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More Q cats!! The concept - both Bond giving Q a kitten and the ‘weaponized kitty’ are salutes to Ordinary Numbers - the greatest fic of all time. 

*important note - at least one person expressed concern about Keats’ eye – he and Melville are both rescue cats and Keats was missing it before Q got him (aka he didn’t maim an animal for science!)*

The Great Mall adventure -Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

Love the mall idea :-), and because I thought it might be redundant to write another story about shopping things, I joined two requests together, the mall thing, and @dannysanime​‘s request. Again, I feel like it’s “meh”, like I could write better…it’s really one of those months you know, Hope you guys will still like it

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-Dick, I swear to the gods, if you do not make up your mind right now, we’re leaving you here. You’ll have to sleep in beds from Ikea, and rely on people’s charity to eat every day. We’ll come visit you sometimes though. 

Your husband laughed at your words, but immediately glared at some paparazzi taking pictures from a corner. Those people always thought they were so damn sneaky, while flashing you right in the face with their cameras. Idiots. Under the famous “bat-glare” (or “Wayne-glare” for that matter), the two paparazzis slowly backed away, but Bruce knew they’d come back. 

-But moooom ! How can I choose so fast ? I don’t know if I like the blue suit or the black suit, or the white and black, or the…

-So fast ? We’ve been here for three hours Dick ! 

-Mom, buying a suit is serious business, you can’t expect me to choose one in less than…five hours ! 

-Let’s just buy them all then ! So we’re finally done with it. I’m hungry. You know I get mean when I’m hungry boy. Especially in my current condition !!

Bruce smiled at you, and wrapped an arm around your waist, his free hand resting lightly on your swollen belly, and laid a kiss on your forehead. You calmed down a bit, but your other sons looked at Dick, a slight panic in their eyes. You were kinda mean when hungry normally, but now that you were pregnant and had to eat for two…they weren’t up for your constant sarcasms right now. Your oldest kid got the message, taking all of the suits he pre-selected in his arms. He stopped in front of his father, and Bruce slipped his debit card in his mouth (since his arms were full you know). 

-Heeeere we go, now come on every body, let’s go let’s go let’s go !

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The Arrangement (Part 10: The Gala)

Summary: The gala finally arrives, and Dean is absolutely floored by your dress. An interaction with Samuel leaves Dean fuming, but you calm him down. Dean finally admits his feelings.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,300 (hold onto your hats kids it’s a long one)

Warnings: Language, sexual tension, anxiety, mild smuttiness

A/N: It’s here it’s here it’s here it’s here the gala is finally HERE I’m so excited for you guys to read this part!!! It’s long, so settle in! This part is inspired by the song In Case You Didn’t Know, by Brett Young (ohmygod now I’m so nervous to post this aaaaahhhhh)

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Master of seduction

Q is used to the stares; 007 stares at him a lot but he knows it’s because the agent doesn’t like him that much -he probably hates him- it’s not really a surprise since the two of them spend the majority of the time arguing about equipment.

So that morning, when he sees the double-oh walking towards him Q prepares for another round of yelling and growling.

“Q,” the sound of his letter on 007’s lips makes him actually look up from his computer; there’s something weird about Bond that day, it’s like he’s… flustered? But that can’t be because an agent like him doesn’t get flustered.

Q shakes his head and sighs, feeling tired already even though the day has just started.

“What is it this time, 007?”

The agent clears his throat, adjusts his tie and stares down at Q like he always does and the Quartermaster thinks that he’s going to get yelled at.

“You have nice… glasses,” the agent says and Q opens his mouth only to close it immediately because that’s definitely something he didn’t expect.

“Uh…” The sound comes out of his mouth before he can’t even stop it, but the thing is… Q has never been out of words, he has a response for everything and he has never been surprised.

Until now of course.

“Thanks?” Q says and accepts the fact that’s the best reply he can come up with in that situation. He has no idea why on earth Bond would say something like that and he wonders if that’s all part of a very complex joke.

