he looks like a weird monkey

i hate this image i made. its poorly edited but the sloppy cutting makes it look like he has some weird glow to him, and its so fucking… its such a hefty image, i cant even send it on discord cause of how big it is. its got so many pixels, you can see the dumb monkeys pores

Going To The Zoo: AC Edition

Altair: Spends all his time staring at the bird exhibits, especially the birds of prey. Tries to climb to the top of the bird house and get in so he can synchronize with the birds, but zoo security throws him out and bans him from the zoo for life.
Ezio: Focuses mostly on the big cats, especially the lions and tigers. Is especially enamored with the ocelots in the rainforest exhibit, and spends at least $15 on feed pellets in the petting zoo in an attempt to charm hot single women.
Edward: He likes the tropical rainforest building, and especially admires the poison dart frogs. Walks around all day in an Indiana Jones outfit and goes into the reptile house to pet snakes (as he hasn’t seen Raiders of The Lost Ark yet, he doesn’t understand why people are giving him weird looks).
Haytham: The first thing he takes Connor to see is the primates. He tries to get Connor interested in them, but drags him away as soon as the monkeys start doing gross things. Ends up talking to a zookeeper for an extended period of time about the history of wolves in North America, and subsequently loses track of Connor.
Connor: After the monkey fiasco, he ends up in the Animals of North America area, where he gets thrown out after trying to liberate all of the animals (and coming pretty close to succeeding). He is given a lifetime ban from the zoo, but nobody seems to notice (at least not for a while) that he succeeded in liberating a grizzly bear to the North parking lot.
Arno: Spends his time in the bird house, buying feeder sticks and letting birds sit on his figner like some sort of Disney prince. Actually sings to them for a long while, and attracts plenty of children… and a cute ornithologist, who gives him her number.
Shay: Penguins. That’s all he’s there for, just penguins and their cute antics. Buys a penguin hat, a large stuffed penguin souvenir, and eats three penguin shaped popsicles.
Jacob: After dragging Evie to the Gorilla exhibit and making at least eight Harambe jokes, he becomes fixated on the pandas and won’t leave them for an hour. He moves on to the Elephant House, where he breaks in and tries to ride one (it seems he remembers the story of Hannibal) and earns himself a lifetime ban from the zoo.
Evie: Unwillingly follows Jacob to the gorilla enclosure, and ditches him to go hang out with Desmond after she gets sick of Jacob’s Harambe jokes. Goes with Desmond into the Butterfly house and admires the flamingoes. Manages to make it to the giraffe show and pets a giraffe.

Desmond: Rather crankily pays $209.50USD for ten adult zoo tickets for everyone. Starts out by making eye contact with the prairie dogs and loitering near the meerkats until Evie runs into him and they visit the butterflies and flamingoes. Wraps up his day by babysitting Altair, Connor, and Jacob in the van after they earn their lifetime bans from the zoo.

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Jeremy and michael were totally those kids that were like "can i practice kiss on you"

The monkey bars in the corner of the playground were secluded, but it’s current occupants didn’t care. They sat at the top, legs swinging beneath them.

“Hey, Michael.”

“Yeah, Jer?”

“Have you ever been kissed?” Michael lazily looked over at his best friend.

“Like how Mom and Dad do?” Jeremy nodded, glazing up at the falling leaves.

“I wonder what it’s like.” He leaned against Michael. “I bet it’s weird.” Michael hummed in response as he picked rust from the metal supporting them. Suddenly Jeremy bolted up.

“What if when I kiss someone I don’t know what to do?! What if I get cooties?!” Jeremy gestured wildly with his hands, and Michael gently grabbed his shoulder.

“Jer, it’s fine! I’m sure you’ll do great.” Jeremy settled down.

“You think so?” Michael nodded, then stared off in thought.

“Well, I guess we could…practice?” He nervously asked. Jeremy’s face lit up like a bonfire.

“We can’t do that! Only girls and boys can kiss!”

“Who says?” Michael shifted so he was facing his tomato-faced friend. “And this way, we can’t get cooties!” Jeremy calmed down a bit, since it was common playground knowledge that cooties spread from girl to boy and boy to girl.

“That…makes sense. Do you know how?” Jeremy tugged at the hem of his shirt.

“We can just.. try?”

“Ummmmm, ok”.

Michael and Jeremy faced each other, and froze. They anxiously stared at each other, before Jeremy quickly darted forward to press his lips against Michael’s. Their noses bumped and Michael’s glasses poked Jeremy in the eye. They both darted back in a rush of apologies. The boys looked away, faces red.

“I-um-” Jeremy stuttered, then breathed deeply. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Michael sent him a shy smile, still blushing, and Jeremy sent one in return.

friend: so do u fancy any celebrities?
me: Damon Albarn
friend: ew?? he’s really ugly
me, continuous tears streaming down my face: WELL im sorry that he doesn’t fill your standards of what is considered conventionally attractive u shallow asshole


Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve written a fic for these two cuties!

Ever since he had met Plagg and started his life as a Miraculous Holder, Adrien Agreste hadn’t been surprised by many things anymore. I mean, let’s face it, if a cat-like creature called a ‘Kwami’ suddenly shows up in your room and tells you that you’re destined to be a superhero, nothing can surprise you anymore.

Or so he thought. It just happened that there was someone who managed to surprise him time and time again.

And her name was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

He’d always had a soft spot for the girl, don’t ask him how or why, but he considered her his second real friend (losing only to Nino). That alone earned her a pretty high place in his heart, but then there was the other thing, and he believed it to be purely instinctual, but just the mere thought of her being in any type of harm made his heart pound and stomach churn. That’s the feeling that confused him, since he didn’t even feel that way with Ladybug! (Although that may be because he was well-aware that the masked girl could protect herself just fine)

But that’s just it. Any person who would give Marinette no more than a sideways glance would consider her someone who needed to be protected- frail, even. She was just that kind-hearted and optimistic, and anyone with those qualities was bound to be either naive or too kind for their own good.

But Marinette would debunk that stereotype the second you even thought of her in that way.

She was stubborn, fierce, and stood for what she believed in. Not to mention that she was surprisingly strong and quick on her feet, too. In short, the entire opposite of what she appeared to be at first.

Take right now, for example. Adrien - and he was almost one hundred percent certain everyone else - was staring in complete and utter shock at what was happening right in front of his very eyes. The only one who didn’t seem all that surprised was Alix, but that was just because she was enjoying this way too much to let her bewilderment overshadow it.

Even Alya- who claimed to know the aspiring designer inside and out -was staring at the two with surprise in her eyes. Even so, she still had the mind to whip out her phone and film this 'legendary’ occurrence.

The whole classroom had been cleared for both Kim and Marinette; tables and chairs had been pushed all the way to the back of the room except for two of them, which had been centered in the middle of the class so that everyone could stand around them and watch clearly as the two classmates tried to one-up each other.

