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You yawn, “Hi.” You balance the phone between your shoulder and cheek as you type something into your laptop.
“Will you be home anytime soon?”
You look at the time and realize it’s nearly 12:30. You sigh, “I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t be much longer, you should go to bed though.”
“It’s okay,” Harry says, but yawns, “We get to sleep in tomorrow so I can wait up. What’re you working on?”
“Just finishing a draft of my opening statement. I’m gonna leave it on Ron’s desk since he comes in on Saturdays, see what he thinks.” You finish the last sentence and hit save, print.
“Why don’t you just e-mail him?”
The printer begins to whir behind you, “Oh…” Then you giggle, “I’m so tired, I didn’t even think to.”
“Are you okay to drive home, love? I can come get you, we can come back for your car tomorrow.”

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Water Off A Ducks Back

Mandy sat at the table beside her grandmother with a piece of slate and chalk, doing her best to draw something that seemed to be a little beyond her young skills, judging from the frustrated grunts that interrupted Claire’s own pursuits.
Finally, concentration thoroughly broken, Claire sighed and put down the book she had been pouring over looking for information on a particular genus of mushroom she had discovered growing by the river which she had not seen before.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

Mandy looked up at her grandmother, her brow creased in a rather severe frown.

“I can’t draw my friend!”
She huffed and slapped the nub of chalk down in disgust. Claire smiled and turned the slate to face her. Mandy had managed, with no small degree of skill for a five year old, to outline a face, possibly male, with a large nose and a lot of what Claire had to believe was hair.

“Oh I think that’s very good indeed! Who is it?”

“My friend Duv, but it’s not good. His hair is all wrong.”

The little girl pouted and slumped back against the chair in exasperation.

“Well let me try,”
Claire offered, picking up the chalk and looking at Mandy for instruction.
“What sort of hair does he have?”

“It’s black and long. Like this …”

Mandy pulled her hair into a fist at the nape of her neck holding it back from her face and watched patiently as her grandmother tried to emulate it on the slate.

“He looks a bit like Grandda too, but shorter.”

Claire gave her granddaughter a look of surprise and Mandy patted her hand.

“He won’t come to tea and eat all the cakes like Grandda, don’t worry.”

“Is he as old as Grandda?”

Mandy looked blankly at Claire

“I don’t know Grannie, Mama says it’s rude to ask.”

“Oh. Yes, I suppose that is rather true.”

Images of strange clansmen lurking in the woods flooded Claire’s imagination and she ignored a slight sense of panic that rose in her chest. Mandy peered at Claire’s attempt at the drawing and sighed.

“He sometimes sits with me in the garden but sometimes he comes and sits by my window… Your drawing isn’t very good Grandma.”

Claire felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up but smiled at Mandy encouragingly.
The door flew open and Jamie and Roger staggered in under the weight of several large blocks of firewood.

Jamie smiled and bowed, dropping the wood beside the fireplace and unwrapping the scarf from around his neck.

He crossed to the table and kissed Claire’s cheek as she rose to get the men some tea. Roger swept Mandy up and dangled her by her ankles, making her shriek with delight.

“Hello wee selkie!”
He beamed, righting her and letting her wrap her arms around his neck, clinging to him like a monkey.

“Daddy, your hair is all wet!”
She informed him, patting at the droplets clinging to his crown.

“Aye, it’s a dismal day. Luckily we have lots of wood and lots of tea.”

Claire put a cup down in front of him at the table before handing the other to Jamie.

“What’s amiss Sassenach?”
He asked, looking at her with concern written across his features, which she knew must be a mirror of her own face. Claire smiled brightly at Mandy and Roger before tugging Jamie towards the kitchen.

“Mandy asked me to draw her ‘friend’. She says there is a man who sits with her in the garden and sometimes sits by her window.”

She whispered and Jamie’s brows knitted together in a frown.

“Weel I daresay it is a pretend friend. Ye ken how Jem had one too when he was a wean?”

Claire nodded and felt foolish for bringing it up but something about it just niggled at her.

“I know but… she said he looks like you and his name is Duv. It’s not the sort of imaginary friend I would expect.“

Jamie nodded to himself
“And ye think we may have a clansman prowling the woods?”

Claire shrugged and shook her head
“I don’t know Jamie, I doubt it but …”

Jamie pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. It was to be expected that Claire would be concerned; too much had happened over the years, too many predators near their family for her not to fret over the merest possibility of danger.

“I dinna think that a man could get sae close to the house wi’out the dogs letting us ken about it, and I dinna think ye or Bree leave Mandy on her own long enough for a stranger to sit wi’ her, but let’s have a chat wi’ the lass and see, aye?”

He smiled warmly at Claire and she tiptoed to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you, I know I’m being foolish but so many things have happened …”

“Aye, I ken. Come, we’ll see what she says.”

Jamie made his way back to the table where Mandy was happily perched on her father’s lap combing his hair out, lips pursed in concentration to avoid pulling on the tangles.

“Grannie says ye were doing a drawing a leannan.”
Jamie smiled, sitting opposite Roger and his granddaughter.

Mandy nodded but didn’t take her eyes from her task.

“Ye were drawing a friend who visits ye?”
Jamie kept his voice level but his eyes met with Roger’s over the top of Mandy’s head and held him steady as alarm momentarily flashed across his face.

“Yes Grandda.”
Mandy mumbled and Roger pulled gently back to look down at his daughter.

“Who’s this then sweetie? Ye havena told me or Mama about a friend.”

Mandy shook her head
“No Daddy,”
She smiled and twisted to look at her Grandfather

“But you know him, Grandda.”

“Do I?”
Jamie leant forward and peered at the drawing, it was a face but beyond that he hadn’t a clue.

“It’s not verra definitive Sassenach.”

Claire rolled her eyes and looked at the slate dispassionately
“No, Mandy already informed me of that.”

Jamie grinned at her and turned back to Mandy.
“What did ye say your friend’s name was?”

Mandy creased her brow and looked at her grandfather uncertainly.

“Do ye mean ‘Dubh’?”
Jamie asked, pronouncing the Gaelic word for black with a natural inflection that Mandy couldn’t manage on her own.

Mandy shrieked, clapping her hands delightedly and as if it jogged her memory she stared at her grandfather and gasped

“Brian Duv!”

Jamie’s mouth dropped open and he crossed himself discreetly as Claire drew a sharp breath causing Mandy to look at her in concern.

“What’s wrong Grannie?”

“Nothing sweetheart, I just … I wonder if maybe you might have heard Grandda talk about Brian before?”

Mandy thought for a moment and then shook her head

“No but he talks about Grandda … and Great Aunt Jenny,”
Mandy reached out and patted Jamie’s knee
“He thinks you look like a lion with that blasted beard.”

Jamie smiled weakly at her and nodded.
“Aye, he’s likely right.”

Claire reached out and took Jamie’s hand in hers. Most families would dismiss such things as the active imagination of a child but the Fraser/Mackenzie clan were not exactly normal in their dealings with other worldly powers and she could see the hairs on Jamie’s arm standing up.

Roger had not said anything but now he lifted Mandy off of his lap and smiled at her
“Do ye have any other friends, like Brian?”

“No, but I tried to be friends with a raccoon until Grannie shooed him away.”
Mandy said, shooting Claire an accusatory look.

Roger kissed her head and laughed
“I think ye have enough wee beasts to look after, but next time ye see Brian ye can tell him that Grandda and Jenny are well and that they send their love. Can ye remember that?”

“Yes Daddy.”
Mandy nodded happily and Roger stood up

He looked at Jamie who was still a little pale
“Is that alright, mo charaid?”

“Aye, thank ye man. I … ah …”

Claire squeezed her husband’s hand and smiled at Roger

“It can’t do any harm.”

Jamie nodded in agreement but sensing that they may need a minute Roger turned to Mandy

“I need to use the privy and dinna want to be going back and forth in the rain, do ye need to go?”

Mandy thought about it and then nodded, whether she needed to go or not it was an excuse to go outside and splash in puddles.

“Right, get ye boots.”
Mandy dashed out of the room to retrieve her shoes and Jamie let out the breath he’d been holding.

“Do ye really think…?”

Claire puffed out her cheeks and let out a slow release of breath.
“I have no idea. I think it is more likely she has overheard us mention your father but who knows?”

Roger nodded thoughtfully
“Aye, I ken Mandy has a connection wi’ Jem, can sense him if he is far away and the like, which may have something to do wi’ the stones but this is…different.”

“Are you alright?”
Claire asked Jamie and he ducked his head in acknowledgement.

“I’m fine Sassenach, a wee bit startled is all. At least we ken it’s no’ a prowler.”

Mandy came back into the room with her shoes on and took Roger’s hand towing him towards the door.

“Je suis prest, Daddy. See you in a minute Mac Duv and Sorcha!”

She trilled happily, oblivious to the start that gave both her grandparents.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind them Jamie stood and brought the whiskey bottle from the shelf above the fireplace. He took down one glass and raised his eyebrows at Claire in question.

“A little early perhaps but under the circumstances…”

Claire laughed and Jamie grinned ruefully
“Aye weel it’s no’ every day I find out my granddaughter may be a seer and my father’s ghost may be following me around criticising my facial hair!”

Claire laughed and accepted the dram, clinking her glass gently against Jamie’s.

“Do ye believe it Sassenach?”

Claire spread her hands wide and looked at the silver wedding band on her finger, placed by a man she had met two hundred years out of her own time and then she had left to bear his child in safety only to cross time and space again to be reunited twenty years later… Would she have believed it if she had not lived it?

“I believe that more is possible than I ever knew and more perhaps than I can ever hope to know. If your father is with you still in some small way, then I think it should be a comfort.”

Jamie nodded and looked into his drink,
“It gives me a comfort to think it possible Sassenach. That if I had to leave ye all, I might still watch and be near ye.”

Claire smiled and stood up, smoothing away the furrows in his brow with her thumb.

“All the same, don’t you dare go anywhere just yet Jamie Fraser.”

“I dinna intend to lass.”
He smiled back at her and cocked his head to listen; he could hear Roger shouting to Mandy to get away from puddles and then her excited laughter as he chased her toward the door.

“Turas math dhuibh, athair.”
Jamie smiled and raised his glass before draining it and setting the glass on the table, throwing the door open to snatch his giggling granddaughter up into his arms.

Claire raised her own glass to the father-in-law she had never met, offering a silent prayer, and then plucked Mandy out of Jamie’s arms.

“You’re soaked! Come on, we’ll get you changed before your mother gets home.”

Taking Mandy by the hand and leading her to her bedroom, leaving the men to stoke the fire.

Revelations of spirits and ghosts were apparently like water off a ducks back to her family and by the time Bree and Jem returned with a clutch of rabbits for the evening stew, everything had returned to normal, or at least as normal as it ever was.

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Hi! Love your Tumblr! I was wondering if you could find in the books when Jaime gets jealous. I remember him saying in some words his feelings in regards to Frank, but I can't quite recall if there were others, who weren't Frank. Thanks so much!💚💚💚

 "Damn Frank!“ he said ferociously. “Damn all Randalls! Damn Jack Randall, and damn Mary Hawkins Randall, and damn Alex Randall—er, God rest his soul, I mean,” he amended hastily, crossing himself.        

“I thought you didn’t begrudge—” I started. He glared at me.         

“I lied."      

He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me slightly, holding me at arm’s length.              

"And damn you, too, Claire Randall Fraser, while I’m at it!” he said. “Damn right I begrudge! I grudge every memory of yours that doesna hold me, and every tear ye’ve shed for another, and every second you’ve spent in another man’s bed! Damn you!”

– Dragonfly in Amber

It wasn’t stubbornness, nor even loyalty, that had made Willie insist on staying at the Ridge. It was love of John Grey, and fear of his loss. And it was the same love that made the boy weep in the night, desperate with worry for his father.  

  An unaccustomed weed of jealousy sprang up in Jamie’s heart, stinging like nettles. He stamped firmly on it; he was fortunate indeed to know that his son enjoyed a loving relationship with his stepfather. There, that was the weed stamped out. The stamping, though, seemed to have left a small bruised spot on his heart; he could feel it when he breathed.

– Drums of Autumn

Perhaps she would find such grace herself; perhaps this unknown Roger Wakefield could be her sanctuary, as Claire had been his. He found his natural jealousy of the man dissolved in a passionate wish that Wakefield could indeed give her what he himself could not. Pray God he would come soon; pray God he would prove a decent man.

– Drums of Autumn

“I hadna thought ever to be so jealous of a dead man,” he whispered at last. “I shouldna have thought it possible.”  

  “Of a dead man?” My own voice rose slightly, with astonishment, as it finally dawned on me. “Of Frank!”  

  He lay still, half on top of me. His hand touched the bones of my face, hesitant. 

  “Who else? I have been worm-eaten wi’ it, all these days of riding. I see his face in my mind, waking and sleeping. Ye did say he looked like Jack Randall,

  … "How?” I whispered to him, squeezing hard. “How could you think of such a thing?”  

… “How could I not?” he demanded. “Ye heard her, Claire; ye ken well what she said to me!”  


  “She said she would gladly see me in hell, and sell her own soul to have her father back—her real father.” He swallowed; I heard the sound of it, above the murmur of distant voices.  

  “I keep thinking he would not have made such a mistake. He would have trusted her; he would have known that she… I keep thinking that Frank Randall was a better man than I am. She thinks so.” His hand faltered, then settled on my shoulder, squeezing tight. “I thought… perhaps ye felt the same, Sassenach.”

– Drums of Autumn

  “It was a long time ago,” I said softly.  

  “And a long time,” he said. “I am a jealous man, but not a vengeful one. I would take you from him, my Sassenach—but I wouldna take him from you.”

– Drums of Autumn

“You can‟t be jealous,” I said, a moment later.

“I can,” he said, not joking.

“You can‘t possibly think—”

“I don‘t.”

“Well, then—”

“Well, then.” His eyes were dark as seawater in the dimness, but the expression in them was entirely readable, and my heart beat faster. “I ken what ye feel for Tom Christie—and he told me plain what he feels for you. Surely ye ken that love‘s nothing to do wi‘ logic, Sassenach?”

–A Echo In The Bone

John would likely assume that Jamie had hit him purely from revulsion at something overtly sexual from John—or from jealousy over me. It was perhaps not quite fair to let him think that—but fairness didn’t come into it.

– Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

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To be honest I HATE your fic called Erased. But I still respect you that you still ship Touken. I mean you hurt me with that Nishiki and Touka. You ruin the concept of Kaneki and Touka being a set, and read the last part of erased part 9 make me puke. I mean I only read the bottom part to see the ending, and you know what? it's not worth my interest. Nishiki choose Touka over Kimi? Hahhaha... I mean after what Kaneki did? I know Touka is trauma but look at what he's done for them living in a--

–peace. I stood on kaneki side and in the very beginning of this fic I already knew that touka would choose Nishiki, called me a dick, yes, but that what I saw. And with all of this plot? I think you are missing a point here. You are never told how Kaneki feels, looking at the woman he loves getting knocked up by other man and his son not gonna called him papa, or maybe let them meet? Even that is what happen in the real life, you should considerated Kimi and Kaneki feels. How I look in to–

–kaneki chacater here, you are hiding something about him. you lead the fic into nishitou, I dont know why you called erased, but I guess you want to erased the memories of kaneki from touka here, and then choose nishiki. WHILE SHE HAVE A SON WITH HIM?! Even I do have family like in this erased situation, the woman still let them meet their daughter and settle down, in here kaneki seems let go of touka, but then I thought that he still loves her… what are u planning? and Touka getting nishiki

baby is something that made me hate this fict more. Listen, I still respect you to ship them, but I almost lose my patience reading this fic. Even you have a good fans to this fic but not me, I always reading the bottom part of the fic, never the main part and that NISHITOU NSFW, even you give me TOUKEN NSFW, I still hate it. I am maybe stood in Kaneki shoes and being a dick along with them, but that OOC looks do fucking bad. Reaperneki is dick, I know, but he want to get away from it, dont u–

–understand? You bring the character off the cliff. You should portrayed both of Kaneki and Touka feeling, even when Nishiki would choose Kimi over Touka, you should considering it. You never settle the thing between them and decided to move them far away? Touka is a strong character, even she never truly express her feeling. but when she decide to build re, you are really ERASED the meaning behind it and throw him away… and all she have faith in him, you just erased it well… Kaneki is a–

–person that need to be help in this fic, and yet you made him more dick here, he just someone you left behind and focused on nishitou instead. He just meet kimi and then choose to be with touka to knocked her up?! And I guess the part 10 of Erased would be horrible too. And Yomo is the person who Ken really are I guess, and you just ruin ALL CONCEPT. I dont know how to become a famous fanfic writer like you, but if I wrote one, I’ll look in to all the reality and add some twist, not like this-

-I remember how one of comic artist say that she dont like nishitou as a couple and she doesnt read the erased, not all of them, and she said that she stood in kaneki shoes too. I dont know what she’s going to be feel, looking at touka having another man baby. while maybe kaneki never meet his son, and the idea to let his son called nishiki papa. I dont know how old are you, but this fic is the worst fic of yours. because you just simply ruin the whole :re concept. I am sorry to be rude, but–

–it’s true. YOU JUST FORGET WHAT RE SUPPOSED TO BE MEAN. Even how hopeless she waited for him to comeback, you shouldnt forget the point she build re. And now, even she dont want to him to comeback and have another man to fuck her, you should know that when somebody decide to wait for someone, they have a commitment to do it until the end, because waiting is about commitment, and then you just destroy it? HAHAHAHAHA IMMATURE. Sorry for being rude, but I am just sad and disappointing at you.

Wow, Anon, you’re very passionate with your hate of my fic. 

Listen, this is what I’m going to say: Anon, it’s you who has missed the point completely. There is a reason why fanfic exists. Fanfic is for writers to have the freedom to write about the characters they love and base their stories on canon or something else called an AU aka ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Erased is an AU series. I took bits and pieces of things that happened in canon and added them into this story, but in the end it’s all an alternate universe.

I’m sorry you couldn’t see the point of my fic and I’m not going to sit here and explain to you why I did the things I did because even if I explained why Touka made the decisions she made, even if I explained why Nishiki made his, and why Kaneki ended up the way he did…you still wouldn’t get it. 

You can say I ruined Kaneki and Touka as a set, you can say I ruined Nishiki and Kimi, you can say I ruined the true meaning of :re, you can even say I ruined the world for you…but really, you’re going to let a little fic like this ruin things for you? 

I thank you for this, Anon. Because while you hate every bit of this fic, you still took the time to tell me. You hate read my fic just to leave this in my ask and tell me how sad and disappointed you are in me. I’m happy I disappointed you. I at least made you feel something.

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How do you think Hide survived? Was he took to hospital?

You see, anon, the truth is, Kaneki didn’t eat part of Hide. Kaneki just banged him so hard he lost his voice.

OK! OK! All jokes aside, this was something I thought about regularly since maybe April or May or this year and made up a whole bunch of scenarios for it. Some of it veers to fan fiction headcanons, so I’ll start with the ones I find to be most likely to have happened.

1) Marude must have been persuaded to help him on what must have essentially looked like a suicide mission.

Hide was with Marude when the CCG raided Anteiku, and Marude - along with Amon and Akira among others - know that Kaneki is his best friend. Granted I don’t think Marude would let a guy barely into his twenties just navigate through the sewers until he hopefully found his best friend. Hide had to have a plan, or possibly worthwhile information to persuade Marude with to allow him to enter the sewers.

It’s quite possible that Hide could have snuck off, because Marude wouldn’t have been able to spare resources to locate him in the middle of an all out massacre, but we know for a fact that they’re working together, and that didn’t happen by chance.

I’m also inclined to believe that Hide had some sort of contingency plan in place for when he did encounter Kaneki, as he was fully aware of the possibility of being mauled by Kaneki. And though he must have known the probability of him dying was high, I bet Hide still would’ve thought of a way to ensure his survival anyway.

What most likely could have gotten Marude to at least consider Hide’s proposal to meet with Kaneki, must have been around the same time Hide told him about the Washuus being Ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul :re - Chapter 83

Despite using different kanji for his last name, Marude still credited Nagachika as the person who disclosed this information. And if Hide mentioned this either in his will of face-to-face during the time of the raid, especially if he gave evidence that a part-timer should not know by all means, Marude would have had no reason to doubt him. And with a revelation like that, he’d have all the more reason to help him.

2) Hide made a deal with Arima and Eto

There’s already been heavy speculation about Hide being the witch’s servant, the witch who is associated with Eto, who co-conspired with Arima. Arima knew to guard V14, and knew that his target who he needed to capture was Ken Kaneki.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Arima knew who he was looking for in V14. And Ken Kaneki proved his worth. It wouldn’t have been a stretch for either Arima or Eto to set up a retrieval point for him, or at least order someone to get him.

Eto could have had someone she trusted, like Noro, retrieve him, if they truly worked together and if she cared enough to do so. But then there was a big possibility of him ending up in Kanou’s hands. Since all we really have to go on is that he was searching for Kanou during the Auction, that possibility is slim. On the other hand, he did locate Kanou’s base and successfully rescued Amon from him, so there is a possibility that he could have played a role in saving Hide’s life (maybe to use him as leverage against Kaneki if he knew of their emotional attachment to each other).

Alternatively, if Hide is truly from the Sunlit Garden, it wouldn’t be a stretch that Arima could have sent someone from his squad to protect (or save) Hide from Kaneki when they met in the sewers.

This possibility actually ties directly into the third one.


3) Yoshitoki and and CCG could have taken custody of him

If Hide is from the Sunlit Garden, then he is a Washuu by blood, and there is a relation between him and Yoshitoki (as father and son or otherwise). Yoshitoki seemed to also have been aware that Kaneki would be appearing. However, he didn’t seem to have exact knowledge. He could very well have known Kaneki beyond his alias as Eyepatch due to Hide disclosing this information earlier on, beyond that, he didn’t know where he would appear from, if the person who appeared was indeed Kaneki, or where he would go, even expressing that Kaneki going underground was not in accordance with his planning.

He’s put in opposition to both Hide and Arima in this case, as Hide knew exactly where to locate Kaneki, and Arima knew how to identify someone he never met.

I do believe it possible that - upon learning where Kaneki might have been - Yoshitoki could have figured out how to find Hide, and he could have had one of the investigators retrieve him. Seeing that Hide gave Marude the information and the motive to execute Yoshitoki, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Hide holds some grudge against him, that is a huge possibility.

Regardless, whether Arima retrieved him or Yoshitoki retrieved him, he could have ended up in the CCG’s hands for some time.

4) Furuta & the Clowns

Furuta wasn’t exactly shown to be anywhere near the Anteiku Raid when it was occurring, but the Clowns did know of Kaneki’s downfall, which makes me feel that someone could have been observing in the distance, enjoying the tragedy, or at least wanting to see the outcome firsthand. 

I remember seeing a bizarre looking old woman in the middle of that raid, and I thought it was so strange the first time. 

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 130

Then I remembered the scene where Itori was introduced and she screamed, “I’m an old lady!” and scared Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 33

The old woman… didn’t look right to me. Like her eyes were missing, like how she was standing there so out of place in this raid, like how the CCG investigators were commenting about how the human residents should have been evacuated already.

I personally feel that this might have been Ishida’s way of letting us know that the Clowns were present as observers at the raid.

What in the world would lead me to believe that Furuta of all people could have helped Hide? Two reasons. 

One: his appearance at Kamii University. Why was he there? He might have been a student there, true, just like Nishiki, but I strongly feel that he might have been there for a reason that day. Ishida purposely likened him to Kaneki, as Touka reached out of him because she thought he resembled him from behind. And while this could very well have been set up this way to contrast his and Kaneki’s positions, I don’t believe this is the only reason. I believe that he had been looking for Hide that day.

Two: Furuta – whether intentionally or not – could have helped Hide when he killed Tsuneyoshi.

There has to be a reason he chose to do this. Bizarrely enough, we really don’t know much about Furuta’s angle except that he wants “Super Peace”.

5) Kimi helped him out and they started working together

I don’t believe Kimi was near the site of the raid, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she and Hide were working together. Especially since her reasons for cooperating with Kanou are still unknown. And since she did found the Great Wheel Act to show that there were humans who willingly supported Ghouls. 

Before, Kimi expressly said that she was fine with Nishiki, so long as no one she loved got hurt. It’s not quite a stretch that she would act to support Ghouls - though her stance would not have been well-received and would be flat out dangerous for her with the CCG’s aim to eradicate Ghoul-kind and punish humans thought to be hiding them. And I have a strong feeling that she and Hide would be working together on this as their respective loved ones had suffered greatly for something they honestly couldn’t help.

Kimi is also a medical student who sought to study under Kanou, so I wouldn’t be surprised that she would know how to help Hide and ensure his survival.

That’s my two cents on this, anon. I know it was quite long, but I hope the response was satisfactory. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Have a great one!

A Life Unseen- Chapter 7

I couldn’t stop writing, so this one is slightly longer than the last. 

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be found linked to their respective numbers.

    Everyone was gathered around the dinner table prepared to tuck into the feast Mrs. Crook had prepared when Jamie stood from is place at the head of the table. My stomach had lodged itself in my throat, anxiously awaiting the declaration he had spoken of in the fields. Jamie glanced over each of the family members present while raising his whiskey glass, “I dinna mean to keep us from our supper too long, but I canna eat until this has been said.” The piercing blue eyes locked onto mine, nothing could have broken my returning gaze. “I mean to take a wife in the coming months.”
    Before another word could be spoken, Jenny excitedly squealed and embraced her brother. “Who have ye decided on then?” I could see her smirk and eyebrow quirk up, challenging in a playful manner.
    “Oh the lass kens I intend to wed her, she just hasna given me an answer.” What I assumed was supposed to be a wink, but looked more like a wide eyed owl blinking came from Jamie, making a nod at our earlier conversation. Doesn’t the fool know he just needs to formally ask and I would say yes? “I’ll be giving her some time to think my proposal over, but I dinna foresee her saying no.” Cocky bastard, of course he already believes he knows my answer— however, he isn’t wrong.
    Sitting back down, Jamie was the first to take a bite of the food. Ian and Jenny sat with dumbstruck and incredulous looks at his blasé demeanor, the only one who seemed smug was Murtagh. The gruff man had a hint of a smile beneath his unruly beard and stole sly glances between Jamie and myself.
    Dinner continued on in awkward contemplative silence. No one daring to speak after Jamie’s declaration. I wanted to sneak off to my room or slip into a corner where no one would notice, but Jenny had other plans. After the meal was finished she slipped her arm around my own and pulled me off to the kitchen. “Did my brother ask ye to marry him?”
    My eyes widened at her blunt question— never skirting around the issue, Frasers.
    “Not in so many words he didn’t. He said he would ask, but he wasn’t asking at the time.”
    “Why that wee gomeral—I ken he was up to something! Did ye answer him?”
    “No, I haven’t. Technically he never asked a question, so no answer was needed. I’m sure he will.”
    “Ach, he better! Ye would be better suited as my good sister than anyone else in the Hielands.”
    Placing my and on her arm I smiled and thanked her. That was one of the first times she had shown any form of kinship towards me and I was not about to let it go. “Why do you think he made his ‘declaration’ instead of just asking me?”
    “Weel, if I had to guess, that was his idea of askin’ ye, the clot hied never did do things the easy way.”
    Both of us laughing in agreement, I finally felt accepted by Jenny. My heart swelled with the realization, I finally had a person to call a friend.
    “We best get to the family room and see what those men we love are up to, aye?”
    “Alright then.” Walking in companionable silence, arms still linked together, we made our way to where we thought the men might be. As we approached the door way the muffled sounds of Jamie and Ian’s voices could be heard; Jenny placed her other hand on my arm to stop me from advancing.
    “—you are sure ye ken what ye are doing? Does she realize what marrying you would mean?”
    “I’m no sure if she does or not Ian, but I canna let her go. I dinna ken how ye react to thinking or looking at my sister,” Jamie started and amended his statement, “I’d rather not ken the full extent of it, but do ye feel as though yer life finally has direction when ye see her? Just thinking of Claire and my heart swells with pride and desire, seein’ her walk about the grounds, as though she were born to be here, I canna explain quite how I feel.”
    “Aye, ken what ye are talking about. I feel the same when it comes to Jenny; however, I’m not the Laird, nor do I have a price on my head! What does your Claire think of that?”
    “I dinna ken. I havena asked her what she thinks of the price on my head; as for being Laird…”
    “Why have you no asked her? Christ, Jamie, ye go and make a bold speech about wanting to take a wife, staring straight into her as though ye were going to drill a hole through her skull, and ye dinna even ken what she thinks of the price on yer head? Why would she—“
   I had heard enough and slammed the doors open.
   “I don’t care about the price on his head!” I said with as much steel in my voice as I could. Stopping at Jamie’s side I looked at Ian, “You have no right to think he has done anything that would diminish my thoughts or feelings towards him. You should know better than I how he did not commit the act he is wanted for! The risk of danger that goes along with being a part of Jamie’s life is more than worth it— do you know what my life was like before I came here? Have you even the slightest idea the danger I was constantly in until this man saved me, showed me what happiness and love truly felt like?”
    The only thing that could be heard was the crackling of the fire and the panting of the dogs laying by Murtagh’s feet. The slack expression on Ian’s face while I was berating him slowly hardened into a smirk and joy dancing like the fire in his eyes. “Lass, do ye mean to say by all this, that ye already accepted Jamie’s proposal?”
    I took a step towards Ian, challenging him, “What if I have? What does it mean to you? From what I heard it seemed as though you were trying to discourage Jamie from the entire notion of marrying me.”
    “Och, no, ye have me mistaken lass. I wanted to make sure ye understood the dangers of coming with marrying a Fraser. I ken it well that once a Fraser has their heels dug in and mind set, there’s no budging them. It’s ye that I have pause for concern about. Tell me, are ye prepared to watch yer husband be hanged? Or have to flee his lands because the Red Coats are near? Would you abandon him or go with him?” Shaking his head he continued, “Wouldna it be easier if ye just said no, and left not giving him a second thought—keeping yourself safe?”
    “No. It would not be easier to leave. Being here as taught me the value of surrounding oneself with love and loved ones, for the first time since my parents and uncle died I feel as though I could have that sort of comfort again. Jamie is the one who has shown it to me time and time again, even when I don’t think he meant to do so. I am the most selfish person because I’m not only thinking of him when I say this, but myself; I cannot and will not leave him! He is the reason I stay here, you can try all you want to convince me otherwise or that being with him is not the right thing to do, but I won’t hear it.” Walking back over to Jamie I grabbed his hand and squeezed with all the strength I could, causing him to squeeze back. “If I were to leave him, it would rip my heart out. The day the Red Coats come and try to take him, I’ll run with him, if they try to hang him, I’ll be there to get him down and out of that rope before he can be killed. I’ve seen men die, violently. I have watched what war, carnage, destruction and hate does to people, I will not go back to that life and I will not watch hate take away the first good thing in my life.”
    My chest was heaving by the time I finished even though my voice was down to barely a whisper when speaking of the war. A smile stretched across Ian’s face as he stood clapping his hands together. “Perfect! Jamie, I think ye’ve found someone who can even beat yer stubbornness! Come ‘ere, lass.” Ian deftly pulled me into a warm hug, “Welcome to the family.”
    “That’s enough from you.” Jamie joked as he pulled me back into his arms. “She’s my bride, and ye are hogging her.”
    Grinning I looked up at Jamie to see the same smile looking back down at me. A grunting, that sounded almost like a growl came from Murtagh, “Let’s give the lad some privacy, aye?” With a pat on his leg and a short whistle the dogs followed Murtagh out of the room. Jenny held onto Ian’s arm with tears running down her face while she smiled at the two of us, she mouthed “later” to me and I nodded. Knowing she had something to say about the matter of the night. Soon it was only Jamie and I standing by the fire, gripping each other as though our lives depended on the flesh to flesh contact.
    “Did ye mean what ye said?”
    I simply nodded. “All you had to do was ask and I would have said yes out in the field. This is where I belong; I don’t just mean Lallybroch,with you is where I belong. Scotland or the colonies, Lallybroch estate or a cave, it doesn’t matter as long as we are together.” The tender kiss Jamie left on my forehead turned my insides into mush and I melted into his embrace.
    “Thank-you, Sassenach. Truly. Ye have no idea how happy I am that you’ve said yes to me.”
    “It’s I that should be thanking you. You’ve shown me what it’s like to feel love, Jamie, and that is something I can never repay.”
    “Aye, ye can. Love me back, that’s all I’ll ask, love me back and ye’ll be showing me what I’ve shown you.”
    Jamie settled us on the rug by the fire, myself sitting across his lap with my head on his shoulder and his head leaning against mine, his left hand absentmindedly stroking my thigh.
    “Will ye do me the honor of marrying me?” Lifting my head up I reverently kissed his lips, gently touching his jaw while holding his head in place. “Yes Jamie, I will.”
    Kissing me with such urgency, I gave in to all of him. My heart felt whole, my head was spinning out of control, and I couldn’t find it in me to want it any other way.
    For a time we sat in silence, stealing a kiss or a touch here and there, just marveling in the emotions surging around us. The dream of the children came back to me as I stared at the fire.
    “Jamie, have you ever thought of our future?”
    “Oh, aye, Sassenach, many times. Thoughts of what I could have with ye have kept me sane these past six months. How else do ye think I havena done something sooner?”
    Giggling at his apparent distress of wanting for those six months I had to ask, “What kinds of things did you think about? Were they just of getting me to where we are now or…?”
    “The kinds of things ye say? Weel I did imagine asking ye to marry me and your response, though I dinna quite expect the display from this evening.” My cheeks flamed in embarrassment, I would have to apologize to Ian first chance I had. “I’ve often thought of what it would be like living here, as laird and lady; no price on my hied to worry about, just quarter days and the harvest to stress over. With that I imagined filling these halls with our children.”
    My head perked up and I looked into his fathomless ocean blue eyes, “Children? You’ve thought about children.. with me?”
    “Aye, I have… was that to brass of me? Do ye no want children, Claire? If that’s the cas—“ Silencing him with a kiss, the three small children danced before my closed eyelids, causing the tears to fall again.
    “How many?”
    “As many as ye’ll bless me with, mo nighean donn.” Smiling I kissed him again. I could see it all, the children, running the house, being with Jamie… This is where I was meant to be. I may be from the twentieth century, but my heart and soul belongs in the eighteenth.

