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Drummer! Ong Seongwoo

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Summary: college! au + brother’s best friend! au
Based off: Seongwoo’s gif & this prompt (@dailyau & @fullhomosapien)
Genre: fluff
A/N: Everyong literally witness my meltdown upon seeing the musician’s gif of Seongwoo. I was watching Master Key while typing and thanks to that, all the fics that that are coming out during my hiatus are all Ongniel 

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

  • A drummer for a College Band and plays for a lot of music festivals
  • Despite not being a ‘professional’ band, there are lines of people waiting for them to perform
  • He started learning to play drums at a very young age
  • 7 years old Seongwoo wanted to be different from his peers who were playing piano and violin, so he chose to play the drums
  • At the start, he was really bad
  • Mainly because he was a really hyper kid and just couldn’t sit still to the point where the teachers had to tame him with candy
  • As time progresses, he improved a lot
  • He started out the band with his best friend, Daniel, who plays the bass
  • They organised an audition and soon enough they had Jaehwan as the lead vocal, Minhyun for the keyboard and Sungwoon for the guitar
  • They started out by joining competitions like the ‘Battle of the Bands’ soon hit popularity because good songs + pretty cute people = instant success!
  • This equation doesn’t make any sense irl like at the people who slept at nu’est smh
  • Seongwoo loves his drum sets A LOT
  • Since it was the first thing he bought with his own money after receiving his paycheck from songs he had done demos for
  • While he plays for the band, he teaches drums to children at a nearby orphanage while juggling with his studies as a medical student
  • Has a fanclub who literally goes to watch him to perform so they admire his handsome profile while playing drums 
  • If only they can see the 4587 horrendous photos of Seongwoo he sends to his streaks on Snapchat 
  • His studies are pretty decent even when he is super busy all the time
  • Had the highest amount of votes for ‘Most likely to conquer the World’ for his college superlatives because he is literally everywhere ngl
  • Hands down won 'Most Handsome’ by a landslide 
  • He is the drummer but he gets a lot of singing lines because, for some ungodly reason, he can do both at the same time without breaking a sweat
  • hi where do I sign up to worship ong seongwoo
  • His drumsticks are really cute since it was the one he used since young so they still had those spongebob stickers he and Daniel had stuck when they were younger
  • Here’s the thing, you were Kang Daniel’s younger sister
  • You grew up seeing Seongwoo by your side since the day you came back from the hospital tbh
  • He had been there when you still had your braces and even time when you got them removed
  • Or witness your emo phase where you had those embarrassing bangs you proudly cut yourself and pretty much wore fishnet stockings along with you skull decorated converses everywhere
  • But you had been his #1 supporter from the start on his musical skills
  • Like you did listen to his playing with a serious expression and critique his performance later on
  • Daniel was done with the two of you
  • You always had a huge crush on him like whenever Daniel read you bedtime stories, you will be like 'seongwoo is my prince charming!!!!’
  • Daniel gets so flabbergasted when you see you want to marry him cause he’s like ‘no no Seongwoo is my bromate! You can’t have him!” (oneniel detected)
  • I mean have you seen him?? 7 years old Seongwoo is just as fine as he is now;;;;;;
  • Which lead to Seongwoo using that to tease you in middle school to give him your gummy bears
  • You did deny it, saying it was a silly turn but good lord, your crush grew bigger as he and your brother became more mature and started breaking hearts
  • The only thing you had against him was your height
  • Like you were the same height with him when you were 12 and he was 15
  • Whenever he goes 'Didn’t you used to like - ’ 'HI SHORTIE!’
  • It was in your family genes since Daniel was already one head taller than Seongwoo by then
  • But when you turned 13, you had moved to an all-girls boarding school as your mum had previously been an alumni and religiously believed that 'all-girls school is the best education for a young lady’.
  • You only dropped by home occasionally but you never really had the chance to see Seongwoo since he was always busy
  • Daniel did tell you that he had drums practice, theatre performance or even a football game
  • You only got updates through photos that you begged Daniel to send whenever he could
  • While you had gotten more mature and the crush on Seongwoo fizzled, you were just sort of interested in his well-being???
  • He was the like the ex you never had LOL
  • But also because you had 0 male interaction in your school so like technically the last person you ever had a crush on was still Seongwoo so you were sort of attached 
  • When you finally graduated high school and came back to your hometown to join the local college
  • You had been meeting with your few friends the last few day but Daniel wanted to introduce you to his bandmates that you had been hearing a lot of
  • You didn’t have a clue who played in it since he refused to share with you but their songs were very much to your liking
  • Especially that one voice who always sung the bridge
  • You dropped by the garage since Daniel wouldn’t be moving out until 3 months later when he graduated from university
  • Daniel greeted you with a laugh as he started showing you his member
  • Your jaw dropped when you saw the drummer fiddling with his drumsticks like he was rly CUTE,,,,,
  • Your brother introduced you to the rest of the bandmates but your eyes were pretty much set on the drummer
  • Let’s just say you had the shock of your life when you realized it was Seongwoo
  • But wow your heart literally skipped a beat when he pat your head and went all 'who’s the shorty now huh?’
  • Like it was supposed to be teasing but knowing he became taller than you just made you go ???? what is my heart doing
  • Photos really didn’t do him justice or maybe because Daniel is just bad at taking photos but Seongwoo literally looked amazing - just like before
  • Your heart accelerated when he moved in to give you a hug and whispered in your ear that he was glad to see you
  • The younger you would probably have thought he was in love with you but age can really change someone
  • Best friend’s little sister - that was all you were to him
  • College went on as usual and Seongwoo sometimes dropped by to have lunch with you since you took the same major unlike Daniel
  • You two definitely became closer as he also sort of tutored you when you needed help for your chemistry class
  • Close enough that you asked him what do you do when you were asked out by the cute guy in your physics class, Park Jihoon
  • In your mind, you were hoping that it would like one those sappy romcom where the male lead gets jealous and say something like don’t accept him and go to me instead
  • But this wasn’t a drama but reality instead
  • This time it really hit you that you needed to completely move on when Seongwoo was amused and asked you to accept him right away
  • So you did but you realized something was wrong
  • You didn’t feel anything with Jihoon
  • You did blush when he fed you but  it wasn’t like with Seongwoo where you felt your heartbeat skipping so fast and your stomach was doing summersaults
  • On the other hand, Seongwoo didn’t exactly know what the heck was going on with his feelings
  • When he saw you at the garage, no longer dressed in your brother’s hands me down and in something fitting and grey contacts on, his heart wasn’t listening to his mind
  • You were clearly his best friend’s sister so why was he reacting to you this way ???
  • He pushed it behind him, telling himself that there was definitely some sort of explanation for that
  • Maybe he just wasn’t feeling well that day or you know he just misses you,,,, 
  • As friends, that’s all, nothing more than that
  • You definetely weren’t good for his poor heart 
  • But he really didn’t know how he had become frozen in his seat and his head started spinning when you had told him your boy dilemma
  • He wanted to tell you to say no, to be with him instead yet his throat felt dry and something else had come out
  • Something a brother’s best friend should be saying instead
  • “Go for it! I will be there if you need more advice.”
  • It was a week later when Daniel had brought up the topic on you and Jihoon
  • Apparently, things were going pretty well with you two as you had already told your parents about it
  • But Seongwoo scoffs at the news, saying that you were most definitely going to get your heartbroken since jihoon was a fuckboy
  • Daniel was like, “why are you being so salty???”
  • Daniel was like “yeah sure whatever you say bro” but it’s like the boys instinct or whatever, he knows that Seongwoo definitely had something on you
  • While you didn’t think you were 'in love’ with Park Jihoon, it still hurt when he had dumped you like Seongwoo had predicted
  • After all, he was your first boyfriend but Daniel was having none of it and make sure you didn’t spend your time moping around
  • He told you in order to recover from your heartbreak, you should learn a new skill and be productive
  • You thought it was pretty ridiculous but you comply since well, he was still your older brother
  • You were like 'oh i really want to learn a music instrument since young!’
  • Conveniently, Daniel has read an article 'somewhere’ that playing the drums really helps with heartbreak (can anyone sense the amount of sarcasm in this sentence)
  • Even better, Seongwoo was free to teach you in mastering the drums like wow such good timing amiright???
  • Even if Daniel placed the opportunity right in his hands, he still didn’t think it was right
  • He was extra careful around you and honestly, you made a really good student
  • You learned things really quickly and you made the effort to practice as much as you could afford to
  • But the atmosphere between you changed
  • You couldn’t get one technique so Seongwoo came over and place his arms around your back and settle his wrist on yours to guide you
  • You could hear his breathing and just the scent of his which smelled like peppermint and fresh laundry
  • You turned around and like your face is barely inches away from his
  • You noticed all the small things you had never seen before
  • Like the mole under his eyes, his sharp jawline along with his deep set of mesmerizing eyes
  • He backed off immediately and that was when you knew your answer
  • Two heartbreaks in a month wasn’t something you’d be proud of but what could you do about it?
  • Daniel didn’t know anything as he passed you tickets during dinner for the college festival his band will performing in two days
  • It will your first time seeing them live and while you wanted to be excited, you couldn’t help but think of Seongwoo
  • You had ruined a perfectly good friendship but you knew the tension you both had wasn’t going to go far,,, it had to end somewhere
  • Two days later, you were amongst the crowd but Daniel found you immediately and waved which you did the same
  • Seongwoo looked surprised at your presence as you noticed him whispering something to Daniel
  • You didn’t pay much attention but looked at the list of songs they were performing
  • Great! Your favourite song was on the list
  • The festival started and like everyone else, you immersed yourself in the music
  • When your favourite song started playing, something seemed to be calling out to you as you looked at the band
  • There was an uncomfortable thing tugging at your mind when your favourite line was coming up
  • That was when it happened
  • Seongwoo sung the lyrics of your favourite line
  • But this time, you locked gaze with him
  • It seemed like no one else was beside you as you two shared the moment of him seemingly dedicating that line to you
  • “When you love someone so much that it overflows. It’s so amazing because this is how it is.”
  • “You’re such a soft-hearted person. Every time you are silently in pain, even if I have to give my all, I want to make you smile again.”
  • As it moved on to the next person, he smiled at you and nodded
  • When it was time to see them backstage, rather than talking to Daniel, Seongwoo whisked you away to the empty waiting room
  • “When I was teaching you …. I wish I had pulled you in and do this.”
  • He leaned in and kissed you, taking your breath away
  • Soft lips pressed against yours for the first time and you leaned in
  • You moved his hands and placed it on your waist
  • You gasped when he tugs your lower lip with his teeth and you could feel him smirking
  • He continued kissing you as he picked you up by having your legs wrapped around his waist
  • Everything came to an end when there was a knock and you could hear Daniel shouting that the stage crew wanted everyone to leave in 5 minutes
  • He gently set you back on the couch and you giggled as you buried your head in his chest
  • It ended up with you having messy hair and his white buttoned up being wrinkled
  • But it didn’t matter anyways when you both laughed at each other
  • “Feelings mutual huh?”

