he looks like a kitty in the second

I found this Youtube channel run by a Japanese chef and it’s actually better than porn? First all all his cinematography is off the charts. Youtube videos have no business looking that good. Second of all, everything he makes looks SO TASTY, and he explains the recipes in such a simple, soothing, manner. Third off all, he does this all while his two adorable kitties watch??? Like… they are so intent on what hes doing but they never run around or hop on the counter???? He has a stool for them to sit on as he makes his recipes Im gunna die

Marichat May Day 21: Akuma Marinette

Oh welp, this sucks, but whatever.

Chat suck in a breath as he watched the scene unfolding before his eyes.The many people caught in the akuma’s trance were quickly engulfed by flames and turned into soldiers kneeling down and swearing loyalty to her. So far he gathered she had mind control powers along with this trick of making a personal army.


He clenched his jaw. Where in the world was Ladybug? He had waited for her for half an hour now and it was driving him insane. She must have had seen n akuma was on the loose and a strong one at that. His tail twitches anxiously as he took another glance down. He couldn’t wait anymore. This was Marinette, he had to do something. He took a deep breath and jumped off the building, landing gracefully in the middle of the street. The many soldiers were ignoring him, not even looking in his direction. But the akuma stopped walking.

“Marinette.” he called, his voice echoing through the dead silent street.

He heard a snort. When she turned around, Chat bit his tongue to keep from gasping. She didn’t even have a mask on like other akumas. The only visible difference was that she was paler than usual. But that aside, one would never guess there was an akuma before them. Just Marinette in a beautiful red and golden dress.

“I have a title, Chat Noir. It is Princesse Phénix. Marinette is no longer here.”

Oh, I doubt that, Chat thought as he began walking towards her, slowly.

“Are you going to fight me?” the akuma asked, the red and black cape of her dress floating in the wind, making it look almost like she had wings. She was breathtaking, but he didn’t have time to write an ode to her beauty right now. She needed his help.

“I’m not here to fight you, Princess.” she raised an eyebrow as Chat got closer and made a curt bow. “I am here to declare my loyalty. After all, I was your first knight.” he got on one knee and bowed his head, hoping this plan will work. He tried to not tense up very much as she walked towards him, stopping only centimeters away.

“Stand up.”

He did as she ordered, not quite sure what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect the loving look. She cupped his face gently and began stroking his cheeks.

“Minou. My loyal kitten.”

There was a tenderness in her voice that surprised him even further. That was Marinette. Not Princesse Phénix. He needed to help her. His eyes scanned her fastly, trying to figure out where the akuma could be. Not the dress for sure. And she had no jewelry on, besides her signature earrings. Could those be? They didn’t look different at all. His eyes locked on the golden phoenix headpiece. More specifically, on a ribbon that had no place being there. He returned his gaze to her eyes, still glancing at him lovingly and he put on his best smile.

“Can this loyal kitty get a kiss, ma princesse?”

He tried to not get distracted when Marinette lips touched his. She tasted like vanilla and strawberries and he wondered for a second if that was the case when she wasn’t an akuma as well. But he didn’t have time for that. He wrapped his right arm around her waist, pulling her closer as he lifted his left to her hair, untying the ribbon as well as he could. She didn’t seem to notice, as she still kissed him. Bringing the ribbon behind her back, he broke the kiss.

“Chat?” she asked in pure confusion. He could have sworn it was as if the akuma effect wore off.

He snapped the ribbon open and to his surprise, a white butterfly flew out and a swarm of ladybugs engulfed Marinette, making her outfit and complexion return to normal before going along the street and turning everyone else back to normal. What in the world was that? How could this happen?


He glanced down to see Marinette frowning and looking around confused and even a little bit dizzy. She was back! He grasped her shoulders, making sure she won’t fall over. He gave her what could possibly be the biggest smile ever before pulling her into a tight hug.

“Welcome back, Marinette.”

n ice

Bitter was the only taste you could feel on your tongue. Maybe it was the cheap wine that left such a rotten aftertaste, maybe it’s the way he paid so much attention to her over his own wife. Bitter wasn’t only what you tasted, but it was also what you felt. It’s harmless. He had whined when you confronted him about the new woman from C&R. She was.. Beautiful. Much more than you were– at least In your mind; you had thought so. Long silver hair that went past her shoulders and swayed at her lower back so gracefully. Ocean of blue was the only thing you could see inside her round wide eyes, and she was small too. Thin waist, long legs. A looker all around. But you know what was the most striking feature of them all?

She looked like his fucking cat.

He was interested in a woman that looked like his cat. His million dollar fur ball in human form. The thought was so mind boggling, but that’s Jumin for you.

You gripped your wine glass so tightly; it could’ve shattered at any moment. Of course you were jealous. Your husband was spending more time with his co-worker than he was his own goddamn wife. Who wouldn’t be?

They really never ‘flirted’ per say. He just seemed so.. intrigued, and curious about her; the one apparently named Eliza. God, even her name was so similar to Elizabeth. It drove you insane how much he talked about her now days, it bothered you so much. When you try to change the subject, it always floats back to her.

“ Why the pout kitten? ”
You groaned as a familiar red head snuck up behind your chair, scratching a finger underneath your chin just as one would do to a cat. He usually did that to you, and Jumin hated it. But what Jumin hates was the last thing you cared about right now.

You lazily lift your right hand off of the love-seat to point towards the duo who was chatting on together– looking ever so happy– as your left brought the half emptied wine glass up to your lips. The liquid went down hot seeing as you let it sit for so long, the temperature had gotten the better of it. This was your… Fourth? Yeah, Fourth glass of wine as of tonight. The leather chair squeaked as Seven plopped down– rather roughly, onto it. He groaned contently, the relief of being off his feet for the first time tonight was an amazing feeling. Dress shoes aren’t his thing, and now he remembers why.

“ Hm.. Is that the lady that he’s always talking about? The chick that looks like my lil’ baby Elly? ”
His eyes gleamed at the thought of the soft little kitty, but he quickly was pulled back to reality. He brought a finger up to his mouth in thought as he observed the two carefully– No touching each other yet, that’s good.. He said internally.

“ Yeah. ”
You answered curtly with a venomous tone, practically burning holes into the back of your husbands head– Praying maybe just maybe he’d turn because of it; see you alone with Seven and he’d kick into defensive mode, come swoop you up and take you back home to get you away from Luciel’s flirtations. Hell, you wouldn’t even mind that. Any kind of attention right now would feel good.

“ Awh– Is somebody jealous? ”
He batted his eyelashes annoyingly as he spoke with a baby voice– Of course you were jealous! How couldn’t you be? But you didn’t want to let the goof know his assumptions were truth; so you push his face softly away from yours, he pretends to have a knockback much stronger than what little force you used– it made you both chuckle together with soft smirks tugging at the corner of your lips.

“ It just.. sucks balls. ”
You used his lingo, much to his amusement. “ Sucks balls indeed. ”
Luciel mimicked you before sighing heavily after he commented, personally he found it quite annoying that Jumin hadn’t been paying attention to you. he would love to hang out with you all day. Be able to be with you the way Jumin can; Cat dad doesn’t know how good he has it.

“ It’s like i’m the side chick; You know? Agh.. And I know– It doesn’t seem like a romantic thing.. Jumin just wouldn’t do that… ”
You whisper the last part to yourself, however Luciel has keen hearing. He raised his brow in doubt as you continued on.

“ I wish he didn’t act like he found me boring now days.. ”
The ring on your finger clinked gently against the wine glass– catching your attention. Memories of how it used to be caused you to smile as you stared down at the large diamond your husband gave to you to propose.
Yes, Jumin still treated you good. You felt you didn’t have the right to complain; after all, he was a very loving husband. Maybe it was the controlling side you had deep down inside of you, or it could be you just don’t like how pretty that woman is– It’s aggravating not knowing why this whole thing bothers you so much. It just does.

Things have changed slightly, you’ve noticed. Late nights at the office had been getting even later; that was your first real concern. But with a nudge, you got Jaehee to hang around at work to see what on earth Jumin really does around there. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, he was indeed working– Which relieved you instantly. She assured you at work there was no flirtations, they just seemed like friends. Hell, everyone told you they just seemed like friends. Maybe you were exaggerating too much– But the pit in your stomach just wouldn’t go away.

“ I bet if I kissed you he wouldn’t find you ‘oh so boring’ anymore huh? ”
You raised a brow at his unexpected words, it was clear Seven had a peculiar interest in yourself but.. It wasn’t something that got in between your friendship. Luciel knew his limits. But that statement was quite bold; it caught your attention.
“ He’d probably permanently sew three– No, Four– body guards on you at all times if he knew I even laid a hand on you…. Agh! ” He threw his head back in frustration, causing you to smile softly. That was true; Jumin probably would pay much more attention to you if something like that were to happen, but you’d never. You could never. It just wasn’t right.

“ MC? ”
The low voice caused you to look upwards– Slowly at that, eyes following the soft pattern of that black suit you knew oh so well. A pair of dark black eyes meet your own, causing you to shiver. He always had that effect on you.

