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4. “Buy your own shirts.” + 23. “You know I could beat you up, right?” + Jungkook
genre: fluff

“Jungkook?” You called out, trying to locate the boy. He had called you while you were out with some friends, stating it was an emergency and to hurry home. But where was he?

“Babe! You’re here hello! Do you have 10 bucks?” Jungkook rushed out of your bedroom, shirtless.

“Uh, hello? Why?” You furrowed your eyebrows, confused as to why Jungkook would be asking you for 10 dollars.

“I need a new shirt. I don’t have a yellow one.” Jungkook pouted at you, raising his brows. He couldn’t look so cute while being shirtless.

“Just, wear green?” Jungkook had too many shirts, mostly white or black, and did not need more. He took up the majority of the closet space with his damn shirts.

“Green is not yellow, (Y/N).”

“You have a job that pays better than mine does. Buy your own shirts, child.” You glared at him. Jungkook did videos for youtube, and was really popular. Resulting him getting better paychecks than your job at a clothing store not too far from home.

“I haven’t updated my youtube account in 3 weeks so I didn’t get a paycheck last week…” Jungkook trailed off, his voice low. You groaned.

“I’m gonna kick your ass, get over here!” You put your bag on the table next to you and pulled Jungkook to you, putting his head under your arm.

“You can try, but you’ll fail.” He played along with you, pretending he couldn’t get away.

“You know I could beat you up, right?”

Jungkook laughed at that, he could easily beat you in a fight. Easily.

“I’m definitely the tougher one here. You wouldn’t stand a chance!” You playfully pushed Jungkook onto the couch, sitting on his stomach for three seconds.

“I. Win.” You smiled. Jungkook rolled his eyes, pushing you off of him so he could sit up.

Just as Jungkook was about to talk, your phone started ringing. You rushed to your bag and pulled your phone out. “It’s Namjoon,” You frowned, answering the call.

“Hi? Where are you? I told you to text me if Jungkook is okay.” Namjoon said, sounding slightly frustrated.

“Uh, sorry about that! He’s fine, just an overdramatic shit. I’ll leave now, see ya.” You turned to Jungkook, giving him a pointed look as you placed your phone in your bag again.

“Bye baby! Drive safe!” He said, leaning to kiss you. You pulled away, not wanting to get too caught up kissing him while he’s shirtless.

“Nope. Wait until I get back. Film a video so you can get paid again.” You slipped your shoes on and left Jungkook alone to figure out what to do for a video.

When you see inside someone as deeply as we did in one another, nothing can ever be orderly, nothing will ever make sense, nothing will ever be definite. To this day, despite everything, I still say he knew my soul as if he’s lived in it forever, as if he’s crafted it from cell to meteor. And I knew his like the story I was born knowing and could never quite mouth. And that killed us, if we loved each other less, if we knew each other less, if we weren’t so goddamn much, we would’ve made a perfect match. They say it’s never possible to reveal yourself to someone. But that’s not quite true, they can only say that because they were never me meeting him. Not only was I spilled open on his floor like piece of glass turned to shreds, I was an open map, I was a manuscript in a language that the gods invented only in him a few million star namings and star gazings ago. Oh I saw a pretty image of wind blowing snowflakes in all directions on a foggy 5 am with white lights on one end and my window glass on the other. I looked for words for it but I found none. I named that moment, feeling and image after him. There was never anything else to fit anything better. He filtered himself through my skin the way moonlight does through water. From afar, hardly altering anything, illuminating to its greatest depths without ever laying a touch on it. Who would’ve thought I was so transparently opaque. If he could be anything he’d be foggy blue, lime yellows, the green of a beer bottle, red and amber, black eyelashes, really red cheeks, white sheets blood stained, my backbone, 4 am, 5 am, 6 am, a car crash, patching up open wounds, alcohol that stings, alcohol that’s sweet, my favourite taste, my favourite smell, my favourite favourite. Tears are salty, he says blood tastes delicious, he should know, I’ve bent my back in his mouth a thousand times, I forgot my heart in his teeth a hundred, choking me is him. I’m not linear. All I dream of is him him him him. I wish he’d take my face in his hands, let me cry until I nosebleed, french kiss his way into my tears and crack me in two like a stick. He surrounds me. If there’s anything I’d like to say it is:

Don’t you dare forget we were never alive except within each other, you punk. If you die I die, for better or worse. I’ll need you.

