he looks like he's wearing his older brother's shirt

White Wedding

Words: 1.8k

Summary: You’re at your best friends wedding reception when you run into the grooms younger brother, Cas.

Warnings: AU, hints of light drug use, is fluff a warning?

A/N: This was inspired by a little drabble I wrote based on the picture above. It was requested by @willowing-love that I write a oneshot. If you can’t tell, this AU Cas is based on Endverse!Cas.


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reaper au for @punkhalfghosts. merry Christmas bae! 

Jenny didn’t know that metal could rip.

Jenny didn’t know that her mama’s car could be so fragile, a torn hunk of metal and glass that smoked slightly in the front.

Blood stained her clothes, like the time she scraped her knee so bad that it made a brown spot on her favorite pair of jeggings. But now it was all over her, the sick ooze already drying on her face and chest and-

Oh. Her chest. Her arms.

She needed a bandaid. A big one. Preferably with a kiss and a hug from her moms.

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Winchester Brothers x Chubby! Reader / Not A Problem

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Prompt: The Reader sets two girls straight in an awesome fuckin’ way

Warnings: Probably triggers idk

Genre: Fuckin Awesomeness

Words: 781

A/N: We need more body positivity! Be proud of your body and rock it out!! ;)

Being ‘Thick’ Or ‘Chubby’ had so many pros and cons. The pros were that you didn’t need a blanket in winter and always being warm. Cons? Having people make fun of your weight. You didn’t mind at all. You were perfectly content with your body and didn’t really care for anyone’s opinion on how you looked. You loved how you look and that’s all that mattered. You were currently wearing Dean’s flannel. Sure it was tight on you, But he said he loved you wearing his clothes so.. Why not? Sam had given you his flannel also, Saying that you needed more than one; But it was obvious he was jealous of his older brother. You were leaning against the impala, Playing with your phone for a while until Sam and Dean came back from the grocery store.

“Why is she wearing such a tight shirt? Does she not know that it fits her?”

You look up, The woman’s friend shushing her. They both looked like they were waiting on the bus.

“She heard you! Be more quiet Alex!”

“It’s true. Look. I can see the buttons of her shorts struggling to stay on”

You knew that was a lie, Since these pants were your size and you always checked that it didn’t have any rips.

“Right? I swear. Can’t people buy stuff their own size? She looks like a whale”

They were giggling and you were starting to get pissed off. Whales were cute. You were cute. Who were they to talk about how you’re supposed to dress? You straightened up, Starting to walk toward them.

They immediately shut up, Looking away from you.

“Excuse me?” You were trying to not explode in front of them. “I heard you two talking about my weight. Just so you know, I’m actually proud of how I look. I love how I look and that’s all that matters. At least I’m not like those girls who try and get their body the shape of supermodels” You eyed them up and down “And not starving myself to get love and recognition. I really think you two should stop before you actually hurt someone. Or someone hurts you”

You smiled, Starting to walk away.

“At least I have a boyfriend.”

You turned around, Stomping toward her.


“Yeah. And she has two” Sam’s voice booms, Startling the three of you.

“Huh!?” Both of the girls mouths are agape, Unable to close them while looking at your two best friends

“There is no way you’re going out with.. Her” Her friends voice is soft, Almost scared.

“Don’t believe it?”

You feel Dean’s hand go around your chin, Pulling you to the side. He plants a quick kiss to your lips, Sam doing the same.

“Now?” The brothers have amused looks on their faces, And you blush but smile at the two girls.

“Why don’t we leave now darlings? We seem to be running late” You play along, The two girls giving you jealous looks.

The boys nod, Wrapping their hands around your waist. While walking away from the girls, Dean slaps your ass; And you smack him on the arm.

All getting into the impala, You explode in laughter. Dean starts to pull away, But you tell him to stop in front of the girls.

“Such a nice boyfriend you have. Making you wait on the bus stop instead of picking you up. Get a better boyfriend sweetheart. Also..” You smile, “Be body positive”

Dean drives away quickly, And you all once explode in laughter.

“We are total bosses!!!” You laugh, fist bumping them.

“Hell yeah! That was fucking awesome!”

“You totally owned them (Name)”

“That’s what I do baby” You chuckle, Sitting back on the seat.

