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The Arrangement (Part 10: The Gala)

Summary: The gala finally arrives, and Dean is absolutely floored by your dress. An interaction with Samuel leaves Dean fuming, but you calm him down. Dean finally admits his feelings.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,300 (hold onto your hats kids it’s a long one)

Warnings: Language, sexual tension, anxiety, mild smuttiness

A/N: It’s here it’s here it’s here it’s here the gala is finally HERE I’m so excited for you guys to read this part!!! It’s long, so settle in! This part is inspired by the song In Case You Didn’t Know, by Brett Young (ohmygod now I’m so nervous to post this aaaaahhhhh)

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More Q cats!! The concept - both Bond giving Q a kitten and the ‘weaponized kitty’ are salutes to Ordinary Numbers - the greatest fic of all time. 

*important note - at least one person expressed concern about Keats’ eye – he and Melville are both rescue cats and Keats was missing it before Q got him (aka he didn’t maim an animal for science!)*

The Great Mall adventure -Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

Love the mall idea :-), and because I thought it might be redundant to write another story about shopping things, I joined two requests together, the mall thing, and @dannysanime​‘s request. Again, I feel like it’s “meh”, like I could write better…it’s really one of those months you know, Hope you guys will still like it

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-Dick, I swear to the gods, if you do not make up your mind right now, we’re leaving you here. You’ll have to sleep in beds from Ikea, and rely on people’s charity to eat every day. We’ll come visit you sometimes though. 

Your husband laughed at your words, but immediately glared at some paparazzi taking pictures from a corner. Those people always thought they were so damn sneaky, while flashing you right in the face with their cameras. Idiots. Under the famous “bat-glare” (or “Wayne-glare” for that matter), the two paparazzis slowly backed away, but Bruce knew they’d come back. 

-But moooom ! How can I choose so fast ? I don’t know if I like the blue suit or the black suit, or the white and black, or the…

-So fast ? We’ve been here for three hours Dick ! 

-Mom, buying a suit is serious business, you can’t expect me to choose one in less than…five hours ! 

-Let’s just buy them all then ! So we’re finally done with it. I’m hungry. You know I get mean when I’m hungry boy. Especially in my current condition !!

Bruce smiled at you, and wrapped an arm around your waist, his free hand resting lightly on your swollen belly, and laid a kiss on your forehead. You calmed down a bit, but your other sons looked at Dick, a slight panic in their eyes. You were kinda mean when hungry normally, but now that you were pregnant and had to eat for two…they weren’t up for your constant sarcasms right now. Your oldest kid got the message, taking all of the suits he pre-selected in his arms. He stopped in front of his father, and Bruce slipped his debit card in his mouth (since his arms were full you know). 

-Heeeere we go, now come on every body, let’s go let’s go let’s go !

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sanders1799  asked:

Okay after watching the recent episodes and seeing the way Betty was looking at Jughead in that tux all I want to see is a story on what Betty was thinking at the time if you could

I got you!


Betty Cooper didn’t really have anything else to say but


Jughead jones was standing in her pink and lace room, looking like he had just stepped out of some James Bond movie.

This was definitely a change from his flannels, ripped jeans and ever present combat boots.

She couldn’t keep the smile off of her face when her eyes caught the familiar beanie, he never seemed to take off.

He looked comfortable in a suit, like it was something he wore everyday, a task Archie had never been able to pull off.

Strutting into her room, with his typical mysteriously, sexy swagger she couldn’t help the way her eyes scanned his body.

She had never denied how attractive he was, but seeing him like this, all cleaned up and proper, it did things to her.

That’s not to say his denim jacket and black undershirt, didn’t do things to her, cuz lord knows they did, but this, this was different.

A good different.

She could see him, picking her up for a date at a nice restaurant

Or taking her to her junior year homecoming, dressed in that same suit, beanie and all.

She finally looked up to catch him smiling shyly at her.

