he looks like a kid at a candy store

Hvitserk was like a kid in a candy store when he saw that harem of women.

His inner monologue was probably like, *Squee* “Look, Bjorn! Girls! Look at all the girls! There’s so many! *giggle* Let’s take ‘em! All of ‘em!”


Kobra found her out somewhere, kid attracts strays like honey attracts flies
I didn’t want to keep her at first, we were struggling to feed 4 mouths and babies need proper food to survive

but kobra made these puppy dog eyes and when he looked at her he smiled like a kid in a candy store, so how could I say no?

and now she’s a killjoy and our pride and joy, so good thing I didn’t turn her away, right?

Fitting Room Adventures | Hoseok (Smut)

Originally posted by hoesoks

Word Count: 3,589

Warnings: s to the m to the u to the

A/N: That gif is killing me tbh thanks hoseok I hope this is worthy enough to you, anon I even threw in some oral for you so pls love me

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Puppy Love

Simon x Reader #14 

Warnings:  noooppppee because fluffy goodness but there is a dog just fyi

Requested: not really? @sidewomanxix wanted it 



You were bouncing with excitement as you were in the car headed to the pet store, your boyfriend sat in the driver’s seat. After weeks of convincing, you had managed to convince him to get you guys a puppy. You had always been a dog lover and Simon the same, but he was a bit more practical and asked the hard questions like who would take care of it with your two busy schedules often times overlapping. After reasoning back and forth, he had finally agreed to adopt a puppy with you.

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I’m opening ‘50 Shades of Grey’ to a random page and posting what I find. Part two.

Christian Grey felt like a kid in a candy store, but all the candy bins were just her real horny pussy ready to do it, and the candy scoop was his ding-ding. 

He was porking away at her, but not real pork, candy pork instead, and he started to have a vision.

“Will that be all?” asked the candy guy in his head, who looked like Taylor Doose from Gilmore Girls, except horny. 

“Just the one pound,” he replied, “one pound of cummi worms.”

That’s when he spermed everywhere. The girl was just sort of lying there or whatever.

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omg can we talk about randall's pure joy over being told he looks like his bio dad? :') and i loved him drunk talking to beth like a kid in a candy store about meeting all his cousins. this episode was the best even though my heart broke multiple times with william's death and the flashbacks. and i wanna give a s/o to the actor who played young william because holy crap he had his mannerisms and everything down perfectly. *so* talented. as is sterling and ron of course. best of the bunch imo!

Ugh, I agree!! I was full out on the verge of sobbing at the very end. It was such a good episode and it is worthy of all the awards. The way Randall got so excited at meeting all his black family because he’d never grown up around this, and how excited he was when he was told that he and William looked alike!! 😭😭😭 I hope this episode wins an award, I truly do!


No White Dresses

Imagine being with Bruce through everything whether in Bat or Public mode but thinking Bruce will never ask you to marry him.

Relationship: Lover

Character: Bruce


Gifs: Found on Google.


Of course, marriage has crossed your mind, you and Bruce had been dating for three years. Before you were dating you were helping him as Batman, you were an engineer at Wayne Industries when you ended up getting kidnapped by Penguin. Of course, Batman came in and saved you. When you got into the Batmobile you couldn’t stop worrying how it all fit together. Bruce could have taken you to any hospital in Gotham but instead, he took you to the Batcave. As you sat on the metal table you looked around at everything in awe of it all. You were like a kid in a candy store when Bruce removed his cowl there was no shock just a simple nodded.

“That explains how you got this stuff. If you don’t mind can I take a look at some of it?” Bruce chuckled as he wrapped your sprained wrist.

“Once your check up is over.”

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I loved you when I had another lover. I was on your gracious streets with the blue sky upon me. I never looked at my lover, I never mind leaving, I’ve been on the colored lines on the map since I pronounced my father’s name.

I will never leave him to live inside of you. But I will visit you. Darling, I will leave my poems on you like postcards.

Tell Ahmed not to sell cigarettes to kids. For God’s sake he owns a candy store. Tell Abdullah, his sister exploits her curves for foreign compliments. Tell Ali to mentions the few verses he knows; he does not need a knife. Tell Malik that the mosque is just around the corner, he does not have to kill angels in the daylight. Tell Omar not to look with lust when a woman goes by, his wife will cry with disgust. Tell Hassan to worship God on a lover’s back. Religion is romance. It does have to make you rigid. Tell Jamal to remember tradition when he buys fruits from the greengrocer. His father did not drink liquor, so don’t drink red wine on a Friday night. Tell Ibrahim to give gold to the woman he would like to marry. And remember to love her even when she will sell it. Tell Zakarias to kiss his daughters on the forehead when they are smart, and on the cheek when they’ve fallen in love.

