he looks like james bond


More Q cats!! The concept - both Bond giving Q a kitten and the ‘weaponized kitty’ are salutes to Ordinary Numbers - the greatest fic of all time. 

*important note - at least one person expressed concern about Keats’ eye – he and Melville are both rescue cats and Keats was missing it before Q got him (aka he didn’t maim an animal for science!)*

World Leaders Ain't What They Used To Be

I think that some Europeans welcome Donald Trump as President of the United States. Not necessarily because of his stance against illegal immigration, refugees, and Muslims but because he looks and acts like a harmless buffoon. He has a distinctive voice and easy to imitate mannerisms. Anybody can do a Trump impersonation and they’re doing it all over the world and it’s hilarious. The world has always been worried about we Americans. They worry that we may slide into fascism and start a big war. Trump the late night tweeting goofball with the funny hair just isn’t very scary.

Speaking of world leaders, time was Russian leaders looked like this:

Nikita Khrushchev was one scary looking dude. I  mean he looked like he’d cut James Bond in half with a laser beam in the morning and nuke Washington D.C. after lunch. I just can’t be afraid of Vladimir Putin. Oh, I know he came up through the ranks of the KGB and has probably killed men with his own hands in that time but he looks like an aging Russian juvenile delinquent to me. I mean he literally stole  New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft’s Superbowl ring. No really, I am not making this up.

People have been drawing their agents in the new Imperial uniform from the force awakens and I just had to take a stab at it.

Davin looks way too competent XD



SEAN BEAN, in an old photo - before he’s probably an unfairly killed off…

RICHARD ARMITAGE, who in ye olden days, had long hair…

DANIEL CRAIG, looks like he could have also played a ‘young’ James Bond…

COLIN FIRTH, contemplates here, if he’l win an Oscar - yes, in 2010…

SIMON PEGG, who’s the funny guy in both Star Trek and Mission Impossible…

CHARLES DANCE, who gave someone the shirt off his back…


[Mark] I'm Your Teacher - BONUS 4 (LAST)

“Do you still want to go inside?” Mark asked with concern after he had parked the car. “And miss an occasion to show you off in that sexy suit of yours?” You replied, making him laugh. God he looked so sexy in that black suit, he looked like James bond wearing that bow that could make you fall head over heels for him. “Alright, let’s go then.”

He proposed, opening his door. Once you were out and the car was locked you grabbed his hand, leading him towards the gymnasium where you used to have PE and where the party was taking place. You gave your name to the bouncer who was in front of the gymnasium and he let both of you in. You stepped into the gymnasium, colorful lights and low luminosity, people gathered on the dance floor, dancing to the beat of the music.

The mood as much lively than you expected, people actually enjoyed the party. There was a stage they must have set for the event at the far end of the room and the buffet was on the left, all the rest of the space was used by the party people. Your eyes wandered around the crowd as you and your boyfriend hesitantly walked further. You tried to spot your girlfriends, but you could really focus on anything and also because it had been years since you last saw your friends.

A loud high pitched scream caught your attention, it was horribly loud and girly, almost terrifying. You snapped your head to the right, slightly startled and saw a herd of black haired creatures rush towards you. At that moment the colorful light game enlighten the black shadows and “OH MY GOD!!!” The same frightening scream that made you jump came out of your own mouth as you recognized you BFF’s.

The updated version of your two favorite goofballs. Mark let go of your hand and blocked his ears, his face crunching because of the noise you were making. “Y/N!” They screamed, pulling you into a group hug. Left alone and awkward Mark looked away and spotted an ex teacher he hadn’t see for years and who had been one of his favorite buddies.

The man in question looked his way and gasped. He then spread his arms, walking towards his old friend. “Oh my god it’s been so long! Wait did you come alone?!” You friends asked, pulling away. “No! I’m with- wait.” You turned around and Mark wasn’t there anymore. “Come Y/N, you’ll never believe what kind of loser Minah has become.” They dragged you away, sinking you in the crowd and leaving you no time to worry abut your boyfriend.

