he looks like a dog tbh

anyway please imagine red and blue trying to get the hand of riding ‘ride pokemon” because they can’t use their own pokemon in alola and

- red and blue are both masters on charizard and race constantly
- blue tries to ride musdale but falls off almost immediately due to poor form
- red is pretty much a pro at all of them except machamp…he looks so awkward being carried like that
- blue loves riding on lapras the most tbh
- red hates riding gear and almost never uses it, despite Alola’s laws (it’s too heavy for him to handle, apparently)
- blue never rides stoutland but will call it anyway just to pet it because large doggo
- in turn, stoutland always brings blue back little gifts in thanks
- once stoutland brought blue back a big pearl and blue teased red saying stoutland was more romantic than him
- red ends up using his own stoutland to get blue something better because like hell he’s gonna let a dog outdo him
- blue ends up with half of Alola’s precious treasures by the end of their vacation lmao


-being the only human he can actually stand

-he would be so protective

-like if someone looked at you the wrong way he would get so pissed

-but he’d be so sweet to you

-you two would be power couple #GOALS

-he’s probably be a jealous type.

-but he wouldn’t be obvious about it. like you’d just spontaneously be whisked off on a romantic date whenever Jace was within a hundred meters of the Hotel

-Simon would love talking to you because you’re the girl that has Raphael wrapped around her finger-and Raphael would get jealous of Simon too

-dude. he would buy you so much expensive jewelry

-like he would treat you like a queen

-and flowers. he’d just get you these giant bouquets randomly

-i dunno, i feel like he can cook. and if you asked him too he’d make the best food ever TBH

-he would look at you with the most adoring puppy dog eyes

-that cute smile every time you enter the room

-him having eyes only for you

-wearing his button up shirts when you walk around in the morning

-wearing just his suit shirts would drive him insane, like he would just be drooling and trying to keep himself composed (but would ultimately fail)

-you’d probably at some point grab his cheeks (because look at them, he’s such a cutie) and he would get  all flustered and shy

-i feel like he would be such a hopeless romantic.

-like he would love kissing your fingers

-and if he ever proposed? that would be a hella big diamond ring

-he’s be super classy

-he’d respect you and love you in every way possible

-he’s probably love it if you ever fell asleep on his chest

-and then he wouldent move. like he has business? too bad, it can wait, you’re sleeping

- i dunno. i love him. he’s perf

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requested by anon

BTS Reaction to you surprising them with a dog/cat

thanks for requesting, again sorry for the long wait and hope you enjoy!

(italics are you talking)


*he would be ecstatic that you got a new pet*

“I’ll name you… Buddy!”

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“she’s so cute y/n. just like you”


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“what are you gonna call him?”

i don’t know yet. why don’t you name him

“what about… Good Looks”

Good Looks?

“yeah, why not. after all he’s got them, just like his dad”

*points at himself proudly*

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Rap Monster

“oh y/n… now you got two troublemakers living with you *chuckles* i wish you luck”

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“let’s get it a pink bow!”

Jin it’s a boy

“i don’t care. he’s like my child now, and all members of the Kim family must look fabulous”

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*tbh the only dog he needs in his life is Min Holly*

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(btw for the ones that don’t know Min Holly is his dog^^)


hobi i got us a new pet

“omg it better not be a snakeu”

it’s not-..

*he exhales relieved*


*he would probably run off screaming and legit crying of fear before you could even show him the new cat*

-Alo <3

Fans need to stop shipping this abusive shit!!!

So I’ve seen many fans shipping mare and maven but tbh I don’t get it! How the hell can you ship them? I’m sorry but this is really disturbing and not to mention pathetic. Maven nearly got her killed in the bowl of bones. (Thanks to the Scarlet guard she’s alive) and then in GS he branded the letter M on her. Can you imagine how much it would’ve hurt? And then he put a collar on her making her look like a freaking dog! Even after Elara died! How can you ship such an abusive piece of shit? (Sorry not sorry) No hate to Maven tho. He’s a great villain. But I hate Marven for obvious reasons.

mormakil  asked:

5, 15, 30, and 65?

5. Game with the best soundtrack?

This is so hard! But Stardew Valley comes to mind first.

15. Favorite animal in a video game?

Missile from the Ace Attorney series is a real dog that belongs to one of the developers and he’s put him in a bunch of games and, like, goals tbh. So because he is a real boy he is the best boy.

30. On average, how long does it take you in the character creation screen?

Not that long. I’d rather make a face a little at random and let my character grow in my mind than have it all set out right at the beginning of the game, personally.

65. Any favorite screenshots of games?

I have so, so many screenshots. This one fell out of my folder at random.

reasons to appreciate dazai osamu

i got a few requests to do this so here are reasons you can appreciate dazai for! (mostly me appreciating some of the panels he’s in because dazai makes some quality faces)

(shoutout for the earlier style dazai is drawn in it was the best tbh)

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"You think you know everything don't you?!"

