he looks like he's trying not to laugh

BTS reaction to you drunkenly confessing to them

NOTE: I’m taking into consideration the boys have feelings for you too!


He wouldn’t believe it at first and think it was only because you were drunk, but later when you were sober and couldn’t look at him in the eye, he would know it was serious.

“Ah Y/N, you could’ve told me before!”

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He would scold you for being so drunk to the point of openly saying those things to him, but he couldn’t help but stutter his words out and feel his heart beating fast inside his chest.

“We’re going to talk when you’re sober, you can’t just tell me things like that!”

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chances are he’d be as drunk as you, so he would laugh at your words and even try to flirt with you, just like you did to him, by throwing you cheeky kisses and winks.

“you’re gonna be the death of me, Y/N!”

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you would destroy his heart. He wouldn’t know what to do or what to say, and everyone would probably laugh at his flushed cheeks and wide eyes while watching you open your heart to him, right then and there.

“I… had no idea… y-you… I would never imagine…”

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HE WOULD BE A FLUSHING MESS. The moment you started talking, he would have no idea what to do or what to say besides smiling and hiding his face in his hands. He would be really shy to come and talk to you later, but he’d muster his confidence to do so!

“Ah really… I don’t even know what to say, you’re so pretty!”

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This boy would be the happiest bean around! Even if your words were shocking to him, he would try to remain serious as to not hurt your feelings and bite back his grin as he watched you articulate all your reasons ‘why I love Kim Taehyung’

“I can’t believe you’re actually telling me this, Y/N”

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He would have no idea how to react, considering he never thought you had feelings for him too. He would be looking around, trying to process everything you were saying, but at the same time sporting a smile on his. He would later confront you with pink dusted cheeks

“you know, you told me a huge secret last night, Y/N…”

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After looking at Royce’s new update this just became a big headcanon, because just imagine these two after Yuuri’s letter was sent to Victor on Valentine’s Day.

I can imagine Victor receiving it, and weeks later, deciding to find the perfect chocolate for when white day comes and he can meet Yuuri again… which ends up with him buying everything that’s on his white’s day gift list just to be sure, because he can’t seem to decide which one would be better. Even after being scolded by Yurio for buying too much, Victor knows he is right but he also knows it’s for Yuuri, so he wants him to try them all.

And when Victor finally goes to meet the other boy, and gives him all the chocolates, Yuuri just laughs because it looks like this man in front of him ended up buying the whole store, he can barely walk with his arms full of boxes of white chocolates, and of course Yuuri ends up accepting them all.

Victor came in a suit, while caring all these different types of chocolates just for him. And hours later after eating almost all of Victor’s present, they’ve come to regret their decision, because now they feel sick from the sugar high. Yuuri blames Victor while laughing so hard his stomach starts to hurt again, while Victor blames it to how incredibly tasty the chocolates were. All this while trying to hide the leftovers from Makkachin’s insatiable appetite.

see that’s the thing about heartbreak. it doesn’t hit you instantly. it takes its time. first you feel a little hurt, a little broken, a little lost. but you think you’ll be okay.
then you hear a song that reminds you of him. maybe it’s a song that you heard one day and the first person that came to mind was him. maybe it was a song you sang along to in the car with his hand on the wheel and your head on his lap. or maybe it was a song about losing him. but it’s a song that makes you cry until the end; while still trying to sing along to it, still trying to remember his voice.
after that, you’ll see a picture of you two. it may be one that someone else took and you guys are both smiling. he’s looking at you like maybe he loves you, and you’re laughing because of something he said. or maybe it’s a picture you took of him without him knowing it; one where he’s caught completely off guard but he’s still absolutely beautiful. or it may be a picture that he took of the both of you, one where right before the picture, you told him to give you a few seconds to make yourself look nice and he rolled his eyes. but it’s a picture that makes you stare at it until the tears in your eyes blind your vision.
you’ll be in the car and you’ll pass by one of the spots you guys went to. it might be something small, like where you went to get coffee that day after work or where he bought hot dogs and ate them in the car. it might be the place you guys walked around for hours, talking about anything and everything. it might even be a street you had to pass to get to your destination; because with him, it was never about the destination and always about the journey. but you’ll be driving by or riding in the car with someone else and a single tear is all you’ll let fall.
you might go through your closet, hoping to find a shirt or a sweater that he left; trying to grasp something physical. you’ll remember how you told him you were going to steal his hoodie, and how he tried to hide it from you because it was his favorite.
you’ll be sitting somewhere and a small breeze will bring what will appear to be his scent towards you. you know it instantly, and you’ll find yourself turning every which way to see if he’s around.
he is everywhere. every turn you make, you’ll find yourself thinking of him.
and that’s the worst part of heartbreak; because even though the person is gone, the memories still remain.
Chanyeol as your boyfriend

