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Whooo wee I haven’t done paper art in a WHILE. But! I got a new knife and paper so I made the lovely boi Kurapika

Rain- Lucas friar

Requested: yes

An imagine where the reader breaks up with her abusive now ex-boyfriend & she goes tell the gang. Lucas has liked the reader since he met her & when he sees the bruises and blood on her he goes Texas Lucas on her ex. Make it fluffy please💕

Warnings: abuse, cursing

Takes place in college as it’s a more mature situation. I am aware that there are abusive relationships in high school but I just feel this would work better with them in college.

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Mellow Monticello Cafe

Prompt: REQUESTED BY ANON: SDR x reader where reader owns a coffee shop/bakery and the boys kinda go in every day and hang out and kinda flirt with her while she’s working

Pairing: Going to be Southern Democratic Republicans X Reader, but this part is Jefferson X Reader

Au: Café Au

TW: pg cursing, mentions a bra???

A/N: Hey guys! So I know the anon requested it as an everyday SDR cute thing, but I love this so much and it’s going to be a smol series, so bear with me! This is the first chapter, and my first time writing SDR, so be kind please! I can’t wait to pan out with the anon’s request! Thank you all so much for the support and love! I love you! If you want me to tag something, let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please enjoy!

Word Count: 1049

You had worked so hard to have your own coffee shop. So hard. This was what you had wanted for years, and it felt so good to live your dream. You had been open for a few months now, and you had a rather good reputation in the city. You had a few employees-meager teenagers-who were efficient and competent. You were like an older sister to them. They followed you around like little ducklings, even though they’d never admit it.

It was a rainy day outside when you opened at five in the morning on a Tuesday.You wanted to be open early enough for those early risers-and maybe it was also because you didn’t have a practical sleeping schedule. This wasn’t odd for you. You opened at five every morning; it was still dark as night outside. The odd part was the guy dashing in a few minutes later, completely drenched despite his umbrella. He looked delectable. His hair was dripping wet, but it still had a lot of poof. He adjusted the collar of his magenta jacket, and seemed completely oblivious to you. He closed his umbrella and shook it over the doormat before he finally glanced up at you.

“Hi,” you said as his movements slowed, and he just gawked at you while holding his umbrella out. You glanced between him and the umbrella a few times before he caught the gesture and cleared his threat. He put the umbrella down and ran a hand through his hair, then he brushed the sleeves of his coat.

“Mornin’,” he greeted you before he hung his umbrella on the coat rack, and he kept his coat on. “It’s nice to have a coffee shop open so early.”

You nodded and watched as he looked around at the different signs. You realized he was a lot taller than you, too, by the way he didn’t even have to really look up at the signs. You, on the other hand, had to crane your neck back.

“Right, can I get a coffee? Black?” He asked, and you pulled your chin back into your neck in confusion. He just spent a good two minutes looking at your menu to ask for a black coffee? Who was this man? “Nah, I’m just play’. Can I actually get an almond milk based caramel machioto and a blueberry muffin?”

He looked down abruptly and laughed at the look of confusion on your face before you’d had the chance to wipe it away. “That’s cute,” he mumbled, and you shook your head in dismay before you began to put his order in. “No really, it’s a good look for you… the whole chin thing…”

You scoffed and looked back up at him to see him grinning. “You’re funny,” you said in as much as a monotonous voice you could manage, “Mr….?” You needed a name to put down on his order.

“Thomas Jefferson, but you can call me Tom,” he offered, and he held out his hand. You’d noticed he had southern charm to match that southern drawl of his.

“Um, Y/N…” you hesitantly shook his hand. You’d never had a customer like this before. “It’s nice to meet you, Tammy.”

He jerked his chin to you and squinted when you called him Tammy, and it was your turn to laugh.

He handed you a ten dollar bill and told you to keep the change, which you gladly did. “I’ll have that right out for you,” you informed him before you went to the sink to wash your hands. You began to make the drink for him.

When you placed the order in front of him, he was leaning against the counter, texting someone quickly. His eye brows were drawn in concentration as his fingers moved a hundred miles a minute.

“You good, Tammy?” You asked quietly, and he looked over at you from the screen.

“Sorry ‘bout that. My mama taught me better, I promise,” you giggled at that and he continued, running a hand through his hair. “It’s just… James is sick again, and Aaron keeps texting me updates every five minutes, even though I checked him before I left for my shift last night, and he was totally fine, like, it wasn’t life or death… and you have no idea who these people are, and I’m problem dumping on you! I’m so sorry!”

You shook your head, just now noticing the dark blue scrubs that were beneath the magenta coat. You finally put together that he worked the night shift at the hospital… down the street. How had you never met him before? “Oh no! It’s okay! I’m sorry about your friend, I’m sure he’s alright! You’re probably exhausted!”

