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Do I Love You?

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First of all who the heck gave Tom permission to do this? That is not okay?

Tom is asked if he loves you, and he hesitates to answer… Warnings: one f word but that’s it p>

“And that is when I fell.” Jacob finished his story. 

I laughed along with the audience. Tightening the warm blanket around myself, I continued to watch the interview from the couch in Tom’s private room. Traveling with Tom to his final set of interviews was amazing. Not only did it mean that I got to travel around North America, but it also meant I got to spend time with Tom.

“Excuse me miss,” a young woman said poking her head into the room. “May we come in and leave Mr. Hollands gifts?” she asked.

“Sure.” I said standing up from the couch.

The lady smiled and opened the door all the way. Behind her was a very built man pushing a cart filled with flowers, assortments of candy, and gift baskets. They placed them all over the room and left.

My eyes scanned the now filled room, wondering which of the goodies to try first. Obviously I choose the chocolate covered strawberries. 

I mean, Tom doesn’t like those, right? I innocently thought to myself. I grabbed the box of strawberries and sat down on my previous spot.

“Tom did you bring your girlfriend with you today?” asked an older looking reporter.

“Well, she isn’t my property so no, I didn’t bring her. But she did come with me.” he said with a tight smile on his face as the audience laughed lightly. He didn’t quite like answering questions about me since he didn’t know what I considered crossing the line. At least that is what he told me. If he answered every question about me, they would just ask more. But the interviewer didn’t seem to be backing down.

“My apologies,” said the reporter. “I didn’t mean it like that. But as a follow up question. Is it hard to be with one woman with the level of attention you get? Like, after a stressful day, or with all the women who would love to be with you?”

What. The. Fuck.

Zendaya looked at Tom from the corner of her eye and then straight at the audience. Laura just looked startled. Jacob looked like he was about to fight someone. Robert didn’t bother hiding his glare to the reporter. If only your boring buddy, Harrison, was here. We usually kept each other company while Tom was in interviews and such.

I looked at the screen, waiting for Tom’s answer. Tom is cleaver. He wouldn’t say anything that would get him into trouble…right?

But Tom looked calm. Too calm…

“No, it isn’t hard.” He answered. “I believe that there are people in this world that are cheaters and those who are not. And I am pretty sure I am not one of them.”

The crowed of fans cheered and Tom smiled a genuine smile. The reporter looked pretty angry, but just wrote something down.

Other reporters asked the cast questions.

“Zendaya! How come we don’t have any bloopers with you?”

“Imagine if I messed up on my 8 or so lines”

“How did it feel to be the only adult in the main cast, Robert?”

“He didn’t act like an adult!”


Eventually, they asked Tom about Tessa. His whole face lit up. Mine did too, but because I found another box with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Thank you Godiva!

“Yeah, I love her a lot.” He finished, still talking about Tessa.

“What about y/n?” a familiar voice asked. 

“What about y/n?” Tom asked.

 “Do you love her?” the annoying reporter asked. I froze.

Wow. Awkward. Tom and I never talked about it. I mean, we have talked about how much we mean to each other, but that was more in a teasing way. Do I love Tom? Yeah, I do. Does Tom love me? I don’t know…

I hope he does. I have thought about it, and I CAN see a future with him. Getting married, having kids, getting into arguments, the whole thing.

But I am not sure if he feels the same way…

He looked shocked. My stomach made a noise and I regretted eating so much. Tom was obviously hesitating quite a bit.

I decided to send him a quick text.

Hey, it’s alright. I won’t hold anything against you.

I watched the television as Tom looked down at his phone. He read the text and then look at the camera. It made it seem like he was looking at me.

He took a deep breath then answered, “There have been a lot of things that I am not sure of. But I can tell you with the upmost confidence that yes, I do love her.”

Some fans cheered. Some awed.

I just felt a pain in my chest.


Soon after the interview was over, the cast made its way over to the commons area, where they got to talk and hang out during their breaks and such. I stayed in the room, scrolling on my social media. It was hard. People kept tagging me in videos of Tom saying he loved me, messaging me, someone even sent an email asking if I would like to give an interview about it to a magazine.

The door handle turned and Tom stepping into the room.

“Hey!” I greeted, as if nothing had happened. That was my decision. I was going to pretend it didn’t happen.

“Hey.” he responded as he walked over to me. Tom gave me a quick peck on the cheek and motioned for me to scoot over. I did, giving him a questioning look. Why did he make me move when there was all this space on the other side of the couch.

