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he feels like the most beautiful dream 😢💘


I have been cleansed!!!

Twitter text: Those able to utilize the Dragon Veins.. are those able to wield the power of nature like the gods themselves! When Takumi, the prince clad in the brightest of winds, releases the power of Dragon Vein, the blue waters shall part to reveal a new path. And thus, the wind blowing across the earth shall change the course of events, turning the tide of war. 

BTS - The Red Bullet HiTouch Fan Account -São Paulo/Brazil 150731

Okay so the order on the table was Taehyung, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Hoseok and Namjoon.

When we were getting close to the table they were already with one of their hands ready to high fives and my friend had some issues with her cellphone so Taehyung looked at us really confused.

And starting with him, I said ‘hi!’ in korean and he said hi back smiling and considering I am 170cm sharp, he is way way taller than me and he looks heavenly and his eyes are very very black. His hand is like pretty big?? And it was very very warm and he seemed very happy there and there is no flaw on that human being he was just the sweetest to everyone and his hand is so warm and big!! He also has a very very deep voice that reaches the depths of the earth I am not joking.

Then Suga was next and my friend who was in front of me said “marry me!” and he said “thanks” lmao and he smiled. He’s smaller than me for good centimeters!! Maybe 165 or 168cm?? He’s around that I guess. And he was very very sweet and I said ‘hi’ and he said ‘thank you!!’ and he has a very very nice smile and he is sooooooooooo pale, plus his hair seems very fluffy and it was very very blonde. His hands are smaller than mine?? and are very very soft and cold. yes. And his voice is super raspy jesus yes

PARK FREAKING JIMIN. He is smaller than me and smaller than suga but wow it’s by little. He was super super cute and when I said ‘hi’ he gave that smile that made his eyes close and I swear I melted right there. He is extremely handsome and he is so built??? he looked very nice and he was thanking everyone for coming and saying he liked brazil and all that stuff and I swear I could’ve asked him to marry me right there, no jokes. He was giggling!! And his voice is wonderful I cannot put into words how it feels like to have park jimin directly saying something to you.

JUNGKOOK OMG THIS IS LONG. So my friend high fived him and she was about to leave when she looked at him and said “Jimin is in love with you”, but Jungkook didn’t get it at all and neither did I, so I looked confused at her and so did him and he lOOKED AT ME AND HE FURROWED HIS EYEBROWS AND HE WANTED TO UNDERSTAND BUT HE DIDN’T AND. ugh. He had his hand extended for me and I told him ‘hi!! I love you’ and he looked deep down on my soul with those huge black eyes of his and he smiled so bright and said ‘thank you!!’ omf he is seriously so handsome pictures do not pay him right he is so freaking tall (he is like way bigger than me lmao) and he was like leaning on Jin and he’s cute and he has like eyebags or something under his eyes and his cheeks have some pimple marks and he SQUEEZED MY HAND. I REPEAT JEON JUNGKOOK DID NOT HIGH FIVE ME BECAUSE I SURE WENT FOR ONE BUT HE HELD MY HAND AND HE SQUEEZED IT AND I DIED BECAUSE HIS HAND IS BIG AND WARM AND SOFT. EXTREMELY SOFT. and his eyes are blackholes be careful he is handsome i am so annoyed by that. 

Jin literally put his hands up high for which i had to go up for. And he is very broad like very broad and he’s a sweet pie he said thank you for everyone and he was smiling and I said ‘hi’ and he was quite surprised??? and he said hi back in korean and I was pghspdhgpgh i made him proud. His skin is perfect and his voice is perfect and his everything is perfect and a friend of mine asked to marry him and he said yes!! haha It was very very sweet of him. 

HOSEOK WAS SPEAKING PORTUGUESE HANDS DOWN. I looked at him and said ‘hi!’ and he said thank you and I was laughing because he spoke in my language and i spoke on his and he has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen it’s so white??? and amazing and his hair is amazing and his voice is amazing and his whole existence made me feel so blessed. He was so so so hyped I couldn’t not smile in his presence. Curiously he was like taller than me obviously but he wasn’t THAT much taller.

