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Fluff Month Day 24 - "Wrong Number"

Pairing/Characters: Marinette & Adrien
Set before Adrien’s first day of school. (Aka umbrella scene)

Beep beep!

Marinette groaned, rolling over in her loft to blindly pat around for her phone. She must have fallen asleep with it in her hand last night because the beeping had come from right next to her ear.

“Ugh,” Marinette mumbled as her hand finally grasped her phone. She raised it up in front of her face, and squinted at the bright screen.


Marinette raised an eyebrow. Someone must have the wrong number.

She unlocked her phone with the password, and pressed on her messaging app. It opened to the first screen with all her messages, and she quickly tapped on the newest one from ‘unknown’.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Hey! Are we still having that photoshoot in the park today?

Marinette tilted her head, squinting at the message. Photoshoot? Whoever this was DEFINITELY had the wrong number. Marinette was no model, and was generally awful in front of cameras. Not to mention that she was kind of a klutz.

Marinette bit her lip, hesitating, before typing back.

MARINETTE: I’m sorry but I think you’ve got the wrong number. I know nothing about photoshoots besides the fact that I’ve never had one.

Shoot, that was definitely too much of a response. Marinette groaned and dropped her phone down onto her mattress. It was too early for this. Hopefully whoever this person was wouldn’t respond.

Marinette’s hope was crushed a second later when her phone went off again.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Oh I’m so sorry. That was meant for my boss. I hope I didn’t wake you; it’s kinda early.

MARINETTE: it’s okay! Don’t worry about it.

Marinette hit send before exhaling in relief. At least that text was short, and she doubted that the unknown number would continue to text her now.

She locked her phone, sitting up in her bed and rubbing her eyes. It was only five a.m., but she was supposed to be up in thirty minutes anyway to help her parents set up the bakery for the morning customers. It wasn’t really worth going back to sleep now, so Marinette groggily crawled to her loft bed’s ladder and swung her feet down, carrying her phone with her.

It wasn’t like she completely detested talking to people, it was just people she didn’t know and couldn’t even see face to face that made Marinette nervous.


“Seriously?” Marinette muttered to herself, climbing down the ladder and walking over to her desk to flip on a lamp.

She looked down at her phone as her lamp lit up, covering her room in a soft pink glow.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Okay, sorry again.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but are you by any chance good at algebra? I’m desperate.

Marinette hesitated a second before shrugging and typing her response.

MARINETTE: Kind of. I just started this year.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Me too. Maybe we go to the same school?

Warning bells started going off in Marinette’s head, and she carefully typed her response this time.


UNKNOWN NUMBER: Sorry, I guess that was kind of a creepy question from someone you don’t know… Seriously I won’t text you if you don’t want me too. Sorry.

Marinette found herself smiling softly as she read the message. Whoever this was didn’t seem like a bad person. She typed and sent her next response before she could second guess herself.

MARINETTE: No it’s okay! But um, I’d feel better if I didn’t tell you my school.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: I totally understand. Sorry again…AGAIN. xD


Feeling a surge of courage take over her, Marinette typed again.

MARINETTE: So…do you have a name or would you rather not tell me that? Cool either way.


MARINETTE: Marinette

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Well, it was nice meeting you Marinette.

MARINETTE: It was nice to meet you too, Adrien. You gave me a story to tell my best friend later.


MARINETTE: Don’t you have algebra to do? xD

Marinette chuckled as she quickly sent off a text to Alya, telling her about the unknown number, Adrien, was texting her.

MARINETTE (to Alya): So some unknown number texted me. Said his name is Adrien.

ALYA: Girl it’s too early.

ALYA: Is he cute?

Marinette giggled, walking over to her desk chair and plopping down into it. She knew Alya would get curious; she was a reporter, after all.

MARINETTE (to Alya): Idk but does it really matter?

ALYA: It always matters.

Marinette sighed and began to spin around in her desk chair.

MARINETTE: He accidentally texted me instead of his boss this morning. But then he asked me about Algebra. Do you think that means he’s older or my age or…??

ALYA: Probably our age. Fifteen year olds can have jobs, you know. YOU have one.

MARINETTE: But that’s only because mine is a family business.

ALYA: potaeto potahto


Her phone dinged again, and Marinette switched to her chat with Adrien.

ADRIEN: I do have algebra, but if I transfer to school soon I might not have to do this lesson. I’m homeschooled currently, but I’m trying to get my dad to let me transfer to public school.

MARINETTE: Oh that’s cool! Is being homeschooled fun?

Marinette set down her phone and began changing, slipping on her ballet flats and quickly running a brush through her hair before slipping through her trap door down the stairs to the kitchen. She slid her phone in her pocket as she threw on an apron and continued down another floor to the bakery. Her parents were already awake, as she expected them to be.

