he looks like a kitty in the second

GOT7 reaction to their girlfriend being a mutant

Requested; I’d like to ask a got7 reaction to their girlfriend being a mutant… you know like x-men

A/N: This was really fun to do xD

Thanks for requesting @maexing17 :) Hope you like it!

Jaebum: (Mystique) “So, you’re telling me you’re over 100 years old and you can basically shift to anything you want?” “yeaahh….” “that’s different….but like a cool kind of different”      he looks so smol in that gif omf

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Jackson: (Girl version of Wolverine) “OMG MY GIRLFRIEND IS AMAZING” *first gif* *second gif* “but how am I supposed to protect you now, if you can protect yourself?” *whining about how not manly you make him*

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BamBam: (Kitty Pryde) “I don’t believe you, no one can just walk through a solid material or hover in the air” *you walk through a wall to to another room and he follows you, when he walks through the door you hover in the air with a smile on your face* “oh my god” *is amazed*      bammie wipe ur face

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Junior: (Storm) “So if the weather is horrible, you can change it? I marrying you so that I’ll always have great weather and I don’t have to fly in planes I can just fly with you for free” *thinks of it in a practical way but is also amazed*

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Mark: (Girl version of Angel) *Pets your wings* “whoaah, they’re so pretty”

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Yugyeom: (Girl version of Magneto) *Would be a little intimidated but still fascinated* “as long as you don’t hurt me it’s cool”

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Youngjae: (Girl version of Professor X) “If you can read my mind, then what am I thinking about right now?” * “I love you and I’m a little scared what happens if you get mad because you’re really powerful but I still love you” *        someone stop this ball of sunshine

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Just Looking Out for You

Yay, my second tickle fic on here! And what could be better than a little Ichi and Jyushi brotherly bonding time?
(Can be seen as either romantic or platonic, depending on how you look at it.)

Words: 817

Ichimatsu was sitting in his corner, staring at ESP Kitty. “I’m sorry I said I wouldn’t care if you died,” he murmured. “You’re a good kitty cat, and trash like me shouldn’t have nice things.” The cat just blinked. “Sometimes I’m not sure if you understand me…I like to feel that I have a deeper connection with cats, more so than humans. Maybe-”

“NII-SAAAAAN!” Jyushimatsu came flying out of nowhere, hugging him from behind. “Hi, nii-san!”

“Um…hi?” Ichimatsu watched ESP Kitty scamper off. “What is it, Jyushimatsu?”

“I thought you were still sad about the kitty, so I came to make you happy again!”

“Who said I was ever happy before?” He grinned anyways. “Thank you for finding him for me…”

“Hey, isn’t that was brothers do, look out for each other?” Jyushimatsu patted his head.

“Yeah, I guess so. I don’t really do a good job of it, do I?”

“Yuh huh! You always keep me safe and do fun things with me! Like play baseball, talk with me on the roof, give me hugs when I ask, and play baseball!”

“I guess I do, don’t I?” Ichimatsu perked up a bit.

“Yep! Do you feel better now?” Jyushimatsu asked hopefully.

“A little.” He turned to face him. “Um…thanks.”

“Yay, my plan is working! But how do I make you truly happy? Hmm…” He had his creepy thinking face. “Oh, I know!”

“Hm?” He cocked an eyebrow as the younger brother sat in his lap. “What are you doing?”

“Hold still!” Jyushimatsu squeezed his sides through his hoodie, causing him to jump.

“W-wait a min-”

“Yay, it’s working!” He wormed his hands under his hoodie, squeezing his tummy. “Laugh, nii-san!”

“Jyushima-kmph!” He rolled away with a snicker. “I did not approve of this!”

“Aw, that’s too bad!” Jyushimatsu tried to strike again, but Ichimatsu grabbed him quickly.

“You shouldn’t have done that, my little Jyushimatsu…” he hissed in his ear. “Now you’re going to get it.”

“Oh no, the big, bad Ichi! Help!” He flailed his arms, giggling nervously.

“No, not the big, bad Ichi…I’m the big, bad…tickle monster!” Jyushimatsu dissolved into loud giggles, shoving at his head. “Don’t try to resist me!”

“Nii-sahahahan!” He slapped at the mean fingers on his ribs with his long sleeves. “Tickles!”

“That’s kind of the point,” Ichimatsu smirked. “Hey, don’t you dare hit me!” He caught the flailing limb, pushing the sleeve up.

“Noo, I’m really ticklish thehehere!”

“I know,” he smiled evilly. “I am your older brother, after all.” He scribbled his fingers over the wiggling hand.

“NII-SAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN!” Jyushimatsu tried to bite his fingers.

“Oh, that’s it!” he growled, blowing a raspberry into his palm. “Do anything like that again and I’ll positively wreck you!”

“S-SORRYSORRYSORRYSORRY!” he squealed in delight, flopping around on the floor.

“Sorry? What for? Why are you sorry?” Ichimatsu sent him an evil grin. “Are you saying sorry to me?”


He went back to scratching his hand lightly. “Why? Why would you be sorry for anything? I’m not doing anything to make you say sorry for biting me, am I?” He actually chuckled, he was even rivaling the teasing of his older brothers.