Part 8

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ken probably wears his king getup while going with his kid trick and treating and when the baby gets some candy that looks like human parts, he just gives it to his daddy and says that is his share


oh god, he would eat it to appease his child who beams and is all smiles because they’re learning to share and Ken is like god this shit is disgusting but his baby is smiling and it makes it all worth it.

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How would VIXX react if you asked to do couples yoga with them?

Hakyeon would agree because he’s rather flexible so the prospect of couple yoga wouldn’t scare him one bit. Actually, you might end up regretting to do it because he’d be like “I can do a split, so can you~”

Ken would also yes just because Ken is a hands-on kind of person that likes to try new things so if you want to do some weird looking couple poses with him, then who is he to say no to the person he loves? (also, Ken likes touching you so it’s a win-win).

Leo would take one look at the poses that require like holding you up on his feet or something and he’d be like “……….can’t we do something more simple like couple…..cooking class…..” 

Hongbin would say no, even though he probably has the body strength to do it, he’d say no because he cannot risk his hands shaking and him dropping you. He can’t risk it ever leaving a bruise on you, even if it was incidental. 

Ravi would be up for it just because he’d want to show off his strength in the kind of, “Yeah I could probably lift you like that…” kinda way. Except he’d probably start regretting agreeing to it when the couple stretching comes in. Ouch.

Hyuk would look at the poses and just laugh. You’d be waiting for an answer but all you’d see is him laughing and going like “We’d look so ugly if we tried to do this, let’s just go for a run together instead.” 

N: N would question you about the sender immediately so he could know if someone was trying to wiggle their way into his territory. Once told that they’re just a gift from your brother, he’d straighten up and tell you he knew that along just to save his own ass. “Who are these from? Your other lover? Whoever he is he has bad taste because the thorns are still on them.”

Leo: Leo’s reaction to the roses would be expression only. It would be clear on his face that he’s confused as to why you were gifted with roses that obviously weren’t paid for by him. His expressions would say “Why do you have roses?” Or “I didn’t buy these?” Or “Your friends don’t like you that much” and eventually say “Well are you going to say something?”

Ken: Ken would have a confused look on his face, but he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. He’d be rational and think there’s a good reason why you have beautiful roses that didn’t come from him. He’d ask for you to explain though. “Where did these roses come from? Just wondering. They’re pretty.”

Ravi: Ravi would jump to conclusions because why wouldn’t he? He has to know if you’re cheating or if someone is trying to push up on his woman. He’d actually ask you if you’re being disloyal, but then regret immediately after it slips is lips. “Are you stepping out on me?! Who are these roses from? I didn’t even know you liked roses!”

HongBin: HongBin would stare at the roses as if they were an extra terrestrial. He’d probably pick up the roses to analyze them by turning the vase in his hands as if they would be able to tell him who or where they came from. “I’m trying to figure out if I need to burn these are not? No, really where’d they come from?”

Hyuk: Hyuk would question your ears off with absurd nonsense. If he’s going to accuse you of having a second lover, even though he knows you don’t, he’ll at least have fun with it. He would really just want to get a reaction out of you. “Did you buy these for yourself? That would make sense if you did considering I didn’t buy them. And if you didn’t and I didn’t then they must be from a different dimension because you’re with me and nobody else.”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^