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old married eruri

when they’re in their fifties, levi complains about silver strands showing up in his hair. meanwhile erwin has a bad back, all his joints ache, his knees are about to give out, hair turned completely white, even worse: his hairline is receding (he’s devastated by this and prays levi doesn’t notice.) erwin just shakes his head bitterly and starts to question why he decided to marry a beautiful superhuman who, besides faint crow’s feet, doesn’t look like he aged a day over thirty.

Hamilton — Aaron Burr, Sir  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Smile more.”
  • “That would be nice.”
  • “I’m getting nervous.”
  • “You can’t be serious.”
  • “Can I buy you a drink?”
  • “You want to get ahead?”
  • “He handles the financials?”
  • “Who’s the best? C’est moi!”
  • “I have been looking for you.”
  • “I wanted to do what you did.”
  • “God, I wish there was a war!”
  • “That depends. Who’s asking?”
  • “Pardon me. Are you _____, sir?”
  • “I may have punched him. It’s a blur.”
  • “I’m _______, I’m at your service, sir.”
  • “Good luck with that: you’re taking a stand.”
  • “If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?”
  • “Ooh, who is this kid? What’s he gonna do?”
  • “You’re an orphan. Of course! I’m an orphan.”
  • “Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.”
  • “I got sort of out of sorts with a buddy of yours.”
  • “I was seeking an accelerated course of study.”
  • “He looked at me like I was stupid. I’m not stupid.”
  • “So how’d you do it? How’d you graduate so fast?”
  • “It was my parents’ dying wish before they passed.”
  • “It’s hard to have intercourse over four sets of corsets…”
  • “Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.”
  • “While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice: talk less.”
  • “We could prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for!”
Good Girl Ch 17: Stories Of A Bad Girl (M)

“No,” I grumble, tucking myself deeper into Sehun’s embrace.

“Come on baby, you need to eat something,” Suho tires for the tenth time.


“Hyung, maybe we should try again after the meeting,” Sehun suggests.

Suho sighs, “Fine, the boys should be here soon anyway.”

My head perks up, “Boys? You mean my oppas?”

Both boys look at me, happy to see me interested in something, but not happy with what it is. I haven’t let go of Sehun since yesterday after my bath, except to use the bathroom and even than he would be standing at the door waiting. This whole time we’ve been snuggling on my bed, both annoying and saddening the other guys. I sit up on my knees in bed, still straddling Sehun, Suho is on my left dressed in his suit. In nothing but underwear and one of Sehun’s t-shirts, both men can’t take their eyes off me, even in my messy state.

“Are you talking about my oppas?” I ask again when neither of them answers.

“Why does that make you happy?” Sehun pouts.

“Nothing else would get you out of bed, not breakfast, not school, not any of us, but them?” Suho is obviously offended, he looks like a real dad with his arms crossed over his chest.

I hesitate answering, afraid of making them angry, “I just want something that I know, people that know me. Something familiar.”

They share a sober expression, a silent conversation between the two. Suho looks back to me, annoyed with the words about to come out if his mouth, “Will you eat if we let you see them?”

I smile big, “Jin oppa told me he would make me ox bone stew remember? I’ll eat that!”

“That also means you have to get out of bed and get dressed.”

I nod vigorously, “Can I take a shower too?”

“No shower, bath,” Suho corrects me.

I pout for second before giving him an amazing smile, “If you let me shower, you can shower with me.”

“Why not me?” Sehun’s hands hold my hips tighter.

“You have had her too long anyway, you took my turn. Now,” Suho opens his arms to me with a satisfied smirk, “come here baby girl.”

After giving Sehun a quick peck on the lips and a thank you for watching over me all night, I eagerly rush to Suho with the promise of a shower. He easily picks me up and carries me away from a blushing Sehun. It doesn’t take very long to find Suho’s room, it’s a lot like the others, dark in color, the same beautiful view of the ocean past the floor to ceiling windows. There is a built in book shelf that takes up the whole wall, filled with books and little sculptures, and even a few pictures here and there. I don’t have time to look at much, he carries me strait into the massive bathroom; if mine is built for a princess, his is built for a king. There is a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room, covered in gray tiles, a frosted glass shower is in the corner.

“Can I take a bath in here?” I ask when he sets me down on the edge of the tub.

“No baby, you asked for a shower,” Suho smiles down at me surprisingly seductively as he takes off his tie and his suit jacket. “How about you get in first, get used to the water, and tell me when it’s okay for me to come in?” I nod, getting to my feet but hesitating on taking off my clothes so casually. He chuckles, “Do you want me to do it?” When I don’t respond he comes closer and grabs the hem of my shirt, I don’t stop him so he pulls it over my head. Next are my panties, he takes those off slowly, letting his hands caress my legs all the way down. He takes a step back to actually look at me, and like Sehun he looks kind of broken inside at the sight of the bruise.

“I’ll get in,” I say before slipping past him into the shower, my own heart breaking at his sad face. The futuristic shower throws me off for a second, after another minute of staring at it Suho calls to me, “I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to turn this stupid thing on.” I’m too focused to hear the shower door open and Suho sneak up behind me, easily turning one of the many knobs and turning on the water. His body is pressed up against my back, a blush spreads across my face when I feel something hard touching my lower back.

“Is it too cold?” He asks as the cool water runs down us, leaving goose bumps in it’s wake. I nod. He turns the handle more until the water pouring out is just slightly burning. “Better?” Again I nod. He starts humming some unfamiliar song as he begins reaching for bottles on the built in shelf. I jump when he starts washing my back, pausing with his hands on my shoulders he asks, “Tell when you want me to stop.” When I say nothing he continues slowly, washing both arms, all the way down my back but stops with his hands on my tummy. “Can I wash your chest?”

“Yea,” I answer softly, his hands go up slowly massaging my breasts softly. He only stays there for a second before traveling lower, past my lady parts to my legs. I feel my cheeks get hot when these words come out of my mouth, “Can I wash you?”

