he looks like he's gonna to rap the story but then he's all cute aww

Got7 Showcase (and me)
  • JJP praises maknae for raising the mood compares jjp showcase vs got7 showcase
  • Talking about bambam videography
  • Bambam got inspired on youtube
  • It’s YOUNGRISH TAIMU!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Words he learnt in nyc: ‘thanks a lot’ in a very ny accent
  • Yj went for vocal lessons in ny
  • Jackson – talking about papillon g6 goes aite aite aite aite loool
  • Yugie – learning a new genre of dance OMG SMTM6 TWISTED BY JUNOFLO I AM DYING
  • *cry* why do I love yugyeom so much
  • Yugie does more sexy dancing
  • OMG THEY’rE GONNA PERFORM PARADISE I AM DED and its not even begun yet omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  • Hahahah they all holding mic for yugie hahahha so cute
  • Youngjae giving us all the vocals yesssssssss
  • Vocal7 dance7 my soul feels blessed
  • OMG GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS YASS awwww that was so long ago
  • They look so cute doing this dance now I wonder if mark and js will do the flips omg
  • O shit I had missed jackson’s hip thrusts more than I thought
  • OH HERE COMES omg markkkkkkkkkkkk shitttt still killin it
  • Got6 cheers for Mark haha
  • SHITMARK I  missed that ‘every lady wants a piece of me’ <3
  • Jackson dougieing oooooooo flips oh babies I love you
  • Hahha omg mark looks so done
  • Album spoiler beautiful songs
  • OMGGGGGGG they look soooooo gooooooooood in their casual outfits OMG
  • BAMBAM being praised for lyric vid hahah BAM DONG NIM
  • You Are MV bb starts explaining story… ahgases says not to say more hahahha ahgase basically saying they don’t want to be spoiled. Hhahahhaha
  • Bambam making fun of other members in the video
  • Yugie says bb was a pro – bb spent all night editing. Bb makes a bad joke
  • Aww bb
  • Talking about JB writing you are
  • Jb: about someone that we’re thankful for…expresses relationship with fans, parents, etc
  • As I was writing the song…. He watched animation that had beautiful skies.  Beautiful Sky was the title but suddenly it was called You Are  - JYP DID THIS LMAO
  • Teenager – once u like someone you feel young oooo chorus is by rappers in this aww jb so cute… hahha bb saying they got more parts,that’s why bb asked for it to be title song LOL yg and bb chose teenager
  • LOL YJ made a joke no one got it
  • bb first time doing a song Remember You. Director n producer bb ahahha ‘I wanted to kill it this time’
  • senti lyrics… it was meant to be in arrival but didn’t get included
  • he didn’t want it to be like a foreigner wrote it so he made many many edits
  • yugs – hahahaha so cute he’s so shy lol at got6 picking on him he is so embarrassed
  • to me – uses a different beat, latin influenced beat ahhahhah JUNOFLO COMES OUT AGAIn  OMG I’m dyin why is he so darn cute
  • hahahhahhahah omg yugie pls
  • amerithaikong wrote face :D
  • hahahha got6 making fun of bb
  • missing your face isn’t just for gf bf it can be anyone you miss like your friends
  • hahahha mark is quiet
  • mark: LA gangsta coming out hahahha
  • ‘the song is old’ ‘recorded this a while ago’
  • Theyre abt to play remember you
  • Bb: I think I need to go to the bathroom after this
  • Ommmmggggggh
  • Jackson singing OMG
  • You can tell it’s v emotional… everyone is feelin it
  • They just performed FOREVER YOUNG <3
  • Bambam really went to the bathroom LOL
  • BB is back hahha
  • Jb: I was surprised, he wrote it well
  • Bb: I KNOW
  • Jb: im proud
  • LET ME <3
  • Rap line singing the chorus is the best thing ever
  • THANK YOU JB for this beauty teenager certified bop
  • Bb: this is why I wanted this to be title.. this is the bright concept u wanted
  • OMG over 250 mil hearts.. members are happy
  • Bb: sings teenager
  • Memebam came out while singing his own part in remember you
  • Jy yj: makes bb dab
  • LMAO they’re making the host do aegyo OMG DED
  • Jb: does ‘chic’ aegyo
  • Yg: rap LMAOOOOOOOOOOOoo o god hahahha im already laughing
  • Yg too hyped by himself. OMG :’D
  • Got6 making fun of papillon hahha aite aite aite aite
  • JS does papillon everyone cheers
  • Ahgase: JINYOUNG!
  • JY: waeee~ *so cute*
  • Jy: talks about how happy he is that the title was by a member… I saw things I couldn’t working as 7 rather than 2
  • Got5 pervs: what did u see
  • LMAO
  • Mark: worked really hard on this, I hope u like it 
  • Mark: love you
  • JB: pretends to read from card (lol him and his gdad jokes honestly)
  • Thank you for coming aww he asked ahgases if they could see alright from far away
  • Jb starts recoding yj… yj poses whilegiving speech hahaha
  • Yj recording bb now hahhaa
  • Aww bb dnt worry we love you no matter what
  • Js: I’m got7’s Jackson, thank you for coming *cutie*
  • Bb: now recording JS
  • Js: more than words i will show with my actions of working hard (I CAN ALREADY SEE IT BBY)
  • YOU ARE coming up next
  • I AM DED
Making Purple (UT NSFW)