The arm-wrestle match hadn’t been planned or anything, it just had been one of the spontaneous matches between Kim and Alix as usual. After their match, however, everyone had been surprised to see Marinette actually challenging Kim to go against her and see who was stronger, actually getting annoyed when he claimed he would go easy on her.

But now it had been made pretty clear that that was a terrible idea on Kim’s part.

He was clearly struggling, and Adrien was certain that he spotted sweat droplets on the other boy’s forehead.

Lê Chiến Kim was actually struggling to hold his own in an arm wrestling match.

Marinette was actually winning.

But that wasn’t all, they had all seen Alix beat him in arm wrestling a couple of times before, so the fact that a girl was beating him wasn’t that big of a deal to them; even if it was someone as unexpected as Marinette.

No, the surprising thing was the amount of effort she was putting into it- or, better yet, the lack of effort.

She was holding Kim’s hand tightly in her own with ease, a soft smile on her lips as she just watched him struggle, her other hand supporting her head. Her smile wasn’t mocking or anything, it wasn’t even cocky, it just wasn’t in her personality to taunt or humiliate her opponent like that.

No, her smile was the same kind and gentle smile that all of them knew and were accustomed to. Adrien tried not to think too much of the fact that it had his heart pounding in his chest.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Marinette’s smile turned soft. “Sorry, Kim,” she said, her grin widening. “Looks like I won.”

And with that, her grip on his hand tightened as she turned her wrist and slammed his hand down onto the table.

The class went silent, and it took a while before they managed to snap out of their shock.

Kim was the first one to react. He calmly got up from his chair and walked up to her with a proud and impressed smile on his face. “Nicely done, Mari!” He praised, head tilted down so he could properly look at her with his towering height. “Who’d have thought you’d be able to beat me? I’m impressed.” He quickly slipped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer so he could ruffle her hair playfully, which had her struggling and protesting in his grip.

Meanwhile, the green-eyed model was still staring at the sweet and somewhat shy girl in complete awe.

It were moments like these that had Adrien questioning his sanity.

Note Number #1: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was extremely kind.

Note Number #2: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was brave.

Note Number #3: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was insanely strong for a girl her age and weight.

Note Number #4: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had very quick reflexes.

Note Number #5: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a pro at gaming.

Note Number #6: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had the agility of a circus monkey.

Okay, yes, Adrien had resorted to taking mental notes of Marinette. In his defense, he had been completely unaware that he was doing it, and by the time he realized it; he was already down to four.

Gym class was one of the blond’s favorite classes. It was the one time where he could just play and run around and actually have fun. The best part was that he didn’t even have to be Chat Noir to do it. It was also the place where he could let his competitive spirit run free, and he’d taken note of the fact that his competitive side always happened to surface when they were playing in teams and a certain black haired girl with pigtails was in the opposite team.

And he was again taking notes of something Marinette-related. If he didn’t watch himself, it was going to become a habit.

He was just glad that he wasn’t actually writing them down. That was when he’d need to start worrying.

Surprisingly enough, gym was the only class where she was able to form a coherent sentence while in his presence. He guessed that her competitive side was big enough to rival his, since the normally stuttering and blushing girl would go as far as challenging and making bets with him whenever they were the two last standing- which seemed to happen a lot.

Adrien did feel a bit like he was cheating, since all his running around Paris as Chat Noir tended to enhance his physical attributes as himself too.

Still, he found himself not caring one bit whenever Marinette was the one standing across the room from him.

Huh, maybe he needed to make a list about himself too, since he kept learning new things about himself whenever the topic was either Marinette or Ladybug.

The moment Adrien had walked into the room, he felt himself getting excited when he spotted the monkey bars set up for them to swing on. He had half a mind to just run up and leap across them in a cat-like fashion, but that would both be too obvious and just plain embarrassing.

From the corner of his eye, he spotted flaming brown hair entering the room and he turned because whenever Alya got out of the changing room, Marinette was close by- and damn it, was he really paying that much attention to her?!

At this rate, he’d need counseling 'cause this was turning obsessive.

Another thing to add to Adrien’s list of weird characteristics.

In the middle of the girls’ conversation, Marinette looked up and her eyes lit up when she spotted the monkey bars, her smile almost brightening the room and Adrien was almost sure that he was blushing. He couldn’t help it, the look on her face was simply adorable.

Seriously, this was becoming worrying. At this rate, he’d forget all about Ladybug since his focus was entirely on Marinette. Still, he didn’t feel as panicked as he should have been, and that little detail alone should’ve already told him enough.

From the way his blush darkened, he knew damn well just what was going on.

He got snapped out of his thoughts when the teacher called for his attention. “Adrien! Marinette! You’re up!”

He blinked and looked up to see Juleka and Sabrina walking back to the bench, the purple-haired girl quick to pull her fingerless gloves back over her hands after having to take them off for the monkey bars.

The task was simple, swing across the bars as fast as you could and try to get there before the other had. To put it simply, it was a race on monkey bars.

The two of them walked up to the bars, both teens having a good mood about this particular assignment. Adrien glanced beside him and shot the girl a smile. “Ready?”

Surprisingly enough, she met his stare head on with a smirk. “Think you can keep up?”

Her words just prompted a smirk of his own and he was sure that his green eyes were shining in cat-like mischief. “Oh, we’ll see about that, P-” He stopped there, dangerously close to saying Princess and it occurred to him that it was just way too easy to slip into his Chat Noir persona without even being aware of it.

Seriously, he was taking mental notes of all the peculiar qualities of a certain interesting girl, but failed to make note of the important things that could protect his identity.

After this, he was so writing everything down to clear his head.

The teacher gave the signal, and the two of them simultaneously jumped onto the bars, swinging across with speed that had their classmates blinking twice and rubbing their eyes to make sure that they were seeing it right.

Adrien, however, was feeling a bit troubled.

All this - swinging and laughing, even making bets with Marinette - it all felt so familiar. The sense of déjà vu being enough for his concentration to slip and one of his hands to accidentally let go of the bars. He was quick to grab hold again, but that short moment of hesitation was enough for Marinette to get ahead of him, reaching the end quickly and jumping off with a small flip, her agile and graceful movements doing nothing but worsening his déjà vu to the point where it was becoming maddening because he couldn’t figure it out.

He landed beside her just seconds after, using the same technique as her, but whereas hers was more graceful, his was a lot more carefree and playful.

She smirked up at him playfully. “Looks like I won after all, K-” She stopped, her pretty sky blue eyes going completely blank as whatever she was just about to say seemed to shock her into silence. Her eyes locked on him, narrowing for a second before she shook her head and her eyes cleared up again. Whatever she just had been thinking was just too ridiculous to be true, either way, Adrien could clearly see that it must’ve been a worrying thought for her to slip into silence like that.

His mind flashed back to how easy it was for him to slip into his Chat Noir persona when talking to her, and he wondered if she had picked up on it too.

Damn it, he knew that visiting her sometimes as Chat Noir was a bad idea.

