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Hogwarts! Joshua

Requested by anon: “can you write seventeen hogwarts au? Joshua is possible?”

  • everyone knew about Joshua Hong 
  • the perfect perfect
  • he was a fifth year Hufflepuff 
  • same house and year as you 
  • so you saw him often as you both shared classes 
  • it came as no surprise when he was chosen as a prefect 
  • but he was surprisingly cool, letting minor things go if it didn’t endanger anyone or if it was for special occasions 
  • especially if they were his friends, he just couldn’t say no to them 
  • everyone’s favorite prefect because he was so nice and liked giving warnings rather than punishments 
  • caught out past curfew by a few minutes, 
  • he’d show you a secret passage to getting back to the dorms without running into teachers 
  • if you passed him on the train, he’d stop to compliment you after asking you how your summer went 
  • and no surprise he knew the lady pushing the trolley around on a first name basis 
  • and asking her how her family was and everything 
  • and complimenting her uniform
  • she always slipped him chocolate frog cards he didn’t have for his collection 
  • and he’d thank her and buy out half the trolley before sharing it with all the kids in the next few carriages 
  • Joshua was good at everything, smart and friendly too 
  • not a single person could find something wrong with the guy or criticize him in any way 
  • no matter what house someone was in, they new Joshua Hong
  • because the guy did everything 
  • perfect exam scores in charms, potions, DATDA, transfiguration, herbology 
  • you name it, Hong Jisoo did well in it 
  • and he was so nice to everyone and a gentleman wherever he went  
  • holding open doors to classrooms for people or picking up fallen quills or books that people dropped and returning it to them with a small smile 
  • one time a girl accidentally set the quill she was writing with on fire from a wayward charm 
  • Joshua had quickly extinguished it with aguamenti and gave her a new quill 
  • suffice to say, plenty of witches had crushes on him 
  • and no one could hate the guy for anything 
  • literally, if you tried hating him, Joshua somehow managed to make you like him 
  • disliked him for being too smart? 
  • he’d say he wasn’t really smart, he just tries hard to study his best and he has smart friends who show him how to do stuff 
  • and then talk about some random episode of spongebob bc it’s Joshua
  • which plenty of people wouldn’t understand except the other muggle borns 
  • he’d be a huge dork quoting random episodes and just being a meme 
  • everyone was always asking him for advice or to look over their homework for them 
  • and although he never lets anyone copy his 
  • goody two shoes you know
  • he somehow had the time to always give advice to everyone and save their grade 
  • he played as a chaser for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team too 
  • it wasn’t enough to be intelligent, he was athletic and dedicated too
  • spending even stormy days out in the field practicing long after some of his teammates had called it quits 
  • looked damn fine in quidditch robes too yes 
  • in his third year, he had led the Hufflepuff team to victory 
  • scored 30 points in the last minutes before their seeker finally caught the snitch, bringing the score to 270-300 
  • he was every teacher’s favorite too 
  • they couldn’t help it 
  • he was always offering to help out teachers with anything they may need 
  • although he didn’t sit in the front of any of his classes 
  • and he was too quiet to raise his hand to answer any questions sometimes 
  • if a teacher ever made the mistake of assuming Joshua wasn’t listening to the question 
  • they got roasted as Joshua Hong not only got the question right, but probably corrected some error they made in their lecture earlier 
  • which he would only point out in the most respectful and polite way
  • “Professor, did you mean to say aconite or monkshood instead of mandragora?“ 
  • and if no one knew the answer to a question 
  • all Joshua needed was a glance from the teacher and he’d have the correct answer ready to go 
  • the boy sang in chorus too 
  • his voice was heavenly 
  • some magical entity had to have graced Joshua with every goddamn talent in the universe 
  • he supposedly played guitar amazingly well 
  • only his dorm mates knew though, he always packed his guitar in his trunk somehow 
  • and brought it out to play sometimes 
  • it always surprised everyone when they found out he was muggle born
  • like he was too good at everything wtf how have you only been doing magic for a few years 
  • but no one dared say anything about it 
  • bc he had so many friends from all the houses 
  • say something mean about Joshua or just something even remotely critical 
  • and like five different people will interject saying how he’s basically a human unicorn 
  • and how dare you call Shua anything but the perfect prefect 
  • and he could easily beat anyone in a duel if his friends dragged him into one 
  • and probably profusely apologize while bowing at ninety degrees and helping bandage and heal any injuries he may have caused 
  • it was theorized he might have a time-turner 
  • how else could he get all his papers done and still manage quidditch practice and chorus? 
  • and also reorganizing textbooks in the library with his wand while the librarian recommended him books he hadn’t read before since he had read many of them 
  • and helping the kitchen elves by explaining the concept of lactose intolerance and gluten free and other things that helped people with dietary restrictions and food allergies feel comfortable eating all food 
  • he also helped an elf who once tripped over the recently mopped floor
  • Madam Pomfrey was always glowing about Shua bc he always brought students who were sick flowers and books to read and always gave her chocolates 
  • he also was often seen consoling random paintings and ghosts in Hogwarts and he knew all of them by their first names 
  • and while some people wanted to hate Joshua 
  • he could say a few words and any negative feelings you had toward him were gone 
  • “You really deserved that win, you guys have been practicing so hard lately on the quidditch field, good job!“ 
  • "How did you you come up with a way to start your potions paper so well? I should be asking you to edit mine." 
  • "you have to show me that spell you did the other day with the lights and confetti, I want to use it for a friend’s birthday.”
  • “My owl? Oh his name is Flufferson, I have a picture do you want to see? He’s probably somewhere flying around, enjoying the fresh air, the cutie.”
  • “I have a puppy at home, it’s a Maltese and I named it Sebongie, I think it’s a cute name." 
  • on weekends, you could probably see Joshua buying sugar quills for some third years who had forgotten their silver sickles or bronze knuts
  • or in the common room teaching kids how to use his iPhone to watch YouTube and anime 
  • always with his group of friends from all the houses 
  • his group of friends was big, 13 of them in all 
  • his best friends were Jeonghan from slytherin and Seungcheol from Gryffindor since they were all the same age 
  • one time, Jeonghan had tried to prank some Hufflepuff students by hexing their book bags into releasing a bunch of little rubber snakes 
  • but he was caught by Joshua 
  • and Joshua made him apologize 
  • you don’t mess with Joshua’s kids 
  • the next day Jeonghan’s clothes kept dropping rubber snakes everywhere
  • Joshua would hide his laughter behind his hand and then compose himself 
  • “That should actually keep you awake in potions then." 
  • and everyone around them would be dying from laughter and patting Joshua on the back 
  • for a gentleman the guy knew how to be savage sometimes 
  • ofc as a fifth year in Hufflepuff you knew Joshua 
  • you even sat pretty close to him in charms 
  • and although you couldn’t hate the guy 
  • it gets low key annoying when your friends always act like his biggest fan
  • "Shua’s practicing down at the quidditch field, GET THE SIGNS GIRLS!" 
  • "We have a transfiguration exam y'all what are you doing?" 
  • "Supporting our Hong Jisoo, y/n. The quidditch match is next weekend and we want to beat the slimy smiles off of those Slytherins’ faces." 
  • one day in charms the professor had to assign a partner project 
  • naturally everyone paired up 
  • and you’re like chill I’ll just ask
  • you look around and all your friends are already paired up 
  • and of course you’re like great forever alone that’s me I need to get me an even number of friends… 
  • "Y/n do you need a partner?” Joshua asks you from the seat two students down from you 
  • and everyone goes quiet
  • because Joshua usually always partners up with one of his friends 
  • and you look to his normal friend group 
  • and see sure enough all of them have partners too 
  • “Sure, Joshua.” You say scrunching your nose
  • at least you’ll actually have a partner who tries and doesn’t make you do all the work by yourself (LIKE LAST TIME COUGH COUGH YOUR FRIEND) 
  • you both decide to meet at the library the next weekend to work on it 
  • “OMG y/n Joshua never asks anyone outside his friend group. What if he likes you?!?!? You guys would be such a power couple ACK." 
  • "Shut up.” you laugh and playfully hit your friend’s arm while packing your book bag 
  • “I’m not pretty enough for everyone’s golden gentleman Joshua, he was just being nice because you all ditched me." 
  • "I’m glad we did, make me the maid of honor at your wedding and thank me later." 
  • when you reach the library, Joshua is already there talking to Jeonghan 
  • "The girl in your charms class? Well whatever we can hang out next weekend. But Shua that assignment isn’t due in weeks… makes sense the both of you are smart aleks." 
  • you clear your throat 
  • "welp bye Joshua, oh and we’re all getting butter beer later at hogsmeade don’t forget." 
  • Joshua laughs and waves Jeonghan goodbye 
  • "it’s a nice day, should we sit out by the lake and say hi to the giant squid?" 
  • "sure I guess" 
  • you didn’t want to have a crush on Joshua 
  • bc then you’d be one of those girls, the ones always trailing behind him and trying to get his attention 
  • and walking by fluttering their eyelashes and saying "Hey Joshua." 
  • but as you were both crossing the grounds to the lake 
  • you kept giving him sideways glances 
  • the way his light brown hair became lightly tousled in the breeze - or his small smile 
  • or the gentle humming of a song you weren’t familiar with 
  • Focus you’re working on an assignment geez 
  • you both sat down at the edge of the lake and brainstormed ideas for your project 
  • and somewhere along the way the convo shifted to just talking about summer and your home 
  • "You’re muggle born too? Then have you ever watched Naruto?" 
  • Joshua was a dork you realized, a cute one 
  • "Sebongie? Yea I miss her like crazy, I was tempted to bring her in my trunk but I have Flufferson already." 
  • ah shit 
  • you were starting to like like Joshua 
  • he was too nice and cute especially when talking about his pets and how they brightened his day 
  • or the many hilarious adventures he had with his friends 
  • or how he missed his family 
  • he was a good listener too 
  • you talked about your hamster at home 
  • it loved eating carrots and you had originally wanted to name it mochi 
  • but you had settled for Carrot after it’s favorite food 
  • and you told Joshua about how you had always loved playing quidditch with your family but you never tried out for the Hufflepuff team 
  • his friends must have caught on to your feelings before Joshua did, Joshua was kind of clueless about all the crushes people had on him
  • Jeonghan ended up putting his arm on your shoulder while walking to the library to meet up with Joshua 
  • "You should just tell him you like him." 
  • "and get a pity rejection, lmao in what world would I do that Jeonghan.”
  • “Suit yourself.” He said giving you a sly smile 
  • right before shoving you into a broom closet 
  • and locking the damn door behind you 
  • "You should thank your friend later, she told me about your little crush on our Shua, luckily for you I approve." 
  • you tried unlocking the door with your wand but to no avail 
  • you even tried picking the lock with a hairpin 
  • "Hey y/n listen to this." 
  • "Jeonghan I’m telling the head of slytherin later get ready for your ass whooping." 
  • but you hear someone running down the hallway outside the door 
  • "Jeonghan what do you mean y/n got in an accident? Where is she?" 
  • you go dead silent, it’s Joshua 
  • "Yah, look you came running and everything if you like her just tell her geez." 
  • you hold your breath as you hear what Joshua says next 
  • "She probably doesn’t like me back ok? I’m not good at these things, she’s cute and interesting and I’m boring and I don’t know ok Jeonghan, just tell me where she is no time for jokes we have to work on the project.”
  • “alright, I’d like to just say that you brought this upon yourself and you can thank me later." 
  • "what are you talking about Jeonghan-" 
  • and the closet door clicks open and Jeonghan pushes Joshua, where he bumps into you sending the both of you sprawling on the floor and the door slams shut yet again
  • Joshua picks himself up and helps you up 
  • and even in the dim closet you can see him blushing like crazy 
  • you’re probably no better you feel like you have a fever that won’t. go. away. Goddamnit. 
  • "Jeonghan underestimates me.” He said giving a nervous chuckle and reaching for his wand 
  • he easily unlocks the door 
  • and Jeonghan is out there bending over dying of laughter 
  • and both you and Joshua are just blushing like crazy and awkwardly standing next to each other 
  • “Did you hear everything?” Joshua says so quietly it’s almost a whisper - “yes?” You say 
  • Joshua’s eyes widen and he gives Jeonghan (who’s still laughing even harder now at the sight of the two of you) a glare 
  • Joshua points his wand at Jeonghan LIKE boi I’ll be seeing you later - Jeonghan runs away cackling down the hallway 
  • “You can just pretend it didn’t happen.” Joshua says flustered looking everywhere but your face 
  • “I’ll understand if you don’t like me ba-" 
  • "It was driving me crazy did you really not know I like you too Joshua?” Wow did I just say that, stupid stupid stupid whyyyyy you think to yourself
  • he looks up at you in surprise 
  • “Wait really? Jeonghan isn’t paying you to say that right?" 
  • "lmao no I’m going to murder Jeonghan after this." 
  • "I’d help you but he’s my best friend so…" 
  • "Do you want to maybe just get a butter beer at Hogsmeade instead?" 
  • "I’d love to." 
  • and from then on you two were known as darling couple 
  • Hogwarts’ gentleman Joshua and you 
  • basically everyone’s relationship goals 
  • and your friend groups both took responsibility for getting you two together
  • Joshua would send you little notes that were folded into cranes and bewitched to float over to your desk 
  • and everyone would sigh and think how sickeningly adorable seeing you read his message 
  • and looking at all the little hearts he had doodled during class 
  • "Joshua Hong, let me repeat the question.” The professor would say 
  • “I never usually have to ask you twice what’s wrong?" 
  • "Joshua got a girlfriend, professor." 
  • and the whole class would burst out laughing with you and Joshua blushing like crazy and his friends wolf whistling 
  • you’d walk with each other to your next class with your hand in his 
  • "Get a room Shua, no one needs to see this.” Jeonghan smirked as he walked towards the potions classroom in the dungeons - you and Joshua both just ignore him 
  • “Let’s hex his clothes again with those snakes." 
  • "Better yet, can we lock him in a broom closet?" 
  • "Deal." 
  • and you both walk into your next class, plotting Jeonghan’s imminent doom together