I can choose any man, my darling. But I chose you, and it is a curse and a blessing at the same time – so I ask you to love me even when I leave my heart in the capital.

—  Nørrebro by Royla Asghar 
This is gonna be fun (Josh Dun)

This was requested by an anonymous but, they wanted, how Josh Dun would kiss you imagine. Hopefully you like this. 

I walked through the large crowd of people waiting in front of Twenty-One Pilots tour bus for the meet and greet. I got up to the front and showed the guard my pass so they know I’m with Josh. They let me through.

I see Josh standing on the other side of the bus with Tyler. “Josh” I slightly yell and he looks over and his light up like a kid in a candy store. I run into his arms and hug him as tight as I could. He put his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him. I blushed, keeping my head down as we walked closer to the venue.

“Sorry” I leaned towards Josh’s ear so he can hear me clearly. “It’s fine Y/N, the important thing is that you’re here”. Josh had asked me to go on tour with him, which I immediately agreed to.

As we got to the venue there were already fans lined up to meet them. Some gave me dirty looks and some looked at me with happiness. Next thing you know questions we’re being thrown at Josh. “Josh is that your girlfriend?”, “Who is that?”, ”She is ugly”, “You could do so much better”.

I held back tears as I looked down. I looked back at Josh and he looked angry. He let go of me and walked over to the fans, “You see that beautiful girl right there? Yeah that’s my girlfriend! her names Y/N and she is amazing, funny kind and everything I could ever need. If anything she doesn’t deserve me. So please be nice to her, she makes me happy” Everyone awwed some just gasped. A fan finally spoke up “Prove It” Josh smirked at me and walked towards me.

One of his hands went around my waist while the other was on my cheek. Then he kissed me. I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer. He pulled away and pecked my cheek again. Josh finished his show and meet and greet, now it was just me and him cuddling and watching movies. I kept thinking to myself wow how did I get so lucky to be with him. Well this is gonna be a fun 3 months.


“Hey, did one of you guys send me flowers?” 

“Ooooh! You’ve got someone on the hook!” Dean said, rushing over to look at the bouquet in your hands. “Who is it from?” he asked eagerly, his eyes shining like a kid in a candy store.

“I don’t know,” you said, awkwardly scratching your head. “That’s why I asked if one of you sent it for some weird reason…”

“Nope,” Sam said, without looking up from the file in front of him. 

“Not me,” Dean said. “The card doesn’t say?” He plucked it out from the flowers before you could stop him. Your cheeks burned pink.

“No… it doesn’t…”

“Secret admirer!” Dean said. “Awesome,” he grinned at you. 

You looked at Cas, standing frozen across the room. “Who could have sent this?”

Cas flinched and shifted his weight. “I…..don’t know. Obviously a–” he cleared his throat and smiled at you, “–a secret admirer.” He bounced a little on his toes.

You and Dean exchanged a suspicious look and your cheeks flushed even more.

“Riiiiight,” Dean said. “Whatever you say, ‘secret admirer’!”

“What–no–Dean. Not–”

“I mean, Cas.” Dean smacked him hard on the back as he left the room and winked at you from over Cas’ shoulder.


Requested by anonymous

“(Y/N)?” Came Pietro’s distressed call from somewhere in the grocery store. You dropped the bag of popcorn you were holding and sped over to where you had heard his voice come from.

“Pietro?” You asked in confusion looking at him standing unharmed in front of the wall of candy.

“What are ‘Milk Duds’?”

You raised your eyebrows. What that really what had him so worked up he had to yell your name across the store.

“Caramel covered in chocolate.”

“Really? You Americans have strange candy. Sour Patch Kids? What does that even mean?”

“Their gummy candies covered in a sour sugar shaped like kids.”

“Why would you want candy shaped like children?”

“Beats me, but they’re good. Grab whatever candy you want or want to try. I’ll go grab some popcorn and soda.”

Pietro nodded but he seemed distracted by his new task of choosing candy.

When you arrived back to the candy aisle a small pile of candy had accumulated in his arms. Red vines, Sour Patch Kids, Smarties, Milk Duds, Junior Mints and several other candies.

“You’re going to get the both of us sick with all of that candy,” you commented. Turning to snag a few sodas at random off the shelf behind him.

He looked at you guiltily and you laughed you didn’t mind it honestly. Candy was great and you so rarely had it with your rigorous training regimen that Nat had set.

“Put it all in,” you told him pushing the cart closer to him. You had put two boxes of movie style popcorn, some ‘healthier’ popcorn, an 8-pack of your favorite soda and some miscellaneous sodas that Pietro had probably never tried.

