he looks like an owl :o

you give love a bad name

Draco was having a lovely Thursday evening, spending the time reading books on new Quidditch techniques and scribbling down any potion ideas that came to mind. Of course, Draco could be more productive.

Wait. No, he actually couldn’t.

Because Harry was playing unnecessary, loud, cantankerous garbage. Usually, Draco can drown it out and chalk it up to Harry going through a ‘hardcore’ phase.

But it’s been over a year.

His so-called “music” booming from underneath Draco’s room was trembling the floorboards, shaking the windows, and rattling the thoughts inside Draco’s mind. Which wasn’t “punk rock” at all.

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Brought back an idea for an original character I’ve had in the back of my head for the past year! He is a supernatural hitchhiker who revives the carcasses of roadkill during the night, and then hunts down and murders the people who had carelessly struck the animals with their car. He lives in a smoky cabin in the Washington woods with the animals he has rescued, and is usually surrounded by owls and other birds of prey (and yes, his hitchhiker/camping backpack is large enough to fit one or two bodies inside ;o).

The character itself is my homage to the whole ~90′s X-Files/Twin Peaks supernatural urban legend~ aesthetic. I’ve been itching to create someone who looks like an average Joe with features that are just slightly “off,” so voila!


I was reading Stellaluna to a friend’s 3-year-old twins and this happened? somehow?? Bats are usually portrayed as edgy and dark but damnit they don’t have to be.

(Couldn’t decide on whether or not they’d be full on animal characteristics or humanoid, so I made their quirks transformation-ish? basically animorph bnha-style hha hahaha ha *COUGHS BLOOD*)

Koumori Kiyo - Quirk: “Vampire Bat.” Allows her to transform into a small vampire bat. Drinks blood in order to transform for long periods of time. (secretly hates the taste of it tho)

  • Likes dark colors, likes to be edgy/dark, younger sibling, surprisingly energetic at times, “dark” chuunibyou, high intelligence/speed, sucks ass at teamwork, good at multi-tasking
  • Wants to be dark and edgy but. she’s not. she’s 100% a chuuni dork.
  • Loves her bro very much, low-key hovers around him
  • Hair is dyed a dark purple, natural hair color is the same as Kai’s
  • 0 body modesty tbh. like no seriously she’s more comfortable in her bat form she is 100% a chuuni bat
  • nails are naturally a dark brown-ish color, so she paints em black

Koumori Kai - Quirk: “Mega Bat.” Allows him to morph into a humanoid bat. Eats fruit to transform for long periods of time.

  • Very happy/positive personality, the Responsible Big Sibling, social but not necessarily high energy, attentive, high intelligence/strength, good at working in groups
  • If he could, he’d eat fruit 24/7
  • Is fondly exasperated of Kiyo’s extreme eccentricities
  • Pretty normal?? Except he’s a lot stronger than he looks. Can bench press people
  • Despite being the Responsible Sibling he can’t cook for shit. (neither of them can)
Apples and Chocolate - (Young)Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: hello dearies (btw I’ve decided that’s how I’ll adress to all of you lovely followers because I LOVE RUMPLESTILTSKIN xD) one more request for tonight :D

hermionereads said: Can you write a young remus lupin one shot where I’m flirting with him and he doesn’t realize it and the other maurders Are telling him she’s flirting. 

I absolutely adore this request and I had a lot of fun writing it! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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Apples and Chocolate

“Hi, Remus” (Y/N) said smiling walking towards the Marauders. “Hi, guys!”

“Hi, (Y/N)” Remus said smiling brightly up at her.

“Hey, (Y/N)” James said smiling at the girl. Peter nodded smiling acknowledging her presence and Sirius stood up from his place next to Remus.

“Hey, love. You’re looking awfully pretty today” he said winking at the girl.

(Y/N) giggled rolling her eyes a bit. “Thank you Sirius, that’s very nice of you” she told him.

“Have you finally fallen for my charms?” he asked arching his eyebrow at her with a big smirk on his face.

“Uh, actually I’m here to talk to Remus” (Y/N) said shyly blushing a little.

“Ohh… do you need us to leave you kids alone?” James asked smirking.

“James!” Remus warned his friend. “How can I help you, (Y/N)?”

“Um, well, I was wondering if it’s not too much trouble uh-“ she said nervously putting a strand of her hair behind her ear. “If you wouldn’t mind being my partner for this class?” she asked him. “I just d-didn’t do that well last time and-“

“Hold on, love” Sirius told her. “You think you can just steal my Potions partner?” he asked offended. (Y/N) rolled her eyes a little before she smirked at the black-haired wizard.