“Congrats!” He smiled, figuring that changing the topic was his best option at the moment, and he made sure to get rid of any trace of Chat this time as he talked. “Maybe I’ll be the one to beat you next time.”

His voice had turned playful again at the end, and Adrien realized just how little self-control he had when around her.

It seemed to work though, since she looked up at him with a smile that equaled his as she responded. “We’ll see about that.”

Note Number #7: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a very competitive person.

Her smile turned soft, and Adrien found his heart skipping a beat, and he regrettably had to add another note to his list.

Note Number #8: Adrien Agreste was completely and utterly screwed because he had fallen hard for Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Luffy’s lips purse, looking between Riskua and the guy with the bird.

It’s funny because ‘Skua has certain looks for people.

Her eyes are always warm when she looks at him, like fire for roasting meat on. She’s always relaxed and chill when she’s with Zoro, there’s a bubbly warmth to her when she looks at Sanji.

But Luffy’s never seen her look at some stranger like she is now; why are her cheeks red? Why is she having trouble meeting pidgeon-shipwright’s eyes?

Luffy tilts his head to a side, frowning further. What’s with the weird look?

“So, dark and tall, huh?” Nami muses, gently elbowing Riskua as she coughs and flicks her gaze away.

“Well on appearance alone, this guy is very attractive.”

Attractive? That’s like, what relationships are made from, right?

Luffy scowls, eyeing the guy more and he decides he doesn’t like his at all.

'Skua can do better.

My Everything (Requested!)

@eli-howlter – “this isn’t really a story idea but maybe something with dnp as children, something about them growing up together and their friendship :)”   

yes, yes yes. I am doing this.

Summary: Dan gets bullied by kids on the playground, and a protective Phil steps in, creating the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Years later, they are best friends, share clothes, share secrets, and know everything about the other. Dan has pent up feelings for Phil that he just can’t hide anymore.

Genres: Fluffy! Slight smut? A bit Angst! Childhood AU, Friends To Lovers  

Pairing: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Word Count: 2,946

Warning: Some swear words, slight smut, and offensive terms!

A/N: One of my lovely besties Eli wanted me to write a childhood!phan fanfic and I mean, how could I say no to that? I’m making this one a bit longer than my usual so I hope you enjoy it!! :) I’m having dnp 2 years apart in age bc it works better for the story. Let’s pretend Phil was held back a year. also: I’m writing this where dnp are going to American school so I’m having them be in elementary school in the beginning! Ok enjoy!


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Rebel Rebel

The prison doctor, not knowing anything about Megamind’s species, marks the blue infant down on the government paperwork as ‘female’ instead of ‘male’. This, as Megamind grows up, turns out to be unfortunate.

(trans demiguy Megamind)

M rating, eventual Megamind/Roxanne


Everybody at the prison calls the blue child ‘it’ but treats her like a boy until it’s time to enroll her in school, and then they wonder why she doesn’t know how to wear dresses.

She gets put in the corner repeatedly for ‘inappropriate behavior’ when she forgets to sit with her knees together, when she turns upside on the monkey bars and her skirt flips itself over.

She still sets things on fire on accident, still talks weird, still knows too much (know-it-all, show-off, you’d have more friends if you’d learn to be quiet and smile like a good girl).

The teacher still hates her.

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Daddy A-Z: Hansol

Originally posted by 94ten

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
I imagine a relationship with Hansol is very calm and very open with each other, so I don’t think it’ll be some huge deal/surprise/secret or anything. The moment his s/o knows they’re pregnant, they just tell Hansol and they just send it out ‘yup, we’re expecting. yay.’, nothing crazy or stressful, plus I imagine Hansol having kids is pretty planned so it’s like why keep the thing you’re trying to make happen a secret?

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
Hansol strikes me as a very prepared father, mostly because he’d be so nervous. So Hansol would get his hands on every book he can find, from books of potential baby names to how to save for your kid’s college. 

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
He’s going to be such a soft dad fml there’d be so many opportunities to get soft dad pictures with the babe. Hansol is 100% the cuddle bug daddy.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

Aw can you imagine when someone jokes about him being a Daddy now, he can’t play rough or something, and he just gets so blushy and that beautiful lil smile blooms and he just giggles, “yeah, this daddy can’t be playing around anymore, sorry gang”

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
I think it’d be a weird family thing, that him and his s/o go to the store together. Gives Hansol and excuse to show off his cute baby and s/o to the old lady at the check out. 

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

I can see Hansol being such an involved dad, that he’s at least present in everything. Him and his s/o would switch back and forth on who feeds the babe and who’s in charge of making the airplane noises. 

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 

Dealing with an upset or fussy baby is usually a joint effort with Hansol and his s/o, one’s tasked with holding/bouncing/rocking baby cries a lot, while one’s making dumb faces and sounds and trying to entertain the babe with rattles and toys. It’s not easy, but with the partnership, no one’s having a mental breakdown over a grumpy babe. 

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
I think he’d be one of the guys that has a small and cozy family, probably sticking to one, or two at the most. 

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 

“Why did the coffee file a police report?
It got mugged.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Hansol’s a pretty tender/soft dad, he’s one that’ll lean towards forehead and tummy kisses, especially the tummy kisses because the babe giggles so so much when he does, and he just wants to hear his little angel laugh over and over.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

Hansol’s going to immediately freeze when he’s handed the babe for the first time. After months of preparation, hours of his s/o laboring, he’s finally got his baby in his arms, and he just breaks down. So much joy manifests in tears and blubbering. 

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

He’s a classic kind of guy, just Mommy and Daddy is his parent titles of choice. 

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 
Let’s be real, Hansol’s going to try and help as much as he can with nearly every aspect of parenthood, but those diapers…it’s going to be an interesting argument on who has to do the bad one. Usually ends in rock, paper, scissors, and someone pouting afterwards. 

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
I can so see Hansol being the dad that comes home one day with a bag full of weird baby clothes that he keeps hidden from his s/o until one day he comes out after dressing the baby and it looks like it should be one of those little monkeys the ring leader in circus’ has. 

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

I think with Hansol, it’ll depend on the baby’s name, Hansol will be the dad that puts a cute spin on his babe’s name, so it’ll completely depend on that. 

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

Being more prepared than any parent in history, I don’t see Hansol needing to ask many questions, he’ll probably know more than the nurse does at this point. He probably ask more random things just to not look like a cocky parent, like when does the cord fall off, when is it okay to stop being an over protective s/o, etc.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

Honestly, it’s the tap out system. If ones getting frustrated with the baby(completely normal), the other knows when to swoop in and save the day. It’s the ability to read each other and getting the mental break they need. 

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

Late at night, it’s usually Hansol that wakes up, while if it’s early in the morning, it’s typically his s/o that gets up. Especially if it’s multiple incidents in one night, him and his s/o will switch off who gets up that time. 

