he looks awesome!

me: *breaks into your house at night*

me: um can we talk about how Lukas brings Philip on a date to the lake to give him even more reasons not to leave Tivoli?!? (and about how surprised Philip seems to be when he finds out that Lukas just wants to hang out and doesn’t need him to build/film anything???) and how he turns into boyfriend mode when he texts him to ask him if he wants a ride to school??! and then breaks up with his girlfriend?!???? and spends all the time with Philip and kisses his forehead and…?¿?

My new obsession.....

A HUGE shout out to the awesomely talented @coolpartytimefan.  She made these amazing gifs for me and I cannot thank her enough.  I have watched this scene every night since Sunday and I honestly cannot get enough of watching him make their pallet on the floor.  I know this was a totally serious interaction between them but I sure wish I could’ve been that little angel or devil on Michonne’s shoulder whispering….”Girl go on over there and lay down.”


Honestly; I loved re-making the original design I had for this era Ezra! 

Badass Commander Bridger at your service. 

Reblog if Captain Rex should have his own live action movie

Who needs footwork when you’re Hercule Poirot? ;)