He sat down and, to my surprise, pulled me towards him. My head was on his chest and his hand was playing with my fingers. We sat there in comfortable silence for a while before I spoke.

“I ate about two dozen chocolate covered strawberries that were for you.” I sheepishly admitted. He laughed softly before responding.

“That’s okay.” Tom took a deep breath before continuing. “We should talk about what happened though.”

Not if it means getting my heart broken…

“I’m sorry, but I’ll buy you more. Promise” I replied, avoiding the real topic.

He shook his head. “No y/n, not that. The other thing.” He paused. “The I lo-”

“I love you.” I finished. “Yeah I guess we should.”

We stayed in our position on the couch for a while before I spoke up again.

“Look Tom, like I said in the text, I’m not holding it against you. This is your way out I guess.” A tear rolled down my face and onto my lip. I licked it off. Salty I thought. “I understand why you did it. And it’s okay.”

“Is it because you don’t love me?” he asked suddenly.

I sat up and looked into his warm brown eyes. His face turned to worry when he saw the tears streaming down my face. Which means if I don’t stop crying soon, booger bubbles will start to form. Hashtag, not a pretty crier.

“No Tom. It’s because I love you. And because I love you, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” I cried. He grabbed my head and brought it back to his chest, stroking my hair.

“That’s the thing y/n. I do love you. I’ve loved you for quite sometime now, I just never told you.” He answered.

“You do?”

“Well, maybe not anymore. I mean you did eat all my chocolate covered strawberries.”

I laughed. A real laugh. And Tom laughed too. He wiped my tears away with his thumb and pressed his lips to mine. Sitting back, I smiled and poked Tom’s cheek.

“Aw Tom, you love me.” I teased. He laughed and stood up, grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Oh shut up y/n. But yes, I do love you.” He said walking to the door and opening it. “I love you enough to make you Mrs. Holland someday.”



Hey guys so this is my first writing piece on here. Let me know how I did! xx

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do you have any more headcanons on Newt being completely fucking wrecked by Credence having longer hair, because I may be in desperate need of headcanons and all of yours are pure G O L D


Ok so a preface here is that I hardcore headcanon that Newton Scamander has a type. Newt’s type is dark haired, intense, competent, and intimidating/probably dangerous to him.

(See; Tina tries to arrest him multiple times, he responds with goopy smiles and awkward hair touches. also: Leta Lestrange)

So anyway, with this in mind, it actually takes a while for Credence to really hit Newt in that type. It creeps up on the poor man.

Like, yes he registers for a bit that Credence does look much better now that his hair is growing out and he’s starting to relax and smile a little more. But he still for a while thinks of Credence as someone who he’s taking care of and who needs help.

And that doesn’t really start changing until like, a long while, when Credence starts getting more confident and coming into his own and embracing who he is. And even then Newt doesn’t really register what has happened until probably one day he literally just turns around and it suddenly hits him like a goddamn brick wall that Credence is right there and is standing up straight and holy shit Credence is actually slightly taller than him when did this happen how could this happen what is happening.

And the floodgates goddamn open because Credence is doing wandless wordless magic like it isnt even a fucking big deal and he’s so gentle with the animals and he still has that stare that could fucking gut you with those dark eyes and when the hell did he get hair like the poetic dark hero of an old gothic romance???????

It all pieces together for Newt in one sudden awful moment when he’s like

oh no



After that it is a constant awareness and Newt suffers so, so much about it. Because he has realized that Credence is Hot and he cannot deal with this he cannot unsee it. He isn’t equipped to handle an insanely powerful dark force housed in someone who is stupid levels of beautiful and honestly loves the creatures and is so gentle and careful while also being always ready to fuck shit up in a wildly dangerous way and Newt’s heart can’t deal with this HE CANNOT.

And Credence ending up just absurd levels of pretty isn’t even just me waxing poetic like it’s ezra goddamn miller. This becomes a constant problem and one of my favorite running gag headcanons is that Credence Is Gorgeous And Doesn’t Get It. 

When Newt takes him back to America Tina is internally like “goddamn where is newt going where he finds guys like that and can he take me next ti-….CREDENCE. OH MY GOD CREDENCE THAT’S CREDENCE

Later she’s like
“So…Credence really turned out….”
I know” Newt groans, facedown on the table and Suffering

Someone (probably Newt who is staring very firmly at Credence’s left shirtsleeve and wincing the entire time) has to try and sit this boy down and explain like

“Credence, people don’t stare at you because they think you’re a freak. It’s because you are…very nice to look at.”

