he looks great omg

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Your thoughts?

Oooooo, looks GREAT, really!! Actually a ton better than the Tommy I made over a month ago (probably because I relied too heavily on the in-game model which is… ehhhh XD) I’d download your version in a heartbeat, he looks amazing!

You’re killing me. Your humor is right down my alley.

And yes! Aizawa definitely gets more attractive as the manga goes on. At first he comes off as this really scraggy looking hobo. Very unattractive, please crawl back in your sleeping bag and save us all the grief of having to look at you.

But then after the sports festival, my theory is that Horikoshi FORGOT how to draw him because he was in a fully body cast for 30 chapters. He emerges from that bandage cocoon looking pretty great. He still looks a little scruffy, but LOOK HE SHAVED OMG.

 And eventually his hair looks like it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Then his gorgeous eyes.

To be honest, the same exact thing happened with the artist who draws the smash comics, too. (But that’s something that’ll have to be discussed in another post lmao.) In conclusion: Aizawa eventually starts boosting his ratings by shaving slightly, using new shampoo and paying for more expensive eye drops.

Namjoon natural skin colour appreciation post !

Another bby with beautiful skin it is a shame to whitewash ~

His tan is sexy okay !

It looks amazing ! 

ignore the haircut lol it’s just a phase ^^

One of my fav gifs of him tbh

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Namjoon ft. Rapmon ~ 


Luke Evans truly did do a great job as Gaston ok, I’m not just saying that bc “oh he’s so cute”, like for real he stood out to me in that movie. He was great the way he slowly goes mad as the movie progresses and the way he would just get really sharp with someone, the look that would cross his face, but it was quick like you could miss it if you aren’t paying attention. Another thing was his singing voice, it is fantastic. Some parts in the “the mob song” and “Gaston” that he does are just great, I never expected him to have such range with his voice. I’m just proud of him I guess


Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

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you know how harry couldn't answer the question so he dodged it by saying "you look great tonight" omg imagine h's girl is just upset about something harry did and he tries to take her mind off it by complimenting her and finally she just gives in omg aw


“You look really pretty tonight.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“I mean, really. That dress? Amazing.”

“Answer the question.”

“And your hair. S'like….. Gorgeous.”


“And are those new shoes? Know I didn’t buy you those shoes.”