“It was the best I could do.”

She noticed the way he took her in, appreciatively.

She knew she didn’t look nearly as good as he did, but the black dress she had on hugged her chest nicely, and accentuated her tiny waist.

They would make a good looking pair walking into the blossom estate.

Guess And Check

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Pairing: Any member x Y/N

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 2,514

Summary: What started out as a boring obligation to your sister may have turned into a night to remember.

Your cheeks already feel flushed from the four glasses of champagne you’ve knocked back - or was it five? - since the newly wed couple had performed their opening dance. It’s your older sister’s wedding, and having only just broken up with your boyfriend, you find yourself wallowing in self pity as you watch the pair being disgustingly happy on the dancefloor.

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WOW! If there were an Asian James Bond, then he would look like Park Hae Jin. I adore him as an actor, particularly in the darker, more twisted roles and I absolutely loved his portrayal of Lee Jung Moon in OCN’s drama Bad Guys (that show was so freaking awesome, it didn’t need any sort of romance which didn’t stop me from shipping JM with his former girlfriend). 

Now I know what I’ll be watching after SWDBS ends. Man to Man premieres April 21 on jTBC.

patervulutris  asked:

*busts into your ask box* how about the good ship Hercules and Lafayette? Your writing so good and these dorks are my fave

@shots-and-baguettes said: Mullette!
  • Who said “I love you” first: Lafayette says it first. It’s in in the dead of night and they are lying in bed. Laf’s head against Herc’s heart. He forgets the war. He forgets his responsibilities. He can only focus on Herc. He realizes this is the most at peace he’s been since coming to America. Also that this is as good as time as ever to tell Herc that he loves him.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Hercules has a pic of Laf in a suit that Herc tailored himself. Lafayette is looking suave af and leaning against the wall like he’s James Bond or something. Laf has a pick of Herc with his sleeves rolled up tailoring that same suit and he looks so concentrated and Laf loves that picture for som many reasons. 
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: They both leave each other little notes like ‘don’t forget to pick up some milk, ily btw’ and ‘have a good day at work, babe’ depending on who showers first.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: They try to out cheese each other. Hercules makes them things like braclets and Lafayette tops this by getting him a new sewing set that he knits a cover for that says ‘Laf & Herc 4ever’
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Hercules did but it was during a game of truth or dare in which John and Alex were trying to set them up. Hercules pulled Laf in for a kiss as soon as he caught on to what was going on so his first kiss with Laf wouldn’t be a dare.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Lafayette kisses Hercules awake on the weekends while Herc kisses Lafayette awake on the week days. Laf isn’t sure if he likes waking up by being kissed by Hercules or being able to have the privlledge of waking Hercules up in the same manner.
  • Who starts tickle fights: They debate about who starts it but it’s always Herc. Hercules always comes in with the sneak attack while Laf is doing dishes and just tickles him and Laf yelps and nearly drops a plat but before he can complain Herc resmues his tickling and Laf forgets about the dishes and just disolves into giggles.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: They shower together but it’s purly for cleaning purposes. They lather each other up (it sounds sexy and it kinda is (they may need to take cold showers a lot of the time)) and take turns rinsing off.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Lafayette burst into his tailoring shop every day with a new meal. Sometimes it’s fries, sometimes it’s some french food, or sometimes it’s nothing because he got overexcited and went to see Hercules and forgot the actual food.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: They both were. The reason it took so long to date in the first place was because neither wanted to mess up their friendship but quickly into the date (bowling) they both realize it’s basically like being friends but getting to kiss??? why hadn’t they dont this before???
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Hercules kills all the spiders. Lafayette wants to help but Hercules is like,,,, babe… i’ve got this.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: They drunkenly hang off each other while simulaneously and slurr out their love for each other. 
Imagine taking Dean to your high school reunion

Summary: Dean talks you into going to your ten year high school reunion

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: self doubt/self esteem issues