Oh and then I went to high five Namjoon and I didn’t know what to say so I said ‘You’re amazing’ and he looked at me and he held back his laugh and said ‘I know’ haha he is very big and tall and his hands ARE THE BIGGEST HANDS ON BANGTAN THIS IS NO JOKE MY HAND SEEMED LIKE A DOLL’S HAND NEXT TO HIS AND HIS HANDS ARE NOT SOFT. AT ALL. And it had pen stains also idk why I noticed that. And he smelled very good wtf I could smell from across the table and he seemed a bit tired but he was smiling nonetheless.

Dancing Together

You were laying on the couch in comfortable pajamas and a tank top ready to dedicate tonight to unwinding.  Calum was upstairs changing into the same thing ready to take on this relaxing night with his wife by his side.  Ever since you and Calum got married most of your time was spent together, which was the dream way of spending married life.  As Calum came running down the stairs, you noticed that the way he looked right now was your favorite way to see him.  His hair was already starting to dry from his shower into your favorite curls and he had a gray tank top over his torso and sweatpants hanging low on his hips.  He looked heavenly even though you two were practically dressed in the same thing.  When Calum got to the room you were laying in, he plugged his phone into your living room speakers, a necessity when designing your new home.  He turned on a slow song that the two of you knew all too well.  When Calum reached the spot you were relaxing on he stopped right in front of you with his arm extended towards you and you knew exactly what that meant.  You placed your hand in his and let him pull you up and close to his body.  The closeness of your bodies and the song that Calum chose could only mean one thing, he wanted to dance.  Dancing had always been you guys’ thing.  Whenever one of you had a bad day or when you needed a pick me up whatever it was, it could always be solved with a dance from your husband.  Something about the intimacy of sharing a dance made you two feel like you were the only people in the world even if it was just for the length of one song.  You and Calum were hand in hand, your foreheads were pressed against each other and your lips were centimeters from each other.  Your feet were gliding across the carpet of your living room and your eyes were lost in the deep and glowing brown of Calum’s eyes.  The dancing moments never got old, even though they happened very often in the Hood household.  In this moment your mind wandered to all the special dances you guys have shared, the ones that really stood out in your head.

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Come with me Friday / don’t say maybe.

Liam would stand in the hall wearing a white T-shirt, a light washed pair of jeans and a plaid shirt tied around his hips along with a pair of work boots. He’d look heavenly. You’d look down as you tried to pass by the beautiful boy. “Hey,” he’d grab your hand. You’d blush furiously. “Where are you off to, babe?” He’d ask. “Um…babysit.” “Are you busy Friday?” He’d ask confidently. You’d shake your head. “No,” you’d whisper shyly. “Come with me Friday?” He’d ask with a smile. “Uh…” “Aw, baby, please don’t say maybe,” he’d whisper pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. You’d bite your lip. “I have to go, Liam,” you’d whisper. He’d sigh sadly. He’d been asking you out every week since the beginning of the year. “Babe, please?” He’d beg softly. “Just one date wouldn’t kill you…” Oh, God. He was so tempting…but he was so…Ugh. How could someone who was so cocky and gorgeous be so sweet to you…? All you had heard since you started the school was not to fall for the brown-haired, brown-eyed boy. But Liam wasn’t the awful names that all the girls told you he was. He was sweet and kind. He opened every door he saw you pass through and he bought you lunch on more than one occasion. Everything about him contradicted what you had heard and part of you really wanted to know why. “Um…not this week, Liam,” you’d murmur and slowly slip from his grip. You were really cold in that moment and kind of wished you could go back and cuddle in Liam’s arms. God, he was heavenly looking. You’d walk toward your house grateful it was no longer pouring rain as it was this morning. “Hey,” You would hear an Irish voice call. You’d turn to the sound and see Niall, Liam’s best friend smiling gently at you as he caught up to your pace. “Hey,” he’d say gently. “You should go out with Liam,” he’d tell you. “I—” “I know you’ve probably heard nothing good about him, but he’s going crazy over you. He’s nuts. He’s a great guy.” “Ni—” “Look, he’s an idiot, but he’s used to getting what he wants at the flick of his wrist, you’re not as easy to get and he finds that intriguing and refreshing…” “But—” “Please just give him a chance,” he’d beg softly. “NIALL!” You’d shout. He’d look at you anxiously. “He’s a really good guy,” he’d mumble. You’d sigh. “I know,” you’d answer. “You can tell him yes to Friday,” you’d say softly and scribbled your number on a scrap piece of paper. Niall lit up like the sun on this bleary day. “Really?“ He’d ask in shock. You’d nod. "Yeah,” you’d say shyly. “Oh my God, princess, you don’t even know. He’s going to be so happy,” he’d kiss your cheek. “Thank you, love,” he’d shout over her shoulder and he’d race back to the building to tell Liam.