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
There’s so many fears as a new parent, but I think the biggest freak outs are the first time the baby hurts themself, like really hurt themself. Like knock something over on themself. And you have no idea how to handle that. As prepared Hansol will probably be, I think his biggest fear is accidentally hurting the baby, or it accidentally hurting itself and he won’t know what to do, and just panic. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
I swear to god Hansol is going to be the biggest crier of the boys during the whole process, and I’m living for it. As much as thing are changing in his life, obviously he knows he’s going to be a dad, but the moment he sees his soon to be baby, wiggling around in that blurring screen, the flood gates instantly open and he’s sobbing and holding his s/o’s hand while he sputtering about how much he loves his s/o and their baby, and he can’t wait for it to arrive. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

I think Hansol would teach something along of just find happiness and the good in any situation. We don’t entirely know what’s going on with him and debuting and all, but he does look very happy never the less. He’s traveling and hanging out with friends, and dancing, and just having fun, so I can imagine him instilling that even if something isn’t working out exactly how you wanted, you can still find the fun and happiness in any situation.

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Hansol’s more of the “you bath the babe while i film this cuteness” kind of dad, I honestly think he’ll have a camera in his hand 90% of the time, filming absolutely everything. “babe, did you really need to film him spitting up on me?” “yes”

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

Holidays with kids are always hell, but I think with Hansol it’ll be way less stressful. Santa at the mall, making lil decorations for the tree together, and decking the house out. I think most holidays will be hosted at Hansol’s house, the family and boys will all be crowded up in the home, and he’ll be filming absolutely everything.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

Besides the diapers, I don’t imagine Hansol being very jumpy with his s/o, a few minuscule arguments, mostly pouting until you both give in when you’re upset, but no extravagant, full blown fights about anything. I think Hansol will step lightly when being a dad, so I don’t see actually fights happening. Plus the moment someone cries, all bets are off the table and it’s cuddle and apology time. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
It’s going to be like a twister hit lmao. Don’t expect anything to be put away, there’s no time for that, Hansol needs to find a bottle to feed the bub who cares about the laundry that never got folded piled on the couch? Pray for him.

upside-down | pony imagine.


summary: ponyboy and reader admit their feelings for each other at the park.

Illiminated by moonlight, my brother and I wait at the park for his friend. You couldn’t tell it, but the night has barely begun with a time of only nine.

Johnny, my brother’s friend, is sleeping over our place tonight, and we agreed to meet him here — half way — after he finished dinner at the Curtis house.

My brother would probably be at the Curtises, too. Except our mother made him stay home for punishment. He’s really pissed at her for that.

Maybe a few months ago, I’d also be dining with the Curtis gang.

“He brought Ponyboy,” I note aloud as Johnny’s figure comes into view with another.

“That a good thing or a bad thing?” I wish I knew, myself. Is it — a good or bad thing?

Johnny hands my brother a cigarette when he reaches him. I know it’s a pack that Dallas Winston gave to him. “Hey, man. You ready to go?”

He nods, “Come on.”

I want to tell them that they’re acting like this is some sort of drug deal, but I keep my mouth shut.

I mean, boys are weird. If it was my friend, we’d be laughing and hugging and skipping back to my house.

I keep my comments to myself only because I know my idiot of a brother will retort back with something Curtis-related.

Johnny throws the awkward Ponyboy a glance. “Pony?”

Ponyboy swallows and looks at me. Why is he looking at me? “I’ll catch up later, Johnny. You guys can go on. ‘Sides I’d only be walkin’ further back to my house.”

My annoying brother sends me a wink, and walks off with Johnny. They’re such… diseases.

“We need to talk,” Pony states as he begins to climb the monkey bars. His hair isn’t as greasy as usual. “I can walk you back to your house, don’t worry.”

“I’m not worrying.” That was kind of bitchy, wasn’t it? Oops.

Pony keeps climbing the monkey bars, positioning himself at the very top and middle. He looks down at me. He’s really up there.

He has to be, like, ten feet high.

I look away, because I’m nervous. My heart’s pounding. I like him a lot more than I’m willing to admit, I think.

His green-grey eyes meet his hands which he fiddles with. The air is tense, thick.

“I miss you.”

What the — That’s not what I was expecting him to say. I’m happy, but I don’t show it quite yet. I let him continue.

“Can you come up here?” I’m not sure if he’s looking at me, because I refuse to look at him. “With me?”

I hate eye contact.

“I don’t want to get blisters on my hand,” I laugh a little in the middle of my statement. It’s forced. “I always get ‘em on those things.”

He makes a noise, like he finds it funny or something. “Yeah, alright. You heard what I said, didn’t you? I wasn’t lyin’, Y/N.”

“How?” Where are Johnny and my brother right now — Are they halfway to my house? Did they stop; hearing the constant noise inside Curly Shepard’s broken-down house?

“How? That’s an awfully weird question,” Ponyboy starts moving on the monkey bars. He’s trying to hang upside-down, I think. He’s gonna bust his head. “How do I miss you?”

He’s hanging by his legs. How the fuck is he doing that? This boy will be the death of me.

“You’re all I have,” he says. He’s red, blood all in his face. I don’t mind staring at him now. He’s not as intimidating upside-down.

Somehow, he’s lower than eye-to-eye. His chin is at mine.

“I’m stupid. Darry’s right 'cause I don’t use my head. Not one bit. Look, I just wanna be your guy, again. See, I really think I’m gonna die right now, but I mean, this sort of disguises the red my face would get saying this to you otherwise —" 

“Kiss me.”

Pony blinks. Then, I realize he can’t. He can’t kiss me. He tries to stretch towards me, but it’s kind of impossible to do.

So, we laugh and I kiss him while he’s dangling upside-down. I put my hands on his cheeks to keep him where I want him, and I really kiss him.

He’s more than shocked. So, so shocked that he lets go of the bar he’s holding onto.

I’m fairly certain Pony is out for a few seconds. I rub my face in exhaustion and possibly amusement, and bend down.

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me,” I tell him. I know he’s fine, but I can’t help but make sure. He’s such an idiot. But he’s my idiot.

“I. am. so. good.” Ponyboy manages with a goofy smile.

Curtis McKenzie #3

Requested by @babyseguin:  Carlie said she would like a fic where her and Curtis go to the zoo on an off day. Please somehow involve monkeys, maybe like that’s one of their favorite animals or he gets her a stuffed monkey from the gift shop, Carlie would really appreciate it 😘😘 @darthbenn 

*Love you both!! Carlieeee I hope you like this one, after all the Jordie drabbles I put up. Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 909

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You crossed your legs as you watched your boyfriend walk over to you, his hands hiding something behind him, a goofy smile on his face. Judging from the smile alone, you already know he’s up to something – good or bad, the judgment is still out on that but Curtis McKenzie doesn’t smile like that and have nothing up his sleeves.

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someonefantastic  asked:

To go with the Raven outfit ask, what are your favorite and least favorite Beast Boy looks?

Ah, with Beast Boy, it’s a bit more difficult since his costumes are more or less similar xD 

Still, my favourite is going to be the original red/white combination from NTT and most comic variations of it. It’s just classic Beast Boy, and he looks great in it almost all the time. 