Bond nods and starts walking away, so Q has to lean over his desk and grab him by the sleeve to stop him.

The agent looks at Q’s hand, then at him and he even has the nerve to quirk up one of his brows.

“That’s all what you wanted to say?” The Quartermaster asks.


“You’re telling me you came all the way down here just to comment on my glasses?” Q doesn’t believe that, there has to be something else.

“Y-Yes,” Bond’s voice fails him just a second and Q wants to pull out his hair because what the hell is going on with 007. “Although it sounds really stupid when you say it like that.”

“That’s because it is,” Q spits, feeling suddenly annoyed. “Now tell me the truth, 007. Why are you here?”

“I like you- your glasses,” the agent blurts out and even him looks like he regrets saying it. In fact, James fucking Bond looks like he wants to facepalm himself. “I need to talk to Mallory.”

And with that he just goes away, leaving Q irritated and confused.

R giggles and that’s when he realizes all his minions are looking at him.

“What’s so funny?” He snaps at R, making her laugh even more. But she shakes her head and returns to her work.


007 starts to bring him lunch and although Q is suspicious at first, the hunger makes him accept the food anyway. Then the agent decides it’s not enough to bring food but to eat with him as well.

Q thinks it is better to ignore his weird behavior because who can fully understand a double-oh anyway? So he eats and works and does his best not to notice the way Bond keeps staring at him.

“Your hair… it’s always so… wild.”

He sighs because there goes 007 again with the odd comments about his appearance.

“I can’t help it,” he says. “There is no comb or brush that can fix this mess.”

“I-I like it.” Bond avoids his eyes while he says it, but at least he’s said it loud enough for Q to be sure it’s not his imagination.

In an impulse, he touches the agent’s forehead to check if he has fever or not and 007 is so shocked by his actions he drops the mug he’s holding.

Weird. Double-ohs are never clumsy.

“Are you alright?” He asks.

“I’m fine,” Q hears irritation in the agent’s voice but doesn’t point it out. He lets Bond make a terrible excuse and go away.


When 007 starts to bring his equipment back and tells him he’s a great Quartermaster, Q decides enough is enough and goes to the only person who always seem to have an idea of what’s going on.

“Moneypenny,” he says, sitting in front of her desk, trying to ignore the smug smile on her face.

“Yes, my dear?”

Q rolls his eyes, but doesn’t let the pet name to distract him.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with 007?”

“Could you be more specific?” She knows, she doesn’t need extra information to figure it out, but Q accepts defeat because she actually has a point. There are many things wrong with double-ohs.

He sighs and tells her everything. She chuckles, lets the documents she’s reading aside and looks at him with a serious expression.

“He’s flirting with you,” she says, deadpan.

Q laughs because he can’t help it.

“C'mon if you’re going to make something up at least make it believable,” he breathes, trying to calm himself down.

“It’s true,” she insists.

“You seriously want me to believe that the master of seduction, the ladies’ man, James fucking Bond has been flirting with me? I’ve seen him flirt and that’s not flirting.”

Moneypenny mumbles something that Q doesn’t catch but that sounds suspiciously like ‘god save me from stubborn men’.

“He has been flirting with you. Terribly, I’ll give you that, but flirting anyways. Of course it doesn’t help that he’s trying to woo one of the most oblivious men in the world-”

“He’s NOT wooing me!” Q cuts her off, fighting a blush and losing the moment Moneypenny quirks her eyebrows at him. “Besides, how could he be terribly at flirting if he’s James Bond, it doesn’t make-”

“Because he actually cares this time,” she explains. “It’s easy to flirt with a target you don’t have emotional connection with or flirt with someone because of the sake of it. But, somehow, you make him act like a fourteen-year-old. Please, have mercy on him, he’s just an idiot in love.”

Q huffs, refusing to let those words affect him.

“I came here to have a serious conversation with you.”

“We’re having a serious conversation.”

“I don’t believe you.”

She actually smiles fondly this time and strokes his hair like a mother with her child.

“I know,” Moneypenny says. “So… why don’t you do an experiment?”

