he looks cute even with his mouth full im gonna scream

Boyfriend Jooheon

A/N: thought i would carry on with the monsta x boyfriend!au thing

  • rip me tbh bc jooheonie is my bias wrecker its those dimples man
    oh my god probably the worst honestly but in the best way if that makes sense
  • The worst bc just try and guess what hes gonna do next
  • Aegyo? Scream? Rap? Laugh?
  • Jooheonie feels everything at extreme levels you know he wears his heart on his forehead lmao
  • When hes scared he’ll try and pretend he isnt but you know jooheon he may as well be carrying a fucking neon sign that says i am terrified
  • When hes happy he shines, he smiles with his whole face and he starts radiating positivity and gets loud with excitement, jumping around everywhere, not able to keep his hands off you so you’ll be stuck in his arms always
  • He does chill tho hes not always like that
  • Its just hes a very extroverted person who is full of energy so being loud and hyper is his thing
  • Its always nice when hes calm tho
  • Opens up to u that way telling u his deepest thoughts and secrets
  • Tells u everything bc thats just who he is doesnt want to keep any secrets from u
  • Is a really trusting and loving boyfriend
  • I dont think he would get all that jealous but if he did not the type to get angry
  • Will more than likely casually approach u and whomever is causing him to be jealous and then lowkey drape an arm over u givin u lil kiss
  • And then turning to whoever and introducing himself as ur bf
  • Does it really sly that it doesnt even seem like possesive type behaviour
  • Loves it when u go visit him at the studio bc when he likes to show u what hes working on and will rap lyrics that hes writing to u
  • Hes always inspired by u too which is why he likes to have u there bc he looks at ur face and boom hes written a whole new song
  • Writes about pretty much every aspect of ur relationship that sometimes starship is like,,,,, dude,,,, chill out a lil bit
  • Does not care in the slightest tho lmao continues to write songs about u
  • And if they dont make the album for whatever reason will just give them to u anyway
  • Like happy anniversary baby heres a mini album of songs i made for u they didnt make the monsta x album but u can have them anyway
  • U cried listening to them
  • At some point ur gonna have to fight minhyuk bc hes gonna get all up in ur shit about dating jooheon and proclaim himself king of jooheons affections
  • So just beat his ass bc he probably deserves it tbh but once hes cool with u the two of u become the jooheon protection squad
  • Grouping together to shower jooheon with love and affection bc he deserves it all
  • Although u may have to tell minhyuk to step off sometimes bc thats ur man
  • That makes jooheon laugh and hes standing there like im ur man soz not soz minhyuk
  • Serenades u all the time crying emoji
  • Like the two of u will be cooking dinner at ur place with music playing in the bg and he’ll just start singing to u while ur trying to chop carrots or smthn
  • Is always helpful
  • Helps with cooking, cleaning, laundry, literally anything he just wants to help out
  • Sometimes ur like calm down i got it i know ur tired from 15 hours of dance practice pls rest
  • Really appreciates when u take care of him like that bc sometimes his life is rly overwhelming and its nice when he doesnt have to worry about anything
  • Thats the general theme of monsta x as ur bf tbh
  • Do everyone a favor and poke his dimples
  • Especially when hes got that soft smile on his face when hes kinda tired
  • Poke them it will make him happy
  • Sends u hella selfies while hes away
  • Tells u its so u dont forget what he looks like lmao
  • Im crying im looking at gifs of jooheon for inspiration and its making all soft inside
  • On the the fun stuff smirk emoji
  • Honestly? Probably a sub if ur into that kinda stuff
  • Like yeah he does have his moments when hes being all strict and domineering and stuff but i dont think he will get it if u tell him to be ur dom
  • Will probably tell u to do his laundry bc he just doesnt get it
  • Not all that kinky either i imagine if u try and blindfold him hes just gonna get scared so dont do that its gonna ruin the mood
  • Is a hella giver tho u best bet
  • Always down to eat u out its one of his fave activities
  • Man can rap hella fast so u can bet hes good with his mouth
  • Believes in equality tho so u gotta suck him off too but isnt pushy about it
  • Whines about his boner until u get the message then kinda just lies back and lets u go to town
  • Holds ur hair back so he can see his cock disappear into ur mouth but wont push u to do anything
  • Very vocal about everything
  • Tells u whatever is coming into his head in that moment and makes pretty noises
  • Solid missionary man bc hes soft and likes to be face to face with u when hes fucking u so that he can kiss u whenever he wants
  • Although hes down to let u ride him especially when hes tired
  • The type to put his hands behind his head and just let u fuck urself with his dick
  • Might lend a hand to play with ur clit to help u get off faster if u asked
  • Cuddles afterwards
  • Will gather u up in his arms and just lie there until u both have caught ur breath
  • Hes likes to be a little spoon too okay so let him be a little spoon
  • And run ur fingers through his hair while cuddling him he will love it bc it makes him all sleepy and cute
  • I gotta stop now imma start crying soon i love jooheonie

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Hogwarts! Wonwoo

requested by anon: “Hii ♡ I loved Joshua’s hogwarts au and I was wondering if you could pretty please do wonwoo’s too? 🙏🏻”

