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you give love a bad name

Draco was having a lovely Thursday evening, spending the time reading books on new Quidditch techniques and scribbling down any potion ideas that came to mind. Of course, Draco could be more productive.

Wait. No, he actually couldn’t.

Because Harry was playing unnecessary, loud, cantankerous garbage. Usually, Draco can drown it out and chalk it up to Harry going through a ‘hardcore’ phase.

But it’s been over a year.

His so-called “music” booming from underneath Draco’s room was trembling the floorboards, shaking the windows, and rattling the thoughts inside Draco’s mind. Which wasn’t “punk rock” at all.

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The Dads' reactions to vampire!dadsona?

((For some reason I feel like I’ve done this one before but I can’t find it in my document so….I’m just gonna re-do it? Sorry if I’ve done it before lol))

-he’s…terrified, to say the least
-he gives you a shaky nod and slowly extends his arm
-you give him a confused look. “Joe, what are you doing?”
-“You have to like…eat, right? Isn’t that how this works?”
-“….No, Joseph, I don’t want your blood”
-deep sigh of relief

-he’s like “….And?”
-Robert had figured it out awhile ago and done his little freak-out in private
-like he for SURE told his forum buddies that he was pretty positive you were a vampire, but for your sake he refused to send pictures of you/say your name/etc
-so now he acts all cool and aloof about it
-highkey has a million questions but keeps it chill
-and starts to hoard things (silver, garlic, crosses) in a box in his closet bc he pulls them out when you piss him off
-“Robert the garlic thing is a myth. I just don’t like it garlic. ”
-“well then it’s still doing it’s job isn’t it”

he gets a little nervous
-bc like…if ur gonna want to feed on any of them. It’s Brian
-but you assure him that it’s all good and he can relax
-he holds your hand and slowly asks you all the questions he has
-surprsingly relaxed about it

-“Hahaha, I figured that out a long time ago, bro!”
-he’s like, so surprisingly chill about it
-how did he know
-“….You literally only took night classes, dude. And I know you were the one that flushed my silver chain down the toilet.”

-mostly just sad you can’t drink his coffee or eat his sweets
-he wanted to be able to bake for you
-you tell him he can bake for Amanda. That makes him feel a little better
-he likes to take you out to parties and have you on his arm bc you’re just so stunning that everyone gets s h o o k
-and he’s so proud to have you with him

-he’s like “…Vampires don’t exist. What are you trying to get at? Are you joking?”
-no hugo I’m being serious
-he gives you a weird look and goes back to what he was doing. He’s not sure what kind of prank this is but he doesn’t understand it
-“Hugo, I never leave the house while the sun is out.” “Plenty of people are night owls.” “Hugo, you’ve never seen me eat.” “I assumed you were shy!”

-immediately starts acting even MORE goth than before?? If that’s possible????
-his ego is flaring
-you two are…impossibly stunning together. And when Lucien joins you?
-the entire town treats ya’ll like models
-too many attractive people in one place

oikawa tooru heacanons for the soul

just some personal ones I love and will forever use

  • he’s trilingual?? He can speak Japanese, English and French (he whips out the french all the time to charm iwa)
  • once iwa and oiks get together (college, in this case) he, like, completely changes. it blows everyone’s minds, kouhai, fellow seijoh veterans, and even the coaches.  Of course, he never turns down the chance to flirt with the girls or flounce his pride and accomplishments, but he’s like?? A lot more sincere now, and smiles for real more often, and just, is himself?? He doesn’t feel the need to hide or lie as much, and  he just, y’know, goes with the flow
  • his sister and his mom will fite anybody who messes with their baby boy
  • im not kidding, they will glare and stand over you and swing fists and everything
  • oikawa loves being taken care of, basically anytime, not just exclusively for sex and stuff. but, of course, the one thing he loves more than being taken care of is taking care of iwa.
  • baths, food, helping with projects and stuff, and then the worse times, when Hajime is insecure and Tooru is always, always there, always prepared to wrap his arms around Hajime’s waist and cuddle him and hold him close until the end of forever
  • oikawa tooru, fanatic, would much rather wear (one of iwa’s) big sweaters and watch cooking shows on his laptop in bed than go out to a party and drink and dance. (usually iwa is right there with him, of course)
  • he just. he likes spending time with people, but contrary to popular belief, he just likes being alone somewhere quiet and serene, or somewhere with close friends (or iwa-chan, obvs)
  • (ok this one is just me projecting whoops : ^ ) ) tooru really likes drawing birds!! I mean, he’ll doodle whatever in the margins of his work from classes, but when he’s got a sketchbook and a pencil in his hand he’ll either go outside and sketch those birdies, or in the winter he’ll watch nature videos or some nerdy shit like that 
  • iwa wants to make fun of him for this, but instead finds it adorable, especially when he finds his boyf working on a picture, he gets all hunched over his paper and his eyes get all squinty and his tongue sticks out a little. it’s a special secret sight he barely gets to witness, and savors every last second he gets to watch tooru like that
  • he has!! his ears!! pierced!! and he wears!! pretty retro clothing!!! he looks super even more amazing than usual and both me and both iwa and I will cry forever because of how beautiful he is!!! 