Seventeens reaction to you teasing

 “hyung lines reaction to teasing. Teasing as in maybe a little purposely revealing clothes or teasing skinship etc etc ;)”

Scoups: You were out eating when you slid your hand over his leg dangerously slow. He looked down at you and whispered “Don’t start something you can’t finish” 

Jeonghan: He noticed how short your dress was. You were going on a date with him for the remainder of the day. He looked you up and down.. “maybe we should stay home” 

Joshua: You were watching a movie with the rest of the members when you got bored and moved your hand to josh. He tensed up and looked you wide eyed before smirking a little. “Do you really wanna go there, You know I’m better” 

Jun: You had been getting ready to go to an award show Jun invited you do. You were wearing a white dress and black heel. He walked over to you and pushed you on the bed slightly and said “i bet that looks as good off as it does on.” 

Hoshi: He was going to leave for practice giving you a kiss before he left. You grabbed his lower back and shoved him closer to you before rolling your body on him a little. He looked at you smirking and biting his lips. “Ill take care of you later” 

Wonwoo: He was sitting down at his desk working you walked over to him he moved his chair so you were in front of him.. He looked at you and ran his eyes over you. You sat on him and kissed him quickly. He whispered in a low voice. “if you want me just ask” 

Woozi: He was making dinner when you walked over to him from behind kissing his neck. You moved your hands from around his stomach down lower. He stood still, you could hear his heart rate pick up. He turned around while you looked up sweetly. “don’t continue unless your ready, you know its never gentle” 

Waltz (FE: IF/Fates)

For the anon who requested Leon teaching Kamui how to dance. I’m not really knowledgeable in dancing so I did some research, but I still apologize if anything I’ve written is off.

Set pre-decision.

f!Kamui x Leon (he will be forever Leon to me)

The castle’s usual bustle had since settled down for the evening. Everything was mostly still and dark save for some of the servants attending to their final duties of the day and the guards making their rounds here and there. Leon had finished his usual studying in the castle’s library and was off to retire for the night when he found himself hearing a strange clip-clop sort of sound echoing faintly through the halls.

He paused from his walk, straining to hear the sound. It was then after a few moments that he realized that the sound often repeated in a distinct, yet rather sloppy, three beat tempo. Of all things, what in the world was making that? Curiosity had gotten the better of him by now and he began tracking down the source.

After a round-about around the castle, past two wings, the library again, and avoiding a few servants, Leon found himself on the main floor of the castle and approaching the largely unused ballroom. The clip-clopping sound was much louder now, and noticing that the heavy double doors were slightly ajar, Leon slinked forward to peeked through the space.

He felt his heart pound and his eyes widened at what he saw.

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You Are The Reason I Can’t Control Myself - Pt. 1 (Jared Short)

He got home two weeks ago and I’m not entirely sure what his problem is today. All I do know is that I’m not sure how much more I can take. We’ve been fighting all day.

 When he told me that he was coming home for three weeks, I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. I even drove to the airport myself to pick him up. He was all smiles when he saw me and the first week was great. Now he was bored already and I noticed yesterday that he seemed like he couldn’t sit still.

 He was also restless last night moving around the bed unable to sleep. I’m trying not to be angry with him but it’s really hard when all he does is complain. Walking out into the kitchen he was pacing back and forth while yelling at whoever was on the other end of the phone.

 He looked over to me “Get dressed we are going to see a band play. I have to get out of here for a while.”

I nodded and went upstairs to change not wanting another fight. Maybe getting out would help him get in a better mood.

 I walked downstairs to see him wearing a white shirt and black jeans. He was pulling on a leather jacket.

I had a blue strapless dress that I haven’t even worn yet. Holding the door open for me I walked out and we left. 

 I could feel his eyes on me as we walked towards the car. I could also feel the tension so thick I wasn’t entirely sure it was a good idea for us to be in public.

 "You drive" he muttered as we reached the car. He reached into his pocket and unlocked the door before tossing me the keys.  I hesitated because he didn’t circle around to open my door.

 He glared at me and growled “Well? Are you getting in the car or not?”

 I rolled my eyes and stomped to the drivers side and climbed in without a word.  I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye as he texted with a scowl.

 Finally he looked over at me with a semi-smile and said “New dress?”

 "Yes I bought it thinking you might like it.  What do you think?“ I allowed myself to relax a little.

 "I think you are going to whine about your shoulders being cold” he snapped after looking at his phone again.

 I pulled the car over and turned to him “Okay.  What the fuck is wrong with you? You have been restless and angry and I am tired of you taking it out on me”

  "Why the fuck are you stopping? We will miss the fucking band! Drive!“ He sat there like a spoiled child who was throwing a tantrum.

 "Fine!” I drove to the bar without another word to him. I had no idea why the hell he was acting like this but I’d had enough. I could be a bitch just as easily. Walking in I immediately got myself a drink. 