The first time he saw you

He asking you for a date

The way he looks at you

Soft kisses

Tries to make you laugh all the time

When you can’t reach the top shelf

Always start laughing when he’s trying to be serious

All the beautiful dates

When someone asks him about you

When he spots you in the crowd

He teasing you all the time

Hates when you don’t give him enough attention

He cooking for you

He playing for you


I hope you liked it!

“And I want you to seduce me,” she said. “Everywhere we go.”

“Seduce you?” He echoed.

“Yes,” she nodded.

He looked like he was trying not to laugh. It was a new expression on him, one that she hadn’t seen before. She decided that she liked it. “How would you like to be seduced?” He asked.

She couldn’t help the blush that spread across her face and ears, but she held her head high and tried to sound confident.

“Oh, I’m not picky,” she shrugged, “I just want you to use your imagination. Whatever’s in your head.”

He looked at her.

“You’re in my head.”

An awareness struck her of just how much he meant what he said. She felt the evidence of how profoundly they had changed each other – how they had carved themselves into the fabric of their beings, how they had become irreplaceable in each other’s lives. She saw it through their bond, and through his words, and through his eyes.

He told her that he loved her with that look.

Chapter 53, A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients

I commissioned this gorgeous image after reading chapter 53 of one of the best fanfics out there. I envisioned a future where Rey and Kylo are hopefully trying to seduce each other after the conclusion of the story. ;) Thank to @dustoftheancients for creating such a wonderfully developed and suspenseful work that I wish I would have stumbled upon sooner. And this piece would not have been possible without @panda-capuccino and her inspiring artistry.

Falling In love with Newt would Include

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Anonymous asks:  Could you do a newt scamander falling in love would include

  • You actually not liking him at first, you think he’s weird and strange.
  • Him being persistence, but is always really nervous around you.
  • You thinking he’s really annoying, especially the way he acts around you in particular.
  • You avoiding him at all cost, trying to pretend he doesn’t exist.
  • But again, he’s persistent, and has an almost angelic attitude, and treats you with respect, something that you don’t get a lot being a woman in the 20s.
  • Him making little flowers with his wand and sending them to you.
  • Sometimes when he’s not looking, you steal a glance at him, trying to figure him out.
  • Months and months pass, and he’s still falling for you, but you’re holding your grounds.
  • He doesn’t like you just because you’re pretty, he loves the way you talk, and laugh. Especially when you start to snort a little bit, not caring who is judging.
  • Him asking you out a couple times, you reject him, but you’re slowly getting warmed up to his weird ways.
  • The two of you are becoming friends, but he still has feelings for you. Newt’s scared of being rejected over and over, and gives up asking you out.
  • Him leaving you alone, because he wants you to have space, and Newt thinks you really don’t like him.
  • You think he doesn’t like you anymore, and naturally, right about then, you start liking him back.
  • You being sad, because you think Newt doesn’t like you anymore.
  • You ask Newt if it’s too late to take up that offer. Newt smiles, and says, “It’s never too late.”
  • Newt always smiling, especially when you smile and are laughing.
  • When things get tough, the two of you like to cuddle, you nestled into Newt, your hands around his waist, his hands gently petting your hair.
  • No matter what happens, he always encourages you, and tells you how much he loves you.
  • You jokingly call Newt Newton in a horrible British accent.
  • Newt surprising you with flowers, every Friday.
  • Lastly, you telling Newt, “I’ve fallen for you, and I don’t think I can get up.”

