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background: This is loosely based off of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s sort of a Peter Pan / Little Red Riding Hood cross over. This takes place before any of the characters knew they were fairy tales.

Robbie had always been a strange, strange boy. He sat behind you in your World History class and was very quiet, not talking much or having many friends in school. He was flirty with you to say at least, leaning over the desk to whisper things in your ear, running his fingers through the ends of your hair, or squeezing your waist in the quiet classroom to make you laugh aloud.

What was weird about him was he was entirely obsessed with Peter Pan. Yes, he loved the Disney character but it went way beyond the movie; he spoke as if he’d been to Neverland before, talking about his Lost Boys and Captain Hook. He was a hundred percent serious too, making you always raise an eyebrow with a half-hearted, “sounds cool, Robbie.”

If he was a little bit more… normal, for lack of a better word, you would’ve really liked him.

Tugging on your tomato red pea coat, you grabbed the wicker basket filled with grocery items and made your way out the door and onto the cold Storybrooke streets. Your Mom insisted that you bring groceries to your sick Grandmother who lived right outside of town, and you agreed because even though you didn’t know her very well, the senile old woman still deserved food.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” A voice called out, making you turn around. Henry, a boy who was a few grades lower than you waved from where he sat with a blonde woman. You gave a smile and waved back before turning around and continuing your walk. You’ve only talked to Henry a few times and when you did, he spouted off about his fairy tale book and how you were in it.

“You remind me of Wendy Darling.” He had said, making you laugh.

“Do I?”

“Yeah. See,” he continued, opening his fairy tale book to a bookmarked page. He continued to jabber on about Neverland, when you interrupted him.

“Who would Peter Pan be?”

He faltered before giving a short shrug. “I don’t know. Haven’t figured it out yet. You also kinda remind me of Little Red Riding Hood.”

“Wendy and Riding Hood? I can’t be both.” You teased.

You smiled at the thought, amused by his imagination. Him and Robbie would really get a long, you decided.

The street started crumbling into a dirt road as you got closer to the outskirts of town. It was early evening, and you hoped to be back home before midnight and with the speed you were going, everything seemed to look smooth. You were stopped again as the familiar dirty-blond haired head popped in your line of vision.

“Robbie?” You called out. He perked up at the sound of your voice and met your face with a grin.

“Hey (Y/N).” He greeted, pulling you into an awkward one sided hug. As you pulled back, his arm fell from your shoulders to your waist, resting there. The touch wasn’t unwelcome, but it made you feel… weird. Like butterflies flying in your tummy but trying to escape because they sense fear.

“Where are you off to, love?”

“My Grandmother’s.”

He nodded, keeping his eyes on you. “What’s in the basket?”

“Groceries. She’s sick.” You shrugged.

Robbie nodded again. “Where does she live? I can walk you to and back if you’d like.” You smiled and accepted Robbie’s friendliness.

Robbie smirked to himself as the two of you walked side by side down the wood path. He really liked you and was sure you’d make the perfect first Lost Girl. All he had to do was convince you to leave with him.

“Look at the wildflowers, (Y/N). Aren’t they pretty?”

At the mention of flowers, an idea popped in your head and you ran up ahead to them. You kneeled down, staining your tights with grass stains and started picking the stems into a bunch. Your Grandmother always liked flowers, so bringing a bouquet of them to her would hopefully cheer her up.

Robbie laughed and stood over you, watching. The more time he spent with you, the more dead set he became in taking you back with him. “Here,” he said, pulling the basket off your arm and onto his own. “You keep picking these for your Grandmother and I’ll take this and meet you at her house. I’m sure she’ll love the flowers.”

“Okay.” You agreed standing up. Robbie leaned down to press a chaste kiss to your cheek before continuing down the path. Not thinking much of his overly-friendliness, you spotted some more flowers a little further away and walked towards them, going deeper into the forest. A half hour later, you held an arrange of colorful blooms but suddenly froze as a thought crossed your mind; you had never told Robbie where your Grandmother lived.

Robbie knocked briskly on the door, receiving a shrill, “Who is it?”

 He rolled his eyes. “It’s me, Felix. Open the door.”

Robbie was met with his tall blond friend and slipped through the door, shutting it quickly.

“She should be here soon. Get the old lady out and back to Storybrooke before (Y/N) sees you.” Felix nodded at his orders and went to where your Grandmother slept peacefully in her bed. With Pan’s magic, it wasn’t hard for Felix to transport them soundly out of the house.

Not even a few minutes passed before you pushed the front door open, peaking your head in. “Robbie? …Grandmother?” Nothing but silence responded back.

You shuffled the rest of the way in and hung your coat on the coat hook, setting the flowers on a side table. It looked like the house hadn’t been touched in years, dust settling upon everything you walked passed. The wicker basket sat untouched on the counter top, telling you that Robbie had arrived… but where was he?

“Robbie!” You called out again. Maybe he had gotten tired of waiting and left? It was pretty late outside.

You walked down the hallway and knocked on the bedroom door. Getting no response, you opened it and braced yourself for the worst. You jumped back when Robbie’s broad back was the first thing you saw, your Grandmother no where in sight.

“Robbie? What are you doing in here?”

He turned his head at the sound of your voice and stood up from where he sat on the edge of the bed. Walking closer, you suddenly felt very small against him.

“M'name’s not Robbie,” He whispered. “It’s Peter Pan.”

“For God’s sake, not this again. Seriously, where’s my Grandmother? I didn’t see her when I walked in.”

“That’s because she’s not here. She’s back in Storybrooke.”

Your eyebrows scrunched and you shuffled backwards. If you thought Robbie was weird before, he was really being extra creepy now.

“Funny, Rob. Let’s go look in the living room, she might be watching TV.”

He continued to shake his head, advancing closer to you. You leaned back and went to open the door to slip out but he forced it back shut, holding his hand above your head and leaning into your body with a flirty grin. 

“Come back to Neverland with me.” He whispered.

“Robbie.“ You said bewilderingly. “You’re crazy, let me out.”

“C’mon, Wendy.”

Dont call me that.” You went to push at his shoulders but a loud knock sounded at the front door. The knock distracted him, allowing you to slink out and bolt down the stairs, opening the front door to Henry’s face.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” He greeted again.

“Hey Henry… um, now’s not really a good time. I’m sort of,” You looked over your shoulder, “busy.”

“Well sure, but I just wanted to tell you I figured out who Peter Pan was. You know Robbie Kay? I think he’s in your grade.”

Your breath caught at his words. “Robbie is Peter Pan?”

Henry noticed your disdain. “Well yeah, you two are Peter Pan and Wendy. I thought you liked him?”

A crash came from somewhere in the small cottage, making you jump. “Look Henry I have to go see what R — my Grandmother is doing so we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?”

Henry nodded and turned to leave but you stopped him.

“How did you know where I was?”

Henry shrugged. “Your Grandma’s from Little Red Riding Hood. I had a feeling.” And with that, he continued walking back in the direction of town.

You slammed the door shut and turned back around to find Robbie leaning against the wall, wearing a cocky smile. “He’s right you know. You are Wendy. If you take my hand, I can prove it.”

You shook your head, still not convinced. As of yesterday Robbie was just the odd boy who sat behind you in class, and now he was declaring you both were fairy tale characters.

Robbie sighed and encouraged you once more by holding his hand out, raising an eyebrow. Did you really have any reason to not trust him? He was odd but never showed you anything but kindness. You hesitantly lifted your hand and when your fingers linked with his, your feet left the ground, literally. Robbie grinned at your shocked face and pulled you through an open window and into the night.

“Ready to leave to Neverland?”

One shaky nod was all he needed before he pulled you up into the sky and over the summer night clouds, to the grand haven of Neverland.

The town of Storybrooke was stunned when they learned about (Y/N) and Robbie running away together. The both of you had been gone for weeks and no body knew if you two would ever come back, calling your phones without success and posting missing signs around town. But Henry knew; neither of you would be returning to the mainland for a long time.