“What was that?” He questions coming even closer.

“Can I wash you?” I repeat louder.

“You don’t have to ask to touch me, ever.” He hands me his body wash, I squirt some into my hands before lathering them together, enjoying the smell that comforts me like Suho’s presences. I hesitantly reach out, placing both of my hands on his chest. It’s warm, like he always is, I start moving my hands in small circles across his chest, shoulders, and arms. There is an undeniable blush across my face when my hands drift lower to his amazing abs, I get even redder when I see his member standing at attention. Look up at Suho I see his eyes are closed tightly, his chest raising and sinking as he takes deep breaths to calm himself. Feeling brave I let my soaped up hand brush against it, my eyes never leaving his face. Watching him tense at such a small touch turns me on.

With a deep breath I grab onto the base of his shaft, and quickly start pumping. Suho’s eyes snap open, his dark orbs are fixed on me, he leans in closer, his hands go on either side of my head, locking me against the wall.

“Baby,” He warns me, but his hands ball into fists as he begins bucking his hips against my hand. “Why are you doing this?” He groans, my pumps continue to accelerate.

“You looked like you need to relax a bit,” I answer innocently.

He rests his forehead against mine, his eyes closed again, “This isn’t relaxing baby, all it’s doing is making me want to pin you up against the wall and take that precious virginity of yours’.”

“So you want me to stop,” I tease slowing my pace.

He growls, “Baby, don’t tease your daddy, I can barely control myself right now.”

“Okay, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl,” I give him a chaste kiss before pumping him harder and faster. I watch his muscles tense, kind of enjoying the way I affect him. After a few more pumps he comes undone at my hands, spraying his seed on to my stomach and the wall behind me. His chest is heaving, he leans down and places a not so innocent kiss on my lips.

“You are such a naughty girl, getting daddy all worked up like that,” He whispers in my ears.

“You seemed to like it though,” I tease.

He snickers, “How are you still a virgin with that mouth?” He kisses me again before turning off the water. “We should get out before they send a search party after us.”

I nod. He grabs a towel from out of the shower and wraps it around me before grabbing another for himself. Leading me back into his room we find a stack of clothes for me that Suho does not agree with.

“A dress, seriously? No,” Suho scoffs, “You are wearing my shirt and sweat pants.” He decides before puling me into his closet, like mine it’s massive with way more clothes then a person would need, but his definitely isn’t as colorful as mine, with lots of black, gray, and other dark colors. It reminds me of my actual wardrobe, not all the girly stuff they gave me but of all my hoodies, jeans, and sweaters that I love. Suho pulls out a over sized t-shirt and a surprisingly small pair of joggers that would still be a bit big on me but way too small for him. “I kept these here for whenever you stayed with me, that way you wouldn’t have to go back to your room,” He explains.

He helps me put on the underwear Sehun had brought me before putting on the clothes he picked out himself.  When I’m fully dressed he begins looking for his own outfit, finding a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Such a contrast from how he looked earlier, he was so fancy looking but now he looks like some really hot guy you could pass on the street and fantasize about later.

He catches me staring and smiles, “I’m already yours baby, you don’t need to stare, you can touch me all you want.” My cheeks are on fire, I look down at my hands in my lap. “Why so bashful suddenly? You are the one who asked me to take a shower and you are also the one who gave me a hand job out of nowhere.”

“Daddy stop, you’re embarrassing me!” I cover my cheeks.

He leans down and kisses my forehead, “So cute.”

“This is nauseating,” Kai teases, making fake puking noise in the doorway.

“Aren’t you supposed to knock? What do you want?” Suho glares at the younger.

Kai rolls his eyes, “Our guests have arrive, I was told to bring you and baby girl along. I’m very disappointed to know that you bent so easily hyung.”

“Sehun told the others too right? We don’t need a blood bath in our living room.”

Kai nods, “Yes, yes, he told all of us, Xiumin hyung was very upset.”

“About what?” I ask Suho.

“We decided that for today, only today because you are feeling down, they can touch you like they used to.”

I can’t help but smile, “Really?”

“Don’t get too happy or we’ll change our minds,” Suho warns.

“I never got the chance to make up my mind,” Kai glares at the older man. He looks at me with a completely different demeanor than I’m used to from him, he smiles softly and offers me a hand. “Come on baby, I haven’t gotten you at all.” I walk over to him, taking his hand, and he leads me out of the room. The is a lot of noise coming from the living room, I can hear everyone talking and having fun, making me hesitate in the hall. “What’s wrong baby?”

“I don’t want to ruin the fun,” I look up at him.

“What do you mean?”

I start backing away from the doorway, “Whenever I’m in the room with all of you guys things get tense, they sound like they are having fun.”

Kai’s grip on my hand tightens, “You aren’t ruining anything, you want to see them don’t you?”

I nod.

“Then lets go see them, we won’t get tense, we will be good daddies, I promise.”

“Are you sure?”

He nods.

With a deep breath I take a few more steps so I can see into the room. Everyone is sprawled out on the floor or the couch, enjoying each others company, it’s a very warm atmosphere that I love. Baekhyun sees us standing in the doorway and smiles.

“Good to see you out of bed baby girl!” Baekhyun beams at me, getting off the couch to give me a hug.

“Are you feeling better?” Lay joins us, Kyungsoo and Chen behind him waiting their turn.

“I’m okay, does my face still look that bad?” I reach up and touch where I know the bruise is, flinching at the pain.

“Don’t touch it,” Kai scolds, swatting my hand away.

“This is so weird,” Yoongi says, his voice getting past the crowd of men talking to me. I weasel my past them to the seven boys still sitting on the floor. They jump to their feet at the sight of me. “What the hell happened?” Yoongi growls coming straight to me. “Who the fuck hit you?”

“Calm down Oppa, there was an incident at school,” He opens his mouth to ask more questions but I cut him off. “It’s was Joon or something. He’s already been um, taken care of.”

Chanyeol chuckles behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and giving my good cheek a quick peck, “You make it sound so cute.”

“Hyung?” Namjoon questions.

“Like she said, there was an issue we handled it, end of story,” Chanyeol deadpans.

“Joo-ya,” Jin waves me over, ignoring the glare Chanyeol is giving him, “Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes, but I’m starving, could you make me some ox bone stew now?” I beam at the cute man, who automatically nods and heads toward the kitchen with me on his tail and the group of men on mine.

“Noona,” Kookie calls.

I look over at him when I sit down at one of the bar stools in the kitchen, “Yes?”

He sits down on my other side, “Jihyo noona was really worried about you, did you ever call her?”

I shake my head, “I haven’t had my phone since yesterday, it’s in my backpack and I don’t even know where that is. Can you text her for me telling her that I’m not dead.”

He smiles and nods, pulling out his phone.

“Jin oppa, can I help you cook?” I ask with a big smile, that he can’t refuse. I come around the counter. “What should I do?”

He scans the scattered ingredients on the counter, “Can you peel the radish?”

I nod and rush to grab the three massive radishes, putting them in the sink I scan the cabinets before looking to for help from the many boys watching us. “The peeler?” I ask. Kyungsoo comes forward, opening a near by drawer and handing it to me, I thank him. Luhan comes over with a cute smile on his face, he quickly slips behind me, tying a cute little apron around my waist.

“So cute,” he coos, I laugh as I begin peeling with ease but stop when Chen comes behind me next and pulls my waves into a bun with a hair tie.


I nod giving him a smile, “Thank you.”

“Have you been helping Kyungsoo-ya cook?” Jin asks me as he boils the meat.

I shake my head, “I’m not allowed to cook.”

“Not allowed?” Hoseok and Namjoon echo, completely baffled.

“You love cooking, and you are really good at it,” Taehyung grins at me.

“I cooked for them the first morning I was here,” I think back to only a week ago. My how things have changed for me.

“It was really good,” Baekhyun says.

“Why isn’t she allowed to cook?” Jin questions coming over to help me cut the radishes. With two large knifes in hand he lays down two cutting boards. Once again Kyungsoo appears next to me, taking the knife offered me, making me pout.

“It’s too dangerous for her,” Kyungsoo takes my place and begins chopping the radish.

“She isn’t a child,” Yoongi snaps. “I don’t know what you guys are doing to her, this isn’t the Jooyoung we know.”

“Oppa,” I place a hand on the older boy’s arm, earning us all eyes. “It’s fine, it’s just how things work here.”