And Credence is just like


(Requested by Anon)

You frowned at the sight of the Quileutes at your family’s gradation party. You weren’t sure why they showed up in the first place. Last you heard Bella wasn’t on the best of terms with Jacob after she clocked him in the face.

Yet there she was, chatting away with Jacob and his friends. She didn’t seem too happy to see them, then again you never knew with Bella. She didn’t show much emotion on her face. Either way, I should go check on her or Edward will throw a hissy fit.

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For the AU request night: Werepire AU, wild magic

Jacob knows more old spells than anybody Julie has ever met.  Not that she’s ever met anybody who would admit to having magic.  If you can pass, In Deluxe, you do everything you can to pass.

She’s never had anybody to practice spells with before.


Okay, it is now clear to me that A Martinez and Cassidy Freeman are engaging in an open campaign to slay us all with their cuteness. h/t @unkemptseeker, who saw this first.

@newsiestober #07 - Clothes Swap

feat. Jack Kelly as a Bowery Beauty and a very blushy Davey :)

Two of them

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Request: Can you write a Paul imagine where you’re his imprint but you don’t know and you start getting close to Jacob and he gets all jealous and blurts out that you’re his imprint and it ends with fluff and stuff or whatever you want?
For: @emmersdagreat
Words: 1,620
Paul Lahote x Reader

“Don’t say it.” Paul snapped as Jared dropped down on the sand next to him. Jared sighed and leaned back on his hands as he watched Paul, who watched you and Jacob giggling on the other side of the bonfire.
“You know that you’re an idiot right?” Jared asked.
Paul tore his gaze away from you helping Jacob flatten his hair to glare at his best friend, “Excuse you?”

Jared leaned forwards, “You’re the only one out of all of us who got it easy with an imprint. I mean, she already knows all about the pack, she knows that imprints exist and she’s taken all of that information without freaking out. I mean it does suck that she’s close enough to Sam to be his sister so he’s down your neck about it but think about what the rest of us got; Kim wouldn’t talk to me for months, Sam attacked Emily by accident and Quil’s imprint still needs a babysitter.”

“Is this supposed to be a newsflash? Like I didn’t know all of this?” Paul snapped.

Jared punched him in the arm, “I just thought you needed reminding since you’re happy to let her and Jake get so close. Y/N doesn’t know that she’s hurting you and you keep lying to Jake and telling him that you’re rejecting the imprint. Why don’t you let him in your mind? Then he’d see how you really feel about her.”

Paul groaned and rolled his shoulders as close as he was to his pack brothers, Jared especially, he didn’t really like to talk about feelings, not because he liked to pretend that he didn’t have them but because it might spark him into phasing. He especially didn’t like to talk about you because as soon as Sam had felt safe enough to introduce you to the pack he’d imprinted on you. He’d decided instantly that he wasn’t going to do that to you, that he could ignore the imprint, no matter how much it physically hurt him, so that you could stand a chance with someone better.

Sam and Jared knew, he couldn’t keep them out of his mind when he phased, but Sam had tried to respect his choice and kept everyone else off of Paul’s patrols so that he could have his mind to himself for a while.
Sam approached Jared and Paul and Jared took it as his cue to leave, he clasped Paul on the shoulder and told him, “There’s nothing like an imprint bud.” Then he left to go attach himself to Kim.
Sam took his place in the sand, “You know, he’s right, there’s nothing like an imprint.”

Paul shook his head, “We’ve already had this conversation Sam, Y/N doesn’t need someone with my temper.”
Sam nodded, “That’s true but since you’ve been trying to ignore the imprint your temper has gotten worse not better. Trying to ignore the bond isn’t good for either of you.”
Paul said nothing.

Sam sighed and sensing that he wasn’t getting anywhere, rose before asking, “Before the pack, Y/N was my closest friend, even still she is and I want her to be happy and my pack to be happy. I’ll stop pestering you about it if you’re happy knowing that even if she falls in love with Jacob, that to him she’ll always just be someone to distract him until Bella comes back.”

With that Sam left and Paul sat stewing in the new rush of emotions that the question had brought on.

Jacob’s big grin distracted you for a moment but when your laughed faded you found your eyes flitting over to where Paul was sat with Sam, he looked awful, his eyes had dark circles and his hair was a mess. He’d been avoiding you since you’d met him, you’d even asked Sam if you’d done something but he assured you that you hadn’t, in all honesty you didn’t even know why you were so bothered about someone you barely knew.

Well you did know, you’d had a massive thing for Paul almost instantly after meeting him but you told Sam it was because you didn’t like to see his friends upset.
He didn’t look like he believed you.

