he looks like fetus harry here

Just a short compilation of Harry and Louis using sign language. 

Harry telling interviewer he wants to learn sign language. 

Louis signing what looks like forever to Harry. I really wish I knew what song they were singing, or what they were talking about prior to this moment. (This is also sometimes translated as hope)

I’ve seen this one roughly translated to “Harry my boy” which fits with the context of the conversation that was taking place in this gif/interview. 

Everyone in the fandom knows this one..I was skeptical that they were signing “sweetheart/lover”at first here until you watch the clip and they are clearing poking fun at Liam and Zayn. 

Someone said they were signing here but this one to me looks like a dirty sign if you catch my drift. (and if you didn’t he’s gesturing about wanking)

Cute Fetus Harry signing “thank you” 

^^^I don’t know where this caption came from but I can assure you that, that sign is NOT thank you. I’m pretty damn sure he intended on signing fuck off or fuck you. But he doesn’t point at the end so its basically just the beginning of fuck you. 

this next one makes me giggle every time I see it..

it makes me giggle because he literally changes hands with his mic to correct himself. He either signs half of the “sweetheart” sign or okay..and then taps his chest twice with his palm open which is the sign for “mine” so essentially he’s signing “my love” or just “mine”

I’ve seen this one translated as “hazza not a big deal sad one” Louis is signing this to Harry after he missed a note. 

ASL/BSL is back!! The boys have been using it lately, Louis specifically. 

I can’t say for sure what this one is. But I’ve seen a general consensus going around that it means taking it to the mouth, or something about oral. :) 

This is from right after the impromptu Fresh Prince rap that Harry was upset that they didn’t practice. Louis is signing this:

which means “nag.” And fits with what was going on at the time.

(Edited September 2nd, 2015)

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i need some unappreciated narry moments some pictures which aren’t the most popular about narry but you love please. i need me some narry loving right now. i ship them so hard and i think you get me.

This one is a particular favorite of mine that people don’t use a lot but literally how close is harry amirite? 

this is one of my ultimate favorites that not many people have seen i don’t think, because of the way they miss eachothers glances, literally CANNOT keep their eyes off the other for five seconds, and the tiny fond dimple that literally makes me want to strangle myself and then them. 

this one i like a lot because they barely know eachother well enough to be all over each other like that…yet here they are. investigate mullingar2010

He literally chooses Harry’s before any of the other boys have a chance….he wants to be the one who gets harry…look at the lil fond smile and the blush!!!! siri how whipped does one have to be to get to this level of fond

this is frickin heartwarming okay because we always have all these posts about niall looking at harry and being all fond, etc, but i never post enough about how whipped harry is…and fetus harold shows it all. 

and then there’s this…niall is literally stroking harry’s cheek with gentle fingers and harry is standing there like those guys in movies when their girl is leaving and honestly???? this should be illegal

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and finally, my fave…i know this is semi talked about but can we just note how harry literally tilts his head to the side a little and leans in like he’s gonna kiss him???? like he’s used to niall leaning in like that, and used to kissing him? and then he’s like oh shit we’re in public right okay- someone shoot me. pls. this is too much for my heart to handle alright. 

So here it is the long awaited, probably not, follow up to my fetus ziam drabble. I’ve already started part 3 because I hate myself and think people actually like my stuff.

“Out of my way lads, I’ve got my own room this time,” Niall announced once everyone was off the buses in Vancouver. He turned and looked directly at Harry and Louis. “Luckily it’s away from some people.”

“You’re the perv that was listening in,” Louis replied defensively. “Not mine and Harold’s fault.”

“How about we get a move on and get to the lift instead of arguing?” Paul suggested, raising his eyebrows at the boys. “Meet me by the lifts while I get the keys.”

The five boys dragged their feet behind Paul, all exhausted. The three hour bus ride ended up taking close to four and a half due to getting tied up at the border. A stop for gas once they entered Canada ended up being a production that got a few people to laugh, even if it was out of sheer exhaustion and not something actually funny. Bags were thrown over shoulders and luggage was being dragged behind them. They only upside to everything was that they had the day off, the only thing on their schedule was a radio interview in the midafternoon. Eight more shows, two more weeks and they could see their month long break in front of them. It was just something they needed to keep reminding themselves.