I apologize for all the Newt Scamander posts! HAHA JK, I’M NOT SORRY, SUCKERS, ADMIT IT YOU LOVE IT!!! 

Nice things I want to happen in episode 12
  • Yurio and Otabek having friendly bets over which one of them will get the gold
  • Phichit, nervous before his performace, video calls his parents and asks them to see his hamsters and spends at least half an hour talking to them in a cute voice

  • Yuuri thinking that Viktor will avoid him after their conversation, but as he’s getting ready Viktor comes in and styles his hair like he always does

  • Yakov and Viktor talking and Yakov telling Viktor that he’s doing a good job as a coach

  • Viktor congratulating Yurio on breaking his record and being genuinely happy about it

  • JJ realizing that his fans love and support him no matter if he wins or not

  • Before they leave, after the GPF is over, all 6 skaters return to the rink and try to perform each other’s routines as well as they can. Everyone laughs at how weird Chris looks while performing Yurio’s Agape.

  • Viktor joins in and does all the routines flawlessly, because of course he would

  • Phichit uploading tons of photos on IG and his fans realizing that he accidentally caught Yuuri and Viktor kissing in the background of one of them. Phichit freaks out that he hasn’t seen that himself

  • Yurio inviting Otabek to Russia to meet his grandpa (and eat pirozhki). Otabek accepts.

i can’t believe space dad j'onn j'onzz has known this entire time that alex danvers is a huge lesbian since he can read minds and it makes me wonder did he ever read her mind when she was trying to figure out if she’s gay?? like throughout the day she would subconsciously just think about how amazing girls are and j'onn is just like “alex are you kidding me there is no way you are straight” but being the respectful, supportive father he is he just let her figure it out and then wait for her to tell him on her own terms

Dex has a hard time saying no to Nursey. It’s been happening since they stopped arguing as much and started… talking… more? That’s not really the right word, but it’s complicated. Maybe. Some days it feels more complicated than others. They’re friends, he thinks, and maybe it’s best to stop trying to invent new labels for it, whatever it is. Dex may not know what to call it, but he does know that now he likes making Nursey laugh more than he likes making him angry, so that’s something.

Dex 1, Poetry 0.

It starts on Monday. They’re piling onto the bus, ready to head back to Samwell after a 3-1 victory over Yale, happy and proud but exhausted all the same. Dex pulls out the reading for his English class and startles when he feels a heavy weight settle against his side. He looks over and finds Nursey leaning against him, feet propped up on the seat where his hockey butt should be, notebook and pen in his lap. Nursey tilts his head back so he can see Dex’s puzzled expression and a slow grin spreads across his face. Dex’s heart stutters, skipping a beat.

“Hey. Is this chill?”

Somehow, between the stray curl that flops down onto Nursey’s forehead and the strong, strong urge compelling Dex to take a nap right then and there, he just doesn’t have the guts to say no.

On Tuesday morning, Dex is staring at a line of infuriatingly complicated code when he hears a knock on his door. Bleary eyed and cranky, he stomps over and flings the door open to one Derek Nurse, who beams at him like Dex is the best thing he’s seen all day.

“C'mon, Dexy, let’s go get Annie’s!”

Dex yawns, then blinks. “What?”

“You, me, coffee,” Nursey says slowly, pointing first at Dex, then at himself, then down the hall.

Dex considers the offer. He’s been working for two hours now, so long enough to take a break, and he actually hasn’t had any coffee yet today. Maybe some caffeine would help him. Plus, Nursey is wearing that sweater that matches his eyes and also he’s super excited, the way he gets when he lets go of his chill to tell Dex all about his day or about a good book he just finished, and Dex would never admit it but it’s halfway to adorable. So it’s not surprising at all that Dex just can’t find it in him to decline and grabs his jacket, computer abandoned forlornly on his bed until later.

