he looks like a sticker

Sorry for ugly watermark. I want to sell this one as sticker. Well. At least that was original plan? I had bit too much fun with textured brushes and now he looks more like postcard material (because stickers are too small for those textures to work)? Dunno.

I’m pretty happy with final result :) Especially his skirt turned coat thingie :D 

I thought i posted this before i left for vaca but i guess that was lie ;v;!

So here is Techie waving at you  *waves back*! 

This will be a sticker c:..just a couple more designs and i can do samples soon!

ok ive decided that for my bmc stickers, im gonna make them look like the actual actors but since my freckled/tooth gap rich is so widely accepted now would it be chill if i drew like…..gerard canonico rich w/frecks n a tooth gap…..would yall still buy stickers like that if he didnt look 100% gerard fncjdkdk

anonymous asked:

Rich thinks he looks all cool on his hot wheel bike with like, flame stickers on it and some killer sunglasses but Jake just thinks it's adorable and Rich is like "I'M NOT ADORABLE JAKE I'M COOL"

the only reason rich has it is bc they found the fuckin thing abandoned and rich was gonna ride it as a joke but he actually fit on it so he just took it and made it cool

he’s purroud to be an ameowican

I realized I had never shown the “final” drawing??
This is from November 2015!!
I only shared WIPs(1) before(2) and totally forgot about it.. I can’t even explain lol.

It’s been only 2 months but I really see some spots I’M ITCHING to redraw/overpaint, but I tend to overdo things, so I said to myself - “NOPE TALLI, NOT THIS TIME, you had your chance, this drawing is /done/!”

Story 234: Thinking of You

I finish cutting the crusts off of Toby’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drop a handful of baby carrots onto the plate.  Perfect.  I look at the finished meal, and concentrate on it - forming a vivid image in my head.

I hear Toby’s footsteps on the stairs.

He comes around the corner at top speed, radiating gratitude at me.  He’s such a good boy.  Still, a little privacy is good for both of us so I put on my helmet - I only wear it when we’re in the same room, but poor Toby has to wear his all the time.  He looks up from his already half-eaten meal and smiles, peanut butter smeared at the corners of his mouth.  I would have thought that his helmet couldn’t have fit any more stickers, but it looks like he found a spot for a new one - a dinosaur on a skateboard.
“Okay kiddo, after this is naptime, and then the rest of the afternoon is yours.  What do you want to do?”
The response is muted, muffled first by his helmet and then by mine, so I get something that’s almost a regular sentence rather than a full sensory experience.  He wants to go to the zoo.  Oh boy.
“Buddy, you remember what happened last time?”
He nods, and I can feel his sadness.  It wasn’t his fault, and nobody was hurt, but having all the primates freeze in place and stare in Toby’s direction - regardless of the concrete walls in the way - freaked out the zookeepers pretty bad.  They had asked, politely, if I could keep him away after that.
“How about a hike?  Get out in nature?  That’s kind of like a zoo.”

He agrees to a nice quiet nature walk once I promise some ice cream will be waiting at the end.  With minimal whining he heads upstairs to take his nap, and I settle into my recliner.  He can’t sleep with the helmet on, so I focus on soothing images that won’t keep him awake.  The beach, mostly.  Waves, gently sweeping across the sand.  A sunset glowing red on the water.  Sleep.  Sleep.  I can feel it as he passes out, like a slight pressure has lifted off of me.  The weight of his thoughts that can be felt throughout the house.  I take my helmet off and recline the chair, waiting.  It should be any minute now that the show starts.  While I wait, I think about the facility we used to live at.  Those horrible days of tests and needles and… but that’s over now.  Toby made sure of that.  He was so young, but even then he was gentle with them.  He could have killed them once I broke out of my cell and pulled Toby’s helmet off.  Could have utterly destroyed them.  Instead, my sweet baby just made them all forget.  They all smiled and helped us pack, helped us delete files, helped us burn the facility to the ground.  And then, minds blank as children, they wandered away.

It’s starting.  He’s all the way asleep now.

The walls seem to melt, sunlight streaming in.  Fields of grass and flowers sway in an unfelt breeze, and what appear to be tigers fly smoothly through the clouds.  I relax, and recline further - it doesn’t look like there will be any nightmares today.  Swaddled in my son’s dreams, I begin to drift off myself.

Opm character dirty little secrets...

(….that I found through my awesome assassin investigation skills).

Saitama: in high school some bullies shoved an explicit yaoi manga in his locker as a joke. He’s still got it.

Genos: has the ability to take photographs with the lenses in his eyes and store them to a small hard drive. Very useful when walking behind girls in skirts up stairs.