He stares down at me dumbstruck, “Since when have you been so submissive? Where is the feisty girl that got a fake ID to sneak into a club last week? Or better yet, the girl who is in that mug shot that Jihyo still has hanging above her bed?”

“Stop,” I snap, using both of my hands to cover his big mouth.

“Mug shot?” The twelve men echo.

“Baby girl,” Kris raises a brow at me, undeniably amused by this news, “Are you a bad girl?”


“You can hear one,” I deadpan, still glaring at Yoongi across the table for spilling my past. They had pulled more chairs up to the long table, I somehow convinced them to let Jimin and Kookie sit next to me.

“How many are there?” Poor Lay looks like he’s about to pass out from worry.

“There are lot,” Namjoon answers for me, smiling down at his bowl, ignoring the glare he’s earning from me.

I groan, “There is not that many.”

Hoseok chuckles, thinking back to old memories, “There is the time with the boat. The streaking. The car was a bad one.”

Even Jimin joins in on teasing me, “Oh lets not forget the best, the fight that earned you and Jihyo some beautiful mug shots.”

“Those are actually some of my favorite photos of you guys,” Jin laughs.

“Pick,” I demand.

“How about two?” Sehun smiles at me.

“Depends what two,” I lean back in my seat with my arms crossed over my chest, feeling a lot older suddenly, not the baby I was this morning. My daddies notice it.

“Streaking and the fight,” Kai answers for him, Sehun and the rest nod in agreement.

“Ugh,” I groan. “Okay fine, but the car story is mixed into the streaking one, so when Jihyo and I were 15 we were hanging out with some of her friends. We were playing strip poker-“

Kris interrupts me with a laugh, “As you do at 15.”

“No teasing or you won’t get to hear it,” I pout.

“I’m sorry baby girl, please continue.”

I sigh dramatically, “We we’re playing stripe poker, it was not my idea but I know how to play poker so I was good. Jihyo on the other hand absolutely sucks at it, so being Jihyo, she convinced me to throw the game so we would both loose. Losers had to run half a mile down the street and back. Everything was fine, we were running wild down the street, making a bigger deal out it than we should have by hooting and hollering the whole way. But on our way back we happen to run into a police car, or at least Jihyo did, she ignored my warning and got stopped. I know her parents would have freaked out if she had been caught so I snuck into the cops are and put it in drive. They freaked out and ran after it, so we ran away.”

All twelve men are staring at me like I’ve grown a second head, while the other seven are dying of laughter since they were the friends I decided to leave out of the story. Baekhyun shakes off his shock, “The car doesn’t seem so bad compared to the rest of it, why is it one of your stories?”

I look down at my stew and begin to shove big bites into my mouth, but Yoongi answers for me, “What she forgot to mention is that the car rolled down a hill and hit four other very expensive cars that the police department had to take blame for damaging.”

“Hey, it isn’t my fault they left their car door open for anyone to just hop into a joy ride,” I defend myself.

“I don’t know whether or not I should be upset or proud,” Chen looks as if he’s trying to figure out the meaning of life with all the confusion on his face.

“Beyond proud,” Luhan basically climbs across the table to kiss my forehead, “Loyalty is very important, I’m happy you have so much of it.”

“I’m a bit upset that you would go to such lengths for that girl but Luhan hyung is right,” Kai gives me a small smile, “so loyal.”

“Our baby is so amazing!” Chanyeol cheers from the far end of the table, Baekhyun of course joins in on the cheers.

“Alright, boys calm down,” Xiumin gives me a smirk, “I want to hear about this fight that got our little Joo-ya a mug shot.”

“There isn’t an arrest on your record,” Suho questions.

I nod, “That’s the benefit of having Jihyo’s dad be rich and powerful, he cleaned that up in no time.”

“How long ago was this?” Lay wonders.

“Um, about seven months ago, Jihyo had convinced me to go to some random American bar that she really wanted to go to because apparently that’s where all the hot ones go. After being there for a little while some guys started getting a little too touchie with us but when we asked them to back off they didn’t listen. So we did what any normal person would do-“

Yet again I’m cut off but this time by someone who knows the story, “What you did was nowhere near a normal girl reaction. Most girls cry or threaten to call the cops but you were such a badass!” Kookie can’t hold in his excitement in.

“Calm down Kookie,” I pat the younger’s head, “You can’t just jump the build up like that. Anyway, Jihyo and I each punched the next closet guy, ducked away and watched as a bar fight began. But things got a little too crazy when the guys found us even in the mess of punches and thrown bodies.”

“What did you do?” Lay is filled with worry once again.

“We kicked them in the nuts and when they hunched down to protect their manhood we kneed them in the face. It was actually amazingly coordinated.”

“Who would have thought our baby would be such a badass?” Xiumin smiles at me with fondness.

Fresh Start - Part 10

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Joe West, Iris West

Words: 3146 (sorry again)

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @moonlightbae14  @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms @jade-cheshire @kindfloweroflove  @castellandiangelo @captainboomerangsunicorn  @catscanwritetoo @arianna280398 @mikkywinchester   @oliviagrace02 @fofo64004 @gothesimplethingsinlife @dejewskoo @yohoyohoafandomlifeforme @blue-berry-barry-allen @staceyisweird

Request: none

Notes: hi guys! I’ve decided I’m not going to keep on putting the links of every chapter I post because, let’s be honest, it takes me ages to do it so instead, you can find the link to the masterlist just above the beginning of the chapter where you can find all the parts of this series along with everything I’ve written so far!

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The next couple of days were some of the best days you had in a long time. You went to college every day, you enjoyed all the classes and every time you went back home, Barry was there, at the door, waiting for you, eager to hear about your day and your classes. He also started to tell you about his work at the CCPD. He used to be so busy and sometimes he had to leave out of nowhere when he was called from the police department. You understood and it never bothered you. Every time he left, you took the time to go through your assignments for class and your “secret” assignment: you were digging information about the scarlet speedster.

You had decided to keep it a secret because you knew Barry would try to stop you if he knew. Since you weren’t going to stop, the best thing you could do was keeping it to yourself. Sadly, nobody knew much about him. It looked like he appeared after the explosion of the particle accelerator but you already knew that. There were some articles in some scientific magazines about him but nothing worth your time. There were also dozens of videos and photos of him on the internet but nothing that would led you to him. It was exasperating.

Unfortunately, your secret didn’t stay like that for a long time. A week after the attack, you and Barry were having dinner at your apartment and were about to start watching Game of Thrones. You asked Barry to look for the episode you were both on while you made the popcorns.

“Everything ready?” You asked coming back from the kitchen. But it wasn’t ready.

Barry was reading something on your laptop and it was then when you remembered you hadn’t closed the last sites about The Flash you had visited. Damn it.

“What’s this?”  He asked looking up at you.

“Nothing important” you shrugged putting down the popcorns and sitting by his side. “Curiosity” you added taking the laptop from his lap.

As you felt his eyes on you, you looked up at him and sighed. There we go. You knew he wouldn’t just let it go. With another sigh, you put your laptop back on the table and turned your body to be facing him.

“I’m trying to find him” you shrugged. “I have to talk to him”

“Why?”  He frowned.

“Because…” you sighed. “I…saw something the day of the attack only he can explain” you told him. “And I also want to thank him” you added.

“You don’t have to thank him” he replied immediately, “saving people is his work” he shrugged.

“So? He saved my life!” You frowned.

“He saves so many people’s life and no one is around trying to thank him!” He exclaimed.

Somehow you were glad he had forgotten about the part that you had seen something. You didn’t want to explain anything about Laurel.

“Well, I’m not anyone! I want to thank him” you repeated.

“You have to stop” he almost ordered you. “It’s dangerous” he added. Just like Oliver said.

“You know I won’t stop” you told him death serious.

Barry didn’t want you anywhere near that part of the world. It was too dangerous. And if you kept on digging, you would end up finding out about his secret identity and then, you would become a target for all his enemies. He just couldn’t have it. But there was no way he could explain that to you without telling you who he really was.

“Whatever” he sighed looking away from you, trying to find a way to talk you out of it.

“I’m not changing my mind, Barry” you said. You saw him shaking his head silently before he got up and took his coat.

“I have to go” he said coming back to the couch to plant a kiss on your head before heading out of the apartment.

Really? Did it affect him so much he literally just walked out of your apartment? With a sigh you turned off your laptop and took the bowl of popcorn to take it the kitchen, not feeling like watching anything anymore.

Barry went back to Joe’s house frustrated. He wish he had a way to make you stop but he knew you enough to know how stubborn you could be. There had to be a way to talk you out of it but he just didn’t know how.