“Just in case, Don’t listen to them (Name). You’re beautiful just the way you are”

“Don’t worry about what other people think”

“Heh Thanks guys. I know. Just don’t want them to say that to the wrong person. They might hurt them. Or they could get hurt back. I love my body and everyone should too.”

They smile, Dean looking through the mirror to meet his eyes,

“Sorry about the kiss too. Wanted to make it believable”

“It’s alright guys. You could do it again if you guys wanted to” You wink at them, And they laugh.

“Yeah okay. We’ll do it next time”

You kiss both their cheeks, Smiling.

“Thanks for having my back guys. I’m lucky to have you guys. Not a lot of people like me have people on their back. Thanks babes” 

You kiss their cheek once more; Ruffling Sam’s hair and slicking Dean’s hair back, Watching as it got all puffy.

“No probs (Name)”

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Facts About Jooheon I found out Today

I just watched Jooheon featuring on Mad Clown & DinDin’s episode of Afreeca TV & I got to learn some facts about him tonight~ 

(A/N: This afreeca tv episode came out July 15th so a few days ago. I just watched it today didn’t know he did this ^^’’) 

1) His hometown is Daegu but his family came up to Seoul when he was little so he knows a little bit of satoori but not much 

2) He got into rapping when he did a Dynamic Duo CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) song that had a rap part and he did it for church. At that point he was already getting into rap through Epik High’s Fly and Cho YongPil’s “Friend” so that song catapulted his obsession with rap (around middle school) 

3) He doesn’t wear cologne instead he wears personally mixed fragrant baby powder. There’s a place where you can mix the scent desired with the baby powder and so that’s what he personally wears (and is fanatically obsessed with).  

4) He may be a tad innocent when it comes to the dirty humor/jokes. DinDin mentioned that the people writing comments wanted them to compare hand sizes and DinDin was like “This is kinda dirty” (referring to how a man’s hand size is often associated with the size of his manhood) and Jooheon was like “Why?” 

5) Jooheon has a younger brother and parents, no older sister. 

6) Jooheon’s ideal type is a girl who can wear a white shirt & denim pants really well. Age wise he’d prefer younger girls but he’s open to all age types (younger, same age, older). 

7) His blood type is O. 

8) Monsta X won’t receive personal cell phones until they get #1 (probably on all the main music programs). He communicates with Mad Clown via email :’D 

9) Jooheon has never considered doing eyelid surgery (he rly shouldn’t his eyes make him suit the fierce rapper look imo). 

10) This isn’t about Jooheon but Mad Clown is planning to release his next album in the fall (YAY FINALLY) 

These are a bunch of facts that I’ve picked up from the hour long episode (tbh i skipped to the part where Jooheon joined them sorry Mad Clown oppa ><”) 

Please contact me if you’re curious about any part of that Afreeca TV episode with Mad Clown, DinDin & Jooheon & you’re curious about what someone says. I’ll try to do my best to translate what it means :)! 

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8. Are we close?

Yes, or at least I like to think so. :) He has known our family for a decade and we really bonded in the past four years. He has pretty much watched my older brother and I grow up. So, yes.

21. If he was a color, what color would he be?

If I remember correctly, he said his favorite color was purple. So probably that. Plus, he often wears purple button up shirts and he always looks so good in them. 😍

Plaid on Plaid

Prompt:  can you write a readerxdean where dean catches the reader wearing one of his shirts and dean becomes really weird and distant and the reader thinks she has done something wrong but it was only bc dean got really turned on? With some smut please?

Reader Gender: Female 

Word Count: 1,470

Warnings: Smut, (Kinda) clothed sex, Unprotected sex

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[UNDONE] pt 3

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oooohhhh hobi 

characters: Hoseok, Jungkook, Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Jimin, Y/n

genre:Mafia, angst, smut

description: Mafia was meant as a business last thing he needed was you coming in to ruin it all.

masterlist  Background information


“Y/n which one would you like to wear for tonight?” Suji asked as she searched for your clothing, you sat on your queen sized bed body wrapped in a towel. Your mother had told you tonight would be the night they announce your marriage with Hoseok, you weren’t  excited to be going. When you were a child you had the belief that your announcement of marriage would have been magical or happy but instead it was forced. Your brother wouldn’t had allowed this but it didn’t matter your brother had died and now you had to have the weight of the family on your shoulders. 

