he looks gorgeous in it tho

Jang Moonbuk and his hair!

It’s nothing big, but seriously guys look at Moonbuk here in the hair salon just looking literally gorgeous with his hair. LIKE HOW EVEN IS THIS POSSIBLE?? Don’t get me wrong after seeing him on the show I really like the charm that he has but his hair never came out as this elegant always just seemed long…. ….. he LOOKS SO PRETTY THO AHDISIJDF i think im slowly falling for his weird charm and how honest he is.

But imagine

klance owning a food truck and just traveling along the coast (Keith barely argued against it because he loves seeing how happy the ocean makes Lance). They’ll play music together, Lance playing guitar and Keith singing along, and it brings customers in. Lance loves watching Keith cook the food with his hair tied up in a ponytail, tbh Keith probably hums while he cooks. Lance is positive it’s his charming good looks that bring in business and Keith always humors him (“yes babe you’re so gorgeous”, “thank you for making us so successful”) Them taking days off to explore the town and having cute touristy dates, and finding new food ideas to try out. Lance probably made the truck have a skylight, and they’ll lay together looking up at the stars for hours in a thousand different cities.

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omfg I see the Lotor fans have risen

saw it B) can’t believe s3 is on august 4?? I thought it was gonna be september, how are they so fast

Shiro is somewhere with Matt! I think it was in another preview thing

I’mm mostly confused as to why it looks like Lance is in the red lion tho

Jungkook as a MLM Boyfriend

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Seokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi

- memes. every day all day 

- he would send you all the best and new memes, can’t have his boyfriend using old and outdated ones 

- jungkook would be very protective of you 

- literally anyone : *gets a little too friendly while talking to you*

  jungkook : *does the tongue thing*

- at the start of your relationship, he’d be really shy about hand holding and stuff, but as soon as he was more comfortable with you he’d be really clingy

- jungkook would enjoy being the little spoon and would be really open about it 

“yea. i like it when my boyfriend cuddles me and strokes my hair, u gotta problem with that buckaroo?”

- lazy days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- both of you in white t shirts and grey sweatpants, lying in his bed and playing over watch and mario kart all day 

- ends with takeout and thEN MAEKOUT 

- gosh i lvoe him

- when it came to being public, he probably wouldn’t want to make your relationship known to anyone outside of his family/bangtan, just in case any crazy fans did/ said anything harmful to you

-  this mean’t that dates couldn’t really be outside, but laying around and making out all day with him felt just as good as going on a date

- since he’d relatively young and most likely hasn’t kissed more than a handful of people, he’d be like obsessed with kissing you 

- jungkook’s mindset : you just passed a test at college? KISSES. you just beat that one level on super mario? KISSES. you’re just standing there looking gorgeous as hell? KISSESSSSSSS

- you’d constantly tease each other, no harm intended tho

- he’d call you “shorty” and “fuck boi” when he was feeling playful and trying to get a rise out of you

- he’d always make sure to compliment you afterwards, even if he’d only been teasing you for 5 minutes

- can’t have his baby boy feeling anything but gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!

- even though he loved to call you his baby boy, he’d feel really soft and warm on the odd occasion where you called him baby boy

“i just wanna snuggle with you all the time and be with you as much as i can and wow am i tearing up ? because .. i think we might be soulmates???”

- o h MY GO D y’know those memey valentine cards?? that are usually innuendos? yeah he’d send you them all year round 

- this lil snuggle bunny just has so much love for you and loves expressing it 

- loves it when you pamper him with cuddles, kisses, back rubs, blowjobs

- honestly ,, ? ?? you and jungkook would be couple goals 

this ws fun 

tell me which member u want me to do next!

- angus



Marcus and the reader broke up because of what the reader found out. Justin, the reader’s childhood friend came over to cheer her up.

Warning:  swearing

Words: 1236

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested a movie night with Justin. I’m sorry if it seemed rushed or something, I was having a bit of a writer’s block. I tried to make the ending as fluffy as I can. Hope you like it. :) 

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“I overheard your conversation you bastard!” you glared at him, face flushed with anger, hot tears threatening to fall. He looked around the gym seeing that some people were looking at the both of you, he grabbed your wrist and leaned in. “Don’t make a scene here, y/n.” You looked at him incredulously giving a bitter laugh.

“Well, I’m really sorry for caring Mr. valedictorian. Tell me, how long did you plan on letting this on? Till you get in my pants?” You snapped. He was about to snap back, you want him to because then maybe he cared even a little, but his concern for his reputation precedes everything else apparently. 

