he looks kinda confused

imagine yixing as an angel.

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  • hello aaaaangeeeel
  • poor baby didn’t so much fall as he just kinda,,,,,, got lost?
  • like he doesn’t even remember why he came down here in the first place he gets so caught up in the world around him.
  • he’s so enamoured he completely forgets how to find his way back, and in the end he doesn’t really want to.
  • anyway you find him in the trash.
  • that’s right, he’s just chilling naked in a dumpster minding his own business when you come along to scream at him.
  • but it becomes clear pretty soon that he doesn’t understand a word you’re saying, he just looks kinda confused at your tone.
  • that’s when you realise he must be less fortunate than you in some way or another, and since he doesn’t seem aggressive or dangerous and you should probably help him out.
  • so you take him home with you and offer him a bath and some clothes, none of which he understands.
  • like he literally doesn’t understand the concept of clothes.
  • he’s very curious of his surroundings, but doesn’t know his own strength and keeps breaking everything that he picks up to examine.
  • he’s easily startled and doesn’t like loud noises.
  • you decide to let him stay the night, and then you’ll take him to the local police station tomorrow and they can find out where he belongs.
  • but by morning it’s becoming clear that he isn’t what you thought.
  • yixing (that’s what he calls himself) has emptied your entire bookshelf during the night and otherwise also turned your apartment upside down.
  • that morning he knows about a dozen words including “okay”, “here”, “good”, “nice” and “umbrella”.
  • by the end of the day he speaks in full sentences and by the end of the week he speaks almost fluently. 
  • it takes him a little longer to understand clothing tho.
  • eventually you have to give him the bath yourself and it’s a,,,,, bonding experience.
  • i mean you’re getting used to seeing him naked, he mostly wears a blanket around the house, but imagine yixing discovering bubbles for the first time.
  • and being so disappointed when they don’t taste as good as they look.
  • yixing is incredibly intelligent, eager to explore, and he learns very quickly, but he has no real way of explaining to you where he comes from only that he cannot return even if he wanted to and there is no use in trying.
  • and you keep finding feathers everywhere ????? 
  • they all seem to come from the same source and at the end of the week there’s enough for like two birds and you’re getting very confused.
  • like where are they even coming from ????
  • you genuinely thought yixing was an alien until you noticed how he would stroke the wings on pictures of birds he found in your books.
  • he tried to explain that he has a pair just like that and eventually you confront him about the feathers and he’s like “yeah, those are mine.”
  • but you can’t actually see the wings.
  • also rip if you have an instrument in the house and come home to find yixing playing it perfectly, and then he won’t stop for at least three days.
  • and he loves your bed, says it feels “close to home”.
  • eventually you buy him a dictionary and communication gets a lot easier from there on out.
  • in the end yixing would rather stay with you than anything else in the world, and if heaven wants him back they’re gonna have to drag him kicking and screaming over your dead body.
  • meanwhile you just try to keep him out of trouble.
  • he takes good care of you too, considers himself your guardian.
  • he has kinda claimed you as his own, calls you “my human”.
  • everything is new and every discovery is precious to him.
  • and you find new appreciation for life and the world around you while viewing it through his eyes.
  • bless :’)

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Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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My friend Jake was walking in my neighborhood. I was driving by him and I rolled down my window. I said “Hi Jake!” And he just kinda looked at me like… All confused. I said “It’s me, Kait, from youth group.” (I’ve known him for a long time). He was just like “Oooookaaaaay.” Like he didn’t even know who I was. It made me really sad.

being as in love with you as i am | noah foster ;; an unrequited noah/audrey playlist that noah totally listens to at night while laying on his bed with his hands behind his head (tracklist under the cut)

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Damn McReynolds ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x McReynolds (and other EWS characters)

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut


A/N: Sorry NOT SORRY for this, it got kinda long lol

There he is. That smug look on his face. That stupid mustache. That stupid raven black hair. The girls just flock to him. Why? What is it about Glen McReynolds that’s so damn special? He’s cocky, rude and thinks he’s God’s gift to women and baseball.

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I just noticed that when Bendy pops out of the ink pool in the end of the chapter 2 he looks kinda... disoriented? or confused? for a moment before chasing the player, It's almost like he didn't know where he was or why he was there? It could be me reading too much into it but I find it an interesting detail

No, I noticed that, too! He pops out, hesitates, then snaps his head up and looks around like he’s not sure what’s happening or where Henry is. He did the same thing in the original pre-update version of chapter 1. I’m really starting to think something’s definitely wrong with this Bendy – like, even as a real-life demon, he’s not supposed to look or act like that.