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New Year.

Note: So, this is a bit late and a bit bad, but oh well! Enjoy!
Word count: 2257


Chatter all around the room as everyone laughed and conversed, drinks in their hands and music blaring. Everyone had their own little groups they were talking with, but not Dan.

This was his first actual house party he’s been to since his Senior year of high school started and he couldn’t keep his eyes off his best friend’s brother that wasn’t but four years older than him.

He was wearing a blue plaid shirt that fit his body quite well with a pair of black skinny jeans that formed around his ass and hips and made them look irresistible. He was standing, talking to his brother, Martyn, with a cup in his hand. It almost looked like he was lecturing him about something, but Dan could only focus on how hot he was.

Dan was sat in the corner, not really talking to anyone, just drinking from his cup. He was never big on social events, but Adrian convinced him to go because “you never do anything! Go out for once, Danny!”

He closed his eyes as he tossed back the rest of his drink, cringing at the awful taste, but loving the burn it sent through his body on the way down. That was probably his fourth drink and he felt a bit tipsy.

When he opened them, he locked eyes with Martyn’s brother. He saw him trail off from his lecture long enough to where Martyn managed to slip away from him after taking his cup back.

He had never actually met Martyn’s brother before. They’ve been friends since they were little, but they have divorced parents. This was the first year he was actually with Martyn for some form of holiday, though, which meant he got to gawk at this fine piece of human.

He watched as the older boy walked over to him, pushing through the people, putting on a smile as he squatted down in front of Dan.

“Hi!” He yelled over the music. Dan found himself wanting to hear more of his voice. Dan smiled at him in response. “Why are you over here alone?”

“Not really big on social events,” Dan yelled back. The boy stood up and held his hand out. Dan cocked his head, confused.

“Come on,” he said. Dan let him pull him up and followed him up the familiar steps into a foreign room. The walls were white, but everything else was bright blues and greens. “I figured you’d be more comfortable kind of away from everything.”

Dan had to admit, he was more relaxed, even though for all he knew, this guy could try to kill him.

“Thanks. I’m Dan, by the way,” Dan said, smiling at the boy and sat down on the bed. He saw the older’s eyes widen before a really big smile appeared in his face.

“You’re the famous Dan that Martyn is always telling me stories about! It’s nice to finally meet you, but I must say, you’re different than I thought you’d be. I’m Phil if you didn’t know,” Phil said, sitting in front of Dan on his bed.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked, curiously. Phil shrugged.

“Well, for one, he always tells me stories about how you guys go run around and cause trouble and everything and now you’re at a party and you weren’t even talking to anyone. I thought you’d be more of a punk, I guess?” Phil said.

“Yeah, normally that’s just me and Martyn, though. I don’t do well with crowds much. But was there another reason?” Dan asked, tilting his head. His eyes trailed down to Phil’s lips as his tongue swiped across them. When he looked back up to his eyes, there was something different in them. And it turned Dan on.

“You’re way more attractive than I pictured, that’s for sure,” Phil said, his voice suddenly more husky than before. Dan swallowed thickly as the older boy scooted closer. “Are you alone this New Years, Dan?”

Dan felt his breath hitch when he felt Phil’s hand hit his thigh. He didn’t know if Phil had been drinking or if he was just trying to get a quick fuck, but honestly he didn’t care because he was attractive as hell and he was horny.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“How old are you?” Phil asked, hand moving up slowly. Dan had spread his legs a little more, which only made Phil smirk.

“Seventeen,” Dan moaned out when Phil pressed his hand onto the younger boy’s crotch. Phil’s hand paused for a second, making Dan stare at him, pleading and confused as to why he stopped.

“I’m 21,” Phil stated.

“And? That doesn’t mean that you can just stop,” Dan said, confidence heightening. He put his hand on top of Phil’s pressing it down and let out another moan.

“How much have you had to drink?” He asked, pulling his hand away. Dan whined, looking at Phil. “And you’re my brother’s best friend, oh my god, what am I doing?”

“Only a bit, I’m fine. Please? I won’t tell Martyn,” Dan begged, shifting and crawling onto Phil’s lap. He wrapped his arms around Phil’s neck and pressed his head against his forehead. “It’d be a shame if a pretty face like yours was alone on New Years anyway,” he whispered, smirking as he felt Phil’s hands grip his waist.