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Kang Dongho Hogwarts AU

(while i was looking for pics of dongho for this collage i had to fucking PAUSE because he’s so hot like wtf dude chill a bit)

  • kang dongho is like hottest gryffindor to walk the planet and he knows it
  • even your fellow housemates– SLYTHERINS– worship the ground that he walks on
  • what happened to slytherin gryffindor rivalry
  • he is hot you have to admit
  • ((especially after a quidditch game when he’s sweaty mM)
  • (you’re thirsty but whatever)
  • as a slytherin, people will be rude to you guys sometimes regarding the dark past of the house
  • it’s not uncommon for you to get jinxed in the hall or for your bookbag to ~magically~ fall apart
  • one time you were leaving class when you heard someone shout really loudly
  • “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”
  • the person yanked you behind them and cast a Protego spell
  • it was kANG DONGO :))))))))))
  • “a-ah, i didn’t realize you two were friends”
  • apparently some seventh year gryffindor was going to jinx you as you walked away?
  • “even if we weren’t, that doesn’t give you the right to cast a spell on someone’s back, you fucking coward”
  • just looking up at his back as he defended you made your heart beat a little bit~
  • but then
  • “wait we’re not friends”
  • dongho turned to you with a small smile on his face when the jerk left
  • (you hissed “jackass” after him as he walked past)
  • “no?” he asked, cocking his head. “i would have thought maybe we would be after that?”
  • “well, i dunno, you don’t seem the type to make friends with fifth-year slytherins”
  • dongho kind of frowned and patted you on the shoulder
  • “house doesn’t mean anything to me” he said firmly, sending you the world’s most adorable, fluffy smile
  • (yall know which one i’m talking about)
  • “well, thanks for saving me, i guess” you said stiffly, making him chuckle
  • “anytime” he grinned, waving as he walked off
  • “but i didn’t need saving!” you yelled after him, feeling your cheeks heat up a bit at the interaction 
  • dongho just laughed and kept walking
  • that night at dinner your friends teased your MERCILESSLY about it
  • news travels fast a hogwarts
  • and for some reason hwang minhyun, a fellow slytherin who was also close with dongho, kept looking at you, as though he was trying not to laugh?
  • the next day after charms, you’re leaving flitwick’s classroom when you bump into a chest
  • a very muscular chest
  • “ready?”
  • dongho smiled down at you, taking your charms textbooks from your arms
  • cue the blushing
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “walking you to your next class… obviously”
  • “yeah, but why?”
  • “just getting to know my new friend”
  • you were like 87% sure that he was flirting with you
  • but it’s kang dongho there’s no way one of the hottest guys at hogwarts was flirting with you
  • but pretty soon he’s meeting you after your classes and walking you to your next one
  • and people start asking you if you’re dating??????
  • “w-what? no! no, no way!”
  • lots of blushing
  • then one day after potions, he meets you and is visibly nervous and youre like ummmmmmmm
  • “hey, i have a question”
  • “i’m not doing your homework”
  • “no! thats no what i was going to ask”
  • you laugh at his panicked expression
  • hes such a fluffball omg
  • “actually, gryffindor has a really important match coming up… i was wondering if you wanted to come and watch it?”
  • “it’s not against slytherin, right?”
  • “no, it’s against ravenclaw”
  • “yeah, sure!”
  • as the match approaches he keeps bothering you to wear gryffindor gear
  • “i would never be caught dead in such traitorous clothing”
  • “pleaaaaase?”
  • he keeps begging and begging and finally you’re like
  • ‘oKAY jesus will you stop sending me owls every two seconds asking?”
  • “yes”
  • the morning of the match you’re eating breakfast with your friends
  • and he comes up behind you and drops something on your head
  • “what the hell is this?”
  • “my hoodie!”
  • he gave you his FUCKING gryffindor quidditch sweatshirt
  • you grumpily put it on, refusing to admit how warm and cozy and snuggly it is
  • as soon as he leaves the shitstorm starts
  • minhyun and jonghyun won’t stop laughing at you
  • “piss off, mr. emotionally constipated”
  • you end up going to the match with minhyun and jonghyun anyways since they cheer for dongho
  • (i live for interhouse friendships)
  • and he does amazingly
  • he keeps scoring and scoring and scoring and it’s amazing?
  • what are skills?
  • you’re a little worried for the gryffindor keeper who collided with a ravenclaw chaser at the very end of the match
  • but gryffindor wins!!
  • and you congratulate him and he’s super happy and smiley
  • “the sweatshirt looks good on you, you should keep it” he told you after the match as you walked back to the castle together
  • “i would never do something so traitorous”
  • he invites you to the gryffindor afterparty
  • and gryffindors know how to party
  • people are drunk as hell by the time you get there
  • dongho isn’t drunk, but definitely celebrating 
  • he’s surprised that you showed up at all
  • “wow, you look nice”
  • the incredibly intelligent gryffindors decide to play spin the bottle
  • but there’s no time to investigate because of course, it lands on you
  • and everyone’s cheering and dongho smiles that kind of sheepish smile and you guys lean in and kiss
  • and oh is that his tongue yes it is you two are making out in front of a good 50 drunk teenagers
  • who are all cheering
  • loudly
  • you separate breathlessly
  • “that was something” dongho looks over the moon
  • “it was”
  • and you’re blushing again
  • “fuck off seongwoo”
  • both of you tap out of spin the bottle and just snuggle up on one of the comfy couches by the fire
  • “i guess it’s pretty obvious that i like you, (y/n)
  • “it was kind of obvious when minhyun kept making fun of you whenever you talked to me”
  • “that fucking snake”
  • “um, yeah”
  • he’s so cuddly and adorable but also hot as fuck?
  • you get offended by his face like 24/7
  • he continues to walk you to class
  • one time this ravenclaw kept trying to hit on you
  • and you didn’t really want to tell dongho because you knew he would go a bit insane
  • and so one time the ravenclaw was talking to you after class and dongho greeted you and just pulled you into a kiss like RIGHT in front of him
  • “you’re such an alpha male it’s incredible”
  • “you love it, though”
  • “i could do with a bit of chill, dear”
  • i just really live for kang dongho what a beautiful man
scorpius malfoy with long hair

1. Over the summer break after second year, Scorpius decides to let his hair grow longer than he usually does, denying his father’s frankly listless attempts at trying to cut it.

2. Albus doesn’t see Scorpius much that summer, only a day here and there, and during those days  Scorpius tries to hide his hair from Albus so he can surprise him at the start of third year.

3. Cue the start of third year, Scorpius has let his hair grow so that’s it’s now just below his ear, and it’s silky and soft and it gets tangled easily and Scorpius is sure Albus will love it.

4. What Scorpius doesn’t foresee is how much Albus will love it. Scorpius spots Albus a bit away on Platform 9 ¾, and excitedly lowers the hood of his muggle hoodie, pushing through the bustling crowd to get to Albus and tap him gently on the shoulder.

5. Albus turns around, and Scorpius braces himself for Albus’s wide eyed appreciation and smiling mouth, but he gets more than that. When Albus turns and sees Scorpius and his new hair, he literally jumps back in surprise, almost knocking over someone’s trolley. His green eyes are the size of saucers, his hands covering his mouth. Scorpius tries to take this reaction in a positive way, spreading his arms and grinning, “Hey Albus! Did you miss me?“ 

6. Albus just slowly takes his hands away from his mouth and whispers, "what did you do to your hair?”

7. Scorpius explains he let it grow out over the summer. Albus tentatively reaches forward to take a a couple of silvery blonde strands between his fingers, his mouth open in awe, his eyes now sparkling. “It’s beautiful,” Albus breaths, seemingly caught up in the way the weak September sunlight hit Scorpius’s hair and made it shimmer against his neck. 

