he looks in awe of her in the second cap

150817 TEENTOP 5th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in FUKUOKA Daytime performance (fanaccount)

First of all please excuse the fact that I’m not a native speaker of Korean, Japanese, as well as English and I tried my best to understand everything :). This took a while to put together, so please take out with full credits (byung-chans@tumblr). Enjoy reading!

(in no particular order, cause it’s honestly very long for me to arrange)

-        Changjo stopped while passing by the audience and shook hands with a male that could be the boyfriend of the girl next to him in my row. The girl later received a rose from Changjo during the encore too (ah lucky!)

-         After “Hot Like Fire”, “Ah-Ah” and “Confusing” Chunji was the only one to sit on the cube singing while the members stood so I thought “boy don’t be lazy get up”. Turned out he seemed unwell during the nighttime performance so I’m really worried for him T.T

-         During “Why” when it’s Chunji and LJoe’s dancing part Chunji just casually came up and cutely back-hugged LJoe tightly instead of tickling him like before (as a shipper I felt dramatically blessed)

-         Niel got the lyrics in “Crazy” wrong (he sang “I need you” instead of “I want you” and then his voice cracked a bit later during “Why” so Chunji kept staring at him during those parts and smiled (he spotted the mistakes probably lol). I don’t know how I managed to notice such details but yeah I deserve applause for good eyes :P

-         In one of the breaks LJoe asked that among the members, who would take who as lovers:

          + Changjo chose LJoe and said between girlfriend and boyfriend he wanted to be LJoe’s friend so he can punch LJoe everyday. Chunji then asked the two to demonstrate it xD. Changjo didn’t hit LJoe for real though of course. They continued talking then at  one point L.joe said to Changjo “If it were not for (maybe the fans or maybe bc they were on stage) I would have hit you”

        + Niel picked LJoe to be his girlfriend. He said because LJoe was cute when he asked XD

        + Ricky chose Cap and Cap was like ‘what is going on’ (not expecting it) and Ricky went ‘uhm yeah…’ like he didn’t know why he picked Cap either. I don’t remember his exact reply though. LJoe then said “Are you two still awkward together even now?” but Ricky replied “hyung it’s actually you” ( I guess he meant Ljoe was the one awkward with Cap)

       + Chunji chose Niel as his girlfriend because he wanted to “kiss those lips” lmao. The members pressed him to show it so he just grabbed Niel, hugged him and brushed their cheeks together tightly. Niel said “I just got a heart attack”.

-         After 'Alone’ LJoe asked if there was anyone living alone in Fukuoka, then he said “Chunji would come to visit you”. Chunji said he would come but he didn’t know  the road so he needed a guide. Then he asked the fans “What should I do when I go there”, someone answered “have ramen” and he said “Ramen? I like ramen” hahahah.

-         Chunji’s solo stage seemed like his actual solo song that’s gonna be out I suppose, since he recorded the BGM. (I realized it’s just a cover later. He sang it last year too in Angel Vacance ;u;)

-         Before Chunji’s solo and he was backstage, the members made Cap go in and bring out the chair for Chunji. He put in really close to the fans and the members told him not to, but Niel said he should so that the fans could see Chunji’s nostrils orz.

-         They made a train to go down stage during “Walk By” then spread out all over the audience.

-         During “To You” when its Chunji’s solo part he made a cute V sign instead of a body roll.

-         They went out in 'Crazy’ outfits and LJoe was wearing a head band, then Niel asked “are you okay?” “are you sick?” then I’m not sure if it was Chunji or Niel asked “are you going to exercise?” (forever teased Joe)

-         LJoe said he went out to buy chocolate yesterday and Ricky sulked “I was gonna go too but you left me alone at the hotel and went out on your own”. LJoe kept going on about how it was necessary for him to eat chocolate to be healthy during the tour (that logic). Changjo cut him off and said “hyung you keep talking about choco choco choco nonstop please talk about something elseee”

-         While LJoe and Cap were backstage preparing for their duet stage, the rest had some talk regarding sports. Ricky, Changjo, Chunji then raced to the bottom to touch a fan’s hand as part of the request to sprint.

-         Niel was doing high jumps with Chunji, Ricky, Changjo bending down, he got over Chunji but bumped into Ricky and both tumbled on stage xD.

