he looks like an angel here

Add just stared at him. The Mastermind didn’t even know or care why the hell is the emotion full angel is here in his room, bad move, in his laboratory. How did he get in there?

- Get out! - he stated calmly but with much anger that Ain nearly get scared. Nearly. 

- Aww but Apocalypse loves me… I don’t wanted to leave. - he laughed as the cube floated around him.

- … - Add looked at its cube, then annoyingly flopped his table off. - You fucking traitor… - Apocalypse did a funny move then just disappears. 

Ain made a face. Of course he don’t like his attitude, but this is why he is here. He wanted to see Add, be sure he is fine because the others, and Elsword, worried about him. Eve too and it became a real problem for them. His Eid’s suddenly flops out.

- Yes I know Mut, don’t tell me that…he is irresponsibly and egoistic.

-…are you talking with your crystals? - Add asked, not really impressed.

- Mr. Ancient! You talked with your Apocalypse last day! We saw it, that was the problem… 

- Why do you care? Its just a machine. Not like I am not already insase…haha. - Add smirked then tried to continue his work, but the blue Eid suddenly flopped there and jut circled around him. - Can you not…?

- But yes! - was the only answer. - You need a day off.

That was too sudden for Add, he nearly dropped all of his things from his hands.

- What…? Why the fuck do you care?

- Hmm… - Ain narrowed his eyes with the dismissive look he always show when he don’t like something around him, or someone. He suddenly clapped his hands together. -… then we need to go on a date! - the shinny eyes Ain made for him was the most horrific thing Edward ever saw. And the angel tried to get away with an answer, how annoying!

- W-wha—

The Erbluhen Emotion grabbed his hand and just pulled him out of the room.

- – STOP THAT! - he pulled his hand back. - Why the fuck do you care now? Its because that bratty boy isn’t it? I don’t give a fuck and because you have emotions it doesn’t mean you can do anything you want! So fuck off! - Add turned away and wanted to get back to his room.

- Mr. Ancient…- oh no it was bad. Ain was angry he can tell, but as he looked back unimpressed again, his face shown otherwise. Like he was angry but somehow only from his voice you can tell? - …

Add looked away and it was a bad idea because suddenly he floated up with a nearly red aura.

- Ah, thank you mut, good job~good job!~ Now bring him after me! We need to discuss about your antisocial behavior, Mr. Ancient. It’s not really great for the others and for you.

Add wanted to destroy him and his Eids, but do he have other choice now? He was truly tired and maybe he can have a great coffee for once…


Ain looked back to the tsundere boy.

- …I like latte, without sugar and much whipped cream. 

- Ahhh~sure sure~ we can go to the Eldery Coffeé shop. Great, great you are doing fine there, I will let you go if you behave for once!

- Whatever Priest brat… 

As Add thought, it wasn’t that bad.

here are some reasons why your fav isak valtersen is problematic

  • apparently has no idea what incognito is in regards to his porn searching 
  • ended three relationships and still looks like the Purest Angel in the universe 
  • probably thinks he’s good at rapping
  • the hair curls + snapback 
  • somehow underwent the most remarkable transformation from smolest ever into smol but no longer smolest in the course of one year and frankly it’s mind baffling 
  • this is his icon??? 

and he has this pasted to his wall

Underrated* but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode twelve:

There are a lot. There’s so much Yuuri I put it under a read more starting about halfway through. 

Yuuri please stop honey you are too good and too selfless. HE WANTS TO STAY WITH YOU FOREVER. PLEASE TALK TO EACH OTHER YOU HELPLESS DORKS. 


Hamster hat only adds to his preciousness, honestly. 

This shot, animated is one of my favorite bits of animation in the series. It’s so good?

Sweet as can be.

Yuuri, probably: I doubt I have many fans…


Is it the costume sparkling or is it Yuuri himself?


My longest yeah boi ever. 

look like hell I’m not including this gorgeous moment.

when he literally SCREAMS and it’s wonderful.

I’m not crying you’re crying (we’re all crying).

you are an absolute angel.

precious Yuuri so nervous for his scores after the skate of his life (his eyelashes continue to be amazing). 