“You sleep on the bus?” Zayn asked Liam as they were huddled in the corner, away from everyone.

“A little,” Liam answered with a shrug. “I was too knackered to sleep, if that makes sense.”

“Perfect,” he assured him, especially after he saw the worry lines appear above Liam’s brows. All he wanted to do really was move his thumb across the creases, feel his skin on his skin, maybe even kiss the worry feeling that was probably in the pit of his stomach. Fuck. Stupid Louis and his stupid checklist. “I was knackered too but you know how Lou is, always bouncing off the wall.”

“You’ll sleep well tonight,” Liam promised, his worry lines now flattened and a wide smile on his face. “Get to sleep on a bed this time instead of a crammed bus.”

“We cuddling?” Zayn asked with a smirk. Despite his new found realization Zayn didn’t want to make things awkward between them, they needed to stick to their routine, and cuddling was part of that routine. “I need my teddy bear to help me sleep.”

“Of course, Zed, always,” he told him, hiking his bag further up his shoulder.

Liam’s cheeks were faintly turning pink, a bashful smile on his face, this was when he was most beautiful. Zayn got to see Liam in varying degrees, Liam the popstar, Liam the businessman, and just good ole plan Liam James Payne from Wolverhampton. Liam the popstar was someone to be dazzled by, the way he commands a stage, the presence he has in front of thousands of fans was outstanding, surely something to be admired. Liam the businessman was a take no prisoner type of man, very attentive and aware of his surroundings. He made sure everyone was taken care of, he was the voice of reason within the band.  

Liam James Payne from Wolverhampton was who Zayn fell in love with though. That was the authentic Liam, the one many people rarely got to see. He had to be the other two Liam’s a large majority of the day. The regular Liam, the boy behind the man, the one who giggles at everything he finds funny, the one who blushes whenever he get complimented. He was so selfless and caring and understanding, always patient. Honestly, what took Zayn so long to realize he was in love with Liam? Anyone who ever met the true, authentic Liam would fall in love with him instantly. Karen and Geoff raised a good man.

“Come collect your keys and get on the lift, gents,” Paul called to them, knocking Zayn out of his daydream.

Liam gave Zayn a little shove towards the lift while he volunteered to get their keys. While the keys were being distributed the noise level started to rise a little. People were way past exhaustion but a minimal change in the atmosphere always riled people up, especially Louis. Harry, like always, was trying to quiet him, drag him onto the lift and away from the death glares of a few of the crew members. Caroline just rolled her eyes as she collected her key from Paul, patting an exhausted looking Zayn as she past, kissing his forehead and wishing him a goodnight. Liam returned, placing his free arm around Zayn’s shoulders, almost lifting him up as helping him onto the lift and eventually their shared room. They were both exhausted, the faces looking worn out from the long day and even longer tour schedule. A quick goodnight was said to those who remained on the lift as they exited on their floor.

“I’m gonna change in the loo,” Liam announced once they got into their room and dropped their things on the soon to be vacant bed. “So you can do what you gotta do out here.”

“Thanks,” Zayn replied softly, followed by a yawn he didn’t even try to cover up.

Liam grabbed his bag that contained a change of clothes and his toiletries, it was a luxury when they stayed at a hotel. Trying to shower, shave, or even change on a constantly moving bus was a hassle. Something all five of them learned to conquer rather quickly. He hummed around his toothbrush as he brushed his teeth, some song that was playing at the arena earlier that day from whatever playlist they used to hype the crowd before the show. It felt good to be in a hotel, even better that he got to share that room with Zayn, his best mate. He loved all four boys equally but things just felt different with Zayn. They bonded over more than just being in the same group. Movies, music, comics, everything about them was alike. It was great to have someone who was so compatible with. He had the best mates in the world, a dream job, and a dream girlfriend, someone who understood his lifestyle so perfectly and never once complained.  Liam was just so excited that in a few days’ time Danielle was set to arrive in Las Vegas and spend a few days with him before flying back home. He couldn’t ask for anything more.

“You decent?” Liam asked, opening the bathroom door ajar.