“Marlene says she’d be your partner” she told him. Sirius arched an eyebrow at her before he quickly picked up his stuff.

“Later, mates” he said walking over to the other side of the class where the blonde witch stood.

“S-so” (Y/N) said turning the attention back to her. “C-can I be your partner?”

“Uh, y-yeah! Of course, (Y/N)” he said pulling out the chair for her to sit next to him.

“Thank you, Remus” she said smiling at him. “You’re very kind” she told him. Remus went back to the book he was reading but both James and Peter were looking at the girl a bit suspicious. “What?”

“Nothing” James said shrugging his shoulders as he turned around.

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alot of ppl keep asking for more gabriel!! makes me happy <:’D i dont usually like to explain visual symbolism in my drawings but i thought i’d tell u guys a lil smth since u like my interpretation so much!

in alot of native american and indigenous latino cultures, owls are a symbol or extension of death :o ! and i saw this connection automatically with reapers default look! he is a messenger of death…. and aha, reaper looks exactly like my father! so whenever i draw him i like to associate him with our native purepechan culture <:’ D 

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Headcannon for Steve, Pietro, Thor and Bucky with a S/O who really likes going out alone at night (on walks, to parks, that sort of thing) 🖤

Steve: He takes you to one of those 24 hour diners for a cup of coffee and a conversation. It’s quiet because most people are asleep but there are a few night owls up with you, to keep things comfortable. It’s nice to look at the world from inside the little diner. 

Pietro: He breaks into a museum and lets you observe the works with no one there. 

Thor: He takes you someplace where light pollution is non existent and you see the stars. He points out different constellations and tells you about his home. When you’re preoccupied looking at the beauty of the sky he sneaks glances at you. 

Bucky: He is one to do the late night walks in the park.  No one even thinks about mugging the two of ou so it’s quiet and intimate. You might not talk very much except to make the other laugh a little. It’s nice though, like being in your own little bubble with him 

~Mod Lillian


.Without you

George Weasley

Y/N: Your Name

xxno-wayxx asked:

Hey! My keyboard is fixed! so I was wondering if you could possibly do one where y/n is a shy Gryffindor with a stuttering problem. George helps he with it. When her mother finds out (Bellatrix) she takes her out of Hogwarts and puts her into Beauxbatons. George and Y/N don’t meet again until the tri wizard tournament. Thank you bby

I sat in the Gryffindor common room reading a book. I usually spend my time reading, studying, and staying quiet during my free time. My name is Y/N Lestrange. Yes. My mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. Many kids in Hogwarts don’t talk to me because they fear that I’m evil like her. Because of that, I’m a shy person. I stutter a lot because I get nervous when it comes to talking to people. Many students laugh when I try to say a spell and I stutter. Many kids tease me saying I’m a female version of Neville Longbottom. He’s one of my friends even though I don’t talk to him. He talks to me about Herbology because I’m the only one who will listen. Neville is cool with me even though he knows what my mom did to her parents. When I first met him in the library he was scared I was going to hurt him. He was very uncomfortable. I managed to stutter out a sorry for what she did. That’s when he realized that I had nothing to do with it and that I cared. 

When mother found out that I was a Gryffindor she was mad. knowing that she couldn’t do anything about it she dealt with it. she wants me to be a bad seed like her but I’m the good seed in the family. I continued to read my book. I looked up realizing that everyone left to go to diner. I wasn’t hungry so I continued to read.

“Excuse me” A voice called out from behind me.

I looked up to see George Weasley standing behind me. Nervous I didn’t say anything.

“Are you going to diner?” He asked walking closer.

I shook my head ‘no’ .

“Me neither. I know you don’t talk much but can I sit with you?”

I nodded scooting over on the couch to make more room. I put my book down so I wasn’t being rude. 

“So what’s your name?” He smiled. I looked him in the eyes seeing that he’s trying to get me to talk. He and I both know that he knows my name.

“Y/N L-Les-trange.” I stuttered. My cheeks instantly got red.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about love.” George smiled.

I relaxed a little bit. I took a deep breath and smiled. George moved closer and smiled. 

“Try talking slower. And relax. You’re a really shy girl and keeping your nerves calm typically helps. When is your birthday?”

“My bi-birthday is Y/B/D (your birthday). Wh-When is y-yours?” I spoke calmly.

“Much better. My birthday is 1 April, 1978.”

“Nice.” I spoke clearly. Realizing this, I sat up wide eyed.