He nodded and kind of deflated, letting go of this big, tall, refreshed man, and he looked beat. “It was a long shift at the hospital. Car accident last night, wasn’t pretty. And I’ve been worried about James all night… But when I get home, a new doctoring shift begins…”

You bit your lip, feeling kinda sorry for him. You left the counter and began to make another drink. He watched you, not saying anything, until you came back and placed the other drink in front of him. “Give this to Aaron and get to sleep. You need it.”

He laughed and thanked you before he straightened up. He took the muffin and extra drink in his hand, thanked you one more time, and left the shop after retrieving his umbrella. You watched him go, a flash of magenta blown back as the door opened.

He turned to you over his shoulder, “By the way,” he called, “I’m no expert, but I’m fairly certain the bra goes on underneath the shirt, but I could be wrong!”

The door shut, and you looked down in horror. That asshole! How had he not said anything?! True to his statement, you were so disoriented and tired when you got dressed this morning that you had put on your bra over your tank top. And he let you talk to him for a good ten minutes like that! This was it. Time to close down your shop for good and move to another planet. Jeez. How embarrassing. You were mortified for the rest of the day.

EXO Reactions “Mafia! AU Where you Try...” #3 OT9 X Reader

Requested (Anon): Mafia!au with EXO where you try to run away but end up getting caught by them

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Baekhyun watched as you slipped through the window of your bedroom.  His eyes never leaving where you took off from.  Watching as you somehow got down from the second floor and heading towards the back gate which he was guarding.  With a sigh, he hide behind the bushes as you rounded  the exit.  Suddenly you were pulled back behind the foliage and into the back brick fence that surrounded the compound.  You blinked up at Baekhyun as he smirked at you.  

“Now where is Bosses little sister running off to?”  He asked as you tried to get away from his hold, with failing.  

“Let me go Baekhyun.”  

“You know I can’t do that.”  You leaned down his lips hovering over yours.  

“Baekhyun, please, I can’t take my cousin anymore.  It was a stupid idea for me to come in the first place.”  He pulled back staring into your eyes.

“But than we never would have met.”  His smirk gone as his eyes showed the true thoughts for a second.  Your heart broke as he slowly leaned down and placed a soft kiss on your lips.  Knowing that no matter how much Kyungsoo was controlling he could never control how you felt about Baekhyun.  

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Chanyeol had found you.  After a long time of searching, he had found you.  Currently he was sitting in one of the back booths watching as you took orders from people.  You still hadn’t noticed he was there.  Jong-dae sitting across looking at you.  

“Shes there.”  Jong-dae stated with a smug selfness.  

“Yes she’s is.”  Chanyeol watched as you smiled at a customer.  You had dyed your hair and lost some weight, but he could always tell it was you.  

“You going to talk to her?”  He asked as another waitress came up.  

“What can I get you two?”  She asked, looking at both of them.  Chanyeol didn’t make a sound as his eyes never left you.  

“He wants coffee, and I would like a slice of pie please.”  Jong-dae answered her.  

“Coffee and pie coming right up.”  She said in a flirtatious way.  

“We should go.”  Chanyeol said, as he watched you smile at your co-worker.  “She obviously ran away for a reason.”  His eyes never leaving you as you turned your back, to talk to the cook.  

“Look, just wanted to know where she was right?”  Chanyeol shook his head yes.  “Yo found her, come on, let’s have the pie and leave than.”  Jong-dae stated as Chanyeol watch her co-worker hand her the slice of pie and coffee.  Before Chanyeol could get up to leave you turned and saw him for the first time.  Your eyes wide as he stood there in front of you.  

“Chan…”  You said softly.  Chanyeol’s heart started to beat fast at his name passing through your lips.  

“___.”  His deep voice echoing through your system.  

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“Technically, I didn’t run away.”  You spoke to Jong-dae whose back was towards you.  Both tied to chairs looking opposites.  

“What exactly do you mean by technically?”  He hissed as he tried to loosen the ropes.

“I mean, I walked away from you for a couple of hours, because I was upset.  Then this dickhead over here, took me.”  You mentioned to the man currently asleep in his chair.  

“Maybe next time just don’t get upset.”  

“She was kissing your neck.”  

“No, she was-yes she was.  But I pushed her away.”  Jong-dae defended himself.

“Only after I caught you.”  You huffed as the ropes around wrists grew tighter with every struggle.  

“You walked in right when she started, I didn’t have time to react.  Besides she was drunk.  You didn’t make a fuss when baekhyun started kissing my neck.”

“You let to many people kiss your neck.”  You whispered yelled as he huffed in anger at being tied.  “Maybe I shouldn’t be the picture so you can have whoever the fuck you want kiss your neck.”


“Screw you.” You yelled.  Both you and Jong-dae looked over at the guard and he let out a soft chuckle.

“Wow he is doing an awful fine job of watching us.”  Jong-dae got one hand out as he untied to other.  Leaning down he untied his feet and quickly walked over, taking the watch dogs gun, and waking him.  He quickly hit him on the head knocking him out.  

“You going to untie me?”  You asked.

“You going to break up with me if I do?”