8. Scorpius, not expecting this reaction, feels himself blush a deep red and turns quickly away from Albus, pulling the hood of his jumper quickly over his head again to hide his face. 

9. During the whole train ride after that Albus is just staring at Scorpius’s hair in wonderment, running his fingers through it almost like he can’t help it. During this Scorpius’s face is going to melt it’s so hot, and Rose decided to just leave them two dorks to it, leaving the compartment with a sly smile at Scorpius, who chokes slightly when Albus’s nails scratch gently along his scalp.

10. Albus can’t even stop himself at the start of the year feast, keeping a stroking hand at the nape of Scorpius’s neck, his fingers continually running through the strands. Of course everyone notices, number one because, damn Albus can you not? And number two because damn Scorpius can you not?? 

11. Even though he looks absolutely beautiful, Scorpius becomes the butt of many bully’s jokes, ranging from “hey trying to pretend to be a girl so Potter can finally like you??” to “oh following in daddy’s footsteps are we? i always knew you were evil, Malfoy.”

12. Of course, Albus hears most of the jabs and gets so angry at every single one of them, shouting and sometimes even sending curses at every single person who even dares to even look at Scorpius the wrong way. This lands him in a lot of detention, which Scorpius attends too, out of love for Albus defending him but also anger at it. He pesters Albus during these detentions to stop his outbursts, that he can "fend for himself”. Albus always agrees wholeheartedly, more so watching Scorpius’s mouth and they way it shapes words then what Scorpius is actually saying. 

13. Even though Scorpius says he’s okay, sometimes the jokes and the jibes get to him and one night Albus finds the blonde crying in the Slytherin common room, his wand pointed at his hair and a mirror in front of him, ready to chop. Albus rushes over to him and snatches the wand out of his hand, and Scorpius just turns and continues sobbing into Albus’s chest, clinging to the black-haired boy’s shirt with shaking hands. The rest of the Slytherin house find the two in the morning curled up on a couch together, Scorpius’s tear-stained face nuzzled into Albus’s neck and Albus’s hands curled around Scorpius’s head protectively. No one says a thing.

14. Near the end of third year, Scorpius’s hair has grown out just past the line of his shoulders and Albus had never felt more happy. Scorpius has taken to twist his hair up and stick a quill in it to make it stay, and he always runs his fingers through the hair that falls across his forehead when he’s nervous or stressed. 

15. Sometimes in class, when Scorpius has his hair down, Albus can’t stop himself from just reaching over and running his hands through it, twisting it around his fingers and making tiny cute braids in it that Scorpius pretends to hate but secretly loves and leaves in the for the rest of the day. This leads to a lot of teachers reprimanding Albus, and it even comes to Professor McGonagall calling Scorpius in after class and gently requesting him to keep his hair tied up during lessons, so that he won’t “intervene with other students learning”. Scorpius just smiles weakly at her and walks out of the classroom.

16.  So Scorpius does, pulling it up with either a spare bobbin he steals from Rose or one of Albus’s skinny neck ties that Ginny bought the black-haired boy for Christmas, twisting if around and around and leaving the ends dangling so it looks pretty and delicate. This actually just distracts Albus more, because all he can think about when he sees Scorpius with the tie in his hair is that’s my tie on his hair my tie on hIS HAIR???!! By this time most of the teachers have just given up giving out to Albus for fiddling with Scorpius’s hair. All McGonagall does is roll her eyes.

17. And then it’s the summer again and Albus insists on having Scorpius over for the whole summer, and somehow, Draco agrees to this. That summer basically consists of Albus coaxing Scorpius to put his head in his lap so he can play with and braid his hair. Scorpius tries to sound exasperated but everyone knows (including Albus) that he loves it.

18. Ginny finds them one night curled up together in the garden, Scorpius’s head on Albus’s stomach and Albus’s hands just stroking ever part of Scorpius they can reach, including his face, his arms, his neck, his chest, his stomach, his hair. Scorpius has his hands gently grasping at Albus’s own when they’re wandering over his skin, trying to keep them still so he can feel Albus’s warmth. They whisper to each other what they want to do at Hogwarts next year and what new sweets are coming into Honeydukes and how Scorpius just has to try them. Ginny smiles to herself, quietly calling for Harry. The two parents watch in gentle awe, Ginny beginning to beam when she sees Scorpius turn his head to nuzzle his nose into Albus’s stomach when the black-haired boy makes a particularly stupid joke. Harry grins too, guiding Ginny away after a while, knowing the boys wouldn’t like it if they knew they were being watched.

19. All Ginny does that night is smile, unable to sleep because her son has someone that he loves so much and she’s gonna tear up because she’s so happy he’s happy and oh my merlin Harry isn’t it just so wonderful??? Harry agrees gently with his wife, smiling to himself because merlin’s beard he loves his family. 

20. It’s the morning everyone goes back to Hogwarts and Scorpius doesn’t know what to do with his hair because it’s getting scarily long now and wtf does he do with all this tangle???? And suddenly Lily appears out of nowhere and grabs Scorpius by the hand and drags him over to a chair and sits him down, walking around so he has his back to her. “I’m gonna braid your hair, Scorp,” she says cheerily, already working at his hair with nimble fingers. “’M sure Al will love it. You don’t mind if I twist in some glittery ribbon too? It’ll go beautifully with your colouring!” This is the first time Lily and Scorpius have actually spent alone together besides small chats in the corridor when they’re passing each other and knowing smiles across the kitchen table when Albus makes a particularly bad joke, so Scorpius lets her, enjoying the way it feels when she gently pats his head, whispering “you look wonderful, Scorpius.” Scorpius then decided that he loves Albus’s family.

21. Then they’re on the platform and the Hogwarts Express is whistling and Scorpius is hauling his suitcase down the corridor of the train and he passes a compartment of first years who actually stop to just stare. Scorpius notices, of course he does, and he smiles, sliding the compartment door open and sticking his head in. “Are you all okay?” he asks gently, trying to make his voice as open as possible as to not scare the dazed looking eleven year olds. A girl, who herself has a short pixie cut, stutters slightly “y-your hair.” Scorpius grins, grabbing at the end of his braid and tugging at his hair, letting the golden sparkly ribbon that Lily added to it hit the simmering light of the compartment, making it shine brightly. “What about it?” he says, smiling down at the girl. “It’s- it’s long,” she whispers in wonderment, “and you’re a boy.” This widens Scorpius’s smile, and he abandons his trunk for a moment to sit down on the seat next to the smaller girl. “You’re a girl and you have short hair. What’s to say I can’t have long?" 

22. The girl’s expression quickly turns horrified as she stumbles out, "oh- oh no I wasn’t saying it was bad I was saying that it was good like great and amazing and I really like it and um- why are you laughing?” Scorpius explains that he wasn’t laughing at her, and how he thinks it’s amazing that’s she has short hair and how maybe they can be the mismatched duo and they girl just lights up, her eyes sparkling with quick adoration as she looks at Scorpius. “What’s your name?” she says, her words hushed. Scorpius grins. “My name’s Scorpius. How about you?” The little girl’s smile could light up the whole of Hogwarts. “Sam,” she whispers.

23. Sam gets sorted into Slytherin and when she’s sees Scorpius sitting at the table, Albus quietly keeping a protective arm around him, she almost cheers because there’s Scorpius!!! Oo wait who’s that next to him??? Scorpius grins a sparkling grin at her then and motions for her to sit down next to him at the table. All of the Slytherins stare as she does, still clapping about her arrival. Once she’s seated, Scorpius immediately introduces her to Albus, who he had already told about the train incident. 

24. Albus becomes immediate best friends with the girl too, and Scorpius just looks between the two of them fondly as they talk across him animatedly, Albus occasionally sticking Scorpius with his fork because he’s so enthusiastic for this new human being. Scorpius doesn’t mind one bit. 

25. It’s a couple of months later and Scorpius is getting properly worried because his hair is growing so fast??????? It’s nearly down to the middle of his back and he’s silently freaking out with it one morning, twisting it and pulling it and braiding and then re braiding it until his scalp actually HURTS and that’s when Albus wakes up and is like “Scorp just leave it down? It’s beautiful? Please? You’re an actual angel I swear?” And Scorpius is just there bLUSHING and he decides to leave it down for the day.

26. And by golly was that a good idea. By the end of the day he’s made about twenty new first year friends who just adore him and it shocks all the older students cause how tf is that weirdo???? doing that????? And Albus is just there beside Scorpius and all his lil followers with the BIGGEST smile on his face and a casual hand on the small of Scorpius’s back like yes this angel is mine he’s mine you can all just dream of being like him you prats

27. That night Albus steels himself and then quickly scrambles his way from his bed into Scorpius’s. When he opens the curtains and peaks in, Scorpius is there, sitting cross legged, running a brush through his hair. Albus nearly doesn’t want to disturb him now, but Scorpius sees him and smiles, reaching out a hand to gesture him in. “Would you brush my hair, Al?” And Albus just nearly DIES and is like “psh okay yeah alright I’ll do that yup ok”

28. This ends up with Albus lying down with Scorpius on his bed, face to face, heads pillowed on hands and Albus fingers sifting through Scorpius’s newly untangled locks. This position isn’t new to them, after ending up like this most summer nights before school started, with stars in Scorp’s tired eyes and wonder in Al’s ones. But for some reason this time feels different and Albus’s breath speeds up as he feels Scorpius’s hand sliding up his chest to rest at the crook of his neck, fingers gentle but searching somehow.

29. Albus finds himself blurting out “I love you, Scorpius” and then he’s sO red and fuck fuck fuck but Scorp just smiles gently, the fingers on Albus’s neck massaging small circles. “I know Al, I love you too,” he says, and Albus is pretty sure Scorp didn’t realise what he just said, what he meant by it. “No, Scorp,” he murmurs, looking down because Scorpius’s silver eyes are too beautiful and he can’t do this he can’t but he has to and- “I love you. I love you.”

30. And Scorpius is confused for a moment because yeah?? he knows?? But then he sees Albus’s face turning a dark shade even in the dim light and his heart suddenly squeezes in his chest and his body is tingling because he understands he understands he knows oh my god Al I love you too!! But that doesn’t come out because he suddenly realises the position they’re in, noses almost touching, Albus’s hand in his hair and his fingers running down Albus’s neck and he doesn’t think he just acts and pushes forward to press his lips clumsily into his best friend’s

31. Time stops for a moment and all Scorpius can feel is warm, slightly chapped lips unmoving against his own and Albus’s sharp intake of breath and he thinks he’s fucked up and gotten it wrong and shit he’s never been good at reading signals and he’s really done himself in now but then mere seconds later Al is responding, his hand sliding further into Scorp’s hair so he can pull him closer, lips pressing back shakily and Scorp lets his eyes close and he falls into Albus, hand going completely around his neck, pushing up against the other boy.

32. And oh this is so good, so safe because Scorpius realises in that moment, that press of mouth on mouth, that Albus is all he’s ever wanted and that he’s his home. So when Albus finally pulls back slightly to let out a wavering breath, there are big, heavy, happy tears in Scorp’s eyes that he can’t let out just yet because he knows that they will freak out his best friend.