They fought their way through the dancing mass and brought you to the bar. One of them grabbed a Martini and handed it to you. “Here, you have so many things to tell you.” She pushed the glass in your hand be fore taking one for her. “Yes, I can’t understand how we lost touch.” The other one added. “I know, I missed you so much.” You cooed sadly. “Aw~” The pulled you for another group hug.

“So, what are you becoming?” You asked both of them with excitement. “We are still in uni Y/N!” They reminded you. It’s true that they were both making long studies to become surgeons, you had even forgotten that. “Oh yeah that’s right.” You nodded, slapping your forehead to express your stupidity. “But what about you? We don’t have a clue about what happened to you after the graduation party.” One of them said.

“Oh I graduated and now I work in marketing.” You nodded, sucking both of your lips in before letting them out into a pout. “And where’s your doctor?” One of them asked cheekily, wriggling her eyebrows and making you giggle like an idiot. You had told one of them you were dating a doctor when you ran into her one day because you didn’t want to say it was Mark. “Actually I-” You were cut off by a loud voice.

“Y/N!” You turned around and met one of your classmate. The one who used to sit beside you in your science  class and right in front of you in maths.“Jaewhan!” You cheered spreading your arms and he laughed, hugging you. “How are you doing?!” You asked once you pulled away. “I’m fine! You look great Y/N look at you!” He complimented you and you shrugged humbly, giggling. “I’m just grabbing a drink, I have to leave you, sorry.

I heard that Eunji’s single, wish me good luck!” He explained grabbing a glass before walking away. “Break a leg!” You screamed before turning back to your friends. “He inherited his dad’s firm, he’s super rich!” One of your friends said, speaking of Jaehwan. God you missed these gossip queens. “We’ll gossip later, for now let’s catch up on all the Girl Night Out’s we didn’t have!” You cheered, dropping your glass on the bar.

"God I missed this!” One of them cheered, walking past you and grabbing you by the hand, dragging you behind her as your other friend followed. She led you to the center of the dance floor and you started dancing, enjoying the party. “Hey!” Mark appeared next to you after a while. “Where were you?!” You asked over the music as you stopped dancing. Your girlfriends looked at you putting a arm around his waist as you spoke to him and they both looked at each other, exchanging confused glares.

“I was talking to a friend and I lost you.” He replied, placing a hand on your lower back. “Ladies.” He greeted your friends, raising the glass he had being holding. “Mark, this is Y/F/N and /F/N.” You said, pointing at each of your confused friends. “And girls, this is Mark, my boyfriend.” You said with a smile, forgetting you had lied to them about him. “Aren’t you Mr.Tuan?” One of them finally asked in a nervous laughter. “Yes, that’s me.” He smiled.

“But… How… You broke up with the doctor?!” Your friend rudely asked. She didn’t mean to be rude it was just out of confusion. But at the second she said that, your smile faded away and you knew she had threw an open grenade in the room. “A doctor?” Mark frowned but still smiled, not understanding the situation. “Actually, he is the doctor.” You hesitantly said, feeling guilty as hell. “You stopped teaching? You’re a doctor?” She asked.

“No? No I mean yes, I did but now I’m working in a-” He explained, not sure what to understand but then he looked down at your guilty face and understood. “You’re fucking kidding me.” He rolled his eyes, slipping away from you. “No, I was going to tell them I swear!” You said, tugging at his clothes with the hand that was on his back. “I can’t believe you.” He managed to slip away and walked off. “Mark!” You repeatedly called after him as he walked away from the dance floor, near the stage.

“Mark I swear I was going to tell them!” You pleaded once you were out of the crowd and he turned around. “I can’t believe you lied to them about me!” He didn’t scream or anything, he wasn’t that angry he was just hurt and his face was contorted in a disgusted expression, he was disgusted. “I’m sorry I know it wasn’t very smart of me-” “That’s crazy! I didn’t know it was that bad, what are you even doing with me if you’re that ashamed?!” He cut you off, it looked like he wasn’t even listening.