A/N: sorry I’ve been so absent lately… between school and being sick and writer’s block, writing has been tough lately. Enjoy Dean fluff! I have a serious thing for scruffy Dean… (not my pic, found it on google images)

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anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about that post you made about Ryan being thrown off by seeing the rest of the crew in ways he's not used to ("Ryan my name is hello". That one.) and I know someone else did their take on it, but if you still want prompts, I'd love to read yours :D

@juggey wrote an amazing addition to my original headcanon, but for you anon I will add my own spin to it:

Geoff insisted they all get suits. He said everyone needs at least one tailored suit in their closet, even if they never find a reason to wear it. Ray thinks it’s a waste of time, but he goes along with it because why not. Sure, he’ll probably never wear the suit, but there’s always a chance, and it’s not every day Geoff takes the lads shopping.

If he’s being honest, he actually looks really good. The fancy as fuck suit fits him like a glove, and he looks all debonair and shit. Like a spy. He’s like James Bond. 

“Get me a martini, motherfucker,” he mutters to his reflection and laughs, shaking his head. He might look debonair, but he sure doesn’t sound like it.

Someone knocks on his bedroom door and he calls, “Come on in!”

Ray ducks into his closet, looking for something to change into, listening as the door opens. He hears someone shuffle around for a few seconds before Ryan says, “You looking for Narnia?”

“Nah, just your lost sexuality,” Ray retorts and he hears Ryan snort. He sifts through his extensive collection of hoodies, debating on the red or the purple, when he hears something thump against his carpet.

He turns, eyes settling on Ryan standing frozen in the closet doorway, eyes downcast, his face turning a startling red. A can of Diet Coke lays on the floor at his feet, spilling all over the carpet, and Ray sighs.

“Dude, you’re going to need a hell of a lot more cans if you plan to flood my room.” He waits for Ryan to respond, but he’s staying unnaturally quiet, his head still down, and concern settles in Ray’s chest. “You okay?”

“I-I’m…” Ryan trails off, nodding. “I-I should gay… I mean go, get some paper towels… for the mess.” He turns, running straight into the doorway, and he stammers an apology before rushing out of the room.

“Okay,” Ray draws out the word, shaking his head, and continues looking for something new to wear.

Sometimes Ryan can be a really weird motherfucker.

People have been drawing their agents in the new Imperial uniform from the force awakens and I just had to take a stab at it.

Davin looks way too competent XD

14/  pictures of Luke Evans because there is never enough of Luke on your dashboard (and mine)

One funny thing is, though, I wear my watch on my right hand and I’m actually right-handed. People always wonder why - I don’t know myself, I’ve just always done it that way and I like it the way a good watch fits on my right wrist. 

Looks - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

REQUESTED: No, and there is still a couple I need to do I’m screaming I’m such a lousy person when it comes to writing these requests i’M SORRY OK

WARNINGS: Nothing ayy

SUMMARY: Scott notices the looks you give Stiles when he’s not looking. And, he tells you about the looks Stiles is giving you when you never notice.

NOTES: I have my assessment on Sunday I’m dying

Also, in other news, I go on NCS in two weeks I’m so excited!!! (It does mean that I won’t be writing from the 4th July, so I’m on a kind of extended hiatus for then, so if you want an imagine just leave me a request in my inbox and I’ll get back to you when I have my spare Fridays in the third and fourth weeks)

PS: please listen to this version of “Victorious” because man is Brendon Urie’s voice attractive

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SEAN BEAN, in an old photo - before he’s probably an unfairly killed off…

RICHARD ARMITAGE, who in ye olden days, had long hair…

DANIEL CRAIG, looks like he could have also played a ‘young’ James Bond…

COLIN FIRTH, contemplates here, if he’l win an Oscar - yes, in 2010…

SIMON PEGG, who’s the funny guy in both Star Trek and Mission Impossible…

CHARLES DANCE, who gave someone the shirt off his back…