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What I love about each B.A.P member


  • Likes watching skateboarding videos on Instagram 
  • He follows so many skateboarding/architecture/travel accounts on Instagram 
  • He always looks so pure and good 
  • So soft
  • I think he’s just a baby angel sent here to spread happiness 
  • The way he blinks
  • His nose ring
  • Goes from adorable cute to damn boy in .0000001 second 
  • But mostly he’s in his adorable state
  • Constantly dancing 
  • His speaking voice 
  • His incredible rapping 
  • He comes up with a lot of their choreography 
  • Likes to put his hood on and cinch it tight lol 
  • It makes him look like a lil baby 
  • He’s just sooooooo cute
  • I want to squish him 
  • My son 
  • Very interested in fashion
  • His fashion has his own flavor 
  • Sometimes it can be a little questionable but he pulls it off well 
  • His random V lives in the dance studio
  • Apparently is a potato
  • Same
  • Mochiiiiiii
  • Bless him for creating an Instagram for Mochi 
  • Tol yet smol
  • His Pillow Talk solo…
  • We’re not gonna talk about that 
  • Quirky 
  • Dances as if there are no bones in his body 
  • He’s so flexible and wiggly 
  • Beautiful, pretty, handsome
  • His face is so unique and that’s what makes him soooooo pretty to me
  • His hair has been every color 
  • And each color looks great 
  • “Shutdown, sorry”
  • Loves skateboarding
  • Sock fairy 
  • King of Socks 
  • Took all the socks in the dorm when he moved out bc he thought they were his
  • Did he really believe ALL of those socks belonged to him????? 
  • Since the members showered by age, he was always last but would fall asleep before it was his turn
  • Use to slam doors and punch the recording room walls when he was angry 
  • He was so smol and young back then I don’t blame him, puberty is rough
  • But oh boy look at him now 
  • Was basically raised by the members 
  • Hugely influenced by Yongguk
  • Banglo 
  • I love their relationship with all my heart
  • He is the man he is today thanks largely in part to Yongguk 
  • When Bang was talking about him back at that concert in 2014 and precious bby couldn’t hold back his tears
  • This kid is amazing 
  • I still can’t believe he was 15 when he debuted 
  • Look how much he’s grown
  • Not just height wise 
  • He is very aware of the darker side of things 
  • But continues to be a shining beacon of sunlight 
  • No Title gives me chills every time I hear it 
  • He’s unbelievably talented 
  • Leave some talent for the rest of us
  • Jk take it all my amazing child 
  • He improves with every song 
  • Super cool dances to go along with his raps 
  • Constantly working to improve his performances
  • Never sits still
  • Always moving 
  • Doesn’t care about being weird 
  • Daehyun was so done with him during that one V app 
  • You know the one where Zelo threw Dae’s shoe 
  • And was making a bunch of funny faces at the camera 
  • And kept singing about wanting to go to Mexico and Brazil
  • Just another day in the life of Choi Junhong 
  • Destroyed his hyungs in the Vring U episode with the banana cushion 
  • That one time he pulled the string out of Daehyun’s hoodie during a game 
  • You cannot win against the maknae 
  • Extra af 
  • Loved and adored by BAP and BABYz alike
  • The members can’t get enough of him 
  • He is so loved TT^TT
  • I have so much admiration for him 
  • Pick whatever word you want to describe him
  • But there are not enough words in this world to describe how truly remarkable he is

Feel free to add some of your favorite Zelo things! Our golden child.

YG | HC | DH | YJ | JU | ZL

I found god at 2am outside the local gas station he looked a lot like you. He told me “an angel like you shouldn’t be out here alone” and I replied “so take me home” and I swear there’s no way he’ll be allowed back into heaven after that night. He told me that being good gets boring so I showed him how fun hell can be. He swore to me that he would protect me as the flames grew higher around us until they engulfed anything we hadn’t already burned down ourselves, and I swore to him that I’d never leave him no matter what the verdict of his crimes turned out to be. I swore I thought I knew what love felt like but I tasted it for the first time dripping off his tongue. And I swore I thought I knew what heartbreak felt like, but I’ve tasted it in the back of my throat ever since he left.
—  Even god will break your heart.

“I can’t believe that out of everyone in mystic falls, you choose this psychopath.” Stefan scoffed, glaring at Klaus. Although Klaus is a serial killing hybrid, he’s never laid a hand on you. Plus, Klaus has always been so sweet and genuine to you.

“Come on baby sis, I thought you had standards.” Damon added, looking at Klaus in disgust.

“I’m still here, lads.” Klaus implied.

“Okay, you guys need to stop it. It’s not like you both are angels. Ripper.” You scowled at Stefan, then at Damon. “Oh and the girl you love, Damon, you technically killed her brother.” You folded your arms in front of your chest, waiting for a response from your brothers because your brothers aren’t actually saints. 

“Yeah yeah yeah.” Damon said. Stefan just stood there silent in defeat.

Klaus grinned at your remark in defending him, then looked at your brothers. “Hypocrites.” Klaus walked over to you, putting his arm out for you to hold. “Shall we, love?”

“We shall.” You said while glaring at your brothers, then you and your date started walking towards the gymnasium where the dance was held.

