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sometimes i'm just amazed at how keith's first line in the show implies that he and shiro have some sort of past together and we can tell from that one line that these two mean something to each other and honestly that scene is always gonna leave me breathless

Anon,,, the way Keith looks at Shiro again after all this time, seeing that Shiro’s finally back and he just can’t believe it–that breaks me, alright

And I mean, even when Keith first appears in this scene, you can literally feel the anger burning in his eyes. Like, they zoom in and his eyes are doing that shaky, jittery thing they do when anime characters get real emotional 

Judging by how he looks ready to come at everyone with a vengeance, and just how he knocks them all out without saying a word–this is someone with a very personal vendetta. So, even if he’s not sure it’s Shiro held prisoner at this point, I think he expects (or at least hopes) that it is. 

Also, it’s not just the way Keith says his name. It’s how he races over when he sees it’s Shiro, still in shock it’s him. It’s how we see him go from this masked vigilante beating people up without remorse to this scared, soft, expressive person with such gentle eyes. It’s how he reaches out to touch Shiro’s face, tenderly turns it a little so he can see him better. It’s how there’s kinda this focus on Shiro’s mouth when he let’s out a pained whine and Keith sets right to work–immediately snapping out of it and cutting Shiro free as fast as he could 

Our intro to Keith is literally him rescuing Shiro and looking extremely vulnerable over this reunion. If Shiro were a girl, I’m pretty sure everyone would agree it looks like they were being set up as love interests. That’s just how the scene reads. Or rather, I should say it just kinda has that vibe to me. 

Also, the way this scene mirrored Shiro saving Keith in BOM just about killed me 


So this is really my top gripe about anime at the moment, so succinctly summed up by an episode in the show Shirobako. So many times you will see a decent character “moe-ified”, that is, given a heavily amplified kawaii/tsundere/kuudere/nadeshiko/whatever type of personality, and then given awkward proportions in order to fanservice the audience. Cuteness and male-gazeworthy proportions trump everything else. Do the folks in that industry not realize just how derivative it all is when female characters in every show start looking the same?

Last year world famous director Hayao Miyazaki gave an interview in which he said that the anime industry was declining in quality due to it being full of otaku who didn’t observe real people. He also said that the content creators entrenched themselves in the tropes they were used to instead of observing real people. I happen to agree with him. It’s becoming more and more amplified as the characters get less and less relatable. Everyone seems like a carbon copy of each other. And women are represented worse than ever in a lot of these shows, which is highly disappointing. In a lot of ways, with a few exceptions like Fullmetal Alchemist, women in 90s anime were treated far better than their contemporary counterparts. They were far more realistic. Watch an anime like Blue Seed and then compare it to any anime that’s on air today and the difference is noticable.

A new concern of mine that I’m noticing is starting to creep into modern anime more and more is production teams re-interpreting characters and relationships from the original work and showing favoratism in certain areas while bashing others. For example, I just finished watching The Devil is a Part-Timer and I found the Emilia character really interesting. When I did some research into the series, I discovered that the anime director of the series liked another moe female character named Chiho more, so he played Chiho up in the anime and put down Emilia by purposly exaggerated Emilia’s negative qualities. Chiho was featured prominantly throughout the show and was pretty much exclusively featured in the ending credits. I didn’t mind Chiho as a character but I wasn’t intrigued at all by her like I was with Emilia. The director cranked Emilia’s tsundere-ness up to 11 in order to make her less appealing, and although Emilia a main character in the light novels, she was more or less demoted down to an extra in the anime. If you read the translated light novels of The Devil is a Part-Timer, it becomes apparent that Emilia is a lot more subdued and far more likable. She’s still a tsundere but she’s not her anime counterpart. It’s stuff like this that annoys me. When character bias creeps in the story loses. And I’m seeing it a lot more than I used to in anime, which is so disappointing because it means you’re not getting a good adaptation of the source material. I’m not saying that anime has to be 100% true to the source material but I am asking that today’s content creators try to keep their personal biases out of the story. It hurts the message when it becomes super apparent that the storytellers don’t like certain characters or a certain pairings.

I love anime, but lately I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with it. After awhile I get bored seeing the exact same tropes played out again and again ad nauseum across the different genres. They need to shake it up and stop pandering to the lowest common denominator. This is what makes series like Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist so captivating; in the anime world they’re very unique and the characters are far more multidminensional and realistic.

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Hello! How was the idea of Shinachiku was created?I'm genuinely curious

Kishi gave an interview a long time ago and joked that since he used the name Menma for the Road to Ninja movie, he’d have to use Shinachiku for Naruto’s son. At the time, a few NaruSaku fans started using the name Shinachiku as Naruto’s son. It wasn’t very popular, but there’s some fanart of Shinachiku prior to the ending.

Despite what some people may say, NaruSaku fans didn’t exactly ‘claim’ the name, we just ended up being the fandom that used the name more often. Non-NaruSaku fans didn’t care,didn’t have a problem with our usage of the name, or even occasionally used it themselves. They only had a problem after the ending when we started using it much more for some strangeeee reason. Didn’t stop us though.

Anyway, some time after in the anime, some of us joked that a random filler character that appeared was Shinachiku from the future who came to help his father fight in the final battle


When the ending hit and NaruSaku wasn’t canon and his son wasn’t named Shinachiku, it left some of us confused. Some of us thought he was serious about the name. At that point, we decided to take what was once a joke and make it a real thing and so “Shinachiku” was officially born.