“I will if you don’t.”  You hissed out as he walked over, gripping your face in his, he kissed you deeply, as his other hand, put the gun away in his belt.  Moving away he quickly untied you.  

“For the record, I only enjoy it when you kiss my neck.”  He gripped your waist pulling you into a another kiss.  

“Stop it.  He might wake up.”  You pushed away, heading towards the exit.  

“Wait till we get home, your brother is going to have fit.”  You rolled your eyes and smiled.

“Jong-in doesn’t need to know.”  You said, as the warehouse door opened to a man falling in.  

“I don’t need to know what?”  

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Her first morning back he cornered her as she was feeding Fudge his breakfast. The horse gave him a hearty whicker as he approached and farted in appreciation at the quick head scratch he received in return. Ellery had to raise his voice above the drumming of rain on the stable roof. “I’ve been worried about you; where have you been? You’re not answering any of my calls.”

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Season of HeartBreak~Kenny Omega~3

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Part 2

Part 1

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It’s been months since the last time you saw Kenny, how they went by without no phone call or a text. Nothing. 

He unfriended you from all the social media. He never knew that you had been training to become a wrestler. You were going to show what you were made from. This wasn’t last time he was going to see your face. Not for a bit. Things changed to a year where finally something was happening, you have been wrestling in different promotions but no one knew the real you. 

Who you were and where did you suddenly came from? Hidden behind a jester mask, red lipstick and you had dyed your hair a different color adding a different color at the ends of your hair. Dressing in color black and red, similar to Harley Quinn’s but you made it your own.

 One of your legs had a short while the other had long, you wore a vest with a tank top underneath with a logo of a hammer with the words, “ HA HA!.”

You always came out with a laughter sounding through the arena, through a rest mist with a smirk on your face carrying a blow up hammer that was red with a bow on the edge of it. 

You were “Scarlett Quinn,” the psychotic queen of dark matches. A chair to the head was nothing, you took the pain and didn’t feel it. Everyone’s attention became on you, they were impressed

. Booking you everywhere and anywhere.You were on your way to Ring of Honor signing a contract with them, making your way as the Psychotic Queen of Wrestling, the one woman who has an undefeated streak in wrestling.

“ Did you hear about Scarlett Quinn? She’s making her way here” Christopher Daniel spoke to Marty as the two were getting ready for the show. 

“ Who?” Marty asked knitting his eyebrows thinking to himself where has he heard that name before. Has he met her? 

“ She calls herself the Psychotic Queen of Wrestling” he answered Marty. Marty nodded to himself and stood there to think for a moment before it clicked to him. The girl that gets hit with a chair and nothing comes out of it.

“ She’s that Harley Quinn wannabe, right?” 

“ If she hears you talking to her about it, she won’t hesitate to put you in a submission”

“ I’m not afraid of some chick” 

Daniel’s shook his head before continuing getting ready. You walked through the door of the arena, mask on your face already rolling your suitcase. You already had signed your contract and everything was ready to go. 

“You’re Scarlett, right?” a voice stops you in your tracks. You turn to face Alex Shelly who was standing with Chris Sabin. 

“ I am, what’s it to you?” Chris chuckled, eyeing you up and down liking what he saw. Alex shook his head as he took a step towards you, “ You can hide underneath a mask all you want princess but sooner or later the mask will come off.” 

“ Try me Shelly” you looked up at him slightly due to the height difference squinting your eyes daring him to do something. He only smirked down at you before the two walked away.

“ That’s what I thought, keep walking!” you shouted at their backs, the two waved you off. You noticed someone was watching you. He had on a dark, fur coat with an umbrella in his hands and in the other he held a mask. His hair was in a small bun with round glasses on his eyes. 

“ Keep staring, you’re eyes are going to fall out sooner or later” the man smirked turning his body to you as he made his way to stand in front of you. Using his umbrella, he leaned on it looking down at you. 

“ You must be Scarlett that I’ve heard so much about. My name is Marty Scurll”
“ Keep your eyes to yourself Villain, I know who you are and let me walk away before I fall asleep at the sight of your face” 

Marty was shocked to hear the words coming out of your mouth, he gritted his teeth, “ Listen here, you little-”

“ A word of advice Scurll, close your mouth or you could always put it to better use. Words bore me truly, now if I were you. I’d let me go before my fist connects with your face. I will make it unpretty” 

Marty looked down at the small fierce woman standing in front of him. Her eyes captivate him and her attitude made her so much better. He was going to like her being here. He steps back of  her to pass, “ Until next time Quinn.” 

You simply walked away making sure he watched as you swayed your hips side to side and your head held up high making sure heads turn at the sight of you. That they did. 

Coming from your match that you had with Jenny Rose, one of your favorite matches. She was one of the woman that were on top around here and you were going to change that. That was your picture to take. As you took off the tape around your wrist, you were faced to face with Marty once again.
Panting, you stopped in your tracks as you looked at him seeing he was wearing his mask and having his umbrella over his shoulder with a hat on his head. You could see his trunks peeking out from underneath his coat with an umbrella.