All of these rank as top Garfield Logan designs, imo. 

Second place goes to the purple/white number he donned in the 2003 comics. It was different in terms of colour scheme, and I think he looks good in purple ;) 

Third place is tied with the purple/black he wears in both the 2003 cartoon and briefly with the Doom Patrol in vol 3, along with his DCAU red/white costume.

Fourth would be his Young Justice costume. I’m not nuts about his design here, as I do prefer a more human looking Gar, but it was still well executed and grew on me throughout the series.

Originally posted by christopher-reeve

The next one is based purely on aesthetic so refrain from judging me but.

This is such a cute concept? Like, I know it’s the cool thing to do to hate on TTG, but regardless of how anyone feels about the cartoon, this design was really rad! I’d love to see something like this adopted in the comics in maybe a spin-off or something. Punk!Biker!Gar is pretty unique and I can so see him pulling it off.

Okay, that’s it for the good, so now time for the bad. 

Let’s kick things off with N52 Gar (after he’s green again because red!gar is gonna be way further down this list). 

I love Rocafort’s art, I do. But this design? Somehow…lacking. It’s like they took the purple/white concept and…ruined it. Like, they found a way to make it dull and less Beast Boy, which…is sad, because it had potential. He just looks weird, and like he could easily blend in with the background when that’s very much the opposite of what Beast Boy should be.  

Next is Rebirth.

Kind of like how I feel with Raven’s Rebirth design, this concept might have been better if Jonboy had been drawing the series. I’m not digging his more animal concept, unlike in YJ where you could tell Gar was ‘monkeying’ around, this is just…unfortunate. I said I liked most red/white designs. This is the exception. I think it was a good concept not executed right, and the fact that we’ve got Pham drawing it now, it looks so much worse. Yet again, despite being this colourful beacon, Gar is dull and muted, much like Percy writes him. I’ll admit, I’m probably biased as I actually loathe the characterization of Gar in Ben Percy’s run, so any hope of this one growing on me is pretty much lost. 

Doom Patrol Beast Boy is my second to last choice. I know the reasoning behind the outfit, and I know the comics are very dated, but it’s still ugly as all hell, even when newer artists try to reimagine it. His characterization was still impeccable, but not even that can save Garfield from this atrocity.

And last, as you probably all saw coming, would be N52′s red!Beast Boy. Yeah, no, I don’t care what costume he’s in. If he’s red, I hate it. He looks awful in general and literally nothing looks good on him, no matter what. That’s probably why they retconned it later because DC realized how shit this idea was. 

Before anyone gets on my case with the whole “oh you just don’t like retcons! you’re just being a nostalgic baby!” 

Let me get it out of the way and explain that yes, I absolutely am, and I won’t deny it in the least. This comic run still gives me anxiety thinking about it, that’s how traumatized I was as a kid when I saw this. 

The N52 was initially this shiny opportunity for me to finally start buying comics, knowing it was okay if I hadn’t followed anything before religiously. A fresh start. I thought I wouldn’t be lost, and that I could finally support my favourite DC team, with one of my favourite characters. 


I saw this. 

I saw Starfire in RHATO.

I saw Raven.

And I knew there was no way in seven hells I could ever support this trash. It was the hardest thing, having to walk away from something I wanted so much to love, and when I found out just how BAD Lobdell would ruin this team and these characters, it made me hate everything about it even more. Including stupid red Garfield Logan. 

So yeah. My hate might be a tad bit irrational, but this look still sucks, and it’s also associated with one of the worst written comics in the N52. I’m zero amounts of sorry for ranking it as the worst look for Garfield. It 100% deserves that title in every way. 

anonymous asked:

I love you fics so much! Can you write egobang where Dan and Arin go to a haunted house and Dan all but climbs on Arin because he's so scared or vice versa? Halloween egobang is my favorite.

Oh gosh, thank you so much, dear anon! I hope you like this ficlet just as much~

It hadn’t even been five minutes since they set foot into the decrepit wooden monster of a house, and Dan was already feeling intense regret. The kind that made him want to confess to his parents about that time he accidentally stole bubblegum when he was five. And that was a secret he had- up until that point- thought he would take to the grave.

“Dan,” Arin said, “you realize that none of the bullshit Brian told us is true, right?”

“You don’t know that!” Dan said, jumping to his own defense. The wind howled dangerously outside. Or was that the sound of some hell-beast locked deep within the basement? Honestly, he didn’t want to know.


Like the big baby he was, Dan screamed. “Arin! This is not okay, I want to go home, we’re going to die here and it’s going to be all your fault!”

Arin gave him a look that said “are you fucking serious right now?”

“Don’t look at me like that, you son of a bitch,” he muttered, keeping his voice low. The last thing he wanted was to alert the monsters to his presence. They’d snap him in half like a twig. “It’s dark and creepy and there’s too much going on in here.”

Before Arin could make fun of him more, a loud crash made Dan jump. In the next instant he practically coiled himself around Arin like a weird, stick-thin monkey.

“Jesus Christ, man, get off! You’re being such a mild inconvenience right now!” Arin couldn’t even say it without laughing a bit at Dan’s cowardice. “What, do you want me to baby you and tell you a sweet little story to make you feel better?”

“Well, I could do without the sauciness,” Dan grumbled, unwilling to let go. “But yes, a story would be nice to distract me from all the bullshit that’s happening right now.”

Arin clicked his tongue. “Alright. There once was a young man named Dan. He was handsome and nice and everyone loved him, especially his best friend Arin, the end.”

His tone immediately had Dan cracking a smile. “Wow, way to lay on the insompliments.” He took on a snooty voice. “But I thought I requested no sauciness? Take this story back to the chef and have him remake it.”

“The chef will gladly remake it if you suck on his huge dong.”

“Later, baby,” Dan said in a jokingly too serious tone. “My teeth are chattering so hard right now that putting a dick in my mouth is not a good idea.”

Just then, a soft shuffling resonated down the hallway. It was too dark to see. But it kept getting closer. And closer.

“Arin,” Dan whimpered, tightening up around him.

Arin said nothing. All his did was hook his hands under Dan’s legs- effectively holding him up- and made a mad dash out of the house. When they were out, he dropped Dan, clearly shaking.

Dan grinned. “Who’s the scared one now? Bitch.

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MBTI types as dreams I had

ENFJ: My grade 10 English class was on a boat trip. Once our casual lessons were done, I went onto the deck of the ship and just lay down on my front, completely naked. Some people walked by and I realized I should probably put on some clothes, so I did. There were two memelord girls sitting on the deck, but when I tried to ask them for their Tumblr URLs, all that came out was “Cracking open. With the. A cold one. Boys. I can’t sentence structure.” After the trip, my entire city was taken over by like… Reese’s or Hershey’s or Skittles or something like that. All the store windows were filled with carnival/circus-themed clothing and candy ads. Is taking over every single store in the city even legal? It was really noisy (even in my house you could hear the event) and I was freaking out, so I tried to call my grandparents to take me to their home in the suburbs, but they weren’t home, so I tried to walk. Weird guard people kept stopping me and forcing me to play this “clone game” where you just make weird hand symbols at each other. I didn’t even know how to play, but I knew I lost. 

ENFP: I was a grade older than I really was and everyone in my entire school dressed either goth or Hawaiian. Instead of desks, all lessons were held on a gigantic bean bag. A really cool kid I admired sat on a chandelier, though. My friends walked by and asked if I had heard of the “monkey man”, and I had not. Then a teacher (who was dressed neither goth nor Hawaiian) told me to go to Starbucks and buy him a coffee, but I had to pass the gym in order to get to the school doors and I heard weird bongo music coming from the gym. When I looked inside, there was a 7-foot-tall man dancing with a banana cane. He saw me and chased me back into my class, where I climbed onto the chandelier to avoid him, but the cool kid fell off and the monkey man grabbed her. I jumped off the chandelier and charged at the monkey man, causing him to release the girl, fall back and break the window. I think he fell to his death.

ENTJ: There was a school wolf cult with kids who dressed up like emo wolves and ran in the forest arrogantly. This one girl, who was inexplicably as fast as a real wolf, sat on rocks and yelled/argued with everyone, even people who complimented her. When she seemed sad, I tried to ask her what was wrong, but she told me to f*ck off because I was pathetic and stupid.  My teacher said that this girl was actually quite weak, despite her bragging, and had feet like a mouse.

ENTP: My dad was reading a book about a weird tree, and then suddenly my family was standing in front of the tree. It started producing a bunch of green slime and a wind vortex that sucked us into it. Inside, there was a girl around my age and her parents, who told us that we were safe with them. My parents started making small talk, while the girl and my sister went to a back room and started breakdancing to a self-playing mini piano. I decided to go upstairs, but there were only two staircases: One was filled with animatronics, and the other was made out of gigantic kid scissors. I chose the latter, because animatronics freak me out, but apparently the scissor stairs were ill-advisable. I started to climb the stairs so I could find a way out of the tree, but I looked out the window and it was floating upwards into space. Then my family and I suddenly appeared outside a McDonald’s.

ESFJ: I had a third sister who was more spoiled than anyone else in my family. She was having a Monster High-themed birthday party, and I was just sitting on the stairs with my other sister. Suddenly witches started flying past the window, so I hid and said “The evil is coming! THE EVIL I S  C O M I N G !” Then the doorbell rang and some random teenage dude turned up, and was immediately invited in by the third sister. He sat on a chair, and just as I was getting used to him, he turned around and suddenly was a vampire. I got really scared but the sister just said “Nice costume!”. After a while, she got bored of the party and made everyone go to an ice rink. We were all forced to perform a skating routine, except I couldn’t skate and had severe stage fright. Just when my turn was coming up, my classmate broke through the ceiling, sending glass flying everywhere, and started breakdancing on the ice rink. He distracted everyone so I could leave the rink, but then my third sister appeared and told me to go to the spa. I was just waiting in line for a hot tub (yes, there was a line), but then Francis from The Fairly OddParents appeared and held me down, trying to drown me. I got saved by Vicky, though, and the minute I thanked her she said it was just so she could drown me herself. I managed to break free of her grip and run out of the hot tub, but outside the spa a bunch of cops surrounded me, guns pointed at my head. One of the guns shot gum, but the rest shot bullets. The third sister grabbed me and saved me, though.

ESFP: I was in a car and desperately looking for conch shells (?) and then I almost screamed because I couldn’t find any. Then suddenly whoever was driving me (I forget who it was) opened a box filled with like 7 conchs of varying colours and sizes and I just went “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”. Then I got out of the car, which was parked near a crazy greenhouse with gigantic purple plants, and I started blowing on on the conch shells like trumpets for no reason. I started hugging the crazy plants. Later on, there was a terrible street protest full of Trump supporters. They had these weird spray cans of brightly-coloured gas that somehow was slightly bad for the health of black people and females, but not white males. Two black girls were trying to get through the crowd when someone threw a spray can at them. The girls just smiled though, and put on golden masquerade masks that somehow protected them? They then ran into my school’s auditorium and suddenly looked like anime characters. They had a concert and were doing that weird cat girl dance. Some people next to me asked if I was going to play an instrument or do backup dancing on the stage, to which I yelled no because even the idea appalled me. Some people stole the Trump protest signs and changed them to say “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “EQUALITY FOR ALL”. Then biodegradable confetti fell and everyone got free candy.

ESTJ: I was at an indoor amusement park, which was surprisingly well spaced-out and quiet. The lights were kind of dim and there were lots of plants. It was actually a tent, but it was somehow air conditioned. I was just getting used to it when a couple walked over to the roller coaster. The girlfriend (who was dressed from head to toe in cultural appropriation) got on and said something to her boyfriend. Then he got on, too. The roller coaster started, and I was really concerned because they were both lying down and not wearing seatbelts. I tried to say something to them, but they ignored me and started taking off their clothes. I left the tent just as they started to do That Thing. I did not need to see that. I just relaxed outside and ate some ice cream. Then a caption appeared in the sky that said “40 years later…”. The couple left the tent. They’d been mating on a moving roller coaster for FORTY YEARS.

ESTP: I was being bullied by the class I had in grade 9, so I tried to brag to them by saying “You fools! I know at least 7 dance routines!” They responded by laughing because apparently most teenagers knew 15-29 dances, which made me pathetic. Then they chased me in yellow Heelys on the school roof.

INFJ: My mom and I were shopping for clothes at a store, and I took interest in a fluffy mauve sweater and a weird sequined top. Inside the store, a TV was playing a terrible song devoted to Donald Trump, so we left. On the way home, we met Donald Trump and his wife, who was a fat lady named Mary. When I logged into my computer, there was a “Mary app” installed on it. I was scared it might be a virus. I told my dad about it and he opened the app (even though he thought it was a virus, too). It was a pop-up window designed to look like a magazine, with “Mary” written in large, hot pink, slightly cursive letters. There was a picture of Mary on the front, and an index/menu on the bottom right. It looked like something made in 2005. I tried clicking various links from the index. They led to Mary’s biography, a weird image of her dressed up like a sexy cow (if you hovered your mouse over it, suggestive phrases would appear) and photo of Mary and Donald Trump on a pirate ship. My dad said he recognized the pirate ship, because he rode in it as a kid. We drove all the way to the place he grew up, and found a small pirate ship lying in some reeds. We opened the door. It was Bigger On The Inside. There were some weird, glowing, lime-green fish-things that said we were at war with the Trump ship, which then appeared. A bunch of ghost pirates started fighting the Trumps.

