mention, the personality of the FemArkhamKnight!Reader is quite crazy, because it is canon that Jason Todd in the Arkham Knight series, is actually considered mentally and emotionally unstable, so if the character is somewhat crazy, refer to this!

PSS: thanks to Aster for editing it for me. ( ;3;)

PSSS: @actbat @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom Here you go! Hope you guys enjoy it!

~ J.

Ship: Jason Todd x  FemArkhamKnight!Reader

Backstory: Basing the story line of Batman: Under The Red Hood & Batman Arkham Knight, the reader is Bruce Wayne’s blood daughter, whom he had raised and trained to be the current Batgirl. During this time, Jason is the current robin and was captured by Joker where Batman and Batgirl tried to save him but did not make it on time. As 5 years went by, everyone moved on. Not knowing that Jason has returned as Red Hood, the reader got captured by Joker and was tormented for a year (based on the torture scene in Arkham Knight), now the reader returns, seeking out batman, to kill him, but certain paths cross and now, conflict arises.

Prompt:  FemArkhamKnight!Reader gets a little flash back of her past, explaining how she got that lil “J” scar and becomes a little bit unstable.

Warning(s): Swearing, torture, uhh…? (tagging warnings is my weakness, I’m practically immune to anything. I APOLOGIZE IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG.)

Word Count: 2381


Arkham’s Female Knight (Part II)


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oq prompt; 'new robin' from 6b somehow gets his memories back and remembers regina idk i hope it happens pls write it better than a&e will

It’s the shattering of glass that catches her attention, eyes pulled to the billowing curtains as her breath catches in her throat. She can practically taste the dark magic at work.

It’s her fault that he’d thought to come here. Her idiotic fault for making him feel as though he wasn’t enough because he was, he was. She couldn’t help her grief though, the sorrow at having someone look so very much like her Robin - he wasn’t as aged, his smile didn’t always hold the same warmth, his eyes the same experience - yet not know her as he had.

She’d thought that she was alone in the house, hadn’t realised that he’d returned when she’d confessed her agonising thoughts to Snow over the phone and he’d said nothing when she had discovered her in the kitchen, merely asked if she’d like help with dinner. This morning though, the note he’d left on her pillow, apologising that he wasn’t who she needed, had revealed otherwise.

It had only been Archie’s mention that he’d noticed Robin making his way to Gold’s shop that had sent alarm bells ringing in her head.

The click of her heels was barely heard beneath the roaring thunder of magic. Strange scented winds whipped at her hair and clothes as she threw back the thick red curtain and forced her way into Gold’s back room to find the imp and Robin in the middle of the room.

“What are you doing!?”

Only Robin turned at the sound of her voice. He was kneeling on the ground, trembling at the force of the magic cutting through him but his voice was steady, his eyes sure as he replied, “I’m doing the right thing. I’m giving him back to you.”

Her heart was thumping hard in her chest as she cried, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“He has a family, your Robin,” he grimaced as a particularly strong beam of magic pulsed through him, “he has a family, friends, honour.” He shook his head, “He deserves this life, he’ll live it better than I will.”

Tears were streaming from her eyes, she wanted her Robin back with every ounce of her being but, “You can’t do that! I won’t let you!”

He chuckled sadly, knowing she’d fight and replied, “You have no choice,” and with a mere flick of his wrist, Regina felt herself falling into unconsciousness, Robin’s smile following her all the way into the darkness.



She smiled at the sound of his voice, as soft as the pillows beneath her head. His warm palm was pressed to her belly, lips trailing along her collarbone as his hot breath blew gently over her skin. “Go back to sleep.”

She was used to this by now. The dreams, the wonderful dreams in which she was reunited with him even if only for a few moments. At first it had distressed her, she’d wake in a cold sweat and sob and sob and sob but now she knew not to waste the time she had with him, even if it wasn’t real.

He followed the slope of her neck, pulling a shudder from her with the feel of his stubble trailing over delicate skin, elicited a soft chuckle when he bit at her earlobe and the corner of her jaw before he whispered her name again and asked her, “Open those beautiful eyes for me, sweetheart.”

She shook her head playfully, grinning as her hand moved up to cup his cheek.

“Why not?” He dropped kisses all over her face: her cheeks, her eyelids, her forehead.

She swallowed past her grief and fought hard to keep a smile on her face as she whispered, “Because, if I do, you won’t be here anymore.”

He kissed the corner of her mouth, the hand on her belly stroking gently, soothingly as he whispered back, “What if I promise that I will be?”

She bumped her nose against his, eyes still closed as she teased, “You know I wouldn’t believe you.”

He stole a sweet kiss from her, chuckling against her mouth when she lifted her head to prolong the contact before he coaxed her down with a hand on her cheek and asked, “And what if I asked you to trust me?”

That had the smile fading from her lips as her throat tightened and her brow furrowed gently. “You know that I would.”

Those lips found her own once more and she couldn’t help but moan at the urgency of his kiss, hands rising to grip at his cheeks as she parted her lips and slid her tongue against his in long and luxurious passes. She didn’t want to stop, didn’t want to let this feeling go but the decision was made when he tipped his head away from her to catch his breath and asked, “Please,” stroking back her hair from her face. “Open your eyes, my love.”

A shuddered breath left her parted lips, her heart already aching at the thought of losing this wonderful moment with him but even in her heart, even in her own imagination she’d do anything for him and so, very slowly, she began blinking open her eyes, already crying as she did so.

Her heart practically stopped when she felt him catch the falling drops with his kisses, her fingers curling in the - very real - heat of him as the memories of the previous night returned to her.

He pulled back just as slowly as she’d opened her eyes, his grin warm and wide, his own eyes as wet as hers. “You’re here,” she breathed, “you’re real.”

He nodded gently, dropping to press another kiss to her lips before he whispered, “And I’m yours.”

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Something I think about a lot is that if they have a Batman show in your Bat-verse, they would have to have their own origin story and secret identities... any thoughts on what they might be? Like, would it be wildly off the mark, like Were-Batman, or would it be spookily similar to how it actually happened? (Sorry if you've already talked about it and I missed it)

All of the blinds and curtains had been closed. Finn tried to turn on his living room light, and frowned when it didn’t work. He rocked the switch back and forth to no avail, squinting up at the ceiling.

Eyes started to glow in the far corner of the room.

He screeched and dropped his bag on the floor.

“… Bat… man…?” he asked finally. His answer was silence. “Are you… here about the show…? You’re here about the show. We’re — this is all above-the-board, legally speaking.”

Batman stood. At least, that was what Finn assumed happened. The eyes moved from eye level to significantly above that.

“Also legalities aside I think we’ve done a good job of being as respectful as we can within a satirical context,” he added hastily, backing toward the door. “And at this point it’s out of my hands so I couldn’t put a stop to production even if I wanted to. Which isn’t to say that you couldn’t find a way, because you’re Batman, it would just be really nice if you didn’t do that.”

“Convince me.”

It took him a minute to realize that Batman had spoken, to register that they were words in a specific order with a specific meaning. “… convince…? You want the elevator pitch?” Finn wasn’t getting a lot of useful feedback and he was trying really hard not to burst into fear tears and he didn’t understand how anyone could possibly jaywalk in Gotham.

He took a deep breath. “Right. The elevator pitch. I can do that, no problem, not a problem.” He clapped his hands together. “So it’s a show about, uh, Batman — it’s a show about you — not the real you, obviously, it’s — I’m just going to say ‘Batman’, I think you probably get that I mean Batman as an idea and not — anyway.” Finn cleared his throat, tried to swallow the lump in his way.

“The core of the idea is, uh, what if — what if Batman was just a guy. Some guy. No powers, none of, uh—” He flailed his arms into the darkness in an attempt to gesture at whichever part of it was Batman. “Just, you know, a guy. So our story is about, uh, he’s a guy named Johnny Butler — we wanted to name him Johann, you know, for Die Fledermaus, but that seemed a little on-the-nose so we went with Johnny — and he’s this blind guy, and he’s an inventor! He invents, uh, this thing, and it lets him echolocate and he can see all this stuff other people can’t see, and he makes this thing so he can fly, and, you know, other stuff. He lives in Gotham with all these crazy villains, so he decides he’s going to use his inventions to fight them! Because, uh. He can? And Robin is this child prodigy who can talk to birds, he’s sort of, he’s the Marty and Johnny is Doc, or like Penny to Inspector Gadget. That’s. That’s the basics, basically. Is that okay so far?”

“Johnny Butler.”

“Yeah! Yeah. It’s, uh, because of Johann? I already told you that. And how, you know, a batman was like a kind of valet, like a butler, so we were trying to do sort of a pun thing? There’s going to be a lot of puns. I mean, you probably saw the fake intro we made on YouTube? With the theme song? It’s all going to be like that, with the retro aesthetic and camp and the cheesy effects, we’re keeping all of that for the real show. I have this brother, my little brother, he’s really into Batman, uh, you, he collects articles and stuff, and he’s eight, and I wanted to make something that he could watch. So it’s going to be kind of a show for kids, like a funny show — not making fun of you! I can show you a script, if you want.”

“Show me.”

“Yes! Yes sir, absolutely, not a problem, sure.” He bent, and tried to dig through his bag in the dark. “I, uh — here, I think this is it.” He offered a thick stack of paper to the darkness, which took it.

Rowsdower’s Revenge,” the shadow read.

“Wrong script!” Finn said, snatching the script back. “Sorry, sorry, ignore that, sorry. Here, this one, I think this is the one.” He handed off the other script. “I would turn on the light, but…”

Finn squinted, trying to make out a face in the dark. He would have thought that the light from those weird white eyes would have had more of an impact. But while there was definitely the pale lower half of a face, everything else was just a shape, darker than the rest of the room.

He could make out the sound of pages flipping. And another, different sound. A pen?

“Holy homicide, Batman.” It wasn’t quite a question.

“Yeah, it’s, uh, kind of like a catchphrase? Thing?”




“Y… yeah. It’s like — I mean, you have the batmobile and those batarangs — I don’t know if you actually call them that, but, uh. We thought, you know, wouldn’t it be funny if Batman just puts 'bat’ in front of everything? As a joke.”

“Batman and Robin consult the giant lighted lucite map of Gotham City, parentheses, labeled.”

“Obviously you don’t actually go around putting labels on everything, it just, uh.” Trying to explain jokes to Batman was the most painful thing he had ever done in his entire life and he wanted to die.

“Johnny Butler is blind.”


“The actor isn’t blind.”

“He… is not.”


“He’s — casting is — that’s not really how we—”

“Fix it.”

“I. Okay.”

“King Tut.”

“We’re trying to get Rami Malek but he’s been pretty busy but I’ll make sure we get someone Egyptian because I can tell it’s important to you.”

“The theme song.”

“We can get a new one!”

“No.” Batman handed the script back, and Finn took it, hands shaking. “Robin likes it.”

“He does? The, the na-na-na-na-na—”


Finn shut his mouth so fast his teeth clicked.

“I said Robin likes it.”

“Right.” He looked down at the script in his hands, or tried to. His eyes were adjusting, but still not enough. He brought the paper close to his face, squinting. Had Batman written notes on his script? It smelled like permanent marker. He could barely make out a few crossed out words. “You know, if Robin ever wanted to come by set after we start shooting, we could—”

The lights came on.

“Augh!” Finn shut his eyes, then blinked furiously. His apartment was empty and the window was open. He looked back down at the script, and flipped through it. The notes looked like they’d been left by a monk, taking a break from illuminating Bibles. They sat next to words crossed out and sometimes replaced, saying things like 'mental illness is not a joke’ and 'don’t use this word’ and 'words with more plosives are inherently more humorous’. A note beside the description of Batman’s lair mentioned a carefully labeled 'Historically Inaccurate But Well-Meaning Tyrannosaurus Rex’.

Finn hit the speed dial on his phone.

“Marco. Dude. You are not going to believe the notes I just got on this — okay, wait, first of all, we need to recast Batman. We need a blind guy. No, like a real blind guy. A tall one. Really tall. And Robin needs more screentime, we’ve got to curry favor with Robin. No, the real Robin. I have never been more serious. Making sure Robin likes this is going to be vital to not getting our asses kicked.”