Relationship: Cherryberry (Underswap Sans / Underfell Sans)

Word Count: 3,184

Summary:  Underfell Sans forgets about his date with Underswap Sans and gets high instead. After getting an angry scolding from his brother, UF!Sans and US!Sans have a fun time fucking like rabbits. 


here’s this, as requested! I kind of… took the request a bit liberally, ha, but yeah! Red’s high and cute.

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Little Wilson and the Moon

Summary: Dan’s the busy parent and Phil’s the one who’s always been there for the kids, and Dan starts to feel incredibly guilty about it. Parent!phan AU in which Dan is a lawyer and he’s always away.

Word Count: 1.8k

written for phan week (i was originally gonna do one everyday for phan week and i just haven’t had time so this was the only one i got round to (and it was already half done fml)

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Yugyeom as a boyfriend 📷💕

• okay so this is gonna be interesting
• Yugyeom would probably be super sweet but also rlly shy??
• and tease u/mess with u a lot lolol
• he, u, and bam always messing with the other members
• whispering something funny to u so u laugh and everyone else is confused, and pretends to be confused with them
• blushes and smiles when u compliment him
• always dancing for u and asking for ur opinion on new choreo
• is just singing nonchalantly and u compliment him and he’s all surprised and a lil flustered
• went pink the first time u held hands lol what a cutie
• tells u BamBam is a bad influence (so that u wont hang out too much lol)
• raps for u sometimes
• when u laugh at his attempts to be sexy he gets all defensive and embarrassed lolol
• does aegyo for u lots but always covers his face after
• makes u do aegyo and takes pics of it
• takes lots of candid photos of u for his phone background
• loves taking selfies with u and his ig is filled with them
• when ppl call u a cute couple he kinda blushes but like smiles all proud
• u always encourage him and he does the same for u
• likes to take u out for ice cream and share sundaes
• makes fun of u if u trip or fall or mispronounce something and laughs at u and then probably kisses ur nose
• tickles u
• impressions of bambam and jinyoung and the other members
• basically does anything to hear ur laugh
• nose kisses, shy cheek kisses, cute lil pecks on the lips
• shoulder kisses, chaste neck kisses, sometimes forehead kisses too
• arm around ur waist
• likes to hook arms and skip sometimes
• was almost too scared to kiss u first and was super blushy
• cried once bc he thought u were serious when u joked about not liking him poor baby
• probably misses u most when he’s away on tour; thinks about u constantly and the other members check on him extra to make sure he’s doing well
• when he’s on tour he calls u, messages/texts u, and video chats with u when he can to make sure ur okay and just to see ur pretty face
• loves when u play with his hair (especially if u try to style it lol)
• went crazy red when he told u he loved u for the first time and boy was he nervous but of course u took it well and just cutee
• lends u his t-shirts bc he thinks u look cuter in them than he does
• makes faces at u
• probably tells embarrassing stories about u but u do the same to him lolol
• one time BamBam told u what Yugyeom said about how much he loves u omg it was so cute
• and Yugyeom found out and killed Bam
• but then came to u all blushy and said he meant every word ((which of course led to u kissing him all over his face and hugging him))
• loves when u kiss his cheek cuz he thinks its such a cute gesture
• likes to hug u around the waist from behind
• likes to cuddle (even tho he’d never admit that)
•ur the cutest thing he’s ever seen
• calls u cute constantly but does not like to be called cute ((even tho he definitely is))
• u make him wear couple clothes and he pretends to hate it (but secretly loves it)
• loves when u compliment him on his dancing, singing, or rapping cuz sometimes he really needs that confidence boost
• he loves when u hug him from behind or hold his hand first or initiate a kiss idk he just loves it and gets all happy it’s super cute
• always sends u snaps thru the day
• buys u cute things on tour
• buys u snacks a lot??? But also eats most of it lol
• u probably make him give u piggyback rides and he whines
• u tried to carry him once and fell over and he laughed and did not let it go lol
• still a child and super playful
• he just loves you so so much and u really mean a lot to him; you’re his everything and he tells u that (even tho he’s shy about it lol aww)
• so like Yugyeom would be a great boyfriend super cute 20/10 would recommend bc what a sweetheart

TA: so where are we goiing agaiin?