“See, you just got to relax and get comfortable with your surroundings.” George smiled at me. 

“Th-thank Y-you.” I said again. Darn it. 

“It’s not going to be clear instantly. It will take a while. I can help you.”

“Y-you d-don’t need t-to.” I assured him.

“I want to.” He said while stretching him are out to put it around me casually. 


It’s been a month since George and I started to talk. To be honest I’ve never been more happy. He’s been helping me in so many ways that I couldn’t explain. 

“You better watch out!” George yelled chasing me. we were running around the courtyard.

“Don’t you dare!” I yelled back running away. I tripped and fell. George toppled over me and started tickling me.

“Ge-George W-Weasley st-stop it!” I stuttered between laughs.

George stopped. “ See that’s the only time you can stutter. When I tackle you with tickles.” He then continued. 

I finally broke away and ran. I ran right out of my shoes. I stopped and grabbed them as George caught up laughing. 

“If you would’ve returned those darn shoes when you had the chance, then this wouldn’t have happen.”

“I will throw my shoes at you if you comment about them again.” 

“They are the worst shoes on the planet. I mean they must have a mind of their own. They literary don’t want you to wear them. Your feet must stink.”

“That’s it!” I threw a shoe at him. He ran away yelling “Stinky feet”. This went on for another ten minuets. Until Fred called for us.

“George, my shoes don’t want me to wear them. You must carry me.” 

“Excuses. But fine. all you had to do was ask. hop on.” He laughed while lowering himself so I can get on his back. 

“Onward peasant.” I joked. Fred laughed as we made our way back to the common room. 

“Well this is interesting.” Draco Malfoy stood with his gang. “Lestrange and a Weasley. What would dear old mum think?”

“You wouldn’t.” I stared at him in the eyes.

“Looks like someone gained her confidence. For once she isn’t sc-scared o-of m-me.” Draco teased.

“Shut up Draco.” George snapped.

I was so irritated that I walked away pulling George and Fred with me. Draco and I never got along. Knowing Draco he would send an owl to his parents and they would show my mother. 


The next thing I know Mum is at Hogwarts. I was right. Draco ruined it for me. I was in my dormitory packing my things. Mum pulled me from Hogwarts. Now I’m moving to Beauxbatons. Dragging my luggage to the common room, I wiped a tear away. George was waiting for me. 

“Write to me?” He hugged me. 

“Of course.” I whispered. I kissed his cheek. once I pulled away, I charmed my luggage and waved goodbye to everyone else in the common room. I quickly gave Neville a hug and walk away. 

“Let’s go dear.” Mum waited for me outside. I stopped and looked back at the school. I’m going to miss it here.

“I didn’t want to leave.” I mumbled. 

“What happened to stuttering? Sudden confidence? That’ll change quick. You don’t need to be hanging around blood traitors.” 

“Well those ‘blood traitors’ helped me with my speech problems.”

She didn’t say anything until we got to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

“Have fun dear. No silly business here. No blood-traitors.”

“Don’t write me.” I snapped.

“Don’t over react darling.”

“You ruined my life and you don’t want me to over react? Nice one mum. Love you too. See you in the summer.” That was the last thing I said to her for the rest of the school year. 

*Two years later*

We were at Hogwarts again. The Tri-Wizard Tournament was this year. I was excited to see George a lot as we have been writing in secrete everyday since I left. We made our big entrance. I saw George sitting where I use to sit. I smiled and so did he. We sat down on the benches that were against the walls. We sat there until Hogwarts students finished their song. I sang along knowing every word. we finally were allowed to sit at random tables. Me and two other girls sat at the Gryffindor table. I instantly sat with George. I said hello to everyone including Neville. 

“Well this is a new you.” George said wrapping his arms around me giving me a small hug. 

“I missed it here!” I hugged back. 

“Dumbledore made an announcement for the Yule ball, You want to be my date love?”

I blushed. “Y-Yes.” I stuttered. 

“There she is” George joked kissing my bright red cheek.

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What kind of S/O would the Meg 7 fall for??

Chisolm: His person would be peaceful, responsible, know right from wrong, but still have a little fire in their eyes. They know to pick their battles–and when they do pick one, Chisolm pities the person on the other end. His s/o would keep him grounded, too. He’s typically in control, but sometimes that dark side comes out.

Faraday: A straight-shooter. A no-bullshitter. Someone who is smart with a mind of their own. Someone who can accept/keep up with the way he lives his life, but at the same time, is able to rein him in a bit. The person he falls for will be able to balance him. They help him learn moderation without taking control of his life. They will also have to be a person that he has to chase after a little bit. Faraday likes to chase. 