Mumen: literally nothing. A gum packet fell out his pocket and accidentally “littered” and he hasn’t forgiven himself. Dork.

King: he doesn’t mind people seeing his huge collection of hentai but what he doesn’t want them to know is they’re all full of pictures of the check out girl at the local market. Literally hundreds of photos. It’s scary.

Seaking: you know those hearts that look like nipples? Yeah. They’re stickers. He lost his nipples in an embarrassing fight with a jellyfish when he made a drunken bet about fucking one…

Puri Puri: his first kiss was actually with a girl called Susan. Yeah. I dunno either.

Boros: the only problem with being the last remaining member of your species (by your own fault) is that after years and years of deep space travel your second-in-commands tentacles start to look reeeeal appealing…

Handsome Mask: every time he gets a spot he eats an entire tub of ice cream and cries himself to sleep to PS I Love You. Also has creepily small feet.

Fubuki: wears a heavily padded push up bra to make her C’s look like DD’s.

Bang: has a camera hidden in the female changing rooms of his dojo. I disabled it. Even I can’t sit around and tolerate that.

Flashy Flash: is naturally a “dirty blonde” (read: ginger) but regularly goes for bleaching treatments and waxes. Hair stylists are sworn to secrecy under pain of death.

Dog man…thing: actually saw him pissing up a lamp post. That guy has real issues I swear.

Child Emperor: how old is this kid? Because he hacked the website of a major porn company and sent all the content to himself for free. I don’t even know anymore I regret this.

Metal Bat: he always refuses to tell people what inspired that ugly ass pompadour hair style of his. No wonder. It was inspired by a cringey 80s porno he saw on tv at 3am at the age of 9.

Tatsumaki: has a side job as a cam girl under the screen name NoImNotAChild

Pig God: just….no. I still have nightmares and ptsd from that.

Garou: wears that tight as fuck muscle shirt cause he was the fat kid in school and wants to show off his weight loss. Also gets through several cans of hair spray a day to look like an Addams family reject.

That’s everyone I’ve spied on so far…after all that I need a lie down. In some bleach.

Finding Out

Set in @marypsue‘s Vamp!Stan universe. Also this is for Mary because she absolutely wonderful and deserves it.


The bus came rolling to a stop, and Stan mentally checked over everything one more time. There was a reason for the blood in the fridge, for his slowness during the day, for any potential reactions to the Star of David…. everything was taken care of. 

Lazy Susan had expressed doubts about him having a pair of kids for the summer, but he had waved off her concerns. He had fooled his customers, fooled this town (well, most of this town) for going on thirty years. It was going to be a piece of cake to keep two snot nosed brats from finding out any of his secrets.

Later, Stan would recognize how wrong he was.

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BTS on Easter 🐰🍬

Y'all kno I’m a hoe for these lmao

jin: somewhere dunking eggs, has an entire itinerary planned for the day that no one follows. Wears a pair of bunny ears that flop off his head, gets a bunny tail pinned to him by Jimin but he just leaves it cause he thinks he looks cute, runs around with a Polaroid trying to take pictures of the boys against their will and ends up taking selfies for the fan cafe

Jimin: has an entire book of Easter stickers on his fucking face like he looks good, (he do) and insists that Jin put money in some of the eggs, wipes his chocolate covered hands on Jungkooks sheets and has to cover it up (and by cover, put a pillow on it) steals Jin’s Easter bunny ears

taehyung: crying because he can’t touch the bunny sugar cookies in the oven, probably the type to bounce around the house “like a bunny” until they get noise complaints about loud foot steps, eats all the Easter candy with Jimin and ends up gettin a tummy ache and has to burp himself on the couch

namjoon: not allowed by the eggs, continuously cracks them even though they’re fucking hard boiled, tries to get into the religion part of Easter and be fake deep until Jimin asks him if the Easter bunny part of a religion and he gotta leave before he smacks him, wears a giant pink sweater with fuzz on it that’s probably as soft as a bunny

Yoongi: Keeps getting called the Easter fairy because his hairs a light pink color, tried to sleep in but gets woken up by two eager bunnies (Jimin n hoseok) hopping on his bed, sulks by eating only the yolks of the hard boiled eggs and avoiding Jin bc he knows he left eggshells all over the place

hoseok: was up since 5 helping Jin, and by helping just sampling jelly beans and pretending he was the one who made the chocolate chip cookies, sings Easter songs to the tune of Christmas songs until he passes out with the bowl of peeps on the couch

jungkook: got an Easter basket from Jin, pretended like he didn’t like it but did on the low. Namjoon probably hid eggs around the living room and tried to get him to go hunt for them but hoseok beat him to it, wears carrot ears, but begrudgingly