“ Cute gear” you muttered to him.He moved his head to face you, tilting his head and not saying anything before he walked past you. Gasping feeling a tap on your ass, turning around you hear him cackle. Did he just smack you with his umbrella on your ass? How dare he? He got some nerve, stomping back to change and hitting the shower. You were going to have a talk with him. Who the hell does he think he is? 

You waited for Marty to get done with his match, waiting for him with your hands on your hips.As  Marty walks backstage, he stops in his tracks to see you. His mask is off and he’s just in his wrestling trunk, panting and sweaty from his match. 

“ Can I help you darlin’?” 

“ Yes you can, what was that before with your umbrella and my ass?”
He chuckled shrugging walking past you. Oh no he didn’t, you caught up with him taking his wrist turning him around. 

“ You are going to tell me what the hell that was before I make your face un-pretty” 

“ Okay! Okay! Relax!” He put his hands up before adding, “ I like you, not like that. Like we would make good friends, you know. You got under my skin, I get under yours. Who know’s, maybe I’ll need a partner one day or we could have a match.” 

“ I’ll think about it” 

From that day, you and Marty grew closer. He never saw your face though which slightly made him upset but you explained it to him that maybe one day when he’s earn your full trust, you will show him. He just saw your eyes, hears your laughter, and loves to get under your skin like he always does.  

Things changed you and Marty were heading to Japan for where you and Marty were tagging together for a match. You were beyond excited, this was the first time you and Marty will be partners.

“ I want you to meet some people once we get there” he mutters to you sitting next to you on the plane. 

“ Alright, do I know these people?” he shrugs.  

“ Possibly, you’ll see. You’ll love them” you nodded, hoping he’s right looking out the window hoping everything will turn out okay. You’re mind goes to Kenny wondering how was he doing, the last time you heard him was when he took care of you that night. He never spoke to you right after, that was uncalled for and it hurt a lot. You lost your best friend and the man you thought that took your heart. The man you thought meant everything to you. He just left without a word. That hurts. Wait, you were going to Japan meaning you might run into him or the bucks. Was Marty talking about them?Turning to him, you glance seeing he was taking a selfie for his Instagram. Marty has been a good friend to you so far, but something else was bothering you. You haven’t quit understood or grasp to what it was. 

“ Go to sleep darlin’ I will wake you up when we land” He says, leaning over kissing the side of your head before smiling down at you. You nodded, closing your eyes leaning your head on his shoulder finding comfort in his presence before dozing off. The next thing you know is Marty shaking you awake. 

“ Huh? What?” you sat up blinking. 

“ We’re here” he says already standing up waiting for you. 

“ I slept through the whole plane ride?” He nodded getting his carrier bag from above before giving your backpack to you. You followed him off the plane to get your suitcase. You just wanted a bed and more sleep. 

“ My friends are picking us up” he informed you once you got your suitcases with you. You looked up at him giving him a small nod as you followed him out. The Japan fans screamed both your names seeing you together. You can only speak a little bit, signing autographs and taking pictures. 

“ Marty!” you hear three voices yell all at once. Marty smiled greeting the three while you turned to the side. Once the three greet one another, Marty stepped to the side.

“ Boys, this Scarlett, she is the one you all heard about” your eyes got wide seeing who was standing in front of you. It felt like the air out of you got sucked out as you stared at your ex best friend and your other supposedly friends. Kenny still looked the same as he was before, he had a small smile on his face while the Bucks were waving to you. They all looked the same, you found yourself feeling sick.

Running to the stall in the bathroom, you emptied your stomach from whatever you had holding your hair back. 

Kenny was here. He was friends with Marty. Why didn’t Marty tell you? After you flushed the toilet and washing your hands. Looking into the mirror, you fixed your hair closing your eyes for a moment. 

You can do this Y/N, you thought. Kenny doesn’t know who you are neither does the Bucks. It was going to be okay or was it? Opening the door, you walked out making your way to the guys standing in front of them. You could just smell his scent. 

“ You look more badass in person” Nick says. Matt laughed rolling his eyes, “ He has a small crush on you. Don’t mind him. I’m Matt and that’s Nick and this Kenny. Nice to meet you Scarlett. We heard so much about you from this guy” he pats Marty on the shoulder as Marty chuckles. You looked at four, taking a deep breath through your nose. How were you going to maintain yourself?

Taako page from my sketchbook.

Connection Thirty Five

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.   Twenty One.   Twenty Two.   Twenty Three.   Twenty Four.   Twenty Five.   Twenty Six.   Twenty Seven. Twenty Eight.   Twenty Nine.   Thirty.   Thirty One.  Thirty Two.  Thirty Three.   Thirty Four.

Sherlock x reader

An American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 4441

A small corner of the table in the sitting room had been taken over by two of your textbooks, a notebook, and a pile of notes. To Sherlock’s credit, he hadn’t complained or said a word about your small workspace beside the chaotic organization of his open casework across the rest of the table. He had kept his things out of that small section where you once again sat reading and scrawling, refining and tweaking as your thoughts raced faster than your hand.