 Jared stood watching me squinting his eyes. He got a bottled water and looked at me “Take it easy with that stuff." 

 No sooner did the words leave his mouth that I downed the drink and got another. I knew he was right but I couldn’t help myself I was so frustrated with his attitude. He just stood there watching me.

 More and more people walked into the bar and it was pretty packed by the time the band came on. I couldn’t even see him through the crowd. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Thinking it was Jared, I turned to see a heavily tattooed guy. He sat down next to me and started a conversation.

 I wasn’t interested in talking to this guy at all but when I looked over and saw that Jared was watching I began flirting. I blame the alcohol for my behavior. Glancing back at Jared, I knew that I’d be paying for this one later.

 Alcohol mixed with anger is not a good mix.  Even though I was fully aware I would pay dearly I just couldn’t stop myself.

The tension from dealing with him made me focus so much on wanting to get his attention.  The longer I talked to tattoo guy the more I wanted to make Jared pay.  

 Knowing his intense blue eyes were locked on me I put my hand on tattoo guy’s arm and scooted closer to him.

 He immediately circled his arm around me and yanked me closer.  I couldn’t look at Jared’s reaction. I knew I had just pushed him way beyond his limit and possibly further than ever before.  

 The tattooed man bent to whisper "How about we get out of here?” and then Jared’s hand wrapped around my arm and pulled hard.

 He got in tattooed man’s face and said “She isn’t going any fucking where with you! Got it? She is mine.”

 "You might tell her that jackass" the man fumed.

 I pulled my arm out of his grasp and growled “I don’t fucking belong to you Jared. You don’t own me.”

 He glared at me and put his face right in mine “You wanna bet?”

 Looking at the tattooed guy Jared said “Don’t touch her again. She’s with me and I’m taking her home right now.” He took the keys out of his pocket and pulled me by the arm out of the bar. We got to the car and he said "Get in the fucking car now.”

 I opened the door and got in without another word. Even though the alcohol was clouding my thoughts, it was obvious that he was livid.

 Getting in the car he looked over at me. “What the hell was that? You almost got me into a fight in there! Is that the kind of guy you want?”  He asked as he stared at me.

 I looked out the window refusing to make eye contact with him. “What’s your problem? You’ve acted like a dick to me for two days now and I didn’t do shit to you! To answer your question, I want a guy who treats me right.” I regretted the words as soon as they came out. Even though he was mad, he always treated me well. These past few days he was obviously stressed out and this is how he gets but that’s just him. I love everything about him even when he makes me mad.

 He let out a deep breath and drove home quietly. Neither of us speaking during the ride. The tension was so thick and I wouldn’t even look at him. 

 He parked the car and I got out and walked inside ahead of him. Running up the stairs I pulled the dress off and pulled one of his shirts over my head and crawled into bed laying there with the light on. I jumped when I heard him slam the front door. 

 I could swear the entire house shook when the door slammed.  I closed my eyes tightly and listened for his footsteps.  I expected him to stomp up the stairs but he didn’t.

 I could only hear his breath moving rapidly.  That was the only indicator I had of his presence. He spoke very quietly. Too quietly. “I don’t treat you right hmm? Well let’s take care of that shall we? I know you are listening. Open your eyes.”

 I sat up and finally looked into his eyes.  He was beyond livid.  I opened my mouth and only got the chance to say “Jared” before he cut me off with a hand up in the air.

 His low voice was very controlled as he said “Oh I have heard more than enough out of you for the night. Get out of the bed and come on.”

 I knew better than to buck him when he was like this so I got out of bed and stood trembling.  I opened my mouth again to say “Where are we…” his look made me stop talking. 

 "No more.  Not another word from you.  Go.“ he pushed fairly gently as he led me to our play room.  

 I stepped through the door and gasped as he immediately pulled the shirt over my head.  He placed a hand on my shoulder and steered me to the wall.  He looped a silk rope around my wrists and secured it through a steel bar hanging on the wall.  He stepped back and made sure my arms were slightly bent and then walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind him.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen him this angry. I felt sick knowing that my words hurt him. I hated the fact that I said that to him. He’s always treated me with nothing but respect and instead of just letting his bad mood pass, I acted childish. 

 The sound of the door opening pulling me from my thoughts, I looked over my shoulder to see him walking in with a bottle of water. He walked over pulling me back just enough and twisted the top off the bottle, holding it up to my mouth. "Here. Drink some of this.” I noticed that he had removed his jacket and shirt. 