“Did you forget what I said the other day? It was before and I was going to-” “I don’t care!” He cut you off. “You being embarrassed to be seen me with was a thing, but you fucking lied to your friends about who I am! How many people out there are thinking I’m some doctor?!” He added. “Just- just a few…” You mumbled, looking down at your feet and playing with your hands.“And do you how ridiculous I’d look in front of them?!” He replied. “I’m sorry…” Was all you could say.

“You fucking ridiculed me Y/N.” He said and you looked up at him with sad eyes, you felt really bad. “You-you…” He breathed out out of spite but couldn’t manage to say anything. Eventually he gave up and walked away. “Where are you going?!” You called after him but he didn’t reply. You sighed deeply, letting your body fall down on the stair that led to the stage.“Hey.” Your friend arrived not long after Mark left.

They sat beside you and one of them handed you another martini. “What happened?” They asked in union, their concern clearly audible despite the confusion. “I messed up. Again.” You sighed, gulping down the alcohol. “I’m sorry I lied to you guys, I didn’t want you to know I was dating our math teacher.” You confessed. “Aw~” They both pouted, one of them rubbing your back to comfort you. 

Mark was leaned against the bar, his drink in his hand as he tried to cool down. He turned his glass around, looking down as he created a whirl inside. He didn’t mean to snap at you he was just really hurt and he didn’t think. But on the other side he didn’t want to give in so easily.

“Don’t worry we could never be angry at you.” They laid their head on your shoulders. “But Mark is. And pretty badly.” You said, mostly to yourself. “And he’s totally right, I’m a loser.” You finished your drink, throwing your head back to get every single drop. “Aw don’t say that.” One of your friends patted your head as the sound of a voice being cleared rang in the gymnasium.

“Good evening everyone.” A male voice said and you all got up. The music died and the crowed looked at something that was behind you so you walked around the stage and saw your principal at the microphone. “I hope you are all having a good time. We are reunited tonight to celebrate reunions, but it’s also an occasion to share about what our lives, well you lives since mine didn’t change very much, have become. So I am going to call out names you probably know because they are people who participated actively to the school’s live and I’d like them to talk about what they’ve become.” Your principal said and a woman brought him a little box.

You remembered you had been the prom queen, it was totally unexpected because you were ‘single’ and you had no date, you had come with one of your BFF who was as lonely as you. You weren’t that popular back then, the popular girl was Minah, but you were still very pleased but very confused. You knew your name was inside so you started praying not to be called on stage.

Your ex-principal ruffled through the box and pulled a paper. “Y/N Y/L/N!” He read and people started clapping while you froze.”Come on!” One of your friend nudged you and you finally woke up, snapping your head at her. You snatched her drink from her hands and gave her yours before gulping it down, giving you some courage. Whipping your lips you climbed up the stairs you were previously sat on.

You managed to bring your shaky legs to the microphone and everything went quiet, how awkward. You cleared your voice before bringing your lips down to the mic. “Good evening?” You trailed off before clearing your voice again. “I’m Y/N and I was in class 3C during my senior year.” Your eyes wandered around the crowd but you couldn’t find Mark.

“After I graduated I went to uni and now I work in marketing… which is pretty cool.” You nodded in a sigh, you had nothing more to say. You looked down at your friends for help and one of them showed yo her phone. ‘SPEAK ABOUT BF’ was written in capitals and you frowned as the other one showed you her phone.’APOLOGIZE’ You read.

“Oh and I live with my boyfriend.” You trailed off. “Who is probably trying to find a way not to kill me right now.” You mumbled, forgetting everyone could hear. “I told to some people that I was dating a doctor… or a banker sometimes.’ You confessed. "But it wasn’t true. And I lied because I didn’t want anyone from high school to find out who I was dating. Because I was afraid of your reactions, of people judging me. The truth is that my boyfriend is Mark Tuan. The ex math teacher that we all used to call Mr.Tuan.” You said and heard strangled gasps.

“Or Mr.Sexy.” You added and you heard some people laugh. “We’ve been together for 6 years and yes, we started dating when I was a student.” You let out. “WAIT DID YOU HAVE SEX AT SCHOOL?!” One of your friends asked, earning a slap on the arm from the other one. “Yes!” You confessed bluntly. “On your desk.” You precised, pointing at her and she made a disgusted face. “And on yours too.” You pointed at the other one.