He was tugging on his cufflinks out of boredom, right away he noticed how close Luciel was towards you. It bothered him, and he had no problem voicing those concerns.
“ No. Leave space, at least enough to fit three Elizabeth the 3rds in between you.”
Jumin suddenly grabs your hips firmly–you have to bite your lip to keep from yelping– sliding your body across the leather couch to follow his rule.
Always have to leave space for the Elizabeths.
Both you and Seven roll your eyes at the so called ‘rule’ but Jumin looked quite pleased with himself.

“ You’re one to talk.. Where’s the three Elizabeth’s in between you and pretty girl over there huh? ”
Seven chimed in, You knew right away Jumin would brush it off like he always does– You sigh heavily to yourself. Staring into the dark liquid of your glass as the two start to bicker.

“ I did the math, there was 3.6 Elizabeth the 3rds in between us. I follow the rules, as should you two.”
You couldn’t help but snicker at that, Much to Jumin’s displeasure. He looked down at you heavily for a few moments, after he got no response– He spoke again.
“ We’ll be going soon MC. Would you like me to grab your coat? ”
The ride home was quiet. Driver Kim made small talk with you; he always does. He’s a nice man, and even he seemed to notice something wrong with you. Why couldn’t Jumin notice then? You were texting Seven while slumped into the seat of the car, It was on the messenger but in a private message over the usual chatrooms.

” Con fron tation!!! Con fron tation!!! ”

You smiled softly at the text, looking up for a moment to see what Jumin was doing. He was in his phone as well, so you decided to continue.

“ Should I? What if he yells at me -_- ”

“ then i’ll teleport over there myself and rescue you n elly from that cruel cruel man!!! you deserve better! #justice for elly and mc 2k17!!!!! lololol ”

Well. Maybe you should? But you didn’t want Jumin to be upset. Speaking of which, he seemed to notice you giggling into your phone this whole time. Not saying a word though, but you could feel his eyes on you from across the seat.
Awh, was he jealous?
Part of you wanted him to take a seat in the jealousy club. There’s obviously room for him to join. But it was cruel to have an eye for an eye after all.
Powering down the phone, You place it at your side before sighing softly. Your gaze quickly meets your husbands who had done the same thing a few minutes ago. With a soft smile you look over towards him for a moment before focusing your attention to the window– The penthouse was in view.

He looked like he wanted to say something; But the car had already stopped.
“ We’re back Elizabeth the 3rd! ”
You call out to the kitty; the jingle of sparkly bells on her collar was getting closer and closer by the second. Setting down your bag before crouching, You greet the little fur ball who was meowing wildly– Desperate for attention. She enjoyed your petting; but it was clear Jumin’s eye was what she was after. That makes two, Huh?

“ Hello Elizabeth the 3rd. ” Jumin smiles gently at her as he hangs his coat on the rack, revealing a clean white button up shirt. He uses the backs of his knuckles to pet her face, the sound of her purrs echoed throughout the quiet home.
You leave the two alone; not before excusing yourself to go– just to get out of this god forsaken dress. This dress was tighter than ones you’ve worn before; hoping it might catch Jumin’s attention a little more, but instead you only got some extra looks from creeps and weirdos. Oh– And Seven, but he sort of falls into that category.
From the closet you choose something comfortable, loose grey sweatpants and a simple black tee shirt. It was soft, Jumin only picked materials that were the best of the best for you after all.

Taking one final look into the mirror, you inhale deeply; absolutely dreading the talk to come. Would he brush you off once more? Or finally listen to your pleas? You were mentally planning what to say to your husband.

’ Hey look– Im jealous to the point of it being painful so you can’t be friends anymore with Miss Kitty. No talking. Nothing. Only me. Okay? ’

Fuck no.
That sounded terrible. But hell, it’s what you were thinking after all. It felt so selfish, but one thing Jumin always said is he wanted you to be selfish with him. It’s something he always states constantly, So why do you feel guilty for actually being selfish now?

You made up in your mind that you’d just wing it. Let your emotions spill over, say whatever it is you’re feeling. Hopefully it would give him the push to accept that you were indeed lonely. You wanted to be the only woman in his life… To just hoard him all to yourself. God it sounded awful; but it was the truth.

Your bare feet squeaked against the hardwood flooring, anxiety filled you like never before seeing Jumin resting quietly on the couch, Elizabeth the 3rd by his side.
Without a word, you take your seat across from him. The couch was of course big enough for the both of you, but you really didn’t want to sit next to him right now. Back here was fine. The room was silent, besides Elizabeth the 3rds soft purrs and the gentle hum of the light fixtures. You sort of phase out for a moment, eyes out of focus as you’re lost in thought.

“ Whats wrong with you lately? ” Jumin said suddenly, causing your head to snap up; breaking you from your mindless thoughts. His eyes were trained onto the cat besides him instead of you. He looked calm as always, but his scowl was a bit more pronounced as of now.

“ Nice of you to notice. ”
You state sarcastically, rolling your eyes and hugging yourself by crossing your arms below your chest. He let out a low growl of disapproval, He never did like it when you talked back.

“ Are you cheating on me? ”
That incredibly sudden accusation took you aback instantly. Was he fucking serious? You?Cheating on him? Thats what he thought was different?

“ I could ask you the same thing you know. ” Your tone was bitter as your voice became raised, it was clear how upset he’d gotten you by your change in attitude. Your brows stitch together in a painful mix of shock and anger, how could he accuse you of something so foul? It was enough to make your blood boil.

“ I would never do something as low and filthy as that.
He was glaring deeply at you with fire in his eyes now, Still outwardly calm; which aggravated you to no end. The atmosphere changed so fast. It was heavy and the tension was sharp.
Elizabeth the 3rd quickly scurried away into the bedroom upon feeling the mood change. She must not have wanted to be in the middle of this all. Good call.

“ So you’re implying that I would? ”
You were standing upright now. Nails gripping tightly into your arms; enough to make your skin irritated. The fiery pit in your stomach hurt, as if a rock was inside you. You didn’t like arguing with Jumin at all, but this was pretty inevitable.
He was quiet through clenched teeth. His knuckles were white, and his legs crossed. He still looked so composed as he waited your answer to his question.

“ No, i’m not cheating on you Jumin Han. There– Happy? Huh? ” He didn’t break eye contact and also didn’t say a word, the way he seemed so collected while you were so upset was aggravating.

“ Even though you’ve been living it up with you new little play toy i’ve been here, lonely! All day long! ” He scoffed slightly out of disbelief, Brows scrunched in confusion.

“ My play thing? You must be delusional. Am I not allowed to be interested in knowing someone now days? ”

“ You’re not when the person in question is just so.. so– So beautiful! And smart.. and, And kind! and.. Well– better than me and…”
Your voice fades from sheer anger to sadness in the end. The gravity of the situation hit you hard, hot tears streamed down your cheeks thinking about everything Eliza was that you weren’t. Maybe it would be better if he was with her.. She sure did match him way better than you ever could.

It was silent. It hurt, that he didn’t have anything to say to you. It only made you cry some more.

“ .. Are you jealous MC? ” He questioned after a few moments; gently and with pity in his voice, but you still hated those words. Mainly because it was true.

“ Yes– Okay!? I’m jealous, i’m so fucking jealous! I hate the fact that all you talk about is her anymore. ” You stopped to wipe tears away from your eyes with a sniffle before continuing.
“ I mean.. I don’t have schooling like she does; and I don’t look like your cat.. I’m not successful or own a business like her.. ”
You hung your head low as you avoided his gaze. It’s true, you weren’t even in comparison with her. Not even in the same ballpark.

He sighs heavily to let out his frustration after a few moments of the room being filled with your sobs, swiping a hand across his face roughly before looking up at you. He realized what you were getting at, and he felt like shit because of it. He was being too selfish in this situation. His heart strings pulled painfully at him seeing you brought to tears because of this.

“ Come here. ” It was gentle and soft, he didn’t sound angry or upset. Remorse was evident in his tone. His arms were open to you, eyes warmer than the cold ones you saw before.

God, that was it. That was all you needed right now. You didn’t care how sad you looked or how angry you just were. All you wanted was to be held by your husband, you’ve been wanting that for weeks now. Just.. Needing something. Anything. And this was it.
You burst into tears as you fall into his arms, curling tightly up in his lap as his white shirt was now stained with your tears. He pets his hand over the back of your head soothingly, holding you tight to his chest like a baby. You could hear his heartbeat, it was so steady and barely ever hitched while you two sat there together.

“ I truly didn’t know you felt that way…. I– Im so sorry.. ”
He sounded so sad.. You felt horrible for everything that’s happened. You should have talked about this sooner, instead of letting all the emotions fester.

“ I’m sorry for letting you think I was cheating.. You know i’d never–”
He interrupted you with a soft shush,
“ That was idiotic for me to say. I know you’d never.
He states quietly as he runs his thumb in circles on your back.
“ I’ll explain how you feel to Eliza as soon as tomorrow. ”
You nod softly, still feeling selfishness resonate inside you– But Jumin didn’t mind any of this. He felt terrible for purposely trying to make you jealous these past few weeks. Seeing how close you and Luciel had been getting. It was horrible, doing that all so you’d pay more attention to him. He really didn’t think about it before hand. He just was.. Well, Jealous. No idea that it would all backfire this badly.