-         Everyone said surprise congratulatory messages in Korean to the members then Ricky got teary eyed. We said “we’ll love you forever” then Ricky said “really? I’ve remembered it, you guys have to keep the promise” T.T

-         l.joe said “Yesterday was Niel’s birthday, did you guys watch the V app?” Everyone’s reaction was so little so Niel was like “oh…thank you hyung” hahah

-         Ricky did the a-ing aegyo and the ‘inochi’ meme (a Japanese joke kind of) XD

-         After LJoe came out the members made him do the sprint like others did before so he said “I’m only doing it if all the members do”. Chunji said “that means 6 people and it’s a lot (to run)”. LJoe then replied “six people – we are one” (that logic again)

-         They were giving out roses at the encore but because of a fan that got hurt they were concentrating on her towards the end and looked really worried. Chunji told everyone to make sure not to get hurt during their shows T.T

-         They were throwing balls and gifts off stage during the end of “Alone”

Below are some of my (very very lucky) interactions with the boys (if you’re too tired to read that’s okay too :))

-         There was a hi-touch event after the show with Niel so I joined that.

-         I got to high five Ricky when he was passing by my row, he was really cute and a bit teary eyed.

-         During “Affogato” Niel suddenly showed up from the middle of the audience. He was 2 chairs away from me. We had eye contact…3 times. He was singing while looking down and I was staring at him in awe, then he looked up right in my direction. He got shy and looked down right away, and I awkwardly looked to the side lol. The next 2 times were exactly like that when our eyes kept meeting and he had to look down probably because of shyness. My inside got ripped apart, yep, of course.

-         Cap was passing by and I waved at him but got ignored like twice. The lady next to me thrust her hand out (she seemed to be his fan) so he shook her hand pretty tightly for a moment. I got kinda jelly haha. The second time he passed by, well, I thought I’d just shyly wave at him again, and he LITERALLY stopped and climbed over to step on my seat (I was standing btw) and started rapping. His stomach covered my entire vision then (and his tattoos). I could just reach out my hands and would be able to hug him. Yeah that was close, very. Unfortunately I was only standing there gasping. My inside imploded kinda.

-         I totally did not expect to see all the members up close. Thank God they passed by, and thanks to my wonderful random seating haha. LJoe’s skin was (freaking damn) flawless, Changjo and Chunji looked so tiny esp Changjo cause he seemed huge on TV lol. I didn’t get any interactions with them since LJoe was slightly far on my right side while Changjo and Chunji either got shy or just scared of being touched haha. Still glad we were in very close proximity.

To sum up, this has been an extraordinary experience for me, so grab the chance to see Teen Top live if you can. Keep the love and support for our boys <3<3

just another love story

this is just a lil fluff and i was gonna give it a sad ending but then decided that i should try to be positive for once

calum and y/n


it may have taken years to find each other, with calum being famous and y/n being a hermit who never left her apartment, but it finally happened, the beginning to another love story. one night, where y/n had a strange craving for starbursts in the random dead of the night and calum was so jet lagged and wanted to get his mind off of things, the two met. now, it may seem odd that they met outside of the store, a couple blocks away, but they were in the same store at the same time.

y/n got her candy, bottle of blue mountain dew and just some basic microwavable popcorn to satisfy her craving if it changed from sweet to salty. calum, who stood beside her in the candy aisle, looked for a random bag of sweets that could fill his empty stomach. the two stood by one another, neither saying a word, eyes just scanning the shelves.

he did notice her though. while she was busy staring at the arrays of candy, out of the corner of his eye, he smiled softly at her concentrated expression. she looked adorable in pajamas and house slippers, and calum realized that she was attractive. but before he could utter another word to get her attention, she gasped quietly in excitement, grabbed the bag of candy she was looking for, and left the candy aisle.

calum didn’t follow her. he was scared she might think he was a stalker due to the fact it was the darkest time of the day and following her out of the store just to talk to her seemed weird. so, he grabbed a random bag of gummies before walking around the rest of the store to find chips in case his bandmate michael yelled at him for going out and not getting him his favorite crisps.

y/n lived a couple blocks away from the convenience store and never had a problem with walking there and back. it was normal for her to enter the store at weird times. also, the neighborhood was safe—no one ever really got attacked.

as she walked around the corner, calum just exited the car and started to walk in the same direction because his hotel was somewhere around this area. from behind him, he could hear the familiar giggle of a teenage girl. calum wasn’t conceited, in fact he was insecure about a lot of things, yet he believed that this girl behind him wanted to jump his bones. he was scared of the dark too, which didn’t help his case.

when the sound of footsteps got louder from behind him, he started to walk fast and thank god he had abnormally long legs. before he knew it, he turned the corner and started to sprint hoping that the girl behind him didn’t see him run. it would hurt her feelings most likely and calum didn’t want that. he just wanted to get back to his hotel and watch some really bad reality tv.

looking behind him for the slightest second to see if she turned the same corner, calum’s body crashes immediately into y/n’s. she screamed and if anyone heard her high pitched shriek, they’d assume she was being murdered. in reality, she dropped her bag and the pair watched her blue mountain dew smash onto the concrete. the cap then flew off and the two continued to watch the bottle explode from the carbon inside the bottle.