After your third visit to Sherrinford, even though she only spoke one other time, you had a thought that had been stirring and developing into a theory. It took you a few hours to find the right materials in your storage bins in the basement then every chance you got you were going through your books, making notes for everything that could be related, even though you were leaning toward a certain disorder, you didn’t want to pigeonhole her either. Too many had already done that to Eurus and even though you promised you wouldn’t come as a therapist, you couldn’t banish the thought that something had been missed all these years.

Sherlock’s socked feet barely made a sound but you were still aware of his easy stride into the room. You scribbled a notation along with a page number then glanced up. He had picked up his violin and stepped in front of the window but his eyes were on you. “Interesting case?”

Even though he had already approved and encouraged your thought process on his sister, you still felt a hot lash of guilt and something else that had been creeping along the periphery like a shy old friend. “Do you think this would even help? It’s not like anything I find or prove will give her a chance to leave that cave. Nothing I do can absolve her.”

He looked out the window as the violin found its home on his shoulder and he gently touched his bow to the strings but didn’t make a noise. A few seconds ticked by then his chin hugged the chinrest. “I think she’s been in the dark because the people who should have helped her have failed her for far too long.” He met your gaze, “it’s about time someone treated her like more than just a lab animal in a box.” He winked then began to play turning back to the window.

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Love and Let Love (Part 2)

Love and Let Love Masterlist

Warning/s: Angst (?), Break-up, Betrayal, A few fluff moments, Panic Attack, Language, Mention of death

A/N: Part 2 guys! So this turned out longer than I thought. A little trivia for you: I tried to incorporate the five stages of grief in this story. (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression then Acceptance) The first part had a tinge of denial there, now for this part, it’s anger. This part is kind of difficult, but I’ll be happy if you read to the end. I’m also excited to let you read the next parts (Probably 2 – 3 more parts)! I promise you they’re way better than this one! (Y/N = Your Name; L/N = Your Last Name)

Number of Words: 1,939

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Mind in the Game

Sports were never my thing, never, i never understood the hype for sports and i will never understand it, but for some reason everything changed when i saw him there, doing what he loved in the rink. he eats hockey, he breaths hockey and he lives hockey and that’s the way things go for him, hockey is everything for him and that’s all. 

Michael is a complicated person and that was clear for everyone, his mind worked this way 1) hockey 2) hockey 3) friends 4) reputation and at the very last place (around a 16 or a 20) there was me, probably the last of his priorities but still being one of them. Does it bother me? Like hell it does. but again, Michael is a complicated person and can not tell him what to do with his life. 

in three more hours it was about to be our first anniversary since we started dating. i can’t deny how happy i am, he is the guy I've been with for already a year and i am grateful to be with him. The problem comes, i don’t even know if he feels the same. 

i remember clearly when Michael and i started seeing each other, on the exact same day he moved into the neighborhood and found hilarious to sneak in my room to surprise me on school nights. it was just something that happened, he told me he like him, i’ve been liking him since second grade, a hit of luck now lead us to our first year of being together. Now, even though being together is simply wonderful, ever since the day we started to date i still feel anxious about telling someone, it’s been a year of dead silence about my love life and not even telling to my brother about my relationship. 

it was his idea, and of course, i feel bad about it. his explanations still felt soggy for me, i was feeling like i was kind of his dirty little secret, but still i knew it wasn’t fair for me, on one of his countless explanation he mentions his ‘reputation’ to be in game if i speak up about our relationship, and he also mentions how people was going to treat me afterwards, yes, probably 90% of the school population barely know my name, i have one friend around and i belong to the math team, which in my school seems to be the lowest level of all. but honestly, i don’t give a shit, all i want is to for once hug my boyfriend in public, have dates, kiss him whenever i want and not hide like our lives depended on it. 

but today is the day, our one year anniversary, everything will change today. or at least i hope it does. i got everything planned and i am hoping it goes like i want to, but no, the moment i get out of my room i can perceive the first thing that is going wrong today, it pouring rain, and apparently no one is home. 

“Mom!” i yell, but i get no response “Brendon!” i yell again, shouting my brother’s name but all i can hear is silence. 

apparently, they left home earlier, which sometimes was not a surprise but today made things complicated for me because i couldn’t get to school by myself with this weather. The first surprise of the day ruined, it was going to be impossible to get to school and leave my special card to Michael. But it doesn’t matter, there was enough hours in the day to give it to him, but under this circumstances, i seem obligated to do what my best option is, and that is, call him at this time, so he could hopefully give me a ride. 

from the moment i dial his number it doesn’t take him more than three rings to pick up the call which was usual of him. 

“Hello?” i hear his voice at the other side of the line. 

“Good morning bubba” i say smiling a little and maintaining a happy tone even though it was 8 in the morning and i still felt way too tired.