” I don’t ever want you to ever feel like you’re not beautiful– Or smart, or successful. You’re My princess. You’re all that and more in my eyes, my love. ”

You cuddled deep into his chest, his words were soothing to you. This whole thing was so ridiculous, you’re so happy it’s finally over.

“ Just.. Can you introduce me to her? I’d like to formally meet the woman who looks like my husbands cat put into human form.”
He chuckled softly, causing you to laugh as well. The vibrations of his chest made your heart skip a beat as you smile.
“ Of course I will. I should have done it sooner. ”
but if you didn’t get it MC was getting super close to Luciel/Seven, so Jumin started talking to Eliza to make mc jealous of him as much as he was of her and seven. Obviously it backfired seeing as they both ended up Angery ™ but hey it worked out in the end and jumin learned his lesson lmao!! check out my masterlist of you’d like as well, in my bio!! i just updated it with some new stuff! ~~

Miraculous Ladybug - Final Showdown

Adrien Agreste has always worked to keep a schedule. Even when he is late, it’s planned, he has a reason, he is prepared. 

Just once, Adrien Agreste was nearly too late. Just once, Chat Noir was completely unprepared.

Running, leaping, falling, and praying, Chat Noir flips over a building turret, hoping, needing to not be too late. The people of Paris see a black blur streaking towards the Notre Dame, or they would have were they not fleeing in fear, away from the vaunted cathedral. 

He’s opposite the Notre Dame, the only thing in his way the glittering Seine. Most days, he would be fascinated with its beauty. Today, all he can focus on is the whirl of reds and blacks and purples, clashing in a horrible dance atop one of Paris’ most coveted tourist spots. 

Just for a moment, the dance slows. Just for a moment, Adrien sees his ethereal Ladybug. 

Bruises of every color litter her skin, her flashy crimson suit worse for the wear. There’s blood flowing from her left ear and Adrien feels a fury rise in him, realizing how close Hawkmoth was to stealing the Ladybug Paris treasured. With the fury comes a crushing sense of guilt. Here a villain with aspirations of world domination, a man who craved nothing but the downfall of the admired teen superheroes, a monster, had been planning his great finale. 

And, where was Adrien?

In Spain, on vacation, enjoying Nathalie’s lilted Spanish and the cacophonous streets of Madrid. 

He had been taking a jovial stroll in the Plaza Mayor while Ladybug, sweet Ladybug, was calling out to him, asking for help from her other half, trusting him to be there. 

Adrien remembered, seeing her face plastered across an LED screen, “Una tragedia en Francia.” A tragedy in France.   

He had run. Ran and leaped and fallen and prayed.

Please. Please let me not be too late.

Now, Chat Noir zeroes in on his partner, using his baton to leap the Seine and skirting up the side of the Notre Dame with ease, landing a flying kick to Hawk Moth’s chest as the corrupt Miraculous holder gets a little too close to Ladybug for his liking. 

With the villain busy reeling, he whips towards his beloved where she’s frozen, startled. Then she’s moving, but not in a good way. Up close, he can see it’s much worse than he’s thought originally. She’s bruised, bloody, and beaten, and she’s tired. He can see in those beautiful blues how exhausted she is, having to transform and release over and over and over again. Over and over with no one to help her. Because he wasn’t there

She moves, and Adrien watches as Paris’ femme fatal collapses on herself, fatigued muscles finally giving out. No doubt, she’d been running on adrenaline for quite some time now, and he was her relief. The energy she had been forced to maintain drained out of her and then she was falling, but this time, he was there to catch her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeats it like a mantra into her hair as he holds her to him as gently as possible, “I wasn’t even here, wasn’t here to support you, to fight with you, to protect you when you needed it most, I’m-”

“Shh, kitty, don’t apologize.”

The world around them is burning but she is calm and collected. She is a hero.

“But I have to. I wasn’t here, Ladybug, and now look at you, you’re hurt, you’re-”

She cuts him off a second time, and this time she’s smiling. Her lip is split and there’s a scratch across her cheek but she’s smiling.

“Listen to me,” her hands come up to cup his face, “This is not your fault. Okay? It’s not. There is no way you could have known, Chat Noir. I was just lucky enough to be around.”

She laughs then, rusty and mingled with a cough, but there’s love and trust and happiness in it and Adrien kind of really wants to cry. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and there’s a final showdown taking place on the Notre Dame. Just a few miles away, civilians are enjoying the Louvre without much cause for distress. But to Chat Noir and Ladybug, their whole world is this ancient Gothic cathedral. Everything ends here. The big boss battle, as Nino would call it. Except this is real life and they don’t respawn if they die. 

“It’s going to be okay, kitty. I know what’s going to happen, what you have to do, she told me, Tikki told me. It won’t be easy, but you’re going to do it Chat Noir. Paris needs you to. I need you to. I believe in you.”

It’s fond and confusing, but then Ladybug is closing her eyes and Adrien feels the panic rising in his throat. No, no, no, not her, not her

There’s a soft glow at her feet, and Adrien watches, unable to move, as Ladybug becomes Marinette Dupain-Cheng. A small part of him is glad, glad its her, he had begun to see the signs and hoped against all hope it was her. Wonderful, clumsy, kind-hearted Marinette, with a penchant for sass, though only around his alter ego. There had been something so Ladybug about her, and as he had become closer to her as both Adrien and Chat Noir, he had become almost certain. 

Now, Chat Noir wishes it wasn’t her. Wishes it wasn’t Marinette’s body he was holding in his arms. The panic consumes him until his ear flutters, and he hears the telltale thump of her heartbeat, and relief slackens his body. His attention is taken by a weak squeaking by his ear, and he turns to see a wide-eyed, beat up looking, crimson Plagg. Marinette’s kwami. Before he can speak, she’s cutting him off. In a different situation he’d laugh at how alike both kwami and holder were. 

“There isn’t time to explain, but Marinette most likely told you something. Her body can’t take another transformation, but I have just enough energy left for one more. You need to let me into your Miraculous. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what Chat Noir and Ladybug were meant for. This is the power of the two most powerful Miraculouses.” 

It’s a lot to take in and Adrien honestly doesn’t understand, but he nods, setting his shoulders. He will avenge Marinette, and he will beat Hawk Moth. For the both of them. For the world.

He holds his ring hand out to the tired kwami, who takes a deep breath before diving head on, into his ring. For a moment, she simply disappears. Then Adrien feels it, the soft tingling and a buildup of, of something, a feeling. His suit begins to change, ebony fading to a pretty violet, golden whorls interspersed evenly. He feels his claws grow sharper, metallic gold, and gauntlets rise to encase his forearms. His baton alters as well, the ends tapering off to a point. At his hip, rests a yo-yo, similar to the one his partner is famous for. 

As the transformation completes, Adrien recognizes the emotion welling within him. Protectiveness. Ladybug is creation, Chat Noir is destruction. Together, they are protection from all evils that threaten the people they love.

Light glints off the tip of his gauntlet as Adrien Agreste storms towards the moth who flew too close to the light, eyes blazing gold.

author’s note - so while i do think it’s probably going to be mari who does the whole chat noir/ladybug combination jazz and i love that, i think it would work really well for adrien too? we’ve seen the lengths he has gone to to protect ladybug(he died for goodness’ sake) and i thought it would be interesting to write! thanks for reading :)

The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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As you know, I am watching Voltron now
I soon will provide shitposts, wink-wink
But now
In the second season
I finally found a character I can truly relate to!
My spiritual galra of sorts.

Look at him.
Big imperial kitty. 
Round kitty, soft kitty.
Nyom, nyom, nyom.
(I am not sure if Galra are anyway related to felines, but honestly, they look like to me as some weird space cats. Honestly, this show is wonderful with it amount of space cats)

His name is Varkon and he doesn’t like when you do shit in the Mall™.

Majesty embodied. 
Proud protector of the Space Mall. 
Keeping peace in the name of Emperor Zarkon.

“Do it for him”
I am sure this is that kind of poster.
And I suddenly realized I want a copy.
Dude looks inspiring, I will give him that.

Anyway. This is my boi now.
My big round kitty.

my cat is a mess he doesn’t like the dogs so he just sits and chills out in my room with me with the door shut, but he does like to Hear the dogs so he sits by the door? and it’s hard because thats also usually a sign of when he’s starting to want to leave the room and he meows to let me know that BUT he will only meow and tell me once ive made eye contact with him it’s weirdly patient?? so like i’ll occasionally get his attention and he’ll look at me and then at the door and takes like five seconds of kitty decision time to choose to meow or not before going into something else….classic


(Y/n) stared at the training mat in anticipation. The others were messing around, goofily sparring around the room. She stayed back from them, too intimidated to approach any of them. She really wasn’t helping the ‘stiff’ stereotype. She played with her small hands, trying to not catch anyone’s attention. But as her gaze travelled off of the mat and onto one of her instructors, she realised it was too late.

               “(Y/ln)” Eric called, making her eyes widen in fear “Your turn” He motioned his head to the mat, the others turning to look at her with light smirks. None of them believed in her. They all thought she would be the first to go. She was easy to pick on because of her short stature. But what they didn’t know is that she wasn’t as weak as she appeared.  