Wednesday night, the boys throw a kegster for their win at Yale. Dex volunteers himself for Nursey Patrol because by 10:00, Nursey has had approximately three beers and has already tried to make his own tub juice in the bathtub upstairs, bake cookies in Bitty’s oven, and kidnap Chowder’s beloved giant plush shark for his own room. Twice.

By midnight, Nursey has also played two rounds of beer pong and lost miserably, first to Lardo and then to Ransom and Holster, and Dex is the only thing standing between him and a third match against Bitty and Tango. “You can crush them next time,” Dex reassures him, guiding him out to the front porch for some air. “Ready to head back?” He watches as Nursey sways against the porch railing, then nudges him with an elbow. “Hmm?”

“Yeah, okay,” Nursey sighs quietly, and Dex is struck by how small it sounds. He slings an arm around Nursey’s waist and Nursey throws an arm around his shoulders before they start walking. It’s cool outside, but Dex doesn’t shiver.

“S'okay ‘f I stay with you?” Nursey mumbles. Dex tightens his arm as they stumble over a tree root and sighs, his breath trailing out in front of him.

It’s part of being on Nursey Patrol, he thinks. He has Nursey’s back, always - he can’t just leave him alone - so of course he says yes.

Thursday night finds Dex at a poetry reading, of all places, with a half unfinished coding assignment sitting on his desk back in his dorm and 50 flashcards to make before his Calculus test on Monday.

Nursey’s tried to get Dex to come to a reading before, but that was back when Dex had some semblance of willpower. Now, here he is, sitting next to Nursey at a table smack in the middle of Annie’s in a sea of beanies and overpriced clothing that sort of reminds him of Nursey’s closet but not really because, well, with him it’s different, okay?

“I thought you said this wasn’t gonna be weird,” Dex mutters. In his sweater and jeans, Dex sticks out like… He sticks out a lot. He’s not good with metaphors. But usually it’s just his hair and his ears, not his entire person, and he’s tripled his usual level of embarrassment.

“Chill,” Nursey grins, ruffling Dex’s hair as he mildly protests. “It’s only weird if you make it weird, Poindexter.” Dex shoots him a half-hearted glare, but he doesn’t say anything as the first girl gets up on the stage.

Dex would kill anyone who accused him of it, but he’s actually having fun. Even though he doesn’t really get poetry, it’s nice to sit here with Nursey, whose comments are surprisingly more entertaining than annoying. He nudges Dex when someone he knows is onstage, and finally Dex can put faces to Nursey’s stories of overly critical classmates and editors who rip his hard work to shreds using only a red pen - like Elliott. He’s going to keep a special eye on Elliott in particular, now that he knows what he looks like. Jerk.

An hour and a half flies by, and Dex has even said hello to some of Nursey’s artsy writing friends who are seated nearby. One of them (he thinks his name is Caleb but he can’t be sure) asks him if he’s been to any other readings before, and Dex shrugs. “This isn’t really my scene, but Derek-” Wait.

Where’s Derek?

He’s not in his chair next to Dex, and he’s not ordering a coffee from the barista. Dex knows he’d have said something if he was getting up to go to the bathroom - oh.

He’s onstage.

Dex’s eyebrows knit themselves together into a scowl. Maybe he’s never actually been to one of Nursey’s readings before, but Nursey always tells him when he’s performing a piece. Sometimes he even lets Dex listen to whatever it is he’s reciting that night as a final test run. It’s nice. Why would he keep this one a secret?

Nursey clears his throat. He’s standing right in front of Dex and he looks… Uncomfortable? Shy? Dex can’t quite place it, it’s so strange. He watches Nursey smooth out the paper in front of him and look up again into the bright stage lights and then it hits him. Nursey’s nervous.