“You’re starring again.” Jacob warned you and you looked back to him with your cheeks burning at being caught.
“Ugh, I’m such a creep aren’t I?” You asked with a groan.
Jacobs laughed loudly, “No, you and Paul are more alike than you think. Why don’t you go talk to him?”
Just go and talk to him.” You mocked his voice and he gave you a bored look before you continued, “Every time I get close to him he practically runs away. Do you think he’s mad that I’m not part of the pack?”

Jacob scowled and shook his head, “You’re practically Sam’s sister. You’re part of the pack, that’s not in question.”
His certainty and honesty made you smile and you were still smiling when the sand beside you shifted and you looked up to see Paul stood in front of you.
“Black.” He greeted.
Jacob looked between you and Paul, “Good to see you Paul, over here.”

You raised your brow at his weird phrasing but Paul caught your attention, “Y/N, do you fancy a walk down the beach?”
“Of course.” You answered without thinking and he gave you a small smile in response and held his hand out to help you up.

You thanked him and when he dropped your hand he extended his arm for you to take, which you did and were taken back by his warmth.  You walked like that for a ten minutes until the bonfire was barely visible.
“Sorry, I just – well here we’re out of range of wolf hearing.” Paul explained.
You gave him a nervous laugh, “Well that’s not ominous at all.”
Paul shook his head, “I just don’t want those idiots interrupting, I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring you.”
You let go of his arm and stood back so that you could face him, “I’m sure you had your reasons.”
He nodded, “I did but unfortunately they were all stupid.”

“Doesn’t sound like you at all.” You teased.
He laughed at your joke but worry still ruled his expression, his large hands caught your hands and held them.
You grinned at the heat they generated.

He held your gaze, “Y/N I was ignoring you because I wanted to try to keep you safe and let you find someone better, but I want to be that person because you make me better. I know this is coming out of nowhere but you’re my imprint, I thought I could ignore it for your sake but I can’t and I don’t want too. If you’ll let me, I want to be the one to make you feel safe and make you laugh because you do all of that for me.”


When Sam heard that Paul had asked you to go for a walk to discuss the imprint he was thrilled, as much as he was unhappy at first he knew that an imprint was a powerful thing and that Paul was one of the strongest wolves in the pack.

Given the fact that you’d spent the past few weeks staring at him like a love sick puppy, he didn’t expect you to come storming down the beach with Paul behind you. You pointed at Sam, “You! We’re supposed to be friends, why didn’t you warn me about this mutt!”

“Mutt!” Paul barked, “This mutt is way too good for you, you stuck up prude.”

The pack stopped to watch you and Paul shouting at them all. Sam stood, held his hands up and asked, “Woah, woah, what’s happening?”
“Imprint!” You snapped, “As if I’d be tethered to that for the rest of my life.”
“Yeah well you’re no prize!” Paul snapped back.

Sam and the rest of the pack looked between the pair of you, horrified by the turn of the events. Emily, who had been watching from the back, took pity on her wolf and stepped beside Sam, “To say you’re so angry Paul, you’re not shaking.” She pointed out.

Paul sent you a side eyed glance; you were the first to break from your angry façade. A grin spread across your features and Paul followed suit as he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. He rested his head on you shoulder and laughed, “Okay so we’re busted.”
“What just happened?” Sam asked Emily.
Emily brushed his hair to one side, “I think their chat went well, they were pretending to be angry at each other.”
“Is this true?” Sam asked you both.
“Yep.” You grinned.
“Why?” He asked incredulously.
“Not much else in the way of entertainment around here.” Paul explained for you before kissing your cheek.

“So you just decided to mess with all Paul?” Quil asked.
“Hey, it wasn’t my idea.” Paul laughed and moved one arm from your waist so that he could point at you. You swatted his hand and giggled.
“Great, now there are two of them.” Jared groaned and the rest of the pack joined him.

Paul whispered in your ear, “So, how else do you want to mess with these guys?”
You leaned back so that you could kiss his cheek and answer, “Oh I have a few ideas.”