“oh hey!” he says on the same tone “What’s up?” 

“Are you at home?” i ask, hoping to hear a yes from him. 

“No actually i am in front of Luke’s house, i am giving him a ride today” he says awkardly “Why?” 

i sigh “Michael, it’s raining a lot, i really need a ride right now, do you think you could maybe drive the for another 5 minutes and pick me up?” i say innocently. 

he sighs heavily “(Y/n) you know i can’t do that” he groans “Luke is with me” 

my eyes widen “So?” i groan too  “Michael, i am your girlfriend, please i am not asking you to tell everyone in the school we are dating, i am just asking for a simple ride” 

he doesn’t say anything, and i hear noises in the background of his side of the call, a door closes and i hear another person beside him “Hey man!” Michael says “Hold on a second, my mom is ranting me again” he says, his words make my heart ache weirdly and i feel anger come to me. 

“listen, Mom, I can’t drive back, i am with my friend and we are going to get late to school” he says on a harsh tone. 

“Michael” i groan “stop it, Can’t you stop being so selfish for once? it’s just a ride, Michael grow up, no one will say anything”

“I am going to get late for school!” he exclaims and i hear the car moving 

“Me too! i can’t walk there” i say already pretty mad at him 

“Well i am sorry, take a cab” and with that he hangs the call. 

Michael’s denial on picking me up left me no other option than walking to school alone and with an umbrella, this did not go as i wanted, i had no money for a cab or a uber, in fact i did not have money for myself at all, so my only option is to walk under the pouring rain with my tiny umbrella, that does not seem helpful at all since the wind kept pushing all the rain in my direction. Luckily it does not take me long to get to the school, it wasn’t a very long walk but under the rain, it seemed to last forever. 

i am soaking wet from head to toe, and my bag is also dripping wet from it’s insides. It is very hard to walk on the hallways without having someone to turn around on my direction and laugh, i looked like an idiot, and i could do nothing about it. But overall this entire situation i am not even mad about having to walk to school under the rain, oh no, i was mad about a ton of other things that had absolutely nothing to do with it.  

i am so mad, that i don’t even bother about walking past my locker to somehow take some of my wet items off, i just walk through the hallway straight to the room 207, where my first class is supposed to be and where my somehow still ‘boyfriend’ is going to be, like every morning. the moment i step in there as usual no one turns to look at me, but when i walk to the back of the classroom to the corner where most of the people is, they definetly turn aroud, on a normal situation i would be ashamed just by the fact of having more than 8 people looking at me, but i don’t give a shit anymore, with the angriest look i turn my eyes to those esmerald eyes i know so well, and angrily let my wet umbrella fall on top of his desk. 

he looks at me weirdly and then looks at his pals “Em.. What the hell?” 

i shrug and sarcastically respond “Oh nothing, you know, i came here walking because someone didn’t give me a ride” 

he shrugs “and what am i supposed to do?” he laughs and looks around at his friends 

all of them are laughing at me, and i can hear a lot of them murmuring things like ‘what a weirdo’ ‘michael, the nerd is talking to you’ ‘her ass looks great though’ 

“Really? Michael, what is wrong with you?” i groan, i could feel my cheeks heating and my eyes getting watery. 

“I think the question is, what is wrong with you?” he specifies to then give me that look that i knew pretty well, those eyes that begged me to not be mad and follow the lead but i was too mad for that. 

“Michael! For fuck’s sake, are you not going to say anything? are you really going to act dumb about this?” i yell, hit the desk with my hand, making him know how mad i am “It’s our fucking one-year anniversary, you made me walk under the rain, stop being a pussy and speak up!” i say looking at him challenge. 

he acts like the confused victim and mumbles towards his friends “She’s crazy dude” while i stand there waiting for him to say something “What are you even talking to me? do you know who i am?” 

i roll my eyes  “of course i know” i buff and push a chair towards me, carefully stepping on it “and i did not wanted to do this, but you fucking asked for it, EVERYONE CAN I GET YOUR ATTENTION?” i shout on the classroom making everyone turn to me. 

“(Y/n) cut the shit” i hear him mumble and i glare at him. 

“i just wanted to update you guys on the situation” i say paying no attention to Michael at all, who was already getting up from his seat and i could feel how angry he was getting “You all know Michael here, well yeah, he is my ex-boyfriend, it was supposed to be our one-year anniversary, but he didn’t have the balls so say i am was his girlfriends and he didn’t had the balls to give me a ride to school” i laugh like it was funny. 

no one is looking at him now, but when i turn my eyes to him, he is mouthing a ‘ex?’ and i nod, i am done with this and he knows it so damn well. 

“How does that feel?” i say to him and before i finish everyone laughs at the same time. the whole classroom is laughing and pointing towards me, and that is the moment when i feel ashamed, i am giving Michael my beast glare, and he is still looking at me speechless.  

i look around and everyone is still laughing, almost cleaning tears of laughter out of their eyes, and when i get down the chair, i kick it hard, so hard that it hit the wall loudly, everyone is still laughing. When i leave the classroom i am already completely crying. 

i should have known he wouldnt ever say a thing about us 

i should have known this wasnt going to work 

and most importantly, i should have known how ashamed he felt about me.

i am his secret and i will always will be. now in the whole school eyes, i am just a looser. a looser and a liar. 