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Zayn leaving Gigi’s apartment 30.4 (left hand hidden in the pocket):

Zayn arriving Gigi’s apartment (hand with a red bruise):

Zayn’s hand perfectly fine in 29.4:

This was pointed out to me by Cami. The same way some people don’t like to look at these details, i think it’s important to notice Zayn behaving like this when stunting gets him hard, since 2012 (post1, post2, post3). If his new team was looking for his best interests, things like this wouldn’t happen.
My unpopular opinion: he tried skip Met Gala by pulling the injured foot and it didn’t work. He got pissed… Hand injured. That’s MY opinion. And this is sad af, because he (probably) will appear gorgeous as always at the Met tonight, and this will be forgotten (not by some of us, tho).

Not believing in these “conspiracies” (like some people like to say), will not change the fact this is happening for a long time. Unfortunately. It’s a pattern and his way to say it’s enough.

All i want right now is that he gets to be mia for a little while. Away from any stunt, to recharge himself. And that he can get to start rehearsals for his upcoming shows in Japan. Fingers crossed.

Peter looks up from his breakfast and smiles at Gamora. She just nods at him and starts reading the newspaper. Well, he won’t tell her that she holds it upside down. Groot is still eating and Rocket is half alseep next to him. Even Drax is here, but Tony is missing.

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t care that you are still hungry. That is my bacon!” Rocket growls and holds onto his plate.

Peter smiles and looks around. Where could Tony be? Normally he is the first in the kitchen because he needs his coffee. Its been over two months now that Peter and the Guardians are with Tony in his Tower, after they crashed their ship. His beautiful ship.

Still. Why is Tony not here?

“I am Groot.”

“No i’m not sleeping! I will eat it!” Rocket mumurs even tho his eyes are still closed. Peter shakes his head at them and looks to Gamora.

“Where’s Tony?”, he asks and Gamora doesn’t even look up.

“Already missing your Boyfriend?”, is what she asks back and Peter sputters.

“He is not my boyfriend?!” Peter nearly squeaks. But everyone at the table laughes. Even Drax and Peter is sure that he doesn’t know why.

“Good morning.”

Tony smiles at them when he enters the kitchen and he looks…gorgeous. He just wears an old jeans and a white shirt but the way he yawns and rubs his left eye. He is just too cute.

After Gamora told him that they wouldn’t be together, Peter was really sad. But then they’ve met Tony. And Peter was just…gone. Just like that. And his friends knew this.

“Morning, Tony.” Peter says and he can’t help his smile. Tony smiles back at him and then makes a beeline for the coffeemaker.

“So what are the plans for today?”, asks Tony once he is at his second cup of coffee. He sits down next to Drax, who grunts.

“Working on the ship. Care to join us?”, says Rocket who looks a lot more awake now. Tony smiles at him and shakes his head.

“Sadly no. But i wouldn’t be a help anyway.” Answers Tony and shrugs. Peter wants to say something about that. Because this isn’t true. Tony is always a help and he is a genius! He worked a lot on the ship already and Rocket wouldn’t ask him if Tony wasn’t good.

“Sir? Captain Rogers on the phone.” Friday says before Peter can say anything about Tonys sad look. He always gets the look when he says something about himself like that. Like he truly believes it. Like someone he loves told him that before. Peter wants to scream.

“Oh. I will talk to him la-…”, Tony begins but then they all can hear Captain America in the kitchen.

“Tony? What is the matter with you?”, Captain America shouts already and Tony gets even paler then before.

“I..uhm…can i call you back?” Tony whispers and he looks really afraid.

“What? No! I want to clarify that now!” Captain America growls and Tony stands up. He looks a bit shaken, tho.

“B-but i uh…i have visitors…”, Tony tries again and Captain America laughs.

“As if. Now want to tell me why Bucky is awake? We froze him for a reason, Stark! You know that. Do you want to hurt him again is that what you want?”, Captain America sounds so angry that even Drax looks a bit afraid at the ceiling where they can hear his voice.

“No! I…i made an update and i…wanted to help!”, Tony says now and he looks so desperate, that Peter wants to hold him.

“We don’t need your fucking help. Nobody does!” This is another voice on the phone but it is enough. Without another word Tony runs out of the room. The Guardians are left speechless.

“Captain, here is Starlord. I think you made Tony upset.” Peter stands up now, even if Captain America can’t see that. But his voice is cold.

“Who are you?” Asks Captain America back.

“Peter Quill. A friend of Tony. Rocket, Gamora, Drax and Groot are with me and we are the Guardians of the Galaxy.” Peter says slowly. He doesn’t know Captain America and now he is glad about it. Seems like an asshole.

“The Guardians of the Galaxy? What is Tony going to do now?!” Captain America sounds like they are the bad guys. Peter growls.

“Nothing that i would tell you, but listen. If you ever talk to him again like that, we will find you.” Peter says and Drax gets his knife out of one of his pockets. Peter shuhes him.