 Oikawa Tooru is a blessing!! Please remember this!!!

Apples and Chocolate - (Young)Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: hello dearies (btw I’ve decided that’s how I’ll adress to all of you lovely followers because I LOVE RUMPLESTILTSKIN xD) one more request for tonight :D

hermionereads said: Can you write a young remus lupin one shot where I’m flirting with him and he doesn’t realize it and the other maurders Are telling him she’s flirting. 

I absolutely adore this request and I had a lot of fun writing it! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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Apples and Chocolate

“Hi, Remus” (Y/N) said smiling walking towards the Marauders. “Hi, guys!”

“Hi, (Y/N)” Remus said smiling brightly up at her.

“Hey, (Y/N)” James said smiling at the girl. Peter nodded smiling acknowledging her presence and Sirius stood up from his place next to Remus.

“Hey, love. You’re looking awfully pretty today” he said winking at the girl.

(Y/N) giggled rolling her eyes a bit. “Thank you Sirius, that’s very nice of you” she told him.

“Have you finally fallen for my charms?” he asked arching his eyebrow at her with a big smirk on his face.

“Uh, actually I’m here to talk to Remus” (Y/N) said shyly blushing a little.

“Ohh… do you need us to leave you kids alone?” James asked smirking.

“James!” Remus warned his friend. “How can I help you, (Y/N)?”

“Um, well, I was wondering if it’s not too much trouble uh-“ she said nervously putting a strand of her hair behind her ear. “If you wouldn’t mind being my partner for this class?” she asked him. “I just d-didn’t do that well last time and-“

“Hold on, love” Sirius told her. “You think you can just steal my Potions partner?” he asked offended. (Y/N) rolled her eyes a little before she smirked at the black-haired wizard.

“Marlene says she’d be your partner” she told him. Sirius arched an eyebrow at her before he quickly picked up his stuff.

“Later, mates” he said walking over to the other side of the class where the blonde witch stood.

“S-so” (Y/N) said turning the attention back to her. “C-can I be your partner?”

“Uh, y-yeah! Of course, (Y/N)” he said pulling out the chair for her to sit next to him.

“Thank you, Remus” she said smiling at him. “You’re very kind” she told him. Remus went back to the book he was reading but both James and Peter were looking at the girl a bit suspicious. “What?”

“Nothing” James said shrugging his shoulders as he turned around.