“Before I was embarrassed to talk about this but I realized that Mark was a lot more than just my math teacher who I had a scandalous and non ethical affair with. Our relationship is really deep and it shouldn’t be shallow and resume itself to him being my teacher. I was stupid for hiding the fact that I’m dating the most wonderful man in the world. He’s my half, he is everything to me. And now I’m hear to come out and let you know.” You felt a lot better now that you told the truth.

“And honestly I don’t give a fuck about what you’re thinking right now.” You concluded, sighing out of relief. At the instigation of your two biggest fans, the crowd started clapping. “A kiss! A kiss! A kiss! A kiss!” The crowd cheered, making you extremely uncomfortable  because you knew he was mad at you. “Wooooh!” The crowd cheered out of satisfaction and you frowned seeing Mark climb the stairs, a smile sprawled on his face as he walked to you.

Once he arrived he wasted no time a grabbed your face before locking your lips together in a tender kiss making the crowd scream. You both smiled into the kiss and the crowd clapped again. After you pulled away Mark took a step closer to the microphone. “I’d like to umm…” He sighed nervously. “I’d like to do something crazy, and totally unplanned.” He explained. “I don’t- I don’t really know where to start, I…” He licked his lips nervously and you frowned, what was he doing?

“Whew.” He sighed. “This is a lot more nerve wracking than I thought.” He said. “This girl, over there.” He lazily pointed a hand at you. “Is one of the most important person in my life. She’s everything I have and I love her to death.” His voice was shaking as he spoke and you smiled widely. “She makes me so happy, she’s wonderful, she’s everything I want and I need. She can be so annoying sometimes but it doesn’t matter because I love her.” He said and no matter how happy it mad you you just couldn’t understand why he was doing this.

“Oh I have a small gift for you.” He said, turning his head enough to see you without being too far away from the microphone and raised his index to you. “I always carry it with me, in case I got the feeling. The feeling you gave me when you spoke earlier.” You weren’t sure how to react, it made you extremely happy and confused at the same time. He let out an extremely shaky breath and whipped his sweaty palms on his thighs, what on earth was putting him in this state?

He walked away from the mic, placing himself in front of you and patted the inside pocket of his suit vest with a hand on ruffled through it with the other. He pulled out a black velvet box and that’s when you understood. You immediately brought your hands to your mouth as the crowd started to cheer loudly. Tears began to well inside your eyes and your heart started beating faster and faster. He licked his lips nervously before kneeling down in front of you, looking up at your teary face.

“Will you marry me Y/N?” His 5 words allowed the tears to fall down as he opened the velvet box, revealing a beautiful diamond ring. You nodded vigorously; yes, yes, yes, you wanted to marry him, yes you wanted to be his wife for the rest of your life, yes, yes. “Yes?” Mark asked, making sure he wasn’t going to cry for nothing. “Yes!” You finally said, your voice cracking because of the sobs you were holding back. He got up and got rid of the box, holding the ring in a hand and you took the hint, giving him your left hand.

His fingers were shaky as he slid the ring around the right finger, letting a tear fall on the back of your hand. Whipping his tears he looked up at yours, smiling widely. “I love you.” Was all you said before he kissed you under the claps, the whistles and the cheers. “I love you too.” He mumbled against your lips. “So fucking much.” He giggled, sniffling. “I love you more.” You giggled, hugging him and allowing yourself to cry openly on his shoulder.

Your legs were shaking when you climbed off stage under the claps of everyone. “I’m a mess.” You whispered to yourself as your friends rushed to you with the same high-pitched screams as before. “Congratulations!” They cheered and without a wrong you took one of your friend’s Martini, the one you hadn’t already drank gulped it down before handing her the empty glass. “The ring, the ring!” The said with excitement and you showed them. “It’s beautiful! Opulent!” They said I’m a awe. “I know.” You sniffled. “I’m so happy.” You sobbed and they pulled you in a billionth group hug. While you were chatting with your BFF’s Mark got carried away by his friends and he quickly lost you again.

