he looks cuteeeee


talking with axelait about Drift’s origins and how he will look if he was more “young” and then I remember that the upcoming toy show a Drift face without his mustache so remove it and he really looks more young!

Pre-cyrcle of light Drift maybe?

I digibash the first pic with more IDW colors but the photoshop crashed and I don’t want to do it again

anyway he looks cute! (。◕‿◕。)

Rapmon hyung named me that. When we first debuted, Rapmon hyung gave me this nickname. I…it’s cos I seem to be good at a lot of things.. that’s why he named me that.

151214 mmmmmi1112 Instagram Update - Adorable shy Police Donghae!

         ‘ 151129 Kyuhyun Twitter Update\ Article | 151129 ‘

@GaemGyu: Today I was leaving after the performance went well but I’m upset. I’ve told (the fans) several times to be careful and not to run, in the end they were pushing and fell.. If such thing happens again, next time I will go without seeing the fans’ face.. Please also pass this (message) to overseas fans around

[Article]151129 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Says He Won’t Greet Fans Anymore If They Aren’t Careful

Super Junior member Kyuhyun has announced via his Twitter that he might soon stop greeting his fans after musical performances.

After wrapping up his performance for the musical “Werther” on November 29, he greeted the fans who were waiting for him by the stage doors on his way to his car. However, fans began to push and shove, and a fan ended up falling. After the incident, Kyuhyun took to his Twitter account to scold the fans for misbehaving.

“Today’s performance ended well, but I’m quite upset,” he wrote. “No matter how many times I tell you to be careful and not to run, in the end people end up getting pushed and falling. If this kind of thing continues, I’ll start leaving without seeing fans’ faces. Please pass this message along to the international fans, too.”

It’s unfortunate that such an incident happened. Please remember that before seeing your idols, maintaining everyone’s safety is the first and foremost priority. [soompi]