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Hitorijime My Hero 1x08 | Jesy's ramblings
  • Suuure, make out right there in the school. It’s not like your relationship is basically illegal or some shit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • It was at this moment Settie knew, he fucked up
  • He goes to Asaya with his relationship problems?! :O
  • I mean, I guess Asaya is probably the only one who could help because everyone else is just fuckin’ clueless but it’s still surprising
  • Btw, give me some chips too buddy!
  • Wow. If that all it takes to make Kousuke being in a bad mood, Settie really is in for a ride with that guy
  • “I-I’d rather not talk to you about it either! But…You’re the only person I can actually talk to!” Lol, called it. 
  • “Why don’t you just talk to the wall then?” Yeah… I knew he wouldn’t want to help him
  • How to get Asaya Hasekura to do something: Give him noodle coupons
  • Settie’s going on and on while Asaya is just sitting there, eating his god damn chips XD 
  • “Should I just go to the staff room and apologize to him right now?” No, just shouldn’t. It’s not your fault that Kousuke can’t keep his dick in his pants.
  • “He should know I’m just afraid of getting caught but he still won’t stop ‘cause it’s fun for him.” Heh, sadist.
  • Aww, how happy he looks when Asaya tell’s him he was listening to his crap :3
  • “Well, here’s my two cents after hearing everything you’ve said… Why not just suffer forever?” LMFAO. I love that guy. He’s such a jerk :’D
  • “I was stupid for asking you!” Yes, indeed
  • “I don’t want him to know I’ve been worrying like a little girl!” Well, at least you are aware of acting like a Shōjo protagonist…
  • “I’ll consider this cheating!” Kensuke is soo cute ♥_♥
  • He just looked like some kind of baby bird, flapping around like that…
  • “Why’d I run away like that?” I would like to know that as well
  • “You like Mr. Ooshiba?!” Ohh hell no D;
  • “Do you think a wild teacher like him has a girlfriend?” No bitch. He has a boyfriend. HE. IS. GAY. NOT. EUROPEAN.
  • Oh great. Now Settie is feeling bad again ._.
  • His stomach xd
  • Settie is me in a pet store
  • And why the hell do I have Akaashi scolding Bokuto in my head now? I’m watching too much Haikyuu, I swear…
  • Aww. The dog really likes him <3
  • “Sorry, I can’t bring you home with me.” NOOO. Don’t do this to him! Look at how cute he is!
  • “I got to see a new side of you today.” Yeah, Settie loves animals like hell!
  • His blush is still adorable~
  • “He’s our new member and offical cook!” When did you guys became a club and how dare you replace Settie?
  • Heh. I wonder if Asaya prefers Settie’s cooking? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “He’s crying!” YOU JERKS! I KILL YA ALL!
  • “Hey, quit picking on Setagawa!” Best Friend Award goes to Kensuke!
  • “Setagawa likes the tiny, baby animal type.” And of course Kousuke had to hear that. Great -_-
  • “I mean, you said you were into our classmate Satou before, right?” Huh? When did that happen?
  • “I might have said that but it doesn’t mean I like tiny, cute girls…” You wouldn’t be dating Mr. I’m Sexy and I know it if that were the case
  • “Oh? What’s this I hear? You boys having some girl talk?” I have a feeling that this is not gonna end well…
  • Hah. Knew it.
  • “What should we do, Hasekura? Kousuke’s gonna start to hate Setagawa!” And here we have the vice-captain of this ship!
  • “I’m sure they’re fine!” And I’m sure you’re just too lazy
  • That wink tho. Kensuke sure ships them hard XD
  • “How very considerate of you, Kensuke.” True
  • “I’m obviously not as tiny or adorable as a cute, little puppy.” Nope. Not at all.
  • But I gotta say, his jealousy is pretty cute c:
  • “I’m not necessarily upset.” Yeah. And we have snow in summer
  • “Well, if you took the initiative and kissed me, it might put me in a more pleasant mood.” Devil~
  • Ohh Settie, my sweet innocent child
  • “Y-youre were sulking, Kousuke?” Settie pls…
  • “So you’re my brother’s girlfriend now?” He’s his BOYfriend.
  • “Or boyfriend? It’s girlfriend, isn’t it?” NO, IT’S NOT. 
  • Does he realise that if he calls Settie “girlfriend”, it technically makes him a “girlfriend” too? 
  • “Wh-who told you that?!” Probably Asaya tbh
  • “It was you?!” Called it.
  • There it is again, Asaya’s yandere voice *o*
  • Settie on a mission!
  • Asaya is so fuckin’ jealous :’D
  • “Where do you keep getting buckets from…” I’m wondering the same 
  • This anime is soo full of clichés
  • Her name is Kinoshita? Seriously? HQ! STOP STALKING ME!
  • Ship Captains! Please scold this Seme!
  • I was actually just joking, lol
  • “More cheating!“ Gotta love Kensuke :’D
  • “Ken and the kid brought it to me after school.” We really can trust in our ship captains!
  • “I only eat lunch boxes made with love by my wife.” Aww, we have such a good seme here!
  • YAAAAAS! My son has grown up ಥ_ಥ
  • HE BROUGHT THE DOG!!!!!!!!!
  • “You give the dog twice as many kisses as you give me.” And he’s jealous of an animal again ;)


I was really fangirling and screaming a lot while watching today’s episode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I was reading Stellaluna to a friend’s 3-year-old twins and this happened? somehow?? Bats are usually portrayed as edgy and dark but damnit they don’t have to be.

(Couldn’t decide on whether or not they’d be full on animal characteristics or humanoid, so I made their quirks transformation-ish? basically animorph bnha-style hha hahaha ha *COUGHS BLOOD*)

Koumori Kiyo - Quirk: “Vampire Bat.” Allows her to transform into a small vampire bat. Drinks blood in order to transform for long periods of time. (secretly hates the taste of it tho)

  • Likes dark colors, likes to be edgy/dark, younger sibling, surprisingly energetic at times, “dark” chuunibyou, high intelligence/speed, sucks ass at teamwork, good at multi-tasking
  • Wants to be dark and edgy but. she’s not. she’s 100% a chuuni dork.
  • Loves her bro very much, low-key hovers around him
  • Hair is dyed a dark purple, natural hair color is the same as Kai’s
  • 0 body modesty tbh. like no seriously she’s more comfortable in her bat form she is 100% a chuuni bat
  • nails are naturally a dark brown-ish color, so she paints em black

Koumori Kai - Quirk: “Mega Bat.” Allows him to morph into a humanoid bat. Eats fruit to transform for long periods of time.