               “Yeah, come on stiff” One of the boys called, arms crossed over his chest “Or are you too scared?”

               The girl let out a sigh, rolling her shoulders back until she heard a firm click.

               “Never too afraid to take you on, prick” she grumbled, walking towards the mat nervously. She glanced at Eric, loving the way he smiled at her reply.

               “Looks like the kitty has claws” The boy’s friend grinned, backing off to give the two room.

The boy – Alex – sneered at her reply, readying his fists as his friends laughed from the side lines.

“This oughta be good” His friends mused, watching as the two circled each other for a few seconds. (Y/n) evaluated his weaknesses quickly, noticing how he was too focussed on showing off to his friends. She had to take him out quickly, he wanted to drag this fight ought, humiliate her. She wouldn’t give him the chance.

Suddenly she halted, making him frown. She braced her body before sprinting toward him, the boy faltering a few steps back in surprise. He readied his body for her attack, not realising what her true intentions were. At the last minute she dove, sliding underneath his legs. Then as soon as she was at the other side of him she spun around on her heels, knocking his feet out from under him.

Everyone stared at her in shock as she pinned him to the mat, pulling his arm behind his back.

Silence took over the room as the girl panted, slowly raising her head to wait for some sign that the fight was over.

Eric chuckled quietly, walking towards her.

“Nice work sweetheart” he smiled, nodding his head approvingly “Very impressive”

She let out a quiet breath of air, ducking her head down so he didn’t see her blush. She had always shied away from practising with the others, staying behind when they all left for extra practise. It seemed to have paid off.

(Y/n) jumped off Alex, readjusting her shirt before turning to walk away. She heard a mighty shuffling sound behind her as the boy jumped to his feet, aiming a punch for the back of her head. She sidestepped it easily, spinning around on her heel to catch his next swing with her arm. With unexpected strength she pushed him back onto his ass, a slightly smirk in the corner of her mouth.

“It’s over asshole” she mumbled, not enjoying the attention everyone was giving her “Quit while you’ve only got a few bruises”

She walked off, shoulder brushing gently against Eric’s as she left the training room.

Over the next few days (Y/n) started to notice a few things she hadn’t before. Most of them involved her instructor Eric.

He was constantly watching her, finding excuses to help her train. Her heart pounded every time he placed his hands on her stomach or shoulders, adjusting her form. It was innocent enough but she couldn’t deny she was very attracted to him.

It seemed she wasn’t the only one who had noticed.

Four noticed that the man was once again watching the young girl fight, a happy but concentrated look on his face. As if he was contented enough to stay back and not get involved, but at the slightest threat of danger, he was ready to pounce.

“She’s very good” he mused, watching as the girl kicked the side of her partners head in one fluid motion.

“Hmm?” Eric turned round to face him, playing dumb.

“(Y/n)” Four answered, watching as his blue eyes sparked in interest.

“The stiff?” Eric frowned, before shrugging “She’s alright I guess”

Four shook his head in amusement.

“What?” Eric replied stiffly, jaw locked in agitation.

“I just never thought it would be someone as shy and quiet as her. I always thought she would be strong and aggressive, like you”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it’s obvious that you like her”

Eric’s eyes widened before he snorted.

“Oh it’s obvious, is it?” he rolled his eyes “She’s an initiate, nothing more”

“Don’t deny it” Four grinned “It’s the classic Beauty and the Beast kind of love story”

“Shut up” Eric grumbled walking away from the chuckling man. The others were packing up, but like most days (Y/n) was still hard at work, sweat dribbling down her forehead as she punched the bag suspended in the air.

“Oh, hi” she whispered nervously when she noticed he was there, very aware of how close he was.

“I was wondering why you aren’t leaving with the rest of the initiates”

“Sorry” she apologised quietly “If you want me to go I’ll-“

“I never said that” he frowned “I said I was wondering why you aren’t going, not that you should”

She let out a sigh, trying to decide if she could trust him.

“Because I’m smaller than the others, I need to put in more work. I don’t want to fall behind. I want to be here just as much as everyone else does, but I have to fight harder to get my chance” she admitted “I feel like I’m at a disadvantage. They’re all much better than I am”

“Bullshit” he answered shortly “You’re better than all of them combined”

“You really think so?” she asked bashfully.

“I’m sure of it”

A small silence fell over the two of them, both finding comfort in the relaxed and almost caring atmosphere. There was something between them, something neither could deny. It was small, but it was there, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Come on, you’ve worked enough for today” he held out his hand. He ignored the fact that hers was sweaty gently leading her out of the room. He also ignored the light blush on her cheeks.

It was just a crush. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But no matter how many times he repeated the words, he couldn’t say they were the truth.

This was much more than a crush. Much more. 

  • Sun: *As Blake and Yang laid under a tree cuddling with Sun laying on a branch above them, Blake reading a book While Yang and Sun played a game on their scrolls, Sun's scroll beeps signalling him that he has gotten mail.* Ah damn it. Hey Yang, Can way pause the match for a second? This could be the email from my Aunt I've been waiting for.
  • Yang: Can't it wait just a few more minutes? We all most grow this overgrown trex alien.
  • Sun: Nah, I got to make sure my Aunt sent my the new address to her house for when I go visit her this weekend.
  • Blake: Why don't you just move your character to a hiding place and set up a turret while Yang finished it off? *Both Yang and Sun glances at Blake with surprise.* ... I watch playthroughs.
  • Yang: Aw my kitty likes watching us play.~ *Yang smiled, kissing the top of Blake's head.*
  • Sun: *Meanwhile Sun does as Blake suggested and begins to look at his email.* Alright Turret's up. Just save me some good rare items okay Yang.
  • Yang: No Promises.
  • Sun: *Sun rolled his eyes and began to read his mail, noticed he received two.* Huh? What's this second one?
  • Yang: YES! GOT YOU UP OVER GROW LIZARD! *Yang cheered a minute later after beating the boss in the game.*
  • Blake: Yay team Yangsun. *Blake smiled closing her Blake as she felt Yang hug her.*
  • Yang: I did it all for you babe. *Yang whispered smirked kissing Blake's and giggling as Blake blushed before looked up at Sun.* Hey Sun you better your character butt if you want any of this loot. Huh? *It was then Yang saw Sun Trying his hardest not to laugh as he stared at his scroll.* Uh... Sun?
  • Blake: *Hearing the question tone of her girlfriend's voice Blake looked up as well at Sun and raised an eyebrow.* What is it Sun? You're kinda weirding us out.
  • Sun: Hehehehehehehe, Oh god this is too fucking funny. *Sun chuckle before full on laugh as he passes her scroll down to the bumblebee couple with his tail.* Hahahahahaha! Yang, Hahaha, Blake, hehehehe you-you got to Hahahahaha! You got to read this!
  • Blake: *Confused Yang took the scroll and held it so she and Blake could read the mail Sun got and instantly both girl's jaws drop.* Oh you have got to be kidding me. *Was All Blake could say as she picked the bright of her nose, Shaking her head as Yang Read the message loud.*
  • Yang: "Dear Sun Wukong. You are cordially invited to join the league/guild/band/ of Blake Belladonna's evil exs. Our groups goal is to insure that anyone who tries to date the woman we have all fell in love with is driven away, killed, and/or stays far far away from Blake. Benefits of joining, include, free dental and health care per fight with Blake's current lover, a Blake pillow, a custom jacket, a grimm mask, and free life time supply of cat themed cookies. Please send a reply with your answer or come to one of the meetings held every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm. Sincerely, Adam Taurus. Ps Ilia apologizes for shooting you. But not really." * Yang Finish with an expression that could only be expressed with,* What. The actually. Fuck?
  • Sun: Hahahahaha! What do you think Yang Blake? Should I join? Hehehehe, They have free cookies.
  • Blake: Sun, This isn't funny! *Blake Glared as Yang chuckled shaking her head.*
  • Yang: Hehe, It's a little funny. Though I had no idea Adam was a Scott Pilgrim vs the world fan. OH MY GOD! Does Adam wear glasses!? Is his real name Gideon Graves? Tell me he happen the same hair cut as gideon when you dated?
  • Sun: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gideon Taurus! Master of Blake's evil exs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Sun Laughed before falling out of the tree while Yang joined in.*
  • Blake: Siiiiiigh, Yang You are lucky I love you and Sun you are lucky you're my best friend.
  • Yang: Aw Cheer up Ramona Belladonna. I'll fight all your exs to date you. *Yang teased, giving Blake a peck on the cat ear.*
Tales of Miss Fortune

Welp, this was meant to be a Blancfortune oneshot. The me and @ladyofacat had some 3 AM talks and this turned into a villain!Ladybug au. Oops. Also, if you expect plot, leave the expectations at the door lmao. This story will mostly be sexual tension escalading and Miss Fortune/Marinette driving Chat/Adrien mad.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chat Noir moved stealthily through the dark corridors of the Louvre. It was fights like this when he was truly grateful for his night vision. Fights in the dark were an advantage for him and he knew he needed any asset he could get when it came to fighting her. Because honestly, there was only one thief in the whole of Paris (and possibly Europe) that would go on a stealing spree without any care for the security system.