  • not a lot of people really know his name
  • he’s just known around as the handsome ravenclaw bookworm
  • pureblood and heir to his family
  • but really chill about it 
  • people will seeing him sitting alone at the library and they’re like 
  • “who’s that”
  • “i dont know but i’ve seem him hanging around with junhui”
  • “well he’s cute”
  • wears these circle farmed glasses and people aren’t really sure if they’re real or not
  • at lunch, you’ll see him with his head in a book and pretending to listen to seokmin or someone
  • and slowly spooning food into his mouth without looking away from his book
  • and occasionally he’ll engage in conversation and joke around with seokmin or ask chan about his day
  • not really an athletic guy, just stands in the crowd cheering them on when something exciting happens
  • helps with the Quidditch strategies sometimes though
  • the only times he’ll ever get points docked is if he stayed past curfew in the library
  • people tell he all the time he’ll be chosen as perfect next year and he’s like no
  • “i dont want to guard the hall, i’d rather be reading”
  • best subjects are herbology and charms 
  • and has the best herbology grades in his year
  • in class he’ll be really quiet and looks like he’s just spacing out
  • but really, he really is paying attention or already knows the lesson
  • cause he’s the type to read the entire book within the first month, unless it’s boring as hell
  • does his friend’s homework like once in a blue moon
  • and that’s after being bribed and convinced 
  • after coming back for forth year, all the girls pretty much noticed how puberty did him justice
  • half the school was pinning for a date
  • though this only lasted about a month after wonwoo gave them odd looks and turned them down
  • in reality he just didn’t know what to say because it was pretty obvious those girls only wanted him as an object or title 
  • and he happened to have a crush already
  • you were a fourth year, same as wonwoo
  • and had transfiguration and herbology with him as a slytherin
  • you didn’t really know who wonwoo was but as jihoon’s friend and class partner 
  • you knew they were friends from interactions 
  • but you and wonwoo just said hi occasionally and acknowledged each other in the hall ways
  • this changed when you and jihoon were failing miserably at collecting some liquid substance from a plant
  • “no stop stop that’s not it!” you whisper yell to jihoon 
  • “well then you do it then” he retorts, equally as stressed out as you
  • “i never said i could” 
  • “hmp, i’ll get wonwoo over here” he turns his head and subtlety motions to wonwoo to come over 
  • wonwoo just laughs quietly at you and jihoon’s work and patiently shows you how to do it
  • “ahh i see thanks a bunch wonwoo” 
  • “you welcome oh-” he gets dragged off to the side by jihoon
  • but that this point you were too focused on not failing the class and didn’t notice anything wrong
  • “i saw you over there” jihoon states 
  • “what? i didn’t do a thing!” wonwoo denies a little too quickly
  • “mhmm you looked back at y/n like 10 times while you were showing us. you even crinkled your nose at her” he says with raises eyebrows, daring him to deny again
  • “fine okay so what?” wonwoo replies, slightly embarrassed 
  • so ask her out.”
  • “i don’t even know if she likes me, do you?” 
  • “well-” 
  • he stops short from the sound of your voice
  • “jihoon get over here im not doing all of this by myself”
  • jihoon simply shrugs his shoulder at wonwoo and leaves
  • shaking his head and adjusting his glasses, he goes back to reading his book
  • he finished his assignment within the first 5 minutes of class after all
  • after class you nod your head goodbye to jihoon and start walking with your friend
  • “i saw you there with wonwoo~” she sings happily
  • “what kinda of nonsense are you saying so loud” you roll you eyes
  • she quiets down, unaffected by you, “meaning i saw you and wonwoo! you two were totally flirting with each other” 
  • “i thought ravenclaws were supposed to be smart” 
  • but you couldn’t hind the redness on your cheeks at her remark
  • “mhmm. anyways let’s go to lunch and eat! do you know you need 46g of protein per day” 
  • “yes yes i know this is the 2nd time you’ve told me this month” 
  • “well i wouldnt have to if you eat properly. come sit with me! im gonna make sure you eat!” 
  • shaking your head fondly, you agree
  • eating at other house’s tables is technically not allowed but everyone does it anyways so it doesn’t matter
  • you find your self greeting wonwoo who your friend sits across from
  • purposely of course
  • “oh hey y/n” 
  • “hey wonwoo” you smile 
  • and ignore your friends foot nudging yours
  • “so what are you sitting here for?” he asks, the cute smile still on his face
  • your friend buts in, “im making sure she eats properally cause-” 
  • she whips her head and glares painfully at you who stepped on her foot sharply
  • you smile innocently
  • wonwoo seems kind of surprises at her abrupt stop but nods
  • “well i’ll leave you then, make sure you eat well” 
  • your heart warms involuntarily
  • the corners of your mouth twitches upwards, “i will, make sure you eat well too”
  • exchanging smiles, you both leave each other be 
  • your friend squeals quietly and whispers
  • “you where practically beaming” she teases 
  • “hmm” you sound simply and take a spoonful of your food
  • as the you both get done eating, you stand up, bidding goodbye to your friend who stays and chats 
  • as you leave the dining hall you almost run into wonwoo with his read ducked inside a book walking slowly
  • “oh!“ you yelp staring up at him with wide eyes 
  • "ah I’m sorry” he apologizes and closes the book, holding it at his side  
  • you become curious at the different cover from magical books 
  • “what are you reading?” your heart is slowly speeding up at your initiative to further the conversation 
  • “ah it’s a muggle book, I don’t want to bore you" 
  • you notice the way he rubs the back of his neck nervously 
  • so freakin cute 
  • you slightly smirk, "try me, my best friend is a muggleborn ravenclaw, i’ve had my fair share" 
  • laughing, he hands you the book, "it’s called ‘Macbeth.’ it’s a muggle classic apparently" 
  • you nod and answer how you’ve actually read the classic 'romeo and juliet' 
  • which leads the both of you into deep 
  • conversation about books and such 
  • the two of you just end up casually taking a walk around the castle 
  • "i hope it’s not rude to ask but, are you halfblood or?” you ask cautiously 
  • honestly you just wanted to know more about him 
  • “actually I’m a pureblood” he replies almost sheepishly 
  • your eyes noticeably show surprise, “it’s cool you’re interested in muggle stuff. i’m a halfblood myself" 
  • this must mean he’s not one of those super traditional purebloods right?
  • so.. that means he'll 
  • 'stop don’t think about that’ you scream in your head 
  • only so much time can be spent walking so the two of you slow down 
  • but don’t leave, wanting to stay in each other’s presence
  • you can feel his gaze fall on you, so you tilt your head up to look at him 
  • "so do you want to go to the library? we can show each other the books we were talking about" 
  • you look closely at his eyes, searching for something 
  • a sign of some sort you guess 
  • and you catch that glimmer of hope and nervousness written all over his face 
  • different from his usual 
  • gaining a tiny bit of confidence, "will this count as a date?" 
  • you voice becomes smaller at the end, showing your obvious emotions 
  • he twists his head to you in surprise 
  • the two of you stare at each other before forming smiles 
  • you distinctly notice the way his eyes change 
  • and he notices the way your dimples form 
  • "yes it will" 
  • now, you guys walk happily to the library 
  • and somewhere along the way your hands brush against each others
  • it’s debatable who initiated it, but your hands intertwined 
  • at the shelves, you decide to search for your recommendation first 
  • "i swear it was somewhere in this aisle” you turn your head around to look 
  • or maybe you were distracted by your hands still joined 
  • “what’s the author’s name?" 
  • you tell him and continue to search for the book 
  • seconds later, you feel your hand being slightly tugged up 
  • watching, as Wonwoo reaches up and picks out a book 
  • "this?" 
  • you smile and nod, kind of embarrassed for no reason 
  • which he thinks is adorable 
  • so after the two of you found your books, you guys settle at Wonwoo’s spot 
  • near the front of the library but hidden behind the shelves 
  • so when Junhui comes by to come bother Wonwoo like he normally does 
  • he sees you with your head rested on your book comfortably, eyes closed
  • and Wonwoo flipping through his book with one hand and the other under the table 
  • which Junhui could clearly see grabbing your hand 
  • and his first reaction is to scream and expose Wonwoo 
  • but he doesn’t
  • and instead gathers all the other boys to ogle also 
  • so Woozi is left with the honors of alerting the two of you of their giggly presence 
  • how could the two of you not hear them though, even if it’s a library, it’s 12 boys 
  • you open one eye confusedly from your quiet resting at the sound of taps hitting the table 
  • you fulling raising your body upright when you see Woozi s face instead of Wonwoo's 
  • and Wonwoo’s face turned away annoyed at the body language commotion from his friends 
  • "you two are disgusting” Woozi sneers hiding a smile 
  • you shrug and blow the hair out your face 
  • “ha just wait till you get a girlfriend, i’ll be ready to bother you" 
  • not even five minutes later, the 12 boys get kicked out because of noise pollution 
  • you and Wonwoo are alone again and face each other 
  • a half smile and half smirk forms on his face, "so are you my girlfriend then?" 
  • you want to say a just-as-smart remark but your heart doesn’t let you 
  • and neither does your face as it turns a shade of red 
  • "I-" 
  • "Will you be my girlfriend?” he asks, cutting you off 
  • you squeeze his hand slightly and grin 
  • “only if you’ll be my boyfriend" 
  • thus the bookworm couple was born 
  • and though you didn’t read nearly as much as him 
  • that table belonged to you guys
  • if anyone walked past it 
  • a common slight was Wonwoo deep into a book and you working on school work 
  • or you resting your eyes as Wonwoo does his work 
  • and if anyone comes by late enough 
  • one will most likely be asleep with the other grasping their hand warmly

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To Borrow #5

My sweet crazy baby Saeyoung <3 I honestly honestly didn’t think I’d want to play this guy’s route. Even more so than Yoosung. However he was my Solas from DA:I in MM. This crazy knowledgable, powerful and horribly broken dark horse that comes to claim your heart out of nowhere <3

Also I am not super tech savvy. I am not a hacker. I am not any sort of programmer. Please just remember that and read ahead with a pinch of salt I guess :) 

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Making Out With 24K

Fair warning: I went crazy with this. Don’t read this at night or in public. Have a water bottle next to you at all times. This gets kind of smutty. Also I’m not familiar with the new members, so I left them out. One more group left.

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scarlet night

summary: maybe hyunbin ditching you at a party wasn’t as bad as you thought it’d be

cast: vampire! jisung; you

genres: supernatural; romance

word count: 1.65k

a/n: OK FIRST OF ALL HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! honestly this was more for me than anyone else LOLOLOL this was inspired by a message telling me to write vamp! jisung when i was watching “hands on me” with everyong lol