“Hey Barr” Joe said from the couch. “I thought you would be staying with (Y/N) tonight” he said.

“Yeah…” he mumbled with a frown.

“Everything okay?” He asked now worried.

“Remember when I saved her last week?” Barry said as he sat down on the couch, taking the beer Joe offered.

“Yeah, from Black Siren” Joe answered.

“Yeah…” Barry sighed. “Now she’s digging about The Flash. She says she wants to thank him for saving his life. I tried to talk her out of it but she’s just…too stubborn” Barry told Joe.

“Sounds familiar” Joe laughed. Barry looked at him confused. “Iris” he explained.

“Oh…yeah” Barry chuckled. “That’s exactly what I mean… Iris’ life was so much safer before she knew about me” he shrugged.

“Maybe, but she’s happier now. Perhaps (Y/N) would be happier as well if you told her the truth” Joe suggested.

“No” Barry said immediately, shaking his head. “I can’t drag her into this. I won’t” he said.

“I imagined you would say that” Joe sighed. “Maybe The Flash can talk to her? Like he did with Iris?”

“Because that really worked out right?” Barry laughed.

“I’m not saying it will work” Joe shrugged. “But since Barry Allen can’t make her change her mind, maybe The Flash can”

“I guess I can try” Barry sighed. “Thank you Joe” he added with a small smile.

“Anytime” Joe smiled patting Barry’s back.

No, you didn’t stop searching. You didn’t even consider stopping. Maybe Oliver and Barry had both told you that it was dangerous but it couldn’t be that dangerous. You didn’t want to face a villain on your own, you just wanted to find a way to contact The Flash. Anyhow, since you knew Barry didn’t like the idea, you decided to do your research while you were at college. At home, you were careful with your laptop every time Barry was around. You used to delete your history and kept all the info in an USB unit.

Sadly, you weren’t closer to reaching out to him than you were at the beginning. You just had articles, pictures but nothing that would help you to find him. It looked like he just appeared at the crime scene out of nowhere and when he finished his job, he disappeared again.

One day, five days after you started your research, you were at the library of your college. You had finished an article about the effects on the economy the new amusement park in Chicago would have and you were now on your own personal research. You weren’t as confident as you used to be but it looked like it was your lucky day:

You discovered a web site all about the Flash. Articles, photos, theories…everything. And all of it came from the very same person: Iris West. Somehow her name rang a bell in your head. You knew you had heard it before but you just couldn’t figure out where. Anyway, she was your best chance at finding The Flash at the moment. It didn’t matter to you that the last time she published anything on that web was more than a year ago. You had to give it a try.

You typed a quick text to Barry, saying you were going to be a bit late for lunch and then you were on your way, feeling excited all over again about this brand new lead. Finding out a bit about Iris West was easy. She was a reporter for the CCPN so all you had to do was Googling where the headquarters of the newspaper were and you headed that way, all the time trying to remember why that name was so familiar to you.

Fifteen minutes later you went through the doors of the CCPN and stopped on your tracks. It was the first time you were in a newspaper so you took your time to look around, wishing you could work in a place like that at some point in your life.

“Sorry, may I help you?” A man had approached you and was now looking at you with a small smile on his face. He looked young, probably on his thirties, and nice.

“Yes, sorry. I’m looking for Iris West, is she here?” You asked with a smile.

“Yes sure, she’s that girl over there. The one with the dark long hair” he said pointing you towards a desk.

You looked over that direction and suddenly it hit you. She was Iris West, Joe West’s daughter and Barry’s best friend. Of course it sounded so familiar. Barry used to talk about her a lot. Remembering that stopped you a little. If she knew Barry, she would probably tell him about this little surprise visit and he would know you’re still digging about the scarlet speedster. That was if he had told her about you…had him? You had never asked him and he had never told you.

Finally, you decided you had to try since you didn’t know when you were going to have a chance like this one ever again. So you just walked over her desk with confident.

“Hello, are you Iris West?” You asked when you were close enough. The girl looked up, confusion all over her face.

“That’s me” she said finally smiling a little. “Do I know you?”  She asked.

“I don’t think so” you chuckled, praying it was true. “My name is (Y/N) and I’m a student at the journalism school” you told her.

“I went there too!” She said with a big smile as she got up to shake your hand. “So what can I help you with?” She asked smiling widely now. She really was beautiful.

“I am…I’m writing an article for one of my classes and since I’m new here in Central City I thought about writing it about The Flash” you said. Sha narrowed her eyes a little but nodded, signalling you to keep going. “So I was doing some research and I found that blog you started a couple of years ago and I was wondering if… you could help me out” you said nervously.

“I certainly gave up that blog a while ago” she chuckled. “But sure, I’d love to help you” she nodded.

“Oh my god, thank you so much! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions now? I have an appointment and I don’t want to be too late” you said taking out your phone to record what she would say.

“Yeah no problem, but follow me” she said.

You followed her to an empty room. It looked like they used to have meetings there. She took a seat and offered you to take one as well. You took out your notebook as well and turned on the recorder after asking if it was okay.

“So…why did you start this blog?” You asked. All you wanted to go was going straight to the point but you didn’t want to be too obvious.

“A couple of years ago, before I started the blog, everyone started talking about this…strike you know? Every time something bad was going on in Central City, it just appeared and saved the day. I guess I got curious, I wanted to know more about it so I started blogging about him” she told you with a shrug.

“But it looks like a very complete blog…how did you get all that info? Were you in contact with him?”  You asked with your heart now pounding against your chest.

“Not really” she laughed.

“But you had an encounter with him right? According to that blog you posted about your meeting with The Flash” you asked her. Once again, she narrowed her eyes at you, suspicious.

“I did but he was the one who found me” she said. “Can I ask you something?” She asked. You nodded with a gulp. “What are you really after?” She questioned.

“What do you mean?” You asked back.

“You claim you’re writing an article about The Flash and yet, you haven’t asked a single question about him” she pointed out.

You stared at her in disbelief. How could you have been so stupid? What would you tell her now? Keep on lying didn’t feel like the best choice. You sighed and turned off the recording and closed your notebook.

“I want to contact him” you finally told her. “He saved my life last week and I need to thank him” you added.

“You can’t contact him. It’s dangerous” she said.

“Stop with the dangerous thing. I just want to talk to him” you sighed leaning against the chair. “You know who he is, don’t you?” You said narrowing her eyes.

“I wish I did” she simply said. For some reason, you didn’t believe her. “Please, stop digging. It will make you no good” she said getting up from her chair and leaving you alone in that room.

After lunch with you, Barry went straight to the CCPD. He had been missing so many days of work lately and he knew he would be facing the consequences if he didn’t get his work done. Joe used to cover it up for him, but Barry knew he wouldn’t be able to do it for much longer. So he went straight to his lab before his boss saw him.

It was hard to focus on his work when he spent most of the time thinking about you. Just like Cisco had said: he was falling hard. You were his constant though, every hour, every minute. There was nothing he could do about it, nor like he wanted to try anything. For the first time in a long time, he felt happy, like everything was in place.

“Hey genius” he turned his head towards to find Iris walking in his lab.

“Hey! What a surprise” he smiled getting up from his chair to hug her. “What brings you here?” He asked.

“Something that happened today at work” Iris said. Barry frowned worried.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

“Yes but…” she sighed. She walked over Barry’s desk and leaned against it. “A girl came to see me today” Iris said. “She was looking for The Flash”

Barry tensed as Iris said that. He didn’t know how, but he knew she was talking about you. You were still trying to contact him regardless what he had told you.

“Really?” He frowned crossing his arms.

“Yes, she said she wanted to thank you for saving her life last week” Iris explained. Definitely it was you.

“It was (Y/N)” Barry sighed.

“That was her?” Iris asked suddenly excited. “I met your new girlfriend without even knowing it?” She smiled.

“I think so” Barry said running a hand through his hair. “I saved her from the Black Siren last week and a couple of days later I saw on her laptop a bunch of information about the Flash. I told her to stop but apparently she didn’t listen”

Barry felt really angry at you. It really looked like you had stopped this nonsense but he was supposed to know better. You weren’t going to stop.

“I have to talk to her” he said after a while.

“I thought you already did that” Iris frowned.

“No I mean… The Flash has to talk to her” he explained.

“Oh…” Iris said surprised by his best friend’s decision.