Zayn snorted at the questions. “What a loaded question Payno, but yea, I am.”

Liam laughed at Zayn’s reply and opened the door. Zayn was already sitting on the bed, laptop resting on his legs. “What are we watching tonight?”

“Thor,” he informed him, shuffling up on the bed to rest against the headboard, patting the spot next to him to indicate he wanted Liam to sit down. This could all be looked at as pseudo romantic but Zayn knew he needed to keep this as friendly as possible. Which was probably going to be hard, in more way than one.

“The new one?” Liam asked in excitement as he reached the bed and sat next to Zayn. He lifted the laptop and placed it on the spot where their legs met. A perfect place for both of them to see it properly. “You know being famous does have it perks sometimes.”

Zayn nodded swallowing the lump forming in his throat. He’d touched Liam numerous times within the last few years, hand holding, gently placing a hand on the small of each other backs, even while wrestling backstage at arenas. Even tonight they touched, always did during I Want, it was a routine of theirs. Now it felt different, their outer thighs pressed up against each other, skin on skin. He could feel the hair on Liam’s legs rubbing up against his. Zayn really did hate Louis, making him realize he was in love with Liam. Now everything happening around them made Zayn hyperaware, noticed every little detail now. Some mate Louis was. Thanks bro.

“You okay?” Liam’s gentle voice brought Zayn back to reality. He was rubbing at Zayn’s knee, trying to coax him out of whatever trance he was stuck in. “You spaced out on me for a minute.”

“I-I’m okay,” he assured him, his eyes glued to where Liam’s hand was. “Let-let’s just watch the movie, yeah?”

“I heard it was better than the first once,” Liam told him as he pressed a few buttons on the laptop to start up the movie. “Let me know if you want anything to eat or drink and I’ll pause the movie, okay?”

Zayn just nodded in response as the movie began, the Marvel credits flashing on the screen. He was so excited to watch the movie but couldn’t get his mind to focus. Everything around him was too much. He slowly regretted sharing a room with Liam. He didn’t want things to be awkward between them, to draw any attention to the situation, but it was going to be difficult. Now that he had a name to the gnawing feeling he’d been feeling for so long, it was hard to shove it away. This wasn’t Liam’s fault at all, never would be. Just sitting close to Liam in a bed where they’d eventually lay down and cuddle, a staple of theirs when they share a room. It was going to be an obstacle, he was definitely going to think about all the romantic undertones of cuddling with his best mate who he happened to be in love with.

Never mind the fact that Liam was dating Danielle. Zayn liked Danielle, mostly. She was never around so it was an out of sight out of mind type of relationship. He would never get the way of Liam’s relationship, would never jeopardize it at all. He loved Liam and a part of loving him was respecting those he chose to have in his life, and Danielle was in his life. Zayn tried to focus back on the movie but just watched Liam as he watched the movie. Seeing how animated his face got at certain scenes that were probably highly entertaining and pivotal. He loved seeing Liam’s face light up every time Loki was mentioned or on the screen. He loved the character so much he ended up naming his dog after him. It was the little things that just made him so endearing.

“You stopped watching,” Liam observed, pausing the movie, looking at Zayn. “You want to stop? We can stop if you want to sleep or whatever.”

Zayn faked a yawn and nodded his head. “I’m knackered, maybe we can pick this up tomorrow seeing we have downtime, yeah?”

“Of course,” he agreed, turning off the movie and shutting off the computer, reaching over and placing it on the nightstand. He turned back around and saw that Zayn was already under the covers, getting himself as comfortable as possible. Liam turned off the light and turned in himself, shuffling down the bed to get properly under the covers. “Nothing beats a night in a swanky hotel with me best mate.”

“Yeah,” he tentatively agreed, slowly nodding his head, turning his back to Liam. He sucked in his breath as Liam’s arm snaked around his waist, his insides immediately felt like lava. It was strictly platonic but everything had changed, had shifted, now his body was betraying him.

“Goodnight Zed,” Liam whispered in his ear, scooting closer to tangle their legs together.  

“Night Liam,” he replied, his mouth dry and he closed his eyes and wished himself to fall asleep and fall asleep fast.