TA: what wa2 2o iimportant that you had two drag me away from candy cru2h?

TA: iis iit the laundry room?

TC: NaW wE’rE gOnNa Go sEe BrIgHt EyEs, ReMeMbEr?

TC: LaUnDrY rOoM cOmEs AfTeR. ;o)

TA: 2iince when do you lii2ten two iindiie 2ob rock, aren’t you iinto weiird clown rap?

TC:  HaHaHAHaHaHa BrOtHeR wHaT aRe YoU eVeN sMoKiN’? hElL yEs I dIg On ThAt KiNdA bItChTiTs TuNeAgE, bUt HoW’s ThAt BeInG tO dO wItH bRiGhT EyEs FoR?

TA: iit’2 a band.

TC: NaH, mAn, NeVeR eVeN hEaRd ThAt NaMe. I oNlY eVeR uP aNd WiTnEsSeD tHe BeSt WiCkEd LiTtLe PaInTsLiNgEr I eVeR dId SeE.

TC: ThEeEeErE sHe Is.

TC: SoLbRo, MeEt My GiRl BrIgHt EyEs. :o)

TA: oh, uh, hello liittle giirl who ii2 not conor ober2t.

UU: ^u^

TC: ThIs Is My BrO, SoLlUx. He’S tHaT cOmPuTeR wIzaRd I wAs AlL tO bE teLliNg YoU aBoUt.

TA: … computer wiizard, what.

UU: …

TC: OnLy ThE TrUtH. ;o) WhAtChA aLl WoRkIn’ On ToDaY? Is It CaTuRdAy?


TA: huh, that’2 cute.

TC: AwW hEcK yEaH, tHaT’s OnLy BeInG tHe PrEtTiEsT KiTtEn WhAt EvEr GoT dRaWeD. wHaT’s He GoT tHeRe, SoMe CaTnIp? 

TA: “heck yeah”?

TC: HaHaHaHa Oh NoOoOo

TA: what a douche, miice barely have, liike, any money.

TC: (SoLlUx CaPtOr.)

TA: (what!)

TC: (YoU mOtHeRlOvIn’ ZiP iT.)

TA: oh my g

TA: go2h.

TA: who'2 the 2word guy?

TA: aw, look at hii2 liittle fruiity cape.

TC: ThAt’S a RiGhTeOuS cApE iS wHaT tHaT iS.

TC: aNd WhAt’S hE aLl Up AnD gOnNa Do To ThAt MoNdAyFrIdAy FeLiNe FeLoN?

TC: HaHaHa hE’s AlL lIkE pChOoOoO!

TA: 2weet ju2tiice, lol. 222222uck iit!

TA: nnmph!

TC: My GoOd BrO gOt HiMsElF A bAd CaSe Of FrOgMoUtH, hE’s To Be cAtChIn’ FlIeS LeAvInG iT aLl wIdE oPeN lIkE tHaT. 

TA: mngh!

TA: ffhhffhfffh ffh ffh hh fhh hf!

TC: YeEeEaH, tHaT’lL lEaRn'Im.

TC: YeAh, I dIg. StIlL, ThAt’S a WiCkEd CoMiC yOu GoT. mAyBe yOu CoUld Be dRaWiN’ mY bRo TaVrOs OnE sOmEtImE.

TC: hE’s AlL aLlErGiC aNd sTuFf, SnEeZeS hIm Up A sToRm EvErY tImE hE aLl TrIeS tO uP aNd PeT oNe. :o(


TC: Ow BrO yOu WaTcH tHaT bUzZsAw GrIlL!

TA: pfah. bluh. fiine.

TA: yeah, that ii2 a kiick-a2tronaut 2tory riight there. thank2 for showiing iit two u2, kiid.

UU: …

TC: HeY, mE aNd SolBrO aLl GoTtA gEt SoMe LaUnDrY dId, BuT I’lL sEe YoU lAtEr OkAy?