“YOU-YOHOHOHOU’RE TIHIHIHICKLING MEHEHEHEHE!” Jyushimatsu cried, trying to pull away again.

“You don’t say?” Ichimatsu used one hand to hold his wrists above his head and used the other to tickle his brother’s hands. “I don’t find anything funny about that, why would you be laughing?” Just to be a bigger asshole, he raspberried his neck. He let out a shout of surprise as his younger brother nearly bucked him off. “Slow down!”

“I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN’T!” Tears streamed down his blushing face, and he threw his head back in helpless cackles. “ST-STOHOHOHOHOHOP SOON!”

“I got it.” Ichimatsu didn’t want to kill him, so it was fair enough. “Until then…GOTCHA!” He abandoned Jyushimatsu’s hands entirely, going for his hips instead. He was not at all disappointed by this reaction.


“Yes there!” he teased. “This is a baaaaad spot on you!”


“Got it.” Ichimatsu backed off quickly, leaving Jyushimatsu in a giggly mess on the floor. “You…you okay?”

“Mmhmm!” he nodded. “Nii-san went total OOC there!” he snickered.

“I went what?”

“Nothing!” He sat up, breathing heavily. “That was fun!”

“I suppose,” he shrugged. He jumped as the yellow brother pulled him into a tight hug.

“Love you, Ichimatsu nii-san…”

“I…I love you too, Jyushimatsu.”

“You’re smiling! Nii-san is smiling!” he cheered.

“Hm?” Ichimatsu raised a hand to his face. “I guess I am.”

“Yay! Time for more smiles!” Jyushimatsu climbed on top of him. “Revenge!”

“No, wahahait! Jyushimatsu, you-NAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Tickle, tickle, tickle!” He scribbled his fingernails over his slightly pudgy tummy. “Next I’m gonna go for your thighs, then your ears, and then your cute wittle toes!” He kissed him on the cheek with a giggle. “You’re going to be here for a loooooong time!”

Pet Store with Luke would include

• Him getting way too excited and acting like a little child
• “Babe look at the cute little kitty cats”
“No, luke the kitten doesn’t look like Michael”
• Him holding the kitten and tries to prove his point that the kitten does look like Michael
• Him running over to see the puppies and getting all excited and petting all the puppies
• Him looking at the cute little accessories for the puppies and taking pictures and sending them to Calum
• You getting embarrassed when he lets out a squeal when he sees the bunnies
• No, luke we can’t get 7 bunnies"
• Him getting all whiny like “but babyy why not, they are so cute, look”
• Him getting all excited when he sees the fishes and tapping the glass to get their attention
• “yes luke, I know that ashton thought that baby tadpoles were mosquitoes”
• “Ashton is so dumb rig- OH MY GOD ITS NEMO”
• Him picking up a little girl and putting her on his shoulders bc she can’t see the fishes
• Him and the little girl singing “just keep swimming” to the fishes
• The little girl parents coming to luke and asking if they can have their daughter back and him getting embarrassed
• “ oh y-yeah of c-course you can” and you making fun of him for it “Shut up, she was fuckin adorable”
• “she was more adorable than you” “wait baby, i was kidding” “you are 10 times more adorable than her”
• you both holding hands and sharing a few kisses
• you getting scared to go near the snakes and lizards and him laughing about it til, he sees that you are actually afraid of them
• “awww no babygirl, they can’t hurt you, I will protect you okay”
• you hiding behind luke when you see the reptiles and holding on to him for dear life
• Him trying to act tough for your sake when he sees a snake near him
• you both ended up leaving the reptiles bc you both couldn’t handle it
• you both looking at the hamsters to get your mind off the reptiles
• Him getting all interested in the hamsters
• “Baby, look at this chubby hamster” “how is he running so fast and that chubby”
• “luke stop call the hamster chubby, that’s mean” “well he is chubby”
• you wandering off to the bird section bc the chubby hamsters were getting boring
• Luke calling you like 50 times and him getting worried bc he can’t find you
• Him finally finding you and running up to you “oh my gosh, baby I thought I lost you” and hugging you so tight
• “Luke calm down, I left like 5 minutes ago” “I don’t care, what if you got hurt or something”
• “luke it’s a pet store” “the birds can get feisty, I can’t let them hurt my baby”
• you both leaving the store and leaving with a chubby hamster bc luke wanted one
• luke naming it luke junior and getting all excited
• “thank you so much, baby” “I love you so freakin much”
• “I love you too, luke”

Okay but a love-themed villain that makes anyone fall in love with some perfume thing, make you fall in love with the person you see first & it only works once (so two people can’t love the same person or something)

Like imagine Ladybug being hit by that and nuzzling up to Chat and him flipping out cuz like wait no this is what he wants but not like this

And he’s forced to retreat until he comes up with a plan so the next day he shows up to school cuz it’s school and it goes on regardless of shit happening

And he’s relieved because he gets a small break from Ladybug’s overzealous affections & there are some classmates unaffected

But then Marinette launches herself at him and calls him “her silly kitty” in a dazed voice because the perfume is telling her that’s who she loves even if they look different

And Adrien is very confused for a few seconds before he kinda has an “oh shit” moment and idk