Harry “I love sweet corn” Styles

Since I find anything and everything Harry says or does very cute and endearing, Here are all the times when he has displayed his immense love for sweet corn. (I know you are raising your eyebrows right now, but kindly try not to judge me….I just have a lot of feelings when it comes to Harry)

1. When Louis asked him this, while playing Megamind ( also let’s take a               moment to admire fetus Louis)

2. Then we have young Harold helping the chef to cook in the X factor house

3. When they went on the TV show ‘This Morning’, Look at them in their chef         hats!! (Remembers Louis said “Well we live together and Harry does all the       cooking” *cries*)

He loves it so much people are tired of it. Here they are at their concert answering fan questions

So it’s no surprise we got this lyric change

He ate green beans and felt he was being unfaithful to sweet corn. WHY IS HE LIKE THIS????

So this was an absolutely unnecessary post I made.Enjoy it while I go and reevaluate my life…..Thank you

Protecting Niall (Zainourry superhero au)

Chapter 1 (Harry’s POV)

Harry Styles was twenty years old with unruly brown hair and green eyes. He lived in London with his three other best friends, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. They weren’t just flat mates, however, they’re also co-workers. Their job wasn’t normal, like working in a store or at an office.

About eighteen years ago, a man named Ben Winston had somehow been able to broadcast a message to all TV’s, computers, and radios. He revealed that he had the power to destroy the earth, and that if the leaders of the world didn’t give in to him, he would destroy everything. Of course, no one believed him, what kind of man could have that much power? Unfortunately, he proved he was very much capable of doing so, by wiping Russia of the face of the earth. How did he do this? He was able to use his ability of creating large, atomic blasts from his hands to power a giant machine that could blow a whole country to pieces.

But the world still wouldn’t give into him. He swore he would return in eighteen years time, with an even bigger weapon, but this time, it wouldn’t be just one country that would be destroyed, it would be the whole world. He would only spare everyone’s lives if the world surrendered to him when he returned. He and his followers have seemingly disappeared of the face of the earth.

That’s where Harry and his friends come in. They work for the organization that the leaders of the world made to help with creating a weapon that would stop Ben Winston. Some of their parents even worked for them, which is how Harry met the other boys. They train to use weapons and learn fighting, all to protect the people of the world. Harry’s skill is using knives. He can hit a target perfectly from miles away, and can fight with them.

He and his friends have only been on minor missions before, like gathering information on Winston’s whereabouts and fighting against his followers. But today was different. The head scientist on the weapon project had them called in for their first major mission. And now they’re here, in a large room full of monitors filming different rooms in the lab. The head scientist, whose name they discovered was Mr. Cowell, led them to a table in the middle of the room. He gestured for the four boys to sit down.

“You’re probably wondering why I called you all in here.” He said.

The boy’s nodded in agreement.

“Well, it’s about the weapon we’ve been developing for the past eighteen years. It’s finally been completed. Well, more like he’s completed his training.”

Wait, what?

Zayn seemed to speak Harry’s mind. “What do you mean he?”

Mr. Cowell folded his hands. “That’s why I’ve called you all down here today. You see, only the people benefactoring this project, me, the other scientists, and a select few agents like yourselves know exactly what we’ve been developing down here.”

As he said this, he fiddled with a few buttons on one of the monitors, and a new picture appeared on the screen. The four agents were looking at a small white room, in the center there was what seemed to be a glass coffin? attached to a bunch of wires hooked up to machines. Scientist were moving around, fiddling with buttons and checking wires. Mr. Cowell pushed another button and zoomed in on the glass coffin thing. At first, Harry thought it was a dead body.

“Boy’s,” Mr. Cowell said,“ This is Niall, he’s going to save the world.”

Louis burst out laughing.

“What, him?” He pointed to the screen. “He’s just a kid! I thought you guy’s were making some sort of big gun to blow up Winston!”

“Well, you’re wrong about both things."Mr. Cowell said. "He’s eighteen, hardly a kid I would think, and no, we aren’t making a big gun to blow up Winston, we’re going to use Niall.”

Harry finally spoke up. “But what can he do? He doesn’t even look eighteen. He looks small and harmless.”