That night you were in bed watching a chapter of Friends before going to sleep. You were so tired after the day you had, and also disappointed. You really thought visiting Iris West was going to help you. Obviously you were so wrong and now you didn’t know what else you could do. You had thought about going to the police and ask for help, but you already knew what the answer would be.

Once the episode finished, you turned off the laptop and texted Barry a quick goodnight text. Then you got up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water to take it to your room. Luckily, you didn’t have class until noon the next day. You drank some water and filled the glass again before going to the kitchen. But when you saw the figure standing in the middle of your living room, you let out a scream and dropped the glass, which didn’t even get to touch the floor. The speedster had caught in and put it on the table in less than one second.

“Are…are you…?” You mumbled still shaken up.

“The Flash. Yes” he nodded. He was doing something with his vocal chords that changed his voice so there was no way you recognized it. “I’ve been told you’ve been looking for me” he said.

“Iris told you?” You frowned, finally being able to talk properly.

“Iris is a friend” was all he said. “And you have to stop this” he added.

“Why is everyone so stubborn with that?” You sighed.

“It’s dangerous” he said.

“If I hear that word again I swear I’ll jump down the window” you snapped.

“I would catch you” he shrugged. The both of you stayed silent after that. “You don’t have to thank me” he said.

“That’s not the only thing I want to do” you said.

“What do you mean?” He asked. You gulped, nervous for what you might find out.

“Black Siren” you said. “Who is she?”

“A villain. That’s all you need to know” he replied.

“She’s Laurel Lance and that girl is death” you said. “Just give me an answer!” you exclaimed, desperate.

“I can’t. Laurel Lance is indeed death. That girl is not her. That’s all you need to know. Now stop digging before something happens to you” he said.

“What could possibly happen to me? Nobody knows me here” you said.

“Enough people knows you” he replied. “I gotta go” he said, getting ready to run away.

“I’m not stopping” you said before he ran off.

He stopped and looked like he was about to say something but he what he did was more surprising: he let out a groan. A small one but loud enough for you to hear it. And for some reason, he had forgotten to change his voice, making it sound strangely familiar. Then he just ran off.

That groan… it was the same one Barry used to do when you did something that exasperated him. Exactly the same one.

Cisco Week Day 1: In which our reader learns why Cisco is so jealous.

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Anon Request: an you please write about Cisco being jealous over Barry or Jay (pre zoom arc) because Cisco thinks you like them but can’t get it through his surprisingly thick skull that you want to be with Cisco and no one else 

Warning: None!

Your name: submit What is this?


“Okay I got another one, why did Sally fall off the swings?”


“Because she didn’t have any arms! Knock, knock.”

You can’t help the small smile that formed on your face as you geared up for the punch line. “Who’s there?”

“Not Sally!!” Barry breaks out into a full on laughter, snorting a bit from his corny joke and you can’t help but laugh along with him because his laugh is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.

You glance over, seeing Cisco standing in the doorway, holding a few spare parts. Your grin grew widener from seeing him because God, he just made you feel like a giddy school girl. Before the particle accelerator explosion and the whole Wells being the Revered Flash, you were hired as a mechanical engineering by Wells Prime to work at STAR labs, post explosion.

You were paired up with Ronnie at the time and even took part in building the accelerator, which is where you met Cisco. He looked like a fan boy when he first started, geeking out over every little word Harrison said but always getting shut down by Hartley.

“Come on Hartley, lay off him for once.”

You stepped in one day when Hartley was scolding Cisco on all the “junk” he had in his work station. At first, you weren’t going to get involved with whatever rivalry they had but something in you just couldn’t stand the fact that someone was putting Cisco down the way Hartley was.

“But out Y/N, this has nothing to do with you.” Hartley said back, sending you a glare that made your blood boil.

“Actually, it does. Cisco here is with Ronnie and I with building the accelerator and you’re distracting him with your content nagging and belittling him.” You say, stepping towards Hartley. “I’m sure Dr. Wells wouldn’t be happy knowing that one of his employees is wasting his time with childish bullying. Plus, this isn’t even your department so it’ll be wise for you to leave, we’ve got work to do.”

You didn’t leave much room for argument as Hartley quickly closes his mouth, setting his lips in a firm line before storming passed you. “This isn’t over.” He said before taking his leave.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself take.” You called out before turning your attention towards Cisco as he stares at you in awe. “W-What? Is there something on my face?” You ask quickly.

Cisco blinks a few time. “No..no there’s not, it’s just that..no one has stood up for me. Against Hartley of all people.”

You shrug your shoulders a bit. “It’s fine, really. Hartley could be a jerk sometimes and from personal experience, it wasn’t cool what he was saying to you.”

Cisco continues to stare at you and you can’t help but feel a small blush forming on your face from being under his gaze. “Besides all of that, we haven’t been introduces yet.” You say quickly, holding a hand out. “I’m Y/N L/N” You smiled.

Cisco soon shakes your hand. “Cisco Ramon.” He states, eyeing you up and down, a small smile forming on his face.

“Well Cisco, it s pleasure to meet you but I should probably head for my lunch break.” You say, pulling you hand away slowly about to turn and leave when you thought of something. “Did you want to join me?”

“What?” He looked thrown off for a second. “Are you being for real?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Of course I am. If you coming with you should hurry, Big Belly’s is having a special on their burgers.” You soon turned and left out the room with Cisco right behind you. Since then, you two have been stuck together ever since. During after the explosion and training Barry, to fighting meta-humans, you two were always together but you felt yourself growing more feeling for Cisco, long before the explosion.

It didn’t help your feeling at when he flirted with Plastique or when he was kidnapped by Leonard Snart, you’ve never been so worried before in your life. After he came back to the lab and threaten to leave, you couldn’t handle the thought of losing him again.

You waited until Wells was done to talk to him before coming int the room. “I see Wells got to you before I did.” You said, giving Cisco a smile when you notice you came in.

“Here to give me the same speech as he did?” Cisco asked, sitting down on metal steps, looking at the failed and broken accelerator.

You come over and sit down next to him. “No, just here to be, well..here.” You say, look at Cisco, seeing him playing with the small bolt between his fingers. You sigh to yourself. “Look Cisco, I know you had a rough couple of days but I want you to know that it isn’t you fault. You did what you had to do to protect your brother.”

“Yeah but at what cost? Selling out my best friend? Putting everyone in danger?” He asked and you tell how much this is eating him up.

You shake your head. “No one thinks you sold Barry out Cisco, we’re all just glad that you’re back and unharmed.” You said. “I heard you and Wells, I know that you’re staying with us and it’ll be better this way.” You soon leaned into Cisco, wrapping your arms around him.

“You’re too awesome and too great of a guy to let Snart or anyone tear you down.” You say softly, hugging him tightly before pulling back. “So come on, we still got a whole bunch of bad guys to catch.” You smiled brightly.

Even thought you felt it, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Cisco how you felt about him. Even when Lisa came to STAR labs and it became clear to you that he had some feelings for her, you just couldn’t win and just decided to hold back your feelings, especially when he was seeing Kendra. You were officially friendzoned without even being told it.

Even though you tried to go out and date, none of them came close to Cisco but soon, dating anyone would be put on the back burner when Jay and earth-2 Harrison came through the breaches, along with Zoom.

So now here you were, working on a formula to help Barry become faster but you two couldn’t focus because we both trying to out do the other with corny jokes.

“Hey Cisco, dude, I’ve got a funny joke.” Barry says.

“I’ve heard it already, thanks.” Cisco quickly cuts him off, going over to his work station. Both you and Barry share a look of confusion.

“Is it me or has Cisco been acting not like, well..Cisco.” Barry whispered too you.

You nod your head, looking at Cisco with his back towards you two. “Yeah, you can say that again. He’s really killing my vibe!” You and Barry look at each other before breaking out into a fit of giggles.

Cisco slams down one of his tools before turning to face you. “Can you both cut it out! Some of us are actually trying to work!”

“Okay…I’m going to go find Harry..” Barry gets up before speeding out of the room.

You get up out of your seat before going over towards Cisco. “Care to share what that was all about?” You ask, watching him fixing whatever tool he was working on.

You step closer, leaning up on your tip toes to look over your shoulder. “Helloooo~ earthland to Cisco.”

He soon jumps, not expecting you to be so close which causes you to step back. “What is wrong with you!?” You ask, crossing your arms. “You’ve been acting weird for two weeks now? Is it Harry? Dante?”

Cisco takes a deep breath. “Nothing, it’s nothing already so just drop it.”