 After half an hour you started to feel tired so you went and found him. “Excuse me.” You warned, making your way between the two men Mark had been chatting with. You hugged your fiance by the waist and gave his friends the puppy eyes. “Sorry but the future wife feels a little bit tired and she’d like to go home with a fiance.” You said, making Mark giggle. “Alright.” The men laughed. “Was nice seeing you. And congratulations!” Was all they said before allowing you to leave. The exit was right in front of you when a black shadow popped up. “Good evening lovers!” And updated version of Jimin said.

“Jimin!” You exclaimed, surprised. “No, you’re not gonna tell me you’re happy to see him.” Mark said. “No- I mean… well I…” You stuttered, not quite sure yourself about what you felt. “I understand that you don’t want to see me, don’t worry. I just wanted to congratulate you and wish you a lot of happiness."Jimin replied. "I doubt that is sincere.” Mark remarked. “It is believe me. And you’ve definitely glued her to your side, I don’t think you need to be jealous.” Jimin replied and you snuggled closer to Mark, putting a hand on his chest in a sign of agreement. “I’m not trying to get back into your lives again, I just sincerely congratulating you.” He added.

“It’s because of him that I went to the concert. He persuaded me, I was going to burn that ticket away.” You explained to him and he sighed, not wanting to give in but knowing what happened was long time ago and he had already forgotten everything. “No hard feelings?” Jimin stretched his hand out and Mark only looked at it, his hand sank into his pocket. You slightly nudged him, making him roll his eyes. “No hard feelings.” He finally shook his hand, making you smile. “I’ll leave you now. It was nice seeing you again.” Jimin excused himself with a small tap on Mark’s arm.

“Yes, yes I promise.” Mark giggled over the phone as he walked in the bathroom where you were about to erase your makeup. “Okay Mrs.Y/L/N..” Mark said as he walked behind you, wrapping his arm around your neck and pulling you closer from behind. “Good night.” He said before finally hanging up and dropping your phone on the counter. “What did she say?” You asked as he kissed you temple, making your head tilt slightly. “She made me promise to play ABBA on the wedding day.” He chuckled, making you giggle. “This won’t be happening.” You shook your head, turning around to face him and he giggled.

“I can’t wait to be called Mrs.Tuan.” You said before biting down on your lip, your hands resting on his torso. “Ow~” He cooed cockily, raising an eyebrow, his fingertips were now resting on your hips. “Who said you had to wait?” He asked cheekily as he leaned in a you let out a sexy chuckle, your fingers curling around the material of his tight suit vest. “Mrs.Tuan…” He whispered against your lips and you giggled. “Alright we’ll leave that for later, it makes me feel old.” You said. “Well me I liked it when you called me Mr.Tuan.” He replied with a smirk. “Really?” You asked seductively and he nodded, biting his lips. “It made me all hot and bothered.” He replied.

“Is that a kink?” You teased. “Maybe. But do you know what I want right now?” He asked and you hummed, telling him to go on. “I just want to make love to you.” His words traveled from your ears straight to your core, making you feel all fuzzy and weak. “Will you let me do that, love?” He asked before connecting his lips to your neck, making sensual smacking sounds as he kissed your skin repeatedly. You let out a pleased sigh, pulling him closer to you by the material of his vest so his body was pressed against yours. “Please…” You breathed out, you didn’t have so ask twice.

His lips went up and met yours in a heated kiss as your fingers worked on his goddamn bow quickly untying it. Mark turned you around and pulled your dess zipper down, revealing you sexy back and the material of your white laced bra. His head dipped down as he kissed your shoulder, pushing the fabric off your shoulders. Tugging at the piece of material he pulled your dress down, his lios traveling as well as he dropped kisses down your spine, making you shiver soundly. He steadied his hands on your hips and moved back up, pressing self onto you and making you feel his arousal on your backside.

You sighed because of the sensation and your eyes fell shut as he started kissing your neck again. You were so hot and growing frustrated as he nibbled at your skin, leave all sorts of marks on you. “Mark do something…” you heard yourself plead, you needed more, anything. “Something like this?” You heard him say and next you felt his fingers grazing the skin of your stomach and sliding into your underwear. Your mouth fell open in a silent moan as he ran only one finger along your slit, parting your lips.