INFP: I was going for a walk with a friend-person, talking about various paradoxes. She was going on about how you could be dreaming about a simulation in which you are dreaming about a simulation. I didn’t really care. Then I tripped on grass, and a big patch of grass/dirt fell on me and I nearly got buried alive. I then went to a park, which contained a grassy, chicken wire-surrounded area filled with waterfowl and peacocks. One of the ducks had died, and was emitting smoke for some reason. I shed 3 tears. On the other side of the park, in another chicken-wired area, a bunch of goth-looking kids started pelvic thrusting to loud pop music. It was annoying, so I left. I walked down a street that had a lot of Indian shops, selling things such as naan (I freakin’ love naan) and bright fabrics. Then some random old white man said “those kids at the park were annoying, huh?” I agreed. The only way to leave was through a pawn shop’s hatch/door-thing. At home, I nearly gave birth to a full-sized lizard. At first I was concerned, but I figured that a lizard is better than a child, so whatever. It didn’t even hurt. But the lizard wasn’t ready to be born yet, so it just kinda stayed in my body. Then my dad and I were outside a random house at night. I told my dad that there was a creepy moving lady Halloween decoration in the window, but he said there was something in the way and he could not see it. It was late November. Shouldn’t the decorations be down by now? Two girls ran out of the house, followed by a monster. My dad and I ran, too. For some reason we were having an interactive horror story thing?? Like we were mostly there but also just an audience??? I wondered if my dad or the girls were actually the monster in disguise, which for some reason was a completely original idea no one had ever thought of before. No one believed me, but I was right.

INTJ: There was annoying music playing in my classroom so I left and went into the hallway but there was a Minotaur there. I refused to listen to any more of that obnoxious music though, so I started running away from the Minotaur but I wasn’t fast enough so I started running on my hands with my legs high up in the air like a handstand and somehow that was way faster.

INTP: Everyone was informed about the news: Neptune (or Uranus, or any of the large, blue-coloured planets) was “out of orbit.” I asked why everyone was talking about it, what the big deal was. They said that this is a very rare occurrence, likely to happen every 10 million years or so, and that Neptune was heading closer to the sun. They said that due to its size and the direction of its current path, it was very, very likely to hit Earth and kill pretty much everyone. I panicked a bit, and then asked when it is expected to hit Earth. They said any time after the next 7 years. Could be a decade after, could be a day after. I was able to calm down… a little. Then I suggested that we try to do something about it. They said scientists are working on that. I asked what their plans were. They said they didn’t know, and that the scientists hadn’t really thought of anything. I am no scientist, but I tried to suggest some things anyway, such as using broken satellites and other metals to build a giant cosmic shield, which would then be securely held by jetpacks or something so it could push against Neptune and not hit the Earth on contact. They said that Neptune was moving too fast, and that it would probably just break the shield, and its water could extinguish the jetpacks. So I suggested that we try to divert its orbit somehow.  They said that scientists are trying to do that, but they don’t really have a plan yet, and that I should just stay out of it. That made me kinda angry. Just because I’m not a scientist doesn’t mean I can’t help, and just because Earth will probably get destroyed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. 

ISFJ: My computer got a virus, but the only real change that happened was that there were these little pastel pop-up boxes in the corner that said things like “Hello, little boy. I am your daddy.” or “Little boy, have you watched episode 32 of Naruto yet? It’s really good!” but they’d always call me a little boy, pretend to be my daddy and recommend anime. Also I later went to a small suburban town at night, something very Twilight Zone-y, where Ron Weasley apparently was a murderous and malicious knife-wielding psycho. But then it turned out it was his dad who was the psycho, and for some reason his whole face was covered in stubble. Including his forehead. He kept turning off all the lights and grinning evilly. Then, I learned that in Japan or Korea, I forget which, there were too many marathon runners so they forced some of them to wear ghost costumes and run in those, and it was hard ‘cause they kept tripping on the costume.

ISFP: A friend-person had taught herself a bunch of new languages, and said I could pick 5 to learn, and she would teach me them. After a few hours, I was fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and cat language. She then revealed that she was currently learning a new language… soul language. I asked what the heck that was, and she said it was exactly what it sounded like: speaking with and to the soul. She said it was mostly intuition, which I was quite good at, but if you needed to ask a question to a soul or get it to do something, you were to make a guttural noise in your throat. She demonstrated, and I asked how she even made those inhuman sounds. She just asked me to try it myself. I did, but it was very quiet and often my voice would just silence for a second or two when I couldn’t hit a certain pitch. I asked how I could try this, and she lead me to the bathtub which dad was relaxing in. He didn’t even notice we were there. I made the noises, louder and clearer this time, and waited for a reaction from dad. The sound was not as good as my instructor’s, and it hurt my throat A LOT. To my surprise, my dad sunk deeper into the bath and started moving his limbs weirdly and slowly, as if pulled by invisible strings. I was really shocked and immediately stopped making the sounds, but my dad was still being crazy and his face had sunk into the bath. He was drowning. I asked my friend what to do and she told me to say another sound that she demonstrated, but I pronounced it wrong and just ended up shaking my dad crazily until he was back to normal. He was super confused, and I said I’ll explain later. Then I added “Ew, you’re naked!” and ran out of the washroom to wash my hands in a different washroom. I decided to never do the question-and-control part of soul language again, as it seemed like an evil Satanic ritual to me. I had sinned enough for today.

ISTJ: I read a book called Died by Neil Gaiman, which was about a small alien creature that came to Earth. He saw a poster saying that art isn’t art if there’s more of it than nature (?) and then he killed everyone in sight with nothing but a knife. Everyone except for a dog and his owner that is. He then followed them to their condo, where there were many old people, and decided “They have lived for so long. Long enough.” Then he killed them, too. He taught the dog to do whatever he told it to by giving it treats, but then it lay limp because the alien didn’t know that dogs couldn’t eat chocolate. He then killed the owner, and decided that, in order to repopulate the Earth, he would put the owner lying forward on the sofa and put my cat between his limbs. He cloned this action, and he was happy. There was also a stop-motion movie made of this.

ISTP: There was some sort of thing going on where we were in the halls of a school, and the Batman characters were banding together in groups of 8 who rode on horses or camels with rainbow hammocks attached to the saddles under the horse/camel’s stomach. I thought I knew how to fly but it turned out I was just really tired and upside down. I was running away from the Joker, who had gotten stabbed and needed to go to the hospital, where they planned to arrest him. Our groups of 8 were enemies, and included camels, cops and actors who kept smirking and trying to be attractive and failing. Eventually, Batman put me in a huge car and said the only way to stop this was if the 16 people all were together and not enemies. I was the first passenger, and I tried to escape when Batman played music but he said “at least you’re getting a ride”. I screamed at him and tried to explain my mental illnesses. Also, there were 2 Jokers but one was not actually the Joker?? Like he had brown hair and only wore burgundy and was not a sociopath and the two of us went into a school gym where I jumped up and used monkeybar-esque things on the ceiling with ease and decided to stay there because “the Joker can’t fly”. Then, through a window I saw the Joker and a kid we was trying to assault, and then police went into the gym room we were using so I told them about the Joker. They went to arrest him but said that I couldn’t talk about this anymore or else I would be tried “for being related to or knowing of such crime”.

#179 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompt “Best Friend // Rex Orange County and it’s just like the boy desperately wanting to be with his best friend and idk if u listen to the song it’s rly cute tysm” and “One where reader is a rich girl, and Van thinks she’s gonna be a stereotypical pompous twat, but she’s real humble and the lads an van are pleasantly surprised?”

When your parents dropped you with Mary and Bernie, you were nervous and excited in equal measures. Your siblings were nothing like you, and when the conversation was had about having to work for pocket money, they almost rioted. Your brother smashed both televisions in his room, and your sister said she’d stop helping with the horses. You happily thought about it and decided that when you grew up you’d like to maybe work in a hotel. The hotels in the village weren’t about to let a kid come work for them, but there was the bed and breakfast. A phone later you were on your way to work. Well, volunteer. Your parents would pay you, but technically you weren’t employed.

The aim was to learn the value of money. Everything was easy for you growing up; born with a silver spoon. Getting out into the world and seeing how other people lived would do you good. Naturally kind and full of empathy, you wanted nothing more than to figure out how to use your privilege to help other people. Maybe your sixteen-year-old mind didn’t think of it in those terms, but that’s what you were doing. You’d never have guessed that your attempts to be a better person would be met with such resistance.

Mary and Bernie liked you immediately. You used your manners and took directions well. You followed them around making tea and ironing bed sheets. Their son, who you were sure was actually named Ryan but everyone seemed to call Van, did not like you immediately. He hardly spoke to you at all, and if you had to be in the same room, he’d put his cheap headphones in and ignore you.

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July 16, 2017...

Ever seen that show American Ninja Warrior? It’s on the motels here and there. Pretty sure all those people aren’t people, but Sam puts it on whenever it’s on.

Got me thinking, kind of. Cas caught a few episodes once. Don’t know if he ever talked about it, but it didn’t stop him from trying to build the things he saw. Something just possessed him to do it, I guess, but next thing I know one day there’s this whole obstacle course outside the bunker and Sam’s running around it doing laps like it’s some kind of marathon. Cas just stood around writing things down and drawing.

“You made all this?” I pointed to this weird ladder with rungs that Sam was climbing up with a bar. He looked like a fish with all the bouncing he did.

“I had heard that this was an idea way in training to be an agile ninja.” Of course, he’d heard that. He believed anything on TV back then.

“Why don’t you try it?” I joked. What? An angel on monkey bars sounded funny to me at the time.

‘Course, he took me up on it. Fell flat on his face a solid twelve times before he called it a day.

Meanwhile Sam kept running around like he was Thor, and I just sat there watching it all and wondering how the hell this happened.

That obstacle course survived for a few years after that.

- Dean

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anonymous asked:

Okay so what would the skelebros do if someone made them sock monkeys that looked just like them? (UT UF US SF)

So I’m combining this with this ask: ‘’Hi. So what would the skelebros do if someone made sock puppets that looked like them?’’ Because I honestly think they’d react pretty much the same.

UT!Sans: He’s very neutral about it. It’s cool, and the details are nice. It’s probably going to end up on his floor or thrown in a drawer somewhere.

UT!Papyrus: Is so excited over it! He’ll immediately try and make a sock monkey/puppet for who ever made him his. It’s um, unique. But he’s surprisingly good at crafting so it turns out to be pretty good.

US!Sans: It is the cutest thing he’s ever seen. And he’s keeping it on a shelf in his room along with his most valuable possessions. He loves hand made things, and he can’t believe someone made that for him.

US!Papyrus: He loves it ironically. Like, it’s a nice gift and he appreciates it, but it’s also hilarious. And he carries it around to weird people out. It’s propped on his shoulder whenever he’s out in public and people’s faces are hilarious.

UF!Sans: Eh? He doesn’t get the point with it. It’s a piece of cloth, why would you take your time to make that for him? Still, he’ll accept the gift, it sits at the top of his bookcase which he never bothers to dust.

UF!Papyrus: It’s… um… Thank you? He’s too thrown off guard to have any particular reaction. So he just takes the thing and stands there holding it, wondering what he’s supposed to do. He ends up keeping it though. He grows too fond of it to throw it out.

SF!Sans: So he pretends not to care, and acts like it’s a stupid gift that he’s going to throw away. But he loves it. It’s so cute and small and it looks just like him. He sneakily keeps it and puts it with his stuffed animals that no one can know about.

SF!Papyrus: He hates it. Literally hates it. It freaks him out, and he can’t be near it. So depending on who made it, he’s going to throw it away. He’s fine with a sock monkey or puppet that looks like something else though. It’s the people thing that weirds him out.

johnten headcanon pt.3
  • movie night!!
  • johnny would make popcorn and prepare things to eat and drink
  • while ten would get the blankets and pillows
  • they’d turn all the lights off
  • only the tv would lighten up the room
  • they’d cuddle up
  • sharing a big, fuzzy blanket
  • johnny would wrap an arm around ten and pull him close
  • ten would sometimes kiss jenny’s neck or cheek
  • while johnny would give ten kisses on his head
  • they’d search for a good movie
  • “look, johnny!  it’s black and white and even squared!”
  • “it’s probably an old movie!”
  • “let’s watch it”
  • they’d start watching the movie
  • not even look at its name
  • but then james franco was suddenly there
  • and they would laugh really hard for thinking that it was an old movie
  • it’s actually just oz the great and powerful
  • but they’d watch it anyway
  • the couple would feed each other popcorn
  • at the dancing part ten would say
  • “let’s learn to dance too!”
  • and soon johnny would say
  • “the kissing part was unnecessary and they literally just met!”
  • “we are a better couple” ten’d say and then kiss the elder
  • their gay asses decided that james/oz is cute and charming
  • and that they want a monkey butler
  • well if that wasn’t against animal rights and the monkey would want to be their butler themselves
  • they’d share drinks and food and everything
  • they’d randomly say I love you
  • and they didn’t really pay attention to the movie
  • because they were too obsessed with each other
  • when oz entered the forest ten would get scared and hide his face in the crook of johnny’s neck
  • johnny would pretend like he isn’t scared
  • even though he was
  • but then when the weird plants scared oz and the others
  • they would laugh cuz the closeup looked too funny
  • “j-johnny?”
  • “hmm?”
  • “johnny?”
  • “y-yes?”
  • “johnny?
  • “yeah, baby?”
  • “I love you!!”
  • after the movie finished they’d just watch a sitcom
  • this time it was the big bang theory
  • they’d watch it until one of them fell asleep
  • usually ten
  • johnny would turn off the tv and carry him to their bed
  • and then he’d climb under the sheets with ten and take him into his arms.
  • ten would make cute noises
  • johnny would soon fall asleep too

johnten headcanon: pt.1 pt.2 pt.3