You checked out the lady at the register giving the two of worried looks at the sheer amount of junk food she was checking out. You and Pietro only smiled at her.

When you got back home you laid out everything on the coffee table.

“Pietro could you get some blankets and pillows,” you asked.

You turned around and jumped in surprise. Pietro was standing there with a smug grin on his face and an armful of pillows the blankets already on the couch.


“You’re welcome (Y/N),” he replied.

“Pillow fort?” You looked to Pietro and he grinned.

The both of you worked to make a pillow fort that would encase the two of you and the TV. Using the largest blanket you pulled it over the TV and the back of the couch using clips to hold it in place. The rest of the blankets went on the floor and over the main blanket to cover the open spaces on the left and the right. The pillows were propped against the front of the couch and spread around as cushions. Finally the candy, soda and popcorn went at the foot of the TV.

You crawled in and curled up with the remote while Pietro turned off the lights.

“Okay first up is Scooby-Doo. This is a classic.”

After several cartoons from Spongebob to Avatar you were starting to fall asleep. Pietro was enjoying himself though he did ask you a lot of questions at first.

“Why would a sponge live in a pineapple?”

“Why do those fairies only turn into things the color of their hair? It’s not a good strategy.”

There was a lull in questions and you yawned burrowing into your blankets and leaning into Pietro’s side. He scooted closer to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

“Should we go to sleep or is there something else I need to see?” Pietro asked.

“Tomorrow we watch movies, but now we sleep,” you mumbled turning your face into his chest to shield your eyes from the light of the TV.

Pietro laughed and turned off the TV. He pulled you down so the both of you were laying down, this way both of his arms were around you.

“Goodnight (Y/N).”

“Night night Piet.”

In the morning, after deconstructing most of the fort, the Avengers found the two of you cuddling with packs of open candy and empty sodas scattered around you.

Getting to go down into the undercroft for the first time had Ben smiling like a kid in a candy store. He looked around, wondering which one to take home for the night, whenever he noticed one jump in front of him. “
Can I help you?”

i really want to touch another cool dccu joker thing in the suicide squad that i noticed. 

he has a rags-to-riches, grime-y gold aesthetic that i absolutely love. he looks like a guy that started from bottom of the bottom and no one took him seriously because of his look or his ambition or whatever but suddenly he decided he wanted to be top dog and actually did it just to spite everyone and took all the spoils. and his taste for all the blinged out cars, jewelry, clothes, and guns didn’t come with suddenly being on top, he just has opportunity to get it now with the reputation, the following, and all the money so he’s just going completely overboard like a kid in the candy store and ends up looking like a 90s douchebag.

Can we take a minute and talk about this pic? I loved this moment so much for some ridiculous reason. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think both Stephen and Emily were equally honored by receiving their first awards for their roles on Arrow. But Stephen Amell’s face when he got the award for Best Shocker, Oliver being stabbed and thrown off a cliff at the hands of Ra’s, look at that man’s face. He was like a kid in a candy store. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about and value romance, Stephen is the Captain of SS Ship Olicity after all. No, this is something more primal. This is that side of men that looks at an award like this as a something he can place in his home or trailer to look at and appreciate that fans rewarded him for his effort.

This was more than romance. This moment was validation that he was beloved as Oliver Queen by his fandom. I say that because Stephen Amell gets a lot of shit from haters for various reasons ranging from comicbook fans that want him to be something he’s not, to fans that prefer Justin Hartley’s Smallville version of Oliver Queen. 

He’s been at this for three years and has never received a physical award for all that he puts into this role. So I found this moment to be extremely real and contained such vulnerability. It made me want to try to get him more.

Emily, is Emily. She is us. She won something tangible for her time and what she’s put into this show for the past three years. Maybe not to the extent Stephen does being the Lead Protagonist of the series, but she’s been Arrow’s second lead since she became a series regular by every definition without having the billing for it. 

I loved this moment so much. 

And they’re right, this isn’t an Emmy, but looking at their faces when they received it, they saw it as a symbol of respect from their viewers.

I’m not sure what happens next, but I want them to win as many physical awards as possible while they can. Because he finally has a supporting character by his side that makes him more empathetic and a better hero. You want good things for him. I find myself cheering for him because he’s worked so hard and it’s taken three years to gain any form of recognition. And during a time when Arrow, CW, Warner Brothers, and DC seem to have the attention span of a gnat, it looks like Stephen was honored that this amazing fandom didn’t forget him. He’s still our MVP.

I’ve got $20 bucks that says we’ll see that thing again in the background of one of his videos.