If and Then || Jin || Pt. 1

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Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 //  Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 //

Word Count: 3515

Genre: romance, angst, fluff, single-parent au

Summary: Some days you wonder how your life would be like had you not left the alter

Four years ago today, you had left him at the alter. You remembered clearly how you felt; the trembling fingers, the tears that threatened to fall, the thoughts that went through your mind as you peered out at him from where you stood. You couldn’t do this, you remember thinking. You couldn’t lie to yourself and marry this man that you didn’t love. He was nice, he was kind, and you didn’t deserve him. You knew that he deserved someone better, someone that actually loved him and not another man. He’d be heartbroken—you knew this—but you had to do it. So, an hour before the wedding, you left.

The first year without him, you felt empty. Even when you were with your new lover, you could feel his presence beside you that told you, you had made the wrong choice. Halfway through the second year, you had completely forgotten about him. The guilt was now replaced with endless love for this other man. You two had gotten married within that second year and you gave birth to your first child. At the end of the third year, you had moved back to Korea and, to your parents’ dismay, you had gotten a divorce.

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anonymous asked:

Hey man, can we get more Janco/Manna art ideas/prompts? they're cute and inspiring! hell, I may be able to draw something 😀😁😆

Some of the older ideas for reference: here and here and here.

Some newer ideas:

  • Marco and Janna sharing an umbrella in the rain
    • A comic where Marco finds his umbrella mysteriously missing and so is forced to share one with Janna; at the end he suddenly realizes that Janna’s umbrella looks suspiciously like his own
  • Younger Janna and younger Marco going on adventures
    • Janna trying to raise the dead in a graveyard while worried Marco keeps saying they should go home; Janna keeps calling him scared and Marco keeps denying it
    • Janna making a mess in the kitchen while trying to cook while Marco obsessively tries to clean everything up
    • White-belt Janna beating white-belt Marco in a karate spar
  • Marco carrying a young Janna (result of age transformation shenanigans from Star’s spellcasting) who keeps clinging onto him uncomfortably tightly
  • Comic where Marco tries flirting back, catching Janna completely by surprise and causing her to fall apart into a blushing mess
Reyna Writes: Four Corners, Straight Line - An ML Christmas Ficlet

For @siderealsandman. Merry Christmas~ <3

          “How did you know?”

           Chat Noir’s eyes flickered over to Marinette, who leaned against the balcony railing next to him, her gaze focused on the Parisian skyline. The moonlight complimented her, he couldn’t help but note; she was pale, her skin glowing, as if it was made up of starlight itself. She was lovely, wasn’t she?

           It was hard to remember, exactly, when these late night hangouts between them became commonplace. He had just been roaming around one night, as he tended to do when he was restless, when he had spotted her out on her balcony, gazing into the night, with something that smelled wonderful with her. Turned out they were freshly baked croissants, and Chat couldn’t stop himself from dropping in on her, though he regretted it almost immediately when she screamed in surprise and nearly hit him with the tray of croissants, sending them flying.

           The rest, one might say, was history.

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~Accidentally in Love ~Series: Jeon Jungkook

We’ve all had our clumsy moments but what if those embarrassing moments, where we hoped no one was looking, actually led us to the right person?

A/N: So I wanted to write one shots for the BTS/VIXX member’s birthdays and stumbled ~ (hehe) upon this idea. I’ll update as each member’s birthdays come along :)

Genre: FLUFF 

September Babies: Jungkook | Namjoon: Part 1 / Part 2 | Hongbin

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           "Ugh. Stupid umbrella.“ Jungkook hissed as he struggled to close it underneath the school entrance.

           He was already late, never mind the fact he had also been absent for the past two weeks due to his schedules as an idol. Not that he minded getting special privileges; school wasn’t exactly his favorite activity. He didn’t look forward to the eyes burning into his skin the entire day as he tried to sit still for hours when he was so used to moving his body actively. He knew when people took pictures of him just standing around and when they whispered about him as he passed by. He tried to always find a seat in the back to avoid attention, but the teacher always reserved him a seat in front to ensure that all the students would at least look forward instead of sneaking glances behind.

           He wriggled his umbrella again and gave it a strong pull, forcing it to shut rapidly. His eyes widened as a barrage of droplets sprung from the umbrella onto a female student, who had been unfortunate enough to be walking up the steps in front of him. He panicked as her eyes shut instinctively and her white shirt and face were now partially drenched.

           "Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry!” he freaked out as he dropped his umbrella and hurried over to her.