Goodnight: Someone compassionate and adaptable. Someone who is outgoing and can fend for themselves, who doesn’t get intimidated by anyone, but then at night, when things get bad, they can help him. He needs someone who knows how to create a safe environment for him to help him get his head together when the owl comes. He needs someone he can look to when he gets anxiety in a public place. Someone who understands that he values his reputation, and will help him uphold it. In short: he needs a protector. 

Billy: His s/o becomes his voice and his exact opposite. They’re energetic and talkative and basically ready to fight everything, but then when it actually comes down to it, he is the looming shadow that appears over their shoulder to do damage control. He loves the little ball of energy that calms down when he brushes his fingers over theirs or softly tells them to be careful. 

Jack: He looks for someone with traditional values. Someone who’s ready to start a family and, most importantly, someone who will let him provide for them. He likes to be the protector. Since religion is so important to him, he looks for that quality in an s/o. It doesn’t exactly have to be the same as him, but some sort of spirituality is preferred.

Vasquez: A partner in crime. Everything they do, they do together. He likes someone who is a little smarter than him–though he’ll never admit that. The person has to be passionate and unpredictable. Someone who is always keeping him curious and hungry for more. 

Red Harvest: He likes a person who has very firm beliefs, and a code of ethics that they live by. Even if they differ from his own. This person has to be open-minded, good at communication, the type of person he can feel in sync with. They are fearless and strong and free; almost warrior-like, yet they can also show compassion and respect. 

Oh, am I guilty for loving Semi for looking like Akaashi but shh, the owl setter is still my favorite.

Akaashi had a soft smile on his lips as his s/o gasped in awe. “Keiji! Look at all of the lights!” He gave their hand a squeeze and his heart warmed at the sight of his s/o’s childlike glee. The couple was at Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight, an annual December tradition. Akaashi had promised his s/o that they would go to the Miyagi prefecture city during winter break.

“It’s beautiful, _____. I’m glad we could visit this time of year.” The festivities were running high as people of all ages wandered around leisurely. The night sky was clear and the stars twinkled along with the numerous lights. The couple strolled along, hands grasped securely. Their date was going pleasantly until a loud grumble could be heard from _____’s stomach.

They blushed and Akaashi gave their stomach a poke, his nose crinkled playfully. “A bit hungry, huh?” The couple stopped beside a bench where _____ took a seat. “Yeah,” They laughed sheepishly. “Maybe we can grab a small bite to eat?” Akaashi nodded, stuffing his hands into his coat pockets. “Sure, we passed by some hot bun stands. Wait here and I’ll go buy some, okay?”

_____ watched as the black beanie atop their boyfriend’s head disappeared into the crowd in search of a snack. They sat back and relaxed, listening to the laughter of passing people and gaping idly at the lights. However, their patience ran thin as the grumbling in their stomach grew louder. “I wonder what’s taking Keiji so long,” They wondered, standing up.

_____ wandered through the crowd, scoping the unfamiliar faces for their boyfriend. Usually it wasn’t hard to find the tall setter but everyone was just as bundled up as the couple was. As they nearly lost hope and returned back to the bench, they caught sight of a tall figure with their head bent. It was obvious they were eating as the black beanie atop their head bobbed. _____ pouted but supposed that their boyfriend must have been just as hungry.

Creeping up, _____ had to suppress a giggle as they prepared their attack. They launched themselves at the figure, their arms encircling around their boyfriend’s waist. “Boo!” They burst into giggles as their boyfriend stumbled at the sudden surprise. “Keiji, how could you start eating without me?” Their voice was teasing as they nuzzled their face into his back.

“Oh, Semi! Look at you! This is the first time someone cute hugs you and you’re not even the person they’re looking for!” Upon hearing the unfamiliar voice, _____ moved to look at the person they were cuddling only to realize that this was, in fact, not their boyfriend. The clothes were different and the shock of white and black hair was a surefire sign.

“Oh, geez, I am so sorry!” They backed away, their face flushing. The stranger they hugged wasn’t looking at them but at his red-haired friend. “’S no problem,” He waved away their apology. “But it’s not nice to make fun of someone’s innocent mistake, Tendou.” He glared pointedly at his smirking friend.

Tendou wrinkled his nose and crossed his arms behind his head. “I’m not,” He countered. “But you gotta admit, it’s not every day that a cute person just hugs you outta nowhere.” _____ bowed, their face still beet red, towards the boy named Semi. “I’m still very sorry about that!” Semi turned to them and _____ noted the similarities between their boyfriend and the stranger.