33. “S-scorp,” Al whispers, eyes wide as saucers, lips tingling and brain almost numb and oh my god he just kissed me he just?? I just kissed Scorpius? Scorp? My Scorp?? “What- I’m- I don’t-” and then he’s being shut up by another quick press of lips and Scorpius’s breath washing over his face as he snorts shakily, his eyelashes fluttering like they do when he’s nervous.

34. Albus takes all these little details in, along with how soft and warm and just fucking nice Scorp’s lips feel against his. So he goes in again just as Scorpius is about to speak, and then it’s a game of who can shut the other up faster with sweet, tentative pecks and Al feels Scorp’s hand slide down to rest at the base of his throat where he curls it around the neck of his shirt, tugging slightly. “Let me- let me talk, Al,” Scorpius gasps, his fingers curling tighter. “Let me- please.”

35. Albus is still struck dumb so he finds himself staring, something bubbling up in his chest as Scorp struggles for words. “I- oh my god Al, just, I love you too, you idiot.”

36. “Scorp, I don’t want you to do this just because I said it first-” “Dear god you are a dolt, aren’t you, Potter? Just kiss me again please.”

37. Skip to fifth year and Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter are the cutest couple in hogwarts, and Albus has an undercut to compliment his boyfriend’s hair which now reaches past his waist. Albus likes to spell flowers into it. Scorpius is just really in love. 

(apologies for any spelling mistakes or just mistakes in general! hope you enjoyed!)

Ravenclaw!Wonwoo x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • It’s a day like no other; you’re just chilling in Care of Magical Creatures when all of a sudden you see Hufflepuff!Seungkwan running full force at you from across the grounds.
  • And you’re like 1.) Is something chasing you that I should be concerned about, and 2.) Shouldn’t you have already been here?? You’re in this class??
  • Seungkwan explains (once he reaches you, winded af) and is like, “one of the librarians wanted a student to make a replica out of books in the library, to celebrate the anniversary of Hogwarts, so I said I would do it”
  • You’re thinking, “this explains literally nothing. I don’t understand how that connects to you flailing at 60 mph directly towards me”
  • Seungkwan just keeps going though, saying “I had to run all the way here because I lost track of time working on the replica! I don’t know why I said I’d do it, I didn’t realize how clumsy I am, l mean I keep knocking books over and it’s a mess and I’m a mess. And the librarian only gave me a week! I really need your help”
  • You’re agree immediately because it’s creative and sounds like fun, and you’ll be working on it together so that’ll make it even more enjoyable. Also- who wouldn’t want to hang out with Boo Seungkwan??
  • After your classes for that day and after dinner, you and Seungkwan meet in the library and it’s like 9 pm but y'all are determined af to make this the coolest book sculpture ever.
  • You: “Seungkwan, what shape do you want it in?? Like what is the sculpture supposed to be”
  • Seungkwan: “it’s supposed to be a replica of Hogwarts”
  • You: “it’s just… a pile of books so far…”
  • Seungkwan: “I toLd yOu I neeDeD hELp”
  • First, you go and find a picture of Hogwarts because Seungkwan did not think to get a reference photo, his plan was to ‘wing it as I do literally everything else’
  • Next, you and Seungkwan get to work, and a few hours later, you have something that resembles the base of Hogwarts.
  • You two agree that it’s too late at night to work on this any more, and that you’ll meet up the next few nights to finish the Hogwarts book replica thing.
  • The next day goes on normally, until you meet Seungkwan back at the library that night. You walk in and hear a piercing shriek that you just know has to be Seungkwan.
  • You rush in and are like “Seungkwan are you okay!?”, but he’s just standing there in front of your incomplete replica, completely unharmed.
  • Seungkwan: “Y/N, someone took a book”
  • You: “of course they took a book, this is a library”
  • Seungkwan: “no no, they took it from the middle of the freaking base of the replica”
  • You: “Well… Someone probably needed that particular book for a class”
  • After you calm down Seungkwan’s overly dramatic outrage, you make your way to go find a book that will fit in that particular gap. It takes you almost 20 minutes of trial and error, having to find the perfect sized book to fit in that section, but you eventually find one and slide it in, completing the base of the sculpture again.
  • As the two of you keep working on the sculpture, by the end of this night, you’ve managed to get some of the walls of book-Hogwarts built up.
  • The both of you keep coming back after dinner every night to get this replica finished.
  • And every single night you come back, a book or two are missing. In the most inconvenient spots, too, like who the hell would be able to reach these?? You and Seungkwan backtrack at least an hour every night trying to find a replacement book that’s the correct width, length, and depth that could fit in those particular spots, and then having to place the book in the gap without knocking the entire replica over.
  • Basically, it sucks and you guys still don’t know who the heck is doing it.
  • Seungkwan is getting increasingly frustrated with the “Book Snatcher”, as he likes the call the culprit, and you’re getting more and more tired of having to go back and put so much effort into fixing the holes being created.
  • Five days into this project, you and Seungkwan conclude that trying the replace the handful of books that go missing every day is taking up too much time, seeing as you only have two days left to finish the replica.
  • You’re like “Boo, don’t worry, I’ve got this”, and you go into the library at like six in the morning the next day, which happens to be a Saturday (which means no classes, turn up), planning to stay all day and catch the culprit.
  • You’re sitting at a table far away enough from the replica to not be suspicious, but still be able to clearly see anything that happens near it. The only fault in your plan is you didn’t anticipate how boring it is to just. s i t  t h e r e. And have to pay attention to what’s directly in front of you, for hours and hours.
  • Basically, you fell asleep in your seat, with your face pressed against the table you were sitting at.
  • Someone shoves you awake some time later and you’re thinking “Where am I?? What year is it?? W h a t  t h e  h e c k”
  • You jolt up to see a very concerned Seungkwan, who first asks if you’re okay, then if you realize how big a mark you have on your forehead, and lastly, if you found the culprit.
  • You: “Ahah funny story, really…”
  • Seungkwan: “You’ve been asleep this whole time, haven’t you”
  • You: “I’m sorry” T-T
  • Seungkwan is like “alright let’s just both go tomorrow, and hopefully at least one of us will stay awake”
  • So that’s exactly what the both of you do the next morning. You’re dressed normally, and even brought a few books over to the table you’re at, so you blend in well. Seungkwan is another story.
  • Seungkwan struts into the library with sunglasses on, and three family sized bags of Doritos in his arms. He gracefully slides into the seat next to you, handing you a bag of chips.
  • You’re like “Seungkwan wtf is all this for”
  • He explains his logic to you, which is that if he wears sunglasses, no one will know he’s staring at them (he’s gotta keep an eye out for the book snatcher), and that if you two are going to be in the library all day, you need to have snacks.
  • You decide it’s not worth it to try and explain to Seungkwan that he’s drawing more attention to himself by wearing sunglasses indoors.
  • So you’re like “Seungkwan there’s no food permitted in the library, at least stash the chips in my bag”, to which he gratefully complies, not wanting his chips to be confiscated my one of the meaner librarians.
  • This ‘steakout’ (if you can even call it that), is basically the two of you just playing cards, chatting, and not really remembering why the two of you were there in the first place.
  • That is until you happen to glance over to the replica, and see a tall Ravenclaw boy standing right in front of it, his body facing the replica, back to you.
  • You give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that he might just be admiring the almost-complete replica.
  • That is until you see his slender fingers wrap around one of the books making up the walls of your sculpture
  • You nudge Seungkwan and point frantically at the boy, which apparently was bad idea because Seungkwan jolts up so fast, he knocks over his chair, and screams (in this otherwise dead silent library), “HEY, YOU BOOK SNATCHER!”
  • This seemed to startle the Ravenclaw boy (but let’s be real, who the fuck wouldn’t that startle), who hadn’t completely removed the book from the replica. With the book only halfway out, the Ravenclaw boy flinched so hard at Seungkwan’s battle cry, that the whole replica went tumbling down.
  • The boy immediately dropped the book, and his hands flew to cover his mouth, obviously horrified that he just ruined someone’s hard work.
  • Seungkwan marched straight up to this kid, you following less aggressively behind him, and spun him around so hard you’d think he’d have gotten whiplash cough cough nct 127… sorry I’ll leave
  • Seungkwan: *pulls down sunglasses* “Oh. It’s just Wonwoo”
  • You step out from behind Seungkwan to get a better look at this Book Snatcher/Wonwoo, and to put it bluntly, you are s h o o k.
  • Like how the heck does someone manage to be that good looking?? His pretty face is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Like who the heck has cheekbones that sharp, they look like they could cut diamonds. (or the hearts of carats… honestly idk how you Wonwoo stans live when he’s that attractive like fr how are you not deceased)
  • But you snap out of it like “oh yeah he #wrecked our freaking replica and we only have one day left to finish it”
  • Before any of you can say anything, a librarian kicks the three of you out of the library for being “loud and disruptive to your peers”
  • After getting kicked out, Wonwoo is pouring out apologies to Seungkwan, who cuts him off and is like “You should apologize to Y/N, they’re the one who’s been working the hardest on this replica”
  • Wonwoo only then seems to notice that you’re even there, but when he does, it seems like his gorgeous eyes pierce right into your soul. He then starts pleading to you that he’s really sorry, and if there’s anything he can do to help.
  • Seungkwan butts in and is like “um heck yes you’re helping now, meet us tonight after dinner in the library so we can try and complete it by morning”
  • So after dinner, you make your way over to the library, which is only lit by a few scattered lights and candles, seeing as no one is usually in there around this time of night. You spot Wonwoo, who’s sitting criss-cross in front of what is now just a giant messy pile of books, smiling to himself while reading a book.
  • You silently go and sit down next to him and ask what he’s reading.
  • At first he’s like “holy hell” because he did nOT see you there, he was so into his book.
  • But then he goes on and explains what book he’s reading, and all the things he really likes about what the author has written, and basically goes on the cutest rant about why he really loves this book so far.
  • You don’t even realize you’re smiling so hard until he glances over to you and is like “why do you seem so happy??”
  • “Because you’re cute, that’s all”
  • If it weren’t so dark in the library, you would’ve seen his face turn bright pink so fast.
  • “But why were you taking books from the replica?”
  • Wonwoo looks away from you, like a kid getting in trouble with their parents, and he explains that some of the books you used were ones that he really wanted to read, and that he wasn’t trying to sabotage your replica or anything.
  • You heart just melts, because all this sweet boy wanted to do was read these books, he wasn’t being malicious at all.
  • Seungkwan suddenly barges in and is like “if Wonwoo isn’t here I stg I will-”, but then he sees the way that Wonwoo is lowkey blushing and looking at you, completely entranced, and Seungkwan kind of just backs out of the library and leaves. Because he also remembered how flustered you were when you met Wonwoo earlier and he was thinking… maybe they’re catching feelings ;D
  • Seungkwan, getting back to the Hufflepuff dorms: “I’m the worst project partner but the best match maker”
  • Soonyoung: “Yup, sounds about right to me”
  • Joshua: “What the heck have you done now”
  • Anyway, you start to get worried after Seungkwan doesn’t show up (neither of you actually noticed him briefly enter the library earlier), and it’s obvious, with you checking the door every couple of minutes to see if he’s there.
  • Wonwoo: “Maybe he forgot?”
  • You: “I guess so…. Either way, we need to get to work on this”
  • After about an hour straight of rebuilding this replica, Wonwoo can see that it’s stressing you out, so he tries to cheer you up in the way he knows best.
  • Wonwoo: “Hey, Y/N”
  • You: “Yeah?”
  • Wonwoo: “Two windmills are in a field. One asks the other ‘what kind of music do you like?’. The other windmill says “well, I’m a big metal fan”
  • With all of your heart, you did not expect this boy whose expression has been mostly a cold, deadpan stare, to be cracking stupid jokes. You laugh so hard you almost end up knocking down a wall yourself.
  • Meanwhile Wonwoo’s all smug, like “heck yes, this cute person thinks I’m funny. Mingyu never laughs at my jokes”
  • So you two repeat this pattern of you getting a little overwhelmed, Wonwoo noticing, and telling you dumb jokes to cheer you up.
  • Most of the time he ends up laughing at you laughing, and you notice that when he laughs, he scrunches his nose up and it’s just so adorable.
  • It’s dawn when the two of you finally finish the replica, and tbh it looks a lot better than the one you and Seungkwan made.
  • You both are about to part ways, go to breakfast, and then your classes, when Wonwoo timidly grabs your hand to keep you from leaving.
  • You look up to him and are like “Yes?? Are you okay?”
  • He’s looking at his feet and says quietly, “I… know that this was my fault, for taking books and knocking it over… but I had a lot of fun spending time with you. And I was just wondering if you ever maybe have free time, if you’d like to meet up with me and go to Hogsmeade together?”
  • You’re like “assdfjghkl yes, of course”, and pull him down a little, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, before bolting out of the library.
  • Wonwoo just stands there for a moment, completely frozen by shock, before he grins really wide, and makes his way out of the library and to the Ravenclaw table for breakfast.
  • Jeonghan: “Why do you look so happy this morning?”
  • Wonwoo: “Ahh, it’s nothing…”
  • DK: “That means it’s something. You haVe tO teLL uS”
  • Wonwoo: “plz let me liVE”
  • So in the end, even though pulling all-nighters usually are awful, when you’re with the right person, they can end up being worth it.