Damon rolled his eyes. “Can we just kill him already, Stefan?” Stefan laughed, then he and Damon followed after you.

“Again, still here!” Klaus added, putting his free hand in the air, pointing his index finger up. This is going to be an interesting night.

Day one of November ficlet prompts [here]

First Kiss

His palms were sweaty, like they always are when he’s nervous, and he shakes his leg under the table because he gets restless. Something under his skin itches and he sneaks a look at Cas. The angel’s scruffy and aching from their latest hunt, a rouge angel killing anyone who was devoted to God, massacring churches because he felt betrayed by his father.

The hunt had hit pretty close to home for Cas, and he wasn’t just worn out, but he was also hurting. Dean kind of hurt too.

“Cas,” Dean says.

The angel turns to him and they lock eyes. His mouth is stuck firmly in a numb frown and the bags under his eyes are heavy and dark.

“You okay, buddy?”

Dean’s a coward. He knows that something is wrong and he knows that Cas should talk about it. Winchesters don’t talk, though. It’s just a way of life. So Dean makes sure Cas knows he understands his pain. He acknowledges that the angel is hurting, but he doesn’t do anything about it.

Dean wants to break this cycle.

“Don’t say you’re fine, because you’re not,” Dean speaks, and he hopes that his eyes say what his mouth isn’t. It’s okay to hurt. I’m here for you.

Cas gives him a tight lipped smile. “I’m okay, Dean.”

But he’s not and Dean knows it.

I’m here for you. Please, open up. Tell me what’s wrong. I want you to rely on me, I want you to need me like I need you.

“Hey,” Dean says softly. He scoots his chair closer to Cas. They’re in the library, surrounded by books and time and magic. “You can talk to me.”

Cas turns his face away. Don’t hide from me. 

“I’m okay, Dean.”

“No, you’re not.”

Without thinking, he reaches his hands out and tips Cas’ chin back towards him. He lets his fingers linger on rough stubble, on a firm jaw. Cas freezes at the touch and so does Dean.

“It’s okay, Cas,” Dean says. He doesn’t really know what he’s saying, but he hopes it brings comfort to the angel.

Cas swallows and Dean feels it from where his fingertips still touch his skin.
It’s Cas who leans in and lets their lips brush first.

It’s a tentative kiss, careful and slow. Dean sighs lowly, contently. The touch is chaste and soft and slow and perfect. A hand comes up to cup Dean’s jaw.
When they part, Cas’ face is so close that he can see the wrinkles by his eyes and the creases in his chapped lips. 

“I can hear you,” Cas says, “I hear you ache when I hurt, Dean, I hear it all in your prayers.”

Dean feels his palms sweat more with the nerves and the shame for everything Cas must have felt through their bond.

The hand on his face brings him back along with Cas’ gentle shushing. “No, no, Dean. Don’t feel this shame. Thank you.”

He kisses Dean again.

“Cas,” Dean sighs against his lips. It’s short again, but sweet. “Cas, I don’t want you to hide from me.”

“I know,” the angel says quietly, “I know.”

this free skate killed me. what did we do to deserve such an angel??? idk about that, but I do know we all deserve more of this beauty right here, which is why I’d like to share with you these beautiful frames of our prima ballerina from the gif above.

Frame 1. Idk about you guys but I found this beautiful haha

Frame 2. the emotion in this frame ;A;

Frame 3. the side profile to die for and those braids are wonderful

Frame 4. this frame reminds me of Viktor lol

Frame 5. yusssSSSSS

Frame 6. okay he reminds me more of Julia now

Frame. 7 hgnnnnNNNNN



#thankyoubones week: day 5 → 8 jack hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes

Jack Stanley Hodgins IV is the literal walking embodiment of ‘beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure’. I mean……. LOOK AT HIM. Besides his sweet, kind, angelic personality, he has this innocence and child-like wonder in him (again, similar to Booth’s… but a more “nerdy” version in comparison), and his passion and love for his work makes him one of the best people to look up to and aspire to be like. ‘What I want out of my life is to come in here and sift through slime and bugs. Unfortunately, my family is one of those who secretly run the world’…. this line back in the fifth episode of the entire series itself speaks volumes about his character. Despite all the wealth in the world, Hodgins remains humble and generous and just like any other normal guy out there - you wouldn’t guess that he was the sole heir to a billion-dollar private company. He’s really easy to relate to as well, and his love for conspiracies and being KING OF THE LAB will always be the most endearing parts of his character. All in all, Jack Hodgins deserves every bit of love out there, both from Angela, and from us ❤️


Oh, do you know what you got yourself into? Can you handle what I’m about to do? Cause it’s about to get rough for you. I’m here for your entertainment.
Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet. You thought an angel swept you off your feet, but I’m about to turn up the heat, I’m here for your entertainment.