  • Very happy/positive personality, the Responsible Big Sibling, social but not necessarily high energy, attentive, high intelligence/strength, good at working in groups
  • If he could, he’d eat fruit 24/7
  • Is fondly exasperated of Kiyo’s extreme eccentricities
  • Pretty normal?? Except he’s a lot stronger than he looks. Can bench press people
  • Despite being the Responsible Sibling he can’t cook for shit. (neither of them can)
so i was showing my friend Haikyuu and asked her for first impressions of each character

she said, and i quote all of the following:

“hahah i like the tiny mandarin boy” (Hinata)

“who’s the rly hot one” (Kageyama)

“that one looks like a worn out, v old sponge was put on his head” (Tsukki)


“is that one male or female–no wait i think he’s a guy” (Suga)

“HIS THIGHS” (Daichi, obviously)

“CUEBALL” (Tanaka)

“holy hell he’s so tiny, he’s like an ant next to the skyscraper sponge head” (Noya)


“omg she’s so pure and innocent she must be protected at all costs” (Yachi)

“what’s up with his hair? it looks like it fell from the 7th floor” (Kuroo)

“is that one a girl or a guy” (Kenma)


“the small angry cinnamon head is me” (Yaku)


“what’s up with that guy’s mohawk, he has like the opposite colors of the pudding head” (Yamamoto)

“i like the floof of his hair” (Oikawa)


“hahahah turnip-kun” (Kindaichi)

“awww he’s like a cute sleepy puppy” (Kunimi)

“woah man he looks like an inverted bumblebee” (Kyoutani)

“is he gay for the bumblebee guy” (Yahaba, i cried laughing after hearing this)

“are they like, the master memers of the team?” (Makki and Mattsun)

“that one looks like an owl but with THICCCCC THIGHS AND KNEEPADS” (Bokuto)

“holy mother of god that guy is fucking gorgeous” *proceeds to fall to knees and pray* (Akaashi)

“ahahah he has a super long face” (poor Onaga)

“that one girl” (Yukie)

“omg he’s so…big…” (Aone)

“hooooo boy that guy is h o t” (Futakuchi)

“he’s so smol i wanna hug the little caterpillar” (Sakunami)


“HE HAS FUCKING FLAWLESS ARMS AND LEGS I MUST BE DREAMING” *again falls to knees and prays* (Ushiwaka)

“is he the gay memelord of the group” (Tendou)

“i love his bangs he should be a model” (Shirabu)

“WTF IS HE DOING” (Tendou again)

+ a lot more things she said


.Without you

George Weasley

Y/N: Your Name

xxno-wayxx asked:

Hey! My keyboard is fixed! so I was wondering if you could possibly do one where y/n is a shy Gryffindor with a stuttering problem. George helps he with it. When her mother finds out (Bellatrix) she takes her out of Hogwarts and puts her into Beauxbatons. George and Y/N don’t meet again until the tri wizard tournament. Thank you bby

I sat in the Gryffindor common room reading a book. I usually spend my time reading, studying, and staying quiet during my free time. My name is Y/N Lestrange. Yes. My mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. Many kids in Hogwarts don’t talk to me because they fear that I’m evil like her. Because of that, I’m a shy person. I stutter a lot because I get nervous when it comes to talking to people. Many students laugh when I try to say a spell and I stutter. Many kids tease me saying I’m a female version of Neville Longbottom. He’s one of my friends even though I don’t talk to him. He talks to me about Herbology because I’m the only one who will listen. Neville is cool with me even though he knows what my mom did to her parents. When I first met him in the library he was scared I was going to hurt him. He was very uncomfortable. I managed to stutter out a sorry for what she did. That’s when he realized that I had nothing to do with it and that I cared. 

When mother found out that I was a Gryffindor she was mad. knowing that she couldn’t do anything about it she dealt with it. she wants me to be a bad seed like her but I’m the good seed in the family. I continued to read my book. I looked up realizing that everyone left to go to diner. I wasn’t hungry so I continued to read.

“Excuse me” A voice called out from behind me.

I looked up to see George Weasley standing behind me. Nervous I didn’t say anything.

“Are you going to diner?” He asked walking closer.

I shook my head ‘no’ .

“Me neither. I know you don’t talk much but can I sit with you?”

I nodded scooting over on the couch to make more room. I put my book down so I wasn’t being rude. 

“So what’s your name?” He smiled. I looked him in the eyes seeing that he’s trying to get me to talk. He and I both know that he knows my name.

“Y/N L-Les-trange.” I stuttered. My cheeks instantly got red.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about love.” George smiled.

I relaxed a little bit. I took a deep breath and smiled. George moved closer and smiled. 

“Try talking slower. And relax. You’re a really shy girl and keeping your nerves calm typically helps. When is your birthday?”

“My bi-birthday is Y/B/D (your birthday). Wh-When is y-yours?” I spoke calmly.

