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a day in december: carolers

on ao3

wow that yoi episode left me feeling super great and happy!!!

i was really busy yesterday and today so i just needed something quick to write. and that turned into my personal miraculous team’s (fox!alya, turtle!nino, bee!chloe) dynamic. ah well i like it


Marinette looks up from her homework and glares daggers at Adrien. He’s sitting on the floor against her chaise and being more irritating than she actually thought possible. And she’s heard him try to outpun himself.

Adrien might not be four and a half years behind in physics and struggling, but Marinette is and she needs him to be quiet for two minutes.

She stares him down for a few more seconds before she clears her throat loudly.

Nino looks up from his phone. “Yeah?”

“It’s Adrien,” she says. “I need him to stop singing under his breath for like…ten minutes max. That’s all.”

“Yo, bro.”

Adrien’s gaze doesn’t move from the papers he’s looking at.

“Adrien,” Marinette says. “Adrien.”

“He’s in the zone.” Alya reaches over from where she’s sprawled across Nino’s legs with her laptop to pat Marinette’s knee. “You might need to be louder.”

Marinette rolls her eyes. “Adrien!”

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Stream is over!

It was a nice one <3 I got to finish things that I wanted to finish, and I made more cute!! Everyone likes cute!! ^^

First of all, let me show you this Tutoriel on How 2 Papyrus! It was requested by someone I believe… beautiful :P

Next, I felt like drawing UF Bob <3 He looks happy, despite everything c:

If there’s something that I love, it seeing UF Sans happy. It’s my sweet poison <3 Also, hot dogs :P

At one point, I also made sin. I am ashamed…. but not really. Sorry not sorry.

AND CUTE GOATS!!! YUSSS <3 I love them tiny cute things <3 These two are completely adorbs <3 <3

And the greatest drawing of all the stream… I felt like re-drawing MTT’s design, and I succeeded…. look at that hot robot, good heavens….

I have to repost all the UF designs I made lol, they’re starting to be too many… 

However! It was fun, nice words were said and I had a good time! I hope to see you guys around next time! ^^


he KNOWS how much maya has suffered with her dad leaving. she most likely took the time to confide in him and he just wants her to be able to put that part of her life she’s struggled with for so long behind her. this idiot right here is all shyly leaning forward like ‘sweetums don’t you think you’d feel better if you did this? you know that i just want you to succeed and be my happy little munchkin in life.’

maya turns around in sassy wife mode all ‘excuse you? did i give you permission to speak?? your my bby and all but back tf up and stay in your lane’

LOOK AT HIM HERE he’s playing with his fucking pen, all nervous and awkward turtle, like ‘shoot what did i just say? her luscious hair flip distracted me again and her eyes and her face and her everything..shit where am i again?’ oh yeah that’s right: i was looking forward to assuring maya’s eternal happiness!! all will be right wifey no worries

**not my gifs. gifs belong to @lucayia**

iKon as Pets

Bobby: happy little bunny that is pretty active, eats a lot and excitedly jumps around all day long

Hanbin: a small puppy that is trying to act like a big boxer dog, barking the whole time but ends up looking too adorable for this world

Yunhyeong: a turtle because they can get pretty old and yun pretty much is an cute ajhussi most of the time 

Jinhwan: cute little fluffy kitten that wants to cuddle all day long 

Junhoe: lovebird; noisy, beautiful and would never let you touch him just because he is too fabulous

Donghyuk: a duck, just because they’re cute asf and look smart with glasses on lol

Chanwoo: hedgehog, cutie but when you get to near or touch it you’ll hurt yourself 

Honestly, I love TMNT 2 possibly more than is healthy, but aside from the fact that Donnie was undisputedly the most-featured/most important turt in the whole movie (like, the movie is really fricking clear about how it’s Donnie holding everything together and he gets a total win, I’m so happy you guys) – 

– my favorite part of the movie is how over Casey Jones and His White Dude Protagonist Backstory April is. She has no time for Casey until a) he defends the turtles, who are her family; and b) he starts proving he’s useful (“It’s way easier to pick a cop’s pocket than you might think”). 