“Instructions for Taking Care of Yurio” -- Otabek Altin

Thank you for agreeing to look after Yurio while I am away. I appreciate it. He can be rather difficult at times, but I promise that his heart is in the right place. He has a small temper… 

Anyways, here’s some tips that might help:


  • Feed and Water — gets angry when hungry or dehydrated
  • Praise his grandpa’s prozhkis
  • Remain calm when he throws a fit
  • Bring cats (he likes them even if he says he doesn’t)
  • Nod when he badmouths Victor and Yuri and JJ and rest of the world
  • Call me if/when Yurio is too much to handle
  • Clean and pick up after him
  • Take him to the mall if he is bored
  • Save him if his fangirls are chasing him
  • Keep him busy and out of trouble


  • Assume he’s an angel because he looks like one
  • Make a move on Yurio while I am away
  • Mention JJ
  • Mention Victor’s promise to be his coach
  • Question his fashion
  • Suggest he should move his hair out of his face. He knows it’s there and he will tell you to “Go to Hell” –don’t take it personally
  • Take things personally when he cusses you out
  • Assume he’s angry when he looks angry, yells, or kicks things
  • Assume he is happy just because he is not frowning
  • Call the cops

Actually, on second thought, I think I will just take Yurio with me.

not to be dramatic but like imagine being like a centuries old lich who’s evaded the raven queen and all her servants all that time and constantly becoming stronger and caring less and less about the people who you hurt on the way until one day you see your little brother again and he’s in the suit you buried him in and its covered in oil and he looks exhausted but otherwise unchanged and he’s here to take away the life you’re living, and wanted him to live

anyways, i think the keetz = kravitz theory is really neat

Underrated but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode five:

he drew first again. :(

I wonder if he was familiar with the tissue box before Victor started coaching him? Like surely Victor brought his Makkachin tissue box to all of his own competitions, right? 

He looks so confident sniffing his armpit. Go Yuuri!! 

eyelashes of a champion

what is this he’s so pretty?

HOLY SHIT YUURI!! WOWOW. Eros game on. 

a costume from my embarrassing past (I AGREE WITH MINAMI WTF YUURI)

he literally just finished flashing back to naked Victor here 

the softest, most stubborn bloody nosed boy. an angel. wow.

Hi my name is Mithos Yggdrasill the Hero and I have golden blond hair with lighter blond tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like the goddess Martel (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Kratos Aurion but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m an angel but my wings are rainbow and glowing. I have pale white skin. I’m also a seraph and I go to a magic comet called Derris Kharlan where I’m in the four thousandth year (I’m four thousand and fourteen). I’m a half-elf (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly white. For example today I was wearing a white onesie with matching gold trim around it and a dipping v-neck and golden shoes. I was walking outside the Tower of Salvation. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Lloyd Irving stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

*squints at Servamp opening song*

Lust pair: Bridal style/ carry the princess/ save me from this world

Envy Pair: *grabs shoes of Cinderella*/ Just hanging around with style/ I can see my chaotic neutral actions from over here!/ Jeje where r u goin

Pride pair: I can show you the world~!!! / Flyin to the moon in my rocket ship/ Hugh is planking tbh/ looks like he`s riding a missile/ FIRE IN THE HOLE

Greed pair: *screams* I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD–/ “When I said ride me Lichtan, I didn`t mean like THIS-”/ Lawless honestly doesn`t mind it anyways/ angel need no wings to fly

Sloth pair: Kuro wtf/ get over here theres like lots of room/ Im that cat who sits by the broom tbh Mahiru/ he jello really


Cas slams the brakes right behind the Impala and springs out of the car. He tries to keep calm, at first, as he knocks the door, waits a few moments for the response. But when no sound comes from the inside, he can’t stop his fist from banging against the metal.

Still nothing.

He pulls out his phone and dials Dean.

“I’m here,” he says as soon as he hears Dean’s voice. “Let me in.”

“Great. Didn’t see you coming.” Dean’s voice is calm, soothing Cas’s nerves like a balm. “I’m not inside.”

Cas shoots a glance to the black hood of the Impala, reflecting the golden glow of the moon.

“Where are you?”

“Look up.”

Cas tilts his head back like he expects Dean to fall from the sky and right into his arms.

“Cas!” comes Dean’s voice, not from the speaker, this time, but a distant call.

The angel runs up the stairs and back to the street. At the edge of the bunker’s roof, there’s Dean’s dark shape waving at him on the backdrop of yellow and blue sky, bright as if the sun already began to rise.