“Much better. My birthday is 1 April, 1978.”

“Nice.” I spoke clearly. Realizing this, I sat up wide eyed.

“See, you just got to relax and get comfortable with your surroundings.” George smiled at me. 

“Th-thank Y-you.” I said again. Darn it. 

“It’s not going to be clear instantly. It will take a while. I can help you.”

“Y-you d-don’t need t-to.” I assured him.

“I want to.” He said while stretching him are out to put it around me casually. 


It’s been a month since George and I started to talk. To be honest I’ve never been more happy. He’s been helping me in so many ways that I couldn’t explain. 

“You better watch out!” George yelled chasing me. we were running around the courtyard.

“Don’t you dare!” I yelled back running away. I tripped and fell. George toppled over me and started tickling me.

“Ge-George W-Weasley st-stop it!” I stuttered between laughs.

George stopped. “ See that’s the only time you can stutter. When I tackle you with tickles.” He then continued. 

I finally broke away and ran. I ran right out of my shoes. I stopped and grabbed them as George caught up laughing. 

“If you would’ve returned those darn shoes when you had the chance, then this wouldn’t have happen.”

“I will throw my shoes at you if you comment about them again.” 

“They are the worst shoes on the planet. I mean they must have a mind of their own. They literary don’t want you to wear them. Your feet must stink.”

“That’s it!” I threw a shoe at him. He ran away yelling “Stinky feet”. This went on for another ten minuets. Until Fred called for us.

“George, my shoes don’t want me to wear them. You must carry me.” 

“Excuses. But fine. all you had to do was ask. hop on.” He laughed while lowering himself so I can get on his back. 

“Onward peasant.” I joked. Fred laughed as we made our way back to the common room. 

“Well this is interesting.” Draco Malfoy stood with his gang. “Lestrange and a Weasley. What would dear old mum think?”

“You wouldn’t.” I stared at him in the eyes.

“Looks like someone gained her confidence. For once she isn’t sc-scared o-of m-me.” Draco teased.

“Shut up Draco.” George snapped.

I was so irritated that I walked away pulling George and Fred with me. Draco and I never got along. Knowing Draco he would send an owl to his parents and they would show my mother. 


The next thing I know Mum is at Hogwarts. I was right. Draco ruined it for me. I was in my dormitory packing my things. Mum pulled me from Hogwarts. Now I’m moving to Beauxbatons. Dragging my luggage to the common room, I wiped a tear away. George was waiting for me. 

“Write to me?” He hugged me. 

“Of course.” I whispered. I kissed his cheek. once I pulled away, I charmed my luggage and waved goodbye to everyone else in the common room. I quickly gave Neville a hug and walk away. 

“Let’s go dear.” Mum waited for me outside. I stopped and looked back at the school. I’m going to miss it here.

“I didn’t want to leave.” I mumbled. 

“What happened to stuttering? Sudden confidence? That’ll change quick. You don’t need to be hanging around blood traitors.” 

“Well those ‘blood traitors’ helped me with my speech problems.”

She didn’t say anything until we got to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

“Have fun dear. No silly business here. No blood-traitors.”

“Don’t write me.” I snapped.

“Don’t over react darling.”

“You ruined my life and you don’t want me to over react? Nice one mum. Love you too. See you in the summer.” That was the last thing I said to her for the rest of the school year. 

*Two years later*

We were at Hogwarts again. The Tri-Wizard Tournament was this year. I was excited to see George a lot as we have been writing in secrete everyday since I left. We made our big entrance. I saw George sitting where I use to sit. I smiled and so did he. We sat down on the benches that were against the walls. We sat there until Hogwarts students finished their song. I sang along knowing every word. we finally were allowed to sit at random tables. Me and two other girls sat at the Gryffindor table. I instantly sat with George. I said hello to everyone including Neville. 

“Well this is a new you.” George said wrapping his arms around me giving me a small hug. 

“I missed it here!” I hugged back. 

“Dumbledore made an announcement for the Yule ball, You want to be my date love?”

I blushed. “Y-Yes.” I stuttered. 