“Please, think nothing of it. I hope you find this Keiji person and enjoy the rest of your night.” Semi returned the bow politely as Tendou continued inhaling his hot bun. _____ gave him a nod and shy smile. “Thank you, and good night to you as well.” They scampered away, the teasing voice of the red-haired boy quieting in the distance.

As _____ plopped back down onto the bench, it was barely a split second later as Akaashi reappeared, two hot buns in hand. “Here, _____. I’m sorry it took a long time, there was a bit of a line.” He handed the snack to his s/o, who took it wordlessly and nibbled quietly. He took note of the redness of their cheeks and wondered if it was from the cold.

“Did something happen, _____?” His s/o nearly choked on their bun as they turned to him with a start. They hurriedly swallowed their mouthful and waved their arms animatedly. “No! Nope, no, not at all.” They stuffed their mouth to stop their ramblings as Akaashi only stared at them in confusion.

IKon Reaction:When the see you working in your garden looking beautiful with your dogs and owl near by

Jinhwan: “I can’t believe she’s that beautiful and real. I can’t believe she’s mine

B.I: *stunned and speechless from your beauty*

Bobby: *Bobby was telling his member about how you didn’t let him in your garden, but you let the dog in it*

B.I: That’s messed up bruh hahaha

Bobby: I know right, I’m worse than the dog hahaha


Junhoe: *he got caught staring at you ^^*

YN: what are you looking at, baby?

Junhoe: *surprised* OH- hahaha nothing I wasn’t starin

Yunhyeong : *he had been looking at you work fo a good 15 min and you hadn’t looked back at him at all the out of the blue you just say*

Y/N: so are you just to keep staring or are you going to help me?

YH: O.O o-oh hahaha I didn’t think you saw me *embarrassed*

Donghyuk: keeps looking at those owls that keep looking at you like there ready to fu*k some sh*t up*

“I wish an owl would mess with my baby…. go ahead I dare you to mess with her *glares*

Chanwoo: I don’t know why she is so beautiful…..maybe she’s just a dream I’m having…… maybe she’s a goddess….

Jinhyung: *he accidentally scared you and you made the cutest noise, and even though you were upset ant Jinhyung, he couldn’t help but chuckle at your cuteness* “haha mihan jagiya I didn't mean to scare you are you okay?”  

Hongseok:*you had been looking back and forth from Hongseok to you garden because he was just sitting there staring at you and you had no idea why 

You: “why are you staring at me”

Hongseok:”because, you know, you’re hot” 


Okay I know I’ve been gone for a long time but in back for a while. Dont worry ill be fully back in the summer and everything will be back to normal just wait for me please.

Bai For Now.

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what if kuroo, bokuto and oikawa asked their partner to play volleyball with them though their not very good and they finally agree and they accidently injure them?

kuroo would definitely be really worried after spiking the ball down too hard and his s/o falling over trying to catch it, and feel terrible for asking them to play even though he knew they’d probably get hurt since he sometimes gets carried away, and he won’t admit that the first time he got kenma to play volleyball with him, it was his fault for kenma’s bruised cheek (he swears it was because kenma was too into video games to have fast reactions and not because he threw it too hard). he would stop everything and probably run towards his s/o and hold them close, apologising over and over again and probably running his fingers gently over wherever they got injured and kiss the wound, before telling them to stay put and getting a first-aid kit. he’d also probably then promise to never force them to play again (but he’d be really excited and happy if his s/o didn’t mind and wanted to play again), kiss the wound a few more times (and maybe his s/o’s lips too wink wonk) and buy them something sweet to eat, like his s/o’s favourite ice cream or cake to make up for it. if they were still sitting on the court, kuroo would definitely pick his s/o up bridal style (much to their dismay and probably fighting-back before they gave up because he was being stubborn), kiss them all over their face (forehead, cheek, nose, eyelids, lips, mostly lips) and bring them home, trying to carry them bridal the entire way (if they were far from home he’d resort to only carrying them when they walked even though they got the weirdest stares from everyone else). kuroo might even feel so bad that when he set his s/o down in front of the TV and turned it on, he stayed until nighttime and made dinner for both of them with an apologetic message written in ketchup on scrambled eggs and other dumb, cheesy “sorry” messages in the arrangement of the food he made (his s/o smacked him and that’s when he knew he didn’t screw up that badly). honestly kuroo was just scared that his s/o would stop liking him as much because of that and when his s/o kept reacting normally he was very relieved, and made sure to remember to stop forcing people to play volleyball with him if they weren’t good.