On any other day, Dex would relish in the chance to see what lies under Nursey’s trademark 'chill,’ but right now it has him worried more than anything else. He catches Nursey’s eye, and Dex gives him a (slightly confused, but he’s aiming for supportive) grin and a thumbs-up for encouragement. Nursey nods ever so slightly and straightens up, then starts to read, his eyes still on Dex.

It takes Dex two lines before he starts to process Nursey’s poem, another three before he starts to blush, and then he’s bright red and silent for the rest. He’s not good with metaphors, but he thinks he might know what Nursey means - or else he’s very, very, painfully wrong. Dex would hate to be wrong right now. But then Nursey says the last line in his poem, and everything just… Clicks.

“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went "Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

It hits Dex square in the chest. That’s it. That’s the 'something’ they have.

Dex doesn’t have long to dwell on it, though, because suddenly everyone is standing up and stampeding toward the door, Nursey must have been the last speaker, Nursey, where’s Nursey?

Dex gets up, but he doesn’t go anywhere. He’s tall, he thinks, and Nursey’s tall, too. He’ll find him. And he’s right, because a couple parts ways to move around their table and there he is, still close to the stage but trying to make his way to Dex, and Nursey’s grin is so wide it looks like it hurts and Dex is pretty sure he stopped breathing a few seconds ago.

By the time Nursey finally, finally finds Dex, Annie’s is almost deserted. And even though Dex has had plenty of time to figure out what to say, he’s not the English major, so he doesn’t say anything.

“Hey,” Nursey says softly, still smiling at Dex, and Dex wants nothing more than to see that smile every day for the rest of his life because it’s Nursey, it’s always been Nursey and what’s even better is that for Nursey, it’s always been Dex and before he knows it Dex is in Nursey’s arms and Nursey is swinging him around and laughing.

But just as Dex’s feet hit the ground, suddenly they’re sliding out from under him and he gasps, tightening his arms around Nursey’s neck and squeezing his eyes shut. When he stops moving, he tentatively opens his eyes and there’s Nursey smirking above him, and Dex realizes he’s dipping him, the sap, right in the middle of Annie’s.

“Chill, Poindexter, you’ve already fallen for me once today,” Nursey says smugly, and Dex rolls his eyes. He doesn’t think it works, though, considering he’s bright red and grinning like mad.

“You’re ruining it, Derek,” he scolds, and Nursey pulls him upright.

“Kiss me?” Nursey asks softly in reply, and Dex, well…

Dex has never been one to say no to Nursey.

Yuuri and Phichit being late night bros is my jam

Like they hang out late at night in their room and tell each other secrets and do that sleep over thing and spill their fears and dreams and crushes, and maybe how they probably miss their families

They listen to bad covers of Madonna and try to make pork cutlet bowls in their dorm kitchen at 2 in the morning.

At 3 they go online look at old social media posts and laugh until they cry because being a teen and online is ridiculous. Yuuri has Bad Doodles posted online of his OC’s and Phichit posted about how he was 14 and ‘an adult now mom’ and could have as many hamsters as he wanted (he does).

Yuuri reveals how more than anything he’s afraid of disappointing everyone and Phichit tells him all he really wants to do is make Thailand proud, like, that’s all he really wants.

And they kiss a little and hold hands under the covers, since they’re bros and bros can do whatever they want.

Late night sleep over Yuuri and Phichit.

Overwatch Heroes at the Family Barbecue

Genji: Just kind of chilling beneath a shady tree with Zenyatta. Ocassionally glances at Hanzo, who refuses to make eye contact with him. Is wearing swim-trunks. No one knows why.

McCree: Reeks of beer and smoke. Being overly-friendly and very loud. No one really minds. Keeps trying to give the younger heroes “life advice”. At least he hasn’t thrown up yet. No one knows how he managed to get so smashed off of, like, 4 beers. Truth is, he was drunk when he got there. Snuck D.va a sip of his beer when Mercy and 76 weren’t looking. She hated it. He laughed.

