he looks like a mobster

An Oliver Queen Smut

Summary: You’re Oliver’s date to a party after reluctantly giving in to his pleading- when the celebrations dissipate upon the arrival of some highly trained assassins Oliver is forced to choose between revealing his secret to the world or saving you. What will he do?

Warnings: angst, action, smut, sarcastic fluff 

A/N: This is the Oliver Queen from Smallville, but there’s no one stopping you from viewing it as Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen from Arrow. It’s your life, I’m just writing me a fantasy ;) Also I finished writing this at 5:30 in the morning and I edited it right after so I apologize if anything is incoherent. (it’s 5:47 in the morning…why do I do this to myself…) 

Enjoy the fic!

“No.” You bustled around the Dailey Planet building, curious where Clark and Lois were while on their honeymoon.

“Please.” Oliver followed you.

“Damn it, Ollie.” You cursed as he cut you off.

C’mon, (Y/N).” He pouted his lips and raised his eyebrows, flashing you his best puppy dog eyes.

“What’s in it for me?” You crossed your arms. “And don’t say-”

“A night out with me,” Oliver smirked and winked before you rolled your eyes and pushed passed him. He followed. “Okay, okay, okay! I just want to treat my best friend to a night out and it’s a “save the environment” themed party.”

“Ah, so you want me for the small talk, hmm?” You raised an eyebrow at him as you sat a stack of papers down on your editor’s desk. “Fine, I’ll help you. But-”

“I already have a dress picked out for you.” An eye crinkling grin grew on his lips and he nearly jumped with joy. “Thank you, (Y/N)!”

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Your mob "wife" Sidney minific was so good!!! 😭😭😭every single person in that scene had such a distinctive character and was so colorful! "Intern"!peter! Terrifying scar across his face smiling!mikhail! Oblivious teacher!sid!! Probably terrifying around his mob and sweet as a lamb and horrible at cooking!geno!! I,,, just love it! If you're still doing fic for it, can we have a scene for when mob geno and sid first met?? :)

(continuation to this )

“But the boss doesn’t celebrate Christmas,” Peter protests, even as Mikhail throws a vomit-green knitted sweater at him. Ugh. 

“Yeah, well, Sidney does, and he wants a potluck this year, so we’re gonna have to suck it up,” Mikhail says, then considers. “And for the love of God, please don’t make an embarrassment of yourself. We’re still on duty.”

“I never make an embarrassment of myself. Well, if not for this sweater,” Peter says, pulling on the shirt. There’s a dancing Christmas tree on it, with a sad smile and a cartoon dog peeing at its trunk. Peter feels like a clown. “And I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of Sidney.”

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*there is a man that looks very similar to cheese, but he's dressed in what looks like some sort of American mobster outfit. It appears he kicked open the door.*

[ Unsure what to make of this, he holds his ground. ]

What the heck, dude?

Professor Layton characters according to my nana
  • Layton: If I saw him walking down the street right now, I'd think he was... well I see he's a professor, but I wouldn't think he was a professor. I'd think he's in a play. Is he an actor?
  • Luke: He looks like a little boy with lots of energy.
  • Emmy: She looks like a person that rides horses.
  • Jenis: She looks like a genie that came out of a bottle.
  • Descole: He looks like a spy. No! He looks like a guy who has magical powers. He's a super hero that's hiding who he really is. Because he's covered up from head to toe.
  • Flora: Well, she's cute. She looks like you, to be honest.
  • Don Paolo: Oh my! He looks mean, he looks evil, I'd run and hide from him if I saw him. He looks like satan. He's satan.
  • Anton: He's a guy?!
  • Katia: She looks like me.
  • Sophia: She looks like a princess, ready for the ball, but she isn't at the ball. She's just walking around the castle.
  • Dimitri: He looks like Michael Jackson.
  • Clive: He looks like a nice, smart, young boy who I'd be friends with.
  • Claire: She looks like a mom about to go to work.
  • Arianna: She looks like a girl in uniform, about to go to school, in the 7th grade.
  • Tony: He looks like a French boy who has been riding his bike too long with a helmet. Because his hair is all WOOSH!
  • Clark: He looks like a doctor- WAIT NO! He looks like Trump.
  • Brenda: She looks like a mother with a baby and has been holding the baby, so her hair is pushed to the side so the baby won't pull on her hair.
  • Randall: He looks like a young boy attending college.
  • Henry: He looks like he tries to be smart, but he really isn't.
  • Angela: She looks like a pregnant woman who is upset.
  • Grosky: Oh my. He looks like a Russian mobster.
  • Desmond: He looks like a girl dressed as a guy. (Me: tells her that he's Descole) WHAT?! I knew he was hiding something!
  • Raymond: He looks very smart.
  • Bronev: Oh my. He looks like he's a teacher, presenting to the class about information he's gathered, but no one's paying attention.
  • Alfendi: Oh Jimmeny Christmas. He looks like a scient- No! He looks like a pediatrician. He's tall, and he's got the coat.
  • Lucy: She looks like a horse jokey, thinking about what horse she's gonna ride next...
  • Justin: *starts laughing* He looks like a clown that's not in his full outfit yet!
  • Hilda: She reminds me of Cinderella's stepmother. Her nose is in the air, acting like she's everything.