“There she is” George joked kissing my bright red cheek.

it’s 3am and i might have just done smth aka junhao hogwarts au

minghao, a slytherin 5th year/quidditch chaser/metamorphagus crushing on junhui, a gryffindor 6th year/quidditch keeper and passing off junhuis blatant flirting as him trying to distract minghao from scoring goals. that is UNTIL junhui has to take his flirting off the quidditch pitch to get minghao’s dumbass to realise that he’s interested. but hui still wants to keep it fun and a bit mysterious so he owls lil messages to minghao during meals or slides them into his books in the library when he’s not looking and they say things like “you look hot with red hair you should get angry more often” or “looking very sexy during the slytherin/hufflepuff game yesterday mr xu minghao” or something as well thought out as “your face. so fucking cute.” and every time hao gets one of these he goes bright red in the face but bless his little cotton socks he’s still so oblivious. and then one day, at the breakfast before the big slytherin/gryffindor game hao sees that same little brown spotted owl that delivers all the mystery notes swooshing on down the great hall and he knows exactly what he’s in for but he opens it and reads the note commenting on how his quidditch robes do his ass “hella justice” and hao just /stress face/ WHOMST the fuck is doin this to me. lol so anyway. during the game hao notices hui looking at him a lot but cause he’s still Mr Oblivious™ he’s like :o do i have smt on me face. moving swiftly on, the game finishes and slytherin win (obviously cause they’re the best house) and poor lil hao is exhausted but he wants to pay his own little hooter a visit so he bobs on down to the owlery and when he goes in ….. DUN DUN DUNNNN who else would be there other than Cocky McCockface himself, Mr Wen Junhui!!!! so once again hao is all :o and junhui’s all ;D but then minghao spots the owl that hui is currently feeding and his heart drops out of his bumhole because of course it’s none other than the little brown spotted owl that delivers all the fucking notes. hui notices straight away that hao is finally realising what the fuck be going on and he just chuckles a little and waits for hao to come to his senses and when he does his eyes have this hopeful gleam and he lets out an “it was you” and hui just nods and smiles at the floor shyly before spurting out “i swear i seem a lot more of an asshole on paper than i do in real life!” and minghao actually laughs out loud before suddenly gaining a bout of confidence and saying “well if it’s any consolation i think your face is pretty fucking cute, too” and junhui is like :D and says “well in that case, perhaps you wouldn’t mind accompanying me to hogsmeade this weekend, i’ve been craving florean fortescue’s ice cream since june!” and minghao goes “like a date?” and junhui goes “exactly like a date” and minghao is all 💖💘💝💜❤️💙💗🌸💞💖❤️🌸💜💖✨💗💞💞🌈💖💝💞🌸❤️"of course i wouldn’t mind"💝💕💜💙💝💜💘💕💞🌈💗💘💕💝 and they GO on the date and it’s BEAUTIFUL and they fall in love and share lil smoochies and become official boyfs and they’re hogwarts’ fave couple OHOHOHO MY LITTLE BABIES I LOVETHEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


alot of ppl keep asking for more gabriel!! makes me happy <:’D i dont usually like to explain visual symbolism in my drawings but i thought i’d tell u guys a lil smth since u like my interpretation so much!

in alot of native american and indigenous latino cultures, owls are a symbol or extension of death :o ! and i saw this connection automatically with reapers default look! he is a messenger of death…. and aha, reaper looks exactly like my father! so whenever i draw him i like to associate him with our native purepechan culture <:’ D 

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May I please ask how the allies would react to when hearing some noise outside they go check and see their baby owl friend being attacked by a fox?

Oh no! Baby owl! -Admin Jay and Sarah

America: “The hero is coming! Hold on!”
Alfred would be there in a heartbeat to save his little friend! He would rush outside without a second thought and leap on to the fox to pin it down as he wrestles it away from his little owl. He wouldn’t hurt the fox, but enough to get it off his owl and scare it back into the wild as he carries his owl inside and cradles it in his jacket as he tends to any wounds and sighs. He would be relieved his little owl was okay, but would keep an eye on them whenever they go outside from now on.

England: “Oh no you don’t!”
Arthur would rush outside to his owl’s defense waving a book wildly at the fox, but if that didn’t work, one well placed spell would turn the fox into a mouse. He would scoop up his owl and carefully bring them inside as he checks them over and gives them snacks as he fluffs their nest and lets them rest beside him. “I was worried I would lose you, little one…I couldn’t stand losing you and being alone again…”, he would always keep an eye on his owl anytime they went outside, even if that meant he had to spend a few hours outside at a time…

France: “Hey! Leave him alone!’
Francis isn’t a big fan of violence either, especially wild animals. But with that being said, he doesn’t fear them either, especially if someone was in danger. From his house, he’d walk down the steps before stopping in front of the fox as he shoos it away before gently picking up his owl and carry him inside. He’d carefully look him over before tsking as he shakes his head but smiles and kisses the little guys forehead, glad that he’s safe.

Canada: “H-Hey! Stop that!”
Matthew doesn’t like violence, clearly. If he heard his little friend being hurt, he’d rush out and try his best to yell at the fox, but after a moment if that didn’t work, he’d most likely call out his own polar bear to scare the fox off before picking up the owl and setting him by the fire inside and shaking his head with a frown. “Don’t go outside at night without me..”