  • when hyunbin told you he was bringing you to a friend’s halloween party, you didn’t think it would be a mixed party aka vampires and humans all mingling
  • not that it was a bad thing, but he usually didn’t bring you to those kinds of things because according to him: “most mixer parties are thrown by the thirsty idiots who are just looking for a meal”
  • he knows that you don’t mind being around other vampires since you’ve spent your whole life with him and nothing bad has happened at parties yet, but your AB- blood says otherwise
  • it just smells
  • so
  • good
  • and the weaker vampires can’t control themselves whenever they’re within a ten foot radius of you
  • thank god hyunbin gave you this necklace that wards off the thirsty hoes
  • wearing it shows that you’re under the protection of his family
  • it also releases a scent that masks the smell of your blood
  • it has a cute little cherry blossom charm (hyunbin’s family crest) embedded with garnet and hanging off a dainty white gold chain
  • you usually have it around your neck, but you forgot to wear it one day when you left the house in a rush
  • a hoard of vampires followed you around campus the whole day, asking if they could feed on you
  • not having the necklace on also meant that it was a lot easier for you to succumb to their mind control
  • and that’s exactly what happened
  • you were a minute away from being fed on by kim seokjin until hyunbin came from his meeting and pried him off you
  • “i’ll have you reported if you feed on her without her consent or if it’s when she’s under your mind control”
  • seokjin left soon after that, but not before smirking at you and flashing a bit of his fangs
  • hyunbin just sighed at you and gave you a look that said “see this is why you need to wear the necklace”
  • back to the present
  • you were standing in a cute angel costume next to hyunbin, who was wearing a suit
  • apparently he was going to be super junior with five others guys
  • you just shrugged and entered the house with him
  • “your necklace is on right?” he asked as the two of you passed by a group of people dressed as vampires
  • “yeah dont worry,” you reassured him, tapping the charm dangling at your collarbones. “i have a fourth dan black belt so if anyone tries anything, i’m gonna whoop their ass”
  • “y/n we have super strength remember?” hyunbin deadpanned
  • “oh yeah”
  • hyunbin left soon after that, but not before reminding you to call him if anything happened
  • you waved him off and headed over to the drink table by yourself
  • an assortment of drinks were set up neatly over the velvet tablecloth
  • at the very end of the table, next to the crystal glasses filled with soda were glasses filled with something that looked like blood
  • “don’t worry it’s just punch with a ton of food coloring” someone said
    you turned around to see who the voice belonged to
  • kim donghan was sipping on the punch with a smile
  • and he looked hot in the vampire costume he was wearing
  • his hair was slicked back and there was a red stain smeared across his face
  • hopefully it was fake blood or lipstick
  • “we wouldn’t put real blood out. that’s what the humans here are for”
  • you felt a shiver go down your spine and you immediately backed away from him
  • donghan laughed at your reaction and set his punch down
  • “it was a joke! most of us have blood tablets on hand so don’t worry about anything and have fun~ just make sure to not take hyunbin’s necklace off” he reminded you
  • you nodded slowly and speed walked out of there as a cool breeze blew past you
  • weird
  • somehow, you went from the living room of the house to the rooms upstairs
  • hyunbin was chatting with his friends that he was matching with, and when he saw you, he waved you over
  • “y/n this is daniel, sungwoo, jaehwan, jonghyun, and minhyun. this is my close friend y/n”
  • you smiled at them and most of them smiled back except minhyun, who was,,,,,,smirking? at you??
  • that was kinda weird
  • he was biting his lips and staring at your collarbones
  • you paid no mind to it at first bc hey you have the necklace and left their side after a while to get a drink downstairs
  • the house was full of people talking and breathing at the same time
  • people were talking off jackets and outer layers because it was stuffy
  • you shouldnt have felt cold
  • hyunbin had promised earlier that day that the vampires at this party all had their cravings in check because they took their blood tablets regularly
  • nope
  • “y/n” someone whispered into your ear
  • you turned around and saw red eyes
  • it was minhyun
  • “did anyone ever tell you that you smell really good?” he asked with a smirk
  • you nodded absentmindedly and smiled at minhyun
  • on the inside, you were screaming at yourself to stop, but it wasn’t going to happen
  • you had already fallen under his control
  • “y/n can i,,,,can i bite you?” he asked, his voice raspy
  • you nodded, your hands slowly reaching out to grab his blazer to brace yourself for the momentary pain you’d feel
  • the tips of his fangs were about to puncture your skin when all of a sudden, minhyun was pulled back away from you
  • “contain yourself. we don’t need anyone getting reported to the council today”
  • you snapped out of the trance and looked up at your savior
  • he was dressed in a cute chick costume and was holding minhyun by the arm
  • chick boy gave you a sorry smile
  • “sorry about him. he’s falls under a blood spell pretty easily. you not wearing hyunbin’s necklace doesn’t help either.“
  • your hand flew to your collarbones
  • he was right
  • the necklace was gone
  • the new guy took a metal container out of his pocket and opened it up before holding it out in front of minhyun
  • minhyun took one with shaky hands and popped it into his mouth
  • the red in his eyes slowly faded away and minhyun reverted to his calmer self
  • "you should stay by hyunbin’s side for the rest of the party. i don’t think you should be wandering around here alone without the necklace”
  • you nodded and walked back upstairs with minhyun and the new guy
  • unfortunately for you, hyunbin had left the upstairs area and went who knows where
  • you were screwed basically
  • jisung scratched his head and took your hand
  • that caught you off guard
  • what made you even more shocked was that his hand was warm
  • you’ve held hyunbin’s hand multiple times, but it was never warm
  • “you should stay with minhyun and i for now. the full moon is coming out soon and people will be out of control if they smelled you”
  • you shot him a confused look and pulled away from him
  • “how do i know you and minhyun won’t try and bite me like some of the vampires here?”
  • jisung smiled
  • “if you’re going to put your life in the hands of any vampire here other than hyunbin, people will tell you that i’m the second best option” he said
  • you were still doubtful of him
  • “y/n, jisung has been on blood tablets for the past four years. he hasn’t fed on anyone in that duration of time. and im fine now because of the tablet” minhyun piped up
  • ok if you were shook bc at the warmth of his hands, you were even more shook now
  • how was it possible that jisung could handle not feeding for four years straight??
  • most vampires can’t even handle one week without real blood, even if they were talking blood tablets to subdue their thirst
  • “okay” you said reluctantly
  • you and jisung never found hyunbin
  • minhyun had left after searching with you guys bc apparently jaehwan was going to do some dumb shit and he didn’t want to be known as the roommate of the guy who tore off the ceiling fan
  • the more it got closer to midnight, the more restless you were beginning to feel
  • the stares you were getting from a few vampires were making you uncomfortable
  • “don’t worry, they’re just teasing you. we wouldn’t go after hyunbin’s girl” jisung reassured you
  • if there was water in your mouth, you would have spit it out
  • jisung was just like wtf??
  • you wiped away a fake tear and composed yourself
  • “we’re just friends. hyunbin and i have known each other since we were kids. there’s nothing going on between us” you said
  • “but a ton of people said they saw hyunbin feeding on you a couple of times. and you’re under his family’s protection, which means that you’re pretty much his partner. doesn’t that mean you’re a thing?” he asked
  • you just laughed again and shook your head
  • “there’s no meaning behind them giving me the necklace. and hyunbin rarely feeds off me; he only does it when blood tablets do nothing for him” you explained
  • “then would you let anyone feed on you if they gave you that excuse?” jisung asked again
  • you shook your head
  • “are you crazy? do you know how much blood i’d lose if i was that naive?” you scoffed. “i’ll only let people i trust to feed off me”
  • jisung nodded at your answered in agreement
  • “good. you’re worth more than your blood. if anyone tries anything on you, tell hyunbin to tell me. my dad is on the council and i can have them banned from any building you’re in.”
  • “nah it’s fine.”
  • “are you sure?”
  • “yeah. and jisung?”
  • “mhm?”
  • “you’re now included in the list of people i trust”
Dear Evan Hansen Headcanons

- Jared once bought heelies because as the school funnyman it’s practically his job- but then he rolled down a ramp and crashed into a fountain

- when Connor was alive he punched a kid who made fun of his black nail polish

-Evan has both a fidget cube and spinner, but uses the cube more often. Jared used to tease him for it but then he saw how much it helped Evan and let the boy be free

-Evan has actually been handling his anxiety a lot better since the whole Connor project incident, and it makes Heidi and Jared so happy because: you’re doing great sweetie look at you go

-it took Evan a really long time to tell Jared how he actually broke his arm and when he did it was very a random very fast word vomit while they were hiking.

-Evan falling out of the tree is now the one thing Jared will not make fun of

-Jared once tried to ask Evan out and ended up screaming “YOU WANNA GO” at him and Evan instantly thought Jared wanted to fight and was Afraid

-things were incredibly awkward with Zoe for a long time. Most of the time they accidentally met in the orchard and Evan would always, without fail, start apologizing. Zoe is so used to it that whenever she sees Evan she instantly says “it’s ok.”

-Heidi takes as many days off as she can but she’s still really busy, whenever she’s home she’s making all of Evan’s favorite foods and they chill out and watch cop shows

-Heidi usually asks how Evans day went and if he’s doing ok, and Evan makes sure she’s not over exhausting herself

-One time in the middle of Evan’s routinely “I’m sorry I fucked up so bad” speeches Zoe suddenly asked “so you wrote that letter?”

-Evan didn’t go to the orchard for a week after that he was so shook

-whenever someone accidentally steps on the back of Evan’s shoes he loses his shoe, everything in his pockets, and face plants

-Jared is gonna make fun of Evan until he dies but if anyone else does Jared will personally show up to your room that night and end you

-Zoe actually helped to mend their very awkward relationship by making stupid jokes before Evan could open his mouth and after that they were able to just have a comfortable silence

-Jared is the living embodiment of “I made you a friendship bracelet” “lol that’s so stupid” “you don’t have to we-” “NO IM NEVER TAKING IT OFF”

-he may or may not have a few of Evans friendship bracelets around his ankle

-after middle school Jared actually got really afraid of being bullied, so when high school started he upped his teasing to the next tier

-Evan tries really hard to comfort Jared when he feels like shit- which is more often than you’d think- but it’s just so hard to tell when he is and he always throws it off with a dumb joke

-one time Jared teased Evan about the Connor project, and went too far, Evan didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day, Jared almost cried

- sometimes when he can tell Evan is having a rough day he invites him to places randomly- “hey so all my totally awesome friends bailed on me for the mall, and I figured you’d wanna go since you have no life or whatever”

- alternatively Evan sits by Jared and makes awkward small talk, and just gives the boy a chance to tell him what’s wrong. He’ll give him his cube if Jared seems especially anxious

-Zoe once asked Evan if anything he told her was true, and he told her about the printer story. She seemed somewhat happy that Connor cared she was in the letter.

-Zoe once stabbed Connor in the eye with mascara and still finds it one of the funniest memories of him

-Zoe is a music depression person, she sits in her room with music full blast a lot

-“wait Zoe you know that you don’t have to like forgive me and be friends with me right like that’s totally ok i know I screwed up so-” “I know, I also don’t have mourn Connor” “…so why are you at the orchard so much”

-she never explains this

-one time Jared jumped on Evans back and they both ended up in a river

-he knows Evan has the strength to hold him up and dammit he’s gonna prove it

-one of the things Evan doesn’t regret about the Connor project is his speech because he still gets messages of the video thanking him and telling him how helpful it was

-Evan really wants a hamster, like really fucking badly

-Jared constantly greets people with “sup I’m gay” or “sup Hereros”

-Jared also constantly points out hot guys in hopes that Evan will agree because he can’t tell if Evan really is bi or not he just gets bi vibes from him

-“hey can you help me find updog” “what is..updog…?”

- this happens with Bofa too

- Connor used to be the master of avoiding situations. If you tried to have a serious conversation with him he’d either distract you or you’d turn around and he’d just be gone.