Pharah: Wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt, even though it’s, like, 90 degrees Fahrenheit(32 C). Doesn’t get why everyone else is complaining about the heat. Chatting with 76 and Mercy near the grill. Enjoying herself more than she’s letting on.

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What I’m Proudest Of


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: You were his Eliza.

Note: (uses super vague summary so you have to go into this disaster fic BLIND) So, essentially I’m a monster and this is the outcome to that but @letsgiggletogether ENCOURAGED IT SO BLAME HER TOO.

Word Count: 4,247 (distant screaming)


2 years before

“Babe, have you seen my journal?”

“Lin, I can see at least five journals from where I’m standing and three of them are definitely yours,” you snorted as you watched him scurry around the apartment.

“Okay, fair enough,” he said. “But like, I need it.”

“It’s the Eliza one, isn’t it?” you asked knowingly.

“Maybe,” he looked at you sheepishly.

“Last I saw it was in the pantry, god knows why,” you laughed.

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So I remember reading somewhere that Misha getting on this dude’s lap was unscripted.

The dude who he’s sitting on seems slightly mortified like he’s not sure what to do or where to look.

The woman right behind them is staring out of the corner of her eye, but trying not to stare because Misha is apparently still delivering lines and no one has stopped the scene yet.

And then one guy on the left is just full on staring and laughing because WTF Misha?

even’s mom is much smaller than her son (he gets his height from his dad), so even always has to bend down to hug and kiss her

and when they go over to even’s place, she greets isak with one of the biggest smiles he’s ever seen and he’s so surprised at first because they’ve never met before and yet she’s looking at him like she’s known him for years and she hasn’t seen him in way too long and she’s missed him

and she takes isak by surprise and gives him a hug, squeezes him, and isak thinks “how does such a small woman have that much strength in her arms” but he can’t help but laugh a little. and as he looks over at even and gives him a look that says “is she like this with everyone?” even just looks at them and smiles, a smile that reaches his eyes 

and his mom says “i’ve heard so much about you, i think even is trying to convince me that you’re the eighth wonder of the world, i have to admit he’s been doing a pretty job” and even is like “mom” and isak is just so pleasantly surprised? you know, the way he was when even admitted that he had noticed him on the first day of school 

and the house smells of spices because she’s cooking diner and baking all these sweets and she tells the boys “i didn’t know what you liked isak, so i made a bit of everything” (the way she says his name surprises isak, because he hasn’t introduced himself, he didn’t need to and it’s just a reminder that even has been talking about him to his mom, a lot. it makes isak feel content and warm) and even says “sweet pretty woman reference there, mom” and his mom just shakes her head and says “darling, not everything is a movie reference” and even teases “of course everything is a movie reference”, to which his mom just sighs, a happy sigh because she’s just glad to see her son seem so happy and full of energy today 

and she tells the boys that diner will be ready in about an hour, so in the meantime they go to even’s room, and they talk and cuddle and kiss

Oihina friendship!


- Oikawa teaching Hinata how to do a power serve (something that Hinata still lords over Kageyama to this day) and cheering when he finally gets it

- (still not as good as his though, something he’s always pointing out)

- Oikawa and Hinata watching Star Wars and Star Trek respectfully, and debating which is better.

- Them trying on skirts together!! Natsu also gets in on the action and tries to put make up on them, and Oikawa laughing and teaching her how to do it properly.

- Practicing Volleyball together- by that we mean Oikawa serving at Hinata and yelling at him to receive. Sometimes he’s scarier than Kageyama mainly because of how relentless he is. 

- or “practicing volleyball together”- basically Oikawa and Hinata talking about Kageyama and Iwa. 

- (”Tobio Chan?” Oikawa wrinkles his nose, “are you sure?”

“You like someone who looks like a turnip, Oikawa- senpai”)

- Iwaizumi and Kageyama shocked when they see them together, Kageyama more than Iwa, of course, and try to separate them but in the end, they cant because they are so damn cute together.