Russia: “What is going o-..”
Ivan, as soon as he heard his owl cry out because the fox was attacking them, he’d hurry outside with wide eyes, but as soon as he saw the fox going after his owl, his eyes would frost over and become cold as he would stomp through the snow before physically use his boot to push the fox back as he picks up his owl and carries it back inside, eyes never leaving the fox as he rubs his owls head with his finger to calm him down.

China: “Get away from my baby!”
Yao would rush outside and swing his trusty wok at the fox. He would have no fear, he would be in full protection mode as he scoops up his little owl and cradles it as he chases the fox off. Once inside, he would pamper the owl and make sure his baby isn’t injured. He would keep an eye on his owl whenever they went outside from here on out, but he wouldn’t worry too much. He’s still got it, Old Man Yao has moves. 

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What kind of S/O would the Meg 7 fall for??

Chisolm: His person would be peaceful, responsible, know right from wrong, but still have a little fire in their eyes. They know to pick their battles–and when they do pick one, Chisolm pities the person on the other end. His s/o would keep him grounded, too. He’s typically in control, but sometimes that dark side comes out.

Faraday: A straight-shooter. A no-bullshitter. Someone who is smart with a mind of their own. Someone who can accept/keep up with the way he lives his life, but at the same time, is able to rein him in a bit. The person he falls for will be able to balance him. They help him learn moderation without taking control of his life. They will also have to be a person that he has to chase after a little bit. Faraday likes to chase. 

Goodnight: Someone compassionate and adaptable. Someone who is outgoing and can fend for themselves, who doesn’t get intimidated by anyone, but then at night, when things get bad, they can help him. He needs someone who knows how to create a safe environment for him to help him get his head together when the owl comes. He needs someone he can look to when he gets anxiety in a public place. Someone who understands that he values his reputation, and will help him uphold it. In short: he needs a protector. 

Billy: His s/o becomes his voice and his exact opposite. They’re energetic and talkative and basically ready to fight everything, but then when it actually comes down to it, he is the looming shadow that appears over their shoulder to do damage control. He loves the little ball of energy that calms down when he brushes his fingers over theirs or softly tells them to be careful. 

Jack: He looks for someone with traditional values. Someone who’s ready to start a family and, most importantly, someone who will let him provide for them. He likes to be the protector. Since religion is so important to him, he looks for that quality in an s/o. It doesn’t exactly have to be the same as him, but some sort of spirituality is preferred.

Vasquez: A partner in crime. Everything they do, they do together. He likes someone who is a little smarter than him–though he’ll never admit that. The person has to be passionate and unpredictable. Someone who is always keeping him curious and hungry for more. 

Red Harvest: He likes a person who has very firm beliefs, and a code of ethics that they live by. Even if they differ from his own. This person has to be open-minded, good at communication, the type of person he can feel in sync with. They are fearless and strong and free; almost warrior-like, yet they can also show compassion and respect. 

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I hc that the skelebros can turn their heads 180* like an owl. Imagine the geno run. You manage to get behind Sans and *BAM!* he looks dead in the eye and spews an owl pun as he chucks you around the judgement hall.

HC accepted.

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Also it is fucking hilarious. I mean, can you imagine it? Like, say you’re his s/o and you’re trying to get away with some shit, like I don’t know, using his special ketchup or whatever. And he just fucking spins his skull around and looks you dead in the eye, saying “What are you doing there pal? I thought we had a discussion about using other people’s stuff without permission.”

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Lord Jesus.

Name: Neb (used to go by Way-loh)

Delivery Day: May 25th, 2017

he is the scruffiest boy. he also likes magic and witchcraft

Fun Fact: my first (but not last!) custom furby! he was also the first 1998 furby I had bought in 9 years :O his old eye color was blue

Favorite thing about him: his eyes, because it was such a tedious task to change them! I also love his gruff look

Oh, am I guilty for loving Semi for looking like Akaashi but shh, the owl setter is still my favorite.

Akaashi had a soft smile on his lips as his s/o gasped in awe. “Keiji! Look at all of the lights!” He gave their hand a squeeze and his heart warmed at the sight of his s/o’s childlike glee. The couple was at Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight, an annual December tradition. Akaashi had promised his s/o that they would go to the Miyagi prefecture city during winter break.

“It’s beautiful, _____. I’m glad we could visit this time of year.” The festivities were running high as people of all ages wandered around leisurely. The night sky was clear and the stars twinkled along with the numerous lights. The couple strolled along, hands grasped securely. Their date was going pleasantly until a loud grumble could be heard from _____’s stomach.

They blushed and Akaashi gave their stomach a poke, his nose crinkled playfully. “A bit hungry, huh?” The couple stopped beside a bench where _____ took a seat. “Yeah,” They laughed sheepishly. “Maybe we can grab a small bite to eat?” Akaashi nodded, stuffing his hands into his coat pockets. “Sure, we passed by some hot bun stands. Wait here and I’ll go buy some, okay?”

