he looks like he seen things

Okay. Has anyone seen this?! What does this mean?! I mean, I know in the DCEU, Superman was going to wear the dark suit after he came back and wasn’t going to be friendly with the JL, so is this following that kind of storyline, or is he a Superman from another universe, or did he just feel like changing things up?!

Also. How cute is Grant?! He looks like he’s in the middle of fangirling.

Edit. I was serious. What does this mean?! Does anyone have any theories?

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Watched your anti-sh review. Loved it as usual but I was wondering if you guys watched the episode prior to the ones reviewed since that was pretty much the only episode that had the most Jalec in the entirety of 3a. If yes, I was wondering about your thoughts on it.

Thanks, anon!

@initiumseries did force me to watch Shadowhunters outside of our Drunk Reviews and frankly, as always, I don’t remember 98% of what happened except of course the Jalec scenes because those two onscreen together…

Like it’s emotional and intimate and they exude so much when they’re playing across from each other

Like Jace actually looks like he’s being torn apart, it’s one of the only times he’s convincing (the other times, he’s also with Alec) and Alec looks like killing Jace is literally the most absurd thing in the world and his expression is as fierce as I’ve ever seen it on the show and it doesn’t look platonic and it doesn’t look brotherly, this basically looks like a Stelena scene

Like seriously, guys, look at this

Jace is never this convincing with Clary and Alec is certainly never this convincing with Magnus.

And sure, the dialogue about their bond is supposed to be about their platonic love but with scenes like that, with chemistry like that, their narrative and their dialogue just feeds into the romance of their energy

and then you have THIS scene

and we both yelled, “Just straddle him, Jace.”

I’m sorry if I had all of this, as a creator, things would just have to change because how am I supposed to take Malec seriously

or Clace

after all of that.


i think we can all relate to pudding

let’s face it, the only reason stevetony isn’t mcu canon is because marvel execs and writers are a bunch of cowards.

hand the writing responsibilities to rdj and chris evans and we’d see them making out on screen immediately. you need proof??

have you seen rdj’s facebook? or the way he needs to kiss every single person he works with? the multiple kisses he’s smacked onto cevans’ face?

or how about the way chris talks about bob? the way he looks at him?? let me tell you, my friends,





it’s just how chris always looks at robert.

adoringly like he’s the best person in the world.

you think this is actually gag reel material??

of course not! it’s a deleted scene!! chris leans in! robert is ready for it! they’re supposed to kiss!!

tl;dr if cevans and bob had full creative control over all the mcu scripts steve and tony would be married by now and that’s that on that.


“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)


that pouty thing™ haechan does when he talks

jongkey: *teases taemin*
taemin: 😠
jinki: *also teases taemin*
taemin:  😄


Let’s talk about Adrien and Chloe’s personalities

I’ve seen quite a lot of people saying that Chloé doesn’t deserve a redemption arc/miraculous because of her shitty personality.

Now, while I agree that she does have a shitty personality, we have to understand why she acts the way she does. She’s a victim of child neglect/abuse.

But what about Adrien? He’s been neglected and he’s still a good person”

Well, we need to look at their situation.

We don’t really know much about the Agreste family, but I think the most important thing is, they weren’t always like that. Emilie Agreste disappeared within the past year. From what we know, Emilie was sweet and kindhearted, and Gabriel has said that she is similar to Adrien personality wise. We also know that Gabriel was different before her disappearance, Adrien saying so himself. So we can assume that the majority of Adrien’s upbringing was in a loving environment, and things only changed after the disappearance of his mother, which put a strain on his and his fathers relationship.

Chloe on the other hand, has seemingly never had this kind of love.

*queens battle spoilers ahead*

Personally, I think that the reason Chloe is so desperate for Adrien’s everyones attention is because she has never felt loved, and we see in the queens battle that she is extremely insecure. Of course she is, her mother doesn’t even remember her name. We see that Chloe is constantly seeking acknowledgement and approval from her mother, doing everything she can to get on her good side, even when she’s akumatised. At the end of Queen wasp, she even asked her mother “why don’t you love me”. Unlike Adrien, who’s mother disappeared (against her own will, we can presume), Chloe’s mother willingly abandoned her. As for her father, Andre bourgeois seems to think that material objects are the only way to express love for his daughter, constantly giving her everything she wants, except real love and affection. He also doesn’t teach her right from wrong, letting her always get her way which can lead to her reckless actions.