Please please please picture this

So. Rampion crew is hanging out, all chill, when Thorne comes crashing in with news.

“Guys guys guys guys guys guys guys…”

Cinder just sorta screams “dammit Thorne use your words!”

“Alrighty Cinderella.”

Now, this reference goes way over everyone’s heads, except for Cress and Kai. Cress begins squealing, and Kai is all “the old fairy tale character?”

Now, everyone is confused AF, because they don’t get it. Cress explains haphazardly, because she researched soooo much second era stuff in her satellite she knows this. Kai fills in the blanks, because his royal education taught him everything in the universe and then some. At the end, Thorne screams “AND THEY ARE ALL YOU GUYS!!!”

~awkward silence~

Cinder breaks it with a “sorry, what?”

And then Thorne goes into this rant. How everyone is SOME fairy tale or another. “See, you’re Cinderella, but instead of a slipper you have a foot, and Kai is your Prince Charming, because he kept it like a stalker!”

Awkward AF kaider glances as they relive the awkward.

“And Wolf and Scarlet? They’re Little Red Riding Hood!”

“Excuse me did you call me little?”-Scarlet

“NONONONO don’t kill me it’s a story about a little girl who goes to find her grandma dressed in a red hood, when a big bad wolf!!” At this point Thorne is just kinda poking Wolf as he looks all confused.

“And then Winter is Snow White! She was the fairest, and an evil queen tried to kill her with an apple, and a prince woke her up with a kiss! See? THE SAME!!!”

Jacin is like considering murdering him because he swore he wouldn’t bring up kissing Winter in her broken state again but now it’s awkward.

~another awkward silence~

“And what about you and Cress?” This comes from Winter, looking curiously as Thorne begins to stumble because he needs to pretend he didn’t think this through.

Kai JUST says “Well Rapunzel, duh.”

He gets weird and vacant looks.

“Girl with REALLY long hair trapped in a tower”

Just picture them all discovering this and making fun of one another and being lil adorable trash bags. Please. I love it.

G dragon Scenario #63 “Words” HIGH SCHOOL AU SCENARIO

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

Looking back at those days… it’ll always makes you feel so grateful. Your life was so mess up at that point, there was not a reason for you to be happy… to smile. But then he appeared, and changed your life.

Although, the beginning of the story wasn’t exactly like a fairy tale…

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Heartless - M.C

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I feel like I rushed this and I’m really sorry. Part here’s part 4 It’s also really long…like about 12-13 pages on my drive.

“So…which one of you wants to tell Adam that you kidnapped the wrong mother fucking person?” Michael asked the two guys sitting in front of him, Ashton sitting to the side picking at his nails knowing he did nothing wrong. “You had one…oNE FUCKING JOB! Lance doesn’t have fucking tits, so please tell me how you got Lance and whoever this is mixed up!”

“W-well, you see…when we snuck in, he was wearing an outfit similar to that, so when the power cut, we grabbed the closest person who looked like that…it’s not my fault that she has barely no boobs!” Danny, one of the men getting reamed said trying to defend himself as Michael rolled his eyes shaking his head.

“Get the fuck out. Ashton, drive them back to the clubhouse…I’m going to stay with the princess we have here,” he said watching as the new kid stood up, grabbing the keys as he nodded his head. Michael turned on his heel heading back to the room with the unconscious girl who was tied down to the chair, skin bruised from prior engagements, most likely, knowing none of the guys had even touched her at this point. His eyes scanned her skin shamelessly, eyes boring into each and every mark already etched onto her body as his heart wrenched a bit, Michael ignoring the pain in his heart know that it wasn’t his circus, and certainly wasn’t his monkey.

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(Eric x Reader)

{‘Soulmate AU where when you write something on your skin it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well.’}

Eric had never met that asshole but he was sure it had to be a giant cosmic joke. How was someone so, immature, childish and just plainly annoying supposed to be his soultmate. Of all the things you’d done until now, this was by far the worst.

He had been standing in front of all the other dauntless leaders and important members, making some announcments when, at first rather quietly, people began to laugh. Most of them had been trying to hold back until he was finished. Eric ended his speech and went to the bathroom, pretty sure you had done something stupid again. You hadn’t dissapointed him. When he looked into the mirror there was a dick painted on his forehead.