“Experiment?” Q almost trembles at the word because she’s grinning and nothing good comes when Moneypenny has an idea she likes.

“Yes! Ask Bond to do something for you. Bat those long eyelashes of yours, tell him something nice and then ask for anything you want.”

“What? No! I’d never do something like that!”

“It’s just a suggestion, my darling. Do whatever you want.”


Q tries to shake Eve’s words from his head and focus on his work instead. But it’s difficult when 007 is around.

He just came from a mission with all his equipment almost intact and is looking right at Q with the most stupid, hopeful smile on his face.

Q blushes, but keep his head down and pretends to look at the weapons.

“Well done, 007.”

“I brought you tea,” the agent tells him then. “Earl Grey from Paris.”

Q takes the golden box and bites his bottom lip, thinking about his next words.

“He hasn’t had his morning tea yet,” R comments somewhere next to him and Q doesn’t have the time to scold at her because 007 yanks the box from his fingers.

“I’ll make it for you,” the agent says and Q watches fascinated as Bond makes tea just the way he likes it.

How does he know?

Moneypenny’s words suddenly are not as crazy as he had thought.

Then, with his favourite mug in hand, the taste of Earl Grey and the blue eyes of his most infuriating agent, Q makes a decision.

He needs to know.

“You know you’ll have to do your paperwork, right?”

Bond hates paperwork, everybody knows it, he even said once he’d rather be dead than to have to make a report on his latest mission.

Q’s not surprised when he sees 007’s frown or the way his mouth twists almost in disgust, no, he only gets surprised by his own actions.

Because he takes one of Bond’s hands, strokes it with his thumb and fucking bats his eyelashes and smiles.

The effect is immediate: 007’s body tenses, his eyes open wide and then he sighs, defeated.


Even after Bond walks away, Q stays staring at the spot he left, wondering what the hell he’s going to do now.

“Tell me, how does it feel to have a double-oh wrapped around your pinky?”

“Shut up, R.”


When M almost has a heart attack when he finds out Bond actually did his paperwork, Q decides it’s time to do something about his situation with the agent.

He thinks it’s better to talk to him inside his office because he doesn’t want his minions to hear.

And because he doesn’t know how to be romantic, he blurts out a not so nice: “So… are you gonna take me out to dinner or what?”

And Bond, the bastard, smiles like it’s the very thing he just wanted to hear.

“Tonight,” he purrs, delighted. Then he takes Q in his arms and kisses him; it’s not a perfect first kiss, but it’s passionate, desperate and possessive.

And Q loves it. Then a moan escapes from his lips when Bond starts to nip at his neck and he thinks that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to talk with the agent in the privacy of his office.

He doesn’t stop him.

Imagine taking Dean to your high school reunion

Summary: Dean talks you into going to your ten year high school reunion

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: self doubt/self esteem issues

A/N: sorry I’ve been so absent lately… between school and being sick and writer’s block, writing has been tough lately. Enjoy Dean fluff! I have a serious thing for scruffy Dean… (not my pic, found it on google images)

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sanders1799  asked:

Okay after watching the recent episodes and seeing the way Betty was looking at Jughead in that tux all I want to see is a story on what Betty was thinking at the time if you could

I got you!


Betty Cooper didn’t really have anything else to say but


Jughead jones was standing in her pink and lace room, looking like he had just stepped out of some James Bond movie.

This was definitely a change from his flannels, ripped jeans and ever present combat boots.

She couldn’t keep the smile off of her face when her eyes caught the familiar beanie, he never seemed to take off.

He looked comfortable in a suit, like it was something he wore everyday, a task Archie had never been able to pull off.

Strutting into her room, with his typical mysteriously, sexy swagger she couldn’t help the way her eyes scanned his body.

She had never denied how attractive he was, but seeing him like this, all cleaned up and proper, it did things to her.

That’s not to say his denim jacket and black undershirt, didn’t do things to her, cuz lord knows they did, but this, this was different.

A good different.