It was true, the more Harry studied the sleeping boy, the more harmless and innocent he looked. “Niall” was resting peacefully with his arms at his sides. He had fluffy blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and a cute button nose. Wait what? Cute? Did Harry really just think that? He shook his head and continued watching Niall. He seemed totally unaware of all the activity going on around him, snuggled up in a blanket, wearing simple white pants and a t-shirt. He looked to small and thin to be eighteen.

“Sir,” Liam addressed Mr. Cowell. “How exactly is he going to save us?”

Mr. Cowell smiled. “I’m glad you asked, as you already know, eighteen years ago there was an idea to create a weapon that could defeat Winston. So, we decided to find away to defeat him manually, and the "Niall project” was born. We were able to scientifically create a fetus that would grow up to have similar powers like Winston, but he would be even stronger. We basically grew Niall in the incubator until he was old enough to be “born”, sort of speak, then we trained him, schooled him, and raised him for the past eighteen years, and now he’s finally ready.“

Mr. Cowell finished speaking and leaned back in his seat, looking quite proud of himself. "So, what do you think?”

“Damn.” Was all Harry could say.

Zayn cleared his throat. “While that’s great and stuff, why exactly are we here?”

“Hmm? Oh yes, you’re going to take care of Niall until further notice.”

“What?!” They all said at once.

Harry stood up.“Mr. Cowell, don’t you think we’re all a bit too, inexperienced for a mission as big as this? Don’t you think that it-”


“-that Niall would be safer here?”

Mr. Cowell crossed his arms. “Well yes, until now. Winston claimed that he would be back in eighteen years, and it has been exactly eighteen years and a day since. We don’t know where he is or what he’s planning, and if he gets his hands on Niall, we’re doomed. So, we decided that he would stay with you until further notice. Take him back to your apartment in London, Winston doesn’t know who you are or what Niall looks like, so the safest place for him will be in plain sight. As far as anyone’s concerned, you’re all just a bunch of young men living together.”

He led them out of the room. “You’ll all stay here tonight and set off tomorrow, I have a few things I want to talk to Niall about.”

He turned to leave, “Oh, and we’ll be keeping an eye on you from now on, so don’t worry, and if you have any questions concerning Niall, feel free to call. Farewell!”

And he was gone.


“Damn it!” Zayn kicked the wall. “This sucks.”

Harry watched him amusingly from his assigned bed.

Louis groaned. “I know right, I was so ready to go on a serious mission and now we’re stuck babysitting some kid.”

He flopped down on his bed dramatically.

Liam chuckled. “Come on guy’s, I know it’s not as exciting as we thought is would be, but it’s still pretty important.” He said, trying to make the situation seem better.

Harry sighed. “I agree with Zayn and Lou. What’s the point of training all this time if we don’t do anything?”

“We are.” Liam said firmly. “Our mission is taking care of Niall and we’ll do it as seriously as any other mission.”

With that, he turned over in his bed and closed his eyes.

“Sheesh, what crawled us his ass and died.” Louis mumbled to Harry as he slid into the bed next to him.

Harry muffled a laugh as he snuggled into his bed.

“Goodnight lad’s.”

when will harry wear glasses again

harry in glasses is very important to me

we all know marcel totally rocks them

but have you seen how adorable little fetus harry looks in glasses?

i wanna pinch his cheeks

oh here he is with a fluffy hat too precious oh man too much cute

then lovely harry grew up a bit and started causing me problems

wth who told him he was allowed to look like that who gave him those glasses

but then, THEN, this happened

and it DESTROYED me

when can we have this again


imagine harry and his lovely long locks in glasses

that would kill me

or glasses with his BUN

the way it would accentuate his jawline holy fuck


Harry Styles might actually have some swag(MASTERPOST)

Everyone always thinks that Harry has no swag, but every once in a while he has these moments of swag/flavour/soul/whatever you want to call it. I find myself always being like “whoaaaa, where did that come from?” in these moments, so why not put them all together just for fun :) 


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harry always looks best when his age ends in an odd number like lets be real here:

17 year old harry

19 year old harry

i mean he always looks amazing but you gotta admit there’s something special about 17 and 19 for him.

i mean 



i guess you could say the odds are ever in his favor