a soft headcanon from a soft stan like me ;) (lol jk soft from me is rare) 

also someone pls tell me if i am using the term headcanon right bc i just don’t kNOWW

genre : [ hogwarts!au ] ; [ f ] 

  • so like, obvi wonwoo is a slytherin
  • slytherins have a bad rep and all but rly he’s there bc he is very watchful and quiet and always listening; therefore v knowledgable but he doesn’t like to flaunt his intelligence; he’d rather keep things to himself
  • so you’re not rly sure why wonwoo has such a bad rep
  • he is v handsome like w o w but everyone is afraid of him?? even the other slytherins

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Day 18.  Alan Rickman

oh my

it still hurts talking about him. I fell in love with alan after watching the first movie - I was 10 and I didn’t know him, or at least I don’t remember watching any of his movies before that. I was always an obsessive child/teen, I’d obsess over things, people, books, movies, anything. and I fell in love with him. so I spent most of my teen years collecting pictures of him and chasing his movies to watch - you see, I live in a small town in brazil and this was 2002, 2003, so there was no decent internet connection here and I couldn’t just download them, I had to rent them in video shops (??? is that how you call it?) but they were really difficult to get.

on january 14th I woke up early and went to my boxing lesson. I punched some people, took a shower and headed to work. I was feeling pretty good about myself, I had the feeling it was going to be a good day at work. when I arrived, I checked my cellphone and I had received a message from a friend just saying “hi how are you” and I answered that I was fine. then she said: “you haven’t heard about it yet, have you?” - so I knew there was something wrong and my thoughts jumped right at alan and meryl (bc she was my other teenager obsession). my day was completely ruined and I just couldn’t stop crying. all of my friends, even people with whom I hadn’t spoken in a while sent me messages asking how I was taking the news. even now if I think too much about it I start crying bc death is a fucked up thing, right?

alan gave me a huge present: the perfect portrayal of my favorite literary character. if that’s not a gift, I don’t know what it is. we always read books and imagine how our favorite characters would be in a movie and we often get disappointed (am I right, tonks?? ginny??) but alan created an iconic and amazing severus snape. it’s fantastic how he hints at the character’s story all the time. 

I chose to put here three of my favorite scenes. I love him in the first 5 movies but since in the 6th book he gets more attention and the movies give the opportunity of him showing a little more, I picked up 3 scenes from the last movies. 

the first gif: his battle against mcgonagall

this scene is so powerful! his calculating eyes are mesmerizing. when mcgonagall puts herself in front of harry and points her wand at severus, the way he looks at her and specially how he slightly lowers his wand like he’s saying I WONT FIGHT YOU WE’RE FRIENDS REMEMBER??? but then he remembers he’s playing a part. these small details are so fantastic and they enrich the character and the movie so much.

the second gif: dumbledore’s death

I remember when I read the half-blood prince for the first time and I obsessed (once again) over details of the narrative, like when it mentions severus’s distraught face when harry calls him a coward. and I love the scene of dumbledore’s death specifically bc of this part:

Snape said nothing, but walked forward and pushed Malfoy roughly out of the way. The three Death Eaters fell back without a word. Even the werewolf seemed cowed.
Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore, and there was revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face.
“Severus … please …”
Snape raised his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore. 

“Avada Kedavra!”

I was fascinated by the fact that he frightened greyback only by entering the room. he didn’t have to do anything, he just opened the door and entered. and then there’s this glimpse of his feelings in his face: revulsion and hatred. they are very strong feelings. any actor could have turned this scene into an angry scene, but alan made it about his eyes and his mouth. the way he looks at dumbledore, the way he leaves his mouth slightly open for a second after killing him, like he’s absorbing what he just did. it’s brilliant.

the third gif: the school observation

this scene is gold. just before seeing him we see the students marching which is obviously a reference to the nazi regime (like all the voldemort thing actually). but the way he stands there, one of the most important men in the country (bc hogwarts is obviously a very important place and he is in charge of it), looking down at his “people”. and all you see is… nothing. there’s no triumph in his eyes, there’s no ambition, pride… nothing. his eyes are empty. if there’s something in there, is just a flickering of a wtf feeling. 

I am sorry (am I really?) about the length of this post but I just can’t stop when I start talking about alan. he’s a big part of my life and we were really lucky to have him as severus.

Sirius Black Imagine - I Kissed You So You Would Shut Up. You Talk Too Much.

A/N: Firstly woah, two uploads within like three days wtf. I probably won’t upload for another week as I literally have an assignment for each subject due either on the same day or the day after. Also sorry if most of my characters are shy and quite, but idk I guess I’m like that and I just find it easier to write a character like that. ALSO Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You is my #1 person to play Sirius Black

Prompt 54. “I kissed you so you would shut up. You talk too much.”

Words would never be able to express how lucky you felt every time you remembered that you were dating the one and only, Sirius Black. You were currently in your sixth year at Hogwarts in the house of Ravenclaw. You were a quiet girl, a shy girl who would never confront someone or tell someone what they were doing was bothering you. You liked to help people, but you never knew when to say no, which never ended well for you. This was why you were extremely shocked when Sirius asked you out. Sirius has a reputation at school, one that is the exact opposite to yours. He was a prankster, he had a bad boy feel to him, which was very unlike you. Why me? You had thought when he asked you out. You thought it was probably a prank he was doing with the infamous Marauders. You would think after a year and a half, you would stop doubting yourself, but here you were thinking how surreal your relationship was.

Your thoughts were stopped as you looked up at the sun which was shining quite bright. You were currently sat under a tall tree outside the castle facing  The Black Lake. It was an unusually warm day today and you decided to do your homework outside instead of in the library. Sirius was going to meet you down here to spend the day with you, which you greatly appreciated. Your thoughts were interrupted by a girl in your year walking past with a group of her friends. She gave you a mean stare and then continued with her friends as if nothing happened. You put your potions essay down and stretched your hands.

Although dating Sirius was a dream come true, there was one downside to being his girlfriend. Just about every single girl in Hogwarts loathed you. Why? Because you were the reason the dreamy Sirius Black was taken. But just because he had a girlfriend and he was taken, didn’t stop some of the girls. Girls would constantly flirt with him around you and try to make a move which greatly bothered you. It was obvious Sirius was uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop them. It was obvious that you were uncomfortable, but that didn’t worry them. Sirius has told them many times to stop because he has a girlfriend, but they never listen. You and Sirius had spoken about it before, but nothing could stop these girls.

You looked around, Sirius should be here by now. The long grass tickled the bottom of your legs, but you didn’t mind once you looked to your left. There, you saw Sirius walking towards you with this one girl who just didn’t care that he had a girlfriend. She was one of the worst of Sirius’ ‘fans’. She has tried to kiss him on numerous occasions and even tried to do it in front of you, but Sirius would dodge her and explain that he had a girlfriend and wasn’t interested.

Sirius looked bored and uninterested, but his expression changed once she laced their hands together. You could see him say something and try to pull his hand away, but she wasn’t happy. She rolled her eyes, yanked her hand away from his and stood in front of him, blocking his path. Your eyes furrowed in confusion as she crossed her arms and spoke to Sirius. You were way too far away to understand what she was saying.

This time it was Sirius who rolled his eyes and said something, the frustration evident on his face. You wondered whether you should go up or not to say something. You decided not to as you didn’t want to put yourself into that situation. You continued watching as they argued and if you were on a seat, you would be at the edge of it.

You saw the girl’s demeanor suddenly change, instead of looking annoyed and on edge, she seemed more relaxed and bubbly. You watched intently as her hands dropped to her side and she started moving towards Sirius.

You didn’t know what came over you, this wasn’t something you’d normally do, but as soon as you saw her lips on his you lurched forward. You left all your homework under the tree and raced towards them.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You squeaked. What the fuck are you doing? You thought to yourself, this was way beyond your comfort level. You had never done something this bold. As soon as she heard your voice she reluctantly pulled away from Sirius and gave you a look that could definitely kill more than one person.

“Excuse you?” She asked slowly stepping away from Sirius and facing you.

“I-I, uh-” You stopped yourself, trying to think about what to say. You didn’t really know what to do now that you actually had her attention. From the corner of your eye, you saw Sirius cringe and wipe his mouth on the back of his hand. If it were any other situation you would’ve laughed, but this wasn’t a laughing situation. “You were kissing my boyfriend.” You decided to say, trying to keep your head up high and trying exceedingly hard not to run away or cry.