Mark could see your pleasured face through the big mirror of the bathroom, and he loved watching you moan and whimper under is touch, he loved seeing the effects he had on you. He started rubbing your clit in circle motions, agonizingly slowly, taking his time and watching you fall apart. “Yes…” You finally answered his question. You were under his spell as his fingers worked their magic, rubbing your sensitive buddle of nerves slowly. It was so, so slow. Sensual and erotic, making you feel all tingly and extremely weak.

You sucked your lower lip in, holding it it place by biting down on it and whipered loudly, breathing out by the nose. You quickly released it in an open mouthed moan, a melodic moan that Mark found extremely sexy. “You like that, baby?” He checked, even thought your pleasured face gave an obvious answer. You didn’t bother to answer him at first, deciding to focus on the feeling of his digits on your but then he picked up pace, rubbing you in fast circle motions.

“Yes…” You moaned, afraid he would stop if you didn’t answer, and you could risk to make him stop because he was doing you so right. “You’re getting so wet baby.” He informed, his actions now making wet and sloppy sounds and you whimpered loudly. “Gosh, Y/N.” He breathed out, feeling his fingers getting wetter. “I’m doing you good, aint I?” He asked. “Yes.” You breathed out desperately. “It feels so good.” God all of this was so hot for him, he was so hard because of you and he was doing his best not to dry hump your ass while he was pleasuring you, because if he focused on his own pleasure he wouldn’t be able to get you off.

Your moans grew louder and higher as you felt this familiar sensation build inside of your. “Ah fuuuck…” You whimpered desperately as he kept going. “Look at you baby. Open your eyes for me.” He demanded and you obeyed, opening your eyes and seeing the moaning mess he had made of you. “You see what I’m doing to you? You like it?” He asked and you nodded vigorously. The pleasure growing stronger you started grinding down onto his skilled fingers, moving your hips in circular motions and making it hard for Mark to stay calm as your ass started rubbing against his clothed erection. “You love it when I touch you there, don’t you? You’re loving this baby, you’re so wet.”

It was way to hard for him and he gave in, starting to roll his hips, meeting up with your movements and finding an electrifying friction. He hissed loudly, sucking a breath in before letting it back out. “God Y/N you’re so sexy. Fuck I could do this for hours.” He groaned as he picked up pace.”Fuck baby your ass feels so fucking good.”

He needed to get you off quickly before he got himself out of hand and started to hump you like an animal. “Fuck, you’re close baby.” He stated, his free hand coming up to cup your breast. With one hand he pulled your bra down, letting your perky breasts springs free. He started teasing your nipple and pushed you over the edge. “Yes!” You whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Come on baby, come for me. Come for your fiance.” He demanded. His last word was like a bomb and you imploded, rushed curses and loud moans filling the room as you came. You whimpered loudly as you rode your orgasm, kind of panicked because your legs started shaking and your mind became blurry. “I got you baby, I got you.” He cooed, his circle movements slowing down and turning into long and slow stripes as you stopped riding his fingers.

Your  chest rised and fell as you painted, opening your eyes as you came down from your high. Mark turned you around and lifting you up he settled you on the counter. “Do you think you can handle another one?” He asked looking up at you. As an answer you reached back and undid your bra, tossing it to the side. Then you cupped his face and started to kiss him passionately. Your lips still connected he took his vest off and started working on his white shirt, taking it off. Once he was shirtless you got off the counter and flipped you around so he found himself pinned against the counter.

Dropping quick kisses here and there you made your way down his torso, his muscles tensing under your touch as he thew his head back. You went back up and sucked on the skin of his neck as your started unbuckling his belt. You unzipped his pants and pulled both of his boxers and pants down enough to release his hard shaft. His cock was fully erect, his veins pulsating and his tip was oozing with precum. “Aw baby why didn’t you tell me?” You cooed. You never call him baby, you finf awkward since he was 6 years older than you.