She could see him, picking her up for a date at a nice restaurant

Or taking her to her junior year homecoming, dressed in that same suit, beanie and all.

She finally looked up to catch him smiling shyly at her.

“It was the best I could do.”

She noticed the way he took her in, appreciatively.

She knew she didn’t look nearly as good as he did, but the black dress she had on hugged her chest nicely, and accentuated her tiny waist.

They would make a good looking pair walking into the blossom estate.

Dean: Quick, Sam, Cas is gonna walk in here in a minute and you can’t laugh.

Sam: Laugh at what?

Dean: At the thrift shop, he picked out some clothes and he really likes them and I couldn’t tell him he looked like Hugh Hefner dressed up as James Bond. 

Sam: Wait, what!?

Dean: Just go with it, okay?  It’s his first attempt at picking his own style and he’s excited.  

Cas: *walks in*

Sam: Wow. Uh, wow, Cas, you look… great!

Cas: Thank you Sam.  I like the bow tie best, it won’t flip around like my tie always did.  Do you like the jacket?  Dean said it’s very ‘Master Thespian.’

Sam: Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of Gomez from Addams Family, but sure, it’s great.  Glad you found something you like.  

Cas: Dean helped me pick out some other things too.  The jeans are a bit tighter than I’m used to, but Dean was shocked speechless by how good they looked on me. Especially with the leather jacket he found. 

Dean: Uh… well, that is….

Sam: Why am I not surprised?

somniar  asked:

Please pal, I have a simple idea: I know Spike always wears a suit, technically, but it's more of a leisure one. What would he look like in an actual tux. What if he's going full on James Bond? What if this kid was going after a bounty in some high class place and had to fit the part? Could you draw that please? Fancy sophisticated Spike in a rich man's "monkey suit" omg.

Like that? ^^


WOW! If there were an Asian James Bond, then he would look like Park Hae Jin. I adore him as an actor, particularly in the darker, more twisted roles and I absolutely loved his portrayal of Lee Jung Moon in OCN’s drama Bad Guys (that show was so freaking awesome, it didn’t need any sort of romance which didn’t stop me from shipping JM with his former girlfriend). 

Now I know what I’ll be watching after SWDBS ends. Man to Man premieres April 21 on jTBC.

Guess And Check

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Pairing: Optional bias x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 2.5k
Summary: What started out as a boring obligation to your sister may have turned into a night to remember.

Your cheeks already feel flushed from the four glasses of champagne you’ve knocked back - or was it five? - since the newly wed couple had performed their opening dance. It’s your older sister’s wedding, and having only just broken up with your boyfriend, you find yourself wallowing in self pity as you watch the pair being disgustingly happy on the dancefloor.

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When the Clock Strikes Midnight

A/N: Happy New Years Everyone! Here is a little New Year’s Bucky x Reader fluff… I couldn’t help myself.

Word Count: 1,182

Originally posted by enochianess

Normally, a party at Stark’s wouldn’t be something I’d be excited about, but today was different. It was New Year’s Eve and something about the start of a new year, new possibilities, couldn’t be more enticing.

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Summary: Eddie heads to prom stag, only things take a terrible turn mid way.

A/N: *Warning* Homophobic slurs. I wrote three ending to this story and yet I still hate it. What is it missing?

Word Count: 3175


Eddie scrunched his face pitifully, his refection mimicking his actions. He pulled at his rented tux awkwardly, suddenly feeling suffocated by the fabric. His skin crawled at the thought of all of the other people who had worn these clothes before him, embedding their dead skin and germs into fibers. He shuttered, desperate to peel off the monkey suit and bleach the bacteria off of his body. Mentally he cursed at himself for agreeing to this, he didn’t do these types of things and yet here he stood in his friend’s bedroom, daydreaming about the shower that was undoubtedly in his future.

“Stop fidgeting, you look great.” Mike muttered, entering his bedroom, practically beaming with confidence. Eddie looked his friend over, and felt his heart melt. He couldn’t help but to admire the way the tuxedo hugged his athletic body perfectly, making him look older than he actually was. Hanlon looked good, and Eddie swore he looked like a scarecrow in compression. 