UU: ^u^

Hotline Bling Chapter 4

You  was putting the final touches on your hair when you heard Audrey beeping outside. You stepped back to check yourself in the mirror. Damn! You was definitely gonna break some necks tonight. You had splurged a little and got yourself a tight fitted black back out dress that hugged you all in the right places, some red bottoms, your hair was going down your back, you also decided to go with the natural look. Your accessories definitely brought out your outfit. You heard her beep again forgetting she was outside since you were distracted by how good you were looking.

“Oh Shit!” you grabbed your clutch, sprayed yourself with perfume leaving out of your house and locking your front door.

“Hey Audrey! You know it’s against the law to rush a girl when she’s trying to make sure she looks good?!” you said now standing at her car door with your hand on your hip.

Audrey laughed, “Girl if you don’t get your fine ass in the car!”

You laughed along with her as you got in the car, putting on your seatbelt before she drove off.

When you two pulled up to the club, the line was crazy long. You definitely weren’t happy about standing in the shoes you have on.

“Audrey I’m gonna try to get us in.”

She chuckled, “Oh, Im ready to see how this one goes down,” she said turning off her car and getting out as you followed.

You confidently walked up to the bouncer, “Hey handsome how about you let the birthday girl in.”

You lied, trying to turn on the charm.

“Oh it’s your birthday?” the bouncer asked smiling.


“Too bad you gonna waste that shit away standing in the damn line, get to the back shortie, you ain’t special!” the bouncer said sharing pounds with his buddy like he had said the funniest shit ever.

Just as you were about to flip out on him…

“Hey! My man the lady’s with me,” you looked up to find Drake standing at the entrance of the club next to the bouncer.

You were relieved that he was here because first you would’ve probably gotten arrested for punching the bouncer straight in his mouth and of course you weren’t ready standing in these heels for hours.

“What are you doing here?” You smiled as Drake walked up to you while the people in line started screaming and hollering for Drake but the guards were blocking.

“I should be asking you that question, you came here alone?” he asked looking around.

“Hold that thought,” you said holding up your finger, you sped back to where Audrey was standing.

“Come on salty, I got us in!” you said smiling.

“Really? How did you pull that one off?” Audrey asked while following you back to the entrance.

“You’ll see.”

“Let me find out you was up there showing off your Ta Ta’s.”

“Oh you have jokes huh? But there was no need to honey, I got it like that, just remember that.”

You both walked up to Drake as he smiled looking at the both of you, “Thanks a lot Drake, you’re literally a life saver.”

“Damn, you must got it like that, hoe you didn’t tell me it was Drake!” She said excitedly. “I’m Audrey, nice to meet you.”

She held out her hand for him to shake and in return he held it and kissed it causing her to blush.

You laughed at your friend, shaking your head.

“Nice to meet you, and no problem beautiful,” he said turning his attention to you, “Come on.”

He turned around as you both followed him in, but not before you and your friend stuck your middle fingers up at the bouncer.

Drake led you two to the VIP section where all of the other celebrities were seated. Your friend repeatedly slapped your shoulder surprised as to what she was seeing.

“You’re seeing it too right?” she whispered into your ear.

You laughed. “Yes Audrey, I see it.”

Drake brought you to a table where Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Trey Songz, Beyoncé, Jay Z were at the table.

“You guys, this is the beautiful Y/N and Audrey.”

They all greeted you two politely as you hugged and shook their hands.

“Aren’t you Justin’s little girlfriend?” Beyoncé smiled at you as she asked.

Your eyes widened in surprise.

“Why is that even a question?” you laughed shyly.

“Nah, B, this is my girl.” Drake said putting his arm around your waist as you looked down blushing.

“Aww how cute, she’s blushing.” Nicki smiled softly.

“Yeah and this is my girl for tonight,” Trey Songz said taking Audrey’s hand and spinning her around slowly checking her out licking his lips, “Mind if I take her off your hands for tonight?”

You held up your hands in surrender laughing softly. “She’s all yours trey, just know she better have a good time or you’re gonna be dealing with me,” you smiled assuredly.

The table oooooo’d in union as some of them laughed.

“You got it, you got!” he laughed.

“You’re okay with that right?” you asked your friend making sure she’s comfortable.

“Girl bye, of course why wouldn’t I be?” she laughed.

“See, little Audrey knows.”

You rolled your eyes playfully as Drake took your hand and led you to a different table so it could be just you and him for a while.

“I honestly didn’t know this was your party.” you said sliding in the table stand.

“Mind if I sit next to you?” he asked before doing so.

You smiled to yourself thinking of how much of a sweetheart he is. You nodded in approval as he did so, “If I knew you were coming I would’ve brought you here on my arm myself.”

“Oh really? I think I would’ve liked that much better,” you said in your head at least you thought you did, you looked at him as his eyes widened and so did yours, you looked the opposite way.

