he looks good in this idk

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do you know how tall dutch and chuck are in canon? i cant find their actual character sheets with actual showing of on model height


Here’s what I do have: Mike is apparently like six feet tall per his character turnarounds.  Somebody caught a good screenshot that includes Chuck actually standing up straight for once, and it looks like he’s maybe two or three inches taller.  (Although also Mike has quite a bit of heel on his boots but ANYWAY).  Dutch looks to be maybe a couple more inches on top of that.  So if I was to throw out a rough estimate…..I’d put Chuck at like 6-2 or 3, and Dutch maybe 6…….4?  6-5?  @o@  HMMMMM IDK I’M BAD AT ESTIMATES.  Esp. when they keep SLOUCHING all the time.

way too tall, is the takeaway point.  lord


While I’m posting stuff, here’s my instructor’s horse (some kind of warmblood mare idk) and two dogs. I got to drag the boxer out of the arena to avoid him spooking a just-off-the-track tb, by his collar, praying that this strange dog would not freak out and bite me. He was good but that corgi was ready to eat my ankles when I tried to nudge him outside. I kind of hate barn dogs.

Cute pony tho! I would love to have posted pics of her under saddle, but I didn’t have the chance to ask for permission. V nice looking mare.

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Hey! So obviously everyone loved the episode last night - there was just so much destiel feels in there it's enough to fill up an entire football stadium. BUT I keep thinking that the writers might be trying to set Cas and Kelly up, because you know, it's supernatural, and I just feel like the possibility of destiel going canon is too good to be true. I mean, Kelly is great, but it would be the worst romance ever - weird and force and kinda cringey. Maybe I'm paranoid, idk. What do you think?

(via @anon) Idk if i like where this story is going… i dont want to see cas kelly baby stories and him raising the child :/ i want cas with the brothers :(

Hi - I’m squishing these two asks together, hope you guys see it. :)

The Nephilim: what’s next?

Look, the thing is - maybe the Nephilim will die in the finale, or maybe he’ll be the Big Thing in S13 - we still don’t know. What we do know, on the other hand, is that it would be very hard to work him into the story in a way that’ll keep Cas away from Sam and Dean. Like, you know - from a narrative point of view, what do you do with this thing?

  • Option 1 It’s born and it grows at a normal human rate. If this happens, the Nephilim will have no place whatsoever in the show, because babies are both hard to work with and boring boring boring, and as much as we, the demented viewers, want to see Dean and Cas making nonsense noises and cooing at this second Antichrist, it’s not going to happen. If this is where they’re going, we’ll have a Jesse situation: the Nephilim will be carted off to live with some other hunter (not Cas, because Cas is one of the main characters and is needed elsewhere), and we’ll never hear from him again. 
  • Option 2 It’s born and grows Amara-style, turning from adorable creepy baby who moves stuff with his mind to overly attractive teenager who winks at Dean and makes him uncomfortable. I hope they’ll avoid this narrative, because we’ve seen the exact same thing last year, but if they do something like that -
  • Option 2a If the Nephilim is a bad guy, he’ll probably become S13′s Big Baddie, and Cas will have no reason to stick with him, so we’ll have the usual ‘only you can break me free from this mind control spell but nobody knows why’ trope and TFW will spend the rest of the season staring gloomily into space and wondering how to kill a semi-god, again.
  • Option 2b If the Nephilim is a good guy, he’s gone. There is simply no way they can keep around an allpowerful and benign deity without having massive problems. This is why they keep hurting Cas, remember?, because if Cas had his wings and his courage and his cold logic and his angelic self-confidence, Sam and Dean could spend their days playing beer pong in the Bunker. Cas would simply teleport himself wherever a monster has been spotted, look around with his x-ray vision, and then lift a finger and make a whole abandoned neighbourhood explode. And that’s it. So, well - like they did with Jesse, and even with Amara and Chuck - if this new kid is a Good Person, he’ll probably wander off on his own.
  • Option 2c If the Nephilim is a Gabriel-like morally grey trickster, it’s likely the Winchesters will still vote to hunt him down and kill him. They did it to Gabriel, after all, and if he hadn’t died (*wails forever*) in the war against Lucifer, I’m sure Sam, at the very least, would have gone after him. Tricksters work fine, or more than fine, as characters, but you don’t want one living in the same reality as you. Look at the messes Loki manages to whip up every couple of weeks - nope, if something is too powerful and you can’t understand how they think and feel, unfortunately the best option is to take them out. Better to be safe than sorry.