“Says the next James fucking Bond.” The smaller boy sneered, feeling a sudden wave of jealously wash over him. With a heavy groan he sat on the bed, his heart heavy and doubtful. “I shouldn’t even go.” He complained, his stomach churning nervously. “I’m going to stand out like a sore thumb without a date.”

“I don’t have a date either.” Mike corrected, gathering his keys and wallet from the nightstand. “That’s why we are going stag.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, “You don’t have a date by choice.” He corrected, “I’m just the pathetic friend without another option.”

Mike sighed, shaking his head in a mixture of annoyance and pity. “Look,” he started, pulling his friend from the bed. “I asked you to go with me because I know you will have fun. Forget about him okay, it’s his loss for not asking you.”


“No buts Eddie.” Mike interjected, “We will be each other’s wing men. You have a way with the ladies that I seem to lack and I know a football player who has been hiding in the closet since day one.”

The small boy couldn’t help the smirk that pulled at the corners of his mouth, he looked at his friend and felt a budding appreciation for his persistence. “Thanks Mike, you’re the best.” He half muttered, feeling embarrassment claw against his chest.

“Tis nothing my friend.” He replied with a playful shove. “We better get going or we’ll be late.”

Eddie nodded, following his friend through the threshold of his room and out the front door. He could feel himself shake as his nerves settled in. As he hopped into Mike’s beat up truck he felt a wave of nausea hit him, suddenly aware of what he was actually doing. He looked over to his friend who smiled kindly to him before turning the ignition.

Eddie was worried, not just for prom but for the boy who had overlooked him completely. He frowned, watching Mike’s dirt road disappear behind them. Derry flew by and as the high school come into view the anxious boy couldn’t remember why he had agreed to this.

He knew his mistake as soon as he caught a glimpse of the scraggly boy all in black but it was already too late to turn back.

The blaring music already echoed through the halls. Eddie cursed and complained, mostly to himself, about his stupid judgment. As they entered the gym he was overcame by a sea of blue, blue banners, tablecloths, decorations. Everything was decorated in a variation of aquatic colors. Mike laughed, mocking the undersea theme, explaining how he had had a crush on Arial from the little mermaid. Eddie couldn’t help but laugh and admit he found Eric oddly attractive.

Not soon after they had passed the photographer they heard an enthusiastic squeal. Eddie turned just in time to catch Beverly in his arms, her smile practically radiating off of her. Mike chuckled, as the small boy struggled to twirl the girl who was half a foot taller than him. As he sat her down he was finally able to take her in, and she looked stunning. Her emerald full length gown glimmered in the dim lighting, her makeup lightly painted on her already beautiful face, it was simple and yet perfect for his ember haired friend.

“God damn Bev, you look gorgeous.” Eddie mused, looking over to her date whose shirt matched her dress.  “And Ben doesn’t look to bad either.”

“Us?” Beverly gushed, “Look at you two, you guys are so handsome!”

A blush grew along the small boys face as he shook his head, “I feel like a circus monkey.” He muttered under his breath.

Ben chuckled, fondly patting him on the back, “No she’s right you both look very good in your tuxes.”

Eddie shrugged, feeling suddenly embarrassed by his attire. He smiled politely to his friend, allowing the complement to roll off of his skin. The next to arrive was Bill and Stan, both of them sporting a pink shirt under their suites.

“W-we are fighting t-the system.” Bill explained as he gripped his date’s hand. Stan merely rolled his eyes, a hint of a blush tainting his porcelain skin. Eddie couldn’t help respect the two and the statement they stood for.  “S-Stan won’t admit i-it, but he lo-loves it.”

The group admired one another, blissfully unaware of the couple who had snuck up behind them. Eddie was the first to notice the boy’s slick hair and all black attire. He winked at him, his smile causing butterflies to erupt in Eddie’s stomach. “Richie.” The small boy breathed, the name falling from his lips without grace.