I really love Megan Fox as April O’Neil, and while I don’t like that they did the expected Look It’s Megan Fox and She’s Hot scene in the movie, I do appreciate that it’s framed as April choosing to use that as a way to get the information she needs. She’s a stone-cold badass. 


Do you like quality fics? Do you like stories that are cute and fluffy and don’t kill you? 

You should go over and check out @panda013

Seriously, her stories are a fluff bomb and I love them. 

Two great stories she has are:


“Well, if I’m wonderful,” he started, a teasing lilt in his voice causing her to look up and give him the kitty don’t you dare look he so adored. His grin grew wider and he finished, “then you must be purrtyMiraculous, don’t you think?”

His honesty had given them this chance, and she would forever love that earnest part of him.

Tikki’s New Friend

You have the biggest dog I’ve ever seen and every time I see you walking your dog something awesome happens to me. I know it’s very crazy but I think your dog is my lucky charm

But those are things that Adrien can’t tell Marinette. 

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Anyway, check them out! They are awesome and make me happy!


Happy Birthday Chinen Yuri! ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

so new trailer review:
  • Hannibal is so goddamn fine this season my eyeballs are melting
  • Like I know he’s not really keeping a low profile. He looks like himself but finer. 
  • Why would anyone wanna lock that man up lbr
  • I freaking love The Turtles and I’m glad they didn’t choose some depressing remake version of Happy Together like they did with Stand By Me
  • He is seriously so pretty it’s distracting
  • uh Bedelia was there doing some accomplice-y femme fatale stuff she always does whilst smiling awkwardly
  • dat silver streak. you see it? I saw it.
BYE BYE HIATUS! Me and the episode ‘The Noxious Avenger’ WARNING! SPOILERS!

Bebop and Rocksteady enter lab and take weird purple stuff:

External image



Garbage man gets mutated:

External image

Grocery list:

External image

Leo taking care of Mikey:

To be fair, he looks pretty badass..in a gross type of way…


External image

Muckman beats up Purple Dragons:

Muckman runs away from his ‘fans’:

External image

Levitating powers:

External image

April protects the turtles:

External image

News lady spots the turtles:

The turtles look unwell:

Master Splinter not happy:

External image
Shit just got real…

The Turtles grounded:

External image
Just like the good old days…

Splinter takes away Mikey’s tv:
Mikey’s poor little whimper…


External image

Stealth mode:

The Turtles disguise their sneaking out:

External image

April distracts Splinter and Splinter catches her:

The Turtles are not good at parking:

Joe, the good eyeball:


Mikey lands in Muckman’s chest:

External image

Painful slow mo moment:

Poor Muckman :’( :

External image

The Turtles’ identity is all secret again:

Turtles still grounded:

The ending:
Poor April XD

Me to Nickelodeon:

okay so like if you went to target or something with michael you know he’d run straight to the video game aisle and drag you along with him which at first you really didn’t want to do but then you started playing all of the demos and found a game that you were just completely enamored with, like you’d be so into it staring at the screen with wide eyes and michael’s looking at you from across the aisle with a little smirk on his face like damn you’re so cute when you get into something and he’s so excited to see you happy over things that he loves. and you’ll see him out of the corner of your eye and smile at him and he’ll walk over to you and put his arms around you from behind and put his head on yours and tell you how cute you are when you’re playing video games and then he’d look to the right and see the toy aisle and scream about ninja turtles and run away while you’re following him and he puts on a ninja turtle mask and picks up a toy sword and starts talking to you about how cool and powerful he must look and starts getting into character and you’re like you’re so stupid michael and you’ll pop around the corner into the next aisle and come back with another toy sword and you’ll start fighting each other in the middle of the store but of course it would end in you guys knocking everything over and breaking a sign or something which of course made a lot of noise so you guys would put down the swords and sprint to the other side of the store so you wouldn’t get caught and you’d end up somewhere random trying not to look suspicious and when you realized the coast was clear you guys would just laugh so hard and blame each other and then he’d make some joke about how you were partners in crime and then kiSS YOU BYE

Can we discuss how Luhan has seemed like such an awkward turtle with all these interviews and in this clip of him and Yifan he just looks so cute and relaxed and happy and UGH