“Shit did I say that out loud?”

He laughed, “Cute.”

You blushed hard this time.

“I’m not a baby, only babies are cute,” you snapped at him trying to hide how much he was making you blush.

He nodded his head smiling slightly, “Maybe you can be my baby for tonight then.”

You stiffened at his words and your heart started beating ten times faster than it should’ve been. This guy is really smooth as fuck you thought. You looked at him shyly as you cleared your throat.

“You okay?” he asked concerned.

You held your hand up to your throat, “I could use something to drink.”

He laughed softly, “What do you want?”

“Surprise me,” you smiled slightly.

He nodded before getting up as you watched him walk up to the bar. You felt your phone vibrate, you opened your hand bag to take your phone out. You looked at the screen seeing a text from Justin saying: “You’ve been ignoring me all day Y/N.”

Yup he’s got that right, because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing. You tucked your phone back in your hand bag as you heard your favorite song Liquor’ come on by Chris Brown. You were now rocking in your seat. You could see Drake making his way through the crowd with two drinks.

“I got you something sweet,” Drake said handing you your drink.

You looked at it and sniffed it a little. You met his eyes as he was looking at you confused.

“Think I drugged you?”

“Whaaaat, noooo not at all.”

He just looked at you with his eyebrow raised. You but your lip about to didn’t it when he took the drink out of your hands and took a sip of it to show you that everything was alright with the drink.

“Why did you do that?” you giggled.

“I could tell you were uncomfortable, so I wanted to show you that your drink is fine, and if I did drug you I would be drugged too,” he joked smiling.

“Haha,” You took a sip of your drink and it tasted soo good to you.

“Like it?” He said taking a sip of his drink.

“It’s soooo gooood,” you moaned.

“Cute little moan you got there.”

You nearly spit out your drink hearing those words fall out of his mouth, you wiped your mouth as you both laughed, “You’re so unpredictable with your words Drake.

“I like to think of that as a good thing.” he winked.

Just then you’re other favorite song came on; Back To Back by The one and only Drake.

You both put your drinks down saying, “Ooooh.”

“Oh man, oh man, oh man.” you rapped his lyrics as he looked at you in shock and amusement.

He took out his phone as you started rapping the first verse. Not realizing he put you on his Snapchat.

Meanwhile Justin was waiting for your reply, he was wondering why you were ignoring him all day. Yes, you guys had amazing sex last night but you’ve known each other for a few months and after two months of fucking, every time you distanced herself. For what? Justin doesn’t know, you don’t even know why either.

He opened his phone again going on Snap, scrolling down to see some stories, he went on three other stores before stopping at Drake’s. He paused thinking if he wanted to open it or not, but he ended up doing it anyway. He spotted Drake popping bottles with Trey. He then remembered him posting on Twitter about his party he was hosting. He then skipped a few to see your face on his Snap, he watched as you mouthed Drake’s song and dancing at the same time. He even heard Drake cheering you on and rapping along with you.

“So that’s why she’s been ignoring me?” Justin asked himself as his blood began to boil.

Him being the jealous and petty guy he is….

You were now laughing up a storm with the girls.

“Nah, you can’t do that! Put it back!”

“I just want the strawberry Trey, stop acting like you eat strawberries.”

“You’re so right Nicki, I eat cherries there’s a difference.” he winked at Audrey as you all laughed and she blushed.

“I swear you’ve been having her blush all night, let the girl breath.” Beyoncé laughed.

“Good, it means she’s into me, right?”

He asked her as she looked up at him shyly, you looked at your friend confused because when did she ever get all shy?

“No, it sure doesn’t,” she winked at him causing his jaw to drop and having you guys laugh again.

“Damn man, you’re losing your spark,” Jay Z said shaking his head.

“Excuse me for a second, I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Audrey asked.

“The ladies room, come with me,” you insisted.

As you both got up to walk to the bathroom you bumped into a broad chest.

“I’m sor-” you stopped in mid-sentence as you looked up to meet those familiar brown eyes.

It was Justin and guess who was on his arm? Selena Fucking Gomez.

“Sorry sweetheart, didn’t see you there?” he smirked, about to walk past you, he then stopped beside you whispering in your ear. “I don’t think you wanna play this game, because you might lose Y/N.”

Your blood began to boil as he smirked and walked off with his arm around Selena’s waist.

“What was that all about? And was that Justin and Selena?” Audrey said shocked.

“I don’t know, but I guess we’re about to find out.” you  turned around seeing Justin dap up Drake, giving him one last glare you walked off to the bathroom.

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