People thrust their opinions into the public of what he would looked like. It was either blond hair green eyes, or pink hair blue eyes. Maybe even a variation of red hair and purple eyes like Kushina. In the end, blond hair green eyes won out. I think the filler anime character was a big proponent of that. Everyone was so fixated on him that the other color combos didn’t have a chance. XD

We didn’t give him whiskers because the manga made it clear: Naruto had whiskers after rooming with Kurama inside of Kushina for 9 months. It’s not hereditary because if that were the case, Tsunade, the granddaughter of Mito who had children who also had whiskers no doubt, did not have whiskers.

So while some people draw him with whiskers, it’s not really popular. (and personally, I extremely dislike it so I avoid it unless bby Shina draws them on during playtime)

As for his personality, at first people wanted him to be more like Naruto. Public opinion shifted and now a days people see him as more of a mixture of Naruto and Sakura, but a bit more like Sakura. Mostly polite, but a bit of hidden sass underneath, and even a temper if you dig deep enough. Still a bit goofy like his dad though.

As for his clothes, well, people smack whatever they want onto him. Lol. I’d say more often than not, he’s wearing @pumyteh‘s clothes though.

You can read more here: http://narusakuwiki.com/uzumaki-shinachiku/

I like thinking back to when Shinachiku was first created. He literally became a legitimate character in a matter of days and persists to this day. A lot of NaruSaku fans have moved onto bigger and better things, but I’m grateful for the little son (and daughter) that we left behind as a fandom.

When he first came about, we fought a lot of battles. People started stealing our fanarts and editing them into other pairings. We were told we weren’t allowed to use the name because it belonged to Kishi. Spamming. Hate mail. Trolling. The whole deal. But we stuck through.

I stuck through because I really do love Shinachiku. He’s such a great character and I’ve never seen anything like him. By that I mean a character formed from pure sadness, disappointment, and hatred who became something tangible. He’s a character that’s almost accepted fandom wide and even non-NaruSaku fans enjoy him. He’s just amazing.

I plan to be drawing and answering Shina questions for a long time coming, even if it takes me a while to work on things.

Aaron’s Top 7: Attractive Animated Males

I’m not a fan male designs in animation. At least, not in the way I’m going to be judging them in today’s list.

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Previously, I did a top 7 list of attractive female characters. The problem I had with that one was selecting characters based on personality over design with cosmetics being an aesthetic factor. With this list, the issue is reversed.

When you think of a male anime character, you think of a slim guy with slumped shoulders and a soft face. Any character that’s ‘masculine’ is often to an extreme to show how muscular they are. The point is that they look ‘pretty’. Just about 70% of male characters in anime can easily be redrawn as a girl. 

Which brings me to my issue with male characters in western cartoons. I can look at them and immediately tell who the protagonist is. You’re the comic relief. You’re the wise old mentor. You’re the token black character. Either that, or they’re animals. I like Stan Pines from Gravity Falls because they put a spin on the grumpy old man trope making him a greedy conman who doesn’t stop conning people as the show goes on. But design wise, I see him and go, ‘you’re the grump with a big heart’. And before you ask, no, that old dust buckle is nowhere near this list.    

I just became numb to designs of a lot of male characters since there’s so many men outnumbering females in media. I don’t really think about which one stands out. I’m just seeing how the character develops in the show. 

‘Nerd who wants to prove himself and has some sort of famous/prestigious family/background’. Let me guess, you just named 20 male characters in your head didn’t you? So why am I doing this list? Well, here are some characters who have a design that I found interesting with personalities to match. 

Same rules as the women’s list: 

Character comes before design. 

No villains/antagonist. 

Characters must be 18+.

It’s my list so if your hubby isn’t here…too damn bad.

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Guys Gals & Non-Binary pals, this is Animated Aaron’s Top 7 Attractive Animated Male Characters.

Honorable Mentions:

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John Stewart/Green Lantern-Justice League; Justice League Unlimited 

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Scar-FMA (Franchise) 


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He’s a fucking idiot. Know that you know why he’s at the bottom, he’s actually got one of the most unique designs in anime. As I said before, anime men are fucking twigs with slumped shoulders.

Goku is actually muscular in a way that isn’t comical like in most cartoons. He’s build like an Adonis, true, but he’s still very close to how a real human would look opposed to the over the top shit in stuff like ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ or ‘Kenichi-The Mightiest Disciple’.

That being said, everyone tries to emulate the character. A big/powerful guy who’s as gentle as a bird and believes in the good of others while holding his ground for his beliefs. I’d like him a lot better if this dynamic didn’t create so many clones of the guy. Naruto, Luffy (One Piece), Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter), ect.  


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Spike Spiegel-Cowboy Bebop 

Alright. So while Goku is built like a brick house, Spike here is more on the slim side. Most men in anime don’t look like their balls have dropped despite being ‘martial arts experts’. Spike isn’t stacked but the few scenes where he’s shirtless prove that he’s got some meat. Again, he’s more how someone would realistically look given his fighting style. He’s quick on his feet and loose with his punches. He’s actively trying to wear the person down but knows where to hit them for a k.o if he’s in a hurry. 