Miss Fortune.

Chat’s grip on his staff tightened as he scanned the halls for his nemesis. She was the nightmare of Paris for almost six years now. And while she was not robbing simple people, there wasn’t any museum, gallery and private collection that had been spared. And more often than Chat would have liked to admit, she got away with it. He didn’t even want to think how many millions if not billions of euros had been lost because of her. Damn her.

Chat’s eyes scanned the hall he was in, feeling a little bit creeped out by the eyes in the portraits almost following him. He was never a fan of museums at night. Sometimes he wished he could just the exact place where Miss Fortune was. Not that he was worried she will escape. She never left without a fight. More often than not, Chat felt she was doing all these robberies with a clear purpose in mind: to drive him mad. Frankly, she was succeeding. With a sigh, he stopped in place focusing on the noise. His cat ears twitched as he heard a faint noise. from somewhere afar and a little to the west.

The storehouse.

He sprinted down the hall until he was close enough to hear better. He began moving with stealth again, his steps trailing the little noises he was hearing. His tail flicked anxiously as he stepped in one of the big rooms of the basement. Boxes of all sizes, sculptures wrapped in sheets covered in dust and even some paintings lying around. The sight almost made him sad, but he didn’t have time to linger on that. He kept his guard up as he stepped further into the room, being prepared for any surprise attack. What he wasn’t prepared for, however, was a fancy chair that probably belonged in the court of Louis de 14th. Put in the middle of an empty space and illuminated strangely by some candles in the back. He immediately spun around, throwing his baton at the target behind him that triggered a noise just one second before. Only to see that there was nothing before him.

“What the… ” his curse had turned into a yowl as someone jumped into his back, managing to knock him off his feet.

A pair of soft lips brushed against his ear shell. “Hello, handsome.”

Chat struggled as she sized his hands behind his back, making it impossible for him to use them. With a grunt of annoyance, he rolled on is back, trying to get rid of her, but it only aggravated the situation as she copied his move. It ended up with a tumble on the floor, until Miss Fortune managed to tie his hands with the string of her yoyo. Chat growled as she forced him to sit in the chair and wrapped the string around his body, managing to tie him to the chair.

“You, know, I’m almost disappointed for how easy you fell for that, kitten.” she said with a pout while taking a bundle of rope off her belt. She took a few steps towards him, slow, almost teasingly. It wouldn’t be the first time when Chat felt like he was the mouse and she was the cat. “But I could forgive you if you meow for me a little.”

Adrien just glared at her, clenching his teeth. She always liked to play with him and he knew very well giving her a reaction would only make her satisfied with herself. And he was too stubborn for that. His lack of reaction seemed to only make her pout further.

“Well, then. If you aren’t in the mood of talking I’ll just get to action too. And when you think I even settled the romantic atmosphere with the candles.” with a dramatic sigh, she got on her knees in front of him.

He did his best to ignore the heat rising in his cheeks as he tried to kick her away. Miss Fortune grabbed his leg and pinned it back down with ease. Glancing up at him with a scolding look, she chided him. “Bad chaton!”

He huffed annoyed, before redirecting his attention to her, keeping a close eye for any chance to free himself. She looked away from his face, her gaze sliding over his torso and then to his crotch. And by the way her lips curled into a predatory smirk, Chat was sure he was in trouble. Humming amusedly, she settled her hands on his thighs before spreading his legs wide open.

“What are you doing?” to his ultimate embarrassment, that was very much a squeak.

“Oh, but please, tell me, kitten. What happens usually when you have someone kneeling between your spread legs?”

Chat really wanted to give a witty reply, but frankly, he was pretty brain dead when she was staring at him with those bedroom eyes. Why was he cursed with a weakness for blue eyes?

And as if that wasn’t enough, she began running her hands up and down his thighs, agonizingly slow. And the suit wasn’t doing anything to decrease the feeling. It only stopped the pain from big hits, but gentle touches? They felt as if there was nothing between them besides a very thin sheet of silk. Chat beat his lips as she rested her head on his left thigh, her fingers trailing closer and closer to his crotch.  He closed his eyes, trying to think about the most unpleasant things in the world, just not to get a boner. He could never forgive himself if he got a boner from her teasing in front of her.

(He got boners because of her before and he wouldn’t bother lying, but frankly, he was in private.)

She would never let him live it down. As if she didn’t wound his pride enough these years. That would be the last drop. He felt Miss Fortune shift and then, something being wrapped around his ankles. He opened his eyes only to find his ankles tied and Miss Fortune smirking up at him, some rope still in her hands.

“I liked you tied up.” he remarked casually before putting the rope over her shoulder and sitting in his lap.

Chat hissed. She was warm. And he had no doubt the way she was grinding on him, slowly was with a clear purpose in mind. Chat wanted to scream. Why couldn’t he have a normal enemy? One that found pleasure in kicking his ass, not in sexually frustrating him? No, apparently that was too much to ask for. When he accepted being a superhero he certainly didn’t expect almost six years of flirting, banter and sexual tension that just seemed to increase in the latest months.

Miss Fortune nuzzled his nose. That gesture was way too sweet for someone who looked like she was one step away from eating him alive while dry humping him. And there was so much he could do to stop his dick from going hard while someone was grinding on him and it felt very much like it was skin on skin. Miss Fortune seemed extremely happy with her results so far.

“Do you like this, kitten?” she whispered in his ear in a sultry voice as she increased her rhythm, her hot core moving faster against his boner.

Chat let out a moan, dropping his head against her shoulder. This was humiliating, but he couldn’t bring himself to care too much when he felt so good. He will regret this later, he knew, but frankly, he had limits where he simply couldn’t resist anymore. Miss Fortune was running her hands all over his body and Chat realized a few seconds too late she was tying him the rope and retrieving her yoyo.

“I fucking hate you.” he growled through gritted teeth. For what, he wasn’t sure. For being a nightmare to Paris? For humiliating him like that? For the fact that he was actually enjoying it? For outwitting him?

There was a slight gasp and soon all the warmth was gone. He looked up to see Miss Fortune glaring at him.

“That was the wrong thing to say.” she hissed before getting something out of a box on the side. “Bad kitties get punished.”

The next thing he knew was that Miss Fortune was leaning towards him with a piece of duct tape in her hands. She pressed it against his lips, before a smirk appeared on her face. She tilted her head, pressing her lips against his through the duct tape before gluing it to his face.

“That was for the language. You should learn how to dirty talk, kitten. ” she straightened her back. “You were very rude, I liked you better when you were moaning. And because you said that, then I won’t make you cum anymore.”

Going to another box that was laying near, she picked two pieces of jewelry. The turned to him, raising them for him to see.

“They supposedly belonged to Madame de Pompadour. And given you are here, I want to ask you for an opinion. Which one do you think fits me better?”

She raised each pair to her ears. “The sapphire ones or the ruby ones?” Chat gave an annoyed growl making er giggle. “Oopsie, I forgot I duct taped you. Oh well, nod once for sapphire, nod twice for ruby.”

She looked throughout amused as he didn’t react anyhow. “Well, I guess you are right. I should take both.”

Chat glared at her as she put the two pairs of earrings in one of her belt satchels.

“See you next time, beau gosse.” she said with a smirk, blowing him a kiss.

And with that, she simply strutted out of the hall, leaving a very annoyed Chat Noir with an unsolved boner behind.

A Gift for Adrien- A Miraculous One-Shot

Synopsis: Chat Noir has noticed something. Lately, whenever they finish patrol, his lady happens to pull out some yarn from the bag she’s taken to carrying. Oddly enough, his classmate Marinette is working on the same gift. There’s no way they could be…? Could it?

Author’s Note: I’m still trucking along and this time, with a fluffy Adrinette/ Ladynoir reveal fic requested by Soggy on AO3! Enjoy!

Chat Noir scaled the side of the Eiffel Tower with ease, landing on a steel beam, his eyes glowing in the evening gloom. His ears twitched and his nose caught the whiff of something rather lovely. He lifted it in the air. Licking his lips, he strolled across the beam until he joined Ladybug where she sat on the edge, swinging her legs back and forth as she hummed lightly to herself. She leaned her head just enough to acknowledge his approach. Her bluebell eyes didn’t turn to face him as she was completely engrossed with something in her hands. He smiled. Sitting next to her, he stared at the movements of her hands.

“How’d it go,” she asked, still hooking and wrapping the yarn in a technique he’d remembered as crocheting. He shrugged.

“Not bad. Managed to catch some guy harassing a couple of ladies on their way home but for the most part, it was quiet.”

She nodded. “Yeah. It was pretty quiet on my end too.” A smirk appeared on her lips and she paused in her work long enough to reach to the other side of her seat and toss him an all too familiar bag. With the emblem “TS” on the front, Chat licked his lips as the goodies landed in his lap. He opened the bag quickly. Inside was an assortment of cookies and croissants which he greedily searched through until he found one with chocolate, his favorite. He sat the bag back between them.