New One - part 3 - Enoch O'Connor imagine

a/n: so hi i like continuing this lil bean called enoch imagine ahsjdhfjshfj uhhhh anyways so here is part 3 ayyyyye i love enoch so much you can’t even imagine, and i LOVE finlay god that babe

characters: mphfpc movie!enoch o'connor x reader, and all the other peculiar children plus jacob portman

warnings: ehh… none :) but as always, the characters’ ages are accurate except enoch who is as old as he was portrayed in the mphfpc movie

y/n and enoch. those two. 

they had been spending too much time together for anyone to comprehend. mis peregrine was, of course, delighted that enoch had found someone he had opened up to. and she was relieved that y/n finally had peace here. she had noticed the young telekinetic girl wasn’t nervous or bad-like giddy-ish like she was when she first came, continuing until her and enoch…. made themselves official. 

miss peregrine had never seen enoch smile. from the day he had came to cairnholm, enoch had never smiled or shown any type of joy to her or anybody else. sarcastic comments and hateful glares or long silences were always his way to show he was among the peculiar children. somehow they got along with enoch, but he didn’t care. 

y/n had been encouraging him to talk more and not be so unsocial with others and it somehow worked. everyone wondered how it could be - they thought nobody could break enoch’s sour look on life. y/n was proud of herself for being the one to change enoch. well, not exactly him, but his attitude. 

they fit together so perfectly - heads always close, whispering to each other and giggling. they were constantly spending time together, and they spent more time outside, y/n actually brought enoch along to the daily walk. rarely were the lovebirds alone. they looked very lovely at every given moment, everyone was happy for them. 

y/n and enoch were now sitting under a tree fiona grew out especially for them. y/n was laying between enoch’s legs with her back against his chest and a book in her hands. she held it out for the both of them to read. it was john green’s paper towns.

“why have you underlined that sentence there?” enoch asked, disturbing the - perhaps - silence.

y/n eyes wondered down to where the boy’s slender finger was pointing. “well, i like that quote.”

“why?” he questioned. “can you read it out for me?”

“okay.” y/n cleared her throat. “…leaving feels good and pure only when you leave something important, something that mattered to you. pulling life out by the roots. but you can’t do that until your life has grown roots.

encoh hummed. “it does sound nice.” he went silent, he was thinking. y/n waited. “does it mean anything to you?”

“uhm…” y/n paused. “it could, but does it?”

“you mean…?”

“well, i left my parents in my old life when i came, remember?” y/n said, looking at enoch with her head tilted backwards. he nodded. “well, that kind of feels like a grown root now. so, i left them there. or they brought me here, i don’t know.”

“so, you find that quote very much alike your situation? now or before?” enoch questioned. now y/n nodded. “does it make you sad? thinking about your parents and your old life?”

“mm.” y/n hummed. “sometimes.” she turned around, putting down the book. she rested her arms on enoch’s chest, her hands on the back of his neck. y/n looked into the boy’s eyes. “i miss them sometimes, you know.” she said and traced along his sweater neck line with her index finger. 

enoch started to feel bad for he brought up the subject about her parents and her old life. he immediately regretted his words and wanted to say something to mend the situation, but y/n was faster than him in that way and spoke up first.

“but then i realise…” she traced her finger up enoch’s neck and face, stopping at his cheek, “i have you.” y/n smiled. “so i stop missing my old life. and focus on what’s happening here.” she shimmied her body up enoch’s chest a little to reach his face and connected their lips. 

the boy smiled. he was the person that made y/n forget about missing her previous life. and that made enoch happy. 

he pulled himself and y/n down on the soft grass and kissed her deeper. enoch thought he could change things up a bit and reached his hands down to y/n’s waist, beneath her shirt. she looked at him with slightly worried but wild eyes and leaned down and kissed his lips. 

enoch’s fingers started dancing quickly against y/n’s soft skin which created ticklish movements. y/n cut her lips off enoch’s and started giggling. the boy smiled at her and only quickened and hardened his hand movements.

“e-enoch, i can’t-” she tried to say, but couldn’t as the touches were way too ticklish. her giggles turned into hysterical, lovely laughs and then tears of joy. “p-please, sto-”

“i see we’re interrupting something.” the two teens heard a voice coming from a meter or two in distance of them. y/n rolled off enoch’s lap and they both looked at who it was.

emma was standing between bushes, but she wasn’t alone. besides her was a boy in 21st century clothes with a confused look on his face. y/n jumped up on her feet, evening out her white skater skirt. she took enoch’s arm and nudged him up. soon, two teenagers were facing two teenagers. 

“n-no, you weren’t.” y/n said, a giggle escaping her lips after. enoch stood behind her, hardly keeping a serious face with having the urge to laugh. she took enoch’s hand in hers behind her body to calm him down. “so, is there someone you need to introduce us with?”

“uh… yeah.” emma paused. “this is…”

“jacob portman.” the boy spoke up. he looked around enoch’s and y/n’s age but he had the look on his face that he didn’t understand where he was or what was happening. but… he looked like he was from y/n’s past life’s time. there were features in his style that told y/n he was from the 21st century, and she had never seen him in her life. y/n’s eyes sparkled. someone from then, the future.