bokuto would probably have been too overwhelmed with the feeling of playing volleyball that he’d accidentally set it too far and his s/o tripped trying to get it. he would be dazed at first, maybe looking up and waiting for the ball to come back but when it didn’t and he looked down to see his s/o bleeding or grimacing at their scratched knee, he freaked out. shouting really loudly, he’d sprint to the nearest water fountain with a towel and soak it, before sprinting back and yelling something dumb like ‘oryaaaaaaa owl ambulance coming through!!” and skidding to a halt next to his s/o in a way that would probably make his s/o jump in shock. he’d press the cold towel maybe a bit too hard on the wound that would make his s/o flinch, and if he noticed, he’d apologise over and over again while pressing lightly on the wound with the wet towel. he would tell his s/o to keep the towel on the wound before kissing them lightly on the forehead and leaving for a first-aid kit. after patching it up, bokuto would help them up and carry them to a bench, sitting them down and getting something sweet to share (a crepe maybe?). they’d just have small talk while bokuto tries to subtly make sure his s/o’s alright with a really worried face.

oikawa would probably have gotten too into serving and when his s/o received it, their hand became red, bruised, and a little bit swollen. he’d drop the ball in his hands and walk quickly to his s/o before holding their injured hand and kissing it gently where it seemed to hurt the most. he’d very carefully hold this hand (avoiding most of the places that were bruised) and walk with them to a water fountain, and wash his s/o’s hand while trying to make a few silly jokes to lighten the mood. he’d run his fingers gently along their palm, letting the water soothe the swollen areas before pulling it out and dabbing at their hand with his towel. if they flinched when he touched some areas, he’d jump in shock and then kiss his s/o’s cheek or forehead to apologise for it. his usual silly and fun demeanour would fade away to a really worried and apologetic boyfriend who was really regretful of asking his s/o to play with him. he’d inspect every part of their hand to make sure nothing was sprained, and if there was, he’d run as fast as he could to get gauze wrap and put all of his experience with injuring himself into making sure his s/o could heal as fast as they could. afterwards, he’d make sure his s/o’s injured hand was intertwined with his to avoid anyone bumping into it when they were walking back home, and when his s/o told him it was alright and they didn’t mind or blame him for it, he nearly burst into tears and started to kiss his s/o, hugging them tightly and still apologising for it. when his s/o would pat his back or his head, he’d say something like “this is why i fell in love with you” which would have his s/o blushing red but knowing this wasn’t him teasing because he was genuinely worried.

i got carried away i’m sorry

Having a sleepover with Bokuto
  • him coming at your place 3 hours earlier with 2 bags full of junk food
  • him insisting on watching scary movies
  • him doing the popcorns and almost setting your microwave on fire
  • him being afraid and putting his head at the crook of your neck
  • you laughing at him
  • you deciding to scare him
  • you scaring the shit out of our little owl
  • “Why did you do it s/o-san? I thought you love me” while pouting
  • him sulking
  • you kissing him to say sorry
  • him asking you to make him hot cocoa to forgive you
  • you cooking something he loves
  • him telling you funny stories
  • watching TV on the couch with your head on his chest and his arms holding you tight against him
  • you painting his nails
  • “But s/o-san, I don’t like this colour!”
  • “Too bad because it looks good on you”
  • him asking you to do your hair
  • you declining and him pouting again
  • washing your teeth together and him splashing water on you
  • staying awake almost the whole night
  • sleeping under a blanket fortress that he insisted on making
  • him whispering sweet nothings
  • you falling asleep way before him
  • you sleeping on top of him
  • him kissing you on the forehead
  • srsly tho, the night will be filled with sweet and not so innocent kisses

“The future looked so bright, darling.”


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Tch, thanks, Ethan doesn't think it's "cute" though *laughs* oh man you should've seen how shocked he looked when I told him I casted 3 spells in the same day! Haha, he looked like he was gonna faint! *laughs and starts to sketch, Fiero looked stubborn when she mentioned the owl's name*

Anxiety: o-oh?