Captain Boomerang Relationship Headcanons

A/N: Hello my babies! I hope you like this! I am going to do one for Rick Flag but if you want anyone else from the squad or anyone else, I would love to!


  • Boomer is pretty possessive, his hands are either on your waist or the small of your back.
  • He’ll always buy your drinks for you, no matter how many or how expensive.
  • Him always laughing and throwing you over his shoulder when you get a little too tipsy and try to fight everyone.
  • Randomly, he’ll lean down and give you a hickey. He has no shame.
  • Constantly tapping, slapping, squeezing your butt.
  • Him getting jealous really easily…like REALLY easily.
  • He will totally end up trying to fight the guy that looks at your ass for about two seconds.
  • He really likes to whisper really dirty things in your ear.
  • Also, rubbing your thighs, a little too close to between your legs.

At Home:

  • People may scoff, but he actually kinda likes to clean. He will always clean up his beer cans and does the laundry.
  • If you ever told anyone about that, he would literally kill anyone that heard that because he could never hurt you.
  • He is needy. He will basically whine if you’re out of his sight too long.
  • He always likes to shower with you, and it doesn’t always end in sex.
  • Clothing: optional
  • Lazy Sunday afternoons spent with him cleaning his boomerangs on the couch and you reading a book while you lean against him.
  • You taking care of his wounds when he comes back from a mission.


  • He LOVES spoiling you, albeit with stolen jewelry, but nonetheless.
  • Also, he loves kissing you softly on the neck.
  • The first ‘I love you’ came around when you two were shouting about his drinking problem and he asked you why you cared so much and you just screamed, “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!”
  • Ever since then, he really had slowed down on drinking.
  • Dates aren’t really either your styles. Sometimes you went to the movies but you never saw any of it because you guys are too busy making out in the back row.
  • If he has a nightmare out on a mission, he’ll talk you and listen to your voice to calm him down.
  • When he’s with you and has a bad dream, he’ll pull you onto his chest, laying your head on his heart. He really loves when you lay on his chest, makes him feel loved.
  • He actually likes being the little spoon sometimes.
  • He wants kids, and a lot of them. 


  • Day, night, it doesn’t matter. Digger will try and fuck you.
  • He likes to take you behind.
  • His two favorite parts of your body is your ass and the arch in your back.
  • ‘Love making’ isn’t really in his vocab. He will if you ask, but you almost never do.
  • He will always have you suck him off and sometimes he’ll eat you out, and when you do, he does it until you’re literally screaming for him to stop. Even then he might not stop.
  • He loves to spank you, he loves the little yelps that come from you.
  • Digger is very aware of how strong and large he is, so he will always make sure your okay before going on.
  • Choking…lots of it
  • Light bondage
  • Him dirty talking all the time and making you call him Captain.
  • Loud af, all your neighbors know all your little pet names.
  • If he sees tampon or pad wrappers in the garbage, he will be on you like a shark, trying to get you pregnant. 
  • After sex, he will always kiss your lips really softly and rub your sides, mumbling how much he loves you.
BTS - when they accidentally (or not) see you naked.


He opened the bedroom door, and saw you completely naked brushing your hair. He was shocked (in a good way) looking at you.
When you noticed that someone was watching you, you looked back and saw his static figure watching you.
“HEY! What are you doing? Get out of here!” You said trying to cover yourself.
“Sorry, sorry!” He laughed and left.


You were taking a shower, and you heard your best friend, Yoongi, call you.

“(Y / n) where are you?” he screamed.
“in the bath!”
He opened the door, scaring you.
“Do you want me to order food?”
“Oh, um, I don’t know. I’m taking a shower, get out!”
“okay … but it’s not like I’ve never seen it before ..”
“nothing, bye”


You were changing, and called Hoseok to get you a box in a high place where you could’t reach.
When he entered the room, he covered his face when he saw that you were naked.
“You don’t have to cover your face, I don’t care.”
“Oh, okay, what do you want me to get for you?” he said and can’t take the eyes off you.