“Fine, but only because you’re cute and I’m horny,” Phil said, knowing that there was something a little more than just that, but not saying it because the kid was four years younger than him and his little brother’s best friend. It wouldn’t happen anyway.

“Deal,” Dan said, suddenly grinding down into Phil’s lap, feeling Phil’s half hard length against his ass and moaning. Phil let out a groan, thanking God that his brother wouldn’t be able to hear.

Phil let his hands run under Dan’s shirt as Dan pressed their lips together in a fierce, sloppy kiss. Dan moaned into the kiss as he felt Phil start playing with his nipples.

“Fuck,” he moaned, pulling away to take off his shirt. Phil looked at the boy’s chest, taking in its hairless, lightly tanned appearance.

“You’re so pretty,” Phil said, kissing the boy’s neck. Dan gasped, a blush spreading across his body, and a hand instantly weaving into Phil’s black hair when he started nibbling. Dan’s neck was his weak point, the one that got him going the most.

“F-fuck, Phil,” Dan moaned. And suddenly, they were flipped and Dan was pinned to the bed with Phil above him. Dan was a writhing mess beneath him already and Phil found it amusing at how easily he could get the boy going.

“So eager and willing, I love it,” Phil praised, kissing the boy below him quickly before sitting back up and taking off his own shirt. Dan’s eyes scanned down the milky white chest that had a little bit of chest hair on it. His hands immediately started running up and down it, scratching ever so softly across the pale skin.

“Fuck me,” Dan panted, locking eyes with blue, almost black, ones and letting his hands start undoing Phil’s pants. Phil grabbed the boy’s hands and pinned them above his head.

“Are you a virgin, Danny Boy?” Phil asked, lacing his fingers with Dan’s, trailing his lips across the boy’s jaw. Dan let out soft moans and gasps as Phil lightly nibbled on the skin, moving to his neck before sucking hard at his neck, loving the feeling of Dan’s body arching up to meet his and the noises he let out.

“N-no. L-lost that when I was- fuck- a freshman,” Dan moaned, thrashing when Phil slipped his hand into Dan’s pants and started palming him through his boxers instead.

“Naughty boy,” Phil teased, moving to nibble on his earlobe. Dan keened.

“What are you going to do about it?” Dan asked, trying to catch his breath.

“What should I do about it?” Phil asked, moving away from the boy for a second, watching him whine at the loss of friction and heat.

Dan watched as Phil moved from the bed and walked across the room toward a suitcase. He listened to the music seeping through the room from downstairs, but his ears caught the zip from the suitcase and heightened it as he curiously watched Phil, propping himself up on his elbows.

“You could always fuck me? Show a better time than they ever did,” Dan stated, watching as Phil fumbled in the suitcase for a little bit. He found himself smirking. “Show me a better time than your brother ever did.” Phil’s body tensed.

“You let my brother fuck you?” Phil asked, standing back up and facing Dan, pants unbottoned and unzipped already. Dan just wanted to shove them down and have that cock in his ass.

“He was my first,” Dan stated, licking his lips, not taking his eyes off Phil’s crotch.

“I see,” Phil said. “You should take those off,” he said, motioning to Dan’s pants. He didn’t waste any time taking them off. He saw Phil nod when he tugged at his boxers and he shoved those off too, hand immediately wrapping around his cock when he saw Phil start doing the same.

He let out a moan when Phil’s cock sprang free and then his legs were being pushed up, knees to his chest, making him gasp.

“Why don’t you tell me about your first time then,” Phil said, taking the bottle of lube he grabbed from his bag and coating his fingers. Dan’s breath hitched at the slightly demanding tone.

“We were in his room and he told me he was confused about his sexuality so I told him he could kiss me if he wanted and then it- fuck!” Dan cried out when two fingers slipped in unexpected. Phil let him adjust before he started thrusting them in and out and scissoring them.

“So, he just used you?” Phil asked, moving up so he was hovering over Dan while still fingering him. He was panting as he nodded. “That was,” he paused, putting another finger inside, watching Dan writhe beneath him and try to fuck back on his fingers. “Rude of him.”

Dan was moaning, slowly getting louder and louder as he felt his fingers get so close to his prostate, but not quite there.