_____ watched as the black beanie atop their boyfriend’s head disappeared into the crowd in search of a snack. They sat back and relaxed, listening to the laughter of passing people and gaping idly at the lights. However, their patience ran thin as the grumbling in their stomach grew louder. “I wonder what’s taking Keiji so long,” They wondered, standing up.

_____ wandered through the crowd, scoping the unfamiliar faces for their boyfriend. Usually it wasn’t hard to find the tall setter but everyone was just as bundled up as the couple was. As they nearly lost hope and returned back to the bench, they caught sight of a tall figure with their head bent. It was obvious they were eating as the black beanie atop their head bobbed. _____ pouted but supposed that their boyfriend must have been just as hungry.

Creeping up, _____ had to suppress a giggle as they prepared their attack. They launched themselves at the figure, their arms encircling around their boyfriend’s waist. “Boo!” They burst into giggles as their boyfriend stumbled at the sudden surprise. “Keiji, how could you start eating without me?” Their voice was teasing as they nuzzled their face into his back.

“Oh, Semi! Look at you! This is the first time someone cute hugs you and you’re not even the person they’re looking for!” Upon hearing the unfamiliar voice, _____ moved to look at the person they were cuddling only to realize that this was, in fact, not their boyfriend. The clothes were different and the shock of white and black hair was a surefire sign.

“Oh, geez, I am so sorry!” They backed away, their face flushing. The stranger they hugged wasn’t looking at them but at his red-haired friend. “’S no problem,” He waved away their apology. “But it’s not nice to make fun of someone’s innocent mistake, Tendou.” He glared pointedly at his smirking friend.

Tendou wrinkled his nose and crossed his arms behind his head. “I’m not,” He countered. “But you gotta admit, it’s not every day that a cute person just hugs you outta nowhere.” _____ bowed, their face still beet red, towards the boy named Semi. “I’m still very sorry about that!” Semi turned to them and _____ noted the similarities between their boyfriend and the stranger.

“Please, think nothing of it. I hope you find this Keiji person and enjoy the rest of your night.” Semi returned the bow politely as Tendou continued inhaling his hot bun. _____ gave him a nod and shy smile. “Thank you, and good night to you as well.” They scampered away, the teasing voice of the red-haired boy quieting in the distance.

As _____ plopped back down onto the bench, it was barely a split second later as Akaashi reappeared, two hot buns in hand. “Here, _____. I’m sorry it took a long time, there was a bit of a line.” He handed the snack to his s/o, who took it wordlessly and nibbled quietly. He took note of the redness of their cheeks and wondered if it was from the cold.

“Did something happen, _____?” His s/o nearly choked on their bun as they turned to him with a start. They hurriedly swallowed their mouthful and waved their arms animatedly. “No! Nope, no, not at all.” They stuffed their mouth to stop their ramblings as Akaashi only stared at them in confusion.

“The future looked so bright, darling.”


IKon Reaction:When the see you working in your garden looking beautiful with your dogs and owl near by

Jinhwan: “I can’t believe she’s that beautiful and real. I can’t believe she’s mine

B.I: *stunned and speechless from your beauty*

Bobby: *Bobby was telling his member about how you didn’t let him in your garden, but you let the dog in it*

B.I: That’s messed up bruh hahaha

Bobby: I know right, I’m worse than the dog hahaha


Junhoe: *he got caught staring at you ^^*

YN: what are you looking at, baby?

Junhoe: *surprised* OH- hahaha nothing I wasn’t starin

Yunhyeong : *he had been looking at you work fo a good 15 min and you hadn’t looked back at him at all the out of the blue you just say*

Y/N: so are you just to keep staring or are you going to help me?

YH: O.O o-oh hahaha I didn’t think you saw me *embarrassed*

Donghyuk: keeps looking at those owls that keep looking at you like there ready to fu*k some sh*t up*

“I wish an owl would mess with my baby…. go ahead I dare you to mess with her *glares*

Chanwoo: I don’t know why she is so beautiful…..maybe she’s just a dream I’m having…… maybe she’s a goddess….

Jinhyung: *he accidentally scared you and you made the cutest noise, and even though you were upset ant Jinhyung, he couldn’t help but chuckle at your cuteness* “haha mihan jagiya I didn't mean to scare you are you okay?”  

Hongseok:*you had been looking back and forth from Hongseok to you garden because he was just sitting there staring at you and you had no idea why 

You: “why are you staring at me”

Hongseok:”because, you know, you’re hot” 


Okay I know I’ve been gone for a long time but in back for a while. Dont worry ill be fully back in the summer and everything will be back to normal just wait for me please.

Bai For Now.