he looks like a sticker

Sorry for ugly watermark. I want to sell this one as sticker. Well. At least that was original plan? I had bit too much fun with textured brushes and now he looks more like postcard material (because stickers are too small for those textures to work)? Dunno.

I’m pretty happy with final result :) Especially his skirt turned coat thingie :D 

I thought i posted this before i left for vaca but i guess that was lie ;v;!

So here is Techie waving at you  *waves back*! 

This will be a sticker c:..just a couple more designs and i can do samples soon!

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not les amis but how about trans javert


  • Javert who joins the police force so he can work to help protect trans kids
  • Javert who used to bind with ace bandages and now can’t get top surgery
  • Javert who sets up a support group at the station for any trans kid who has been kicked out
  • Javert who disagrees with the way the amis are going about their protesting and activism
  • Javert who has a soft spot for the amis, even though he disagrees with them
  • Javert who tries to protect everyone from police violence by working with people inside the police force because he knows the feeling of being discriminated against
  • Javert who signs the amis petitions anonymously because he doesn’t want them to know he supports them
  • Javert who works with Gavroche to get kids who aren’t out to their parents the supplies they need
  • Javert who wears his police uniform with pride because he knows he’s helping people
  • Javert who turns a blind eye when a transphobe/homophobe gets beat up
  • Javert who is seen as mean but is actually a big sweetheart 
  • Javert who gets flowercrowns from Jehan after they ran into each other at a Pride parade (javert had trans stickers on and he looked really cute, like an angry kitten)
  • Javert who is respected by Enjolras after Enj found out that Javert is also trans when he got arrested once
Counselor Crush | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

“Excited to be working together today?” The tall boy in front of you asked and you nodded, a big smile on your face. You were excited pretty much every day, working at this camp as a counselor was the perfect summer job as far as you were concerned. “Yes!” You chimed, high-fiving him as he raised his hand. You’d seen him around before, working with the kids, but you hadn’t had a chance to speak to him yet. Today was the perfect occasion for that seeing as you would be together pretty much all day. “I’m Y/N, by the way.” You said, and reached out your hand to him formally. “Dan. Nice to meet you.” The boy smiled and he shook your hand. The kids were lining up in front of you, a group of ten kids that you two had to watch for today. Some of them had been in your group before, others were new to you. It didn’t matter a whole lot to you, you loved working with all the kids here. You had multiple smaller siblings and it had taught you a lot about handling children and their occasional tantrums. Dan worked his way down the attendance list to make sure everyone was accounted for and when the group appeared complete, the twelve of you made your way down to the river bank. The camp was situated in the forest near a beautiful lake, and today you would be doing all sorts of activities on the small beach. “Alright, three groups of three and one group of four!” You said and the kids started running around until they had formed their groups. Each group was then given a set of blocks and a marked territory. “You will all have five minutes to build the highest tower. Ready, set, go!” You shouted, pressing the start button on your stopwatch and the kids started running around.

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ok ive decided that for my bmc stickers, im gonna make them look like the actual actors but since my freckled/tooth gap rich is so widely accepted now would it be chill if i drew like…..gerard canonico rich w/frecks n a tooth gap…..would yall still buy stickers like that if he didnt look 100% gerard fncjdkdk

Cost of Freedom (31/52)

Summary: In which the heist begins.

[CoF Full chapter list]

They block off the streets.

Kaito hadn’t thought exactly that they’d block off an entire street, not when KID heists had been so popular, but he supposes that because there’s technically a murder case with his name against suspect, and they want to ensure he doesn’t take any hostages.

Not that Kaito would ever be desperate enough to turn to hostage-taking. It’s messy, and frankly, he doesn’t want to rely on random strangers to help him find Pandora. Or… anyone really, which is why KID is a one-man show.

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Rich thinks he looks all cool on his hot wheel bike with like, flame stickers on it and some killer sunglasses but Jake just thinks it's adorable and Rich is like "I'M NOT ADORABLE JAKE I'M COOL"

the only reason rich has it is bc they found the fuckin thing abandoned and rich was gonna ride it as a joke but he actually fit on it so he just took it and made it cool

Finding Out

Set in @marypsue‘s Vamp!Stan universe. Also this is for Mary because she absolutely wonderful and deserves it.


The bus came rolling to a stop, and Stan mentally checked over everything one more time. There was a reason for the blood in the fridge, for his slowness during the day, for any potential reactions to the Star of David…. everything was taken care of. 

Lazy Susan had expressed doubts about him having a pair of kids for the summer, but he had waved off her concerns. He had fooled his customers, fooled this town (well, most of this town) for going on thirty years. It was going to be a piece of cake to keep two snot nosed brats from finding out any of his secrets.

Later, Stan would recognize how wrong he was.

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Opm character dirty little secrets...

(….that I found through my awesome assassin investigation skills).

Saitama: in high school some bullies shoved an explicit yaoi manga in his locker as a joke. He’s still got it.

Genos: has the ability to take photographs with the lenses in his eyes and store them to a small hard drive. Very useful when walking behind girls in skirts up stairs.

Mumen: literally nothing. A gum packet fell out his pocket and accidentally “littered” and he hasn’t forgiven himself. Dork.

King: he doesn’t mind people seeing his huge collection of hentai but what he doesn’t want them to know is they’re all full of pictures of the check out girl at the local market. Literally hundreds of photos. It’s scary.

Seaking: you know those hearts that look like nipples? Yeah. They’re stickers. He lost his nipples in an embarrassing fight with a jellyfish when he made a drunken bet about fucking one…

Puri Puri: his first kiss was actually with a girl called Susan. Yeah. I dunno either.

Boros: the only problem with being the last remaining member of your species (by your own fault) is that after years and years of deep space travel your second-in-commands tentacles start to look reeeeal appealing…

Handsome Mask: every time he gets a spot he eats an entire tub of ice cream and cries himself to sleep to PS I Love You. Also has creepily small feet.

Fubuki: wears a heavily padded push up bra to make her C’s look like DD’s.

Bang: has a camera hidden in the female changing rooms of his dojo. I disabled it. Even I can’t sit around and tolerate that.

Flashy Flash: is naturally a “dirty blonde” (read: ginger) but regularly goes for bleaching treatments and waxes. Hair stylists are sworn to secrecy under pain of death.

Dog man…thing: actually saw him pissing up a lamp post. That guy has real issues I swear.

Child Emperor: how old is this kid? Because he hacked the website of a major porn company and sent all the content to himself for free. I don’t even know anymore I regret this.

Metal Bat: he always refuses to tell people what inspired that ugly ass pompadour hair style of his. No wonder. It was inspired by a cringey 80s porno he saw on tv at 3am at the age of 9.

Tatsumaki: has a side job as a cam girl under the screen name NoImNotAChild

Pig God: just….no. I still have nightmares and ptsd from that.

Garou: wears that tight as fuck muscle shirt cause he was the fat kid in school and wants to show off his weight loss. Also gets through several cans of hair spray a day to look like an Addams family reject.

That’s everyone I’ve spied on so far…after all that I need a lie down. In some bleach.

I realized I had never shown the “final” drawing??
This is from November 2015!!
I only shared WIPs(1) before(2) and totally forgot about it.. I can’t even explain lol.

It’s been only 2 months but I really see some spots I’M ITCHING to redraw/overpaint, but I tend to overdo things, so I said to myself - “NOPE TALLI, NOT THIS TIME, you had your chance, this drawing is /done/!”

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Ultra magnus starts giving out dollar store stickers for positive behaviour and everyone gets super obsessed with collecting them and Rodimus hates it cuz he never gets any while Rung is like covered in space stickers

I need to take the time and tell you the cheesy Rung-sticker-story anime-dad-ponytail and I came up with in Skype, I don’t think I’ve told it yet:

This was after that Captain Rung-post I made. So Rung has these star stickers that he gives to everyone who did good, and the whole crew is so ecstatic when they get one and they try to collect as many as they can (and Whirl just wallpapered his entire room with the stars he earned) and it’s cute and fun.

Until one day, the crew fucks up royally and Rung is absolutely disappointed in them, and he looks at them like a beaten dog and murmurs “no stickers for all of you” and the crew is devastated that they let him down and feel so bad, but they have no idea how to make it up to him.

So later that day, Rung wants to return to his room, and he sees the door covered in countless star stickers, and as he’s looking around in confusion, the crew slowly appears from behind the corner and they shyly smile and mutter “we hope the best captain in the galaxy, who deserves every star sticker he gave us, can forgive us” and Rung is so touched be the gesture, but he then returns all the stickers (“They’re yours, you earned them”) and he remembers exactly who had which star.

The cheesiest thing.

My favorite part about this story is the fact that the entire crew of the Lost Light fits behind a corner.

he’s purroud to be an ameowican