“Marinette? You’re up early,” her father exclaimed as she entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, uh, something woke me up so I figured I’d just start my day a little early today,” Marinette answered, grinning nervously.

Her father didn’t seem to notice, though. Instead he turned back to the bread he was currently kneading, and tossed Marinette some plastic gloves.

“Go set up the display cases. There should be a few trays of different pastries out there for you already,” he explained.

Marinette dutifully obeyed, turning and marching out of the kitchen and into the main bakery. The trays of pastries were easy to spot, piled high and sitting on top of the counter. Marinette quickly began organizing them, getting halfway through before her phone went off in her pocket.

ADRIEN: I guess. I just wish I had more friends.

Marinette stared at the message a second before replying.

MARINETTE: Oh. Well, you’ve got me? If some random girl over the phone counts.

ADRIEN: Haha, yeah I guess so. Thanks Marinette, you’re really nice.

He sent this one with a photo, and Marinette gaped for a second as a face with blonde hair and absolutely stunning green eyes smiled back at her. It looked like he was in a car. His hair was styled, but also somehow looked natural. And oh my gosh he had freckles, just barely visible on his cheeks.

Marinette smiled and locked her phone, leaving it out on the counter as she began sorting again. Her insides felt warm, though she wasn’t sure if it was from the bakery warmth or from the texts she had just received.

MARINETTE (to Alya): He’s cute.

My concept for an S4 Garnet! I had a nice set of drawings I wanted to do for all four boys that I haven’t had the time to make, so I figured just releasing an a concept-artish stand up of the character would have to do (especially since I had a few cosplayers asking me if I was planning to make one.. so sorry it’s so late!!) 

Garnet is my baby and also the one I have the most fun drawing, so he’s first! He always deviates the most from Ruby, and also feels the most like he has his own style rather than just a more masculine set of the same outfits that the girls have (Yin and Yang’s outfits are starting to look like they’d barely deviate at all haha). I debated a lot over whether to give him shorts, as they’re kind of his iconic thing- but I sort of feel as if Rooster Teeth was aiming for a more mature look for S4, and so I thought capris would be cute! I compensated for it with shorter sleeves instead of Ruby’s really cute im sad I couldn’t include it billowing top. I have to figure out how the lapels of his vest would work since I changed the material to leather at the last minute, but this is what I’m thinking of and I’m over-all really pleased with it! 

Some Balamb Garden residents. Yes that is supposed to be Instructor Aki. There is like no references of the guy haha, so I guess this is what I imagine he looks like?? Having a lot of fun drawing and coloring in this style though! Been trying to create my own style of drawing humans for a while and I’m getting there! kinda:p Styles are always changing, but I had very little experience drawing humans sort of realistically before I started this blog. Now I finally feel like I know a bit of human anatomy and structure so I can start experimenting a bit with my own style and keep it consistent.

A Friendship.

AN: I’ve been really feeling this platonic version of my OTP.


Sasuke was strangely content with this friendship that was being neatly woven between himself and the Hyuuga girl. They weren’t childhood friends, he wasn’t entirely sure when they met. He didn’t like to think about it too often.

Just, awkwardly enough, she appeared. Her smile was gentle and playful. He didn’t know why. Uchiha Sasuke was nothing to laugh about. There was nothing “playful” about him. Yet, she was in his home.

She balanced a pencil on her upper lip as she hummed through their assigned reading. Sasuke was almost positive she couldn’t recite a word back to him. Hinata was sprawled over his bed on her stomach, restless legs kicking in the air. As far as he knew, this was her first time in a boy’s room.

He deemed it as… She was undoubtedly comfortable in his presence. In turn, he was inwardly grateful. Sasuke didn’t have “female friends.” Hell, he barely had friends in general, despite his unwanted popularity.

“Hyuuga,” he looked over, now completely focused on her movements rather than his own reading. She turned her head towards him. Their proximity wasn’t a problem. She seemed, once again, calm and relaxed. Lust didn’t lace opal eyes.

“Hmm, Sasuke-kun?” She answered and dropped the pencil down between the pages on her book.

Hinata squeaked when he adjusted himself to rest a hand on her head. He didn’t know much about showing affection but dogs and cats enjoyed this motion. He patted her head. “You’re a good person.”

Her smile was innocent, but mostly confused. “Eh?”

“You are my friend. Thanks.” Hinata noticed Sasuke was just as awkward as she was. He just suppressed that side. Maybe that’s why they became friends. She knew his troubles.

Hinata nodded, navy tresses bouncing with her. “You’re w-welcome,” she stuttered lightly. Sasuke noticed her reprimand herself for it. He nudged the girl with his shoulder.

With a look of vague seriousness. “Read to me.” Stutter and all. She accepted his flaws and so, he would allow her to do the same for herself.