           Without much thought, he pulled his sleeves over his hands and began patting her face and neck down to dry. It wasn’t until hands gripped his wrist as they traveled lower that he realized where he was going to touch her chest next. Gasping again, he stumbled back, embarrassed. The girl was just as shocked as him at the events that occurred. He took note that she was very pretty and was staring back at him with big, doe-like eyes. Immediately, he looked down to avoid her gaze shyly.

           "S-s-sorry. My umbrella was stuck and I didn’t see you…“ he mumbled.

           "It’s fine. Let’s just get to class.” she stated gently.

           "To class?“ he questioned.

           "Yeah, isn’t that why you’re standing in front of the door Mr. Bangtan Sonyeondan?” she gestured to the entrance, amused.

           "Oh right.“ Jungkook hurriedly remembered where he was.

           "I’ll go ahead first then.” she bowed and scurried up the steps, leaving Jungkook to stare at her figure buttoning up her uniform jacket to hide the wet spots he had caused.

           After she disappeared, he followed her, realizing that they were in the same class. It hadn’t been weird of her to know who he was; everyone at the school knew he attended it.

           "Ah Mr. Jeon, nice of you to join us today.“ his professor smiled warmly. "Please take your seat up front.”

           Jungkook’s eyes found the girl he had bumped into in the back corner, using tissues to wipe her face nonchalantly.

           "Mr. Jeon?“ his teacher called out to get his attention.

           The girl’s eyes darted in his direction and their gazes met. Hurriedly, Jungkook turned back to the teacher and nodded curtly, walking to his seat, flustered. During the entire class Jungkook simply copied what was on the board. He watched his teacher’s mouth move but couldn’t comprehend what exactly was coming out of it. By the end of class he had the entire board jotted down on his notebook, decorated with doodles of him and his hyungs playing in the rain.

           "Y/N. Mr. Jeon. Please see me.” the teacher called out as the class ended.

           Jungkook blinked, wondering if he had missed something important the teacher had said before his name was called. Soon, the girl walked past his desk towards the teacher, clutching books across her chest.

           You tried hard not to look guilty as you walked forward. Most of your friends were already questioning you on whether you had bumped into Jungkook or not on your way to class. For the sake of your sanity, you lied and said he probably arrived after you had gotten into the building. And of course it had been your luck that the day you slept in and simply rolled out of bed was the day you ran into your school’s celebrity.

           "Yes, teacher?“ You questioned and fought down the butterflies that filled your stomach when Jungkook’s presence appeared beside you.

           "You two were late today so I’m assigning you two to cleaning duty after school. Any problems with that?” the teacher asked.

           You shook your head and saw Jungkook hesitate a bit.

           "I can do it myself.“ You chimed in, knowing that he probably had some fancy shmancy schedule to attend to.

           But to your surprise, Jungkook agreed. "I don’t have a problem with it.”

           The teacher also appeared startled. Both you and Jungkook could tell he was conflicted with giving THE Jeon Jungkook “punishment”, but also wanted to treat all the students the same.

           "I want to do it.“ Jungkook pressed on with a timid grin. "Let’s just say I volunteered for it. I’m quite good at cleaning.”

           The teacher smiled and nodded, comforted by his wording. “Very well then.”

           You chuckled at how easily the teacher was pleased and soon found yourself alone with Jungkook in the classroom. Without sparing a glance at him, you hurriedly made your way towards the door.

           "Sorry about earlier.“ Jungkook commented, stopping you in your tracks. "Are your clothes dry now?”

           "Yeah.“ You smiled, hoping he didn’t see the growing blush on your cheeks. "I have to take them off for gym anyway so they’ll have more time to dry.”

           "Oh right. We have gym next!“ His face lit up and you couldn’t help but laugh at his childlike excitement.

           You were met again with questions and squeals at having been called up with Jungkook then seen walking down the hallway with him. After struggling to find somewhere to change where there weren’t people glaring or questioning you, you hurried out of the locker rooms, completely exhausted.

           There was obnoxious cheering and squeals as Jungkook was fooling around with some of the guys on the court. You sighed and took your floor spot, waiting for attendance and stretching to figure out which torturous gym activity you would be forced to do today. Yesterday it had been basketball, which you more or less could fake participation. You weren’t bad at sports; you were just merely unmotivated and unenthusiastic about it.

           On the other hand, Jungkook felt the most comfortable during gym class. He was more of a physically active person. He liked challenging his body’s limits and to get his blood pumping by sweating. He needed to move to feel alive. He and his classmates were playing around and made their own makeshift game of dodgeball while the gym teacher wasn’t there yet. With each throw, their competitive natures were triggered. Soon they began whipping the ball to each other, but Jungkook’s physique was unrivaled by most. The match boiled down to him and the captain of the baseball team who was as sturdy and muscular as he was.

           You looked around curiously, wondering why the teacher was late, but no one else seemed to mind. Everyone had stood up, enthralled by the speed and agility of Jungkook and the baseball captain going back and forth to determine the true winner of the match. Sighing, you were swept up with the crowd and decided to stand as well for your safety. But one second, you were getting up… and the next was pitch-black.

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