“Is that a threat?”

“Yes, Asshole.” Is all Peter says before he leaves, too. He needs to find Tony. He can hear Rockets and Groots voices as he leaves.

“I dont know who you are, Captain. But Tony is the smartest men i know and it means a lot when i say it.”

“I am Groot.”

Peter needs nearly an hour to find Tony and when he does he wants to smack himself. Of course Tony is here.

Tony really worked with Gamora und Rocket a lot on their ship the last weeks. And when he wasn’t, he tried to build a smaller ship that fits only himself, so he could visit them.

Peter was so happy when Tony asked them if that was okay. And he was sure the hug from Drax was painful but Tony smiled so wide, that all Peter could do was to smile back.

And now he sits in his little ship. Crying.

Well you know. Tony is a lot of things. And he does a lot of things. He likes to cuddle Peter when they watch a movie late at night. He likes to show Rocket his suits and even made one for him. He likes to cook with Gamora and he even teaches her. He dances with Groot when he is happy.

But Peter has never seen him cry.

Its heartbreaking. And beautiful.

“Tony?” Peter say after a few seconds and Tony looks up at him. Then he wipes his tears away and smiles.

“Oh hey Peter. Do you need anything?” Tonys eyes are still wet and the smile doesn’t look real.

Peter doesn’t answer he just goes over to Tony and nearly sits on his lap, before he hugs him. Tony freezes.



“What are you doing?” Tony sounds so unsure and then he cries again. Peter just holds him through it and pets his soft hair. Tony is such a wonderful men and nobody cares.

Peter had known that the Avengers and he had a fight, but he didn’t know it was that bad.

“S-sorry.” Tony says when he stops crying.

“Nothing to be sorry for.” Answers Peter.

“Its just hard to… uhm hear the truth.” Tony says slowly and he doesn’t look at Peter anymore. Peter shakes his head.

“What? He didn’t said the truth. He was just being an asshole.”, says Peter and hugs Tony again. He just likes it, okay? Tony is so warm.

“Don’t let him hear that.” Giggles Tony and Peter smiles, too. It took Tony a while before he would giggle around them. But now he does it a lot and its the cutest sound Peter has ever heard.

“Oh but i told him.” Peter answers and Tony gasped.

“What? But he is…Captain America!” Tony says then and he seems to really mean that. Sounds like he really like him before their fight.

“And I’m StarLord. Which is way better than a Captain.” Says Peter easily and Tony giggles again.

“That is true.”

They sit like that for a while and Peter even plays with Tonys fingers. Tony seems tired now and his eyes are nearly closed. Then he sits back up.

“Oh! And i’m Iron Man. Which means i’m only a men.” Now Tony sounds upset again and Peter pulls him closer. So that Tony sits now on his lap. Perfect. Tony is smaller than him and Peter is a goner for that.

“Nah. Not only a men. Just the best i know.” Answers Peter now and he even kisses Tonys head. Tony shudders.

“Y-you only know aliens, but me. Your opinion doesn’t count.” Whispers Tony and Peter shakes his head.

“Nope. My opinion is the only one that counts. But if it calms you. Rocket and Groot also told Captaim America to fuck himself. And Drax had already his knife out.” Peter tells him and Tony relaxes.

“Really?” Tony asks and he looks so surprised at that. Peter holds him closer.

“Course. We are your friends.” He whispers in Tonys ear and Tony shudders beautifully again.

“It’s just… i miss them you know? I miss Steve so much and i thought he was my friend. And Clint he was so angry at me. And…i just i…really wanted to help! I made an update for Bucky, so he could live withouth being afraid to be controlled again. I thought…that then they all would come back and i wouldn’t be alone anymore.” Tony tells him slowly.

“Come with us.”

“What?” Tony sits up again and he doesn’t seem to be angry that he still sits in Peters lap.

“Come with us. Be a Guardian of the Galaxy. Please.” Peter really means it. When the ship is ready, they need to leave. And he can’t leave without Tony.

“You don’t need me!” Tonys says and Peter kisses his hair again.

I need you.”

Before Tony can protest again, Peter turns him a bit around and kisses him. He can still feel the salt from Tonys tears on his lips, but he doesn’t care. It feels so good. Tonys grip around his shoulder gets firmer. And then Tony kisses him back.

Peter is in heaven.

“Really?” Tony asks shyly when they part and Peter leans his forehead against Tonys.

“Really.” Peter smiles because Tonys face is a bright red now. Tony looks up at him and smiles back.

“Okay. I will come with you.” Tony says then Peter kisses him again, just because he can do that now. Tony giggles.

“But only because you need a Starqueen at your side.”