You narrow your eyes. “No, I’m not just going to drop it. Somethings bothering you and you better tell me or else I’m raiding your secret candy stash.” You say, seeing the defeated look on his face.

He remains silent thought, playing with the tool  in his hand which causes you to give him a stern look. “Francisco Paco Ramon..”

“I saw your doppelgänger okay!” He let out quickly, to quickly you almost didn’t catch that.

You stare at him for a moment. “Okay..? Is that it? Is it because my doppelgänger was evil or something?” You ask, crossing your arms. “Cisco, Caitlin and I already been over this, none of us are going to turn evil.”

Cisco shakes his head. “I-It’s not that..” He chews on his lower lip, he eyes gaze and yours while you wait for him to continue. Cisco sighs, rubbing a hand over his face before leaning back against his deck.

“She was..she was with my doppelgänger.” He says, giving you a look.

“Oh,Oh?” You blinked a few times before it slowly hit you. ”..ooooh.” You let out, knowing what he means by with.

“And, she looked so much like you but evil and mean, still amazingly beautiful and just, but…she wasn’t you.” Cisco says. “And she had powers too, I don’t know what they were but they made me see things.”

“Like what?” You ask, coming over and lean back against the deck next to Cisco as he continues.

“Visions. Her powers were like mine, well…more like Reverb’s. I don’t know but they were Visions not only from the future but from ever multiverse that’s out there.” He says, looking down at his hands.

“What were the visions Cisco?”

Cisco take s a deep breath before gaze into your eyes. “Us.”

You feel a small blush forming on your cheeks, ‘no Y/N don’t get your hopes up, he could mean anything!’ You think to yourself as you try to remain calm but the way he said, us, it sent your heart beating fast.

“What do you mean by..us?” You ask.

Cisco looks away from you for a moment. “She…she showed us, together.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s just like when I vibe, I’m surrounded by imagines and events that’s happened or going to happen and it was the same with her powered, like she had me trapped in vibe mood with only imagines of you. Of us.”

“How do you know it wasn’t just her playing a trick on you? How do you know any of those imagines were real?” You ask.

Cisco looks at you. “Because she told me. And plus, I felt it, like I was on ever earth at once. There was one of us where we were filthy rich, living together or another one where we were both dirt poor but happy…because we had each other. We always had each other.”

You look down, the blush growing more. “But what really drove it home was a vision, from this earth, from the future.” He continued and you see the sad smile forming on his face as if he’s talking about a distant memory.

You stayed in silence, watching how tensed Cisco became as he continued. “It was raining and…everyone I’ve ever known were gathered around a grave and…my family was there and Caitlin, Harry and Jess. Oliver and everyone, Joe, Wally, Iris and Barry…and you. You were all there, dressed in black and…it was raining..”

Cisco takes a deep breath before he went on. “I stepped closer and saw everyone gathered around my grave.”

You start to feel your eyes swelling with tears, with out thinking, slid close to him, lacing your fingers through his as you rest your head on his shoulder. “Cisco..”

“But that wasn’t even the worst part of it. It was seeing you there…you were pregnant Y/N.” Cisco lets out, barely a whisper as your head shot up, looking at him.

Cisco gripped your hand tighter. “I couldn’t touch you. I couldn’t hold you and tell you that I’m alive and that I..” He stops, shaking his head. “When we got back from Earth-2 those..visions, I keep vibing them but I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could of told me about this Cisco.” You say.

“I know, I know but…when I see you laughing and talking with Barry or any other guy..I can’t help but get upset.” Cisco lets out, rubbing the back of his head again, shifting a little under your gaze.

“Cisco, are you telling me that..you’re jealous? Of Barry?” You asked, surprised that this is coming from him. “The guy who’s literally ruins every relationship he has with a girl because he’s still in love with Iris.”

Cisco looks away but not before you saw the small blush on his cheeks. “I can’t help it okay? I don’t know, it’s like..I know we’re going to be together and know that there’s a future out there where we’re married and having kids together…I can’t help but get jealous.”

You feel a small smile forming on your face before you pinch Cisco with your free hand. “Ouch! What was that for!?”

“You’re so stupid Cisco.” You let out, whipping away a stray tear. You feel Cisco arms wrapping around yours, comforting you.  You close your eyes, feeling the warmth wrapping around you before speaking. “I love you Cisco, only you. And I’ll try as hard as I can to make sure we have a future together.” You say softly, feeling him wrapping your closer to him, his lips pressing against the top of your head.

A crash sound soon brings you back to reality as you pull back a little, Cisco arms still wrapped around your waist.

The noise is heard again and cursing from the other room and you both know know who it is. “You should go make sure Harry doesn’t wreck anymore of your stuff.” You say with a smile.

Cisco chuckles as you feel him letting go of you as you step back fully. “Yeah, you’re right let hope he doesn’t throw anything at me this time.”

You giggle. “Good luck Cisco.” You say he turns to leave out the room but not before stopping, coming back over to you and cupping your face, planting a sweet, tender kiss against your lips.

Cisco pulls back, grinning from ear to ear.

“I love you too.”


First story of Cisco week!! Hope you call enjoyed in and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

More Like Her

Request by anon: Can you please write a DeanxReader oneshot based on Perfect by Selena Gomez? Love your work 😙😙

Word Count: 1582

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to get around to this request! I’ve had it for months and I’ve never quite figured out how to write it, so I apologize if it’s not quite what you wanted. I just couldn’t really write this song like I usually do and I have no idea why.

Perfect by Selena Gomez

More Like Her Series Masterlist

Dean mumbled something in his sleep and rolled over. Sleep wasn’t coming easily to you as it had to him. It hadn’t for a few weeks. Everything seemed wrong now.

Honestly, you should have expected this. As soon as you started feeling anything for Dean, you should have walked out. But you thought maybe this time. Maybe things could actually work out. Maybe Dean would be different from all the other men in your life.

And he was. He was absolutely perfect. Sure, he was rough around the edges and he hid his feelings, but what hunter didn’t? You knew as soon as you saw a glimpse of the Dean Winchester below the surface that he was something special. Hell, everyone knew it. Angels, demons, humans. Everyone was after him for some reason or another.

Staring at him peacefully sleeping, you were struck once again at just how stupid you’ve been. Dean was different from anyone else you’d been with. It was you. You weren’t enough.

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I didn’t know “iconic relationships” were made out of thin air and created out of “fate” and “destiny.” Way to go writers. You’ve managed to fuck up westallen. I was a fan until I saw the lack of development over the course of this season. Iris should have moved on with someone else or left the show like Jesse did (don’t even get me started on why THAT character came back). I really hate how selfish Iris was during her speech to Barry in 2x20 right before they recreate the particle accelerator. Also, Grant looked like he was in pain during that scene, their chemistry was non-existent. Iris had no business bringing up her feelings at such an inappropriate time. She has a history of making Barry do stupid things and she will only continue to bring out the worst in him.
—  Anonymous

anonymous asked:

"which half of your otp is singing 'all i want for christmas is you' 24/7 and which half hates it but is also lowkey charmed by it?"

A/N: Set mid season 2.


He’s been driving her crazy since the first day of December had rolled in, since snow flurries had started to fall and Christmas ads had plagued every channel, every corner of the city. The music was always a constant too, on the radios, the television, the streets, but it had been personally inescapable for her.

If this holiday was her hell, Castle following her around singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ was the soundtrack.

“Castle,” she growls for the millionth time, tightening her grip on the steering wheel. “Stop. It.”

He pauses in his humming from the passenger seat, glances to her with a grin and an amused arch of his eyebrow.

“Oh, come on, Beckett,” he needles her. “It’s Christmas.”

“It’s December 17th,” she argues, swerving around a too slow car in front of her, trying to get them through the worst of afternoon traffic. “And you’ve been singing that song to some capacity since the day after Thanksgiving.”

“It’s my favorite,” he shrugs, his smug grin softening to a smile as he turns his gaze to the window. “When Alexis was a baby, I used to sing it to her like a lullaby while I rocked her to sleep.”

Oh. Well, that… made it a little less annoying, a bit more sweet, but still-

“Of course, when she got older, she became a bigger fan of ‘Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer’ and ‘Frosty the Snowman’, but I still think of that time as soon as I start hearing the Christmas music every year and - this is too much information that you don’t need,” Castle chuckles, surprising her with the sudden self-deprecation. 

It’s so easy to forget that this man, the best-selling author and notorious playboy, is also a single father who had raised a little girl on his own. And not only that - he had loved her, loved his daughter enough to make up for the mother that Kate has learned was never really there. He loved her enough to make Christmas special even when she was too young to actually understand the holiday.