“aw man,” y/n pouted. calum started to pick up her starbursts and indented box of popcorn. he felt horrible.

after looking behind him once more, noticing that it was just the two of them on this block, he released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “look, i’m really sorry about that. is there anything i can do to help?” he asked while he handed her her food.

frowning, y/n shook her head. “there’s nothing you can do. what’s done is done.”

she began to walk, extremely upset about her spilt drink and crushed popcorn box. calum instantly started to walk alongside her. “c’mon please tell me what i can do. i feel terrible.”

“well, i guess you can tell me why you decided to just tackle me down to the sidewalk,” y/n said. she kicked a pebble along as the two of them walked. she hasn’t interacted with the opposite sex in months and now that one was speaking with her, one that was more attractive than anyone she has ever seen, she didn’t know how to react.

"okay well first, i thought i was being chased. second, i’m kinda scared of the dark so i just made a run for it.”

with that, she laughed. “now why would you be chased at two in the morning?”

"this is the time where murderers lurk in the shadows, and i’m um, famous, i guess.”

“are you now? what for? destroying a girl’s hopes and dreams by making her drop her soda,” she teased. calum’s smile fell from his lips and he started to pout.

the lights that illuminated the streets were dim, but it gave her the perfect view of his adorable expression. “i said i was sorry. i’m even walking you home and i don’t even know where i’m going so i deserve some credit. please forgive me,” he whined, grabbing her arm so she could stop walking and face him. “please.”

y/n stared at her apartment building behind the two of them. she could forgive him and maybe never see him again. but she did want to see this cute boy once more.

“how about i take you out on a date?” she suggested, staring at the plastic bag that he started to swing in his hands.

he let go of her arm. then, he began to rub the back of his neck awkwardly and confused. “you’re taking me out?”

y/n cocked her eyebrow. “it’s 2016. i think a girl should be able to ask a guy out.”

calum smiled at her, amazed with her confidence. “yeah pick me up whenever.” he pulled his phone out from the back pocket of his jeans. “type your number in.” y/n pulled hers out of the waistband of her flannel pajama pants and handed him her phone for the same intention.

“well famous boy calum, i’ll see you soon. good luck finding your hotel,” she smiled. turning away, she walked away from the boy that already had her heart beating quickly in her chest. it wouldn’t be the last time she’d see him.


in a sleek, black pick up truck, y/n pulled up to the back of the pretty hotel. she texted calum and he sent her one back, telling her he was on his way down. the radio played a song from y/n’s phone, a song that caused her to sing along softly.

in the midst of her singing, calum tapped loudly on her window. y/n screamed, something she seemed to do a lot around calum (and not in a dirty way).

“hey, cutie, love your music choice but let me in the car,” he said before making his way around the car to hop into the passenger’s seat.

once he sat down and greeted her with a kiss to the cheek, y/n started the car and began driving with blushing cheeks.

“so where are we going?” calum asked while he looked out the window to see the scenery. it was dark out and all he saw were buildings as they tried to get out of the city y/n lived in and calum stayed in temporarily.

soon the buildings disappeared and trees began to appear. the sun was starting to sit on the horizon, yet y/n still had sunglasses perched on the bridge of her nose. “we’re gonna do something cute for a first date. knowing you, you probably wouldn’t know how to do a cute date,” she said.

her teasing manner offended him slightly. calum could be romantic if he tried really hard. lately, he never really had a girl to sweep off her feet. it was always touring, recording, and traveling. there was never any time to settle down with a nice girl that he could bring home to the family. it was odd that he was even in the car right now with a girl he didn’t know he could trust. what if she leaked things about him? what if she was dishonest? what if she wasn’t who she said she was? all of these questions, but deep down, calum did trust her.

“i could be romantic. for our second date, i’ll plan it. you’re gonna be swept off your feet, just you wait,” calum promised.

“will i be swept off my feet or am i just going to be tackled again?”

calum threw his head back into the chair in annoyance. “i said i was sorry.”

y/n laughed. “it’s okay. it’s just fun to tease you.”


after a couple more minutes of music and playful banter, she pulled into a grassy area with a white screen that had a projector pointing at it. there was a small hut behind them where anyone can purchase food. y/n hopped out of her car and calum followed. there were blankets and pillows in the back of her truck and calum grinned at the scene before them.

“you brought me to a drive in with a pickup truck full of blankets and pillows. how cliche can you be y/l/n?” calum said, lifting himself to throw himself into the piles of blankets. once his body was enveloped in the mess of comforters and cushions, he sighed happily.

y/n lifted herself up as well and threw herself right beside calum. sighing happily once again, calum rolled over to wrap one of his arms around her waist. “this is great. what movie are we gonna watch?”