TL;DR: Adrien’s family life wasn’t always bad since he was raised in a loving home, and losing his mother is the thing that put a strain on his relationships. Chloe however has long term abandonment issues which stemmed from her mother leaving her as a child, which meant she wasn’t raised in the same environment as Adrien with kind hearted, loving parents, meaning she was never able to experience that kind of affection, and instead sees it easier to shut people out


Countdown to Youngjae’s birthday
abc’s of Youngjae: Z is for Zelo

hp edits ↯:

a hook-nosed man was shouting at a cowering woman, while a small dark-haired boy cried in a corner…


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”

Murdoc 3D Model Tier List

God tier: strobelite 

(gif by unclemudsy!)
streamlined. smooth. wonderful simplification of the character design. murdoc is actually palatable and dare i say it, pleasing to look at. the motion capture is cool and he gets bonus points for his stupid wonky eye in the interviews.

Good tier: feel good inc. hologram 

truer to murdoc’s grossness, but still fantastic. high production value, very expressive and detailed. that dracula-style entrance. that ugly tongue waggle. that smug look on his face. that naked-except-cape look. love it

Okay tier: Clint Eastwood hologram 

he’s a little plastic-y and odd-looking, but he’s an impressive feat of technology for his time. very cartoony and sinister. really enjoy the creepy head snap.

Bad tier: stylo/dressing room 

i legit dont want to show this one in motion. the texture of his skin is hyper-realistically awful. his eyes are bugging out of his head. his proportions are so fucking strange and gangly. it’s ugly and not in a charming way. thumbs down

Absolutely fucking unforgivable tier: doyathing

this is the worst thing ive ever fucking laid eyes on. might even be the same one as dressing room (can’t tell) yet somehow worse in every single way. he looks like a dog with mange. he looks like he just emerged from a swamp. if there were a contest held for ugliest CGI model ever created, i would show whoever’s in charge this image and they would cancel the entire contest. affronting. repulsive. 

that being said, whoever sculpted this model has definitely seen murdoc in person

Rhodey + Leg Braces

Rhodey wears leg braces. There’s an entire community of people (myself included) that wear leg braces, but rarely see any representation in movies/TV, ect.

Yes, there’s prosethics and hand/knee braces seen in the entertainment industry (commonly used when someone is injured and may recover) but I have only ever seen 1 well known film depict leg braces. Forrest Gump.

I love Forrest Gump, and understand the time period differences. But he wears polio leg braces, something not as common nowadays.

Originally posted by bubbagumps

And he does something I’ve dreamed of: he doesn’t need them anymore. He “runs” them off. As if I work harder, I won’t need the braces I’ve worn all my life. Like the leg braces are a choice.

Furthermore, Gump wears KAFOs, Knee Ankle Foot Orthotic. Rhodey wears HKAFOs, Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics. Hiding leg braces isn’t always easy, or possible- but many are taught to be ashamed of their assistive device. Rhodey gets them after he’s injured in Civil War- and he doesn’t hide his under baggy jeans. He wears them OBVIOUSLY. Out for everyone to see. That sends a message of “You don’t have to be ashamed of them. They’re meant to help you. Help correct gait, manage pain, improve mobility. They’re not necessarily a BAD thing. You don’t HAVE to hide them.

As I child I faced many questions: "what are those?” “What happened to you?” “What’s wrong with your legs/knees/body?” “Those look like shin guards, do you play soccer?” (They’d be embarrassed after I explained the braces are a medical device to help me walk, and that I can’t run, let alone play soccer) Many people know what a wheelchair, a walker, a cast (from a broken bone), or a cane are. Very, very few know what a leg brace is.

For me, Rhodey gives me representation I’ve never had. In ways I’ve never seen or heard of before, he’s a superhero like ME. No one I know is talking about how important this is to so many kids. To say “he’s got leg braces too mommy look!!!” When a bully sneers at whatever those weird things are- -the child can say “It’s ok, I’m like the War Machine from Marvel.”

This teaches able-bodied kids about a real life difference they’ve probably not seen before. This shows disabled kids that it’s ok, you’re not alone, there are people just like you.

Don Cheadle is my superhero for playing a character that has a small role with a big impact.

hc that Stan has his own ‘Journal’
I want him to throw it at his bro


A commission that I did for @linneakou :D 

Here’s an excerpt from the fic it’s based on ^w^

“There you are!” Chris called, picking his way down the hill into the lagoon. He skidded to a stop a few feet away and took in the tail, and Viktor suddenly remembered that Chris had never seen it before. “Wow.”
 Viktor laughed at the gobsmacked look on his friend’s face. “Yeah, weird, right?”
 “I mean,” Chris squatted down to examine the scales, and their reflections twinkled on his face. “It’s one thing to know about it intellectually, it’s another thing entirely to see it in-person.”
 “Fair enough,” Viktor agreed. He rolled onto his side and let Chris get a look at the dorsal fin. “Do you think it looks like an actual fish’s? Like, a specific species?”
 “Dude, I don’t know enough about that to answer accurately,” Chris admitted. “Masu would know, maybe. The coloring makes me think tropical, though.”
 “Good thing we’re in this warm weather paradise, huh?” 

Check out the fic HERE! ^W^