Mike noticed Eddie’s sudden ridged stance and looked over to his trashmouth friend. “Hey there Rich.” He announced, offering a polite nod before moving protectively closer to Eddie. “Didn’t see you there.”

Richie smiled, pulling his date with him as he entered the group’s semi-circle. Eddie cringed at the girl’s vulgar attire, feeling his stomach churn as he looked over her overly tight red dress. She was well endowed, and took prom as an opportunity to show off her goods.

“This is Vivian.” Richie mused as he wrapped his arm around his date’s tiny waist. Vivian waved with little enthusiasm, practically dismissing them. “Wowza’s am I right?” He joked, a small smirk growing on his face.

The losers grew silent and Eddie could feel their eyes slowly make their way to him. He felt disgusted, completely dirty with what was in front of him. Richie had ripped his heart out and now, in front of the entire school, he stomped it into pieces. His eyes became heavy from the weight of his tears and he was forced to rub his face against Mike’s jacket just to keep them from falling. Mike subtly gripped his shoulder for support.

Beverly scoffed, “Geez couldn’t find a smaller dress Vivian?”

“At least I have something to show off honey.” Vivian sneered, clutching onto Richie’s shoulder.

“Okay, put away the claws girls, you’re both pretty.” Richie joked, pulling his date tightly against him. The young girl grinned before leaning into Richie, whispering something into his ear. His face suddenly flustered before he cleared his throat, “Well this has been fun you guys. See ya around.” A shit eating grin grew on Vivian’s face as she shot one last look to Beverly before Richie pulled her away from his friends, disappearing in the mass of high school students.

“What a piece of work.” Stan muttered, there was an accumulated agreement between the others before the conversation moved along. Eddie couldn’t help but stare at the place Richie had stood, he imagined what filthy things the girl had whispered into his ear. His chest felt heavy, and it took everything he had not to turn away and leave.

“Y-you okay E-Eddie?” Eddie jumped at the sound of Bill’s voice, pulling him back to reality.

“Yeah.” He lied, biting his lip. “I’m okay.”  

The night progressed slowly, eventually Mike had found a girl who had absorbed his attention completely. It had been Eddie’s smooth talking that had earned his friend a dance, to which Mike was extremely grateful. Now Eddie found himself alone, sitting at an empty table while his friends became engrossed in their good time.

Fuck, he hated prom.

“Don’t look so down Eddie.” A voice whispered causing the small boys neck to snap in their direction. Eddie was surprised to find one of Mike’s football friends taking a seat beside him. The losers had met the kid once or twice at a party but his name slipped past Eddie.

“Uh,-” Eddie stuttered, suddenly flustered by the blonde haired boy. “I’m sorry but I can’t seem to remember your name.” He admitted feeling his face heat up at his own embarrassment.

The jock chuckled, “Nick.” He replied softly, leaning in uncomfortably close to Eddie. “I’m one of Mike’s friends.”

“I-uh-yeah I’ve seen you around.” Eddie muttered, leaning back in his chair. He could feel the boys eyes burn his skin as a lustful emotion swirled around in his deep blue pools. This made the small boy uncomfortable, not wanting to be a victim of the jocks advances. “Have-have you seen Mike?” He managed to squeak half heartily.

“I’ve been watching you.” Nick cooed, completely ignoring Eddie’s question. “I don’t see myself as a faggot but I think I can get used to the idea of you under me.”

Eddie’s eyes widened at the blunt statement. He stood from his chair quickly, feeling his chest burn with disgust. “I don’t think so.” Nick whispered, grabbing hold of Eddie’s hand, painfully squeezing his fingers. “Relax there big boy I won’t bite unless you tell me to.”

“Let me go!” Eddie hissed, desperately trying to pull his hand from his grasp. Tears welded in his eyes as Nick’s grip tightened causing Eddie’s fingers to rub against each other. Fear began to build in his stomach as he frantically looked for his friends, desperate for help.

“Hey you should be thankful I’m taking a liking to you.” Nick sneered, standing from his seat and pulling the smaller boy to his chest. “A queer like you would be lucky to end up with someone like me.”