- he also does this thing where he pulls his hoodie up and pulls the strings whenever he just can’t deal with how stupid this is

-Jared was the first to drive and oh god what a mistake that was, he’s terrible

-Zoe once laughed really hard and spat gum at a teacher by accident

-one time while hiking with Evan he reached over and ate a leaf and Evan can’t even look at him the same way- what is wrong with you, Jared

- operation ask Evan out part 2- Jared tried to let Evan come to him because who wouldn’t you know? Then Zoe explained that she solidified the relationship- so he took Evan to the park but ended up eating too many chili dogs and throwing up on the curve when he got nervous. He was still trying to ask him out while hurling

-Alana becomes Number One Leader, she’s great at it, she’s learned to listen to other people more often.

-she hangs out with Jared and Evan a lot, she usually organizes the hangouts

-was voted most likely to succeed in life and honestly? It was probably unanimous

- Jared and her are in the “Evan was a dick to me” club and have tshirts

- eventually they let Zoe into their club

-one time they were hanging out and invited Zoe without Evan knowing and Evan nearly jumped out a window he ran away so fast

- Alana saw Zoe’s stars on her jean cuffs and got so happy “oh my god that’s such a great idea it looks so cute!” “Oh thank you it’s just-” “do you mind if I do it too?” “Not at all but why-” “do you have a marker?”

- Evan can’t tie his shoes

- Alana ends up uploading a bunch of videos of Zoe playing songs, and they get some good attention. Zoe was shocked but Alana just explained that it was inevitable

-Jared goes through everyone’s phones and changes people’s contact names to memes

- “Evan stop apologizing so much” “I’m sorry-” “Evan no. None of that. Please” “ok ok I’m sorr-” “EVAN”

- Evan and Alana hate litter. Like a lot. Jared will never understand it but whenever the two are out they’re just picking up all the litter they find and throw it out.

-Jared once made a joke “maybe you guys should just carry around bags to carry garbage in”

-After they started doing this Jared made another joke: “why don’t you two make a recycling project”

-after Alana and Evan become save the world co-presidents Jared learned he really needs to stop joking.

-Jared cried when he graduated

Black [M]

A/N: hey all, this is my first fic on tumblr. i went with dean and i have a lot of plans for this fic so please so support it ;( i’m sorry if my writing sucks im terrible i know but ive just had this idea in my head for a while so i wanted to put it somewhere. i’m most likely gonna continue it even if ppl dont read it bc i kinda wanna finish it lol. but yeah if you like it pls tell me :) any comments are very much welcomed! btw it starts off boring but i wanted a nice& clear background. i promise it will get better!

characters: dean x oc, zico, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, stoners(lol), violence, abuse.

chapter one:

  “nayeon!” I dropped the box full of school supplies as I ran to my roommate whom I hadn’t seen all summer. she replied with equal excitement as we hugged each other. we had just moved into a new place for the year and we were both anxious to set up our cute little house. our other two roommates had already arrived and I was the last one, what’s new.

“I missed you!” she cheerfully exclaimed.

“I missed you too!” I replied as I reached down, picking up the box I had dropped.

“come in we have to talk about tonight’s plans!”

she helped me finish carrying the rest of my stuff upstairs, and after sochi had helped me put my room together my phone dinged. I flopped onto my bed and grabbed it. I hadn’t noticed how much the 8 hour drive had exhausted me.

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Dance - Park Jihoon

Idea: 3 Years Younger! Reader X Sunbae! Jihoon

Summary: You and Jihoon had been close since you both were little but since you both had started to go to the same high school, things have gotten a little messy. Needless to say you both started acting in ways that screamed jealousy. 

Author’s Note:  WOW ITS BEEN FOREVER SINCE IVE WRITTEN (i have tests every week wow i hate school) I’m so sorry if this isn’t really what you wanted, I wasn’t sure how to write this bc I’m doing it from Jihoon being international age (18) which would make the character 15 so i made it super cute and not really angst? also bc i’m not good with writing angst IM SRRY ILY

Recent A/N: OH GOD IM READING THIS OVER AND I THINK ITS SUPER BAD SO IM SORRY TO WHOEVER REQUESTED THIS (also if this does not have the keep reading bar on mobile i am sorry rip the mobile ppl bc i made this really long FHDJSKFHK 


  • “oh Y/N look it’s Jihoon!”
  • you classmate almost yelled as you went towards the window of classroom. You saw park Jihoon walking into the school with his two friends and you couldn’t help but think about how handsome he was
  • Jihoon was almost like the school’s star, almost bc Kang Daniel was the school’s star. 
  • but nonetheless it didn’t matter bc you has a huge crush on him 
  • emphasize on the word crush because there were tons of other girls who liked him as well. 
  • the only problem you had…was well 
  • yall were three years apart. 
  • so like 
  • you were pretty sure that even if you had the chance to date him his army of fangirls will hunt you down and take you down like nothing mattered anymore. 

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Ethan Blurb

Hey Lovelies,

So this is just a short little Ethan Blurb. I was recently rewatching the Grayson Cuts Ethan’s Hair Video and this idea popped into my head. I hope you guys like it, its just a cute fluff one with subtle sexual references I guess. You’ll get it when you read it. Happy reading and remember feel free to send me your requests, I love writing for you guys!

The Haircut: An Ethan Dolan Blurb

Synopsis: After Ethan lets Gray cut his hair he’s super hesitant to show you, but as it turns out you have a little something to show him to! 😉

Ethan’s POV

“Grayson what the hell did you do to me!?” I scream looking at my new extremely short hair.

“Bro chill, it’s not that bad…”

“Not that bad? My hair hasn’t been this short since we were 15! I look like a freaking 5 year old fish!”

“Wtf does that even mean? Did don’t even worry about it, your Ethan the cool twin, you can make it work.”

“Whatever there’s nothing I can do about it now I guess… but next time I swear to god I’m holding scissors to your head!”

“Over my dead body! You know how I feel about my hair!” He says defensively grabbing his head.

Just then my phone lights up with a message, its from my girlfriend Y/N:

“Hey E, did you and Grayson finish filming yet?”

“Oh shit Gray wtf is she gonna say when she sees this? I don’t want her seeing me like this!”

“Well thats gonna be difficult seeing as how she’s your girlfriend!”

Another message pops up from her:

“Baby just let me know when your finished, I kinds wanted to hang out tonight…”

“Oh god, she wants to hang out tonight, what should I say?”

“Just say yes drama queen!”

“Drama queen? I just let my idiot twin brother butcher my head!”

“I didn’t butcher it, and look on the bright side, if she dumps you you still have me!”

“Shut up!” I say slapping his ass.

“I was only joking…” he says going to the editing room.

Well, here goes nothing… I think typing out a response:

“Hey babe, we just finished up if you wanna come by the warehouse.”

Her response came within seconds:

“On my way Eteeweetee ;)”

Well, better go shower and get all this hair off me before she gets here…


I stood in front of my full body mirror in my bra and leggings, looking at what I had gotten done today. I can’t believe I finally got my belly button pierced! Its something I’ve wanted since I was 15, but my dad would never let me. So as soon as I moved out for college I decided to do it. I had just gotten so bust with school and work and of course Ethan, that I kept putting it off. But my best friend Yvette had decided to get her first tattoo yesterday and it just so happened that the parlour we went to also did piercings. So I thought why the hell not? I’m here now I may as well get it done. And I did, it only hurt for a second and initially I was thrilled, I thought it looked amazing. But then I realized I had never talked to Ethan about it, what if he hated it? What if he thought it was tacky or too slutty?  As I looked at myself in the mirror I knew I liked it, but how would I feel if Ethan didn’t? Luckily the guys were filing today and Ethan asked me not to come over til they were done because I “distract” him too much so I managed to kill some time. But hours had gone by and I knew they would be finishing soon so I texted E, praying he wouldn’t respond and I could avoid him a little longer. Sadly the response came within minutes:

“Hey babe, we just finished up if you wanna come by the warehouse.”

Well, here goes nothing:

“On my way Eteeweetee ;)”

I respond before throwing on Ethans Guns and Roses tank top, grabbing my purse and heading to my car. The Warehouse is about a 15 minute drive from my place, but it feels like only 5 have gone by when I arrive. I take a deep breath as I park and make my way inside.

“Ethan! Babe where are you?” I call out as I step into the warehouse.

Grayson pops out of the editing room and comes over to greet me.

“Hey Y/N, Ethans just in the shower.” He says giving me a hug

I gasp a little at his touch, my tummy still a bit sore.

“You ok?” Gray asks noticing my small grimace.

“Oh, yeah just cramps…”

“Oh ok.”

“He had to take a shower? What exactly was this video you guys filmed?”

Oh I think I’ll let him tell you himself… he should be out any minute, im gonna finish editing but you chill anywhere ok?” He says heading back to his editing.

“Yeah ok.”

I take a seat on the couch while I wait for Ethan. I’m just scrolling through Twitter when I hear him coming out of the shower.

“Ethan you done?” I call out.

“Um… yeah… I’ll be right there…” he stutters.

“Everything ok baby? You sound a little weird…” I reply walking towards the bathroom.

“Yeah… its just… it was Grayson’s dumbass idea…” he continues to stutter, slowly walking forward.

“What was Grayson’s dumbass idea? Babe come out here.” I say now walking towards him.

He walks out and my hands fly up to cover my mouth. “Oh my god!”

“I knew you’d hate it…” he says throwing a towel over his head.

“No Ethan come here! I love it! I really do, I can finally see your beautiful face!” I say walking up to him and pulling the towel off his head and running my fingers threw his new short hair. “Grayson did this?”