It’s still possible, at this point, that something happens and the Nephilim dies, likely with Kelly. This would make sense for a number of reasons, including that everyone except Cas, Lucifer and Kelly really wants this thing gone. The Host is gunning for him, Crowley would surely prefer he died, the BMoL (if they knew about him) would probably launch a nuclear grenade wherever Kelly is and to hell with ‘collateral damage’, and even Sam and Dean - they want to be normal and kind, but they might have no other choice, and if it comes to that, they know they must at least try to kill this child, because, yeah, NOT A CHILD, PEOPLE, and look at what happened with Amara. So maybe it’s not the Nephilim’s life that’s the big plot of next season, but his death and how it happens. We know we’re headed for some massive family conflict, and, in this sense, what’s going on with Cas is part of that. It’s those old what’s right and wrong, who’s your family, who do you trust questions Supernatural likes to throw at us, but, as we’ve seen in the past, whatever happens the endgame is what Dean just told us to our faces - him, Sam, and Cas working together, Team Free Will, because they’re better together and they’re family and that’s not gonna change, demonic baby or no demonic baby. So don’t worry too much - Cas won’t stay away for long.

Cas and Kelly: a romance in the works?

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Overhauled this design , mostly done with boss and made snakes face a little more dynamic as opposed to flat and weird looking. hes gonna be in the sneaking suit, idk if the boss should be in hers? and im not sure about inserting text / putting the actual playstation logo.. on it… lmao

ramble ramble etc, i should be done with this pretty soon (before mid may hopefully) and if i get 15 preorders for them (a dvd box and the custom cover inlaid with an extra on paper drawing inside) ill go ahead and order 50 to sell for 25 dollars each! that will include shipping, not restricted to the usa! tell me what u think..

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!! i just read those jaehyun texts and ur tags and my heart is so happy,, i've struggled w body image for like 5 years & counting and it was just really nice and uplifting to think of my prince saying those things to me,, idk i'm just a softie LOL and to hear that you understand how hard it is to dislike your body but you still have a positive outlook i'm just,,, so glad to have seen that!! I'm inspired to look at my body a lot more positively so tysm u sweetheart u💖✨

i’m happy that your heart is happy!! honestly you cannot tell me angel jung jaehyun WOULDN’T be so sweet about body image like honestly like u said he is a prince and just overall 10/10 good person :’) what a cute jaehyun loving softie! yes i think it’s really important to try your best to think positively about your body i think its really helped me a lot and i hope anyone else who struggles can take lil baby steps to just appreciate themselves u know? i’m sure ur body is also beautiful and so are u! 💖  its hard but i just want all of u to be safe and happy and healthy and i love u so much thank u ur also a big sweetheart :’)  💖 💖 💖

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Idk if this is like a weird request, but can I ask for some headcanons on how the staff kiss their partner, and like what their preferred way of kissing (make outs, quick pecks, etc) is. That doesn't count as nsfw does it?

Nah anon, you’re all good!

Landry is all about cheek kisses and occasional lip kisses. He’s very gentle and soft, probably never initiates lip kisses.

Mason loves giving them neck kisses, all for flustering her s/o. Make outs are fantastic with her. A kissing master.

Finley is the master of inappropriately timed cheek kisses or smooches. Also a fan of eskimo kisses.

Reese is a small bean who rarely initiates kisses. When he does, full on make out sesh happens. You’re both probably on shift.

Hayes is a surprising master and giving great smooches and comfort kisses. Never in public, not for PDA.

Graves is embarrassing with PDA, always kissing when his s/o is busy. Will absolutely light candles and incense when he want’s to make out, and keep you to himself.


dan and phil meme: [3/5] favorite danisnotonfire videos ≡ How NOT to Stay Cool 

i’ll probably make the exact same video as this in december, instead just talking about it being mildly cold but, dammit, i’m british and complaining is what we do best.

I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten