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How would VIXX react if you asked to do couples yoga with them?

Hakyeon would agree because he’s rather flexible so the prospect of couple yoga wouldn’t scare him one bit. Actually, you might end up regretting to do it because he’d be like “I can do a split, so can you~”

Ken would also yes just because Ken is a hands-on kind of person that likes to try new things so if you want to do some weird looking couple poses with him, then who is he to say no to the person he loves? (also, Ken likes touching you so it’s a win-win).

Leo would take one look at the poses that require like holding you up on his feet or something and he’d be like “……….can’t we do something more simple like couple…..cooking class…..” 

Hongbin would say no, even though he probably has the body strength to do it, he’d say no because he cannot risk his hands shaking and him dropping you. He can’t risk it ever leaving a bruise on you, even if it was incidental. 

Ravi would be up for it just because he’d want to show off his strength in the kind of, “Yeah I could probably lift you like that…” kinda way. Except he’d probably start regretting agreeing to it when the couple stretching comes in. Ouch.

Hyuk would look at the poses and just laugh. You’d be waiting for an answer but all you’d see is him laughing and going like “We’d look so ugly if we tried to do this, let’s just go for a run together instead.” 

A Life Unseen- Chapter 7

I couldn’t stop writing, so this one is slightly longer than the last. 

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be found linked to their respective numbers.