“Well most of it, I had it evened out. But you really like it?”

“Yes of course, I’ve been wanting you to get a trim forever, granted its a little more than a trim, but I think its hot…”

“Oh really…”

“Um hm, in fact its kinda sexy…” I say bringing me lips closer to his.

He stops just as he’s about to kiss me, looking down at my shirt. “Hey is that my tank?”

“Oh yeah, you left it at my place, I was gonna give it back but it smelled too good.”

“Your kind of a dork you know that?”

“But I’m your dork right?”

“Yeah, all mine…” he says starting to run his fingers down my sides. “You know I’m so relieved you like it, I was kinda nervous to show you.”

“Its interesting you bring that up, you know you being nervous…” I say taking his hands in mine.


“Well… because I kind of got something and I’m kind of nervous to show you…”

“What is it?” He says looking me over and trying to guess whats different.

“Well I was at the tattoo parlour with Yvette and-“

“Oh God, please tell me you didn’t get my name tattooed anywhere!” he says going to lift my shirt up.

“No no its not that!” I say swatting his hand away from me.”

“Oh thank god, is it just another tattoo then?”

“No… its this…” I reply hesitantly lifting my shirt up to reveal my belly button.

He doesn’t say anything at first, he just stares and reaches out to touch it. I flinch at his touch and he retreats his hand “Does it still hurt?”

“Its a little sore yeah… but what do you think of it?”

“I… I love it…”

“You do! Oh Ethan that is such a relief, you know I’ve wanted to get it since I was fifteen and then I finally did yesterday and then I started worrying that you might think its to slutty or something.”

“I think its incredible…” he says grazing my stomach gently “In fact I think it makes you even more sexy, if thats possible… it kind of makes it hard for me to keep my hands off of you…” he says standing and kissing me roughly.

“Gently, remember I’m still a bit sore.” I say pulling away before he gets too rough.

“Oh right, how long will it be sore exactly?”

“Just a few more days… but until then it’ll just be all about you… how does that sound?” I say letting my hand graze his upper thigh and crotch area.

Before he can respond Grayson walks into the room.

“Hey E, I’m gonna order pizza do you guys- oh Y/N that looks-“ He stops noticing my belly button.

“If you value your life you wont finish that sentence Gray.” Ethan says without looking away from me.

“Right, pizza, I’m gonna order pizza you guys want some?”

“I think we’re gonna eat out Bro.” Winking at me.

“Yeah we’re gonna have Ethans favourite.” I add trailing hand along his thigh again.

“Ok gross, I’m leaving now.” Grayson says before leaving.

Something tells me I’m about to have one hell of a night…

anonymous asked:

im sorry if youve been asked this before but do you have like a link to a btob primer?? im new and im looking to see where to start first

yo hello there little butterfly first of all welcome to the fam you are about to embark on an once in a lifetime journey with no other than the seven meme™ boys… ofc i do (here) shout out to whoever made and update super detail btob primer and update this, you the mvp 💖with that being said, you come to auntie nellie and you are overwhelmed by the general weirdness of btob dont worry auntie got your back here is some must watch videos of btob 


  • btob cool man i have been saying this forever








that’s it for today since i have an essay due in a few hours and i have been shoving brownies after brownies into my mouth but hmu when you finish watching all of these, these are just the starter pack…. btob didn’t use insane as their debut track for nothing they are a mess a beautiful talented pure unproblematic lovely mess 

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prince johnny & the mermaid

(its u. ur the mermaid) 

ft. some other nct princes & mermen 

basically takes place in the same au as mermaid taeyong which if u havent read is here

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NCT Dream reating to you being able to dance

A/N: i honestly can not stand still so i am always moving and dancing💃🏼 it will be mostly hip hop but a little bit of ballet👨🏿‍🍳 +those are not my gifs👇🏽


OK so let’s say it’s still fairly early in the relationship, and on one of his free days which he doesn’t get very many of he invites you over to the dorm for a movie marathon with pizza and candy and maybe cuddles? and defiantly no hyungs+haechan. it would break you heart but you would have to turn him down because today is the day of your ballet recital. he would probably freak bc wtf you can dance¿ you would probably hit him with “yea didnt i tell you? :/” knowing damn well you didnt tell him. as it turn out you vvv insecure about your dancing and plus you didnt want mark to see you in a tutu :’). BUT NOW THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG and he would blow you up with questions like “where is it?” “when is it?” “how much is it?” “what should i wear?” “im on my way?” and now your freaking out bc markflippinleeiscomingtoseeyoudance and now you are dying ya see bc mark makes you vvv nervous and you need to do well bc your mom is paying a lot of money for you to do ballet and you dont want to embarrass yourself in front of your bae. but none of that matters because after everything is said and done mark finds you back stage and looks at you like your jesus and just walked on water. he would give you so much praise and tell you how amazing and talented and beautiful you are + he would show you all the pictures he took of you on stage. he would also probably send a video of you to the other members with a caption like “thats my bae😍😭🤧🤤” which would result in donghyuck teasing you about your tutu forever:’)


So donghyuck is probably one of those really annoying bfs who is always up you ass, saying things like “aren’t i so cute?” and “i bet your last boyfriend want as attractive as me” so one day when you went to watch him practice he would pull you over to one of the wall sized mirrors and say some barnyard baloney like “You know what I see? I see someone full of talent and beauty and youth with a very bright future” this would cause you to blush, but stop when he opened his mouth again. “Oh look your here too!” You would push him away for being a crazy fool. Still looking at yourself in the mirror you would try to recreate some of the dance moves you saw watching your boyfriend practice. You watch him so often you could probably take his place in ‘first and last.’ he would watch you watch yourself in the mirror and just sit there. you can barley walk in a straight line so he would be pretty shocked when he saw you dace,,, well. he would most likely walk up to you like “your good.. but im better.” he would then go back to practice but little do you know he would go back to the dorm bragging to his hyungs about how amazing his girlfriend is, you would be in the dark about how much he praises you untill mark texts you saying
“im going to kill hc… fr this time”
“he wont shut up about how 'talented’ and 'beautiful’ you are, he even said 'she has more visuals then all of you combined and could probably out dance every one of you’”
this would cause you to laugh and then next time you see him say something like “so you think im beautiful, talented, and a better dancer than all of your hyungs?” he would probably turn really red and burry his head in your shoulder whining about how he hates it when you tease him. omfg hc makes me soft :“)


okay so how about this, you and jeno have been buddies since forever and he wont shut up about how tired he is since he picked up and extra dance class and how its painfully awkward because he doesn’t know anyone in that room. so you being the best friend you can be offer to take the class with him, when you bring it up he laughs, hard and tells you that you shouldnt bc everyone one there is "really talented” and he “doesn’t think you can handle it”. which kinda pisses you off, you almost drop the idea but then your remember that next time he throws a fit your gonna be the one to listen to him piss&moan so you torment your mom into paying your way for the dance class, which happens to be rlly expensive he is lucky you love him. long story short when you showed up to class he was vv shocked and told you that you should go home, what you dont know is he is worried that you might get hurt or embarrassed or even lose sleep because of the class bc ya know, you make jeno soft :“”). buttt you have a point to prove and ignore his words. cutting to the chase jeno is caught off guard when you are able to keep up with the instructor and dance well. bc he was so sidetracked by you he would most likely get scolded by the instructor which would cause you to laugh and him to turn very red.


i would think any relationship with renjun would be pretty relaxed and chill, he would probably like a small girl, not super small but smaller than him bc rip his tiny boy ego. maybe small enough to be a flyer? since you were young youve done gymnastics and renjun knows this. there is only like 2 gyms in the area so when you are doing your flips someone comes up and asks if youve every considered cheerleading, bc your good at tumbling and probably small enough to be a flyer. pondering this you decide to try out for your high school cheer team and it turns out the guy from the gym is also the captain of the team so when he saw you at tryouts he was happy he saved a spot in hopes you would show up. excited that you are apart of a cheer squad you drag renjun whenever you can to all your practices, since there is a lot of dancing in cheer and you dont spend the entire time in the air and flipping he is impressed to see your moves, i could also see him taking you to sm so you can use one of the studios to practice.


ok so like what if you and chenle were just chilling in class and school was getting ready to start but you were standing by his desk just messing around and like someone in the back, some random kid is playing dip dip by 21 savage which just so happens to be your song. so like you absent mindedly start to move around. you are in the middle of telling a him some story about you calling your mom by her first name and as he is laughing at your words and watching you move around and randomly you drop and reverse. he cuts you off screaming like the dolphin he is. “OH MY GAWHD THAT WAS COOL” and “DO THAT AGAINNN” laughing at his reaction you milly rock and reverse which causes his screams to increase x2000 decibels. and ever since then he would randomly turn to you and ask you to reverse, like at lunch, on the way home, at the arcade, in study hall, and in the middle of panera bread. he would probably tag you in musically videos saying sum like “can you do this😱” and if you say yea then next time he sees you irl he would beg you to do it for him, or if he was away from you he would ft/skype you so you could show him or ask you send a video as proof and you better believe if you send him a video he will send it to everyone and post it everywhere says things like “omg, she is soooo goooodddddd😻🤤🤗” and then ten would probably leave some comment like “i be i can reverse better😉”


i feel like as jisung gets older he gets cockier so he probably like to try and show off to you and dance for you. he would probably ask mark (and not hc bc he dosnt want teased) to teach him the dance to cherry bomb so he can dance for you i bet my house he already knows the dance but whatever, maybe he asks mark to help him perfect it. he would practice for days before inviting you to the studio to show you how good of a dancer he is even though you already know. but unknown to him is the fact that nct 127 is your religion and cherry bomb is your favorite hyme so the video is sacred ground. and when he says he wants to show you him dancing to cb you are through the roof bc ur boyfie wants to dance to a song choreographed by jesus himself or maybe the devil. he is about half way through the dance when he dose something backwards which is WEiRD bc he is such and good dancer and he practiced so hard, you must make him nervous🤧 anyway you just sit quietly and let him finished the dance. when he is done he excitedly asks you what you thought, “it was good” you answer stiffly remembering his little mistake. your lack of enthusiasm throws him off and causes him to question what you really thought “well i just noticed you did this instead of this” you said demonstrated what he did wrong and what he should’ve done. jisung is flabbergasted bc, 1.) how did he manage to mess that up? 2.) you looked really good doing that 3.) how on earth did you catch that?

