he looks like james dean or something

Suddenly Richey comes down the hill past Blackwood Library in white jeans, a kind of purplish jacket with a rose in it, and his Ian McCulloch haircut had been subdued into something which was a bit more Hanoi Rocks, and he had some necklaces on, and eyeliner and Cuban heels, and it was just, ‘Who the fuck is that? I know its Richey, but its not Richey,’ but it looks like he looked like that forever - it was just a catwalk moment.
—  James Dean Bradfield
The boy in the parking lot

Just one week ago from today
I saw him there
I had just pulled up, the evening setting in
The sun not yet dipping behind the pretty buildings in my favorite courtyard shopping center in Southern California-
The one with Barnes and Noble,
And the beautiful fountains with the royal blue tiles and
Iron statues people frequently pose with to take pictures
All the little pink rose bushes, perfectly sweet in the summer and spring alike

I saw him there-
Leaning against a clean black Mustang
White tee, diamond stud earrings
Handsome like a young James Dean
He was smoking a cigarette
And his brow was furrowed heavily,
He looked so troubled
And something in me would not stop my feet from walking over to tell him
That I could see he was worried
And I was going to say a prayer for him

He looked back at me, bewildered
And asked me how I could tell
Then he said,
And “anything helps.”
And I said goodbye, and walked away
I looked back and he was still staring,
Probably thinking
Who the heck was that girl?

Now I’m back here a week later
And I wonder where he is
Wonder how God used the little prayer I sent up to Heaven
Wonder if he has thought of me since
I think of his white tee, earrings and
The cigarette that touched those
Troubled lips

Dear boy in the parking lot,
I’m thinking of you
How are you now?

Can We Please Take A Moment Here?

So I just wanted to take a moment to just appreciate with you guys just how fucking hot this gif is.

Like seriously is anyone else here with me? There is just something to me about seeing a man like that handle a weapon. Like if a man knows how to handle a gun (and also if he knows how to handle like a sword or knife) and especially if he looks like Bucky or hell even Dean Winchester for that matter well my panties are hitting the wall. Like say when and where honey. Seriously, the fact that Bucky was a sniper weirdly kind of turns me on. Just yeah. I’ll be over here writing another Bucky smut. hahaha