“he’s abraham portman’s grandson.” emma said. “jacob, this is enoch and y/n.”

“hi.” y/n waved at the boy and smiled while enoch did nothing but pat his foot against the grass, waiting for the introduction to end. 

“wh-what are your peculiarities?” jacob asked. y/n was surprised he would want to know and know that they were peculiar, but she thought she could show him. 

y/n looked at the book on the ground and waved it up in the air, making it float around her and enoch’s heads and stop in front of them.

“wow.” jacob breathed out. “you’re… telekinetic.”

“yes, just like you thought you were at the pub.” emma said with a chuckle. y/n ignored the inside joke and took the book in her hands. she looked over at enoch - he had a bored expression on his face and he was avoiding anyone’s gaze.

“and what can… he do?” jacob asked, referring to enoch.

“make things alive again.” y/n said for she felt enoch didn’t want to say anything himself. “it’s better with smaller beings, tho.”

“oh.” jacob sighed. “okay.”

“well, this has been good.” emma said. “but me and jacob have to go now, he has to meet miss peregrine.”

y/n nodded. “off you go, then.” 

emma and jacob walked past them to get to the house. jacob had a curious look flying everywhere, including y/n and enoch together. who was he? what was he doing here? why was he here? who was abraham portman? why did jacob portman look like he was from the 21st century? why was he here now?

when they left, y/n turned around to enoch. “what is it?” she placed her hand over his cheek, making enoch look in her eyes for a short moment, then he looked back down. “hm?”

enoch groaned quietly.

“enoch.” y/n dragged out his name to get him to talk. “why’d you get so quiet suddenly?”

enoch sighed. “i don’t like that jacob guy.”

“why? do you know him?”

“i just-” enoch sighed again. “he’s like his grandfather, he will leave and break everyone’s heart - except mine and probably yours - eventually, so, i already know what’s gonna happen. i save myself a heartbreak.” 

“how do you know that?”

“miss peregrine knew he would come.” enoch replied. “she knew he was born and she knew he was like us, too.” 

“she knows everything.”

“that’s right.” enoch agreed. “and i hope she knows what he’ll do.”

“could you tell me about his grandpa sometime later?”


claire came running to the couple and tugged at y/n’s hand. “miss peregrine says there’s lunch in five minutes, you have to come. we have a visitor!” claire was smiling.

“wonderful.” y/n said, caressing claire’s cheek. “we’ll be there on time, i promise.” claire nodded with a smile and ran off. 

enoch turned around to check if they had anything to leave here and y/n took his arm.

“be nice, love.” she said to enoch. he groaned. “please. you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the guest.”

“i don’t care what kind of impression i leave on him.” enoch stated. y/n rolled her eyes.

“please, enoch.” she said. “could you at least try?” she begged. “i’ll give you a treat later if you will be polite.” y/n smirked.

“what kind of treat?” enoch looked at her. y/n chuckled.

“you’ll see.” she pointed her finger at him. “if you behave.” y/n, standing afar from enoch, stretched out her hand for him to take. enoch sighed, but gave in. he grinned.

“alright, i’ll try.” enoch said and took y/n’s hand, being pulled towards his girl and the children’s home.

Happy Birthday Mr. Scamander

@newtsfantasticwitch requested: I was thinking about a Newt Scamander x Reader fic where reader’s planning a birthday surprise party for him but he somehow finds out about it.

Hi dear. Thank you so much for the support and love. I am SO excited to present this to you and I hope you love it. The inspiration came to me in the shower this morning (lol I have no idea why) and I was SO happy while writing this! I hope it fulfills your request and brings you a feeling of love & joy!


“Darling? I get the distinct impression you are keeping something hidden from me.”

“What makes you say that?”

Newt gazed deep into your eyes with that  - look. It was the same look he had given you when you teased him about the Niffler having a hidden pocket on his back. It was the same look he had given you when you had switched cases with an empty one just to see him sweat a little when you told him the creatures had vanished and took everything with them. It was the same look he had given you when instead of mint tea you had served him chicken broth only to discover that he actually enjoyed it. He gulped down gleefully as if to say ’“fooled you.”

Essentially, your two year marriage had been full of laughter and teasing. 

Neither one of you would have it any other way.

“I am simply planning a special… event… for a friend.”

“A friend?" 

"Don’t say it like I have no other friends besides you.”

Newt’s eyebrow raised and you could not help but snort. It was true. Who did you spend all of your time with besides him? Your friends were the same as his. Work and the creatures kept you quite busy therefore it was hard to branch out and meet new people. However, you were content.