Glory Glade P2


writers-block0o0: Part two? Can you do Glory Glade part two? 😂


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Thanks for your requests!

Here’s my third entry for Boyfriend!NCT! I really enjoy writing these so much and please tell me what you think of these fluffballs! And also please check out my Boyfriend!Taeyong and Winwin! 

🍀 My inbox is always open yall! 

🍀 Feel free to send me requests! 

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this is long overdue, but here’s hip hip unit x zombie apocalypse~
find the vocal unit ver (here) / bts (here) / vixx (here

tw: violence, blood 


  • technically speaking s.coups was supposed to be out delivering pizzas since that’s his part time job but when he opened the door and saw that the dude that had ordered it had half his face falling off he got back on his bike and was like TIME TO SUIT UP FOR THE SHITSTORM ABOUT TO HIT
  • and honestly what better place to have a hideout than a pizza shop like just bar up all the windows and live off tomato sauce  but actually the reason is home is probably infested with zombies so better stay at work for the time being
  • and so he has a good amount of food, it won’t last super long, but thankfully he’s got cup noodles in the back and a lot of dough to make calzones and hey if any zombies try coming for him this pizza cutter with it’s sharp blade is going to protect him well enough
  • but he makes a note that maybe getting a gun or maybe a bat might work better 
  • and basically the little pizza place that s.coups turns into a hiding place becomes a safe house for other survivors that come by and somehow his natural leadership makes him easy to trust and the people that ask him for help he’s like sure come in with he dough, tomato sauce, cheese - no wait the cheese might be expired 
  • and you meet him in the funniest way you actually sneak into the pizza place through a wobbly plank that you broke off the window because you were looking for a bathroom and you’re like this place has a bathroom right it’s a restaurant kinda
  • and you get pinned to a wall by s.coups with a pizza cutter to your neck and you’re like wAIT
  • and he’s like oh shit you’re not a zombie and you’re like no i just need to use your bathroom and he’s like you could have knocked and you’re like the windows and doors have planks on them and he’s like yeah well you can knock on the planks…. and you’re like lISTEn where’s the bathroom 
  • and he chuckles at you and youre like listen buddy dont laugh at me i am aRMEd and he’s like oh really and you’re like yea- wait where is it??!?!? and you search you body but you’re like holy shit i must have dropped it when i was breaking in- i mean pulling the plank off the window
  • and s.coups is like you DI D whAT A ZOMBIe cOULD GET in
  • and you both run to the place where you crawled in and you’re like !!! look my guns outside ill go get it - but s.coups pulls you back and you kind of fall against his chest and he’s like are you crazy?? don’t you see the zombies
  • and you’re like what n-no le-let go but when you look out again you see a couple of them making their way over slowly and s.coups is like frick we have to get rid of them stay here and tell the others im going out
  • and youre like wait there’s other people but youre also like im not letting you go up against them alone give me another pizza cutter im going out with you and he’s like ill be fine and you’re like shut it pizza boy let’s do this
  • and that’s the story of how you and s.coups fights off a couple zombies with just some pizza cutters and you also managed to grab a bag of flour to throw at one of the zombies which s.coups later found hilarious because the thing was so confused by moving on
  • you decide to stay in the safe house because you know they have a bathroom and also it’s better to be with people than alone and everyone in the group comes to like you but for some reason whenever you and s.coups are talking or something everyone’s like ooooo~~~~ the leader got himself a partner!~~~~~ and you’re like what
  • and s.coups is like it’s nothing ignore them hahahah but at the same time he’s like isn’t it cool?? im the leader afterall~~~
  • and you’re like rolling your eyes because ok you’re the leader of a safe house during a zombie apocalypse but you grow really fond of how well he is at controlling situations  and keeping everyone safe and dare i say,,,,you even start to see this really cool side of him
  • but you like refuse to admit it and you never let him protect you if zombies come around because you can hold your own but whenever he gets himself hurt you freak out
  • and when you’re back inside and you’re treating him and you’re hitting him like gOD dammit you sCARED me the rest of the group is like (((((((: hmmmmm why are you so scared to loooose him ((((:
  • and s.coups is like yeah why are you scared to lose me im just the pizza boy after- and you’re like so help me god s.coups shut ur mouth or else- and he’s like hey you should shut it for me
  • and ok ok it’s a good cheesy pickup line and you’re like hfslasdn fINE you’re cute but stop with the one liners we’re facing a crises here s.coups gOD 

Wonwoo & Mingyu 

  • the zombie virus broke out and they both called each other like bro im not going through this without you honestly such a touching moment but the minute they met up mingyu was like hey hey hey prove to me youre not a zombie and wonwoo was like dude we’ve been bestfriends- and mingyu’s like PROOF 
  • but anyway the only weapon either of them has is wonwoo has his guitar and mingyu has this sword thing he found on the decoration of someones wall but it looks real enough so they’re like ok we’re good
  • and at some point mingyu’s like wonwoo you can drive right and wonwoo’s like i dont have my license and mingyu’s like ok but you /can/ drive right and wonwoo is like mingyu-
  • and mingyu is like we passed by an abandoned RV back there i think it’ll be good as a hideout and it’ll be faster than us walking to places
  • and wonwoo wants to say no because it’s illegal to steal someones car and drive it without a license but mingyu’s like who cares what’s illegal there are ZOMBIES everywhere and wonwoo is like for the first time…..you’re right mingyu ok let’s get the RV 
  • and for a while they have fun running over any zombies in there path and sometimes they’ll park somewhere and lock themselves up and wonwoo will clean the blood off his guitar and mingyu will tell funny stories and they meet you when one day they wake up and mingyu goes out to check if the coast is clear and then he sees something on the roof and he’s like wait
  • and he climbs up and you’re there, sleeping, with a gun clutched to your chest and mingyu is like ………. ok well at least this person is smart enough to understand that high places are harder to reach but why the hell would anyone pick the top of an RV to sleep on
  • so he wakes you up and you immediately point the gun up and he’s like woah hey there and you’re like oh…….are you the guy who owns this thing? let me stay with you i have nowhere to go 
  • and you’re so straightforward that you catch him off guard and he kind of flounders like um uh my friend um ok um sure wait um and you get up and brush off your shoulders like ok cool im gonna stay a bit and then leave when i find a decent place to hide out cool? cool.
  • and you’re climbing down and mingyu is like ……. ok they’re cute……but…..i HAVE to TELL WONWOO rigTH
  • and he like catches up with you but it’s too late you already opened the door on wonwoo changing and he screams and you’re like chill dude and mingyu is like heeEEEY wonwoo they’re gonna be living with us for a while hope that’s cool
  • and wonwoo pulls mingyu over by the ear like ?????? what is this????? and mingyu is like listen they were sleeping on the top of the RV how am i supposed to just kick them out and wonwoo is like wait they were sleeping on the top??? what if we moved they would have fallen off and mingyu is like i D K but they’re tough as hell and have a gun listen let’s jut let them stay
  • and you’re like you know i can hear you and wonwoo and mingyu are like sh I T
  • and at first it’s a little awkward because you don’t know each other at all but once you have to go scavenging for food and you return with a hand full of like canned fruits and vegetables and some bags of chips that aren’t expired yet they warm up to because hello it’s food
  • and you learn that wonwoo is slightly more defensive than mingyu in terms of confronting the zombies, he doesn’t really want to fight them and so a lot of the time you step in and protect him which you thought he’d get mad about but instead he becomes really thankful to you
  • he’s kind of like i don’t have a weapon?? i have my guitar but getting guts on it so so…eh….plus it makes me sick to kill something even a zombie… and you look at him like how is this six foot tall, deep voiced boy saddened by killing a zombie but tbh it’s kind of cute the way he’s more cautious and fragile and you want to pet his head but he’s too tall
  • but you’re like wonwoo i want to pet your head sometimes and he like turns into a blushing mess like w-w-w-w-what
  • while mingyu on the other hand is totally ok with being physical and killing whatever gets in his way with a smile on his face. when you offer to let him have your gun when he goes out he just takes the sword he keeps carrying around and he’s like nah it’s ok, ill be fine with this
  • and tbh you’re not even worried he’s 185 cm like jesus christ even a zombie doesn’t stand a chance
  • and mingyu always manages to make you and wonwoo laugh even when you guys don’t have any food and the oil in the RV is running out
  • but mingyu is also really sweet like you notice how hard he tries when you’re out looking for food and how he even cooks when you guys can manage to make a fire outside and he lets you even borrow his jacket even though it’s cold when you want to sleep and it’s nice you feel like he’s taking care of you in this time of need
  • sometimes all three of you just get so tired you pass out all together on the pullout couch in the back 
  • and maybe kind of mingyu and wonwoo secretly bicker over who gets to sleep beside you so you always somehow end up in the middle
  • and it’s cute if worst comes to worst all three of you can defend the little RV you call home
  • also mingyu and wonwoo insist that you don’t leave, like unless you really want to but
  • mingyu is like it won’t be fun without you here to help him pull pranks on wonwoo
  • and wonwoo shyly admits that you make him feel safer so if you could stay by his side a bit longer,,,