“Fuck me!” Dan cried, hands grabbing at Phil’s back. Phil pulled away, a smirk on his face as he looked at the panting boy below him. He thrusted his fingers in one last, rough time, hitting Dan’s prostate a bit, watching him practically scream, before pulling them out. He ripped open the condom and rolled it onto himself and then coating himself with lube, moaning at the feeling.

Dan was whining, practically begging for Phil to get on with it. His body was shaking with pleasure as he felt Phil line himself up and then slowly push into him. He hissed at the stretch, nails digging into Phil’s back as he bottomed out.

“F-fuck, you’re f-fucking huge!” Dan growled, face contorted in pain. He’s had people as long as Phil fuck him, but he’s never had one as thick.

Phil pressed soft kisses all over Dan’s face and neck, nibbling a bit at his neck to try to distract him from the pain.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked, concerned. Dan took a second, but he opened his eyes and they locked with concerned ocean blue ones. He nodded.

“Move.” Phil slowly pulled out and slowly pushed back in, listening to the gasp that came from Dan’s lips and watching the pleasure start taking over the features on his face. “F-faster,” Dan pleaded.

Phil started picking up speed, pressing his lips to Dan’s in a passionate kiss. Soon, the sound of their skin slapping together and moans coming from both the boys were enough to cover up the music that was seeping into the room from downstairs.

“Fuckfuckfuck!” Dan screamed, back arching as Phil hit his prostate.

“You like that? Like it rough? I doubt my brother could ever fuck you like this,” Phil growled into his ear, sitting up on his knees and grabbing Dan’s hips before thrusting into him as a brutal pace.

Dan could feel himself at the edge and he knew if Phil kept up, he would be coming within the minute. Pleasure was shooting through his body and he could barely focus on anything else except the feeling of Phil’s huge cock pounding his ass, making sure he won’t be able to walk for a week.

“P-Ph-Phil! I’m g-gonna- shitshitshitshitshit!” Phil slammed into the younger boy, grinding into him and then Dan went silent, back arching even more than before, hands clenching at the sheets and his eyes rolling backward in a silent scream. White streaks covered Dan’s stomach as his body jerked.

Phil pulled out slowly, having came along with Dan, and pulled the condom off, tying it, and tossing it into the trashcan. He plopped down next to the still shaking boy and let out a puff of air.

“Dan?” Phil said, looking at the now curly headed boy.

“Hmm?” Dan replied, opening his eyes and looking over at Phil. Dan was content because holy hell, that was the best orgasm he ever had. Phil smiled at him, having heard the cheers from downstairs the as Dan started to cum.

“Happy New Year.”

Dan really couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new year.

Request -- I HAS REQUEST: the reader is away somewhere and dean in her room (for some reason) and comes across her stash of sketchbooks and finds out she's an awesome artist and stuffs then she walks in and he's there like @_@ (love your writing!!)

(For sophie-toe. I hope that you like it! xx)

Sam!“ The younger Winchester looked up in surprise when his name was a shout out of his brother’s mouth; Dean abruptly appeared in the library looking frazzled and not in the mood for joking around. "Have you seen my Metallica shirt?”

“The one with the four green skulls on it?”

“Yes, the No Leaf Clover one,” Dean was already getting annoyed with how much time that was passing. “Have you seen it?”

"Dude, do you not remember?” Sam chuckled. “When Y/N got injured a couple months back, you let her wear it because she couldn’t wear any of her tight-fitting shirts.”

“Oh,” The older brother blinked. “Yeah, that’s right…”

“I’m surprised that you didn’t look for it earlier.”

“Well, I liked seeing her in it—” He stopped his sentence when he saw Sam raise his eyebrows, and quickly tried to polish over his sentence. “—not like that; come on!”

“Whatever; you can’t go looking for it now, anyways, because she’s out on a supply run.”

“Who says that I can’t?”

Sam scoffed. “Going into her room without her permission has got to break at least two of her laws.”

Dean was already starting to walk away, though, despite his brother’s claim. “Not if I’m out of there before she gets back!”

“It’s your funeral!”