“And?” She scoffed, rolling her eyes. You were quite scared now, you had never really confronted anyone before and it’s hard when you just throw yourself into the deep end.

“Well, this affects me. Sirius is my boyfriend and I don’t appreciate you flirting with him every chance you get. Especially in front of me, that makes me feel like shit,” You spoke slowly, trying hard not to stuff up your words, "It seems everyone but you can tell that both Sirius and I are uncomfortable and you’re just making it awkward and weird. I can’t believe you kissed him! That is the most indecent, unbelievable thing you could do and it disgusts me. It disgusts me that you can’t get it through your thick head that Sirius is unavailable and we would both appreciate it if you fucked off.” You finished your rant and exhaled loudly. It seemed she didn’t know what to say, so with a roll of her eyes, a glare and a flick or her hair, she walked away.

You closed your eyes trying to figure out if that really happened, thankful that if it did, it was over. Your eyes immediately opened as you heard someone clapping. The clapping belonged to Sirius and as he walked over he whistled.

“Who knew,” he smirked, “who knew that my innocent little Y/N had it in her? Who knew you would be the one to scare her away?” He said mischievously, grabbing onto your waist as he said ‘scare’. The heat rose to your cheeks and you started giggling from embarrassment. You felt mortified as you relived the experience in your head and you felt even worse knowing that the rest of Hogwarts would know about your outburst in a matter of minutes. If there was one thing Hogwart’s students loved, it was gossip and drama. “I’m proud of you.” He said kissing your forehead. You looked up at him and smiled in response.

“Is it alright if we go back to where I was sitting before, I kind of left all my homework there.” You said looking back to your tree with your homework messily thrown underneath it. Sirius laughed and nodded. He laced his hand with yours and walked with you to the tree you previously sat under.

Sirius laid down underneath the tree, resting his head and shoulders against the trunk. You copied his actions, resting your head on his chest.

“I’m sorry.” You breathed, finding Sirius’ hand and playing with his fingers.

“For what?” Sirius asked sitting up so his back was now leaning against the tree, his hand still in yours.

“For the way I reacted.” You admitted sheepishly, also sitting up and lifting your head up.

“Don’t be,” Sirius said moving his face closer to yours. You moved to sit cross-legged, your fingers were now in your lap and you faced a relaxed Sirius. His legs were stretched out and he had his hands behind his head, facing the lake.

“No, it’s just there was a better way to handle it,” you started rambling, “I could’ve been more calm and collected. But I acted on impulse and I didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. And I didn’t mean to make you feel like you belonged to me or anything. But you know, you are my boyfriend and people shouldn’t kiss other people’s boyfriends. It’s just, I know you usually date other girls, girls who are more outgoing and confident and that’s why I worry-” You were cut off by Sirius facing you, taking your head in his hands and kissing your lips. You were taken by surprise and tried to pull back, but Sirius pulled you back in.

“I kissed you so you would shut up. You talk too much.” He said pulling back and smirking. He leaned back against the tree as you suddenly got quite bashful.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that-”

“Shhhhh.” He said putting his finger against your lips.

“Stop worrying, if what you did really bothered me, I would’ve said something or stopped you from telling her off. And don’t think that you’re not the type of girl I usually go for. I love you, every single part of you. I love how shy and quiet you are and you are just so perfect and cute.” He said looking into your eyes. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t take anything else than an agreement. You hesitantly went to lay against him and the tree trunk with your head on his chest.

“I still can’t believe I did that.” You giggled looking up at his face. His eyes were closed and he had a stupid smile on his face.

“Neither can I love, neither can I.” You smiled up at him and closed your eyes also.

You suddenly heard a rustling of leaves and someone stepping on a stick, breaking it.

“Is it true?” Asked a familiar voice. You and Sirius opened your eyes.

“Is what true, James?” You inquired raising an eyebrow at him, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

“Is it true, that you, 'Little Miss Goody Goody’,” he said put air quotation marks around your nickname, “told someone off. Because I don’t believe it one bit.” He said with a smug look on his face, obviously not believing the rumors.

“Prongs, you should have been there, it was unbelievable!” Sirius exclaimed making you hide your face in his neck, knowing your cheeks would be a crimson red.

“No way!” James said sitting down to face both Sirius and you.

“It was just so unbelievable. And then-” Sirius started, but you stopped him mid-sentence.

“Can you please stop, I don’t want to relive the horrible moment.” You groaned finally lifting your head from his neck.

“But love, it was one of the best things you’ve ever done.” Sirius said with a smirk on his face.

“Oh shut up.” You exclaimed hitting his arm, chuckling.

“Continue. I want to hear every single detail.” James said making you continue to laugh as Sirius retold the event. You sighed and laid your head on his chest again, smiling as Sirius dramatized the retelling of the story.


Watching Extremis for the first time

(Spoilers below)

-Who’s narrating?

-If you serve as executioners to everything… then you execute flies and mosquitoes and stuff like that?

-”The destruction of a Time Lord–”

-Holy shit the Daleks are actually an impressive race, they killed a ton of those Time Lords that are supposedly so hard to kill



-”I didn’t expect you.”
 Well then who’d you expect, some other Time Lord who miraculously survived the Time War?

-Ah, gotta love them Daleks with their gossipy mouths, spreading rumors everywhere.

Why is his suit so worn. I’m concerned.

-”They can’t know I’m blind, Missy. no one can know.”





-”Please, I’ll do anything. Just let me live.”

-*phone notification jingle*


Do all these people have fevers or is the weather just really hot??

-So I’m guessing he uses the shades to aid his vision now?

-Well, as long as he’s not completely in the black I’m fine

-”ve arrrre to com heerre dirrectly frrom the vaticaan”

-The pope???

-what is going on????!?!?!?

-”Pope Benedict. Lovely girl. What a night. I knew she was trouble, but she wove a spell with her castanets.“

-”The Pope doesn’t zoom round the world in the Popemobile, surprising people.“

-I am so confused and worried right now

I was kinda losing focus while reading the transcript of this episode and then BOOM, SUICIDE PICTURE FLASHES, WTF

-”Assume nothing. Assumption makes an ass out of you.”

-”I thought you’d moved out from here?
 “Yeah, slightly didn’t work out. Second attempt on the way.”

-”I don’t like knowing their names. I only get attached.”

-”Of course not. I have very strict rules about men.“
 “Probably not as strict as mine.”

-”Oh, I’m sorry. Here’s me thinking that she dragged some poor, terrified man home.“
 Poor lady doesn’t know what’s going on, but talk about getting out of a tight spot.

-My favorite scene in the episode so far omg

-Ah yes, Bill’s house pipes that always go VWOOOORP VWOOOOORP.

-”Well, whatever this is, and actually it’s not anything yet, it is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.”

Gotta love how them popes come with a pre-installed church organ sound effect

-I only understood one word that sounded like “Doctor”.

“You’re all going to hell.”

-I love Bill omfg

-”Pope Benedict said that you were more in need of confession than any man breathing. But when the offer was made, you replied it would take too much time. On behalf of the Catholic Church, the offer stands. You seem like a man with regret on his mind.“

-Well, that went down in a bad way…

The very fancy scifi watch hidden under the very fancy fantasy-ish robes

The Doctor suspects Darth Sidious is up to something.

-Nope, nevermind, that was Nardole.



-”Warning: I have full permission to kick your arse.”

-”Because I don’t like being worried about. Around me, people should be worried about themselves.“
“Yeah, shall I tell you the real reason?“
"Because the moment you tell Bill, it becomes real. And then you might actually have to deal with it.”

-This episode is about as religious as Doctor Who gets, in my opinion.


-We all know who this looks like

-The library of Blasphemy, huh?
That’s quite some Hogwarts stuff there.

-”Harry Potter!”

-"The layout is designed to confuse the uninitiated.”
"Sort of like religion, really.”
I can confirm this true, for reasons.
"You happy in those shades? Not dark enough for you?”
“In darkness, we are revealed.
Bill: When did he get so emo?

-”Well, take a few more minutes if you like. Knock yourself out. Actually do. Do that. Knock yourself right out.”

That’s one great big hood you got there. But pray tell, how do you see what’s in front of you?

-well shit

-”Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.“

-”You’d be wizard at writing Christmas crackers, you two.”

-I thought Christmas crackers were paper sausages with confetti inside them?

Alright, where’s the orange portal?

oHh my GOD


-”I think there’s someone in there.”
"Yeah, we are very slightly getting that.”


-”Hey, there’s wifi down here!”
 “Of course there’s wifi. It’s a library.“

-”Reading chair with a safety belt?”

-Apologies if I seem to be taking too many quotes directly from the episode(s), but I just love the Series 10 dialogue okay


-”Because you’re sending us into the dark, after a man with a gun.“
 Not as dangerous if said man is dead…

-WEll Nardole got a little weird there

-Bill: *voice cracks* “nARdOLE”

-Nardole: *sees hand* *voice goes up by two octaves* “HIEWIEW”

That’s a pretty gun, but it wouldn’t do much damage in battle.

-”It would be stupid to go and look.” *goes to look*






the flipping kind of videogame portal hub is this

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, aliens freak out as a bald head pops outta nowhere from the wall of their living room.

-”Cardinal, it worked. I can see.”

-”Not well enough, not yet.”

-”The thing about the universe is, whatever you need, you can always borrow, as long as you pay it back. I just borrowed from my future. I get a few minutes of proper eyesight, but I lose something. Maybe all my future regenerations will be blind. Maybe I won’t regenerate ever again. Maybe I’ll drop dead in twenty minutes.”

-”You know, I’ve read a lot of books that this chair would be quite useful for. Moby Dick. Honestly, shut up, and get to the whale.“


-”This is not a game.”
 “This is a game.”

-Why is that CERN scientist so excited, and more importantly, why does he seem drunk and why is everyone in the cafeteria so gloomy?


Reading a legendary script on Microsoft Word.

-(On an unrelated note, I was saving these screenshots and naming them as each alphabet. The one right above happens to be Z.)

-(Could be some other text program but that’s what I think)

-So the screen was getting blurry not because the BBC didn’t want us to commit suicide but because the Doctor was going blind again



Don’t you dare tell me the whole first half of Series 6 was set in a fake world or virtual reality or something like that

-Were those white things all portals to a virtual world

-At least Bill and Nardole got out safely.

-”Are you okay?”
 “nOOO - Yes. NooO

“Could be the Doctor.”

-Let’s hope not

-Let’s really, really hope not.

-”They’re projecting everything.”


-But what if??

-What if our lives are really just holograms

-(I went on Omegle to get a stranger to think of a random number, but ended up answering questions about English)

-(This one person was asking “what does ‘single out’ mean”)

-”You know, like the holodeck on Star Trek, or a really posh VR without a headset. Through there, those places, that’s basically Grand Theft Auto.”

-More and more references each episode, huh, BBC?

I uh… happened to pause here so…

-”Please don’t let me be right.”

-Oh shizzles




-WHAT THE EFF??????!??!?!

Why did the blood change color?

-’Total communication blackout at the White House’? hat happened?