“Alright fine, you win darling. I AM hiding something but please just trust me and don’t ask questions." 

You bopped his nose the same as he always did to you and picked up your notebook full of plans. "And no peeking in this.”

Saying those words to Newt was like trying to convince a child not to look at the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. He chewed his bottom lip slowly as you left the room with a shake of your hips. Oh, you were in trouble and even though you knew it - NOTHING would stop you from completing your task.

Newt’s surprise birthday party had consumed your thoughts for months.

“Jacob and I will bake a cake.” Queenie excitedly offered, a few evenings before in the quiet corner of your sitting room.

“Shh…the man has ears of a Thunderbird." 

Queenie giggled, "Well, count on it alright? Do you want Jacob to frost a Niffler on top?”

Your eyes darted towards Newt, arms folded as Pickett crawled across them. 

“How about Pickett instead?”


Tina had invited you to tea the following afternoon.

"How are you on gifts? Is there anything that Newt would like that we could all pool our money to purchase for him?”

You smiled brightly up at her, she was such a thoughtful and giving woman. “I have a few personal items I picked up but he keeps talking about a new tea kettle and socks. I have a feeling that is his way of hinting.”

Tina laughed heartily, her eyes shining with kindness. “Well, consider it done.”

On your walk home from work Jacob had caught you passing by his bakery. 

“I baked some cinnamon rolls fresh this morning. Hey, do you think Newt might like something special for his birthday dinner besides cake?" 

You giggled, having spent so much time planning the actual party - food had all but escaped your thoughts. "Ah, Jacob. You’re so thoughtful. I know he loves stew.”

“Stew?” Jacob grimaced, “Of all the the delicacies he could have….you choose stew?”

“He loves it. A delicious, heaping bowl of hot beef stew.”

Jacob shrugged, a small smile curling on the corners of his lips, “Sounds…great.”

You took a few steps and spun back around with a smirk, “And of course your famous dinner rolls.”

His cheeks flushed as his smile widened, “Done.”

Looking over your check list you soon realized that your small group of friends had truly taken care of most of the details. All that was left was two categories: decorations and a gift from the creatures. 

What could they possibly give him?

You paced your bedroom, scratching the top of your head with a pencil, deep in thought. 


You jumped a foot in the air and gasped, "Newt!! You can’t do that!”

Newt chortled, wrapping his warm arms around your waist from behind and placed his chapped lips on your neck, “Why not?" 

"Merlin’s beard.” You laughed, clutching a hand over your chest, “Because you might give me a heart attack.”

“Please darling, you’re not getting any older. I am.” He teased, trailing several small kisses further down your neck. Your breath hitched in your throat at the feeling.

Newt smirked and kissed you once more before freeing you from his embrace, “Can you keep an eye on my creatures for an hour while I deliver something to work?”

“Of course.” You smiled, an idea coming to your mind, “Take your time, darling.”

Newt pecked your lips and smiled before apparating instantly leaving you in a flustered mess.

“Don’t DO that!” You snickered, shaking your head.

Upon entering the case your eyes darted in every direction. What could the creatures give to Newt for his birthday? 

“Listen here.” You called out. Your voice felt tiny compared to the expanse of the space around you. The Niffler scurried under a wooden bucket and Dougal stared at you with wide, blinking eyes. “Um…hello, as you all know Newt’s birthday is on Friday and we are having a surprise party for him. All of you need to give him a gift. Any ideas?”

Did they understand what you were saying? Probably not; but it was worth a try. Frank stared down at you majestically, a small drizzle of rain falling around him. You wiped your face and looked towards the mooncalves all staring at you with curiosity. Suddenly you felt a small thump against your foot and the Niffler stood on it’s hind legs, offering you a shiny coin. Your heart melted at the sight. 

“Is this for Newt?” You beamed, bending down to pet the creature’s head, “Thank you.”

Your smile widened happily as an idea began to formulate in your mind. 

Newt was going to love this!


Newt spun around, dropping his trench coat, and stood mouth agape at the scene before him. There was no fooling you. The expression on his face was entirely wrong - he had definitely peeked at the notebook. 

"Newton Scamamder! You are INCORRIGIBLE!”

You were met with a round of laughter and his familiar lips caressing your cheek, “Thank you everyone! Thank you darling!”

“Of course you would find out. I can’t hide anything from you." 

"That’s not true.” He winked, making his rounds around the festively decorated room. He greeted Tina and Queenie with a peck on the cheek and an exuberant handshake for Jacob. “This really is kind. Thank you all for coming.”