Not paying attention to Sam’s call, Dean strode over to your room and opened the door; he had to admit to himself that he felt a bit rebellious, for you never let the boys near your things. Finding a chest on the floor that held some of your clothing, he prayed that there wouldn’t be any intimate articles in it and lifted up the lid, sighing in relief when there were just jeans and t-shirts; he didn’t want to make things awkward.

He began to sift through the shirts that were very tightly packed into the wooden box, alternating between humming and muttering in irritation when the search began to take to long and the shirts beside him were starting to pile up. Finally sighing and throwing his hands up he lifted all the rest of them out, deciding that if would be easier for him to find what he was looking for that way; one fell from the bottom of the stack, though, and his eyes lit up.

“Found you, you son of a bitch,” he said happily, holding the faded shirt up before deciding that he couldn’t leave any evidence behind, gathering your other shirts in his arms; he was going to put them back in the chest, but dropped them again when he saw that there were a bunch of charcoal sketchbooks scattering the floor of the trunk.

Even though his guts were telling him not to, Dean gave in to his avid curiosity and pulled out one of the books; when he opened it up, his jaw dropped open at what he saw. Every page was full of beautiful drawings, some with color and some without, the lines neared a bit from you being in a rush. They were so amazing that he found himself reaching for another one, and started flipping through it with even more enthusiasm as his eyes drank in your secret artistic talent; he became so engulfed in your work that he didn’t hear your footsteps heading towards your room.

“Why’s my door open—” you started to ask, and stopped when you saw Dean on the floor; he quickly hid the sketchbook from sight and his eyes grew wide in shock.

“Sorry,” he apologized, and held up his t-shirt. “I just really wanted this.”

“And you couldn’t wait for me to come back?” you joked. “Seriously, it’s okay; I totally forgot about it.” Your voice suddenly turned a bit shy. “Thanks for letting me use it, but the way.”

“It’s no problem,” The reassuring statement came out in a rush, and you could see that he was trying to awkwardly hide something from view. “Well, um, let me just put everything away for you—”

“Dean, you didn’t—” You remembered what you had put in that chest so many years ago and saw the sheepish expression growing on Dean’s face. “Did you look through my sketchbooks?!”

“I might’ve just taken a peek,” he replied meekly, standing up and raising his hands in defense when you stormed over. “I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

Picking up the boom that was open on the floor, what little anger you had felt faded when you saw the drawing on the page. “No, it’s okay,” You smiled a bit, much to Dean’s surprise. “I actually haven’t gone through these in a while.”

“You never told us that you were such an amazing artist,” he told you in a hushed voice, green eyes tender when you looked back up at him, nostalgia overtaking your face.

You shrugged. “When I started to hunt, art became the second priority; when things became more serious I was limited to only sketchbooks, and then I just soon forgot how much I enjoyed art.”

Dean stepped closer, looking over your shoulder as you went through the pages and started to stroll down memory lane. “You didn’t completely stop, did you?”

“…No,” you confessed after a few moments of hesitation, and reached into your shoulder bag to reveal a worn leather-bound journal. “Whenever I have time, I do little quick sketches in this.”

“May I?” Dean asked, and you pursed your lips in thought before hesitantly handing it to him; his expression became an awed one once again. “These are absolutely mind-blowing; I’m not kidding! Hey—there’s even one of Sammy!”

Blushing at his compliments, you nodded as you looked at the picture; Sam’s legs were crossed as he sat at a table in the library, determination in his eyes and bending over a book. “I had a bit of time.”

“You sure did! But there’s something wrong with this journal.”


His eyes were now alight and teasing. “There isn’t a drawing of me in it.”

You rolled your eyes, grinning at him. “How prideful of you.”

“But would you draw me? Please?” His voice became childish and hopeful, and you couldn’t help but giggle. “Please?

"Alright,” You laughed and jumped up onto your bed, sitting cross-legged before gesturing him to do the same.

“Am I supposed to be doing anything special?”

“It’s not like I’m going to ask you to pose in the nude or anything,” you answered with a sly smile, and he chuckled.

“I know; I’m just making sure.”

“Just look at me,” you instructed. “And I’ll do just a rough sketch.”

“I bet it’ll be magnificent,” he muttered, and you smiled once again before getting to work.