But he looked so vulnerable and at your mercy that it slipped out unconsciously. It must habe been a painful erection, you womdered how did to ignore it for so long. “Because I want to make you feel good.” He replied. “Let me make you feel good to then.” You said, ready to get on your knees but he stopped you. “Oh no baby, I won’t last.” He warned. “Let’s take it to the bed.”
You were shivering with excitement and anticipation as he took off the last piece of clothing that separeted you: your panties. You felt his lips on your ankle, then on your shin, your knee and he traveled up your tigh making you shiver. “Baby.” He called you, making you open your eyes. “I said, do we need a condom?” He said, you were too lost in pleasure that you didn’t hear him the first time. He knew you kept tracks of your days and had the habit of asking you if he had to use protection.

“No. No it’s fine. Just make love to me.” You replied. “Perfect.” He smirked before kissing the valley between your breasts. “You’re perfect.” he mumbled against your skin as he grabbed both of your perky breasts in his hands, kneading them before binging his mouth to one of your erect nipples. You whimpered loudly, your hups bucking up in the air and meeting the tip of his har cockb making you whimper louder. “Mark please…” You pleaded and he hummed against your nipples.

He pulled away and brought his face to yours, locking your lips together as he pushed the tip of his member into you, makimg you both sigh. He pushed it all the way in and you moaned into his mouth. He started off slowly, romantically. He didn’t let go of your mouth and only the sound of your lips smacking against each other’s and random moans could be heard. He gave it to you nice and slow, keeping a hand on your breasts and using the other to support himself.

“Fuck.” You whimpered, finally pulling away from his mouth and biting down own your lip as a first wave of pleasure hit you, leaving you carving for more. “Faster, babe.” You pleaded in a loud whimper and he picked up pace. “Like that?” He asked, his head dipping down as he attacked your neck. “Yes. Yes, fuck.” You moaned, grabbing his biceps as he drove deeper into you. “God, I can’t wait to call you my wife.” He mumbled against your skin and you replied with a whimper. “You’re mine baby, only mine- shit.” He picked up pace on his own. You had no choice, all you could do was take him as he gave it to you faster and moan on the top of your lungs because it was incredible. It was so passionate yet full of love, it was true love-making and you couldn’t get enough of it.

“Mark, fuck, don’t stop.” You gasped, your fingers digging into his skin. You started to feel really really hot, the sensations overwhelming your body. “Fuck you feel so fucking good Y/N.” He moaned. He touched you in the right place and you moaned his name, wrapping your legs around his waist and tangling your fingers in his hair as he brought his face to yours. “You’ll stay with me? You’ll be my husband till the end, right?” You asked, on a pleading tone. Your words were meaningful but he considered it as the simplest request.

“There’s no way I’m leaving you baby.” He replied, your lips brushing against his and his voice shaky because of his deep thrusts. His words rang into you ears and you got all emotional, but the the steaminess of the moment made you moan loudly as you felt your orgasm building deep inside, the sensation making your walls clench around him, your actions threatening to push him over the edge. “Fuck Y/N! Shit baby!” He groaned in a awe.

He went on for a while and you got closer and closer to your release, your walls clenching around him multiple times. You hid the fact that your were about to explode to let him race towards his end but you didn’t know he was the one holding it in for too long. His fave was red and the veins of his neck pulsating, he was about to blow. “Fuck baby, your killing me. Tell me- oh fucking shit tell me you’re close.” He groaned. “Oh fuck fuck I’m so close! I’m gonna come.” You replied.

“Let go.” Your eyes rolled back as your orgasm took over, hitting you like a tornado, making every cell of your body scream in pleasure. Your hands traveled down to his shoulders, your nails digging into his skin, making him groan loudly as he hit his own high, not stopping thrusting as he emptied himself inside of you.

He plopped down next to you and you snuggled into his chest, bringing the covers up. “I love you so much Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

14/  pictures of Luke Evans because there is never enough of Luke on your dashboard (and mine)

One funny thing is, though, I wear my watch on my right hand and I’m actually right-handed. People always wonder why - I don’t know myself, I’ve just always done it that way and I like it the way a good watch fits on my right wrist.