  • has no clue what is going on, why people are running and screaming, so he just does what’s rational : gets some snacks and hides himself in a supply closet in the mall he was in when the zombie virus broke out 
  • he only finds out what’s wrong when he checks his cell phone and his friends are all texting each other in a frantic panic over ‘zombie’s and vernon’s like tch zombies yeah right
  • but then he hears someone yell zombies and then a horrible sound of limbs breaking and he freezes like oh ,.,,,,,,,oh god
  • and let’s say that it is by faith that you’re also in this mall looking for a place to hide and you’re like oh a supply closet nice!! and you open it and 
  • there’s vernon
  • who let’s out a scream cuz he thinks you’re a zombie and you’re like SHHHH and lock the door behind you and he’s like ……you’re not a zombie right??? and he reaches for like a mop and you’re like no no im not are you??? and he’s like no??? and you’re like oh god can you believe this is happening??
  • and tbh the both of you have next to no clue about how you’re going to survive this so you’re like listen i don’t know you but let’s make a pact to help each other at least get out of this mall alive
  • and seeing as though vernon is as desperate as you he’s like deal and you guys pinky promise on it honestly this is how all zombie movies should start but moving on
  • you and vernon hide out in this closet for a bit and then you like grab a broom and you’re like ok let’s go see if it’s safe and he’s kind of like,,,,i don’t think we should leave
  • and you’re like well what do we do?? starve in this closet?? and vernon’s like true you have a point
  • so you guys manage to get around this level of the mall without seeing any zombies and thankfully all the employees are gone so you’re like let’s raid the freezer section and find a microwave for this ramen and vernon’s like that’s the first idea i wholeheartedly agree with you on
  • and so you stock up a cart of food, find an employee lounge with a microwave, lock the door and eat some frozen like pizzas and make some ramen and you and vernon talk and you’re like so whats gonna be your plan after this
  • and vernon looks up at you and he shrugs and you’re like no plan?? and he’s like do you have one?? and you’re like touche i have no clue either
  • and somehow you two get a good laugh over your lack of a plan until the lights turn off and you’re like oh the mall must shut down automatically at a time and vernon’s like makes sense we should spend the night here
  • so you guys find some pillows and blankets at some department store and lock yourselves up in that closet again and you’re like hey don’t cross this line at night ok and you put a broom down to cut the closet in half and vernon is like whY would i try anything you’re the only other person here with me
  • and you’re like EXACTLY and he’s like go to sleep you’re scaring me more than the zombies
  • so for a while you and him just stay in that mall because it has enough stuff in it for you guys to get by and whenever a zombie wanders in you’re like vernon pass me something to knock it out with and he’s like um here, take this PS4 and you’re like jesus but you’re in a mall so sure
  • you once dropped a lamp on a zombie from 5 floors up and the blood left a permanent stain and vernon was like ew gross and you were like ok tbh that was the coolest thing ever
  • and vernon like hates getting near zombies or having to fight them so most of the time you do it but you don’t mind you come back with some blood on your cheek and he’s like how are you not throwing up from looking at them and you’re like it’s fine it’s what i need to do to live
  • and he’s like you’re weird,,,,but here and he passes you a towel and you’re like thanks ^^ and vernon’s like no heart do not skip a beat goddammit 
  • and you and vernon have enough fun entertaining yourselves with the toys in the department stores or the books or even sometimes one the TVs turns on randomly and it’s kind of like anyones dream to live in a mall all by yourself 
  • but at the same time you’re like we honestly need to go out and get better weapons and vernons like hahah no no way not until this is all over
  • and sometimes he gets really nervous and scared about his family’s wellbeing and you like do your best to comfort him
  • and one day vernon says that he’s thankful you didn’t leave the mall even though you could and that you stayed with him and you’re kind of like he,,hey,,, don’t say such nice things it’s,,,,,too much
  • it’s cute you guys can’t even confess to each other but it’s obvious you two care for each other deeply i mean like you’d slay zombies for him ……and he’d fight one for you two but only if you were like about to die vernon is a tiny bit of a scaredy cat 

WHATADO Everybody, its your boi Nemo back at it again with another fanfiction. I got the idea of writing a story, based on my expiriences with the hurricane. For example, almost everything that happened in this story, happened in real life. So, I’m pretty much putting yourself in my shoes. I hope you enjoy it :D

Summery: Josh and Y/n decide to go to a shelter for safety against the hurricane and go through emontional distress, but they figure out ways to enjoy eachother

Type: Fluff

Warnings: Descriptive kissing scene?, annoying children, lots of sexual flirting, I think that’s about it

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 9.7k (9,784 words)

So without further a do, P-P-P-P PLAY IT

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Are au’s accepted for the event? If not ignore this! If so how about a rocker!aizawa? him being a guitar or bass player in a rock group. In the scenario he surprises his s/o with a slower song he wrote for them voicing his feelings through it. He isn’t the lead singer so the solo catches everyone off guard. Maybe the song could be the way he proposes to his long time gf that has supported him through his career. It would be neat if other teachers were members of the band too but not necessary!


I was actually thinking about an AU like this the other day! I’m so glad you requested this!

(here is the song he was singing, AKA my favorite love song ever.


-Mod Pomme 🍒

The two of you were sat in a cushy red arm chair, you sat on his lap, reading out another passionate love letter from one of his fans, him twirling a piece of your hair with a finger.

“I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you, I even sewed a little plushy of you!” You squealed, holding the letter to your chest as if it was addressed to you. “Isn’t that so cute, Shouta? She made a lil’ plushy!” You showed him the picture of the plushy of him this girl had made.

“Hm. It is cute, how come you never make plushies of me?” He questioned teasingly, nose coming to touch yours as you blushed.

“You know very well what happens when I sew, Sho. It would be the goddamn ugliest thing you had ever seen.” You retorted, pouting cutely.

He laughed, the noise like music to your ears. It was so rare for him to laugh when he wasn’t with you, so he liked to get his fill during these moments you shared.

The two of you turned as Hizashi entered the dressing room, mostly just peeking his head in.

“Hey, Zawa, (Name),” He greeted, “You ready? Its ten minutes til’ show time.”

He nodded, and you jumped up off his lap, grabbing his hands to help him up.

“I swear, those pants are so tight, I don’t get how you breath!” You laughed as he struggled to moved.

“Hey, Midnight insisted I wear these. She said that “the guitarist always has to be sexiest in the band, enough to rival the singer.”“ He shrugged, grabbing his fingerless leather gloves and slipping them on, taking hold of your hand as the two of you walked to the backstage before he turned to you.

“You’re gonna be out there right?”

“Yup!” You confirmed, big smile creating a warmth in his heart that he could never replace. “Front row, same as always!”

“Hey, five minutes til’ stage!” Toshinori called from the entrance to the stage where they would be performing.

You kissed him on the cheek, running to the stairs to find your seat, waving and wishing him good luck.

You had thoroughly enjoyed the concert so far, the intense riffs of Aizawa’s guitar always sending little shivers through you.

As they finished their last song, you had gathered your things, ready to find your lover backstage and gush over how he always made you fall in love with him again and again when he played, only to stop when you saw him take Hizashi’s place, fingers gripping the microphone stand nervously.

“This one goes out to the love of my life.” He announced simply, eyes finding yours among the many fan girls next to you, making you feel like it was just the two of you in that venue.

He started off with a simple riff, fingers moving as if he had done it a million times.

“Last night, I had this dream about you,

In this dream, I’m dancing right beside you,

and it looked like everyone was having fun, 

the kind of feeling– I’ve waited so long.”

You gasped as tears found their way to your eyes, hand clasped over your heart as his voice sang to you.

“The time is right to put my arms around you,

you’re feeling right, you wrap your arms around too.

But suddenly, I feel the shining sun,

before I knew it, this dream was all gone.

Oh, I don’t know what to do. 

About this dream and you–

We’ll make this dream come true.”

The guitar and drums steadily became stronger, a short simple interlude of evolving rhythm before his simple riffs turned into the most intense solo you’ve ever heard, every ounce of feeling put into moment of music traveling to you through sound wave, touching your heart as he finished, giving a wave as he wished them “goodnight,” cheers and screams chorusing their exit as you found your way out, the bodyguard letting you backstage after you showed your pass, your eyes searching desperately for your lover.

“(Name)!” He called, waving at you so you could spot him. You wasted no time in running to him, nearly knocking him over with the force of your impact, squeezing him tightly around the middle.

You looked up to him with tears streaming down your face, sniffling loudly, “T-That was for me? Are you kidding me?” He laughed, stroking a large, calloused hand over the back of your head as he held you close.