Request/Ask: “You think you know everything, don’t you?” w/ Tony

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: Swearing (? Tbh i don’t know. ?)

Word Count: 371

A/N: I honestly feel like this would be Tony. Sure he’s a sassy ass bitch and basically my spirit animal but he DOES have a soft side. After all he’s gone through in his life he’s built up so many walls to protect himself. You just have to get through them. (Philosophy of the Avengers; starring Stephanie Marie. Co-Star my dog. XD I’m such a dumbass. )

“I have to go.”

Tony looked up from his work at me, “Where?”

I sighed, “Out. Out of this house. Out of this life.”

Tony frowned slightly and walked over to me, “You can’t be serious. This is all part of some joke right? Is Rhodey in on it? Rhodey you can come out now.”

 I shrugged, “Rhodey isn’t here. This is me being completely serious.”

He huffed, “So you’re just going to leave? Pack your bags and go somewhere else? Where are you going to even live?”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and ran my fingers through my hair, “I don’t know. I just need a break Tony.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and blocked the door, “No.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “No?”

“You aren’t going.”

I huffed, “And why’s that?”

He waved a hand, “I know what’s best for you.”

I snapped and screamed, already mildly annoyed, “You think you know everything don’t you?!”

He shrugged, “Not everything. I just know what’s best for you, and that is for me to protect you!”

“Protect me?! Tony I’ve been having panic attacks left and right lately, worrying about you! I can’t keep doing this!”

He looked down, “I’ve been having them too…”

I looked at him with wide eyes, “What?”

He spoke only just above a whisper, “I’ve been having panic attacks too. I haven’t been able to sleep, either.”

I gasped and grabbed his hand, “Tony… why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you…”

He sighed and brought his eyes up to meet mine, “I… I didn’t want you to think less of me. They’ve been happening since New York. You already want to leave without knowing… imagine now that you do…”

I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around him, “I could never think less of you. Besides I’m not going anywhere.”

He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my temple, “You’re not leaving?”   

I smiled, “No. Not when I have you. We can help each other through this.”

Tony sighed contently as he held me tighter, “Don’t ever leave me okay?

I cuddled against his chest and sighed, “I don’t think I ever could.”

seventeen as family members at thanksgiving

seungcheol: that ONE really enthusiastic uncle thats drinking and laughing and ends up on the roof tbh

jeonghan: that aunt that ALWAYS looks flawless and brings the BOMB AF dessert like …. yes

jisoo: lowkey shady aunt but gives u money even tho its not christmas or anythin

jun: not even family hes that that family friend (more of ur friend tbh) that comes over just for the free food and ends up flirting with all your cousins god dammit jerry

soonyoung: the uncle thats always taking pictures with this old sony camera that he claims is the “best camera ever released on the market”. eats THE LAST SLICE of pumpkin pie smh

wonwoo: the really quiet cousin thats secretly vegetarian and ends up feeding ur dog his food. u talk to him later and all he talks about is his pet rock …ok see u next year

jihoon: the overachieving cousin that got accepted into ALL his top choices for college and has like 7837 film awards and has been all over europe but is surprisingly really sweet and offers you napkins and drinks all throughout the night

seokmin: BEST BUDS WITH UNCLESCOUPS !!! these two are inseparable and theyre both so loud (in a good way tho). the two bring up the idea of karaoke and well needless to say that was an interesting night

mingyu: ur not even cousins ?? like ur dads friends stepson or SOMETHING WEIRD LIKE THAG but hes at like every family meeting even tho ur not related..?? u lowkey have a crush on him ONLY BECAUSE HES TALL and has really nice skin but u tell yourself to lay off your moms cousins’ best friends son. whatever he is

minghao: your cousin thats SUPER ADORABLE AND NCIE he MAKES HIS OWN DESSERTS and brings them in and everyone loves them. he doesnt eat much at the table bc hes too busy playing with ur dog.

seungkwan: the aunt thats married to uncle!seokmin . he talks to ur mom about how he lost all this weight but hes rlly wearing those tummy tuckers what a liar. the one to start the circle of gossipers in the kitchen after dinner. ends up doing karaoke with uncle!seokmin and uncle!scoups.

hansol: your younger cousin thats not properly dressed AT ALL. ONLY eats the mashed potatoes jesus CHRIST. later in the night he gets stuck in your tree in the backyard no one even knows how. is related to wonwoo and he TRIED to help him off the tree but got distracted by some rocks #pray4hansol

chan: not even family either hes the neighbor thats home alone and u felt bad and invited him over. hes super shy about it but ends up really enjoying the mac n cheese and SOMEHOW ends up in the aunt gossip circle ???