-Did all the people in the White House commit suicide and how did the Doctor come here?

-Ah, the portal yes…

-cold fraggling shizzles…..

-”The Veritas tells of an evil demon who wants to conquer the world. But to do it, he needs to learn about it first. So he creates a shadow world, a world for him to practise conquering, full of shadow people who think they’re real.”


The screen ‘popped’ a bit here - it shook a little as if it zoomed slighly in then back out very quickly, accompanied by a tapping sound as if someone had knocked (into) it. Not sure if others saw this too or if it’s something with the site that I’m watching this on.

-Okay, I’m watching the Doctor explain this shit to Bill, and I’m having about as much of a crisis as Bill here

-And then the Super Mario mention though

-Please don’t tell me the past six episodes were holograms

-”A puppet Doctor for you to practice killing.”

-The Doctor Puppet account was worried about that line, yes

-Was that the email he got at the beginning of the episode??

wHOA chill please

At least the last six episodes weren’t all fake.

-Then when did the hologram-reality start?

-”It means I’m a scary, handsome genius from space and I’m telling you no, she’s not out of your league.”

-”I have the feeling that we’re going to be very busy. Call her tonight.“

-I hope Bill actually gets a girlfriend sometime this season

o i   g e t   o f f


*insert relatable quote about Monday mornings*

Some fast fingerwork there… NO I DID NOT INTEND TO SOUND LIKE THAT

-The guy is becoming uneasier by the second

-I don’t like the whirring sound??

-How are they gonna move her to the box in the middle of the water

It ends here?!

-Oh yeah right… They’re supposed to be a three-parter. Followed by another three-parter to finish off the season.

-Welp, looking forward to the next episode and possibly a lot more things to freak out over!

ff-sunset-oasis  asked:

Congrats on 500!! <3 can i ask for Flintwood + "I'm begging you for some sign but you still got nothing to say / Don't turn your back on me, don't walk away "- Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane? Thank you! <3

HEYY thanks!! <3 

I hope this is worth the wait, I kinda got carried away. Also, can I just say that I can’t BELIEVE Marcus and Oliver left before the Triwizard Tournament came to Hogwarts? Like wtf Jo? You deprive us of sassy Oliver bitching and getting a little too snippy with McG over cancelling Quidditch for the whole year? You deprive us of Marcus and Oliver reluctantly becoming friends because they’re the only ones that care to that Extra level? UGH. Anyway, I thought I’d try and fix that. 


Ship: Flintwood
Song: Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane
Words: 937

AU in which Marcus’ eighth year and Oliver’s seventh year is 1994-95, Harry Potter’s fourth year. [Putting Oliver in Cedric Diggory’s year.]

Oliver Wood’s stomach plummeted — and it had nothing to do with the deep dive he took just outside the Forbidden Forest’s tree line.

He tightened his grip on the broom between his legs as his eyes scanned the land below. The area around the lake a few miles from Hogsmeade’s border was empty. There was no sign of the man he’d still held a sliver of hope would meet him today. 

It’d been three days since the third task, since Cedric Diggory had been murdered. Oliver was used to the hollow feeling in his chest by now. He’d understood something dark was coming since the Death Eater attack at the Quidditch World Cup earlier that year — but he’d never imagined that Voldemort could return… not even in his wildest nightmares.

He was used to the hollow feeling in his chest — he never could’ve prepared himself for the sight of a competitor — of a friend — dead, empty of life. Murdered.

Marcus Flint had been his second thought.

Right after clearing his head of the horrified screaming — of no, no, no! 

He’d searched the crowd manically for Marcus. When his gaze landed on the man he’d hated for years..had only just really gotten to know, gotten to like, he was horrified by what he saw in Marcus’ eyes.


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a hodgepodge of all my favorite parts from hamilton, act ii
  • “seventeen. sept, sept, seventeen, sept sept seventeen eighty nine.”
  • “this financial plan is too many damn pages for any man to understand!”
  • jefferson’s little gasp right after washington calls for hamilton and before he says, “daddy’s calling.”
  • “YOU DONT HAVE THE VOTES AHAHAHA HAHAHAHA. UR GONNA NEED CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL AND U DONT HAVE THE VOTES.” how tf can political jargon sound so fucking awesome i don’t even know wtf.
  • the trumpet intro to “the room where it happens.”
  • “wouldn’t you like to work a little closer to home??” “actually, ah would.” like, this part isn’t even a joke this is actually the truth this is literally why jefferson agreed not just because of the virginia thing but also because of how close it was to his house.
  • “you got more than you gave.” – “and i wanted what i got, when you got skin in the game u stay in the game, but u don’t get nothing unless u play in the game, oh u get love for u, u get hate for it but u get nothing if u waitforitWAITFORIT.”
  • the callback in the background of “NOTHING!” after jefferson is all, “he knows nothing of loyalty!” in cabinet battle #2.
  • all of jefferson’s digs at hamilton’s fashion sense when he literally dresses like a christmas decoration
  • the piano intro to “one last time”
  • “WE’RE GONNA TEACH THEM HOW TO SAY GOODBYE.” aaaaaand i’m sobbing.
  • george iii’s COMPLETELY CONFUSED exclamation of “john ADAMS???” 
  • the PIANO NOTES AT THE PART IN “say no to this” when hamilton is reading the blackmail letter from maria reynolds’ husband THAT ARE LATER ECHOED IN “we know” WHEN JEFFERSON MADISON AND BURR CORNER HIM TO FINAGLE THE TRUTH
  • that previous line being said with an obvious caribbean accent BECAUSE HAMSY IS FROM ST. CROIX
  • hamilton’s answer of “it’s quiet uptown” when his fellow federalists would like to know who he’s promoting
  • “hamilton is a host unto himself, as long as he can hold a pen he’s a threat.” WHICH IS THE SINGLE BEST SUMMATION OF HAMSY’S CHARACTER EVER.
  • “mr. vice president. mr. madison. senator BURR. what is this.”
  • “is THAT what you have are you done?” when they tell him about the cheque stubbs.
  • jefferson’s line in “we know” where he’s all like, “THOUGH VIRTUE IS NOT A WORD I’D APPLY TO THIS SITUATION.” and the way he delivers it
  • “you see that was my wife who you decided to–” “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.”
  • jefferson’s disbeliving-holy-shit-wtf-yet-completely-chill “my gawd” delivered after hamilton’s blustering confession to his affair with maria reynolds (ngl this part gives me life)
  • “i love the man but he’s in traction.” jefferson in reference to john adams WHICH IS THE MOST EXCELLENT THING because they really did become pretty good friends later on in life
  • “in the eye of a hurricane there is quiet.” alkdfjasdfasdf and that sound you hear in the distance is my quiet sobbing
  • “i’ll write my way out/overwhelm them with honesty.” alksjdfasd WHY ALEXANDER that is literally the WORST PLAN in the history of EVER it NEVER WORKS
  • angelica’s ice cold, “i’m not here for you.” and the subsequent “oooooh” from the chorus
  • “be careful with that one love/he will do what it takes to survive” why YES i am STILL SOBBING
  • you forfeit all rights to my heart/you forfeit your place in our bed/you sleep in your office instead
  • the upbeat whistling at the beginning of “blow us all away” and the spryness and the sheer wide-eyed hope that is philip schuyler hamilton alkdsfjasdfsdf and NO THIS PART DOESN’T MAKE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT MORE PAINFUL AT ALLL
  • “hey ya’ll look pretty good in your frocks/how ‘bout when i get back we all strip down to our socks.” philip HAMILTON U FOX
  • “this is my very first duel/they don’t exactly cover this topic in boarding school.” clearly you did not attend hogwarts did u philip
  • “the hamiltons move uptown and learn to live with the unimaaaaaaaginable.” AND I AM NOW BACK TO CRYING
  • eliza forgiving hamilton in “it’s quiet uptown” and i am STILL CRYING
  • “can we get back to politics–” “–please?” “yo.”
  • “we have fought on like 75 different fronts.”
  • “burr. when you see hamilton. thank him for the endorsement.” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.
  • “i’ll give him this–his financial system is a work of genius. i couldn’t undo it if i tried. and…i’ve tried.” jefferson u FUCK of COURSE U TRIED UGGGH.
  • the orphanage, and yes cutscene to me STILL SOBBING
K.... Like. The person who wrote this post is a genius and made me ugly cry, but I had to edit it because there is more, there is so much more... and like... I just had too

The original post can be found here : http://pumpkingspicedpotter.tumblr.com/post/128969222126/pls-talk-abt-an-hp-au-where-everything-is-the Edits are in Bold