    Everyone was gathered around the dinner table prepared to tuck into the feast Mrs. Crook had prepared when Jamie stood from is place at the head of the table. My stomach had lodged itself in my throat, anxiously awaiting the declaration he had spoken of in the fields. Jamie glanced over each of the family members present while raising his whiskey glass, “I dinna mean to keep us from our supper too long, but I canna eat until this has been said.” The piercing blue eyes locked onto mine, nothing could have broken my returning gaze. “I mean to take a wife in the coming months.”
    Before another word could be spoken, Jenny excitedly squealed and embraced her brother. “Who have ye decided on then?” I could see her smirk and eyebrow quirk up, challenging in a playful manner.
    “Oh the lass kens I intend to wed her, she just hasna given me an answer.” What I assumed was supposed to be a wink, but looked more like a wide eyed owl blinking came from Jamie, making a nod at our earlier conversation. Doesn’t the fool know he just needs to formally ask and I would say yes? “I’ll be giving her some time to think my proposal over, but I dinna foresee her saying no.” Cocky bastard, of course he already believes he knows my answer— however, he isn’t wrong.
    Sitting back down, Jamie was the first to take a bite of the food. Ian and Jenny sat with dumbstruck and incredulous looks at his blasé demeanor, the only one who seemed smug was Murtagh. The gruff man had a hint of a smile beneath his unruly beard and stole sly glances between Jamie and myself.
    Dinner continued on in awkward contemplative silence. No one daring to speak after Jamie’s declaration. I wanted to sneak off to my room or slip into a corner where no one would notice, but Jenny had other plans. After the meal was finished she slipped her arm around my own and pulled me off to the kitchen. “Did my brother ask ye to marry him?”
    My eyes widened at her blunt question— never skirting around the issue, Frasers.
    “Not in so many words he didn’t. He said he would ask, but he wasn’t asking at the time.”
    “Why that wee gomeral—I ken he was up to something! Did ye answer him?”
    “No, I haven’t. Technically he never asked a question, so no answer was needed. I’m sure he will.”
    “Ach, he better! Ye would be better suited as my good sister than anyone else in the Hielands.”
    Placing my and on her arm I smiled and thanked her. That was one of the first times she had shown any form of kinship towards me and I was not about to let it go. “Why do you think he made his ‘declaration’ instead of just asking me?”
    “Weel, if I had to guess, that was his idea of askin’ ye, the clot hied never did do things the easy way.”
    Both of us laughing in agreement, I finally felt accepted by Jenny. My heart swelled with the realization, I finally had a person to call a friend.
    “We best get to the family room and see what those men we love are up to, aye?”
    “Alright then.” Walking in companionable silence, arms still linked together, we made our way to where we thought the men might be. As we approached the door way the muffled sounds of Jamie and Ian’s voices could be heard; Jenny placed her other hand on my arm to stop me from advancing.
    “—you are sure ye ken what ye are doing? Does she realize what marrying you would mean?”
    “I’m no sure if she does or not Ian, but I canna let her go. I dinna ken how ye react to thinking or looking at my sister,” Jamie started and amended his statement, “I’d rather not ken the full extent of it, but do ye feel as though yer life finally has direction when ye see her? Just thinking of Claire and my heart swells with pride and desire, seein’ her walk about the grounds, as though she were born to be here, I canna explain quite how I feel.”
    “Aye, ken what ye are talking about. I feel the same when it comes to Jenny; however, I’m not the Laird, nor do I have a price on my head! What does your Claire think of that?”
    “I dinna ken. I havena asked her what she thinks of the price on my head; as for being Laird…”
    “Why have you no asked her? Christ, Jamie, ye go and make a bold speech about wanting to take a wife, staring straight into her as though ye were going to drill a hole through her skull, and ye dinna even ken what she thinks of the price on yer head? Why would she—“
   I had heard enough and slammed the doors open.
   “I don’t care about the price on his head!” I said with as much steel in my voice as I could. Stopping at Jamie’s side I looked at Ian, “You have no right to think he has done anything that would diminish my thoughts or feelings towards him. You should know better than I how he did not commit the act he is wanted for! The risk of danger that goes along with being a part of Jamie’s life is more than worth it— do you know what my life was like before I came here? Have you even the slightest idea the danger I was constantly in until this man saved me, showed me what happiness and love truly felt like?”
    The only thing that could be heard was the crackling of the fire and the panting of the dogs laying by Murtagh’s feet. The slack expression on Ian’s face while I was berating him slowly hardened into a smirk and joy dancing like the fire in his eyes. “Lass, do ye mean to say by all this, that ye already accepted Jamie’s proposal?”
    I took a step towards Ian, challenging him, “What if I have? What does it mean to you? From what I heard it seemed as though you were trying to discourage Jamie from the entire notion of marrying me.”
    “Och, no, ye have me mistaken lass. I wanted to make sure ye understood the dangers of coming with marrying a Fraser. I ken it well that once a Fraser has their heels dug in and mind set, there’s no budging them. It’s ye that I have pause for concern about. Tell me, are ye prepared to watch yer husband be hanged? Or have to flee his lands because the Red Coats are near? Would you abandon him or go with him?” Shaking his head he continued, “Wouldna it be easier if ye just said no, and left not giving him a second thought—keeping yourself safe?”
    “No. It would not be easier to leave. Being here as taught me the value of surrounding oneself with love and loved ones, for the first time since my parents and uncle died I feel as though I could have that sort of comfort again. Jamie is the one who has shown it to me time and time again, even when I don’t think he meant to do so. I am the most selfish person because I’m not only thinking of him when I say this, but myself; I cannot and will not leave him! He is the reason I stay here, you can try all you want to convince me otherwise or that being with him is not the right thing to do, but I won’t hear it.” Walking back over to Jamie I grabbed his hand and squeezed with all the strength I could, causing him to squeeze back. “If I were to leave him, it would rip my heart out. The day the Red Coats come and try to take him, I’ll run with him, if they try to hang him, I’ll be there to get him down and out of that rope before he can be killed. I’ve seen men die, violently. I have watched what war, carnage, destruction and hate does to people, I will not go back to that life and I will not watch hate take away the first good thing in my life.”
    My chest was heaving by the time I finished even though my voice was down to barely a whisper when speaking of the war. A smile stretched across Ian’s face as he stood clapping his hands together. “Perfect! Jamie, I think ye’ve found someone who can even beat yer stubbornness! Come ‘ere, lass.” Ian deftly pulled me into a warm hug, “Welcome to the family.”
    “That’s enough from you.” Jamie joked as he pulled me back into his arms. “She’s my bride, and ye are hogging her.”
    Grinning I looked up at Jamie to see the same smile looking back down at me. A grunting, that sounded almost like a growl came from Murtagh, “Let’s give the lad some privacy, aye?” With a pat on his leg and a short whistle the dogs followed Murtagh out of the room. Jenny held onto Ian’s arm with tears running down her face while she smiled at the two of us, she mouthed “later” to me and I nodded. Knowing she had something to say about the matter of the night. Soon it was only Jamie and I standing by the fire, gripping each other as though our lives depended on the flesh to flesh contact.
    “Did ye mean what ye said?”
    I simply nodded. “All you had to do was ask and I would have said yes out in the field. This is where I belong; I don’t just mean Lallybroch,with you is where I belong. Scotland or the colonies, Lallybroch estate or a cave, it doesn’t matter as long as we are together.” The tender kiss Jamie left on my forehead turned my insides into mush and I melted into his embrace.
    “Thank-you, Sassenach. Truly. Ye have no idea how happy I am that you’ve said yes to me.”
    “It’s I that should be thanking you. You’ve shown me what it’s like to feel love, Jamie, and that is something I can never repay.”
    “Aye, ye can. Love me back, that’s all I’ll ask, love me back and ye’ll be showing me what I’ve shown you.”
    Jamie settled us on the rug by the fire, myself sitting across his lap with my head on his shoulder and his head leaning against mine, his left hand absentmindedly stroking my thigh.
    “Will ye do me the honor of marrying me?” Lifting my head up I reverently kissed his lips, gently touching his jaw while holding his head in place. “Yes Jamie, I will.”
    Kissing me with such urgency, I gave in to all of him. My heart felt whole, my head was spinning out of control, and I couldn’t find it in me to want it any other way.
    For a time we sat in silence, stealing a kiss or a touch here and there, just marveling in the emotions surging around us. The dream of the children came back to me as I stared at the fire.
    “Jamie, have you ever thought of our future?”
    “Oh, aye, Sassenach, many times. Thoughts of what I could have with ye have kept me sane these past six months. How else do ye think I havena done something sooner?”
    Giggling at his apparent distress of wanting for those six months I had to ask, “What kinds of things did you think about? Were they just of getting me to where we are now or…?”
    “The kinds of things ye say? Weel I did imagine asking ye to marry me and your response, though I dinna quite expect the display from this evening.” My cheeks flamed in embarrassment, I would have to apologize to Ian first chance I had. “I’ve often thought of what it would be like living here, as laird and lady; no price on my hied to worry about, just quarter days and the harvest to stress over. With that I imagined filling these halls with our children.”
    My head perked up and I looked into his fathomless ocean blue eyes, “Children? You’ve thought about children.. with me?”
    “Aye, I have… was that to brass of me? Do ye no want children, Claire? If that’s the cas—“ Silencing him with a kiss, the three small children danced before my closed eyelids, causing the tears to fall again.
    “How many?”
    “As many as ye’ll bless me with, mo nighean donn.” Smiling I kissed him again. I could see it all, the children, running the house, being with Jamie… This is where I was meant to be. I may be from the twentieth century, but my heart and soul belongs in the eighteenth.

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