“Climb up the west side,” Dean instruct him and ends the call before Cas can warn him not to stumble.

Dean’s waiting for him as he reaches the roof.

“What’s wrong?” He scrutinizes Dean’s form wide-eyed. There are cuts and bruises on his face, his jacket is ragged, one sleeve nearly torn off, long lacerations on his jeans, the fabric covered in blood. “You’re hurt.”

Cas reaches out to Dean, fingers graze his bared collarbone. He mends the skin, blood vessels, muscle before Dean can open his mouth to answer.

“How’s Sam?”

“Thanks, Cas.” Dean flashes him a smile. “Sam’s much better than this, just a few bruises.”

“What happened? Did the werewolf–?”

Dean waves a hand. “Son of a bitch kicked our asses, the giant up there powered it up big time. But it’s been dealt with.”

Cas follows Dean’s eyes to the enormous, golden orb hanging in the sky, brightening it up with the borrowed light.

“Yes.” Cas nods. “Its position is the closest to Earth in sixty-eight years. Its influence on werewolves, humans, and other creatures is sure to be strengthened.”

“Yeah, we figured that much.”

“I’ll go take care of Sam,” Cas says, starting towards the ladder, but Dean stops him with a hand on his wrist.

“Wait, Cas. I didn’t call you to heal our ouchies. We’ve both had worse.”

Cas cocks his head to the side, his brow furrows. “Then why did you call me? You sounded anxious.”

He steps closer, turns Cas around towards the gigantic moon.

“I wasn’t anxious. I was excited. A little,” Dean adds with a lopsided smile. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Oh,” Cas huffs as Dean presses his arm along his.

Dean’s eyes are fixed on the moon, but Cas turns his head in a different direction. To the green that has turned golden, to the irises that became two reflections of the brilliant satellite.

“Sorry, it was stupid I had you drive all the way here,” Dean mutters, taking Cas’s stare for indifference.

But it’s not indifference. The phenomenon named by people “Supermoon” is truly gorgeous and rare in human standards. Cas, as an angel, has seen it thousands of times during his existence, from every possible place on Earth. He saw what he should probably call a “Superearth” too, from the surface of the silver globe.

“Don’t be,” Cas replies, softly, not to disturb the quiet of the moment.

It’s not that he’s not interested in admiring the supermoon. It’s just that there’s something else he’d rather admire. Something just as unreachable.

He dares, for just a heartbeat, to brush the back of Dean’s palm with his own where they hang between them and Dean doesn’t shy away.

Cas smiles. “I wouldn’t want to miss this.”

Alec & Jace Lightwood: a touching friendship

City of Ashes:

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk,” Jace said. “When I got back, I bumped into this sad bastard mooning around the porch.” He pointed at Alec.

City of Glass:

“Did you ever think that in a past life Alec was an old woman with ninety cats who was always yelling at the neighborhood kids to get of her lawn? Because I do,” Jace said.

City of Fallen Angels:

“Alec keeps sending me annoying photos. Lots of captions like Wish you were here, except not really.

City of Heavenly Fire:

“It’s Magnus birthday,” Alec said, flipping the phone shut. “I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t—to think that I forgot.”
“You’re pining,” said Jace.
Alec shrugged. “Look who’s talking. ‘Oh, I love her. Oh, she’s my sister. Oh why, why, why—’ ”

“Are you still mad because I broke your phone?” Jace said. “Because you broke my wrist, so I’d say we’re even.”
“It was sprained,” Alec said. “Not broken. Sprained.”

“Jace could get himself killed putting his pants on in the morning. Being his parabatai is a full-time job.” 

“The first time you saw me,” Jace said, looking down at his hands, looped around his knees, “I bet you didn’t think, He’s going to get me killed.”
“The first time I saw you, I wished you’d go back to Idris.” Jace looked over at Alec incredulously; Alec shrugged. “You know I don’t like change.”
“I grew on you, though,” Jace stated confidently.
“Eventually,” Alec agreed. “Like moss, or a skin disease.”

“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie.”
He paused, clearly waiting.
Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”
“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.

Scream - *SMUT*

“ Do you write smut ? If so pls make a dom rough calvin i beg you “

Well, uh, shit. I just wrote smut, so that’s great. I hope you guys enjoy this. <3

I watch Calvin’s back. He is currently sitting at his desk, finishing up editing his new video on ‘Lucid dreaming’ He looks like an angel right now, the glow coming from his computer screen creates a shining aura around his body. I sigh, bored of laying here by myself. Calvin promised he would be done in ten minutes and that was half an hour ago.

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