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What type of Plushie would Reaper, Lucio and Soldier get their S/O as a 'hug this when i'm away, hopefully it'll help' gift

i have 90 billion plushies so,, this would be a good gift for me

Reaper: a stuffed owl, mostly because its face looks like his mask and he secretly loves owls

Lucio: obviously, he would get them a frog plushie. no explanation needed. (the frog is wearing headphones)

Soldier 76: after a lot of thinking, he’d end up going with a classic valentine’s teddy bear. what can I say, he’s a cheesy romantic

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3rd gym + yamaguchi: if they had a picture of his s/o as the wallpaper on their phone, what would it look like and and why? good luck on your blog honey ❤️

Aww thank you! I really appreciate the support you guys all give us <3

Kuroo Tetsurou

The one time that Kuroo’s s/o fell asleep in class is what Kuroo has as his wallpaper. He was planning to use it as blackmail later, as a joke, but the more he stared at it the more cute aspects he found on them. And thats how he fell for his s/o.

Bokuto Kotarou

As a suprise, his s/o had once taken him to a pet shop where they had a bunch of owls. The pet shop owner let them hold them, as long as they didn’t let them escape. His s/o got to hold the great horned owl first, and Bokuto couldn’t help but take a picture. His s/o was holding an owl, that looked like him!

Akaashi Keiji

Akaashi had once taken his s/o on a date to the aquarium to see the dolphins, and when they saw them, they ran straight to them, putting their hand up to the glass as if they could touch the dolphins. Before catching up, he snapped a photo of his s/o and the dolphin. The dolphin was rubbing its head against the glass as if it could feel the hand.

Tsukishima Kei

It was a picture taken before Tsukishima and his s/o were dating. His s/o has a giant grin on their face with the soft sunlight in the background. Tsukishima only kept it because “it’s the only picture in existance that s/o doesn’t look hideous in.”

Yamaguchi Tadashi

I feel like Yamaguchi would have a picture of his s/o studying, looking down at a notebook or something. Just like all natural, you know? He probably didn’t even take the picture himself; Tsukishima probably took it and sent it to him. He really likes the concentrated look on their face.

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 98 Spoilers

Amon: O…Owwwwww…
Urie them watching Amon as Ginkui bursts from within
Urie: ….
Aura & Higemaru: Fina..lly…
Saiko looks gloomy
Saiko: …leader, lets go chase after Owl
Urie: Ya………no….wait…. (He looks somehow weird….)
Amon’s body starts transforming
Amon: Ha..Gu…ah… Oww Owww.. O gooo ke… *moaning*
Amon transform into that look like Owl kakuja
Amon: Owwwwwww…. co…py……
Urie: Wha… (its coming!!)
Amon blows ukaku bolts to Urie
Urie: !!
Urie defends, but his attack was so strong he got blown away. Urie and Shao got pierce in the stomach
Urie: (…his kagune is growing insanely…he cannibalized is it….)
Urie vomits blood and Hige rushes to Shao but caught Amon’s attention
Higemaru: !! Monster…Aura! Can you do it!?
Aura: No..I cant…my leg is broken
Higemaru: Right…!! How long until its healed!?
Aura: …even if I am at “frame 3″…with utmost speed it will be 15 minutes…
Higemaru: How about “frame 4″!?
Aura: …3 minutes…but….my control is…
Higemaru: I will give you 180 seconds! Heal up and help Urie san!
Higemaru rushes forward
Higemaru: Tooru san! Yonebayashi senpai! Please be my back up!
Higemaru activates his kakugan
Higemaru: (”frame 3″ release)
Higemaru: Lets go!!
He releases his kagune and jumps upwards
Higemaru: Owhhhhhh!!!
Higemaru uses his kagune to lock on Amon’s head and get on top of him
Higemaru: Tooru san!
Mutsuki releases his kagune
Mutsuki: Get back!
Mutsuki slashes through Amon’s body
Higemaru: How’s that!
Higemaru: Huh!?
Amon grabs Higemaru and toss him into the wall, his upper body is inside the wall, after he moves his legs for a few seconds, he stops moving 
Aura: Higemaru kun….!
Mutsuki: Hige kun!!
Amon opens his mouth and attack Mutsuki
Mutsuki: !!
Amon bites Mutsuki and starts munching
Mutsuki: Ga…Ah..uahh
Mutsuki’s stomach got bitten and starts bleeding. Urie stands up slowly
Urie: ….Higemaru…
Urie: (….whats with “I will give you 180 seconds”….)
Urie takes out the ukaku bolts that pierced his stomach earlier
Urie: (I dont need Aura’s help….Mutsuki…..lets go back…together….!)
Urie: In the chateau…..
When releasing his kagune, Urie thinks of Mutsuki’s smile
Urie: (I will…..you…..!)
Urie: Gaaaaaaaah!!!
Urie leaps forward with drool still hanging. Amon throws Mutsuki away and grabs Doujima
Amon: Doujima…
Amon uses his kagune to strengthen Doujima. Both of them fails to evade each other’s attack fully. Amon got sliced and Urie too. Urie falls down. Amon reaches his limit, the owl kakuja falls apart
Amon: I….I……
Then Saiko’s kagune falls on Amon strongly
Amon: Gyuuu—!!
Saiko: I wont let you kill leader…!!
Saiko..who is crying…
Saiko: ….who……what are you…? Why….why did you helped Saiko back then….like this….I……
Amon: (Why?…)
Amon thinks of the time when he fought with Kaneki, when Kaneki cried
Amon: ….I see….because it was the right thing to do I thought….I thought it was just some “ghouls” joke…. Maybe seconds later I will take down your head…. Yonebayashi….is it….this world…is wrong…..what is the right thing…what is the wrong thing….its not easy to understand…so….keep thinking about it….is your decision right or wrong…..that alone is perhaps the right thing to do….
Amon: ….I feel like I am flying….please….”like this”…..kill….
Saiko grits her teeth, and crushes Amon