“Thanks LB.” She muttered in response. They sat in silence for sometime until curiosity finally got the best of him. “So what are you making? You’ve been working on it pretty hard for the last week or so.” She hesitated, her fingers slowing around the yarn. She didn’t stop though. Absently, she replied, “It’s a birthday gift for one of my classmates.” He smirked.

“Really? That’s awesome. You know, my birthday is coming up soon too.” She blinked. A soft smile crossed her face.

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Pick Your Prize (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: Hello!! I absolutely love your works and if you are still taking requests I have one! If possible could it be an Asa Butterfield one where maybe the reader is on set for one of his movies and they walk up to him thinking it’s their friend/cousin/family member there to pick them up and kisses him on the cheek? Mainly just cuteness and fluff. You can change or take as much freedom as you want! I’m not good at requesting things so sorry for lack of detail. Thank you lovely!! <3

Hey! I’m so glad you like my stuff! :) I hope you like this one, I had a bit of fun with it! 

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MariChat May - Day 24: “I owe you one...”

*Arrives a day late without completing any other missing prompts*

This will be chapter 3 so still super early and still platonic

<<Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3    Chapter 4

Conceal the Spots

Watching Chat Noir battle an akuma alone in the girls locker room was not something Marinette expected to be doing today.

For PE, her class had been mixed with another from their year and grouped based on their athletic abilities. Class had ended and most people had changed and left, leaving just a small group of girls reapplying make-up and trickling back into the school as they finished. In hindsight she felt that if she hadn’t been so vain and then she wouldn’t have been caught in this predicament.

She had heard the tail-end of Chloé’s typical behaviour as she criticised one of the girls from the other class on her make-up style and exclaimed loudly about how she thought inexpensive foundation was just nasty. Marinette had just been making her way over to scold Chloé when the girl had run past, mascara streaking down her face. It had been record breaking how quickly the first screams outside had started after that. Most akuma needed about five minutes at least to change and start their rampage.

Just as Marinette was working out how she was going to ditch Alya to transform, the Cosmetic Queen had burst in screeching about reducing Chloé and anyone else in her way to the same “cheap, tacky” make-up they mocked. She opened a compact and blew powder towards the girls, Juleka and a girl Marinette didn’t recognise getting the worst of it to the face. Juleka gave a noise of confusion as she suddenly changed into a giant handheld mirror and the other girl became a 5'3” mascara wand.

The Cosmetic Queen advanced on them as Marinette stepped in front, arms outstretched in a futile attempt to guard the others, when the door was flung open all of a sudden and Chat Noir charged the akuma, using his momentum from kicking open the door to attack with gusto.

Marinette used the distraction to her advantage, pushing Alya forward to lead the way before encouraging the other girls to follow her as they inched their way around the akuma and Chat, staying flat to the wall to avoid becoming targets.

“But I didn’t even do anything,” Chloé said, starting to make a huge fuss about how her comments on the girls make-up had been helpful and Marinette groaned, planting her arms on the girls shoulders and pushing her along the wall, less than gentle when Chloé resisted.

They had made it about three quarters of the way around when Alya suddenly shouted in alarm, “Marinette! Look out!”

She turned to see the akuma turning away from Chat, who was on his hands and knees and attempting to shake some sense back into himself. She moved towards Chloé and Marinette saw her open her compact. She shoved Chloé towards the exit, leaning back and letting herself fall backwards to the floor to avoid the cloud of dust that suddenly swirled at them both.

“Go!” she yelled at the girls huddled in the doorway watching, “I’ll be right behind you!” Chloé wasted no time in turning heel and running but Alya was a lot more hesitant till one of the others grabbed her by the hem of her shirt and pulled her away. She’d have to thank that girl later when everything had been taken care of.

The akuma was now in the way of the door but her attention was once again on Chat who had taken a swing at her with his baton while Marinette had been encouraging the others to run to safety.

Marinette got to her feet quickly and weighed up her options. She could inch her way around the walls like before, but she’d need to go in the opposite direction to stay away from the battle in front of her – no, that would take too long. She could run for the bathrooms behind her and transform but she couldn’t escape from there without giving away her identity as the windows had been painted shut recently. She could -

She cut off her train of thought as she saw the akuma shine a reflection into Chat’s eyes with her mirror, distracting him. She lifted her compact and pointed it at his face, taking a deep breath to blow magic powder on him.

Marinette reacted on instinct and launched herself at Chat, pushing him to the ground where they rolled to avoid the cloud of powder engulfing where he’d been just a moment ago. As they rolled she heard the Cosmetic Queen roar in annoyance and stalk through the door in search of Chloé to finish her revenge.

They finally came to a stop on the tiled floor and without an imminent attack to distract her, Marinette became painfully aware of their intimate position. She was stretched out on her back, Chat laying over her, his head hovering above hers and their noses almost touching. This had happened before, of course, but Marinette was usually wearing her spots at the time and before now there had always been a loud akuma to focus on instead of the crippling silence of the locker room around them.

She could see he was blushing almost as vividly as she felt she was and she made an embarrassing squeak in the back of her throat when he shifted to his knee to give himself leverage to get up. He held out his hand to help her up too and she took it, neither of them making eye contact for a moment or two until they were upright.

Chat cleared his throat loudly. She turned to look at him and although he still had a faint dusting of pink beneath his mask he seemed to have returned to his normal playful self.

“Thanks Princess,” he said, hands on his hips and a small smirk appearing as he spoke, “I guess I owe you one now. What can I do to make it up to you?”

Marinette blinked for a moment at his almost flirty attitude, as she tried to remember that she had to react like Marinette right now and not Ladybug, despite this feeling a lot more like battle banter between them than whatever it actually was.

“Pick up Indian food on your way over tonight,” she finally said, “I’ve been craving it for days.”

Chat looked at her for a second before he burst out laughing. “Sure thing,” he said, “Any requests?”

Marinette smiled at him, “Surprise me Kitty. But right now, you need to go get that akuma.”

Paying the price

Chapter 13

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„Come on, Lexi! Just these two!” Avery whined, shoving two shot glasses into my face. I gave her a stern look, already having declined for three times but she was relentlessly in her tries.

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Me Rewatching ML: Gamer

Tikki helps Marinette remember her schedule, or at least aims too as much as possible. 

Marinette’s home is right next to the school. 

25, Tikki hangs outside the purse again.

Tikki doesn’t recognize the video game’s music, suggesting that Marinette hasn’t played UMS around her. 

There is a move in USM called the Kitty Paw. 

Marinette’s unaware of this competition, so it probably wasn’t too broadcasted around the school. That or it just went over her head and she’s been more focused on other things. 

Adrien bleps when playing. 

Kim brags about his baefriend, is surprised to see Max lose. 

Max needs a few seconds to calm down at the face of his loss before he can be a good sport about it. 

It looks like Kim is giving Adrien shade XD

Alya, who is usually a huge push for Marinette to spend time with Adrien by any means, even skipping out on responsibilities Marinette wanted to do herself (Climatika with Mari wanting to babysit Manon); doesn’t approve of Marinette making a choice to try and spend time with Adrien. Evidently it’s due to her thinking Marinette won’t be serious about representing the school. 

Bustier appears to be a common host for a lot of the school projects. She really likes to be involved with her students. It’s really nice to see. 

Marinette is determined to beat the score in five minutes. She is confident that she can. 

Adrien is up to see what Marinette can do and is the only one to move and let her have the chance. 

Kim is unaware of Marinette’s gaming skills.

It appears Alya is too, being unsure about Marinette going for this. 

Max assumes Marinette doesn’t know how to play. Marinette is quick to correct him. 

Love seeing her play with her dad, he so huge and she so smol. They both furrow their brows when getting into the game and haunch forward. They both also move their arms around when getting into the battle, Marinette has a victory dance and Tom dramatically flops on the couch when he looses. During this time Tikki must just hide away in Marinette’s room. 

Max doesn’t seem too sure about Marinette’s skill but is up to face her. 

Kim is the first to cheer Max on.

Marinette is well practiced, suggesting that she and Tom play often, and under a time limit of five minutes, she is beating Max in possibly one. Adrien awed, as are Alya, Kim, and Rose. This backs that Alya is unaware of how good a gamer Marinette is. 

Even in gaming Marinette plans out her moves. 

Victory dance.

I say she beat Max in about a minute or two. 

Kim is the only one not cheering for Marinette. 

Max really doesn’t take loosing well. That suggests to me that he hasn’t lost often before, and by Kim’s bragging, perhaps Adrien was his first loss ever, and then Marinette is his 2nd and she beat him even faster than Adrien did. 

Marinette does feel guilty about making Max sad. But is over it as Adrien proposes practicing at her place. 

Alya is very set that Marinette represents their school well, this matters a lot to her, more than being the ultimate wingman. It’s kinda curious, I can see her caring about representation and having a good reputation, but with most of the season having her a huge Adrienette supporter, this is kinda odd. 

Max is very upset with his loss to Marinette, declaring that it’s a travesty (false and absurd). This probably is his 2nd loss, and it’s a sore blow to loose quickly again and in a shorter amount of time. And possibly due to Marinette being a girl, which socially is uncommon and Max himself assumes Marinette didn’t know what she was doing. I’d blame Max’s akumization on him being a sore loser about this than on Marinette, and not knowing how to really cope about losing aside from bad mouthing the outcome, even more so seeing that he thinks he should be in it and deserves to be in it. Those are proud thoughts right there. 