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A KBTBB headcanon please! How the bidders would react when they catch MC talking to her bestfriends about their awkward first kiss? <3 <3 <3

I am going to do this in parts since this has been in my messages for a while now.   

Eisuke: You and your friends decide to go out for a cup of coffee since it has been awhile since you all hung out. But little did you know there was a little tracking device on your phone that not only tracks you, but it can also listen in on what you were doing. And it was put in by none other than Eisuke, your boyfriend on which you have been dating for quite a while. While you were out talking with your friends, Eisuke sat in his room and listened in to your conversation. “Hey ____ are you still dating Eisuke?” one of your friends asked.

“Oh, yeah.” You replied

“Hey! Hey! I have been meaning to ask, but how was your first kiss?” Another friend asked. Eisuke twitched a little at the question, remembering the awkward kiss you two first shared.

“Oh well….” You blushed a little, you yourself were remembering the moment yourself. It all started in one night on your first date, it was dinner at the penthouse, but when the night was coming to an end Eisuke knew he had to make his move, so he leaned in to kiss you, but unfortunately he tripped Soryu while he was holding the glass of wine and ended up spilling it onto you. And when he thought that was the worst part, Eisuke managed to faceplant right on to your breasts. Pulling yourself back to reality you explained to your friends that it was a very…. embarrassing moment.

Soryu: Even though he may look like the “cool” mobster he is actually a really shy guy when it comes to romance. Your first kiss wasn’t as magical as you thought it would be, but at least you got your kiss. You and your friends were in the penthouse for a little ‘girl’s night out’, thanks to Eisuke for even letting you and your friends hang out there. Yeah, things were going well with a little bit of wine, and a little bit of Kishi’s private stash of beer…well maybe a lot of that. While you and your friends were chugging down the alcohol Soryu was in the back listening in to your conversation. “HHEEEEY, don’t cha know that this beeer is awesoome!” One of your friends slurred out.

“Hey lets play truth or dare.” Another friend said.

“Alright.” you said

“Alright let’s start with… _(pick which friend)_.” One friend said.

“Alright….HOOOOLD up… truth.” the drunk friend said.

“Who’s your crush” the sober friend asked.

“Watcha mean by dat….well….hmmm Ota.” The drunk friend said with a blush

“Omg” you said, you had no idea she liked Ota

“OK….Moving on, _____” The sober friend said

“Truth” you said, there was no way you were going with dare.

“How was your first kiss with Soryu.” One of your friend said. Oh god you though as those awkward memories start to come back. Soryu himself started to blush at those memories. It all started one night at Soryu’s favorite Dim Sum place, he even managed to pay the staff extra for some night time Dim sum. When the night was coming an end Soryu thought it was the right time to make a move, so when Soryu leaned in to kiss you his head accidentally bumped against yours. Panicking, Soryu tried to apologize but only manage to make things worse, which I will not drag back into my brain. You nervously look back up and nervously explain the entire story to them. Once you were done you heard something fall in the back hallway, but ignored it. Little did you know it was Soryu falling down and scattering away, in a blushing mess

Reasons I Love Spades Slick
  • He’s the only known version of Jack Noir who became a protagonist.
  • He helped Karkat feel less self-conscious about the color of his blood.
  • Operation Regisurp was his plan, but he still let Karkat be team leader.
  • Also, this:

External image

  • He decided to stick with his crew even after their professional relationship as agents ended.
  • The other two Jacks only destroyed. Slick built an entire damn city.
  • He’s only killed bad guys.
  • He’s a bit of a dork:

External image

External image

  • Him meeting Ms. Paint has shown us that he has a positive and endearing side.
  • He’s willing to work with his fourteen former worst enemies in order to defeat everyone’s current worst enemy.
  • He’s the only Jack who’s ever smiled.

External image

  • Even after a serious cybernetic makeover he still looks like a cool mobster.
movie theater guy

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him on here, but at this little theater we go to when we want to spend less money but we don’t want to wait for the dollar theater there is a guy.  I think he’s the manager?  I have no idea how old he is.  But he is just…super dapper.  And attractive.

This is a poor approximation from memory.  He’s short, always wears a suit, has slicked-back hair, and there are pockmarks on his cheeks.  He looks like a 1920s mobster who is also incidentally working at a Carnation theater.  I like seeing him every time I go there and I hope he enjoys his job.

Strange Magic FanFic 1930′s Nightclub AU - “Just A Dance”

Finally got something new for you lovelies for the 1930′s Nightclub AU! For this one, it might help to read Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am to understand some of what Marianne and Bog are talking about here, but I don’t believe you absolutely have to read it to get it. 

Much like Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am, this takes place early on in this AU. Marianne is in just as much denial as Bog is over their increasing attraction to one another, and then…well, let’s just say that Bog isn’t the only one doing some rescuing. 

The song in this fanfic is the absolutely beautiful I Fall In Love Too Easily, sung by Chet Baker. I swear to God, as soon as I heard it, I clutched my heart and went “This is so Mob Boss!Bog and Chanteuse!Marianne it hurts.”  

Also, Griselda finally makes an appearance in this AU! She fits so perfectly here it hurts. Good Lord, do I love that woman…

And now, onto the show! 

Marianne perched on one of the barstools, crossing her legs as smooth as you please in a manner decidedly went against proper decorum, her smoky eyes alight with interest on the scene unfolding before her.  “What’s the story here?”

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