“No,” she murmurs, chewing on her bottom lip to ignore the swell of warmth in her chest at his explanation. He’s still Castle, still the man who had gone behind her back to look into her mother’s case, still the irritating shadow that followed her around, weaseled his way into her life, made it a little more fun. “You’re fine, and you can - keep singing your song, just limit it to once a day maybe?”

Castle beams at her from his seat, just as the Twelfth blessedly comes into view, and she presses a little harder on the accelerator. She hates when he looks at her like that. 

“So is my pass for the day already used up?”

Yes,” she mutters, pulling into the parking garage, huffing in exasperation as Castle releases a quiet laugh at her expense. 

She’s grateful for the dimness of the garage, how it hides the way the corners of her mouth quirk along with his.


Beckett is in the break room on Christmas Eve, one of the few officers left on the dreaded holiday shift, but she doesn’t mind, always volunteering to take it. She had no family to celebrate with, no traditions to honor, so she claims this shift every year to allow those who did to have this treasured 24 hours off. 

Watching over the city with the hollowness in her heart like a gaping hole in her chest is her only Christmas tradition left. 

She’s in the middle of a battle with the espresso machine, slowly attempting to brew a decent cup of coffee, absentmindedly humming to herself as she pours the milk. Castle isn’t here, has no idea she’s working today, and it’s better this way. If he knew she was spending her holiday working, he’d proffer up some speech about Christmas spirit and magic and all kinds of things she could no longer relate to.

But on a day that now holds so much sorrow for her, she almost finds herself missing his presence, the annoying holiday cheer he so happily spreads.


She doesn’t even realize what she’s doing, what song she’s humming under her breath, until she hears a gasp from behind and startles so harshly she nearly burns her hand.

“Castle,” she hisses, lifting her scorched thumb to her mouth as she spins to glare at him, already knowing it had to be him because who else?

Sure enough, he’s standing in the doorway with a tall travel mug and a metal tin decorated with dancing gingerbread men in his hands, a dumbstruck smile on his face until he notices the kiss of steam she had sustained.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, striding towards her and setting the apparent gifts he’s come bearing on the break room table. “Here, let me look-”

“No, what are you even doing here?” she grumbles, tugging her hand from his grasp when he cradles her wrist in his surprisingly warm fingers. “You’re supposed to be at home, celebrating Christmas with your family.”

“I am, but Ryan mentioned you were working today,” he reveals with a narrowed look that she rolls her eyes in response to. “And don’t worry, I’m not staying. Just wanted to bring a couple of things by.”

Her eyes venture over his shoulder to the holiday themed travel mug, the tin of cookies. 

“Alexis and I were baking cookies last night, sort of a yearly tradition, and we always have extra, so I figured I’d bring you some. You like gingerbread?”

“I - yeah, but Castle, you didn’t have to bring me anything,” she murmurs, hating how he continues to soften her, how the idea of him thinking of her on Christmas Eve, trudging out of his warm loft and into the bitter December chill to bring her holiday treats, has her heart fluttering a little.

“Well, I knew you wouldn’t let me buy you a real Christmas present,” he shrugs, and she had the annoying urge to drift forward, gravitate towards him and that tentative smile he wears.

Nervous again, like he had been that day in the car, when he’d told her about one of the traditions he shared with Alexis, when he had let single-handedly peeled away another layer for her to see without ever meaning to. 

“I - I didn’t get you anything,” she offers inanely, but Castle simply waves her off.

“Beckett, I just heard you humming All I Want For Christmas Is You. That is gift enough,” he grins and Kate huffs, shoves on his shoulder. 

“It’s all your fault. You practically ingrained it into my head,” she mutters, but Castle is stepping in closer, a teasing glimmer in his eyes. 

“Are you sure? Because if you were really thinking about me and your true desires for the holiday, I wouldn’t hold it against you. Promise,” he states, but there’s a husk to his voice, a challenge in the arch of his brow. 

And she knows that he isn’t expecting her to take the bait, to play into his flirting, but that’s exactly why she does it. At least, that’s what she tells herself.

“You wouldn’t?” she murmurs, allowing the warmth in her blood to simmer, heat through her system, her voice. 

She smirks when his adam’s apple bobs, when his eyes widen as hers flick to his mouth and back.

“I - um, no,” he stammers, but he’s growing bolder, brushing his knuckles to her hip even as his hand shakes. “You want me for Christmas, Kate Beckett, you can have me.”

A laugh trembles in her throat, but he’s staring at her lips, not leaning in, but offering her such a wonderful invitation and… would it be so bad if she broke tradition just this once by enjoying at least a few moments of this typically forlorn holiday?

“Make my wish come true,” he teases, some of that spark back in his eyes, his lips twitching smugly in the corners, and Kate arches on the toes of her boots, wipes the amusement from his mouth and steals the breath from his lungs with the fuse of her lips. 

Castle goes still against her, but only for a moment, then he’s wrapping around her, his hands roaming at her back while hers ascend to his jaw, claim his cheeks. He tastes like gingerbread and peppermint, the scent of pine clinging to his skin, and she hums at the rise of his hand to the side of her throat, the brush of his thumb to that sensitive spot behind her ear.

He doesn’t confine her, his hold on her loose despite the want she can taste on his tongue as it strokes along hers, and she rewards him with a nip of her teeth, moans at the retaliation in his hips. 

“Wow,” he breathes when they’re forced to part for air, the heat of his exhale coating her lips. “Merry Christmas indeed.”

Kate huffs and shakes her head, their noses colliding at the motion, and she expects the riot of panic to come, wage through her, but this moment, standing in the deserted break room with him on Christmas Eve, is surprisingly peaceful. 

A moment she doesn’t necessarily want to end, but-

“You should go,” she mumbles, resting her forehead against his before the protest can bloom on his swollen lips. “You’ve got Christmas and I’m working.”

Castle sighs, but nods his understanding, angles her head with the hand curved at her nape to seal one more kiss to her mouth, suckling on her bottom lip until she’s gasping, pushing him away.


“Okay, I know, just - wow,” he repeats, his eyes hazy with arousal that flickers like falling flakes of snow through his gaze. “Can we - do I - again?”

“Again?” she echoes with the amusement unable to be contained as it bubbles to her lips. 

“I know not - not right now, but-”

“I have New Year’s off,” she murmurs, the nerves in her stomach finally making their appearance, but Castle lights up like a Christmas tree.

“That would be perfect. Perfect Christmas, perfect New Year’s, I’m having an incredible holiday season.”

Kate chuckles and scrapes a hand through her hair, drifts past him for the gifts he had come bearing on the table.

“Ah and that’s a peppermint mocha latte, along with the gingerbread cookies I mentioned,” he explains as she opens the tin out of curiosity, suppressing her grin at the pile of cookies decorated with white icing and various facial expressions inside. “Figured this could suffice for this year.”

Her eyebrows crease, but a smile – barely there and hardly noticeable – twitches at the corners of her lips as he approaches.

“You sound pretty sure you’ll still be around next Christmas,” she muses, plucking a cookie from the tin. 

“Well, writing best sellers takes time, Detective. And research. Lots of research,” Castle insists. “And inspiration, which - as you so wonderfully just proved - you provide me with abundances of.”

“Go home, Castle,” she mutters as she takes a bite into a gingerbread man’s head, ignoring the delight shimmering through his gaze at her acceptance of his Christmas treats as he walks backwards towards the door.

“Merry Christmas, Kate.”

She releases a sigh under her breath as he leaves, his humming of that damn song as he strolls towards the elevator no longer so unpleasant when the press of his lips is still buzzing like electricity through her veins.

chennifer-lawrence  asked:

Can I ask for a Kris smut where you're trying to have a baby, despite being stuck in this arranged marriage with him? Hmm, let's say this is when they start to realize they love each other. You know, like trying to make an heir to the throne sort of thing XD Thank you! Your blog is awesome!

(A/N: I don’t write smut anymore  but I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I got you something else! Not exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you will like it.)

It’s been two months already. You’ve been stuck with him for two whole months. You were forced to throw away all of your friends, your hopes and dreams just to marry a man you didn’t feel anything for. Heck, you didn’t even know him. He was just a name from the moment you were born - but after you turned twenty, you got to know him personally as well. 

Your first time with Kris was not out of desire or love. You both knew you needed to have a baby as soon as possible, to make a new little heir to the throne and you two did as it was told. But that night dramatically changed something between the two of you. 

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