26, Tikki hangs outside the purse again, this time scolding Marinette for joining the competition just to spend time with Adrien. And personally I’m not really seeing the issue? I know Marinette’s not going in represent the school, but I don’t get the impression that Max was doing the same. By how he talks, he was doing it to show he’s the best and thus far isn’t taking it too well to not being the best. 

I can agree it’s a selfish choice on Marinette’s part, but this is also a huge step for her too. Up at this point, if the list I’m watching really is the most likely the canon of the s1 episodes; this is Marinette’s first real effort on her own to try and spend time with Adrien, with no one suggesting or pushing her to act on this. It is unfortunate that she made Max upset, but that comes with competing, you win and you lose. But over all, this is a big step for Marinette confidence wise, she’s making the move on her own for once, and I don’t see this being a bad way to spend time with Adrien, playing games together. 

But to see Tikki against it, for Marinette upsetting someone unintentionally just to spend time with her crush… it really seems Tikki is against Marinette being selfish, to always put others before herself, to be a constant giver and supporter. It’s what a true LB should be, but there is a drawback to being a constant giver and there can be a point that you just give too much and you can only support and make so many happy all the time and not have something for you. It is ok to be selfish, especially for your own personal happiness and comfort. You’re no good helping others if you yourself are spread so thin or you’re unhappy, when you don’t allow yourself to give into your own wants, it can be damaging. Something Plagg seems to get as he does encourage Adrien to give into selfishness (Lady Wifi, thinking he should’ve looked despite that breaking LB’s trust). There is a middle to being selfish and selfless, and with Tikki and Plagg divided as two opposing sides, it makes sense that they would have opposite views on selfishness. 

I don’t think Marinette is entirely at fault for giving into her selfishness, she has been struggling this whole year so far to spend time with Adrien but largely just fumbles with him. It’s not a solid choice on her part, but this is a big step in her development. She is confident and comfortable enough to try and move to spend time with her crush. It’s not ideal, I can agree, but this is a step forward. This also provides Max a chance to learn that losing is a part of life, and by his reaction, it is something he needs to learn. 

Adrien stands poised before Tom and Sabine. Tom taught Marinette everything about gaming. 

Adrien is surprised that Marinette talks about him. Most likely to him thinking they’re not the best of friends due to her behavior. 

Shipping parents ;3 also it’s so nice to see Tom accepting of Adrien and not the jealously protective dad. It is an amusing trope but it’s nice to see it not done for once. 

Accidental hand touch, mutual shyness. So awkward. Looking at each other when the other isn’t. 

By Marinette’s reaction and frustration with her parents, suggests to me that this happens a lot. That maybe every time Marinette brings over a new friend and it’s their first time meeting that friend, her parents are super excited and invade Marinette’s space a lot to feed said new friend, involve them and learn about them, to a point that Marinette has a hard time hanging out with said friend alone. And Tom offers to be included here so there is a chance that in her household, Marinette may not often get a lot of solo time with new friends that she brings over and it’s frustrating for her. I’m guessing anyway.

And with how Max is as an akuma, pushed by his emotion and what drives him, yeah he is someone that is very proud. 

Marinette is such a chill player. And it’s a shame Alya isn’t able to see that yes, Marinette is able to focus on the game. 

Omg, Marinette looked ready to murder Tom. 

Adrien longs for cookies, but they’re out of his reach. 

And it looks like between the two, Tom is the worse invader. Quite the social butterfly. 

I wonder how long ago Marinette made that charm. I speculate before she got the earrings since she has gotten luckier after Tikki, and with her dealing with bad luck before, that would push for her to have the charm then. 

Tom is shipping them so hard. 

I want a quiche now. 

While Marinette’s reaction to the akuma is “oh shit that’s not good”, Adrien seems to give it a “seriously?!” glare. He is also defensive seeing an akuma with his “civilian” friend. 

Adrien’s the first to react to danger. Is a little flustered to wind up close to Marinette. 

Adrienette hand reach. 

That has to be one of the more serious faces I’ve seen Adrien make before he transforms. He isn’t too pleased this time. 

Thus far, this is the biggest effort Adrien makes in getting a civilian to safety. It looks like he took Marinette a street or two away from Gamer. 

Marinette isn’t impressed with Max. 

Chat is touched by Marinette’s concern for Adrien, and of course just has to show off this whole Marichat sequence. 

Chat is surprised that LB knows UMS. LB is defensive, most likely because Max also assumed she didn’t game because of being a girl. Chat though is happy to find something they both like. 

Animation error, HM shouldn’t know what the ring looks like untransformed. 

Chat mimics Tom. 

CATBUG ROBOT. Love it’s design. 

Pacific Rim vibes. 

ZUKO SPIN. :OO if this is a reference to AtLA, could Marinette possibly be a fan of atla? Pleeeeeeeaaase? 

I think she just shouted Lady Bombs. 

All the references, bless this episode. Now I feel like I’m watching Super Smash Bros. 



Now Alya is up for supporting Marinette playing with Adrien. Girl I’m getting mixed signals here. Also Max is still being a bit of a sore loser, still being proud. I can’t quite say if Max really learned anything this episode, I suppose so over all but still…

Actually I wound up seeing the storyboard for this ep and I wish this one scene had stayed in, where Adrien moves to give Marinette’s charm back but Nino pulled her away before he could and he pockets it, deciding that he’d give it back later. Why couldn’t that stay in?

This whole page is just fantastic. Now Kitty’s got it locked into her head that she CAN make her case to Xavier, we see her utter tenacity. As well as, I think, hints of the leader she’ll one day become. One pah doesn’t work, she’ll try another, and another, and another.

Plus come on, Kitty beat Xavier, THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL TELEPATH, at chess, in a move he never saw coming, WHILE PITCHING HERSELF.

Kitty Pryde is amazing and if you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o8. Transformation  

“Suho!” I jolt up in bed and shout.  

Instantaneously, my eyes complain about the merciless sun.  It is morning…I twist my body from left to right in search of Junmyeon.  Instead, it’s the loving cat, who I yearned for, in my sleep, who waddles his way from the head of my bed to my lap.  He licks his paw and tilts his head to gaze into my puffy eyes.  It’s strange.  Similarly, my heart grows sore under his presence as it normally does when I’m with Junmyeon.  It’s so silly to say…I think I love them both.  

“Welcome home, Suho…” my voice trembles as my precious cat throws his paws around my neck.  As I stroke his back, he starts to weep this heart-clenching cry that summons rivers under my own eyes.  “I’m so happy to have you back…”

“Meoooooooooow~” he wails.  He’s been waiting for two decades to hear these words again.  

Sniffling back tears, I lightly smack his bum and tease, “You, Big Baby…”

“Meoooooooow~~” he sobs out happy tears.  

Chuckling, I pull him away to take a better look.  Just like when he was a baby kitten, he sports a gorgeous white coat of fur that almost refracted Heaven’s light.  Under the sun, certain angles create rainbow streaks.  Even his pink nose is the same that it baffles me how long it took to recognize him.  The prolonged fever, during my childhood took away my memories but the fever, produced by love, had brought it all back.    

With a beaming grin, I bring his paws up to wipe his own eyes.  “I love you, My Suho,” I sweetly say and lean in to kiss his nose.  He returns the affections by licking my lips.  My giggles cause all the cells in his small body to prance around.  “Don’t run away anymore, okay?” I pout and hold out my pinky.

“Meow~” my cat wraps his paw around my finger and promises.

That’s when my vision lands on the shining gemstone band around my finger.  “Heh…” a wide toothy grin spreads from ear to ear.  “Junmyeon got me this,” I explain and hold it up to Suho.  “Isn’t it pretty?”

“Meow,” Suho’s neck fur puffs up and he proudly holds his head up.  

“I think I’m in love…” I shyly admit as I rock backward and lie back onto my bed.  Habitually, Suho starts to knead my stomach but I bring him up to rest against my chest.  “He’s kind of strange…in a way…” I softly giggle.  “…but every time I’m with him, I feel so safe,” I daydream.  “For a while, I just wanted a man to just…take my virginity…”

A low grumble croaks from Suho’s throat.

“…with Junmyeon, I want to make love…”

The sassy cat covers his burning cheeks with his paws and rolls into a shy ball.  

“I love him,” I confess.  Suho peeps his head out.  Flexing my abs, I tilt my chin up to look at the cat.  “I’m going to marry both of you!” I conclude.  The surprise cat chokes and starts to hack out coughs.  His body bounces up and down to the vibration of my tummy as I laugh.  “What?” I chuckle and pet his head.  “No one said a girl can’t have two husbands,” I joke.  Extending my arm out, I take his old collar into my hands.  I remove the name tag and bell and slip it through his new collar.  

“There,” I marvel at the perfection.  “Now, everyone will know you’re mine!”

“Meow ꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩” His little paws play with the bell, causing the jingle to create sweet melodies into my ear.  

“…and your lover can’t take you from me,” I finish my joke with an evil cackle.  