You had just gotten out of the shower and lay down on the bed. Namjoon opened the door and sat on the bed, talking to you naturally.

“Oh … Nam, can you leave? I’m naked.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t even notice, nice butt by the way.” He said before leaving


He went into the bathroom, not seeing you taking a shower.
“Jimin …” You said and he panicked, covering his face immediately.
“Oh my God, it will never happen again, sorry.”
“Alright, relax.”
He left the bathroom giggling.


This kid don’t care about anything, not even with his best friend, whom he has a big crush for, naked
He entered the room with some bags of chips, looked at you and sat on the bed.
“Oh, hi Tae, I’ll put clothes on, wait.”
“Okay.” He said a little shy.


The doorbell rang, you came downstairs quickly knowing it was Jungkook. But you had just gotten out of the shower, and you forgot the towel, so you were naked.
When you opened the door he looked for you and wide-eyed his eyes.
“Do you open the door like that for everyone?”
“Of course not, just for you.” You laughed. “I’m kidding, I’ll be right back.”
“You are weird.”

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Love Square Week- Fleeting Moments

Truth: Adrien doesn’t generally try to impress people. 

But he finds himself wanting to impress Marinette, just for a second. So when he finds out her birthday’s coming up, he searches everywhere for a good present, to make her happy. Plagg laughs at him as he steps into a diamond shop. 

“Thought you didn’t like showing off?”

“It’s Marinette. And I can afford it. And she deserves something special.” 

He looks through the jewelry, waiting to see the perfect present… and then he spots them. 

A pair of beautiful pink diamonds, shaped into little rosettes. 


Truth: Ladybug is responsible, and would never do something as stupid as take out her Miraculous. 

But when Adrien gives her real diamonds, what’s she supposed to do other than put them in? He beams, clearly ecstatic that she likes them enough to take the ones she always wears out. 

She feels guilty, knowing that she’s not being very responsible, but Adrien makes her lose sight of what’s most important. 

Anyway, it’s just for, like, ten minutes. Just until he’s gone. What are the chances of an akuma attack in the next ten minutes?

Well, a blast tells her exactly the chances. 


And as her purse is knocked up, flying away, she realizes with a panic that she should never have taken out her earrings, even for a moment. 

Truth: Ladybug and Chat Noir trust each other.

But in the moment, Chat’s watching as Marinette stumbles over her words, clearly trying to tell him something about the akuma, and he shakes his head, smirking. 

“Hey, let’s get you out of here, Princess. My Lady and I will take care of it,” he tells her. 

“No, you don’t understand, it’s not what you think, Ladybug’s not coming-” 

“Of course she is,” he snaps, lifting Marinette up. “She always comes.”

But she doesn’t, not until long after he’s lost, and he realizes slowly that he should have avoided all of this, if he’d trusted Marinette a bit more… and Ladybug a bit less. 

But she does, eventually, show up, and save the day. He was right in the end. And any bruises he’s gotten because he expected her to show up are just part of the job. 

Truth: Adrien would never intentionally make someone feel bad, especially his Lady. 

But it only takes a second to say something wrong, to lash out, and when he looks up at the girl who left him for dead for the better part of the fight, he can’t help but ask. 

“Where were you? What was more important than this job? Than keeping the city safe?”

She flinches at the questions. “I… I tried to get there, but my earrings-”

“What? You lost them? They stopped working? That’s not even possible, the Miraculous-”

“I took them out, okay?” 

“I’m sorry, you WHAT?” 

She frowns, crossing her arms defensively. “A guy in my class got me earrings. So I thought I’d take the Miraculous out for ten minutes to show him I liked them.”

He frowns. Does everyone give girls earrings today? 


Truth: Adrien Agreste is completely oblivious.

But it just takes a moment for an idea to set in. Just an idea. Nothing that really proves anything. 

But the oblivion is fading. 

And this moment won’t be as fleeting.