All that the both of you could hear was your breathing and the rapid sound of the graphite from your pencil scratching against the smooth white paper; glancing up, you flushed again when you saw the softness in his gaze as he watched you draw. You managed to capture that in your sketch, along with the slight upturn of one corner of his lips that made a subtle smirk. It actually surprised you that he didn’t say a word of impatience, and didn’t even shift in his position.

“Okay,” you whispered when you finally put down the pencil and admired your work. “I’m finished.”

“Can I see it?!” Dean’s excitement was contagious, and you giggled at his behavior before handing it to him. You bit your lip in nervousness as he studied it, and then met eyes with you. “Rough sketch, my ass.”

"I’ll have to pass up on that offer.”

“No, this—” He had to laugh at your joke before continuing. “This is awesome; just amazing! You are amazing!”

Tucking your hair behind one ear self-consciously, your cheeks turned red for the third time. “Thank you.”

"No,” Dean took one of your hands and made you look at his face, which was full of honesty. “I’m dead serious; you are amazing.”

You were a bit flustered at his gesture, but suddenly became brave and planted a sweet kiss on his cheek; he looked surprised, but absolutely blissful.

"Well then,” you said, voice ringing with joy as you gave him a huge smile. “It looks like I’m going to be drawing you a lot more often now.”

I like your style | thehockeyplaying-mutanthunter

Donnie was in the room his beloved, Casey and he shared.

Casey wasn´t at home right now and he simple took a breack - force by his older brother and Sensei. -

Right now he was standing infront of the mirror. He had took on Casey clothes, well expect the jeans of course. He already told Casey once he liked his style. And secrtly he wounders how he would look on it. He was even surprised that Casey clothed fit him in the first place. Smiling he took the hoody on. Smillign on the shirt/jacked. It also smelled like Casey. If you were in a carton you could see little hearts flying around his head.

Of course he hadn´t asked Casey to wear it or told him in the first place. Also he didn´t know when the teen would return. Not like he cared right now

lilacaugustnights  asked:

Hey!! I love your blog <3 can I get a hoshi imagine/Drabble with 3, 22, and 37? Thank you 👼🏽

3. Lazy Days
22. First kiss
37. “Is that my shirt?“

It took you awhile to register where you were when you opened your eyes. You were in a way too uncomfortable position and you were very obviously not in the comfort of your own bed. A sleepy groan beside you alerted you to the fact that you werent alone. You smiled when you saw the boy who was fast asleep next to you on the couch, faintly remembering last night’s sleepover. Careful not to wake him up, you got up from the couch slowly, almost tripping over your own feet when you were finally up.

This was a routine you were familiar with. Whenever your best friend Hoshi got a day off - which, sadly, wasn’t too often - you would go to his house and spend the whole day together. Lazy days with him were a special treat when you did get them so you always looked forward to it.

The house was quiet except for the sound of the tv; you two had fallen asleep without turning it off. You practically sleep walked your way to Hoshi’s room up the stairs. You needed a shower, you thought sleepily. Twenty minutes later, you stood in front of your best friends wardrobe with a towel wrapped around you. You had your own clothes in the wardrobe, it wasn’t the first time you had stayed with him after all but for some reason your hand reached out to one of his shirts. It smelt like him, you realized, getting a whiff of it when you put it on. Hoshi didn’t really have a definitive smell but it smelt like so many lazy days together on the very couch you had just woken up on or the smell of home and fresh new sheets.

Slipping back downstairs, you paused infront of Hoshi who was still sleeping soundly on the couch. His hair was a mess and his mouth was hanging open slightly. He looked like a kid, you thought bemusedly. You squat down next to him, admiring him for a little longer.

If anyone had asked, you couldn’t have told them when you had become best friends. It just seemed that he had always been there, ever since you were both kids. He had been the protective older brother and he took that job seriously even now. Gently, you stroked his soft, unkempt hair. If only he knew you didn’t want him to be the older brother but more than that…

“Is that my shirt?” His voice, raspy from sleep, broke through your thoughts. You hadn’t realized he had woken up. The boy now had his eyes open and was looking at you, suddenly seeming wide awake. Blushing, you took your hand from his hair and nodded. “I felt like wearing it.” You said shrugging. “I hope you don’t mind?” You asked. His eyes were intense as he raked over your body with a look that made you blush again. “Keep it. You look good in it.” He smiled. Trying not to act flustered, you stood up and offered him a hand to get up as well. He took your hand but before you could register what he was doing, he pulled it down, pulling you on top of him.