 I took a sip and he held it up “More?” I shook my head no. He walked across the room and put the water down. He paced back and forth behind me. I listened quietly not really knowing what he planned to do. 

 I could hear him and judging from the distance of his voice I think he was in the chair across the room. “I would like for you to tell me in what way do I treat you badly.” His voice was still angry. 

 "Jared, I’m sorry. I never meant to imply that you aren’t good-“ he cut me off. 


 I heard his boots with every step getting closer. Feeling his hands caressing my shoulders and back as he said. “I guess I’m not working hard enough to please you.”

 "I didn’t say-“ was all I got out.

"Ssshhh, I’m not done. I was saying that I guess I’ll have to try harder to treat you better.” As angry as he was his voice was soft and soothing, I stood there in only my panties with his warm chest against my back. His arm went around my waist and the other around my throat pulling my neck to the side. He trailed soft kisses down from my ear to my neck.

 The hand on my neck moved lower as he ran his palm over my breast squeezing gently. I could feel his arousal through his jeans pressing against my ass as he pulled me tighter against him. His other hand slipped down the front of my panties.

“Lay your head back against my shoulder” he whispered as his fingers began to tease me.  He refused to do anything other than slide his fingers up and down my slit. “Does that please you?”

 I nodded but stayed silent because I really didn’t want him yelling again. His fingers parted me and began working my body like no other ever had.  My body sagged against him, held up only by the rope at my wrists and him.

 His arm wrapped tightly around my waist and lifted me as his fingers played me.  When my body started to tremble under his fingers he bit the side of my neck, making me cry out and whispered “Mmmmm does that feel good?  Do you want me to make you cum now?  Hmmm?”

 I nodded and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

 "Not going to happen" he whispered and then released me after kissing my temple.

 I sagged with disappointment but didn’t say a word. He stepped away for a moment but I could feel his eyes on me.  I felt the soft leather tip of the custom crop I loved so much.

 I held my breath as he slid it up and down my skin.  Never popping me with it although he knew how much I loved that.  

 I knew that was part of my punishment.  I felt him press against me and his lips met my ear “Turn around”

 I turned around as he walked across the room kicking off his boots and walked back toward me laughing. “You look a little pissed off baby. Good, I want you mad because now you know how I felt watching you flirt with that guy. He would’ve treated you like a piece of meat. Is that what you want, to be treated like a piece of meat?” He asked running the crop across my nipple.

 Ignoring his question I looked down refusing to answer him. He smacked my outer thigh with the crop. “Hey! I asked you a question.”

 I jumped feeling the stinging on my leg. “No. I said that I was sorry.” I spit out letting him know that I was clearly still angry as I stared at the floor.

 "More water?“ He asked. Pulling my hair back with the hair tie from his wrist. I shook my head no. He kissed down my neck and whispered into my ear "Lose the attitude or we will be here all night.” He pulled his belt off tossing it on the floor. 

 "I like the front view much more than the back.“ He said as he trailed the crop down my chest between my breasts and down my stomach. I looked at him as he kept moving it lower pushing it between my legs and rubbing the leather tip over my clit. 

 Trying to turn my body away and close my legs he got even angrier, popping me once again with the crop. I jumped once again at the stinging on my leg. "You aren’t cooperating.”

 Dropping the crop on the floor he pulled the silk rope loose and my arms dropped. His hands massaging up and down my arms and wrists. He pulled me over to the four poster bed with leather wrist and ankle restraints.


Written by @thepromiseofanend and myself last summer.  

Will post the conclusion tomorrow.  

Prince Liam Joins Tinder—Not Getting Enough Action Already?!

After his highly public South Beach scandal this fall, Prince Liam is officially on the prowl again – and this time on Tinder. From the looks ofhis profile, he is looking to outdo even his sister’s sexcapades.

When asked about this in-app-ropriate behavior, the Palace declined to comment.

Sources close to the playboy Prince say that he may actually be looking for something “more serious”: “He’s over all the drama and can actually see himself settling down. He’s in a really good place. Mentally, physically, spiritually – I haven’t seen him better in years!”

The Prince allegedly even gave details on what kind of woman he wants, saying he’s “pretty equal-opportunity: white, black, yellow, whatever works… As long as she’s got a nice rack, it really doesn’t matter”.

Liam’s profile pictures in question has already sparked controversy on social networking sites like Twitter, where he was a trending in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Twitter user Chelsear27 wrote, ”Is the universe playing jokes on me, or does prince liam really want me to be his princess? “ while Dethroned.com reader @megannn stated: ”so tinder paired me up with a prince liam for my first swipe?? the first words out of my mouth were “is this a joke?”.