  • Because OF COURSE James didn’t leave his wand on the couch.
  • and James is like, come at me Bro before turning into Prongs and startling TF out of Voldemort which is so A+ and so James Potter and I just love it·
  • and after Tommy boy is good and startled after having a STAG APPEAR IN FRONT OF HIM because LBR he aint no Animagi  he may have even dropped his wand and James has him pinned with his antlers and he changes back and POW POW POW POW POW H E  D E A D· well mostly dead ·
  • Then they incapacitate the MF because they can keep Grindewald in prison for his entire life, Tommy Boy aint the first dark wizard K, Please. They can figure out how to keep TMR down for a few months
  • TBH they totally took care of all the damn Horcruxes as soon as they found out about them so then he’d be ALL DEAD·
  • Because not only do they have three of the Marauders who not only successfully became illegal animagi in their SECOND YEAR of Hogwarts but they also created a map that literally show’s you even if you are under the INVISIBILITY CLOAK·
  • And also Lily-I’m-a-sodding-Charms-prodigy-Evans-Potter
  • Then they’d be like, alright we got to figure this shit out, who knows what we’re figuring out? What’s a horc-whatsit?
  • Regalus Black kicks open a door. “Let’s roll.”
  • BROTP: Sirius and his Brother
  • Then suddenly: DEAD· TOMMY WHATS GOOD?????!!!!!!!!!!!
  • But Back to Godric’s Hollow…
  • And for like 10 minutes James is just standing there because he’s not sure what happened??? And then Lily is screaming because there’s a hole in the wall and Merlin POTTER WTF? and Voldy’s gone and it’s already canon that Sirius was OTDUB so he shows up and he’s yelling and they’re all crying and Harrys unusually silent as he sees the adults in his life lose their shit
  • and then reality sets in · and they realize the shitshow that’s going to hit them when the world finds out What. Just. Happened
  • At first they don’t know where to go· Grimmauld place is out of the question because the Black family are an absolute joke and Remus’s and Sirius’ places are too small and Peter is a fuckface whose going to get absolutely stomped by the other Marauders LBR, but he’s still out there and he knows where all of these places are so they can’t go there.
  • so they went to the one place Lily swore she would never go to· the week the Potter’s spent at the Dursley’s was awful and was a tale told for many a Marauder get together for years to come
  • Lily and James quickly found a new place in the Devon countryside that was big enough for a Quidditch pitch because James Potter was the boss
  • Like, the ultimate boss. Who won a Quidditch award that only THREE other people in the history of Hogwarts had won
  • One of those other people were McGonagall btw
  • Viktor Krum dreams about being James Potter. FR
  • With the war over James was able to pursue his dream of playing Quidditch professionally
  • and Lily was able to get her masters in charms and potions
  • James played Chaser for the Chudley Cannon’s for 10 years and was single handedly responsible for breaking the Cannon’s curse before retiring and coaching instead
  • Sirius covers all of James’ matches as the daily prophet’s senior Quidditch correspondent and honestly The Beaters from Bulgaria better get checked before a certain illegal animagus wrecks them
  • Lily eventually developed a cure for Lycanthropy that turned a Werewolf into a glorified BAMF Animagus
  • Remus has been teaching DADA ever since
  • James literally sobs when Harry makes ANY proffesional Quidditch youth league
  • but not as much as he cried when Harry left for Hogwarts for the first time
  • or when he made Seeker his first year because he’s the first first-year to be let on a Hogwarts team in over 100 years
  • He may or may not have conspired with McGonagall on this. It’s fine
  • James stands by his patented answer: “There was a lot of dust in the air Lily! You know I’m allergic!!”
  • Harry is 5 when his sister is born·
  • For the record Harry does love his sister and he’ll fight anyone for her but Rosie is just so annoying sometimes·
  • she’s always in the way and is always teasing him about that stupid blush he gets when Ginny Weasley comes over with her brothers to play Quidditch during the summers
  • but Rose isn’t nearly as bad as James and Sirius who tease him mercilessly
  • but what they don’t know is that Harry asked Ginny out for valentine’s day in 5th year and they’re both trying to keep it on the DL
  • Like can YOU IMAGINE THESE LOSERS FINDING OUT THAT HARRY AND GINNY “BOSSASSBITCH” WEALSEY ARE TOGETHER like they’d ALL collectively lose their shit and shamelessly stalk them and embarrass the absolute living shit out of Harry.
  • but sometimes it’s really hard remembering that none of this happened.
  • Because instead James didn’t have his wand.
  • And though Sirius was already enroute, he didn’t make it in time.
  • “I’m his godfather Hagrid, give him to me.”
  • “Then at least take my motorbike.”
  • Then can we get even realer?
  • Because not only did he watch Hagrid take off with his godson into the night sky, and even though the whole Snape scene of him showing up and clutching a Dead Lily is heartbreaking and I cry like x 1907304712037 when I watch it (though it isn’t canon ß————)
  • Sirius was actually there moments after.
  • He had to walk in and look at his BEST FRIENDS LIFELESS BODY· Lying on the floor.
  • The man that befriended him in first year despite his last name.
  • The man that became an Animagi with him.
  • The man who I’m sure showed up to his house time and time again when the other Black’s were being horrid and was like “Get your shit Black you’re coming with me”
  • The man that let him move in with him instead of going to his own abusive home.
  • The most meaningful person in his motherfucking life.
  • Dead.
  • Holding James as he is absolutely inconsolable.
  • Sobbing before realizing that Peter had betrayed them.
  • Thinking that he had succeeded.
  • Spending his 22nd birthday (November 3rd) in Azkaban knowing that his best friends were gone and that for the first time in longer than he could remember he was alone.
  • And he’d never ever get seen his best friends son grow up like he was meant to.  
  • Because he was innocent, and he (or so he thought) was the only one who knew that. ·
  • Don’t touch me. ·
  • I’m not okay.

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concept/fic idea: draco's away somewhere so scorpius has to stay at hogwarts and albus decides to stay too. there's barely anyone there so they're not rly bullied and albus decides hogwarts isn't too bad (also mrs weasley sends scorp a jumper as well as albus)

I love this so much omg

Warnings: cursed child spoilers? (I actually cried while writing this bc it’s so sad wtf)

 “What are you doing for Christmas, Scorp?” 

“Staying here,” Scorpius said, upset. “My dad is going to visit my grandparents in France. He said I could come, obviously, and he tried really hard to convince me, but I don’t want to.” 

“Really? Well that’s great, then, because I’m staying too!” Albus exclaimed.


“I can’t stand James’s new girlfriend and she’s coming over for Christmas, so I don’t really want to be there.” He chuckled.

Scorpius gave his friend a small smile, now feeling less sad about his dad being away.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad, then.”

Everyone left to go home a week later, and it was just the two of them left at Hogwarts.

“It’s just us! There’s only a few first and second years from the other houses that are still here! This is so cool, we can do whatever we want, Scorp!”

Scorpius forced a laugh and a smile.


He wasn’t fooling Albus, though.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well I don’t really get to see my dad that often, and we normally have a lot of fun over Christmas. It’s also a time that we think a lot about Mom, because it was her favorite holiday, so since she died, it’s always been kind of a hard time for us. He always makes sure that I still have an enjoyable holiday, though.”

Scorpius looked away when he felt tears form in his eyes, but Albus already saw them. He enveloped Scorpius into a tight hug, and didn’t release him until Scorpius started to pull away.

“Well then I’ll try my hardest to make sure you still have fun,” Albus told him with a smile.

Scorpius was actually in a good mood after that, and the two of them commenced in all sorts of activities around the castle. They even tried pranking Professor Longbottom, but he caught them before they had finished setting everything up. At the end of the day, they laid in their beds talking.

“You know, it’s not so terrible here when everyone else is gone.”

“Yeah,” Scorpius said before he let out a long yawn. “No one to constantly harass us.”

“Exactly,” Albus said with a chuckle. “Goodnight, Scorpius.”

“G’night, Albus.”

They woke up on Christmas morning to tons of gifts at the end of their beds.

Scorpius smiled and went for everything from his dad first. Before opening the gifts, he read the letter he had sent him.


I really wish you could be here with us, but I know you feel that your grandparents can be a bit…overbearing. Just know that they do love you, though. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and your mother. She loved you so much, Scorpius. You meant the world to her. I know that you know that, but I just felt like I should tell you again. I know this year must be especially hard for you. I’m sorry I can’t be with you. I’m glad Albus is there with you, though, so you’re not alone. I hope you’re still having a good holiday. I love you so much, Scorp. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.


Scorpius quickly wiped his eyes, glad that all of Albus’s attention was on his own things.

Albus happily reached for his next gift, which was from Grandma Molly. He opened it to find a dark green sweater with an ‘A’ stitched onto the front. He smiled and put it on. As well as the sweater, she had included several pieces of the fudge she makes that Albus loves so much.

Scorpius only had one box left, leaving it for last because he didn’t know who it was from. Albus grinned as he watched him open it.

Scorpius looked at Albus, shocked when he saw what was inside.

Scorpius pulled out a royal blue sweater with a large ‘S’ on it.

“She didn’t have to…”

Albus smiled.

“She wanted to. I wrote to her and said that you were staying and what not, and she said she was going to jump right on making you one. You’re practically like family to them, anyway. They see you every time they see me.”

Scorpius smiled down at the sweater before putting it on.

“She’s great. I love your grandma.”

“As much as you love me?” Albus said with a wink as he got up and walked over to Scorpius.

“Not quite,” Scorpius said and stood up to give Albus a hug.

Albus hugged him tightly, and the pulled back only enough so he could look at the blond.

“I know it’s not exactly how you wanted to spend the holiday, but it’s the best I could do.”

Scorpius smiled at him.

“It’s wonderful, thank you.”

“I still have one more gift for you,” Albus whispered with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Albus…you already got me so much, I don’t need-”

Scorpius was cut off by Albus’s lips on his. The kiss was short, but held so much emotion in it.

“Funny,” Scorpius mumbled, blushing slightly when they pulled away. “I’ve been asking for that for years.”

“Merry Christmas, Scorpius.”

“A very merry Christmas, indeed.”

Albus grinned at him before leaning in to kiss him again.

Rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapter Twenty-Seven - Padfoot Returns

One of the best things about the aftermath of the second task was that everybody was very keen to hear details of what had happened down in the lake, which meant that Ron was getting to share Harry’s limelight for once.

FINALLY. happy 4 u bb

- loling at ron changing the story tho; we shouldnt have expected anything else

People had been teasing her so much about being the thing that Viktor Krum would most miss that she was in a rather tetchy mood.


- HAHAHA omg rita skeeter just wrote an article basically saying hermione has an itch that harry can’t scratch alone - she needs viktor too and im just dyyyyying. im here for it only because its hilarious.

“I told you!” Ron hissed at Hermione as she stared down at the article. “I told you not to annoy Rita Skeeter! She’s made you out to be some sort of - of scarlet woman!”
Hermione stopped looking astonished and snorted with laughter. “Scarlet woman?” she repeated, shaking with suppressed giggles as she looked around at Ron.
“It’s what my mum calls them,” Ron muttered, his ears going red.

hahahahahah oh my fucking god this chapter is starting off RIGHT guys ive been deceased for the past 4 pages I cant.

- omg guys rons got the hots for hermione SO BAD and he doesnt even know it yet. hermione’s like ‘wtf how did rita know that viktor wants me to visit him and that he totally luvs me?’ and rons just like ‘BUT WHAT’D U SAY BACK THO?’ over and over again and i cant.

- ah yes, here comes that great part of the chapter when SNAPE IS THE BIGGEST DOUCHE EVER. hes now reading the article in front of the whole class like paaaainfully slow. whatta dick. but we already knew that. 

“All this press attention seems to have inflated your already over-large head, Potter,” said Snape quietly, once the rest of the class had settled down again.
Harry didn’t answer. He knew Snape was trying to provoke him; he had done this before. No doubt he was hoping for an excuse to take a round fifty points from Gryffindor before the end of class.

bro. you are a GROWN ASS ADULT. why are you trying to start fights with a 14 year old kid? like??????

- lol snape is threatening harry with veritaserum and the only thing harrys worried about is accidently telling snape he likes cho. 

- karkaroff has NO chill. he just busted into potions class and showed snape his dark mark like UM HELLO YOU CANT DO THAT DUDE there are children in the room

- how funny would it be if this dog the trio is chasing through hogsmeade wasn’t actually sirius lol

- WHATS UP BUCKBEAK missed u homie

Sirius shook his head and said, “She’s go the measure of Crouch better than you have, Ron. If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

i seriously love this quote but its kinda fucked considering how sirius treats kreacher. BUT IM JUST SAYIN.

- sirius is laying it out for the trio about what it was like to live during voldemorts first reign and shits getting REAL yall

- also sirius fills us in on how FUCKING LOONEY crouch was during that time - just throwing people in jail and shit without a trail. 

- whoa guys im having a senior moment here and cannot for the life of me remember how barty crouch jr got out of azkaban…sirius says he died in there but I CANT REMEMBER ANYTHING omg this is actually kinda exciting lol its like reading this book again for the first time

- soo snuffles if officially a thing now

“Percy would never throw any of his family to the dementors,” said Hermione severely. 
“I don’t know,” said Ron. “If he thought we were standing in the way of his career…Percy’s really ambitious, you know…”


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