“You got to be kidding me! Of all the things….that is enough.” Eric decided then and there, he was going to find you. He had never cared about finding you but this shit had to end once and for all. He just hoped you were dauntless too or this whole thing would turn out more difficult than anticipated.

It was your free day and you didn’t need to go, so you thought why not? Walking around with a dick drawn to your forehead wasn’t bad if no one saw you. But the poor guy on the other side was in for a surprise. You really didn’t care about that soulmate stuff but you did enjoy to embaress him whenever possible. When you looked at your arm, you noticed something strange. There was something written on it and you were pretty sure it was directed at you. This guy hardly ever drew something on himself except for notes scribbled down when he couldn’t find a piece of paper.

“I’m going to find you and believe me you will regret this.” You read out loud, “Oh boy, maybe I overdid it this time.” You mumbled to yourself. You checked if there was something else visible but you didn’t find anything. You were a little worried but after all there was no evidence he was in dauntless as well. Besides he wouldn’t draw something stupid on himself just to find you, you knew that much.

When Eric left his apartment the next morning, he drew a ‘X’ on his throat. Nothing too weird, people wouldn’t ask him about it. He went to train the new initiates.

You had left even earlier than Eric. That’s why you didn’t even see the mark appearing on your throat. You had made sure to check everywhere but you hadn’t noticed anything when you left your apartment.

New initiates were coming today and you had been tasked to get new throwing knives and make sure everything was ready for them. When you entered the training ground with everything in hand, you saw Four and Eric already giving their best to scare the new ones for life. You went to store away all the stuff you brought. You were almost done when you felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around. Eric. You wondered what he wanted from you.

“Look who I found.” He said with a devilish grin that worried you a bit. You didn’t think you had talked to him before or that he even knew who you were.

“Uh, sorry? Is there something you want from me?” You asked him, confused.

“Yes, how about an apology.” He said, looking kinda angry now. You really didn’t know what you had done to him. He pointed to the ‘X’ written on his throat. You hoped you were wrong but if you weren’t there was big trouble coming your way. You searched the room for a reflection and when you saw the same mark on you, you slowly faced him again a guilty look on your face.

“To be fair, being your soulmate is boring. All you ever do is write down unreadable notes.”

“What gives you the right to draw dicks on my forehead when I’m in a meeting?” He yelled at you.

“How am I supposed to know that you’re in a meeting!” You yelled back, “Or one of my leaders…” You said more quietly.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m in a meeting or not. Don’t you ever do that again, girl. This whole thing is entirely stupid, there is no way you’re my soulmate.”

“I’m not thrilled either.”

Four made his way over to you with an annoyed look, “Could you two keep it down, we’re still training here.”

“SHUT UP!” Both of you yelled back at him. Four looked surprised but left, it was way too early for him to deal with this. You and Eric looked at each other and both of you had to smile a little. Maybe there was a reason for him being your soulmate after all.

Request: warning nsfw (lemon)

WARNING: Not safe for work (there will be smut and it will be a lemon!!)
AND: there will be more parts as I want to write every character as good as possible.

The Dragonslayers (Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, Rogue) are in heat and go absolutely crazy in bed, maybe even use Dragonforce.

In this part: Rogue

He always seems so nice, sweet, cute and calm but what little know is…that he’s a god damn sex-god. Well you certainly didn’t expect that but you didn’t complain…like hell you would. As you got together with Rogue he was the sweetest boyfriend you could imagine. He took you out for dinner or to the cinema or went on a mission with you. You two always had a lot of fun and you loved him more every day. Rogue was your first ever boyfriend so everything was completely new for you especially well…sex.
One day you and Rogue were on the beach at night, looking at stars and having fun in the water. As you two got out of the water Rogue dragged you to a secret place. There was a little pool formed by rocks, totally cut of from everything around. You two were absolutely alone. As you got into the water which was surprisingly warm and with warm I mean the temperature of a nice bath, you felt really comfortable. You enjoyed it so much that you didn’t notice that Rogue was getting into the pool too. As you noticed your chin dropped. You always found Rogue extremely hot and cute at the same time but now he was just hot as fuck. He had his hair up in a ponytail and some black swimming trunks on. The moon was so bright and the stars were shining. The light from above made Rogue look so toned and sexy you forgot to breath. He seemed to notice and smirked. As he got closer you snapped back and blushed. Rogue slowly came closer and touched your cheek with his hand. You looked in his eyes and they seemed different but you didn’t know what it was. He came even closer, pressing his body against yours as he started to kiss your neck. It felt amazing. He continued and his hands began to travel over your body. You knew where this was going to but you didn’t care, everything was perfect and you were sure that Rogue was going to be gentle. You started a passionate kiss as Rogue began to touch you more. He opened your bikini top and massaged your breasts. It was a weird feeling but you liked it, you reeaally liked it. It got hotter and hotter and you weren’t able to control your feelings anymore. You wanted him right here and right now. And he felt the exact same way. He pulled down your bikini shorts and you threw away his bottoms. For a second your glances met and you both knew that it was ok, it was perfect. Sweet and caring as he is, Rogue was very gentle at first but that wasn’t enough for you. You begged for more and that was what Rogue made go crazy. He grabbed your hips hard and started rocking his own. All you could do was scream and scratching his back open. He clenched his teeth and grabbed your hips even tighter. His quiet moans slowly turned into growls, inhuman, dragonlike growls. You have already come 2 times as Rogue’s motions started to get uneven and harder than before. You couldn’t take it and came a third time along with Rogue. You screamed from the top of your lungs with Rogue roaring like a dragon. Totally exhausted you sunk into the water with Rogues arm around you. As Rogue was leaning back to the rocks he flinched. Kinda confused he turned around and you looked at his back. It was totally scratched and open and it really seemed to hurt. But well, you didn’t feel sorry…no not at all.

Prince of the Sea - Part 2

Just a cute little bit of fluff with human!Jason. The next part will probably be longer, and have more action


Jason woke up awhile later, his back in agony. The skin felt dry and cracked, it felt like he had been stung by a hundred lionfish, and then decided to roll around in an anemone.

“Y/N …”

“I’m here, Jason!”

“Where are we?”

“We’re in my house. Just give me a minute, I’m making the salve for your burns right now.”

“How did you …” Jason groans, shifting slightly

“Get you inside?” you smirk over your shoulder, “I’m stronger than I look. Now stay still”

You walk over, the pulverized leaves and medicine making a thick slave to put over the burns. Jason groans as you spread the salve over him, “That actually makes it feel better!”

You chuckle, “I know it does, I’ve had to make it before”

After a few minutes Jason’s walking around your house, picking things up and then putting them back down. “Maybe you could put on some pants, Jay?”

“What are ‘pants’? I don’t know what those are”

You grab a pair of your dad’s sweatpants, “These are pants, they cover up … the lower extremities”

“They look funny”

You can’t help but blush, “Well, human males have their … sexual organs … outside of their bodies, so …”

Jason glances down his body, “Does it make you uncomfortable?”

“A little bit, yeah”

He leers at you, “You could always take your pants off, then we would both be even”

You flush an even darker red, “Jason!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Bad joke!”

You let out a sigh of relief when Jason carefully pulls on his pants, making sure that they sit low enough to not disturb the bandages and salve.

“Thank you” You make your way over to the stove, “Do you want something to eat?”

“What do humans eat?”

“Well I have some fresh fish, what do your kind eat?”

“We eat fish, clams, kelp, stuff like that. But I don’t want to eat that! I want to eat human food!”

“Do you want to try toast?” You ask, trying to think of something that would be easy on the merman’s stomach.

“Toast?” He looks to cute when he cocks his head like, kinda like a confused puppy.

“It’s like bread, but it’s warm and has butter on it” he still had a blank look on his face, “and … you don’t know what bread is. You know I’m just gonna make it”

Jason watches in fascination as you put the bread in the toaster and then walk to the fridge to get the butter. The toaster goes off and Jason lets out a yelp, jumping backwards, “Y/N!! It attacked me!”

You stifle a laugh, “It didn’t attack you, Jay.”

“It did!!”

“No, the toast is just done, so it popped up”

“Calm down, it’s fine. Watch” you pull the toast out and put it on a plate, butter it, and then hand it to Jason.

He takes a huge bite, his eyes going wide, “This is so good!!” He continues to crunch on it, “I like this. Toast is my favorite food!”

It’s cute how innocent Jason is. You hope that you have enough time to teach him how to be a human before he leaves you forever. Maybe you can even convince him to stay. It seems like you’re oddly attached to the merman already, and it scares you a little bit just how much.