Eddie pushed against the boy’s torso. He could feel Nick’s hot breath against his skin and he swolled the urge to throw up. Hot tears began to burn his cheeks as he fought the unwanted advances. “No, let me go!” Eddie demanded, his voice cracking with emotion.

“Listen here faggot.” Nick hissed, pulling at Eddie’s arm causing him to cry in pain. “You listen good, I’m going to get what so just save us both the trouble and-“

Nick’s harsh voice was suddenly cut short as he was pulled from Eddie. A small protest and a few curse words cut through the air before the jocks face was slammed against the table with a loud clatter. Eddie stumbled backwards, his body falling onto the harsh ground.

“Don’t fucking touch him!” An unforgiving voice bellowed.

“R-Richie?” Eddie chocked, feeling the prom suddenly come to an abrupt stop. People began to move closer to the scene, whispering softly to themselves. Eddie felt a gentle hand pull him from the ground and found Beverly and Ben gripping on to him.

“You better watch yourself Tozier!” Nick shouted, lifting himself from the table. “This has nothing to do with you.”

“Yes it fucking does!” Richie shouted back, his body squaring up to the significantly larger male. “No one touches him like that, do you fucking understand me? He isn’t interested in your advances!”

“Oh I’m sure that little faggot is interested in a lot of things.” He sneered, pointing Eddie. “He can suck my fucking-“His insult was cut short as Richie threw a punch that landed square against his cheek. Nick stumbled back, completely dazed.

“Oh I’m going to beat your ass now.” Nick hissed before pouncing at his opponent, hurling his blows frantically. 

Everything happened at once. Eddie’s view was instantly congested by a mixture of Losers and football players as they hurried to break up the brawl. He could just make out Bill and Mike, their arms around the very fired up Richie who shouted over the commotion, “You ever fucking touch him again and I will fucking kill you!”

 His voice became further and further away as he was pulled towards the exit, the facility now becoming aware of the incident. Eddie watched him disappear, tears now streaming down his fragile cheeks.

“It’s okay honey.” Beverly’s voice whispered as she pulled him into a hug. “It’s over now, he can’t hurt you.”

But Eddie knew it wasn’t over, not for him.

It took half an hour for things to smooth over, the students slowly becoming captivated by the DJ and the events of the dance. Eddie waited for his friends to return, desperate to see that he hadn’t ruined their prom. He felt guilty for what had happened, even if he knew it wasn’t actually his fault.

Mike and Bill eventually returned, their faces heavy with emotion. Eddie felt his heart drop, knowing what was coming next. “Richie isn’t allowed back.” Bill explained, shaking his head. “The principle is suggesting suspension for the both of them but I doubt he will follow through seeing it was that Nick guys fault.”

Eddie sniffled, feeling his chest tighten. “I’m sorry guys.” He murmured, unable to meet their gaze. “This is all-“

“No it’s not.” Mike replied sternly. “None of this is your fault Eddie. That guy is a douche, he deserved to get his ass kicked.”

“Yeah, who knew Richie had it in him?” Stan joked, only making Eddie feel even worse.

“I think I should go.” Eddie choked, suddenly feeling out of place among his friends. “I don’t want to cause any more trouble.”

“I’ll take you home.” Mike announced, taking a wary step forward.

Eddie shook his head. “No, please stay. I-I don’t want to ruin your prom. I’ll walk home.”

His friends shook their heads, “Here,” Ben muttered, pulling his keys from his pocket. “Take my car home. I’ll have Mike or Bill take us home after.”

“Ben I can’t-“

“Please Eddie?” Beverly interjected, her face riddled with worry. “You can’t walk home with that Nick guy out there. We will just get the car from you tomorrow.”

Eddie sighed heavily, not having the energy to argue. “Okay thanks.” He whispered before accepting Ben’s keys. The Losers said their brief goodbyes, agreeing to see one another tomorrow afternoon so they could tell Eddie about the rest of the night.

