he looks gorgeous im so proud of him

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hello :) can i request rfa+ v and saerans reaction to mc who often do her nails? (lol ive been watching simply nailogical for the past few weeks and im hooked lmao 😂) thank you so much 😊

Hello :)
Thank you for your request!

Zen: He would love a girl who knows how to take care of her appearance, so by having the most fabulous nails he would be extremely impressed and proud of you. Seeing you and your nails makes him almost fall over because you just look gorgeous, he’s would be extremely shaken by just a simple thing like doing your nails.

Yoosung: He would be amazed at how well you can do your nails and just wonders how you’re able to do them so neatly. Doing nail art boosts his awe by 10 times! You could probably persuade Yoosung into letting him do his nails because by the end of his daze, he’ll look at his nails are stare at them in complete awe. You’ve just opened him up to a whole new world.

Jaehee: I imagine that Jaehee wouldn’t do her nails very often due to her always being drowned in work however after seeing you do yours, she has an urge to just sit back and relax. She likes seeing how pretty your nails are day after day so she would take time to do her own, ask you to do hers or she would do yours! The two of you would have a blast deciding colours and all options associated.

Jumin: Despite his liking to keeping a good outward appearance, he’s a bit confused by your actions in doing your nails. He sees it as something so small and insignificant, he would prefer makeup over this but after seeing how your nails grab his attention almost all the time… he changes his mind. Even the smallest of things can catch his eye and so he’s charmed by your nails as he always has his eye on them when you’re doing things around the house. He likes how it adds to your overall appearance and begins to find the best nail parlour in town, just for you.

707: Once he sees how pretty your nails are, he wants his done right away! Tells you what colour to paint them and what he wants them to look like, our favourite Princess!Saeyoung has arrived. He loves having nice looking nails so now when he’s tapping away on the keyboard, at least he has something nice to look at. He likes the idea of doing nails now and is always there when you’re doing your own, he’s just patiently waiting his turn.

V: He would love seeing your nails done all pretty and such, makes for an artistic look. He loves seeing how you do your nails and takes so many pictures of you doing so. He says it’s something about how you “flick the brush across your nail”, just his creative mind striking back again.

Saeran: Doesn’t really get the reason behind you painting your nails, finds it a waste of time however when you force him to let you paint his nails black, he’s immediately swayed. He loves it. He would now love watching you do your nails and although he may seem like he doesn’t really care, he’s waiting for you to do his.

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Fuck Kendall forever but that IS damn gorgeous shot. I'm so proud of him! Out here doing work. Also did you see the BTS shot of him on the Sunday's Times instagram? He's so damn lanky, I'm in love

Im so proud of him too!! He’s so unbelievably talented - he made that whole shot in my honest opinion. AND LOOK AT HIM!!!!!! All dressed up and cool and amazing and professional uuuggghhhh

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HC of MC getting her hair done/getting played with by the RFA members


- okay but the funny thing is zen was actually a GOD at getting cute hairstyles done

- his hair had been long for quite a while so he learned how to make braids and all kind of hairstyles

- you’d always find him somehow trying out new stuff on your hair

- “zen what are you doing again”

- “it’s just so much easier when it’s not my own hair!!!”

- he’d look so focused it was adorable and SO proud when he was done

- “so uh how’d you like it? you look even more gorgeous not that you weren’t but now you’re even more how’s that possible. IM SO GOO-”


- this child oh god if you ever let him touch your hair. ITS GONE

- he’d love putting his hair clips on you and that would be adorable goddamn 

- this one time he just: “can i try to do your messy bun thingy”

- of course you let him because he was looking so cute and well you didn’t think he’d do anything bad i mean a bun isn’t that hard right?

- but after 20 minutes of him fumbling through your hair well.. 

- “yoosung? what are you doing?” nervous laugh 


- your hair was an absolute mess knots everywhere THE BUN LOOKED LIKE A BALL OF FURR

- he kept apologising and saying that he won’t do that again you just laughed it off because he was so cute


- actually jaehee told you that she always cut her hair short so that means she never really had the chance to do anything with long hair

- but surprisingly actually not so surprised THE FIRST TIME SHE EVER TRIED TO DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR HAIR

- it was absolutely gorgeous your jaw dropped even you couldnt believe you looked this hot 

- i mean you never ever tried to attempt a hairstyle like this

- starting that day jaehee would always get your hair done because like YES

- she was so damn beautiful she looked magnificent you felt like it was something she enjoyed doing she always had a blush on her face ahhhhhh

secret selfies when she’s making your hair while she isn’t looking


- now this big baby never let go of your hair 

- whenever you were sitting next to him he’d just get hold of a strand of hair and play with it

- can you just imagine he curls it around his finger all the damn time you’d almost end up with curly ends i swear to god

- in bed he’s stroke the top of your head and PLAY AGAIN WITH YOUR HAIR AGAIN

- “jumin why are you always holding my hair”

- “it calms me.”


- though he didn’t ever try to style your hair yet you’d rather he did not because apparently he tried to play with elizabeth’s fur once and it was a mess


- seven loved your hair so much 

- he loved smelling it for some reason “mc this shampoo you’re using it’s AMAZING” 

- kind of like jumin he’d never let go of it because it really did take his stress and anxiety away 

- that time he wanted to prank you and “accidentally” dyed your hair red you didn’t let him touch your hair for a week

- i swear he went crazy always apologising saying it was just a joke and that your hair was the reason he was still alive 

- though once you did try to let him make something out of your hair

- truly you weren’t expecting much you prepared all the needs to untie your hair of knots even before he started


“well you know we never know what my job requires me to do so i watched youtube tutorials”

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Leone Abbacchio, for your ask meme!

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY


can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

((I relate to his part in VA. Once a proud character, experienced a turning point in life, met someone you can rely on and be loyal to…. etc. I felt really bad when he died…. im so sorry, Abbacchio…))

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno

((I would LOVE to be his best friend!! I can’t say that I want to date him since I don’t deserve such a gorgeous man in my life… so loyal and disturbed ( to a degree) also because he’s part of the mafia…. that scares me, too….. but HEY I wanna know more about Abba and treat him nicely))