Sasuke was strangely content with this friendship that was being neatly woven between himself and the Hyuuga girl. They weren’t childhood friends, he wasn’t entirely sure when they met. He didn’t like to think about it too often.

Study Abroad.

“We’re so glad you made it safely!” Mrs. Fischer, or Jane as she so politely asked me to call her, pulled me into a tight hug as if I was an old friend she hadn’t seen for years. I couldn’t help but hug her back just as tightly. For the next two months, she would be my mother away from home as I studied abroad in Denmark. It would surely be an experience and I could see her being the best guide for it all.

Her husband Henrik stood by her side and offered a polite smile before shaking my hand once I was let go. “Let’s get you to your new home, shall we?”

And so we did. I couldn’t help but stare out the window during our drive to look at the marvelous sights. It was sure a change from Colorado. My mouth remained ajar in awe at the new scenery and culture I would soon be embracing while I was peppered with random questions I was glad to answer from the inquisitive pair. I had gotten to know them briefly through the application process and messages exchanged here and there but for the most part, we would be spending the next few weeks getting to know each other.

When we arrived to the home, I quickly stepped outside of the car, anxious to see the inside and settle in. Mr. Fischer grabbed for my bags and led the way inside while I followed close behind with Jane.

“We’ll put your bags in your room but let me show you around first. Here’s the living area. Feel free to use the television and whatever else you may want to use. There’s plenty of movies in here,” she said as she pointed around. My head swiveled in every direction and moved behind her as she moved further into the home.

“And here’s the kitchen.” She moved through a doorway and awaiting us was a shirtless, blonde young man who was currently tossing pieces of cereal from his fist and into his mouth.  Hearing someone enter, he turned to look over his shoulder.

“…And here’s my son who only visits home to steal our food.”

An infectious laugh left his throat. “Hi, Mom.” He moved closer to her and placed a kiss to her cheek.

“A shirt. Please?” That was all she asked before he was letting her go, giving me a polite nod and smile before he walked off to find his missing clothing I assumed though I couldn’t say I didn’t enjoy the view. My eyes couldn’t help but trail him until I caught myself and realized I probably looked like some thirsty woman lusting after someone’s son.

My attention went back to Jane who had an apologetic smile on her face. “That’s Viktor. He’s only here for a few days. He plays football in Amsterdam.”


With the day still fairly early, I used my time to unpack my bags and try to settle in as much as possible. It would take time but I was sure I would find comfort in this home far faster than I expected with how hospitable everyone was.

I grabbed an outfit from my suitcase and placed it into the once empty dresser. A knock at the door made me turn my head and I spotted the familiar Viktor, only this time dressed in a baseball-style tee and light denim jeans.


“Hello.” He took my response as an invitation to walk further inside. “I didn’t appropriately introduce myself. I’m Viktor.” He held out his hand which I looked to briefly before taking it into my grasp.


“So…my mother did not tell me we were extending our home,” he chuckled lightly. “Where are you from?”


“Really? Interesting. You speak Dutch?”

“I do,” I smiled proudly. I had a hefty bag of options when it came to languages thanks to my parents wanting to make sure I wasn’t just reliant on English. Granted, I wasn’t an expert on the language I was comfortable with it.

“I’m impressed.” A smirk graced his lips as he crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall nearby. “What? You thought you were going to be able to insult me without me understanding?” I playfully jabbed.

“Haha,” he laughed. “No not at all though I may have accidentally let a few embarrassing compliments fly under my breath. I’m glad you told me before I did that.”

“Compliments like…?”

“I may or may not have called my brother and bragged that there was a beautiful girl staying in my room,” he let out an embarrassed laugh while running his hands forward through his neatly styled hair.

“Oh! This is your old room?” I took a moment to look around it again, now taking it in differently knowing it was his.

“Yes. It’s the bigger of the rooms so that’s probably why my mom put you in it.”

“I’m sorry I stole your bed.”

I wasn’t actually sorry though.

“No it’s fine. I’m only here for a few days. Enjoy it.”

Currently I was wondering what the likelihood was I could end up sharing his bed with him. That wouldn’t be against the host rules, right? The image of him without his shirt again permeated my mind and I had to close my eyes for a moment and shake the vivid thought away. His voice interrupted my thinking.

“Hey, well…I didn’t come in here to spy on you unpacking but I was wondering if you wanted to join me.” He held up a pair of keys and jingled them before continuing to explain. “I’m going out with some old friends for some food and I’d love if you came. You’ll have plenty of time to unpack.” He waved off the fact I had a remaining four other bags to scramble through and a purposely wide grin revealed his perfect set of white teeth. “It’ll be fun, I’ll promise. I’ll introduce you to some people. I might ‘accidentally‘ introduce you as my girlfriend but feel free to correct me,” he playfully chuckled, causing me to laugh as well. “First lunch on me.”

“How can I turn down an offer like that?”