As he exited the school a sense of relief washed over Eddie. The cool air kissed his cheek, calming his anxiety. His feet dragged against the asphalt leading to the parking lot and he was suddenly grateful for Ben’s offer. There was no way he would’ve made it walking home, he found himself completely drained from the day, all he wanted to do was get home, rip off the monkey suite, take a hot shower and pass out.

“Heya Eds.”

The sudden voice caused Eddie to nearly jump out of his skin, he clutched his chest trying to slow down his heart. He noticed a darkened figure, their back leaned against the brick wall with a light cigarette between its lips. A sudden terror grew in his stomach, horrified that Nick had come back to finish what he had started.

Instead the figure laughed, pushing itself from the wall and walking into the light. “Relax, it’s just me.” Richie muttered a smirk crossing his face.

Eddie frowned, noticing his swollen cheek and blackened eye. “Your face.” He whispered, closing the space between. He felt his heart flutter as he reached to Richie’s face and cupped his cheek, slowly tracking the yellowing bruise he had received.

Richie grinned, “Pretty handsome huh?” He joked, winching as Eddie’s fingers grazed his skin.

Eddie shook his head, “He hit you pretty hard, you’re lucky he didn’t break your glasses.”

“Na, you should’ve seen him.” He replied, finishing his cigarette and chucking it to the ground. He then gently removed Eddie’s hand from his face, holding his petite palm in his large ones.

Eddie felt his chest tighten but he didn’t dare move, his eyes stared at their conjoined hands and he found himself mesmerized by the simple sight. “Are you okay?” Richie asked, looking at his friend’s long face.

“Yeah.” Eddie replied, “I’m okay.”

“Good.” Richie breathed, releasing their conjoined hands. “I was worried about you.”

Eddie suddenly felt bare, his hands dropping to his side lifelessly. He looked up at his friend and frowned, feeling a low heat burn against his skin. “Why did you do it Rich? Why did you beat that kid up?”

“He hurt you.” Richie replied harshly, “He touched you and I just snapped. “

“I wasn’t your date.” Eddie interjected, feeing a pull in his chest. “I wasn’t your responsibility, you had Vivian to worry about not me.”

Richie scoffed, “Well your date wasn’t paying any attention to you. He had his tongue down some girl’s throat on the dance floor.”

Eddie raised an eyebrow, surprised by the trashmouths cruel tone. “Excuse me?” He asked, taking a step back in amusement. “Mike was not my date.”

“Uh ya he was.” Richie snapped, “You came with him didn’t you?”

“We came stag.”

“Oh bullshit.” Richie bit, “Mike even asked me before hand, if I thought he was going to go after a girl I wouldn’t have told him that I wasn’t going to-“ He stopped, the words abruptly cutting off from the air.

“What?” Eddie asked, “Mike asked you if he could ask me?”

Richie bit his lip, his weight shifting from foot to foot. “Yes.” He breathed, nearly growling, “Yes okay, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to ask you.”

Eddie was taken aback, feeling confusion buzz around him. “Well were you?”

There was a pause between then as they just stared at each other, completely engrossed in the others company. Richie moved slowly, stepping towards Eddie and carefully pulling his small waist to him. There was a hitch in Eddie’s breath as Richie leaned down to him, brushing his swollen lips against his. “I wish I did.” Richie whispered, his warm, welcoming breath washing over Eddie’s face.

Eddie smiled, his hands finding Richie’s neck and pulling him down onto his lips. The trashmouth smiled, deepening the kiss as he carefully placed his hand on the small of Eddie’s back. As they pulled apart Richie chuckled, brushing his nose against Eddie’s.

“Wanna get out of here?” Richie whispered, jingling Ben’s the keys that were in Eddie’s hands with one finger.

“Sure.” Eddie replied, “Where are we going to go?”

“As long as I’m with you babe I don’t care.

“I can tell you one thing, I’m never going to prom again.” Eddie hissed, earning a chuckle from the boy beside him

“I don’t know.” He mused. “It had a good ending.”

“Yes. Yes it did.”