Transmission: The 6th day since landed on Rue Island, 20 December 0521…Annihilation rate gone passed 98%. Thus concluding the “Rue Island Landing Operation”
Itou aiding Takeomi
Itou: Are you okay Takeomi
Takeomi: I am sorry….
Itou: No no, you did well against an opponent like that
Fura is smoking, and Ui is squating down
Ui: “98 %”….? so its short of….2%…
Fura: ….Its-not-like-that, suddenly the appearance of “the ghost of 20th ward”, I understand what Tsukiyama did to revenge due to Ihei’s doing…and……the strongest investigator, is he stupid….
Transmission: Continuing with the next operation, listen closely. Annihilating “Aogiri Tree”, is our greatest results. But….we CCG is now met with a new danger. Arima Kishou’s death, and Cochlea’s breach. The one who killed Arima Kishou is….Haise Sasaki. He led ghouls and free all the ghouls in Cochlea. And, called himself the “One eyed King” foolishly

Hori Chie is waiting inside a boat, beside her is Mirumo
Chie: They re here
Nishio, Kurona, Roma, Miza, Naki, white suits, Tsukiyama, and few other ghouls appear
Miza: Those three look familiar…..are you sure you dont know them…?
Takizawa, Akira and Hakatori are there

Matsuri: And there is one more thing…the biggest lost that we have made is….Director Yoshitoki is killed….During the operation, the boat got attacked by ghouls. By the time I rushed over, the director has already….Special Class Marude might have gone crazy and committed suicide by jumping into the sea
Somewhere in the forest, a man that looks like Marude is sneezing
Matsuri: Director Yoshitoki is the one that wanted peace more than anyone else, and is loved by all. I…am CCG’s Special Class Investigator, not an investigation commander….As a Washuu, as his son, I will continue his will

Kanou is greeted by a hooded woman
Kanou: Nishino kun, you brought the experiment information right?
Nishino: …yes…
The hooded girl is Nishiki’s girlfriend, Nishino Kimi

Inside the boat
Matsuri: (….I never thought I would succeed the Director’s role like this…I…from 
政  to  吉政 …isnt that  政基地 ?… Whatever…father is already….I must find Marude’s body….Knowing “Washuu’s secret, I cannot let him live….Protecting Washuu’s family secret, is my duty…..Washuu and V….)
Suddenly, an investigator came in…
Investigator: Special Class! Incoming…report..
Matsuri: What is it…
Investigator: Wa…washuu… ***im going out bye! In summary, the Washuu family, including the chairman got killed by the clowns***

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fluff with akaashi and his s/o? i need more fluff in my life omg

One very long order of fluff coming right up! Fluff is an essential. Kind of a first-date-at-the-amusement-park scenario!

7:59. Akaashi woke up before his alarm went off–precisely one minute beforehand. He hadn’t been able to sleep soundly the night before, waking up every few hours and having twenty different dreams in between.

9:00. He was out of the house, dressed in casual clothes and a hastily inhaled breakfast jostling around in his stomach. He tried keeping his pace relaxed and nonchalant, and yet for some reason by the time he reached the bus station, he was a little out of breath. Just a little.

9:30. Akaashi saw them before they called out his name.

It took a lot to get Akaashi excited or flustered, but somehow that all flew out the window when it came to his partner. They walked toward him, their hand raised in a wave.

“Good morning, Akaashi,” they said happily.

He nodded. “Good morning.”

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