He’s cocky but doesn’t go around bragging about his skills like most protagonist. Rash and impulsive but isn’t hyperactive. He’s just a cool dude with a checkered past. If the situation gets the best of him, he’ll let his wounds heal and go at it again. If there’s money involved that is. 

Whatever happens, happens.  


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Takashi Shirogane-Voltron LD

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me and my friends watched more miraculous. it continued to be a wild ride

part one

stuff that’s not in quotes is me, anything in quotes is one of my friends

(note: some nsfw stuff, including sex mentions this time)


  • “i think alya’s my favorite so far”
  • “alya’s thicc”
  • i like how she hides
    “that’s what i would do”
  • “i hope he hears it”
  • [if he does i’ll die of shame]
  • “[adrien]’s a sexy beast”
  • [it’s locked!]
    “no SHIT it’s called a LOCKer”
  • [what does ladybug see in him?]
    “god only knows”
  • “i love how i relate to the butterflies because they’re all like on the ground around him, but when they see the harsh light of day they all *hisses*”
  • [the thought makes me puuurrrr]
    “*shudders* can we NOT”
  • [of course adrien would own a high tech phone]
    mari you do too
    “pfff yeah it’s right there”
  • “why won’t this thing come off? because it’s extra”
  • [transforms] “extra”
  • “*points to chat* yellow”

(more copycat, as well as dark cupid, pixelator, animan, darkblade, the pharaoh, timebreaker, and the gamer under the cut)

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Things that piss me off About the DL boys appearances

(aka trigger my weird anxieties about anime character defying real world logic or just look dumb. Either one really)

(Ok let’s go and pls don’t hate me)

Shu: he only wears his jacket with one arm (I tried wearing my jacket like that and guess what it doesn’t work)

Reiji: he trying to be Michael Jackson by only were one glove ( I don’t like Michael Jackson)

Ayato: he needs to do up his buttons (it would take like 5 seconds)

Kanato: he has one strand of hair that is longer then the rest (I just want no need to cut it off)

Laito: his hat does not look right (it just doesn’t look like it’s fitting he’s Head correctly)

Subaru: you can see his eye though his hair (that’s not how hair works)

Kino: his hair is stupid (sorry kino fans, there’s kino fans right? RIGHT?!??)

Ruki: his hair is blue in the anime ( it doesn’t look good)

Kou: that one hair tie in the front on hair…..(I just what to rip it off of his head)

Yuma: he’s to big in the anime (insert that’s what she said joke)

Azusa: the Hat (how AF does it even say on his head)

Carla: his scarf it’s just to long (i just what him to trip on it)

Shin: he has a tail (Furrys).

And as a bonus Yui: TO MUCH PINK

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Sorry to bother you, but I can't stress enough how much I love your Yuuri cosplay, like... You don't go out of your way to look EXACTLY like he does in the anime, you make him look like a PERSON?!?!? That's totally what his hair would look like IRL with the front bangs and everything, you really did a good job. Your face shape is fucking PERFECT and your cosplay comes across as what he would look like as a real person rather than looking like a living anime character, it looks amazing.

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Oh my God this is the best thing anyone’s ever sent me.

sometimes I’m just really overwhelmed with my love for exo. like, they bring me so much joy??? like not just them as a group, but them as individuals as well. kyungsoo is literally the squishiest, most adorable man ever and although he doesn’t like to be called cute, he definitly is and his voice is so soothing and calming and i love him so much!!!! and chanyeol is literally the smollest giant ever and an actual saint like he feeds homeless kittens and make music and he’s a giant ball of fun and make my best friend so happy and im just so greatful for his existence and his voice is literally the best thing known to mankind i just love him som much!!! jongdae’s vocals is actually god like and I want to fcking cuddle him because that’s how cute he is and his laugh can cure cancer and his whining is iconic i just really fcking love jongdae!!! and suho is so fcking gorgeous like dont fight me this is the most beautiful man i have ever seen in my life and he loves everyone so much and he is funny!!!!!!!!! like honestly i want to thank suho for existing because it makes my life so much easier like i love him so much!!! kai is an actual ball of fluff and will laugh 10/10 times of everything and he just really just love his dogs and dancing and exo and it makes me so happy that he always go 110% in to everything he does he’s actually so amazing kai is literal sunshine i just love him!!!! lay is actually such a wonderful person because he just is and he’s the actual king and i want to cry because he’s so cute like he’s such a precious little thing and i want to protect him against evil and his dancing is sinful and just i lov lay!!!!!! xiumin is the fake maknae and actual oldest but i actually dont believe he is real at all like he is an anime character there is no way in hell anyone can look so perfect in real life i want to fcking kiss him like wtf he’s ethereal like can we sit down for a minute and talk about fcking kim minseok like jfc he’s amazing and wonderful and his voice is like velvet and i just love him so much wtf!!!!! oh sehun the one and only, the tower, the most amazing man who actually is the cutests lille boy who loves vivi more than vivi loves him :((( and he’s so precious and just loves all his older members and fans and is actually so deep and smart but still adorable and he loves dancing and i just really love sehun so much!!!! baekhyun… the love of my life and the most precious human being on earth, lay and aeri’s #1 fanboy and actual owner of my heart he always make sure everyone is okay and care so much for everyone, his personality is wonderful his voice is fcking the most amazing his dancing is also so fcking fantastic and i could watch him perform for days he’s the cutest and he’s sinful and ethereal and i want to cry because of how perfect he is please i actually am so in love with him it hurts… he just lights up my world like no one can and i just am so grateful for him .. guys I just really love exo :((

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OMG YOUR BASEBALL AU IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. LIKE IM SHOOK YOU ARE SO TALENTED 😍 (also i love that you made levi buff, bc lets be real too many artists give him a small posture just because hes short. Like have you seen manga levi *fans face with hand* hes thick af)

well he does have them muscles yo. so im glad you think so because i do try to keep them in character. and yes, i understand where you come from but i dont think it had to do with his height but more so because of the anime adaptation of levi. he looks way thinner there than in the manga.