“actually this is an old disney marathon. so we can stay for as long as we want. we’re starting off with finding nemo,” y/n said, turning her body so her and calum were chest to chest.

bringing his hand up to tuck a clump of hair behind her ear, he smiled fondly at y/n. “you’re honestly the best.”


calum did promise her a cute date and they did go to an aquarium. but the moment y/n got bitten by a penguin while trying to feed it, he had to take her to the emergency room. it started off cute, but ended in a swollen hand.

calum did have to continue to go on tour, leaving a very sad y/n behind. but before he left, some things kind of happened.

“what do you mean you’re leaving today?” y/n asked, sitting with her legs crossed on the foot of her bed. “i thought we’d have more time left.” strands of baby hair fell around her face as she shook her head in disappointment. they’ve only been around one another for a week and she was already attached to him. why did she have to get attached to a boy who travels?

“i just needed to talk to you before i go,” calum said.

she was confused. was he not going to say goodbye in the first place? what was he going to do? would he tell her that the series of dates the two went on was a just friends kind of thing? this always seemed to happen. boys never stayed and it was dumb of her to think that calum was any different.

“look, y/n, sweetheart. i really like you. i like you so much that it scares me and i just wanted to ask you before i go if you would like to be my girlfriend. i don’t want to leave you here, knowing that you’ll end up with someone that’s not me,” calum admitted, taking a seat next to your crossed legged body. instantaneously, y/n pivoted her body and lunged towards him, peppering kisses all over his face. she said yes and he happily smashed his lips against her own.

it started with an incident that occurred in the dead of night, and continued to grow with adorable dates and wonderful memories. it hasn’t ended yet, thankfully. calum and y/n may have an odd relationship where he’s barely home and she’s always home. but that was okay because it helped their love story. calum and y/n were just another cliche love story.

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Prompt: bottle cap

The buckshot riddled Carol’s left calf, and with nothing to numb the pain, it was visibly taking every ounce of strength that she had to remain still while Rosita used tweezers to remove the shards.

“You’re doing great,” Daryl assured, sitting on a stool by her head as she lay on her front.

She had grabbed onto both his hands when Rosita went for a particularly deep piece of debris, and a mix of tears and sweat had made her face damp. Her uncontrolled trembling was making the table shudder under her, and Rosita sent Daryl a sympathetic look.

“You need to calm her down. If I hit something, it’s going to make the bleeding worse.”

Daryl inwardly cursed but immediately leaned closer toward Carol. He freed one of his hands, so that both of her hands were wrapped around his right forearm. Her fingernails were leaving crescent indentations in his skin. He gently ghosted his left hand across the crown of her head.

“Easy, sweetheart. You’re all right.”

“God,” Carol winced, pushing her face deeper into the thin cushion on the table.

Daryl mouthed soundlessly, not knowing what to do.

“Talk,” Carol wheezed, holding onto him more tightly. “Just speak. It doesn’t have to be anything important. Just—please…”

The crack in her voice broke him.

“When I was a kid, real young, I couldn’t pronounce ‘buckshot,’ so I used to call it ‘buttshot.’ Merle didn’t correct me until I was nearly eight years old,” he blurted.

Tara, who was assisting Rosita, pursed her lips hard through a snort. Daryl sent her a hot look, but Carol’s sharp exhale of amusement locked his attention back to her.

“Th-that’s awful.”

Daryl drifted his fingers through her hair again as Rosita worked. “Found out Carl was the one who got people callin’ me Redneck Cupid last month.”

Carol chuckled and then cringed as Rosita withdrew the largest piece.

“Did you know that a lion can jump higher than a fifteen foot wall?” Tara chimed.

“What?” Daryl looked up. “How?”

Tara went deadpan. “That’s because walls can’t jump.”

Carol snorted and got her breath.

Daryl licked his lips and got a second wind. “What do you call Captain America if he was a genie?”

“Wh-what?” Carol asked.

“Bottle Cap.”

Carol just stared at him. Daryl frowned.

“Because genies are in bottles, and…his nickname’s Cap…”

More than the joke, Carol laughed at his awkward explanation, and Rosita tugged out the last large piece of buckshot.

“Her body should expel the rest on its own,” she said, starting to clean and wrap Carol’s leg.

“You…Do you have any more jokes?” Carol said, her hands relaxing on his forearm but still holding a firm grasp.

Daryl racked his brain and scooted closer to her. “I grew up with Merle Dixon. I got novels full of bad jokes, darlin’…”