The plot-point dude in distress took a level in badass and about three levels in attractiveness.
Seriously, who gave him the right to be this attractive; it should be illegal

Also why is everyone saying he’s new space daddy? He’s like 22? He’s more like………space boyfriend

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  • Who said “I love you” first: Alex blurts it out on their first date. He says it almost jokingly after Lafayette takes him to all of his favorite places in one night but then Lafayette says it back and sounds sincere and Alex just kisses him.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: They are each others background. Lafayette lounging at the beach shirtlessly reading a book is Alex’s background while Lafayette’s is Alex drunkenly flipping the bird at the sky.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Lafayette does but it’s not how you’d expect. They wake up and neither are really in the mood to speak after a shower because they’re feeling loose and relaxed so while Alex is looking in the mirror, Laf will walk up behind him hug him from behind. Resting his chin on Alex’s head and they talk via the mirror fog until they are out of fog.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Laffayette just spoils Alex. He has an upsurd amount of money and buys Alex everything that he sees that reminds him of Alex. This means he buys Alex all the ravenclaw merch he sees (even tho Alex insists he’s a slytherin). Laf also buys them a bunch of matching sets. Like couples mugs that say ‘I love you more’ & ‘I love you most’. Or a matching robe set.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: It was a mutual thing. They were both studying together. It was after two am and they were both tired but Alex looked at Lafayette and was reminded yet again about how gorgeous he was and Laf looked at Alex and was reminded how gorgeous he was and they both just leaned in for a kiss. This led to some fooling around on the couch they were sitting on much to Burr’s annoyance because Alex and Burr were roomates and Burr sat on that couch.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Laf kisses Alex awake slowly and basically rolls over onto Alex and hovers over him and kisses him awake deeply and Alex wakes up everyday boxed in by Lafayette and unbelievably happy.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Laf starts the tickle fights when Alex is ignoring him. Like Alex won’t intentionally do it but gets really engrossed in his work sometimes so Laf gets his attention by tickling him. This leads to a very startled Alex just curling into the fetal position with Laf straddeling him in bed while Alex is crying with laughter under him.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: They shower together every morning. This is a result of the daily morning sex. They figure it’s more efficient to clean up together plus Lafayette loves to wash Alex’s hair for him. He finds it relazing. Alex loves it as well.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Lafayette surprises Alex. He brings them homemade food because he knows Alex won’t refuse food he put work into making. Then they sit in his office for about an hour eating and talking about whatever problem in sitting on Alex’s desk and Lafayette’s day.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Alex was super nervous because he has been known to screw things up and he really didn’t want to screw this up because it was Laf, it was his best friend.  But as the date went on and Laf took his to his favorite restraunt, his favorite arcade, his favorite bar, he couldn’t see himself screwing this up.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Alex does but only because Lafayette doesn’t see the point. Alex gets rid of them grudgingly though. Like he’ll grumbling under his breath the entire time he’s getting rid of them.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: They both do it. They do it sober. They’re just constantly proclaiming their love for each other. Lafayette is so in love with Alex. Like everything about him from the inside out and Alex is just always in awe that he managed to get with Lafayette. Neither can contain overwhemling love they feel for each other and really have to let it out into words.

Previously on LiliCole Sprousehart: We’re not gonna lie. It’s been a quiet week in the Sprousehart fandom. The Buggie part of the fandom got more than enough tho 💦. Lili was back at her parents house and Cole was working like the pro 📸he is. Fear not tho! We did get some breadcrumbs. Cole liked Lilis GORGEOUS pictures on Instagram. Marisol decided to like a bunch of Sprousehart tweets about how ‘Cole and Lili always are together’. They looked cozy and close at the cast live stream of The Finale at Marisols house, where they were also hanging by the pool. And speaking of that Finale? What a Finale it was. Bughead almost had sex and said I love you to each other. Can you believe? I’m actually writing this from the grave as we have yet to return to life after that episode. To end the week off, Lili posted pictures wearing a white shirt/blouse/robe looking SUSPICIOUSLY much like Coles white Coachella shirt 👀👀👀. Cole decided to like some steamy Bughead art.

Next week on LiliCole Sprousehart: As Lili seems to be feeling down, it’s very likely we won’t get much. All we can do is to hope that Cole and her friends are there for her and to keep sending her love! And remember; us getting little to nothing does not mean they’re in a fight or anything like it. STAY TUNED BABES!

So I haven’t seen anything posted about her yet but this is Baron Chau and she’s coming in S2 of Into the Badlands and I’ve been crying over her nonstop for 24 hours LOOK AT HER SHE’S GORGEOUS I hope she’s amazing??? I’ve wanted a female asian character so badly and now we have one and she looks so cool 😭😭😭

It looks like she deals in human cargo tho like the cogs…so that’s going to be intriguing.