“No, it wasn’t, I promise.” He whispered, pulling out of your arms to fish around in his pocket, leaving you shocked as he dropped to one knee.

“(Full Name), you are the light of my life. You have been with me every step of this crazy dream of mine.” He swallowed, eyes searching yours as you only seemed to cry harder. “Be mine.” He finished, and you couldn’t help but nod, words almost forcing to leave your mouth.

“Yes! Yes, of course I will, Shouta!” You practically screamed, claps coming from all around you as he slipped the little ring on your finger, standing to kiss you passionately.

“I love you, (Name). Always.”

“I love you too, Shou. Always.”

model seokjin

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  • okay so this had been in the inbox for a while now and i’m super duper sorry i just wanted to get some namjoon stuff out!!
  • okay i’ve never seen many model aus so this is gonna be lit just wait i have some quality ideas
  • okay so firstly, you!!
  • you’re not the cliche make up artist who fixes the lead models make up and gets all close in his face…
  • and you’re not the photographer either, who gets to pose our dearest model however you want…
  • you’re actually a lowly secretary, like the one who answers phone calls for the head of the agency, and you’re always sent on coffee duty for everyone, and you’re usually the one taking notes, and emailing potential sponsors like you’re not really high up on the ranks
  • but because you’re a secretary that means you get to always be right near the action in case anyone needs a super large frappuccino with extra whip cream (looking at you, mrs. fashion designer lady)
  • which means you get to see him
  • and by him i mean the one and only kim seokjin
  • he’s well known across the world because he’s so damn handsome like he’s a god or something??
  • it’s always a war to see which agency will get to book him for a shoot because he’s so super popular
  • he works for the company big hit modeling (wink wink) and they’re not really a super known company, until seokjin starts modeling then they become one of the most famous companies across the globe
  • he’s mostly a fashion model (idk if there are other models) but he started with the typical fashion magazines where his hair is all messed and he’s holding some sort bag over his shoulder and giving the camera the big pouty lips
  • but recently he’s been in like sports magazines (mm kim seokjin, modeling in some bathing suit trunks, yes plz)
  • actually everyone expects the bathing suit issue to be sultry but legit you remember opening the issue and it’s seokjin with one of those flower swimming caps, smiling playfully and holding a beach ball up to his chest
  • and then in other pics he has the heart sunglasses and he’s wearing cute pink floaties and then an innertube around his waist!!
  • but still, you can see those shoulders,,, and those calves,,, and you just kinda have to fan yourself with the magazine because that level of beauty is overwhelming
  • you low key hoard every magazine he’s in okay like every single magazine he’s been in, it’s stashed under your bed
  • you wish that he would come and do some shoots for your magazine agency…
  • and guess what, your boss manages to do it, manages to get the one and only kim seokjin to come and do a “business” photo shoot
  • everyone goes into a full out panic because kim seokjin, the kim seokjin is going to be here of all places
  • you’re excited sure, but a little upset
  • you’ve been an admirer of seokjin since as long as you can remember, since he started his modeling career
  • you don’t know how you’re gonna feel having him so close to you, yet so far away
  • you then scold yourself for being so sentimental because why would he even notice you to begin with??
  • okay okay so it’s the first day of the shoot
  • you’re dressed in your usual work clothes, super business-y like a button down and then slacks or a skirt or whatever you like that’s business-y idk my work uniform is a cheongsam so like idk
  • but you can tell everyone is ok edge from the get go because everyone is being super snappy with you and everyone is running around and running into each other and it’s a hot mess up in this camp
  • okay it’s like an hour before seokjin is even supposed to show up but everyone is still super stressed and everyone is like go get our coffee and be useful and you kinda smile through the tears oh alright i see how it is
  • you know everyone’s orders by now so it’s not that big of a deal but still you’re feeling personally a little frazzled by all of the drama
  • you stumble into the coffee shop and the little cashier who you’re actually really friendly with now waves to you and you wave back and smile like if anyone can make your day better it’s him
  • so you order everything and kinda mention what’s going down at the agency like “yah kim seokjin is gonna be down here soon and everyone is stressed and being kinda crabby”
  • and the boys eyes light up “oh seokjin huh?” and he smiles “yah he’s a riot. really pretty. really sweet. don’t you think?”
  • he’s not really looking at you but you don’t mind too much
  • “seokjin is so gorgeous. and this is weird, but his hands are really super cute?” you laugh “you know i’ve been a fan for like years now… he looks so gentle and sweet… and i’m sure he’s so much more than a pretty face! like i bet he saves puppies off the street, well, maybe cats. and i bet he carries groceries up the steps for old ladies too!!”
  • and your counter boy is snickering and you’re like “jeongguk stop making fun of me i really think he would be like thaT”
  • but you’re pulled away from jeongguk because someone taps your shoulder so you spin around and guess who’s standing there
  • it’s, that’s right, you guessed it, it’s none other than kim seokjin in the flesh
  • your face drains of all color and you wonder how long he’s been standing there, listening to you rave about him
  • it’s a super small hole in the wall coffee shop that mostly older folks come to which explains the lack of paparazzi and screaming fans but you kinda wish they were there to take the pressure and attention off of you
  • he’s staring down at you and his face is so red but you’re sure that your face is even more so
  • jeongguk is cackling behind the counter and you start to blush harder
  • and finally seokjin manages to stammer out “thanks for thinking so highly of me…!! it means the world to me, that people, like me, i mean, i know people like me, but i mean like-”
  • and jeongguk just coughs “plz mom, you’re embarrassing yourself.”
  • “i tolD yOu noT TO cALL me tHaT”
  • and he hides behind his hands and you think that’s so super cute you just wanna like… idk… kiss him all over…
  • “you’re um… coming over to do a shoot with us!!” you smile a bit
  • his eyes go wide and he smiles “are you one of the models im working with?”
  • and you go so red you can feel your heart slamming against your chest “who me? ahh no i’m just the assistant…”
  • “oh… what a shame, i would wanna do some shoots with you. maybe one day we can get jeongguk to take our picture!”
  • “smoooooth”
  • “jeon jeongguk is2g shut your mouth”
  • you’re blushing and smiling and seokjin is looking anywhere but your face and jeongguk is coughing like um your coffee is ready
  • and you both think it means your coffee and you both go to grab it and your fingers brush and you both pull away and stutter out apologies
  • jeongguk rolls his eyes but smiles anyhow
  • but alas seokjin’s phone rings and his agent is like :))) hurry it up there pal :)))
  • and seokjin says he’ll see you soon but before you can reply he’s rushing out the door and as soon as he’s gone you’re practically screaming to jeongguk, from a melted heap on the floor
  • “you should probably get going so you can see your boy…”
  • jeongguk hands you over the trays of coffee and sends you off with a playful little wink
  • okay okay so you get back to the office area and you’re handing out drinks to all your superiors and they’re too busy trying to fix the lighting and touch up seokjin’s makeup and whatever to even notice that you stay in the shooting room while things start to go down
  • but you don’t notice that seokjin keeps glancing over at you, and he’s low key trying to ask all the staff about you like who’s that angel over there just for reasons…
  • okay so he’s dressed in this extremely tight white button down and he has some black slacks and a skinny black tie and his hair is down in his eyes and also !! carrying a briefcase and probably wearing some ugly ass penny loafers but he makes them look so nice
  • okay but then
  • then
  • the coordinating outfit lady whatever they’re called, she comes over and undoes the first two buttons and wow chest chest chest chest
  • you feel your stomach twisting in knots and you want to look away but oh it’s so tantalizing
  • but something is definitely off, the imagine isn’t right but nobody else is seeing how awkward it looks right now and you’re like um this can’t be the image we use??
  • and so like any normal person would do in this situation, you totally disregard your job and your standing and you rush up to the runway area and you hurry over to seokjin
  • and there is some astounded gasps and screaming and your name followed by some rude and profane language but you disregard all of it tbh
  • you rest one hand on seokjin’s chest and the other one works at his tie and he tenses up and goes red as a tomato and he stares down at you
  • you stick your tongue out a bit and he thinks it’s so cute how you’re concentrating but also you’re so close and he might die?
  • you loosen the tie up so it’s not so tight and stuffy and it hangs down a bit and it really matches this whole messy professional thing and it looks like a million times better
  • and the head photographer has a light bulb right, it just pops up over his head
  • “you two, stay like that please”
  • and you’re like wait what im not a moDEL
  • but hey you’re already in the business clothes and you two look so cute,,,
  • most of the pictures you two end up taking, your face is blocked from view either by looking to the side or looking down or whatever but it’s super touchy like he has his arm draped over you at some points, or his hand on your waist and it’s so close and you’re like wow how have i not died yet
  • but then
  • then
  • seokjin leans down and he gives you a look and you don’t need words to understand he ghosts his lips over yours and wraps his arms around your waist and your hands are on his chest and you can hear like seven million cameras going off
  • you both pull away and he’s stammering and you’re blushing and the entire business is in a frenzy because that was so good
  • and the main photographer comes up and he’s like “nice to meet you i’m min yoongi, if you’re interested we could get you a job over at big hit… you and seokjin here have a certain chemistry that would be so amazing to capture in photography.”
  • he gives you his card
  • seokjin gives you his number (wink wink wink)
  • and a few weeks later jeongguk is the first to confront you about a certain photoshoot in a certain magazine featuring a certain someone that looks very much like you, kissing a certain famous model…