You’d be searching in the closet for your second shoe when the doorbell rang. Your heart would flutter and you’d grab your shoes and run downstairs to beat your older brother to the door. You’d glare at him and he’d roll his eyes. “I don’t like him,” he’d grumble. You’d wrinkle your nose at him. “You don’t like any guy for me.” He’d nod knowingly. “Now you’re getting it,” he’d smile. You’d roll your eyes at him and open the door. Liam had spent way too long getting ready that afternoon waiting to come get you for your date. Oh wow, she’s pretty, he’d think. “You look amazing,” he’d murmur staring at your hair twirled into beautiful long curls. You’d blush as you’d drop your shoes to the floor to slip your feet inside. He was holding a single red tulip in his hand and he’d hand it to you. “I…I wanted to get you a bouquet, but my mum helped me pick out flowers and nothing was fresh. So she let me pick a tulip from her garden instead,” he’d say shyly. You’d blush. “It’s lovely,” you’d sniff it and twirl it in your fingers. “One second,” you’d hurry to the kitchen to grab the thinnest vase and fill it with water. “Just want to put it in my room,” you’d tell him and you’d scurry back up the steps. You appeared back downstairs moments later and you grabbed Liam’s hand before your brother scared him. “Hey,” your brother whined. You’d ignore him closing the door shut loudly. Liam would stare at you. “You look amazing,” he’d repeat. “Am I dressed appropriately?” You’d ask curiously. He’d nod. “Perfect.”

Liam was pretty sure Niall gave him a fake phone number. But when you answered the phone, his heart took for heaven and it still hadn’t returned. You were actually on a real date with him. He held your hand as he guided you through the different holes of the minigolf course. You decided on a pair of high-waisted floral shorts with a yellow tank top and black three quarter length sleeves and a pair of canvas slip ons. Liam was in utter awe. You were totally gorgeous and he couldn’t believe it. You’d laugh as he played horribly. “You don’t have to let me win just because it’s the first date,” you told him knowingly as you added his score up while waiting at the tenth hole. He’d snort. “Yeah, really. I can’t help it,” he’d mumble. You’d stare at him. “Why are you different to me than all the other girls?” He’d shrug. “I don’t know, babe. I…I just feel something unlike I’ve ever felt for any other girl before. I let every single one of them know that my intention was to never settle down,” he’d explain. “But with you I don’t think I’ll want anything but settle down.” He’d bite his lip. “Not to scare you.” You’d smile gently and shrug. “It’s nice you would settle for me,” you’d joke. He’d gape at you. “No, princess,” he’d say quickly. “That’s—” “I’m only kidding,” you’d say and squeeze his fingers entwined with yours. “I’m having a wonderful time,” you’d tell him. “Makes me feel rotten for not saying yes sooner,” you’d mumble leaning into his side and he’d rub your side. “Well, I’m just grateful you did finally say it,” he’d say knowingly. You’d look up at him and you’d smile and he’d gaze back down at you before pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead.