he looks like one of the hyenas from the lion king

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If you had to choose a disney song for each tvd character, which ones would you choose and why?


It’s really funny because Matt Donovan was actually the first character to come into my head, let’s begin.

1. Matt Donovan: Go The Distance, Hercules

I just feel like that would be his theme song. Matt is continuously trying to find his place, trying to prove his worth, trying to make MF better, the odds are always insurmountable but he always vows to beat them.

2. Klaus Mikaelson: Be Prepared, Lion King

I have to say that Klaus getting a Scar song is a great honour considering that Scar is by far my favourite Disney villain. I gave him Be Prepared because the hyenas are like Klaus’ hybrids, Klaus has the ambition and the cunning and the tools for psychological manipulation that Scar has and the entire song is about how he’s going to use an army to conquer his brother’s kingdom.

Damon Salvatore: Gaston, Beauty And The Beast

Because this entire song is about what a douche Gaston is, like it actually makes me laugh that it’s an entire song about what a fuckboy he is and that just seems like something Damon would do whether or not it’d be posturing, I don’t care, but like “Gaston” screams Damon Salvatore.

Stefan Salvatore: God Help The Outcasts, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Stefan was particularly hard but I think God Help The Outcasts is perfect for his true character, the sense of isolation, feeling like an outcast and earnestly wanting the people around him to be in a better state of being, helping them, hoping for them etc.

The male characters are actually a lot easier to do than the female characters so the songs may not quite fit the way I would like them to.

Elena Gilbert: Part of Your World, The Little Mermaid

I chose this song because there is a continuous naivete to Elena even throughout the six seasons and this constant searching for something more, in season 1 she was searching for a life after her parents died, in season 4 she was searching for a life as a vampire, in season 6 she was searching for a life post-Damon and post-Bonnie, there is always a certain “the grass is always greener on the other side” and she always wants to be on the other side. Like Ariel.

Bonnie Bennett: Just Around The Riverbend, Pocahontas

I chose this song because Just Around The Riverbend is about Pocahontas’ wild spirit, her thirst for adventure, her inability to be cowed by anyone and while there are so many posts I have that explain why Bonnie Bennett is a sacrificial lamb and the inherent anti-blackness written in her narrative, there is a wildness to Bonnie, a sense of not being able to contain her power or her spirit, how in the end she defies everyone and does what she wants, it just so happens that what she wants all the time is to die for her friends.

Caroline Forbes: I Won’t Say I’m In Love, Hercules

Meg is my favourite female Disney character so I feel kind of weird giving her song to Caroline not that I hate Caroline, I just … anyway, I gave Caroline this song because whether or not the show would like to admit it, they have entwined her storyline and character development with men since season 1, from Damon to Matt from Matt to Tyler from Tyler to Klaus from Klaus to Tyler from Tyler to Jesse from Jesse to Stefan from Stefan to Alaric from Alaric to Stefan and she has this sort of jaded, over-it attitude with men now because of this, which is very much like this song.

Katherine Pierce: Poor Unfortunate Souls, The Little Mermaid

Katherine was really difficult to place. I love this song and I love Ursula and while Ursula looks out for his self interests much like Katherine, they do it differently because Ursula manipulates the weak while Katherine sort of just uses force but only with women, with men Katherine manipulates so I thought the two were a good enough match.

Jeremy Gilbert: I’ll Make A Man Out Of You, Mulan

I mean … what else is there, really?

Enzo I’m not dignifying with a song. Tyler, I have no idea what song I would give him. Alaric, same thing.

Isaac Lahey - Movie and tissues

Request:”Hi! Can you do an Isaac imagine maybe when they’re watching a sad movie and y/n starts crying so Isaac comforts her?”

A/N: Sorry for the eventual errors but I am too lazy to check it.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Ready for the movie night?” Isaac asked just as I opened the front door.

“As always.” I said. “Can you put the movie while I bring the popcorn and the juices?”

“Sure.” He said and kissed my forehead. “But don’t be long or I’ll start the movie without you. You now I will do that.” He said.

“Well…If you do that I won’t eat half of the popcorn while I wait for you to put the movie.” I shouted for the kitchen.

“We will never forget that incident will we?” He laughed.

“Nope.” I said coming back in the living room. I placed the snacks on the coffee table and laughed.

“It was a few months ago. Can we forget please?” Isaac whined.

I threw a popcorn at him. “Forget what? Ohhhh..That time when you tried to open the tv but it wasn’t actually plugged in. Oh yeah. I almost forgot.” I laughed.

“I almost forgot.” Isaac mocked me and as an answer I threw another popcorn at him but this time he caught it.

“Ten points for Lahey!” I shouted.

He laughed. “Do you have any idea about Lacrosse or how points are given.”

“Nope.” I said.

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“Are you ready? We run out of popcorn!” I whined.

“Done.” He plopped down on the couch and gave me the remote.

“What movie did you choose?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise.”

The movie started and I recognized the music from the first notes.

“I can’t believe you! I half-laughed, half-shouted.

“You like Disney movies and this is a classic.” He laughed.

“Well… it’s one of my favorites. I think Lion King was one of my first Disney movies and it has great songs.” I said taking a handful of popcorn and trying to eat all of them.

He looked at me and laugh. “That’s not very lady-like.”

“Oh, Lahey. You know me so well.” I said

“Shhh. Don’t talk during movies.” He mimicked the guy from the cinema who always finds something wrong on your behavior. I laughed and then returned my gaze to the tv screen.

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“Baby Simba it’s so cute.” I said.

“You’re a baby Simba.” Isaac said

“Wow…this might be the greatest compliment I have ever received.” I said.“If I am baby Simba than you are baby Nala.”

Minutes passed and we reached the scene where the two lions sing.I hummed the tune and Isaac slowly shook his head. “Don’t. You. Dare.” He said with a smile on his lips.

“Come one sweety, sing with me.” I yelled.

“I just caaaaan’t wait to be king!!!! I just can’t wait to be king.” He joined me for the last lyrics. And we ended up laughing.

“That’s the only verse you remember, isn’t it?” He said and I nodded.
The movie continued without me interrupting again. We stood in silence until Isaac broke it.

He looked at me and said. “I love you. I mean… I love every part of your annoying behavior. Annoying in a good way.I love when you sing happily, I love when you sit still and just watch. I love you.” He confessed.

I cupped his face and stroked his cheek before I pressed my lips against his. When I pulled apart, I rested my forehead against his own and whispered. “I love you too. I love you for being so kind and accepting towards me. I know I am not an easy person to live with it. It means a lot to me that you didn’t give up on me.” I said.

“Never.” He answer.

I pressed my lips in a smile. “Now that we confessed our feelings, can we return to the movie?” I laughed.

“Yes.” He smiled. We saw Scar talking to the hyenas and I remember that he was my favorite character despite everything he did.

“Have I ever told you that I had a crush on Scar when I was little?” I said while eating a popcorn.

“No. I guess we had to reach a certain step in our relationship and after that you say embarrassing things about childhood.” Isaac said.

“It’s not embarrassing. I always liked him. I always liked villains by the way.” I shrugged.

“I have to keep you away from Peter.” He concluded.

“It’s not necessary. I already tried to be with him. He rejected me so I settled for you.” I joked.

“Hey!” He said.

“I was joking, Isaac. Calm down.” I said. “Now tell me. Who was your disney crush?”

“I always liked little mermaid.” He answered.

“So you would rather date a mermaid than me?!” I said.

“You would rather date a lion!” He played along making me laugh.

“You know what’s funny. The only good guy I like from a Disney movie is Eric. Just him.” I said. “He was my second option, if didn’t end up with Scar.” I laughed.

“Let me see if you have fever. I think you start delirating.” He joked and put his hand on my forehead.

“Offff. We lost the ‘Be prepared song’!” I cried.

“If you dare to replay that part I am going to tickle you, Y/N.” He said. He was barely keeping his face straight.

“You wouldn’t do that.” I squinted my eyes.

“You know I would. So let’s put this away.” He took the remote from my hand and put it on the coffee table. “Don’t you think I don’t know what you are trying to do.” He said.

“I don’t know what I are you talking about.” I lied.

“You are trying to delay the moment.” Isaac smirked.

“I can’t remember what happens next so why would I try to delay it?” I asked but Isaac just shook his head and smiled.

“Do you want me to hold you?” He asked.

“No, I’m fine.” I answered.

We reached the scene I was most “afraid” of. The animals were running and Mufasa saved Simba but then he couldn’t climb the rocks to saved himself. Then Scar’s betrayal and Mufasa’s death. I was feeling the tears forming in my eyes. When they started to fall, Isaac wiped one of them with his thumb.

“Just look at him, Isaac. Poor Simba.” I gestured towards the screen where the baby lion tried to wake up the older one. “It’s too sad. Why would you put this scene in a movie for kids?” I said, more tears streaming down my face.

“Shh. It’s ok.” He grabbed me and I placed my head on his chest. He was slowly caressing my hair.  I wiped my tears and came back to my senses. “I will never let you pick the movie again.

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“You didn’t cry at the Notebook but you cry at Lion King.” He huffed amused.

“Those are animals,Isaac! When an animal dies in a movie it’s way more sad.” I said

He cupped my cheek and gave me a warm smile. He leaned closer and kissed me. “Should we replay the first part over and over again so Mufasa doesn’t die?” He asked.

“No. I don’t have enough patience to watch it again. And beside, in a few minutes it’s ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ and I love that song.” I said.

“I won’t sing with you again.” He warned me.

“You will, Lahey. You will.” I said making him laugh.

“You’re probably right.” He answered.          

Naruto Characters at Disney!

So here’s a little background before you read this post. I spent all day cleaning and it’s kind of a tradition for me to listen to Disney music - it just helps to pass the time. So I began wondering to myself, “which characters would enjoy which parks the most?” and I got some really sound ideas from it. Being someone who’s pretty obsessed with all things Disney, I had a lot of fun coming up with these headcanons. ALSO - much thanks to @a-erith for helping me out with all the girls! How troublesome. Enjoy! 

Konoha 11 + Sand Sibs favorite Walt Disney World Parks

Magic Kingdom

Rock Lee: He LOVES meeting the princesses. He thinks they’re all so sweet and really show empowering qualities. He gets emotional during the nighttime fireworks spectaculars - especially at the part where Jiminy Cricket talks about making wishes. He often thinks about how he achieved his dreams because of his support system. 

Naruto: He mainly enjoys going on the thrill rides. Space Mountain is his favorite because he never knows what to expect in the darkness. He always gets distracted when he is playing the games in the lines. It’s a tradition that he gets a Mickey pretzel every time he goes. 

Sakura: Sakura wouldn’t miss out on eating at “Be Our Guest” since her favorite princess is Belle. She admires how strong she was from the very beginning and how she wasn’t afraid to step in and save her prince - much like how she always wants to be there for her comrades! She is all for trying every ride at least once, but her favorite is the Teacups (even though no one else can really handle how fast she likes to go)! 

Ino: P R I N C E S S E S. She would spend all day in the Princess Fairytale Hall discussing how pretty all of them are. During the Very Merry Christmas Party, she likes to flirt with all the princes (but then again who doesn’t?). On Dapper Day, she always goes to the park in her best outfit and takes hundreds of photos. Every year she bases her outfit off a different flower and she breaks necks with how gorgeous she looks.

The rest of the parks are under the cut since it’s going to be a really long post!

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rfa+v+saeran reacting to mc watching disney movies and singing along

this pretty much just turned into all of them singing together,


  • i feel like Yoosungs favorite disney movie is 101 dalmations
  • but for the sake of making this a movie musical,
  • Hercules
  • he loves the narrative of the dorky, lanky, young outcast becoming everyone’s favorite hero and finding love
  • and he loves the muses
  • okay Yoosung, dont sing along. that would be weird. hold it in.
  • but tbh when this movie starts not even MC can hold it in
  • “we are the muses”
  • Yoosung jumps in
  • “goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes”
  • MC chimes in again
  • “heroes like Hercules”
  • Yoosung comes back in for his favorite line
  • “honey, you mean HUNKules”
  • Yoosung actually does a really good impression of the muses
  • when Go the Distance comes on both him and MC get super into it
  • and it turns out Yoosung has a nice voice
  • they sing to each other, barley paying attention to the movie anymore
  • “i am on my way, i can go the distance”
  • “i dont care how far, somehow i’ll be strong”
  • and Yoosungs favorite line
  • “i will go most anywhere to feel like i belong”


  • besides having a special place in his heart for the narcissistic, music loving prince Naveen,
  • Zen loves this music
  • as soon as he hears “in the south land” he’s already off the couch dancing
  • he’ll take Tiana’s part and MC will sing Naveen’s part
  • can you imagine when Almost There starts Zen just stands up and starts doing all the same motions as Tiana
  • “Mama! i aint got time for dancing! that’s just gonna have to wait awhile…”
  • but his favorite favorite favorite song is Ma Belle Evangeline
  • he does his best Raymond impression to sing along
  • he’ll kneel and MC’s feet and grab their hands as he sings to them
  • “look how she lights up the sky, ma belle evangeline”
  • when the trumpet solo starts, Zen holds out his hand to MC
  • “may i have this dance?”
  • so Zen and MC dance around their living room while he continues to serenade them
  • “look how she lights up the sky, i love you evangeline”
  • i know we always do the zen x cinderella thing but i think he’s make a damn good tiana


  • in terms of music, her favorite disney movie is Tarzan
  • she’s also one of those people who has a crush on grown up Tarzan
  • Jaehee can also kind of sympathize with someone who grew up in a place where they felt like they dont belong…
  • she loves You’ll Be in My Heart
  • she doesnt sing at first, but MC encourages her to by singing themselves
  • “come stop your crying, it’ll be alright…”
  • MC holds Jaehee’s hand
  • “just take my hand, hold it tight”
  • Jaehee feels her whole face get warm as MC sings to her
  • she sings back to MC as best she can, though she’s never had an amazing voice
  • “i will protect you from all around you”
  • Jaehee squeezes MC’s hand
  • “i will be here, dont you cry”
  • as Jaehee and MC sing to each other, Jaehee kind of forgets theyre even watching Tarzan
  • she just sings to MC 
  • and she means every word
  • but then when Trashin’ the Camp comes on it’s goodbye sappy feelings hello Jaehee playing air-trumpet and MC beating on air-drums


  • Jumin finds the majority of disney movie musicals to be quite annoying
  • especially princess and the frog i mean its all just too noisy
  • but there is one that he actually enjoys
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • emotionally stunted rich boy keeps a pretty girl locked in his castle but then she falls in love with him and shows him how to love?
  • HMMMmm…i wonder why Jumin likes this movie so much….
  • and his favorite song in his favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast
  • for most of the movie he just let MC sing by themselves, he likes listening to them sing and watching them get into the music
  • but when Beauty and the Beast comes on and Belle and Beast start dancing he really cant hold it in anymore
  • “tale as old as time…”
  • at first MC was singing too, but when they noticed Jumin singing they stopped and just listened to him
  • “true as it can be…”
  • MC cuddles up to Jumin, sinking into his deep, smooth voice
  • Jumin lifts up his arm so MC can get closer to him, hugging them into his body
  • “Barely even friends, then somebody bends…unexpectedly”
  • MC closed their eyes while Jumin sang, and they almost fell asleep to the sound of his voice
  • after that, MC asked Jumin to sing Beauty and the Beast to them all the time
  • and he did so happily


  • Sevens gotta watch the movie about his favorite rag-tag, handsome, funny, smart, handsome, kind-hearted, handsome thief
  • MC starts singing Arabian Nights, impersonating that small creepy man on a camel
  • “oh i come from a land from a far away place”
  • Seven chimes in a few lines for his favorite part of the song
  • “where they cut off your ear if they dont like your face! it’s barbaric but hey, its home!”
  • he acts out all the words, pretending for a moment that he only has one ear
  • Seven springs up from the couch as soon as the music starts
  • “Seven, what the hell are you-”
  • “gotta keep one jump ahead of the breadline”
  • Seven looked around frantically as if he was really being chased by the police
  • when MC stood up he backed away
  • so for the song MC took on the part of the police and chased Seven around the house for the duration of the song
  • “all i gotta do is juuuuuuump!”
  • and he jumps back onto the couch
  • then when A Whole New World starts he puts an arm around MC and pulls them close, gesturing to the ceiling with the other arm
  • “i can show you the world…”
  • so MC takes Jasmines part and he takes Aladdins
  • even thought they’re just in his living room, Seven can almost see the sky flying past them as they sing together
  • it really was a whole new world with MC


  • V freakin loves the little mermaid guys i just know he does
  • being so in love with someone you’d give up anything for them, even practically sell your soul
  • been there, done that…
  • he likes the story where it actually works out, though
  • he also loves Sebastian, that poor little crab just wants to protect Ariel
  • he usually doesnt really sing along with the music
  • but MC was singing as soon as Daughters of Triton started
  • “we are the daughters of triton”
  • V laughed
  • he decided to have some fun and join in
  • he’ll say the name of the girl and MC will sing their response
  • “Aquata”
  • “aaahh ahh ahhh!”
  • this continues until V sings
  • “and our sister Ariel”
  • and then him and MC both gasp, as if they were also surprised members of the audience
  • when V starts singing Part of Your World, its as if he unlocked a part of himself he didnt know was there
  • MC and him were both singing, until suddenly V grabbed MC’s hands and sing to them
  • “what would i give if i could live out of these waters?”
  • “what would i pay to spend a day warm on the sand?”
  • MC was so surprised at how sincere V seemed, they stopped singing
  • they really felt as if V wanted to be part of their world
  • and also at the end of “kiss the girl” after singing the song with MC V totally kisses them
  • thank god there were no eels to flip his couch over


  • this boy loves the lion king
  • he likes to imagine that he’s Simba and Seven is Zazu
  • especially at that one part when Simba asks how him and Nala are going to “ditch the dodo”
  • he also likes to imagine that he’s scar
  • scar is his favorite disney villain
  • Saeran loves singing I Just Can’t Wait to be King
  • his favorite line is 
  • “i’m working on my ROAR!”
  • he does his best lion roar
  • but honestly, nothing can compare to Be Prepared
  • he loves to be like 
  • “IDIOTS! I will be king! stick with me, and you’ll never go hungry again!!!”
  • he gets all in character for this song, acting all charismatic and evil 
  • he’ll be scar and MC does the hyenas parts
  • “and where do we feature?”
  • Saeran puts his arm around MC and lifts their chin up with his hand, looming over them
  • “just listen to teacher”
  • lololol Saeran loves being a mean lion


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I want a Harry Potter/Lion King AU.

You can’t really lose because - Harry Potter? Wonderful. The Lion King? Wonderful.

The whole Harry/Simba, James/Mufasa dynamic is what would really make it for me. You’ve got the young, headstrong son who idolizes his father and gets into mischief and the half-blind-eye, half-stern father who dotes on his beloved son and imparts his wisdom.

Snape would be Scar (Voldemort doesn’t really factor into this AU? I feel like he’s too big of a bad guy) and I think that really works because he could be that really unfortunate relative who’s secretly evil. He used to be friends with Lily so he’s not a total outcast, but still a murderous fiend who plots and gets James killed. Fits, right? And so then you’d have Harry fleeing after James dies, convinced he’s to blame, and Snape tells everyone that Harry’s dead too. Mufasa dying is probably one of the most gut-wrenching Disney scenes ever and I’m getting a little sad just thinking about it but it would melt right into this AU.

So, troubled Harry grows up far away and tries to forget his past and bury his guilt but is eventually discovered by  Rafiki/Dumbledore, who convinces him that you can’t run from your past forever. He shows Harry that James never really left him – the ones we love live on in us (end of PoA cough cough) – and that you have to face your past to learn from it and overcome your inner demons.

And the final confrontation would be the best. Harry shows up with a bang to challenge Snape and the Death Eaters and everyone’s first impression is: James? But he’s dead! And Lily’s there trying to lead the fight but it’s a losing battle and she sees Harry and just can’t comprehend it. Because he looks so much like his father and she thought he was dead but here he is, impossibly alive, and come to save them all from destruction. And Snape and Harry have their showdown with all the resolution of misplaced guilt over James’s death and Harry finally learning that Snape killed his father.  Harry wins, Snape gets torn apart by hyenas, happy ending.

a package for daichi

[a drabble in honor of daichi’s birthday; kurodai (ish); ~500 words]

“Hey, Daichi.”

Suga pokes his head into the gym, face stretched wide in that self-satisfied smirk he always gets when he’s trying to hide something.  Practice started a few minutes ago, and it’s not like the vice-captain to be late… Daichi’s honestly a little bit concerned.

“Hello, Suga,” he shouts across the gym.  “Nice of you to show up.”

Tanaka and Nishinoya gasp dramatically.

Suga just waves them off, his smirk only widening.  He reminds Daichi of a mischievous kami that steals only people’s left socks.

“A package came for you, Captain,” Suga says.

Daichi narrows his eyes. “A… package.”

Suga nods.  “It’s right outside.  But you have to come over here to open it.”

“We’re in the middle of practice,” Daichi replies.

“You just started practice,” Suga corrects.  “You can spare a few moments to come open your package. I bet it’s a birthday present.”

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The Lion Guard

Here are some thoughts I had about the Lion King: Return of the Roar movie that just premiered on Disney last night.

  • Only two of the voice actors from the films reprise their roles in this series.  Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa and James Earl Jones as Mufasa.
  • James Earl Jones also voiced Darth Vader in the original trilogy.  He reprises his role as Vader in the Star Wars Rebel series.  So it probably wasn’t that hard for Disney to nab his voice for this.
  • Kiara has a very sassy mouth.
  • Kion has a catchphrase that might actually be something in an African language.  I don’t know which one though, but that alone is a very neat little thing they did.  They didn’t have to but they did so it all good.
  • Timon and Pumbaa adopted Bunga… as a nephew.  He calls them Uncle Timon and Uncle Pumbaa.  For some shippers, this would be a “close enough” scenario.
  • Kiara is obviously Simba’s favorite child.  His faith in his son is weak.
  • It is implied that Simba had the sex talk with Kion.  In something that is rated Y of all things.  Death and animals being eaten is also frequently talked about on the show.  Disney has nards.
  • Simba didn’t think that Kion was ready to learn about the Loin Guard, but he thought that the cub was more than ready to learn about what “Feeling the Love Tonight” means?
  • So Scar was the leader of the Lion Guard.  Okay, that is better than having no job at all.  He even had a bunch of lion bros to hang out with.  He then kills them all by roaring.  Hmm…  This must have happened in secret because I find it odd that Mufasa would let Scar hang around still if he knew that he killed all the other male lions in the pride.
  • Is it possible that Nala’s father could have been one of the Lion Guard?  That would certainly bring an end to the whole “Nala is Simba’s sister” thing.  But it also means that Scar killed her father.  What is with him and killing everybody’s dad?  That’s plain rude.
  • Kiara has friends her age.  There aren’t any other male lions around so that can only mean one thing…
  • Kiara’s description of Bunga’s bravery is very accurate.
  • Bunga’s motto is Zuka Zama.  I have no idea what it means.  I think it means excitement and adventure?  It wasn’t clarified.
  • Fuli is the only girl in the Lion Guard.  She is also the only other cat.  She is also not Kion’s sister.  So yeah.  I sense a great many ship pics for these two.  It helps that Fuli looks so adorbs.
  • The other ship will be Kion and Bunga.  Because we live in a more open-minded society now and we don’t discriminate!
  • Simba discriminates a lot in this tv movie.  He doesn’t want other species in on the Lion Guard gig.  He doesn’t allow the hyenas to live in the Prideland.  And he had banished a whole bunch of lions because they thought Scar was pretty hot.  What a jerk.
  • The hyenas try to be like Scar and sing out their evil plans.  Kinda like “Be Prepared” but just not.
  • Kiara is allowed to hunt or atleast practice it without any supervision.  Lion King 2 Simba would be flipping his lid right about now.  Maybe Lion Guard really is an AU where Simba became more laid back in his parenting tactics because he has a back-up kid for just in case.
  • Lion Cutie Marks can be transferred to others by touching them.  Weird how Kion knew that he could do this.  It wasn’t like Mufasa told him that he could do this.  Kion just kinda… did it.
  • The new Lion Guard saved the day and taught Simba a favorable lesson in how you shouldn’t discriminate against other species.  Unless they are hyenas.  Hyenas apparently should all just die off or something.
  • I am a Leo
  • Watching this makes me wonder if Kovu will make a cameo.  If Kovu gets a cameo then will Vitani get a cameo?  She is a pretty popular character amongst the Lion King fandom despite how little her role in the film was.  It probably helps that she is the only family Kovu has by the end of the film.  Spoilers.
  • Zuka zama zom zom zom.

Ahahaha it’s done! Scar Daud and his hyena Whalers, in two versions, more or less normal and crazy magical Disney color scheme for your viewing pleasure XDDD For those who don’t know where this crazy Lion King AU came from:

I was sketching Havelock the other day and I decided that his hair isn’t too impressive so in a fit of madness I suddenly made him sing I Can’t Wait to be King from Lion King because it’s quite fitting for his ambitions (XDDD) and Zazu points out that Simba has little hair there. And then I was like: “Emily should be singing Simba’s lines, Farley, not you! She has the royal amount of hair, L’oreal hair runs in the family there.”

And then I suddenly thought… who killed Mufasa (Jessamine)?!… and suddenly I understood that Daud is Scar and Whalers are the hyenas and the Flooded District is the Whale Graveyard.

And then nobody stopped me so I drew this.

It makes all kinds of sense for the Whalers to wear those vapor masks now, with all this strange green smoke XDDDD

Theme music: Be Prepared (obviously XD)

“Stick with me and you’ll never go hungry again!”

ps. I think Hiram Burrows is good Zazu material. Anybody wants to see that XDDD?

Let me explain what's wrong with the "Only" lyric video

It should be obvious what’s wrong with Nicki Minaj’s video for Only. For those that haven’t seen it yet, it’s based on her in a role as a dictator of some unnamed country that YMCMB are in control of, a country with a massive military and a penchant for black, red and white colour schemes.

From the get-go glamourising dictatorships is pretty shitty but what’s worse is that the particular dictator she’s likened herself too is everyone’s favourite maniacal 20th century Führer, Adolf Hitler. 

I don’t know where to begin explaining why this is so wrong, there’s too much, so I’ll just refute some of the defences I’ve seen of the video. 

  • “It happened a long time ago and is no longer relevant”

A personal favourite. With it being a song from an American artist most people listening are American and therefore no longer feel the effects of WW2. Cool. However, across the Atlantic, Nazism is on the rise and has been for quite some time. Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik and France’s National Front are all far right parties with some representatives in power. Golden Dawn are especially bad and have been linked to several murders. One of their representatives even assaulted a female politician on live TV. Nazism is alive and kicking in Europe and shows no sign of decreasing. Anti-semitism is on the rise as are attacks on migrants and other minority religious groups. These are all linked to Hitler’s idea of National Socialism. While the man and the Nazi party may be dead, his ideas and dreams live on almost as much as if he were alive today. 

  • “It’s not necessarily based on Nazis, just the role of a powerful dictator”

To not be able to spot the Nazi imagery in this video you would either have to be blind or stupid. 

This scene looks PRETTY familiar.

Also featured are armies of soldiers wearing red armbands with a white circle inside. Type in “red armband soldiers” into Google images and about 90% of the results are regarding the Nazi army. There is no way this isn’t based on Nazi Germany. There is literally nothing else that shares these aesthetics.

  • “What about Stalin/Vietnam/slavery, this isn’t that bad in comparison”

Stalin’s rule was terrible. The Vietnam war was terrible. Slavery was terrible. I think we can all agree on that. However, the difference is there are no major music videos explicitly depicting artists as slave owners or civilian murdering soldiers. Why? Because it would be offensive and in poor taste. This is a straw man argument. It’s not about whether slavery was worse than the holocaust, it’s about whether it’s appropriate or not to feature it in a music video. The answer is no.

  • “Nazis have been used in other media and no-one cared”

The only media I’ve seen that included Nazis have been WW2 movies and games that portrayed Nazis pretty much solely as the “bad guys”. In fact, Nazis are one of a few things that are ALWAYS the bad guys in western media (lumped in with terrorists, serial killers and zombies). An example that keeps coming up is Nazi imagery within the Lion King, with Scar representing Hitler. The difference is, Scar is through and through the villain. There’s nothing glamorous about his hyena army, unlike Nicki’s almost fetishised view of military might in smart uniforms.

  • “They’re not really Nazis, just using the imagery for controversy” also, “She had no creative control over the video”

I know Nicki Minaj isn’t a Nazi. But she DID have some influence over the video as it’s her song. Controversy is fine and could have come in many shapes and sizes, but glorifying the deaths of minorities for views is just wrong. Sell sex, sell gore, sell horror, just don’t sell a real life event that ruined the lives and legacies of millions.

  • “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

By this reasoning blackface is fine, because if you don’t like it you just don’t have to watch it. Gay-bashing TV shows are fine, because if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it. Sexist humour and rape jokes are fine, because if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it. Everything’s fine, until if affects you. As Martin Niemöller said, from a Nazi concentration camp, “at first they came for the socialists…”

Sorry for the long read, but this has made me pretty angry. Not just the video but the lengths people will go to defend it. During Nazi rule my mum would have been murdered. My girlfriend’s family had to flee from their home country in Romania to Venezuela to avoid being murdered. My neighbour, who died last year, spent time in a concentration camp and had a number tattooed onto him. My grandfather was shot in the leg and narrowly avoided death fighting against the Nazis. Real people, many of whom are alive today, made real sacrifices.

Nazism is a vicious, dangerous, evil ideology. It is not something to be used to sell records, it is not an aesthetic and it is definitely not justifiable to glorify and fetishise, even in a comparatively minor way such as the release of this video.

Harry The Lionheart

Warning : Graphic photos.

Adrenaline pumping, his face alert with excitement and momentary apprehension, Prince Harry reaches out to touch the flanks of a fully grown male lion.

It’s an extraordinary and heartstopping moment, as the fearsome beast – which has been lightly sedated – lies semi-conscious at his feet on a pitch-black night in the African bush.

The Prince is monitoring the animal’s breathing during the vital few minutes needed for vets to carry out tests. Maintaining a commendable calm, he then helps wildlife vets draw blood from the lion for DNA identification, replace a broken GPS collar under its shaggy mane and brand it.

But this is Harry – the ‘Playboy Prince’ – and he soon lifts the tension. With his head torch hanging around his neck he jokingly pulls down his shorts crying: ‘OK, me next!’ before pretending to reach for the red-hot branding iron.

As these exclusive pictures show, Harry, 30, has been living his African dream on a wildlife reserve and, unencumbered by the pressures of public life and paparazzi, has opened up to his companions as he never does in public.

He jokes about what a ‘bad uncle’ he is to his brother Prince William’s and posing for the all-important photographs with baby Charlotte, Harry was standing barefoot in the bush, tucking into chicken stew cooked over the camp fire.

Talking more seriously about his longing to spend more time in the wild in Africa, Harry told his friend: ‘I have to go along with the way my life is, and in many ways I’m very privileged.

‘It’s how things are and I know what I have to do. But I want to spend time out here regularly, it’s become really precious to me and I’m learning a lot.’

Harry, who has also spent time with armed soldiers fighting off rhino poachers from helicopters in Kruger national park in South Africa, added: ‘This is a recce really. I’m taking a lot of new information back home with me for my brother and me to analyse. We’re going to work out a strategy for doing more in Africa and to encourage new conservation initiatives.’

Harry has been playing a full role in the work of a team tracking lions in the remote, 10,000sq mile Palmwag Reserve in Namibia’s north-west Kunene region, where lions, elephants, rhino and leopards roam across vast vistas of desert and scrub.

Having swapped life as an Army Apache helicopter pilot for the sharp end of animal conservation, he has been living his African  dream as part of a three-month assignment in southern Africa, where he has joined the campaign against rhino poachers – and he is relishing the freedom.

He is so much in his element that he often goes barefoot and, to the alarm of colleagues who warned him about the dangers of wild animals marauding in the night, he stubbornly insists on sleeping in the open rather than in a tent.

Harry told one: ‘I’ve come all the way to Africa to be free. I’m taking my bedroll and I’m sleeping by the fire.’

The Prince’s encounter with the king of the jungle came after he told his companions – two royal protection officers, two vets, a Namibian police officer, a senior tracker-guide, and Simson – that he desperately wanted to see lions up close and personal in the wild.

Renowned wildlife vet Dr Peter Morkel, a rhino expert, had already spent time elsewhere in Namibia showing Harry the process of painlessly removing horns to save the species from destructive poaching. Now he had brought the Prince to these wildlife-rich lands where local communities have been given responsibility for conservation efforts, including keeping an eye on the lions.

Simson said: ‘We tracked down a pair, one male one female, for him earlier in the day by following the animals’ droppings and footprints. Harry wanted a taste of conservation in the raw and it became a huge adventure.’

Specialist vet Dr Philip Stander used sound equipment to blare out a recording of an oryx screaming, followed by a hyena’s call.

Soon the lions, sensing the imaginary kill, padded into view. Simson said Harry had been continually whispering: ‘Are you sure they’ll come? How can you be sure?’

He knew he would have an important role to play if the animals appeared, said Simson, adding: ‘He was nervous and thrilled at the same time.’

Dr Stander used tranquilliser darts to sedate the animals, and beckoned the others forward. ‘It was rocky and sandy underfoot and we all crept up quietly,’ said Simson. ‘Harry had already been told what to do.’

His companions have warned the Prince that tranquillising large exotic animals is a ‘tricky science’, and to work very quickly before the drug wears off.

Dr Stander said: ‘The male lion’s radio collar had been damaged and it needed replacing. The work had tobe done in a matter of minutes – you only lightly sedate the animals so as not to interfere with their metabolism, and you must work fast.’

He said Harry did not hesitate to crouch down next to the lion and, as instructed, monitor his breathing to check it remained regular while Dr Stander prepared a syringe to take blood.

‘Harry knew what he was doing. He stayed calm and helped to fix the new collar with its studs and buckles.’

In a fleece top with a Walking With The Wounded logo from his time on the Forces charity’s South Pole expedition, Harry later poses proudly beside the lion, his hand resting gently on its head.

Dr Stander lit a small fire to heat up a branding iron and stamped a code number on to the lion’s fur, which prompted the Prince to offer his backside.

As a member of a team of eight, Harry has been enjoying the camaraderie of the tight-knit group and has asked for no special favours, camping with his companions at night and doing his share of the chores, chopping vegetables, preparing meat for the barbecue and washing-up.

Simson said: ‘He was with us for five nights, all spent out in the bush in quite rough conditions.’

Rising at 5.30am with the rest of the team in the camp, he helped to make tea over an open fire or fry eggs, before heading off into the bush.

Simson said: ‘There were no toilet or shower facilities.

‘We got water from a nearby spring and splashed it, cold, on our faces.

‘Harry joined in uncomplaining, and took a bucket of water like the rest of us for an all-over wash.

‘I could see straightaway when I was introduced to him that he was going to be a great companion and a team player. He looks pale and slim compared to some of us, but he is strong and you can tell he’s been military trained. He’s impressive.’

They shared beers around the camp fire in the evenings and, despite serious warnings from Simson, Harry insisted on sleeping under the stars.

‘I told him it would be safer to sleep in his tent. He had pitched it expertly himself and we were all sleeping inside ours. We know that anything can happen unexpectedly – from snakes approaching to insect bites, or an elephant or hyena coming into camp.’

Simson briefed Harry on how to get out of sight and stay downwind if animals approached, saying: ‘That was the least I could do if he insisted on sleeping in the open.’ He added: ‘Of course every time Harry slept out, his bodyguards had to be there too.

‘There was a lot of teasing and joking about him spending his life with them. It was very funny.’

On one occasion, the Prince came face to face with a big rhino bull called Harry. ‘That amused him very much,’ Simson said. ‘Finally Harry met Harry.’

here is a twitter fic that got…very, very long, lol~ it’s a bit sloppy bc of the original format but i cleaned it up a bit so it would be readable.

This story begins with a true love’s kiss. Well. It actually begins with Regina rushing to Emma at full speed, their prior conflict forgotten as the end of the world that Emma had unleashed bears down on them, and it begins with Emma meeting Regina’s eyes and Regina taking the Dark One into her arms, shielding her from the magic erupting from a portal.

Emma murmurs something that might be “I’m sorry,” and Regina shielding her becomes a lot more like Regina hugging her, and there’s an instinctive kiss brushed to the top of Emma’s head and everything changes.

The light explodes from them in a burst of color and the portal around them no longer seems to be raining hell down upon them and Emma stares up at Regina and Regina stares back at her and Emma’s changing now, too. The darkness within her erupts into the portal and they’re caught in a maelstrom and pulled in with it.

And THAT’S how Season Five ends. 👌

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Wizard World 2016

Ok, so for funsies, and because I need this documented for future reference for when I conveniently forget what it was like to interact with/touch Gillian, I’m going to write down my ENTIRE experience of that day.  The day.  The big day that I died and went to x-phile heaven.  I’m taking note from @2momsmakearight and including pictures, because why not?  WARNING:  I tend to swear a lot.  

I had to be up at 2:45am to be out the door by 4am.  Why didn’t we (my husband and I) just leave Friday?  Because work and other lame ass adult responsibilities had forbidden us from an earlier departure.  Plus, I needed *some* sleep before one of the longest days of my life. 

I wake up at 2:45am on the freaking dot, and begin the long task of getting ready on 2 hours of sleep.  I was so fucking excited the night before that I couldn’t get myself to pass out.  Anyways, cup of coffee number one to the rescue, and I was ready at 3:45am.  I forgot to check the weather for MY location the day before, and color me surprised when the 96% humidity I walked out into completely ruined my hair.  Surprisingly, I didn’t care.  I was just ready to get to Chicago.

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Hi!!! Oh my flub I love your blog! It’s amazing! Like I’m not kidding probably my fav account! Could I have an imagine? One where Andy and (y/n) go to the beach and some popular girls call you some really mean things and it brings you down a lot but Andy cheers you up (you can choose how to cheer y/n up) and it’s super cute and fluffy? Thanks love! You’re awesome!

Exiting the school bus, you looked around in excitement while smiling. Today you made a school trip to the beach with your whole class, including your boyfriend Andy and sadly also those annoying bitches that had been making fun of you since school started.

“Come on, let’s search for a good place”, Andy said and grabbed your hands, pulling you behind him to the beach. “But we have to stay near the group!”, you laughed and stumbled after him. Only a few feet away from the group, you found a shady place and no one was around there, mostly because the beach was pretty empty.
You laid down your towels and took off your clothes, luckily you wore your bikini already under your clothes.

“Do you need help with the sun cream?”, Andy asked sweetly and held up the bottle for you to see. You nodded and turned your back towards him, facing the popular girls of you class. They were looking at you and giggling behind there hands, pointing at you as they laughter got louder.
You shuddered as you felt Andy’s hands rubbing the sun cream unto your back and looked to the ground to hide your blushing cheeks, but mostly because so that you wouldn’t have to see the faces of those bitches.

“Oh my god! Look, a beached whale!”, you looked up again and straight to one of the popular girls. “Oh wait, it’s just (Y/N)!”, the group of girls interrupted into loud laughter, sounding more like those crazy hyena from “The Lion King”.

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length: 614 words

summary: Tony and Steve find a shared hobby and love it.

a/n: fic requested by @amazingmsme (even included a line from her prompt, try to guess which one!) and partially by @dandyd00dles! in May also contributing to Civil Union Fest! by popular demand, today and tomorrow I am posting two fics instead of one, so check back in two hours from now for another fluffy fic!


Tony and Steve rolled out of the elevator, holding each other for support and roaring with laughter. They were tripping over their own feet, grabbing the other closer, to avoid falling over, and end as a mess of flailing limbs and incoherent laughter.

For a bypasser, they would look absolutely and out of mind drunk.

And maybe they were a little. Drunk on happiness.

New York city had many perks. It wasn’t called the greatest city on earth for nothing. Both Tony and Steve had their favorite parts, but recently they discovered one part they both mutually adored.


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