(…and maybe its isayama’s fault for making him look a whole lot less buff with clothes on than without lol) because basically, this:

hello yes i just finished lord of the flies (and then watched the 1963 movie immediately afterwards) & i rlly luv piggy so im gonna yell abt Just Piggy Things™ even if no one cares

  • piggy’s the first character we’re introduced to, after ralph ofc, so that means we’re supposed to get attached, and boy did i get attached..
  • ass-mar
  • the fact that he’s been called mean nicknames so long that his real name doesnt matter to him?? he doesnt care what hes called?? poor thing wtf??? hes like eleven hes too little for this
  • the Flashing Anime Glasses. especially the one w the fire when he starts laughing maniacally. same.
  • im talking about: “then he laughed so strangely that they were hushed, looking at the flash of his spectacles in astonishment.”
  • also: “’i got the conch,’ said piggy, in a hurt voice. ‘i got a right to speak.’” let him speak hes the only damn reasonable one. also stop hurting him hes been hurt enough goddamnit 
  • k but how much he loves ralph? and ralph is annoyed by him??? but then later he confides in him & cries over him & their friendship is my fav in the book so. they bond it just takes a while. but piggy was always good to ralph awe
  • “i was with him when he found the conch. i was with him before anyone else was.” he finally made a friend dont u take him from him ;-;
  • k speaking of the conch, in the first movie, his laugh when ralph’s blowing the horn for the first time??? aw??? a rare moment of joy in that sad ass movie?? 
  • ‘63!film piggy is the sweetest & cutest i lob him. ‘90!film piggy was annoying as shit tho i refuse to talk about him.
  • in the ‘63!film when he puts his hands on his hips when jack says “shut up fatty” and then hides behind the tree when they all laugh at him.
  • god in the book it’s easy to forget theyre actual babies but with the movie u cant possibly forget and theyre so cute but defenseless it’s so sad
  • i kno these actors r like 70 or dead now but i wanna go back in time & give them a hug. especially piggy cuz hes a pouty chubby bub gOD IM SO SAD
  • one last note on the film before i get back to the book: the movie rlly encompassed how awkward i imagined piggy to be & i luv that. also his story time abt camberly was adorable + educational (for me, anyway)
  • how hurt he is when ralph tells the other boys his name, poor thing ugh :(
  • “’let him have the conch!’ shouted piggy. ‘let him have it!’” yes stand up for poor lil mulberry child
  • “piggy knelt by him, one hand on the great shell, listening and interpreting to the assembly.” hes so fuckin sweet??? hes like the mom of the island hes so nice to the littluns i luv him
  • and when he gets upset over the mulberry boy probably bein killed in the fire :’( hes the most sensible and the most empathetic of all the other boys. what a cinnamon roll. unproblematic fav. true neutral. 10/10. the best boy.
  • my second favorite line in the whole book: “then, with the martyred expression of a parent who has to keep up with the senseless ebullience of the children, he picked up the conch, turned toward the forest, and began to pick his way over the tumbled scar.” tired mama piggy lmao
  • he wants to make a sundial?? hes so smart aw
  • piggy thinking ralph’s patronizing smile was a friendly one :( :( he just wants a friendddd hes so naive & sweet im sadddd
  • i think it’s implied most of the other boys (particularly the choir boys & ralph) are from a nicer, more upper class part of england, &, despite his intelligence, piggy’s more lower class, judging by his cockney-esque accent (his use of ‘them’ instead of ‘those’, etc.) and also “piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter…” idk why this is cute i dunno
  • “piggy arrived, out of breath and whimpering like a littlun.” me in pe. but also poor thing ;-;
  • “piggy sniveled and simon shushed him as though he had spoken too loudly in church.” i interpreted shushed as, like, consoled, more than, like, ‘quit crying, ya baby’, which was more what he was doing, but still…first of many cute piggy & simon interactions. i’d ship them but theyre like twelve so nah. but they cute as buddies
  • “this was too bitter for piggy, who forgot his timidity in the agony of his loss. he began to cry out, shrilly: ‘you and your blood, jack merridew! you and your hunting! we might have gone home-’” this hurts because if jack hadn’t gone hunting, they may have been rescued before simon or piggy died :( :( :( horrible vague foreshadowing
  • simon getting piggy’s glasses for him when jack throws em ;-;
  • simon giving his piece of meat (not a euphemism, goddamnit) to piggy.. god simons so sweet hes my second fav
  • “only, decided ralph as he faced the chief’s seat, i can’t think. not like
    piggy…he could go step by step inside that fat head of his, only piggy was no chief. but piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains.”
    why does ralph resent piggy sm. it’s like it psychically hurts him to compliment him, even just in his own head. jeez. just cuz someones fat doesnt mean they cant be smart?? the 50s were weird
  • “piggy came and stood outside the triangle. this indicated that he wished to listen, but would not speak; and piggy intended it as a gesture of disapproval.” aka ‘i’m mad at everyone so im gonna stand two feet away & glare at you all’ aw haha
  • when he tiptoes onto the triangle cuz hes done w his protesting ahaha aw
  • “piggy held out his hands for the conch but ralph shook his head.” idk i thought the mental image was cute. “gimme pls” “nuh uh”
  • what he says about the beast & life being scientific…me & piggy would be buds if he was real lmao
  • “ralph nodded to piggy. ‘go on. ask him.’ piggy knelt, holding the conch. ‘now then. what’s your name?’ the small boy twisted away into his tent. piggy turned helplessly to ralph..” honestly piggy & ralph are the mom & dad of the colony (jack being the asshole uncle) it’s so cute
  • “’that’s a clever beast,’ said piggy, jeering, ‘if it can hide on this island.’” sarcastic piggy is sarcastic
  • more sarcastic piggy earlier in the book: “you got your small fire all right” i lob him
  • indignant & shrill piggy… and his quote: “’what are we? humans? or animals? or savages?’” honestly lowkey want that tattooed
  • i fuckin hate jalph but admittedly jack’s jealous lil “’that’s right–favor piggy as you always do.’” is salty & gay lmao
  • the whole three blind mice convo…i luv
  • particular highlight in that scene: “’i’m scared of him,’ said piggy, ‘and that’s why i know him. if you’re scared of someone you hate him but you can’t stop thinking about him. you kid yourself he’s all right really, an’ then when you see him again; it’s like asthma an’ you can’t breathe. i tell you what. he hates you too, ralph—’” POOR BABYYY 
  • also “’i know about people. i know about me. and him. he can’t hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he’d hurt the next thing. and that’s me.” IN THE END ROGER’S THE ONE WHO HURTS HIM UGH :(
  • “’keep piggy out of danger.’” YOU ASSHOLES LET HIM DIE
  • piggy holding his breath until his asthma acts up & then the boys just leave him??? what dicks
  • “jack cleared his throat and spoke in a queer, tight voice. ‘we mustn’t
    let anything happen to piggy, must we?’”
  • “piggy put on his one glass and looked at ralph. ‘now you done it. you been rude about his hunters.’ ‘oh shut up!’” why dont more ppl ship them?? compared to jalph theres nothing??? theyre like a married couple it’s precious. like i said - mom & dad of the island.
  • piggy getting braver & being more of a leader once jack leaves!!! im proud of him!!
  • he [simon] sought for help and sympathy and chose piggy” k the two most humane & sympathetic kids on the island, and the two doomed ones, gravitate towards each other & look out for each other & it so sadd
  • piggy being “so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society” he didnt deserve his fate he was so good im so sad
  • samneric & piggy making a little mini feast for them?? thats so cute??? 
  • also “piggy broke into noisy laughter and took more fruit. ‘he might be.’ he gulped his mouthful. ‘he’s cracked’.” piggy u get teased for bein different why would u tease simon (behind his back too) for bein diffrent u hypocrite. noisy laughter tho aw
  • piggy & ralph laying by the fire & talking…ralph didnt deserve piggy honestly he wasnt even grateful until the very end for such a good friend in such a horrible situation??? ugh
  • when he understood how far ralph had gone toward accepting him he flushed pinkly with pride” see? good friendship. piggy just wanted a friend & to be considered valuable. and ralph finally started appreciating him
  • piggy took off his glasses, stepped primly into the water, and then put them on again.” prim: stiffly formal and respectable; feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper. idk why this is funny to me
  • when he gets annoyed and starts slapping the water & yelling. temper tatrum lmao. dont blame him
  • piggy stirred the sand under water and did not look at ralph. ‘p’raps we ought to go too.’ ralph looked at him quickly and piggy blushed. ‘i mean–to make sure nothing happens.’ ralph squirted water again.” they’re so fuckINGN CUTE
  • piggy touched ralph’s wrist. ‘come away. there’s going to be trouble. and we’ve had our meat.’“ SO MUCH OF THIS STORY WOULDVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THE OTHER BOYS ACTUALLY LISTENED TO PIGGY
  • ralph sat down in the grass facing the chief’s seat and the conch. piggy knelt at his left, and for a long minute there was silence.” i luv their dynamic sm. ruler & adviser. no questions asked. ultimate loyalty. so good.
  • piggy trying to be all rational about simon while ralph freaks out…what a scene. also i luv how awkward their convo w samneric immediately after is
  • piggy wants to be rescued most and hes the one whos killed!!!! bullshit!!!! justice for piggy!!!
  • when ralph says piggy should write a letter to his auntie & he takes it serious & ralph laughs & piggy doesnt get it. awe.
  • the scene where they take his glasses ;-; u made my boi piggy hav an ass-mar attack u monsters,
  • he held out the conch to piggy who flushed, this time with pride” and then “piggy sought in his mind for words to convey his passionate willingness to carry the conch against all odds.” the conch is the only constant on the island, the only dependable thing he has besides ralph, so hes so invested in it, hes pretty much deemed himself the caretaker of the conch, and it dies with him…
  • the scene where piggy reassures ralph & it says “the twins were examining ralph curiously, as though they were seeing him for the first time” is probably my fav scene in the entire book…it just really shows, in a couple of lines, the characters that ralph & piggy are, and what their relationship is like, and why they’re a partnership throughout the whole book. fantastic.
  • “’am i safe?’ quavered piggy. ‘i feel awful–’” fuckin foreshadowing, i hate it. imagine being practically blind on a cliff and then, minutes later, falling to your death. god it’s terrible.
  • piggy crying for ralph not to leave him actually hurts like psychically in my chest. him and simon were babies??? i know it’s fiction but kids are the sweetest things, not even fictional kids deserve to be killed so mercilessly??? im so fuckin sad
  • his last words…powerful and iconic.
  • i dont wanna talk about his death. im very sad
  • k ik it’s terrible but when he died his skull cracked open & his brain more or less fell out (”and stuff came out”, “with his empty head”), and thats p macabre but it’s also symbolic and genius bc when roger killed him he also took away the only thing he had going for him, the only thing that gave him superiority over the others - his intelligence. his brain. 
  • of course, have to end on: “ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called piggy.” cue me shutting the book, hugging it to my chest, and sobbing
Yuri!!! on Ice