“So I’ve seen many fans shipping mare and maven but tbh I don’t get it! How the hell can you ship them? I’m sorry but this is really disturbing and not to mention pathetic. Maven nearly got her killed in the bowl of bones. (Thanks to the Scarlet guard she’s alive) and then in GS he branded the letter M on her. Can you imagine how much it would’ve hurt? And then he put a collar on her making her look like a freaking dog! Even after Elara died! How can you ship such an abusive piece of shit? (Sorry not sorry) No hate to Maven tho. He’s a great villain. But I hate Marven for obvious reasons.”

  • Dazai *after seeing Chuuya*: I can't see myself getting along with Chuuya.
  • Atsushi: Just imagine you are talking to someone you like.
  • Dazai: Doesn't Chuuya hate it when I am nice to him?
  • Dazai: If I say,
  • Dazai: Your girly looks and petite body.. I mean face is very beautiful.
  • Dazai: He'll lock me inside a mental hospital.

anonymous asked:

What's your happiest memory

Meeting Andy Samberg (I had waited many, many years for that moment tbh) at a Brooklyn Nine Nine panel (I asked a question for the cast and they answered it it was so so lovely) and then he straight up was like, “By the way, do I look like a puppy dog to you?” and then he gave me puppy dog eyes and I awkwardly gave it back to him and afterwards Stephanie jumped out of her car to hug me, it was a #moment

Also, a little context for the puppy dog thing, early in the panel the moderator (the actor who now plays Pimento, Jason Mantzoukas) brought up slash fiction and I was sitting on the floor HELLA close to the cast and I said, “oh no” because of the phrase “slash fiction” and he was like, “did you write it???” and the whole cast just like started in, it was great lmao

(I have tons more, but I also have carpal tunnel lmao) 

~Tag Game~

I was tagged by @sekakoi-junjou-love \o/

Rules: Tag 9 ppl you wanna get to know better

Relationship status: single mom of Dewey & Enomoto but I’ve devoted my life to my sons so I don’t even have time for relationship

Favourite colour: Rose & purple

Pets: Dewey. He is soon 6 years old already! He is the cutest crested dog ever. If you don’t believe me just look at this pic of him:

Wake up: ‘Dearly beloved’ because I love to cry first thing in the morning :) sometimes Dewey wakes me up by licking my cheeks before my alarm starts to play. Those are good mornings

cats or dogs: ….I’ve mentioned my dear doggie friend like in every answer so by far so which one you think it is?

Coke or Pepsi: whatever if I can put rum in it

Day or night: I like both tbh

Text or call: text please oh dear god don’t call me

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick

City or country: I’m from country and now live in city and even tho I really love living in city I miss country sometimes. Maybe i go back to countryside someday~

Last book I read: I just started re-reading Harry Potter books and finished Philosopher’s stone already \o/

Last song I listened to: Aoi Shouta - Innocent

Five facts about me:

  • My birthday is March 29th *wink wonk*
  • I’m short. Like really short (155 cm/5’ 1.5") 
  • I’m allergic to carrots
  • I can’t sing :(
  • My goal in life is to watch every damn anime which has Sakurai Takahiro in their seiyuu cast

I’m tagging: hmmm im trying to tag people who I haven’t tagged to do this before (or it has been at least ages since I last time tagged them lol) sooo here we go; @crimson-croix, @hoshinoemiko, @rubydragon16, @shiro-roll, @snow-runt, @afurou, @mikototsu-trash, @alice-chan-chan & @renshideout

alleywolf0317  asked:

That "While you played fetch, I studied the blade" thing you tagged wolf AU. All I can picture for it is Jack trying to take a picture of Ryan, so she calls his name and his head pops up just like the dog in the picture. Which causes everybody to just start losing it. (Bonus Jack frames the photo and every time Ryan gets rid of it, she puts up a new one.) Bonus #2 Ray ends up replacing all of the photos in the apartment with that picture and header.

tbh Ryan probably looks like the prettiest most majestic ass wolf, but he either takes really gorgeous photos or /terrible,/ shit candids. Ray’s got a beautiful photo of him prowling the street at night, looking majestic and sullen and like he’s a cgi animal in a movie trailer– but he’s also got a photo where Ryan tripped on a rock and is just sailing through the air with the most confused, shocked blurry expression (Ryan swears that any bad photo of him ever does not exist and was photoshopped by the Illuminate)

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Suga + Yahaba (to be fair, he looks more like a cream puff) + Yaku
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Kageyama + AONE + Asahi
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Hinata + Noya + Kenma
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Daichi + Kuroo + Mad Dog
  • the sinnamon roll: Oikawa + Futakuchi + Tendou