It was impossible to stay angry at that face as he turned towards you with a lopsided grin and a disheveled fluff of hair. 

“Come see your cake!” You giggled, clutching his hand and leading him to the table of gifts. 

“PICKETT?” Newt nearly choked as his laughter roared, “Pickett love, come see this.”

The branchy bowtruckle peered from his shirt pocket with beady, curious eyes. Newt pointed at the cake. 

“It’s you Pickett.” You commented, holding out your hand for him to crawl onto. Pickett cautiously stepped onto your finger and slid down your hand to the table peeking over the side of the cake. He took one look and then blew a raspberry.

“Apparently he thinks it looks nothing like him, Jacob.” Newt teased with a wink.

Jacob huffed, closed his eyes, and shook his head earning a dainty kiss from Queenie on the top of his head.

“We got you something.” Tina remarked holding a box wrapped in green paper.

Newt took her hand and squeezed it thankfully before tearing into the paper excitedly, “Oh darling! A tea kettle! Did she tell you what happened to the last one?”

“No.” Tina laughed, her eyes meeting yours.

“Yeah. It sort of….blew up…. the erumpent….yeah there was this incident with erumpent musk in the case and Newt tried the mating dance….um….he sort of forgot the kettle was in the way.” Laughter permeated the room as you blushed, “Trust me, it was not good for the kettle… or the Erumpent.”

“Or for the Magizoologist.” Newt chuckled, “Thank you so much everyone." 

"Open it.” Tina added.

Newt lifted the lid and nodded. Three pairs of socks were rolled inside. “Thank you.” He blushed, flashing you a knowing smile.


“Yes, darling?" 

"Your creatures also have something for you. Would you mind if we all went into the case for a moment?”

“I would love that. Come on.” He grinned, leading the way.

The creatures chirped, growled, and came to life as their Mummy and his friends exited the shed. Newt truly brought sunshine and life everywhere he went and the creatures gathered around as best they could. They seemed full of anticipation for Newt to see their gift.

You picked up a small wooden box and knelt down across from him on the ground. 

“Your creatures all wanted to give their Mummy a little something to show their love for you on your Birthday. Go on then, open it love.”

Newt kissed your cheek softly before lifting the lid and his heart melted instantly. He looked up with tears in his eyes and instantly pecked your lips before turning to whoever was in hearing distance, “I love you all…my wonderful creatures. Thank you.”

Newt held a hand to his chest as he pulled out the small tokens of love.

The Niffler had gifted a fine golden coin. The occamies a single silver shell. Dougal had gathered several small vials of erumpent musk and placed them inside. Newt chuckled stroking his fur. “Just in case of another escape?” The mooncalves had placed inside a few pellets and some grass. The Nundu - a tooth it had lost. The graphorn a single stone from its habitat. Newt looked a bit confused but it was all part of the plan because when he looked up to question it he was met with the caress of its tentacles. Newt laughed, wiping his face clean. Pickett chirped on his shoulder. His very companionship was a gift to Newt - that and the wood lice he had placed inside. There were several other small tokens of affection but the final item was a single feather from Frank the Thunderbird. Newt’s eyes wet with more tears as they spilled down his cheeks.

“Oh, thank you my wondrous creatures. You have all made Mummy so happy. This was a wonderful birthday gift.”

Newt gazed at you lovingly, “Was this your idea?”

You shook your head, wiping your own tears away with your thumbs, “The Niffler’s actually.”

Newt hugged the Niffler before it had a chance to run off and you observed joyfully as Newt greeted and kissed each of the other creatures in the case. You would never get over the joy they brought to his life.

Cleaning up after the party you could not help but sigh at the success of the evening. Even though the surprise had not completely gone to plan; you felt so fulfilled and content knowing that Newt had been gifted a special day.

Newt held your hand across the counter, just as you were about to start on the dishes. “Leave them darling.”

“What….what do you mean?”

He pulled you into his arms tightly and rubbed your back, placing a tender kiss on your lips. “Thank you for making my day so wonderful. You did not have to do anything.”

You brushed his wavy hair from his eyes and smiled, cupping his cheek, “I wanted to. You mean more to me than I will ever be able to express.”

Newt smiled, cupping your cheek as well, before kissing you deeply. His hands trailed up and down your sides and you gasped, “What are you doing birthday boy?”

“Getting ready to open my final present.”

“Ah… cheeky.”  You laughed, as he led you gently to your bedroom and slammed the door.

Happy Birthday Mr. Scamander.

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