… from the point of view of a fan of real figure skating and real figure skaters.

Originally posted by noheartospare

I never watch anime but I watched the first episode of Yuri!!! on Ice because real skating people are involved in it (Kenji Miyamoto; choreographer and Takeshi Honda; ex-competitor, currently commentator). First of all the jacket Yuuri is wearing, the federation website, EVERYTHING looks exactly like the real deal. It’s incredible. 

The main character is Yuuri Katsuki, he is 23 years old and he finally made it to the Grand Prix Final at the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi, Russia - except, he finished last. Yuuri then goes to Nationals, messes up again and doesn’t get to go to the World Championships. He is depressed and ashamed of himself and he has to decide what to do with his life. He’s also going to college and he returns home for the time being. People around him are like “oh aren’t you gonna retire already” and stuff. I suppose the plot of this anime is going to follow the way Yuuri Katsuki will become a great skater and will win things. 

First of all there’s no doubt Yuuri Katsuki looks just like Yuzuru Hanyu and worships a Russian superstar, Victor Nikiforov (the animated version of Evgeni Plushenko). 

But the Yuzuru Hanyu similarities stop here because the character is totally based on a different (also real) Japanese skater. His name is Tatsuki Machida, who at the age of 23 made it to his first Grand Prix Final (which was really held at the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi) where he finished last. Then he went to Nationals and also failed, therefore never made it to the World Championships. He had a low self-esteem, he always struggled with combining skating with college and he made a lot of sacrifices (his family was as simple as Yuuri’s family in the anime) to change his life. After many failures in his career, Tatsuki Machida managed to compete at the Olympic Games in Sochi and almost won the World Championships after that.

So to whoever may be reading this and doesn’t know a lot of things about figure skating, Yuuri Katsuki is no doubt a combination of Yuzuru Hanyu and Tatsuki Machida, two real skaters who were friends and competed at the Olympics and Worlds together. 

If you want to take a look at the (real) figure skating fandom, please check the #fskateedit tag and feel welcome to this beautiful, exciting world. Yuzuru Hanyu is popular on tumblr but if you are curious about Tatsuki Machida, you will find everything at tatsuki-machida.tumblr.com

beginner’s guide to seventeen / seventeen member profiles

for those of you who are considering getting into seventeen, or are following my blog for exo or bts and are just wondering who these 13 dickheads you see all the time are, here you have it. (bts profiles i made months ago)


Originally posted by seungkvvan

-real name: choi seungcheol
-born: august 8th, 1995
-nationality: korean
-blood type: ab
-unit: hip hop
-role: rapper, hip hop unit leader, general leader
-seventeen’s longest trainee, was apparently supposed to be in nu’est
-touchy guy. especially with jeonghan.
-is referred to as svt′s dad.
-boyfriend material af.
-is very sweet and handsome and talented and lovable. stan him.


Originally posted by marachankawaii

-real name: yoon jeonghan
-born: october 4th, 1995
-nationality: korean
-blood type: b
-unit: vocal
-role: vocalist
-had wicked long hair, has since cut like half of it off.
-may sometimes be referred to as svt’s mom.
-delightful bastard.
-very close with the other 95 liners.
-claims other members as his, like dino as ‘jeonghan’s baby’, seungkwan as ‘jeonghan’s cutie’, etc.


Originally posted by amillionwon

-real name: hong jisoo / joshua hong
-born: december 30th, 1995
-nationality: american
-blood type: a
-unit: vocal
-role: vocalist
-he speaks 5 languages; korean, english, mandarin, japanese, spanish (please correct if i’m wrong, that’s what i was told).
-seventeen’s gentlemen, he’s incredibly calm and polite.
-secretly hilarious.
-608% husband material.
-he plays guitar.
-completely unironic fan of anime i feel you joshua 
-he’s a christian.