You could remember many times when Hoshi had acted like this, bringing you down with him when you were at the pool or when you were having pillow fights. It wasn’t anything new. What was new however was the way his lips were on yours. In the shock of being pulled down, your mind didn’t register it for a few seconds. When you did finally register that his lips were pressed against yours, you went into shock again. ‘Is this really happening?!’ You couldn’t have arranged your thoughts even if you had tried so you decided not to try and just give in. You wanted this anyway. Your lips moved against his, slowly at first but with more confidence when he didn’t break away. It didn’t last long, probably only a few seconds but for you who had been waiting for it for so long it could’ve been forever.

You broke apart, eyes locked in an intense battle, daring the other to speak first. Your hand was still held in his, his other arm around your waist. The whole thing should’ve been making you flustered but instead it gave you confidence. “I like you.” You whispered without hesitance. He didn’t reply for awhile, making you slightly nervous. He kept his eyes on yours, his face serious. Suddenly, he broke into a laugh, startling you. “Thank god you do because I hadn’t planned what I’d say after that if you didn’t.”

You stared at him open mouthed. “Wait… You mean that wasn’t an accident?” You asked, flabbergasted. He smiled cheekily at you. “Hmm I wonder.” He said, teasing you. You pouted, hitting his chest playfully before laying your head on it with a happy sigh. The both of you laid in silence for minutes before he calls out.

“You’re heavy.”

Why did you like him again?

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(1/3) OKAY this actually happened to me but now that I think about it it is rly cute and SO taekook! Guk is 12 and Tae is 14. Tae and his best friend, Guk's older brother, is SUPER into magic cards and play it like everyday after school (nerds) and Guk doesn't know how to play or have any interest in actually playing magic cards but some of the cards are really pretty and so is Tae, so he always joins them to watch from the sideline (and stare at Tae when he isn't looking)!

(2/3) He then gradually starts to learn how to play magic cards just so he can be even more involved with the two older boys and while his brother is teasing him about being really bad at it Tae is encouraging him and this one time he TOUCHED Guk’s hand when he passed him a card and he almost died.

(3/3) And Guk swears that Tae has a thing for him too cause he is just so kind to him and he looks at him like he’s so precious but maybe that’s just how he is so poor Guk is heartbroken and so in love and this one time Tae told him that Guk’s handwriting was really pretty and oh boy his heart stopped it was amazing but shy Guk is shy and Tae is two years older and how do you even romance so…

(½) SORRY BUT Oooooh continuation to the magic card thing cause this also happened! One time Tae comes over to play video games with his brother so Guk wears a see-though shirt to look good for Tae and impress him, but when he walks out of the livingroom after saying hey he hears Tae say to his brother “Your brother was wearing a see-through shirt!!!” like he is REALLY shocked and it awe and his brother just shrugs

(2/2) and you know this probably means that Guk achieved his goal and impressed Tae but he is just so embarrassed he literally sprints to his room and changes his shirt the poor baby

oh my god this is so cute im crying. i love kid aus and then thinking about when they grow up n what happens then. imagine that guk and jimin are stepbrothers so it’s #95zforlife and guk has this massively sickening crush on tae and so yeah he does really weird things to try and impress him like wearing a see-through shirt (but he’s like 12 theres nothing to see tbh…) and he freaks out every time tae is in the house. and the worst part is that he’s super shy so he does all these elaborate things to try and impress tae but he chickens out last minutes and just holes himself up in his room. 

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Teenage Dream (3/?)

After being away from her hometown for the last nine years, Emma Swan returns for a visit which its sole purpose is to let go of her past once and for all. The past in the form of Killian Jones. High school sweethearts AU.

Rating: M

[Ch1] [Ch2]

Also on ff.net AO3

Chapter 3 – Broken Hearts

Killian’s smile faded fast. The burning sensation reached his eyes even faster. He shoved his hands in the front pockets of his jeans and exhaled audibly, his shoulders sagging as he emptied his lungs.

Emma Swan. A decade had passed and her effect on him remained as deadly as ever; much like getting thrown overboard into the deep rough sea. He would have come up with something better than those few cursory questions if he hadn’t felt like he was drowning…

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