Suho gives me an unimpressed look.

“Either way, vet called.  After a second opinion, they recommend I get you neutered.”

“MEOWEIOIOWERWIRUOIWUROIUOIWRUO,” the cat thrashes around in opposition.

“What?” I giggle, “Silly Bean, it’ll help you live longer!”

It’s been a week…and then two.  Junmyeon is nowhere to be seen.  I searched the entire apartment in case the note he may have left got blown off somewhere by the wind.  Nothing.  Suho pounces around the room like the happy kitty he is.  Though he doesn’t know what I’m trying to look for, his little paws try to mimic my ravage search.  I can’t help but laugh.  

With a defeated sigh, I slouch over the side of my bed.  “I miss Junmyeon…” I admit.

“Meow Meow,” Suho tugs my sleeve as if saying, “Loook at meeee.”

“Heh, you Goofball,” I ruffle his fur and jolt up.  “Time to go to the vet!” I announce.

“MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!” my kitty squirms in my arms but I grip onto him tightly.  “Don’t scratch me, Crazy Cat,” I quip.  The memories of once causing me a fatal injury burns into his heart and he settles down.  

“It’ll be done in around ten minutes,” the vet technician states and hands me forms to fill.  They take Suho in for a quick examination.  

“That silly cat…it’s not that big of a…”

The tip of my pen drags along paper as a sudden flicker of a scene replays in my mind.  Blurry but defining, I recall Junmyeon lowering himself and me onto the bed.  His cuddle is firm and warm against my feverish body as he whispered, “I love you…” into my ears.  Then suddenly…the weight from his hold diminished and the blurry image of white fur settled in.

“How did you get in here?“

“I never left…”

Fish.  Fish.  Fish and chicken.  Allergic to chocolate and tomatoes.

Old conversations bring themselves back to light.  My eyes dart out and stare at nothing in particular as if I’m being hypnotized.    

“I’ve never seen my father before and I was striped from my mother at 8 weeks…”

His tendency to show up out of nowhere and naked

“He loves you so much more than you’ll ever know, that’s why he came back to find you even after all these years.”

My twin orbs grow glassy.

“He wants to stay by your side and protect you…”

I cup a hand over my mouth as an out-of-the-world analysis forms in my mind.  JunMeow is Suho…and Junmyeon is JunMeow…which meant…Junmyeon is my beloved Suho.  The circled words “Neuter/Spay” on the form against my lap, jeers back at me.  With eyes widened into golfballs, I storm pass the front desk, ignore the shouting receptionist, and sprint into the back clinical rooms.  

“SUHO!” I shout as I swing the doors.  Panic drives my soul; if Suho gets neutered then Junmyeon…

I almost get an heart attack at the thought.  On the third door, I discover a vet and a tech holding down the white cat.  An empty syringe stares back to me; Suho’s head totters and his eyelids twitch.

“NO!” I bellow.  

The professionals in the room stare at me with puzzlement.  Without explaining myself, I grab my Suho and rock him in my arms.

“You guys didn’t do anything yet, right???” I question in a frenzy.  Saliva drains from the kitty’s mouth as he refuses to fall asleep.

“We just gave him a dose of anesthetics.  Don’t worry, Ma’am, the surgery will be completed really quickly,” the tech briefs and tries to take my cat from me.

“So you didn’t castrate— I mean neuter him yet, right?”  Gibberish grumbles from Suho’s throat as I place his dangling head against my chest.  

“Correct…but ma’am it’ll be qui—“

“No!  I changed my mind!” I must have sounded like a crazy lady.  “I’ll pay for  the procedure but I’ll be taking my cat home now.  I greatly apologize for the confusion.”  With that, I bow and head out the door.  

“Suho…Suho…my baby…I’m sorry…” I apologize as I try to awaken the cat.  Shaking him wasn’t working and feeding him water wasn’t either.  Passerby on the street stare at me as if I had just abused my cat.  One even asked if I needed to call animal rescue.  

It isn’t that I couldn’t wait it out, but the pain written on his face broke my heart.  He must have been so scared, thus, to this moment, he’d rather drift in half-consciousness than to fall asleep.

“Honey, take a nap, okay?  When you wake up, everything will be okay.  I won’t get you neutered,” I stroke his head and coax but his head continues to totter around.  

Flattening my lips, I head into a local gas station and purchase a large water bottle.  I place the intoxicated cat against the cement ground of the parking lot and hold the water over his head.  Gush of water splashes down, drenching Suho from head to toe.

“That should do the trick…” I proudly dust off my hands and prepare to dry the cat with my hoodie.  But the scene before me seems straight out of the comic book.  I’m so ridden in shock that I can’t even blink.  Fluffy white fur rescinds back into the epidermis, stubby limbs lengthen, Junmyeon’s boyish features start to form…  It’s the same scene I had witnessed that night I fell ill, just this time, everything is crystal clear.  Cupping my hands over my gaping mouth, I lose my balance and fall backward from my squat.

Human voices from behind reawakens me.  Gasping, I immediately rip off my hoodie and tie it around Junmyeon’s hips to cover his goods.  A few slaps against his cheeks doesn’t seem to do much and I can’t bear to hit him anymore so instead, I lift him up and throw his arm over my shoulder.  

“Junmyeon-ah…” I soothe.  “Le-let’s go home…” I grunt.  

Though, Junmyeon is quite skinny for a guy, he built still towers over my smaller frame.  In addition, the fact that my lover’s almost bare body is being paraded in public makes me anxious.  I stumble down the street carrying the drugged male.  A groan evokes from the man’s throat and he thrashes around trying very hard to shake off the effects of the anesthetics to no avail.  His slurred movement only causes the journey back home to be quite the struggle.  Now, instead of a knocked out cat, I am hauling a full-grown, naked man.  

“Is he okay?  Do I need to call an ambulance?” someone passing by offers.

“No,” I quip.  “He’s my husband; he just had too much to drink at his party…” I lie and nervously laugh.  

“I think you’re sexy too!” Junmyeon suddenly shouts, lifts his arm, and smacks my bum.  With widened eyes, I cover Junmyeon’s face and lower my head out of embarrassment.  People on the street muffle back giggles.  Some start to disperse after acknowledging that I didn’t kidnap this man and that I’m merely a tormented wife trying to carry her delirious husband back after his wild company party.  “I want to make love to you too!” my said husband makes another public announcement.  

“Junmyeon!” I hush as my face paints in beet red.  

Someone whistles, “Get that pussy, Bro!”

Separating himself from me, he points in my direction and confesses, “I love her!”    

“Junmyeon-ah!” I throw both of my arms around him and drag him off.

“I will protect her with my life!  Don’t you bad people dare try to hurt her!” he innocently warbles.  

By the time, I haul him up the stairs and get my way into the house, I’m completely depleted of battery.  With one last grunt, I toss him onto the bed but my lack of balance causes me to topple over and land on top of him.  I groan and try to get myself up but Junmyeon tosses his strong arms around me.  

“Don’t…leave…” he begs in his sleep.  I melt back against his chest.  Thoughts rush through my mind.  It feels as though I’m in some sci-fi movie.  My brain questions his devotion but my heart acknowledges it.  

“I won’t…” I promise and round my arms around his torso.  For the first time, I don’t have any sensual desires as I lie with him on the same bed.  Instead, my kiss against his dry lips is delicate and innocent.

A/N: Finally, she knows!  Next chapter is the one everyone’s been waiting for hahaahahaha.  If you know what I mean…

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last-exit-to-nowhere  asked:

some j/h headcanons, please?

Of course <3 Thanks for this message! :D I’m ignoring season 7 finale and season 8. Also, I don’t take as canon what we saw in ‘class picture’ during season 4, just in case you were wondering about the first one.

–They actually met before Jackie dated Kelso, but it was kind of nothing. They didn’t even talk to the other. It happens that one girl who wanted Jackie out of the cheerleader squad was talking crap about her and she happened to be flirting with Hyde, but he heard what she was saying and then the face Jackie put and he shut the girl up in ol’ Hyde fashion. Jackie only smiled at him in a silent thank you and he smiled back as if it was nothing. 

Both think that once they got to meet the other and she opened her mouth, that was when he started to dislike her at first. When they started to date, she asked why he did that back then, and he said it was because he didn’t like anyone who tried to take advantage of anyone and he thought she was cute and cute girls shouldn’t be sad. 

This is also why she always went to him for comfort, because she knew he would understand deep down and she was going to be safe confiding in him.

– At some point in 1980, Pam left again and this time she was brash enough to even tell Jackie she wasn’t coming back and was going to sell their house. After she left, Jackie was incredible sad and distracted, but asked Hyde and her friends to help her do… something, with her forniture. 

They sold it and she kept the money, but the important thing was what they did with the rest of the stuff: she and Hyde break it all. It was her idea, it started a some kind of tantrum, and Hyde let her do it because he knew she had been bottling up her real feelings about her mother leaving ever since the first time she did it.

But then she started to laugh and say it was fun to break plates and whatnot, and she invited him to do it. To this day, none has ever tell anyone they did it, but both consider it one of the best experiences together. Not only because it was fun but because they felt free at each other’s side.

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