Originally posted by junhosh

-real name: wen junhui
-born: june 10th, 1996
-nationality: chinese
-blood type: b
-unit: performance
-role: dancer, vocalist
-he’s said to look like super junior’s heechul.
-he’s a very talented actor as well. he was on the chinese web drama ‘intouchable’ last year.
-he was a child star.
-he speaks korean, mandarin, and cantonese.
-some people like to depict him as being a ‘greasy’ character, but in general he really is not. he’s a very nice guy.
-surprisingly slept on, despite being gorgeous as hell.
-this boy clings to everything he loves:


Originally posted by saysvteen

-real name: kwon soonyoung
-born: june 15th, 1996
-nationality: korean
-blood type: b
-unit: performance
-role: dancer, vocalist, performance unit leader, choreographer
-cuddles dino
-1/3 of seventeen’s beagle line
-very friendly guy, and great on variety shows.
-i expected him to be a bias wrecker, but not to this extreme.
-usually gets the most lines in performance unit, he’s a very impressive vocalist.


Originally posted by the8ght

-real name: jeon wonwoo
-born: july 17th, 1996
-nationality: korean
-blood type: a
-unit: hip hop
-role: rapper
-fans will often joke that he’s emo, but he’s really far from it.
-he has the lowest voice in seventeen
-also secretly hilarious
-avid reader of actual books


Originally posted by wonyeols

-real name: lee jihoon
-born: november 22nd, 1996
-nationality: korean
-blood type: a
-unit: vocal
-role: vocalist, dancer, leader of vocal unit
-he looks like a cinnamon roll, but is really more like a salty jigglypuff (who has every reason to be salty)
-regardless of your bias, i think we can all agree that he is the most talented creature this world has ever seen
-he really does care about the members a lot, even if it seems otherwise
-smol (if i don’t say this, someone else is gonna comment that)


Originally posted by junhuitherealvampire

-real name: lee seokmin
-born: february 18th, 1997
-nationality: korean
-blood type: rh-o
-unit: vocal
-role: vocalist
-seventeen’s happy virus
-sunshine’s human form
-1/3 of beagle line
-should’ve been in s club 7 but wasn’t for some reason
-high notes for days


Originally posted by scoupstv

-real name: kim mingyu
-born: april 6th, 1997
-nationality: korean
-blood type: b
-unit: hip hop
-role: rapper, visual
-overgrown puppy
-very sweet guy
-some people think he seems arrogant at first glance, but he’s not.
-frequently roasted by fans.
-and minghao.


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

-real name: xu minghao
-born: november 7th, 1997
-nationality: chinese
-blood type: o
-unit: performance
-role: dancer, vocalist
-least likely to be called by his stage name
-cute laugh
-cute singing
-cute voice in general
-cute everything (but savagehao never sleeps)
-last member to join seventeen
-looks like 100% of little fluffy dogs


Originally posted by wonnhao

-real name: boo seungkwan
-born: january 16th, 1998
-nationality: korean
-blood type: b
-unit: vocal
-role: vocalist
-flipping diva
-he got 99 problems, and bitches are at least 12 of them
-joshua and vernon agree he has the best english pronunciation among all the members who don’t speak it fluently
-mama boo enthusiast
-1/3 of beagle line
-way too underappreciated


Originally posted by hansoltheist

-real name: choi hansol / hansol vernon chwe
-born: february 18th, 1998
-nationality: american, but he’s lived in korea for most of his life
-blood type: a
-unit: hip hop
-role: rapper, dancer
-he is half korean and half caucasian, and please do not fetishize him for being biracial, he already has way too many people doing that thank you.
-he speaks english
-there’s endless predebut hansol gold to be found
-hotline bling
-looks like a young leonardo dicaprio, according to everyone ever
-don’t talk about show me the money 4


Originally posted by mountean

-real name: lee chan
-born: february 11th, 1999 (okay calm down, i can hear you yelling about how he’s your age)
-nationality: korean
-blood type: a
-unit: performance
-role: dancer, rapper, vocalist, maknae
-cuddles hoshi
-very bright child
-infinitely talented
-didn’t do anything wrong ever
-his stans are great, would recommend being mutuals with some
-glows up before your very eyes

xxgirlinreversexx  asked:

This is gonna seem wierd but what anime do you keep reblogging it looks really good?😊


Let me show you:

Yuri!!! On Ice

I’d say it’s the hottest(by means of popularity but i guess viktor dumbassforov is hot too lol) anime this season if we exclude sequels like haikyuu’s s3 and bungou’s s2

Without giving away too much it’s about a guy who feels like a failure because he fell last place in the ice skating grand prix finals and humiliated himself in front of his idol. He’s starting to doubt himself and the future of his ice skating career. Well, at least something happened and the rest is just too good to tell 

I think it’s the most realistic sports anime ever released, dare I say the realest anime ever released; ranging from incredible animation (they actually look like actual human ice skaters it’s almost terrifying) to the most human and well developed characters to a realistic plot that gives you a taste of something like this is what a real relationship is or humans are so flawed.

So the first main guy is named Katsuki Yuuri (often spelt as yuri but yuuri is more correct)

Originally posted by unmeis

He’s Japan’s top skater but he fell sixth in the grand prix series due to recent events that caused him stress and pressure. He’s not as pure as you think.looking at you, eros yuuri

Next is:

Trashbag Nikiforov

Viktor Nikifohoe

Victor Viktor Nikiforov !!!

