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Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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Giving In

In which Harry and y/n are too impatient to wait until Valentines Day…

A/N: Shoutout to @stylesunchained for the title because I was seriously stumped.  Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS! This is probably the filthiest thing I’ve ever written so… enjoy. 

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4 Page introduction to my comic, Jack and the Scholar!
And if you haven’t guessed it, She is the descendant of an old friend.

Woo! I’ve been working on this for weeks!

Taken place in the beginning of the 50 year time gap proceeding the events  of Season 5, Jack has recently lost his sword and we begin to see his transition into frustration and mental distress.

Here he is buying the first weapon of his new armor, his pistol. Something that he is not too pleased about. The merchant suggest he could ‘sneak up from behind’ which is a very un-honorable way to conduct yourself in battle. Especially for Jack. But he needs a weapon non the less.

He bumps into a field laborer distracted by her reading. In passing she casually mention historical facts and stories that Jack hadn’t heard in so long and honestly didn’t think anyone else knew. When he finally gets a good look at her, he senses something familiar, he just can’t quite put his finger on it.

Of course, she’s a woman of science and fact, so when Jack tells her that he is a time traveling Samurai from feudal japan with no sword named ‘Jack’…she doesn’t really believe him. Brushing him off, the woman turns to leave only to have her facts corrected by Jack. It may of struck a nerve with her, perhaps she had lost something in translation?

Jack’s mind is in the beginning process of deteriorating.  It begins to play tricks on him, taunting him of a childhood friend and fooling him into believing that perhaps he still in his own time. However the thoughts only destroy him more, he’s haunted by what he can not chase nor escape from.

But the woman seems to have an agenda of her own.
Perhaps they just got off on the 
Hopefully you like the introduction! If I get a good response I’ll finish chapter 1!

Special thanks to 

For their help with editing / script! 

Feedback appreciated! 


I know what’s said about me behind my back. Whispers of infidelities. My husband’s heard them. And I suspect, given the look on your face, you’ve heard them, too. Thomas and I are not bothered by them. The only question that remains is… are you?

I wish we had a front shot of the sea creature in the shape of water trailer, I want to draw him 😭