Originally posted by tallysapp

He looks like a handsome flirty man and he’s considered as Russia’s living legend and he’s yuuri’s idol ever since he was like, a fetus; but he is actually a big dork and kind of an airhead and he loves dogs!!

But - he’s just as flawed as any other human being.

One day he decides to do smth incredible unexpected > ??????? > profit!

(i love him so much you dont’ understand he’s so beautiful i started crying in ten languages do you see how flawed he is he looks so beautiful even in his derpiest screenshots i lvoe him so much i lvoe viktor nikiforov so mcuh)

the next main character is Tsukishima Kei Yurio Plisetsky

Originally posted by dazaiosamu-s

I never signed an adoption paper so fast. Yurio is ur very typical flawed teenager. Moodiness, often grumpy, very aggressive when it comes to winning. but he’s exceptionally talented and skilled, to the point where he became the junior world championship’s gold medalist. 

now for the main character.


Originally posted by kootorii

Originally posted by yuurionaisu

he is viktor’s dog and he is the

most important character in this show

these three people are connected to each other in a way and it shows how dynamic one’s relation with someone can be

it’s also um

gay kinda gay really gay sO FUCKING GAY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND it also shows an extremely natural and realistic portrayal of a homosexual relationship (i wouldnt say whose but it should be pretty obvious lol) that it broke barriers and expectations 

the homesexual themes might put people off but it’s portrayed properly you can almost feel like it’s natural (and it is. any kind of relationship whether it’s wlw or mlm or what, it’s natural ok and it’s perfectly fine) and it actually makes the show tastier.


it’s not queerbait.

all jokes aside

this anime is worth watching by animations and story alone, but the music is phenomenal as well.


(my uncle loves it as well so as my father and tbh almost my whole fam watches it)

Time to introduce one of my first oc characters on Tumblr!

This is Owl, a young precious bean and it may not look like it but he actually has bird feet! I always pictured him crash landing to earth  and falling into a pool, other than that I have no real idea what to do with him yet….

I know everyone and their mother’s made this post already but look, i’ve been watching overblown shonen anime for YEARS and I don’t think i’ve ever seen a character like Reigen Arataka. 

I know that shonen is supposed to be shonen! I know it’s not meant to be taken entirely seriously! But like, seeing a normal twenty-something adult step in and say “guys, you’re dealing with kids. STOP HARASSING THE KIDS. I’m an adult, I’m the guardian now!” the way Reigen did? Seeing this dude point out these villains as middle schoolers who never truly grew up? SEEING REIGEN TELL MOB, THIS SHONEN HERO THAT YES, IT’S OKAY TO BACK OFF WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN’T HANDLE SOMETHING? 

I know Reigen is a greasy con man but he’s an adult. He knows he’s an adult and he knows that he’s the one with the responsibility to look out for Mob’s wellbeing. The relationship between him and Mob is truly just one of the most wonderful, realistic, wholesome things I’ve ever seen within this genre of “I’ll never give up, even if my guts are bleeding out!!” I almost cried my goddamn eyes out at the unbelievably powerful scene where he grabs Mob’s face in his hands and tells him that its okay. And I think it’s something that’s really indicative of ONE’s character creation, that with that one little twist on the genre standard, something so powerful and real–like, really really real–was made to exist.

*✦. — meet { rykker }, they are { nineteen } years old. { he/his } has been said to be { optimistic } but also known to be { dishonest }. they have been said to look exactly like { lee taeyong } although they don’t really see it. they’re majoring in { dance } and they were sent here because they { theft/fraud/gang activity }, yikes! 

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Ok, like, I’m not really into Undertale that much anymore but what if Mettaton has overexaggerated anime proportions. Like, anime eyes, shoujo legs, the whole nine yards. Like Alphys probably hasn’t seen a whole lot of real humans in her life when she made Mettaton’s body but she did watch a lot of anime. So he probably looks like a 90′s anime character or something lmao

Finished K - The First

It was a great manga adaptation of the anime, improving several things. Only problem with the adaptation was that it was really, really rushed (so first time readers would probably be quite confused). Other than that, there were actually many parts better than the anime, in terms of character reactions:

(More below cut, warning for spoilers!)

I appreciated (pfft) the gay scenes in the anime as much as the next fudanshi, but in the anime Munakata pushing Mikoto to the ground while boredly drawling something about Mikoto’s Weissman Levels was a tad bit strange. The manga managed to encapsulate Munakata’s horror as it dawns on him that Mikoto has wanted to die for a long time in just three pages was a lot more saddening with those facial expressions. 

And another thing: Yes, they actually cut back on the fanservice, thank God. Especially with Seri (and Kukuri). No more panty shots, nor awkward zoom-ins on Seri’s ass and boobs, which finally allows her to display the kind of classiness her character is meant to have:

Also, as a bonus:

Also, Shiro’s acting skills have gone Up To Eleven, especially with this scene I wish had been in the anime:

Shiro is freaking badass and he is awesome. 

And there are additional sad sad sad scenes like this:

Shiro’s imaginary sister looks exactly like his real one from his suppressed memories. That makes me very very sad. 

Mikoto and Anna’s relationship is beautiful and I’m glad that no adaptation so far has attempted to romanticise it into lolicon fanservice, thank god. 

Good manga.